Chapter 6.15 – Tension

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Noah’s Point of View

My head. Oh god, my head. It felt like I was hit with a brick it was pounding so freaking hard. I didn’t even want to move from the spot I was laying; which felt oddly smooth- It’s probably Sam or Ryder. I always seem to unconsciously snuggle against people; it’s so weird.


Suddenly I heard a noise and then I felt a presence come into the room. I guess that means it’s time to get up. I guess I’m lying on Ryder because Sam always wants to be on-time for school. She has a little crush, so she makes sure she is there every day by waking me up.

“Jamie I’m- What in the WORLD?!”

OKAY. That was NOT Samantha!


I shot up and just stared at… Brooke? Wait. Where the heck am I!? This is not my house! Oh my god, my kids! I left them with that freaky babysitter all night!! Okay Noah, don’t panic. There is probably a good explanation as to why I’m in, uh, Jamie’s bed. WHAT? Jamie’s bed?! Oh this is NOT good!

“B-brooke?” I managed to get out, “Wha-What am I doing here?”

She glared at me, “I’d like to know the same thing!! I knew she came home last night late, but I decided to not bother her. I had no clue YOU were with her! WHY are you here?!”

Okay, judging by the way Brooke is talking… they both live together- Wonderful.


Jamie jumped out of the bed, “BROOKE! I swear to god I don’t remember what happened last night! I knew you two were on a date; I would NEVER try to steal someone from you Brookie! I was drunk and-and… Oh god. I’m so sorry.”

Brooke held up her hand, “Save it! I don’t even want to look at either of you right now!!”


“Brooke, you have to believe us; these weren’t my intentions at all! You had to leave, so me and Jamie just had a little fun. I wasn’t trying to do anything to hurt you. I swear.”

Brooke shook her head, “YEAH! I can see you two were having a little… fun.

Wait. She thinks I slept with her?! NO WAY! I didn’t sleep with her!


I got off the bed and ran over to her.

“WHOA TIME OUT!” I shouted, “I did NOT sleep with Jamie! I might have been drunk, but there is NO WAY I did that! I mean, if I slept with her, wouldn’t I have woke up naked or something??” 

She let a tear slip out, “How am I supposed to know?! All I know is that I just seen you and her together in bed and she’s not even wearing a shirt!! You don’t have to be naked to do things to each other- Even if you didn’t sleep together!”

I sighed, “Oh come on Brooke. You’re over re-acting! I mean, you bailed on me in the middle of our date for some random moron! Don’t you think I should be a little hurt too??”


OKAY! That was the wrong thing to say!

Brooke screamed, “OH I’m SORRY! I left you two for one night for something important and that gives you the right to have sex?! MY BAD! I should have checked the rules on that!!”

Oh god, my head. Making the screaming stop!

I placed a hand to my head in pain, “Pl-please stop screaming, my head is pounding and now my ears are ringing!”

“Like a give a crap! That pain won’t compare to what I’m feeling right now!!” She raged!


“Brooke please… I promise I wasn’t trying to do anything to hurt you. I’m not like that, you have to believe me.” I sighed.

She left Jamie’s room, sighing, “I did believe you.”


After Brooke left Jamie’s room, Jamie walked over to her dresser and grabbed a shirt for her and then one for me. I don’t know what made me more uncomfortable- Wearing no shirt, or wearing a girl’s shirt. I didn’t care right now though; I was just trying to figure everything out. Everything about this situation was all messed up.

I threw myself down on the couch, “Well this sucks. I go out on my first date in seven years, she bails on me and I wake up the next morning extremely hung-over in her best friend’s bed. I can see why she’s mad…”

Jamie sighed, “That’s not the only reason. She’s pissed because her boyfriend – before Sean – she was with him for six years and then one day she came home and found him mounting some chick. She loved him so much; even had a kid with him. Now she has to live the rest of her life with that man in it because of their son. You just don’t know how long it took Brooke to actually start dating again. She was with Sean for two months and then broke it off with him because she was still in-love with Rick.”

I just sat there; my stomach churning as I listened to what she said. Okay, now I can see why she got so mad. God, I feel so bad for her. I couldn’t imagine finding Riley one day with another man, I would have lost it. It’s funny because in a way, me and Brooke are a lot alike- We both held onto someone because we loved them too much to let go.


“God, now I feel like crap. I can’t believe she had to go through that. It’s not like it happened and she never has to see him; they have a kid so they’re basically stuck together forever in a way.”

Jamie hung her head, “Yeah I know. What sucks more is that she’s never going to forgive me for sleeping with you.”


“Jamie, we didn’t sleep together, it’s impossible! There is no way I found out how to undo my pants and THEN put them back on again; same goes to you too! We probably just came back here and passed out.”

When I said that she looked even more depressed, like she didn’t want that to be the truth.

“You should probably go now.” She mumbled, “Just please. Go. “

Don’t have to tell me twice…



It took me a bit to get home because my headache was driving me crazy- I just couldn’t think straight. When I finally DID get home, I was met with a screaming lady in my face!

“WHAT THE HECK NOAH!?!” she screamed, “You said 2 hours, not 14!!! I know what you were doing, but you should have at least given me a heads up for God’s sake!”

“OH GOD.” I screamed without thinking, “I mean, uh, I’m so-sorry! I got drunk and I guess I went home with my date’s best friend by accident. It wasn’t my intentions. Please don’t hurt me.”


“It’s alright.” she sighed, “Just next time warn me. I didn’t have an easy night with your kids. You have to remember that they have NEVER spent one night without you in the house. They kept crying and asking where you were. I had to read them a bunch of books, watch 3 movies and sing to them before they actually went to bed. They didn’t sleep in their own beds either, they both wanted to sleep in your bed because they were scared. “

Aw, my poor babies. I had no idea they would get that upset without me here. Great, now I feel even worse!

“Oh, where are they? I need to tell them I’m alright.”

“I sent them off with my older daughter to catch the bus; you just missed them.” she sighed again, “Well I need to get downstairs to my boyfriend. He’s been up all night with our 3 month old daughter. You have a nice day, Noah.”

“You too…”


And to makes matters worse, as soon as she left, Angel ran out into the living room and started to yelp REALLY loudly! My god, this headache is never going to go away with all these loud noises!

“ANGEL!” I shouted, “Knock it off!”

Like me screaming at her helped any; she just kept being loud and annoying. Why did I get a dog again??


I took the dog and locked her in Ryder’s room. I could still hear her barks but it just wasn’t as loud anymore. After doing that I took a long hot shower and then threw myself down on the couch to fight off the rest of my hang-over.

“Ohhhh… please head, stop hurting. God, I’m never drinking again!”

It was in the middle of my complaining that I realized something…


CRAP! I’m late for WORK!!



Ryder’s Point of View

Finally! The end of the day! I just couldn’t wait to get out of this stupid school and go home to play with Angel. Besides Sam and daddy, she was my best friend! I wish Liam wouldn’t tell people bad things about me, that’s why no one will be my friend. Ever since he got caught the first time, well, he just keeps doing bad things to make my life worse. I can’t STAND it! It’s going to be great when I get to middle school- Liam won’t be there and neither will his stupid friends.

I was just using the bathroom before school let out. The teacher said we could go because we had some extra time before the school bus got there. I was running a little late so I rushed through washing my hands. When I was done, I looked up and saw Liam and his friends through the mirror. Oh NO! Why won’t they ever leave me alone?!


I spun around and gulped. His friends scared me, but they were nothing compared to Liam. He was a rotten monster who always wanted to hurt people for no reason. He picks on everyone, but he hates me.

“Hey wuss; funny running into you here! Don’t worry, I just want to… talk.” he chuckled.

His friends laughed beside him and then they all got closer to me.

“Wh-what do you want Liam?” I stuttered.


“Don’t talk to me like that you stupid idiot! You know we all got in trouble because you had to be a baby and cry? If you would have just kept your mouth shut the teacher would have never found us! It’s your fault my mom took all my video games away!”

I glared at him, “But you guys were making fun of my mommy and you kept kicking me!!”

Liam growled, “SO WHAT?! You didn’t have to cry over it you wuss. Why do you care about your stupid mom anyways?! She’s DEAD!”

I couldn’t contain my anger! I hate that they talk so meanly about my mommy!!

I pushed him, “SHUT UP! Don’t talk that way about her!”


Liam picked himself off the ground and him and his friends got even closer to me. They got so close, I felt like I was being suffocated!

Liam shouted, “You think you can just push me?! You got a lot of nerve, Ryder. I guess this means we got to teach you a listen, right guys?”

They all nodded their heads and smirked at me.

Liam grabbed my arm, “Grab him!” he demanded.

Oh no! I should have never pushed him! What was I thinking!? Now they’re going to hurt me again!!


Liam’s friends helped them drag me over to where the wall-potty was and Liam grabbed the back of my head and smashed it against the side of the potty. My glasses cracked on the side and I felt really dizzy.

“I hope that hurt.”


He let go of me and then he spun me around to face him. I placed my hand to my head in pain and without even trying tears slipped out of my eyes. I just couldn’t help it, it hurt so badly!

Liam chuckled, “Awww go cry to your mommy! Oh WAIT! She died because of YOU!” He laughed again and then said, “Just let this be a lesson to you, wuss. You EVER mess with me again and you’re going to wish you didn’t. Oh and if you tell anyone who did this, I’ll make sure to make your life a living nightmare! I know what classroom your sister is in; don’t make me have to pay her a visit…”

And with that, they were gone.

After they left out of the bathroom I ran over to the mirror and just looked at the gash on my head and the blood that was coming out of it. I cried some more as I thought about what he had said… What if he was right? What if it was my fault that I don’t have a mommy?



“COME ON!” Sam screeched, “Tell me who hit you in the head! I’m going to beat them up SO bad tomorrow!”

My big sister; always the protector.

“No one di-did. I f-fell and hit my head.” I sniffled, tears still pouring from my eyes.

She glared at me, “You’re lying! Someone did that and I’m going to find out who!”

Just then daddy came through the door. I tried to turn my head away from him so he wouldn’t see the gash.


But of course that didn’t do anything because the first words out of his mouth were,

“OH MY GOD RYDER! What happened to you?!”

I sniffled some more, “I hit my head.”


He ran over to me and pulled me off the couch. I covered up my gash with my hands and just cried some more. I wanted to tell him so bad what had happened, but I’m so scared of Liam. I don’t want him to do anything to me, but I really don’t want him to do anything to my sister.

My dad pulled my hands away, “Come on, bud. Let me see it.” he gasped when he got a closer look, “Oh my god. It doesn’t look good at all. And your glasses cracked too? Ryder what in the world were you doing?”

Sam scoffed, “He didn’t do anything. Someone hurt him but he’s lying and won’t tell me.”

I cried, “NO! I hurt my head! I hit it when I fell down.”

My dad was still eyeing the cut, “On what?” he questioned, and then took off my glasses. “We’ll have to get these fixed.”

“On, uh, I don’t remember. My head hurts too much.” I replied back, still squirming around so my dad couldn’t see it. I just wanted to go hide under my blanket and cry. I didn’t want him asking anymore questions!


He grabbed me by the arms and held me still, “Ryder. Stop moving! I need to look at this!”

I just stood there letting more tears pour. The gash just hurt so bad, the pain wouldn’t go away!

“Alright, this doesn’t look good. You go get changed and clean up your face – DO NOT touch that cut – and I’ll take you to the hospital. You look like you need stitches.”

I frowned, “Okay daddy…”

I didn’t know what else to say to him. The more I fought, the more questions he’d ask. So if I just go along with what he has to say, then maybe he’ll stop asking.


Noah’s Point of View

Dang it, this day has just gotten worse and worse by the second! I’m afraid to see what’s going to happen next. I know for a fact that Ryder is lying about his gash. There is no way that kid fell and did that to himself. It looks like someone used all their strength to bash his head with something or against something. I’m not going to pressure him though; it just seems to be making him scared. I’ll just have to let him come to me. That’s not what I really want to do, but what other choice do I have?

“Dad you do realize he’s lying right?” Sam questioned when Ryder went off to the bathroom.

I sighed, “Yeah, I know. I can’t force it out of him though; I just have to wait until he tells me.”

She growled, “That’s stupid. You should give him the 3rd degree!”

I laughed hard, “Where did you even learn that word?”

“The babysitter. She said she was going to give you the 3rd degree when you got home. I asked her what that was and she told me.” she sighed, “Speaking of not being home, where were you last night?”

Oh god. I knew that was coming.


Okay, how was I going to go about with this? I knew any way I explained it she was probably going to get mad at me. So I just sucked it up and decided to just tell her the truth.

I gulped, “Well, you know it’s been a really long time since daddy lost mommy right?”

She nodded.

“Well, last night daddy went out with a nice girl on a date. I spent the night at her house because, err, we had a sleepover and watched movies all night.”

Okay. So… almost the truth.

“Wait!” she shouted, “You mean to tell me you went out with a girl!? You left us here alone with that weird lady who spells like cinnamon, for a GIRL!? Daddy you can’t go out with another girl, you’re married to mommy! She is probably very upset at you from heaven! How COULD YOU?!”


I threw up my hands, “Whoa Sam!” I exclaimed, “Calm down! Mommy isn’t mad at me. Daddy has been sad for a very long time because I’ve held onto mommy too much. I loved her very much but I’m sure mommy would want me to move on so I can be happy again. Don’t you want me to be happy Samantha?”

She shouted, “YOU WERE HAPPY WITHOUT ANOTHER LADY! You don’t need to find someone else; mommy is the only girl you’re supposed to love DADDY! Do you love this new girl more than mommy?? Is she going to replace her? Are we just going to forget about her?!”

Oh god. I knew she’d be mad, but I didn’t think she’d be THIS angry!


I sighed, “Samantha, I only went out with her for one night! We still don’t really know each other that well; I don’t know if I love her yet!”

She scoffed, “You better not even think about loving her! I’ll never forgive you; NEVER EVER!”

And with that she ran off to her room.

Just wonderful, I’m not allowed to fall in-love again because my ten-year-old said so. I need some air; there is just too much tension in this house right now. I’ll come back upstairs for Ry in a minute…



I didn’t go very far; just right outside my apartment building. Today was just so over-whelming; it was just one thing after another! My son is getting physically harmed to the point that it’s scaring me but he won’t tell me who did it and my daughter is threatening to hate my guts if I ever fall in-love with anyone else. My life was so much simpler when Riley was alive. Darn it Riley! Why can’t you be here to help me with these things? How the heck do I do this?! If you were here I wouldn’t want to fall in-love again. I don’t really want to now, but, I just feel… so alone. I have my kids, but… I just want that companionship that I had so very long ago- I miss it.


I screamed, “YOU TOLD ME IT WOULD GET EASIER! You said if I let go of you that I would be happy again!”

My heart aches and I’m so confused. I just don’t know what to do anymore! Being a parent SUCKS! No, losing your wife SUCKS! Freaking LIFE SUCKS! God, I just want to run away and forget anything ever happened.


Suddenly I felt a presence behind me followed by a voice.



I brought myself back to reality and spun around startled.

“Br-brooke?” I questioned, “What are you doing here?”

She sighed, “Well, I was going to go up to your apartment but I noticed you standing over here, so I thought… why not join you?” she rolled her eyes, “No that’s not it. I really came here to apologize to you. I’m so sorry Noah, I really am.”


I raised an eyebrow, “Sorry for what?”

She took a deep breath, “I’m sorry for acting like a total jerk to you when I saw you this morning. I really overreacted. I should have just listened to what you had to say, but I didn’t want to hear it. When I saw you in that bed with Jamie, I just kept getting flashbacks to when it happened the first time with my Ex. I know it’s stupid of me to be so protective over you when we only just met- Plus I bailed on you last night, sorry for that too. It’s just… well… I really like you and it just hurt me really bad to see that today.”


I sighed, “I told you the first time that I’m not like that. If anything really did happen – which I don’t believe it did- then I have no memory of it whatsoever. I only remember a lot of drinking and dancing. When I woke up today I thought I was in my room snuggled up with my son. The last place I wanted to be was in your best friend’s bed… laying on her.”

“Yeah I know. That’s why I came to apologize. You’re a real sweet guy Noah and I should have never left last night. It’s just, I felt really bad when I saw Sean. He’s sweet when he wants to be, but he can be really bossy. I only left with him last night out of pity. It just ended up with him taking me to get some coffee. He wanted to go back out with me and get a second chance but I told him off. I felt bummed so I just went home after that. I’m really sorry I took off like that Noah.”


I laughed, “You can stop apologizing. I forgive you.”

She smiled, “Oh thank god. You just don’t know how bad I felt after all of this! Jamie wouldn’t even look at me at all; she even went out today to look for a new apartment! I told her she didn’t have to after I cooled down but she has it set in stone. I’m not going to fight her though, that’s her choice. Anyways, how about me and you start fresh? A clean slate?”


I smirked, “Nah, I’d rather just pick up where we left off. Life ain’t perfect, so I’m not going to pretend crap never happens.”

Her eyes widened, “W-well alright then. But is there anything I can do to make it up to you? Since you don’t want to bury the hatchet…”

I leaned in towards her, “Well there is one thing.”


Oh and what is that?” she smirked.

I got closer to her lips and right before they were about to meet I pulled her into a hug.

“A nice warm hug!” I chuckled.

“Oh.” she said in shock, “I thought. Well never mind then…”


I pulled her back and laughed, “Nah, I’m just messing with you.”

And with that said, under the moonlit sky, we shared our first kiss. And to be honest… I enjoyed every second of it.

Thanks for reading! Okay, so first off… tsk, tsk, tsk to ALL OF YOU. You all thought that he slept with Jamie but that was never my intentions! Mwuahahaha ;P – You know I’m just teasing ;] Alright so Sam is furious at the idea of Noah being with anyone else and Ryder is so scared of Liam he’s trying his best to hide it from his dad. I mean if he doesn’t confess to who did it, even if they know who it is, then they can’t get in trouble. He keeps saying he fell down, so the teachers have to go by what he says. Oh and he’s starting to think that Riley’s death is his fault :/


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  1. sariechiny says:

    Hey, hey! I never said SPECIFICALLY that he slept with her…haha
    I don’t know, maybe it’s just the fact that Jamie looks more like Riley, but I can’t really imagine Brooke and Noah together 😛 Oh well, as long as he’s happy!
    Sam!!!! Don’t say that!!!! D: Sigh…I had a feeling that something like this would happen, but I didn’t think she’s react THAT badly to it 😛
    Ryder tell your teacher and dad who’s hurting you! D: omg I’m so worried for him right now. He really needs to tell them or things will get worse…I can tell.
    Great chapter Jax! Can’t wait for the next one! 😀

    • Spongey says:

      LOL. ahuh ;P

      That could be it, but you’ll see where I’m going with everything. Then maybe your opinion about Jamie might turn… in another direction.

      Yeah, she’s not a happy camper. She’s a sensitive kid and grew up with Noah only loving her mother. She never once thought that Noah would try and find someone new. She can’t stand the idea of that at ALL!

      D: I know. But he’s so scared to tell anyone! You see what Liam did to him 😦

      😀 Thanks.

  2. jeremina5 says:

    I like Jamie. There’s something weird about Brooke….
    Is Angel ok? Noah put her in a room then bolted out the door…

    • Spongey says:

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions 😉

      LOL you don’t know how hard that made me laugh. Of course she is okay. He left for work, but the kids came home in the afternoon and found her. I put in that Ryder said “I can’t wait to go home to play with Angel!”


  3. Morgan says:

    My poor Ryder!!!! It’s not your fault that Rileys dead!!! Don’t let those stupid boys pushing you around. One of these days Ryder is going to have an adreanline rush from all the anger he’s been pushing down and he is just going to knock the wind out of Liam and I’m going to laugh at the stupid little kid when he starts to cry. 🙂 I swear if that kid hurts Ryder agian I’m gonna have a melt down and jump through the screen so I can bash his head in the toliet.
    Oh Sam, why does it hurt you so much you don’t want your dadyy to find love. Do you want him to be lonely and without love( Oh god I had alittle hairspary muscial moment there) for the rest of his life? She is really taking this personaly.
    And Noah, Noah, noah, Noah. It’s just not your day is it. But it’s okay cuz Brooke came back!! yay!! Pssh I knew Noah wouldn’t sleep with her!!!! Well for all intents and purposes I did hehe.
    Great Chapter 🙂

    • Spongey says:

      Of course it’s not, but that stupid kid is putting crap in his head. That boy is a monster! Ahhh, Morgan you may be onto something there… It’s close but not quite there 😉 Kudos. LOL well you’re really going to have a meltdown later on from that kid then and you will see why.

      You’re right. Samantha is taking that VERY personally. She’s so sensitive and loves that her father would only want HER mother and no one else. Now that he is trying to date again, she can’t STAND it. She fears that her mom is very upset with Noah and she feels that Noah is in some ways “cheating” on her.

      LOL no it wasn’t! He had one problem after another! Yeah she came back to apologize for overreacting. LOL ahuh ;P


  4. Mira says:

    Poor Ryder. Now I’m starting to understand why he didn’t want glasses… I don’t think that Sam would’ve let the boys bully her though – she’s a tough girl.
    (Why does so many of your characters have to get bullied? Fraser, Mackenzie, and now Ryder?)
    I don’t know, I like Brooke. We know her story, she probably just have some trust issues. Besides, wouldn’t it be really akward if Noah started dating the principal? Ryder would get bullied even more!

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah 😦 Because Liam is so mean to him. LOL she acts like a tough girl, though she is very sensitive.

      I don’t try to do that to them, but, well… it always seems to lead where I really want to go next. Esp. this time. You’ll see 😉

      Exactly! She does have trust issues. Being with someone for so long and then catching them in the act? When you have a child together?! That must of hurt her SO bad 😦 Then having to see his ugly mug all the time…. that poor girl.

      That too, that too. Ryder would get in even more problems :/ He already doesn’t have any friends ;_;

  5. Jedidiah says:

    Oh Noah JUST made out heavily with Jamie, and his shirt JUST happened to fall off. Oh that makes perfectly sense now, and I am SOOOOOOOOOOO relieved that Noah JUST made out but nothing else happened. Well, next time I meet a girl, I do the same, start drinking heavily till I rip my shirt off, make out with her till morning comes and then let the girl that I am suppose to be with find me in the same bed with her best friend. And then I can also say, but baaaaaaaaabe, we just slept in the same bed, but nothing happened. See if that works out. O___O Now if only Sam could understand her dad. He didn’t sleep with that girl after all. Oh hallelujah. *please enter sarcasm here* -.-

    So anywho… that is one freaky babysitter! Noah, you’d better stayed put at home with them kids, than letting that woman in. By the way, is that a woman who SPELLS or SMELLS like cinnamon? Wasn’t sure. O.o So, Brooksy got her own little kid eh? Wonder if he will move in them. And it’s a boy. LOL you. Ry is being bullied, and right now pretty scared… so I guess later in life he will take all that fear and bury it underneath a great big pile of evilness, huh. Interesting interesting. You are grooming a potential psycho, Jax. O___O Oh and Noah? Sam, just told you something and you go out and go smooch? Yeah, I guess you were in dire need of that, eh? Well good luck to ya explaining that one to Sam.
    Oh and it’s a pretty accurate picture of Ry’s fears (you know the “Am I responsible for Mom’s death”). A friend of mine went through that herself for years. Especially, because her dad never really talked about what happened.

    Sorry my comment is pretty much all over the place… oh well
    And the wounds look fine. ^_^

    • Spongey says:

      1. -_________- Smart alec.

      It was an accident, he didn’t mean too. Oh and he even said it himself that he needed a new babysitter XD She’s freaky looking but she’s not a bad person. Mhm, she does. LOL well, he can’t let his 10-year-old tell him what to do. I know she’s upset but… he’s been upset for a lot longer. He just wants someone to love again, it’s been a really long time :/

      Mhm, I thought so too :/ The poor kid has enough on his plate now he has that fear too ;_;

      Lol that’s okay ^_^

      and thanks again 🙂

  6. lilysimsstories says:

    YAAAY for Brooke and Noah<33 They might just be as cute as Noah and Riley. (:
    Poor Ryder! I hope he forgets about those snide comments those boys made! I just wanna go in your game and beat the crap outta them 😀 Why are little kids so vicious?!?! I shall protect Ryder forever ❤ I hope he doesnt think its his fault Riley died.
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    • Spongey says:


      Well he’s 7 years old 😦 He takes things literal because he doesn’t know any better. Plus he doesn’t really know how she died, just that it was right after he was born. He thinks it’s his own fault 😦

      Thank you! and LOL we’ll have to see 😉

      • lilysimsstories says:

        Yeah, it must have been hard for him to understand the whole situation..if he does! Noah should talk to him soon.
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      Thanks Zoe! (: LOL well I did make it seem like they slept together; I was just teasing you guys 😉 I’ll do better next time lol. Yeah they are rotten monsters! Esp. Liam! 😡

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    • Spongey says:

      She’s only 10. It’s not that she doesn’t know about step-parents, she just feels that Noah should only love Riley. In her head that’s who he was supposed to love forever because that was her mommy.

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    • Spongey says:

      heheheh we will have to see 😉

      I’m glad you can see it from both points of view. Sam is mad because she feels that Noah is only supposed to love Riley and Noah is getting upset because he wants to love again even though his daughter is not happy. When he kissed Brooke he probably figured that she would get over it, she is only 10 years old. We’ll have to see though…

      I know! Poor Ryder D: ❤

      Thank you ^_^

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    • Spongey says:

      I agree. Noah feels the same way – which might cause a problem – but he’s trying to find some kind of happiness again. He will always love her, that feeling will never go away, but even if he gets just a little happiness it will make his world a lot easier :]

      Yeah exactly. It was tough to believe but she thought about it and decided to give him another chance.

      Well it looked really bad, but the gash didn’t go in so that’s good. He’s just going to get some stitches and he will be alright. Physically… not mentally… :/ Liam is just pure evil. Mhm… that would be something, wouldn’t it? 😉

      😦 Yeah. But he doesn’t know what else to think. He knows his mommy loved him but he thinks it was his own fault. LOL she may act tough but she’s actually very sensitive. Example: Noah trying to go out with a girl; she blew her top. She’s attached to the idea that Noah is supposed to love Riley forever and no one else.

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    • Spongey says:

      ^_^ I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Me too, Ryder is such a wittle cutie-pie. Yeah exactly. In her head she’s only supposed to love him and no one else.

      Thanks 😉 It was romantic, wasn’t it?

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    • Spongey says:

      Yes I’m aware of it, I just haven’t had the time to get on my desktop since I posted this chapter. I’ll fix it, eventually… when I’m not swamped from schoolwork overload.

      Well that would be something. But I actually have another idea ;]

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    • Spongey says:

      One may never know 😉 We just have to wait until next chapter. LOL yeah she is freaky, but she’s a nice lady. She takes good care of her kids and Noah’s ^_^


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    • Spongey says:

      (: You’re going to like it ^_^

      He does, but he’s too scared of Liam. Liam is REALLY MEAN! Yeah… or something else may happen >_<
      Thank you! The next one will probably be posted in 2-3 days tops. I have the pictures for it ^_^

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    O-tay next chapter!

    • Spongey says:

      Mhm… you may be onto something 😉 Guess we will just have to wait to see what happens next chapter then, huh? I promise! *crosses heart* They didn’t sleep together.

      Hah, I was about to say. Oh come on, she’s a nice lady! I promise she just was hurt because of her remembering what happened with her Ex. She even offered to leave Noah because she said that his children came first. Come, isn’t that telling you she’s honest? :]

      LOL well he can’t let his daughter control him. Besides, when does Noah ever listen to things? 😉 You know he is always going to do what he wants anyways.


      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Hmm… they didn’t, but there was Jamie’s reaction. Now I’ve got a whole other plot twist going on in my head about Jamie finding out about Liam and calling in Noah and Brooke and it turning into something other than Ry. We’ll see though.

        Honest yes. I still don’t like her. But you’ll find that out with next chapters comment – lol.

        Well then Noah, serves you right to have Sam be the exact same way. Also means you should know how to talk to her 😛

      • Spongey says:

        We shall see where it goes 😉

        LOL well everyone is entitled to their opinion ^_^

        Yeah, Karma ain’t so funny when it comes back to bite you in the butt. Now he knows what his parents went through. Plus he’s just really over-protective because of everything that happened to poor Sam.

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

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      • Spongey says:

        Ah. I believe that’s from Showtime ^_^

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        I shall have to look for it. Thanks!

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