Chapter 6.13 – Gentle Heart

Author’s Note: I really hope this came out right, I don’t feel so well. Sick smile

4 years later…


Noah’s Point of View

Not much has changed over the past four years. The kids have gotten bigger, but my life still feels the same. Every morning I still wake up to an empty bedside and my heart still aches. No matter how much time passes you by, you can never get over the death of someone you truly love. There will always be an empty spot in your heart that will never again be filled- Well, at least that’s how I feel. I of course still go through my life loving my children and giving them all the love they deserve.

Speaking of my children…

“GOT CHA!” Sam screamed out.

“Nu-uh, Sam! You can’t hit me in the head, that’s cheating!!” Ryder retaliated.


Of course the screams coming from Ryder’s room scared the crap out of me. Without even thinking I jumped out of my bed and ran into the next room.

“WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS GOING ON?!” I raged, “Do you two realize that it’s 5:30 am?! Can’t you just let me sleep for another hour??”

“Uhhh… daddy?” Ryder giggled.



You’re not wearing pants, daddy!” Ryder bust out laughing.

“Ewwww! Daddy put pants on!!” Sam cringed, averting her eyes.


“Oh… I uh, uhm … oops.” I stuttered, placing my hands in front of me.

What a perfect way to start the morning; to be embarrassed by your kids. It’s not fair; they were the ones making all the noise and scared me out of my sleep! How was I supposed to react to all of that? Ugh… why’d it have to be so hot last night? Then maybe I wouldn’t have had to sleep like this and have my kids see something they shouldn’t.

“J-just… get ready for school and go eat breakfast!” I shouted, my face burning bright.

They both ran past me; Ryder giggling and Sam making gagging noises. Sigh.


I took extra-long with getting ready this morning- I mean, what’s the point of rushing when your kids wake you up an HOUR early? Besides, today wasn’t going to be a happy one for me no matter how I looked at it. Ryder just turned six a few days ago, which marks today six years since Riley has been… gone. I planned on visiting her gravestone later in the evening, but God knows I can’t. Sam has been falling behind in her school work and I have been falling behind in my job. Mr. Hemming gave me a promotion two years ago and my work load has doubled since then.

“Okay good, you’re ready.” I sighed as I walked into the living room.


“Yeah daddy, we’re ready.” Ryder laughed, “It also looks like you found your pants.”

Sam shook her head, “Stop talking about daddy almost being naked! I’m eating!”

Great, I’m so glad my mistake is such a big joke to Ryder and such a tragedy to Samantha. I’m either going to get laughed at for this forever or gagged at; or both!


“Oh ha ha, very funny Ryder.” I growled, “Just hurry up and eat you two, the bus should be here any minute.”

Sam stood up as I turned around, “Daddy? Where are you going?”

I sighed, “Since I got up early today, I figured I’d head to work early to get some back-work started. You guys don’t need to worry; I’m having Rachel walk you guys over to the bus stop.”

Ryder asked, “The lady with that teenage girl who wears all those earrings?”

I rolled my eyes, “Yup. That’s the one. Now I’m heading off to work now, you two be good at school!”

They both sighed and agreed. I really hope I don’t get a call from either of their teachers… again.



Crap! Crap! CRAP!

Stupid freaking CAR! I want to get to work early today and my car just has to not work??

I kicked the hood and felt pain course through my entire leg.

“Mother fu- OWWW!”

You know what? I’ll just walk to the subway and take that to work. I’m not letting anything get me more pissed off than I already am. I never have it easy on this day every year; I don’t need a freaking car to make my day even worse!


I started walking quicker than I was even trying too. I was just so angry at everything and everyone. I didn’t tell the kids that I was angry though, because I feel that if they started asking questions I would take it out on them or they would blame themselves. It really has nothing to do with them waking me up or goofing about me not wearing pants- I’m used to that kind of stuff. It’s just… I really hurt more on this day than any other. I think about Riley all the time, but today is when it’s the worst. I just replay that moment in my head over and over again of when she died- My heart just wants to stop beating.


As I walked down the street I was caught up in my thoughts. It wasn’t until I was about 10 feet away that I realized that there was a man – probably wasted – holding a girl against her will! It’s jerks like that pig that give us men a bad name! You don’t treat women like they’re trash! You respect them and hold onto them forever… you never know when you’re going to lose them.

“C’mon sweetheart, I just want a little kiss. Is that too much to ask?” he slurred, tipping forward.

“GET OFF OF ME!!” she screeched, “Someone help!!”


He gripped her up and slammed her against the building. He forced his lips onto hers and started feeling her up and down. The woman struggled to be free; punching and kicking, but the man didn’t let up.

Alright that’s about enough of that! I don’t care if I have a bad hip or not, I have to at least try and stand up to this jerk!


I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, “What the HECK do you think you’re doing to her?! She said to get off, you moron!”

He flinched, squinting at me, “What- W-who are you?!”

Yup. Just like I said; drunk!


“Like that matters.” I scoffed, “Just stay away from her. She doesn’t need some drunken idiot like you touching and grabbing at her. If she said to leave her alone, then leave her the heck alone!”

He chuckled, “Oh you think you’re so bad, Mr. Fancy dresser? You don’t tell me what tah DO! I can punch that skank in the face if I wanted. Who’s going to stop me?? YOU? That’s a laugh!”


Without even thinking I balled my fist and swung. The guy’s nose started to bleed on impact and he stumbled backwards. The woman gasped at what had happened but her reaction was only out of surprise. She probably didn’t think I’d actually hit the idiot.

Okay. So I did say I was really pissed off today; this guy just happened to make me go off my rocker. I don’t even know where I got the strength to freaking hit the guy! My hip was throbbing today and my foot was starting to swell up from my incident with the car! You’d think I’d have zero energy…

I shook my hand in pain, “You really messed with me on the wrong day, pal.” I growled.


He wiped the blood from his nose, “Idiot.” he spat, “You didn’t have to freaking punch me!”

“Well you were asking for it!” I spat back, “Now get the heck out of here before I call the cops. I’m sure they’d love to hear about how you were forcing yourself on a woman and hurting her.”

“Fine.” he smirked, “But before I go-“


He quickly grabbed the woman and forced his lips against hers once again. I kicked him in the leg and told him to get off of her. He spun around and just grinned at me before taking off down the block- Idiot.


After I was sure the guy was out of sight, I walked over to the woman.

“Hey.” I sighed, “Are you alright? Did he hurt you?”

She wiped her tears away, “I… I’m fine thanks to you.” she gleamed.

“That’s great then, I’m glad you’re alright.” I smiled, “I just have to ask though… how did you wind up with that jerk?”


She groaned, “Oh that was some stupid guy I met last week at a party. I was on my way to my friend’s house today when all of a sudden he spotted me and that was that. The first time I met him I told him to beat it, so I guess this was his way of getting back at me. Some luck I have right?”

I grinned, “Eh, it happens when you’re pretty- The crazy dudes hound after you like a slab of meat. Maybe you should ask a friend to pick you up next time, that way you can avoid drunken idiots like that.”


She grinned, “Ohhh so you’re saying I’m pretty?”

Is that the only thing she got out of that?

I chuckled, “Oh, you caught that, eh?”


“Yeah.” she smirked, “So, does my hero have a name?”

I laughed, “Of course he does; you can just call me the-hot-and-irresistible-Noah.”

She giggled, “Oh is that so? Well you can just call me-“


She stared down at my hand, “Is-is that a wedding ring?”

I quickly glanced at my hand and then at her, “No. I mean, yes it is, but I- It’s not what you think!”


She clenched her fist, “I can’t believe I actually fell for any of that! GOD, all you men are the SAME! You’re all a bunch of pigs. I feel so bad for your wife! I bet she doesn’t even know your hitting on girls behind her back!”

“N-no you don’t understand! My wife-“

She shook her head, “No, I don’t want to hear any of it. Thanks for helping me, have a nice day!!” She shouted, before storming off.



I got home from work a few hours later a complete wreck. I just can’t believe I acted that way today. What was I thinking, hitting on another woman? What is wrong with me? I just don’t understand what came over me! I’ve never once responded to a girls flirt before; I just brushed it off like it was nothing.

I stared down at Riley’s picture, “I’m so sorry Riley.”


I sat on the edge of my bed and threw my head down. All this over-whelming pain just came flooding over me and tears threatened to pour. I just don’t understand anymore. I don’t know why I can’t give Riley up. It’s been six years and I still feel like I need to love her and only her. I feel like I’m in the wrong if I even look at another woman, and yet today I broke down that barrier and gave into my temptations. I-I just feel like I betrayed her…


Everything was just too much. I just needed to stop thinking for one minute and sleep.



“Noah, I caught one! Look how beautiful it is.”


The butterfly fluttered away, it’s wings beating in a repetitive rhythm. The air was crisp and clear and my love stronger than a burning fire.

I kissed her.

“You’re much more beautiful.”

She laughed, but only for a moment.


“What are you doing?”

Her voice was filled with fear; my face with worry.

“I’m loving my beautiful wife. Is there something wrong with that?”


“Noah, don’t you see? I’m not your wife any longer. I once was, yes, but now I’m not. You’re free to be with whoever you want to be with. You don’t have to torture yourself each and every day. You’re still allowed to love me, but you’re also allowed to love someone else- Someone new. There is a beautiful girl waiting for you, Noah. Let me go.”

My heart sank.

“How could I ever love someone else, when you were the only one for me? You’re my true love, how can I ever let you go? It will hurt too much.”


She grabbed my hand and led me to the little hill.

I sat down and placed her upon my lap. She embraced me, my head against her shoulder. Tears slipped from my eyes as I held onto her.

“I don’t want to let you go.”

Tears fell from her eyes.

I know you don’t, but you have to do it Noah. You have to stop hurting yourself by holding onto me. I promise if you just let me go all the pain will go away. You’ll learn to love again and stop blaming yourself for things you could have never prevented. I told you when I died to never once blame yourself.”

Riley, I don’t try to. I promise. I just don’t know who else to blame. Why did you have to leave us? It’s so difficult without you here.”


Shhh… enough questions. Look forward Noah.”

She pointed down the way.

“Look at our beautiful children. Do you want them to see you always hurting? Always crying? Always being alone? They’re old enough to know you’re not happy, even when you try to be. They’re scared for you but don’t know how to fix it. Noah, I’m asking this as your wife to PLEASE love someone else. Marry again; be free of all the hurt. Will you do that for me?”

Riley I can’t. I-“

Noah. Do you love me enough… to let me go?”

“Is it what you really want me to do?”

She nodded.

“Then yes. I love you enough… to finally let you go.”

And like that, a weight was lifted from my heavy heart.



I stirred in my sleep as I heard the familiar sounds of my two kids. I’m assuming they just got home from school and just couldn’t wait to bother good ol’ dad.

“Sam, he’s still not waking up! We tried everything!” Ryder groaned, “Is he dead?”

Sam shouted, “He’s not DEAD! Don’t say that! Just keep trying!”



I finally woke up out of my sleep and then got up out of my bed. Ryder and Sam just stared at me with wide eyes; as if they were worried about something. Okay, they can obviously see I’m not dead; they don’t need to worry.

“Daddy why are you crying?” Sam frowned, “Do you miss mommy again?”

I touched my cheeks and felt the tears. I didn’t even realize I was crying…

“Actually…I’m pretty sure these are happy tears, Sam. I honestly don’t feel sad anymore.”


“Well in that case…” Ryder smirked, “Can I ask you something??”

Sam rolled her eyes, “You’re stupid, he’s going to say no.”

“Shut up Sam!”

“Make me!!”

I glared at them, “Knock it off! Ryder, what do you want to tell me?”


“WELL! I was just wondering if we could get a puppy…” he sputtered out all at once!

“Whoa, what? I didn’t catch any of that, use full sentences Ry!” I sighed, “Now ask me again.”

“I wanted to know if we could get a puppy!” he said slower, “We could get a little one, like this big!” he stated, gesturing with his hands the size of said dog.

“A puppy?!” I exclaimed, “What about Snoopy??”

He rolled his eyes, “Snoopy is an old farty cat! I wanna get a baby doggy!”


I couldn’t contain my laughter when he said that! Dear God, that was funny! Poor Snoops, he gets no love from my kids! They just want to replace him in his old age.

“Yeah, well, we’ll have to see about that one.” I laughed, “You two have been goofing around too much in class, I don’t know if you deserve a puppy.”

“PLEASE daddy!” Sam whined, “I promise I’ll stop talking in school and Ryder will too!” she elbowed Ryder, “RIGHT?”

He narrowed his eyes at her; “Yeah…” he punched her, “I’ll behave.”

Why don’t I see them ever getting a dog?

Thanks for reading! So yes, finally after a dream with Riley in it, Noah has finally accepted that he needs to let go of her. It wasn’t an easy thing for him to accept, but once he did… it was like a weight was lifted from his heart. Smile


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  1. I’m happy that Noah is able to let Riley go, as much as he probably doesn’t want to. Loved the new chapter, and I hope life gets easier for everyone.

    Hmm… who was the chick? She was purty! Umm… Ignore what I just said. But I wonder if Noah will ever see her again, or if she was just an person to sort of give him a sort of kind of maybe wake up call. But I do hope he can explain himself if he does see her.

    I hope you get better, and the chapter came out great! Is it just me, or do both you and Jed get sick often? Ya’ll need some vitamin C! hehe


    Ps. Holy crow I say hope alot!

    • PULP_50 says:

      You are sick a lot jax. So am I though. I seriously could get held back because ive missed so much school.

    • Spongey says:

      Yes, so am I. It was tough writing my Noah so heart broken 😦 I want him to be happy again. Want too himself? Not really, but he he’ll to do it for Riley. He believes that that dream was a sign, so he’s going to at least try to love someone new.

      LOL well thanks, I made her a while ago XD Just changed up a few things and tweaked her color to my liking for that part of the chapter. Maybe… maybe not… we will just have to see 🙂 You’re very on point though 😉

      Thanks Nate! I’m glad it came out alright. LOL yesh, it is me and Jed’s main topic! XD We do get sick a lot. If it’s not me, it’s him, if not him, me. Sometimes both of us! It’s crazy…

      Well I say “Yeah” and “lol” a lot lol (see?)

  2. PULP_50 says:

    First comment? Well its good Noah has decided to try and move on. He doesn’t have to stop loving Riley to love someone else. I don’t think the heart has a love limit. Lil, underwear isn’t really a big deal, it’s kinds just like going swimming except shorter shorts like girls wear. Maybe Noah doesn’t have the legs to pull it off, but it’s still not that bad. How is snoopy still alive? How long do cats live in this game? So, it seems Noah will be finding a new lady soon. More babies on the way?

    • Spongey says:

      LOL well you got to remember that they are little kiddies. Everything to little kids is a “big deal” esp since their dad doesn’t walk around like that, so it’s not something they see all the time. Ryder is 6 and Samantha is 9 😉

      Yeah, it wasn’t an easy thing for him but he really does need to learn to let go of her. That’s true the heart doesn’t have a limit, but in his head Riley WAS his limit. He just has to realize it’s okay to love again.

      Meh, probably not. If there is one, it won’t be in the heir vote.

      • PULP_50 says:

        Then I must start choosing now. Ryder or samantha? Y u make such awesome Sims? I no can decide? I think I’m leaning Sam now. Besides 3 of the last 4 heirs have been guys. I think ur readers are just voting for the hottest ones sometimes.

      • Spongey says:

        Well… actually… 3 have been guys and 3 have been girls 😉 It’s been pretty spread out. I don’t mind either, but I’d love Ryder just because of the storyline I have planned. Although like I said, either one will be fine 🙂

        Aw. Thanks :3 I just try to make my simmies the best they can be ^_^ ❤

        Well, Noah ended with a pretty interesting storyline. Fraser only won by one point and Cale… well it was just all boys, so it was going to be a boy no matter what lol.

  3. sariechiny says:

    I’m so relieved that Noah has finally let Riley go(: It was good to see her one last time though.
    That part with Riley was beautiful. I’m having a really hard time believing that you wrote this when you were sick Jax. XD
    The kids are so cute! And that was really funny when they caught him with no pants!
    Aw poor Snoopy…no love from the kids! 😛

    • Spongey says:

      Yesh, me too. He needs to know that it’s okay to let go; even if it took 6 years.
      Awww… *blush* Thank you! That really is a compliment considering I am so sick 😦 I got those pictures on Tuesday but I just decided to write it today cause I’ve been in bed all day either sleeping or on my laptop. So I was killing time, lol.

      LOL yeah, I’d just think that’s how a little kid would react. Everything is cooties and laughs to little kids ^_^

      I know! The poor kitty.

  4. Good to see he finally let,he loved her so much even though she broke and his heart and put back together over and over again,it sucks how she died anyways.

    I hope you get better soon,unless your turning into a zombie!

  5. deathcullen says:

    thats sucks that your not feeling well but I don’t either. This was so…. GREAT. You are literally the first person to make me have many emotions at one time. That was so sweet with Riley. And how Noah stood up for that girl. I think I see a future girlfriend or WIFE! And they’re getting a puppy.

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah it does suck. I hate it. Now on top of it, it’s all gloomy outside and cold, making me feel even worse -.-

      Aw, thanks! LOL they may be getting a puppy. They have to behave 😉

  6. jeremina5 says:

    Great chapter. I love how you showed that everything in life happens for a reason. Now to find that woman again, and hope she listens!

    • Spongey says:

      😉 Yup. Everything – even small – can lead you to the real purpose that was meant for you. Noah’s car didn’t work, so he had to walk, if that would have never happened he would have never saved that girl, and made a really big realization in his life.

  7. Emma. L says:

    I`m glad Noah finally let Riley go, and Ryder is such a cute kid! He looks just like his mommy 🙂
    Hmm, I wonder if Sam will ever find about about her real mom…
    I hope random girl shows up again! 😀
    Awesome chapter, as usual! Please update soon!

    • Spongey says:

      Well, he agreed too, but it doesn’t mean he’s not going to have a struggle with it. He’s starting to let go, but in his heart he will always love her. Yeah isn’t he? You should see him as an adult 😉 Yummers!

      Well shall see, and will try ^_^ ❤ Spring break and all, I can get more updates in.

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    ❤ Riley scence was so cute and heart warming! And geesh, us women! If only that girl would have given him a chance to explain, lol! Great chapter.. I see another girl in Noah's future… babies too?? 😀

    • Spongey says:

      :3 Thanks. I wanted to make it sweet for Noah’s sake. LOL I know! Didn’t even let him explain at all! Haha, sounds about right 😉

      Maybe. But if there is any, it won’t be in the heir vote. Sorry.

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    I just noticed that Snoopy is in the second picture…poor old farty cat XD

    Ill? Again?! I know how it feels I get ill on a weekly basis…

    • Spongey says:

      LOL well it happens ^_^

      But isn’t it just like a girl to do that? 😉 I do it all the time with things- Don’t let the other person finish XD Hahaha, most likely! Unless they really do something bad and get him fumed, then they won’t haha. Yes, he deserves to be happy. Six years is a long time to be hurting…

      Yeah he was there XD Looking around like “What is going on??”

      Yeah :/ I’m slowly recovering though. My meds are def. working.

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  13. scarlet and olive says:

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      Awwwwwww… Jed! > 😀 < That's so shweet :3 Yeah, but it needed to be done because Noah was in so much pain that it hurt not only emotionally but physically. He just couldn't take another day being alone and then when he tried to even flirt with some girl, he felt like he was betraying his wife. That's why Riley had to talk some sense into him. 🙂

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      Aren’t they? I love my little guys ❤ LOL!! Yesh you still have a few more chapters before I get to the heir vote lol. I'm thinking anout 3-5. It all depends what I'm doing. I got my basic idea, just need to see how many chapters it takes lol I have quite a bit I need to get out there about Noah and his kids before I do an heir vote. 😉

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      • Spongey says:

        Yup exactly. It’s not like Noah can be the “I’ll let my kids get away with stuff” parent and Riley would be the more stern one. He has to do both considering he has no one else there. You know? Noah is the longest Single parent I’ve had. Bazel was for a little while but then Cody stepped in and he helped raise the boys. Noah has had zero help since the beginning. Riley died only days after Ryder was born.

        Yup I do 😉 I show everything for a reason because it connects to something else.

        Yup just a little longer. I mean, April 12th will mark three months that I have been doing Noah’s generation! I would be getting new pictures for another chapter if I didn’t feel like crap ;/ I REALLY want to get the kids story lines in play, but… ugh… it’s hard because of the timing of everything. School plus me getting sick non stop is causing huge gaps in chapters. Plus I need to do some set building and stuff and that takes me hours on end. I just don’t have the strength right now to be building stuff and perfecting pictures. That’s why I keep going to be isbi because at least it’s something that will keep my readers (of both stories) entertained until further notice.

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Well I think with everything considering and being an only parent, he has done a fantastic job. *Pats Noah on the back* Someone should tell him that, make the harder days a little easier 😛 I’d ask if you plan on having another woman in his life, but I’m sure the answer would be something along the lines of ‘Oh you never know what I have planned ;)’ 😛 It’s okay, I like being surprised.

        You and Jed always seem to be so sick! It’s really not fair and no fun being sick either. I hope you feel better soon. At least you have Nemo to cheer you up. Oh that it does. I don’t mind staging and building, but when there is a lot of it I get REALLY annoyed and save part way and play a fun game for a bit 😛

        Ah yes… speaking of that I should go update my Who’s Your Daddy story. Well there’s my goal for the day 😛

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah I’d have to agree with you, he is doing a very good job at being a single parent. Not that it doesn’t get hard on him, but he does his best and loves his two children very much. So that’s what really matters 🙂 And now he is learning to let go? He’s going to see that the stress is going to die down more and more. Well people ask me questions all the time, I just usually answer like that because I don’t want to ruin it for them ;P

        Yesh we are always sick! It’s our number one topic when we talk .__. It’s either me or him or both! Yeah I know. I wish my sickness would just go away already! I feel like I’ve been sick forever now. It’s getting annoying. Yeah I don’t mind either when I’m in 110% health and sitting there forever isn’t going to get me annoying and tired. Also when I’m like this I can’t think straight. My mind draws a complete blank and that makes me even more frustrated, so there is no point in trying until I’m well. I may try because I’m a glutton for punishment, but we’ll see what happens. Right now I have a new ISBI out. It was fun to do, but I had to cut it off because I was SO tired. I didn’t want to come back to it because it was already long anways, so I’ll just get the next part out soon.

        Yeah! Speaking of your stories. *goes to follow all of them* I have no idea why I hadn’t done that yet. It must of slipped my mind. I follow SO many stories haha xD

  18. Gah!! Such a sweet chapter, once again! I am loving all these warm fuzzies. That bit with the dream and the kids afterward was done SO well–a perfect mixture of sad, and yet happy. Eeeeeeeee. Noah is the best ever! If he doesn’t have a happy ending, I’m going to destroy….*looks around to see what’s near her* my dresser! WITH MY TEETH! GAHHHHHHHH!

    *fingers and toes crossed*

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