Chapter 6.16 – Hidden Burdens


Noah’s Point of View

Since that moment when I kissed Brooke, we have been together. Our relationship was kept professional in front of my kids. I wouldn’t so much as look at her longer than a second. It’s just; Sam was having a hard time adjusting to the thought of me being with anyone besides her mom. I’d like to say she’s calmed down since that night I told her I went on a date, but she really hasn’t. I’ve tried countless times to talk with her, explaining to her over and over again that Riley isn’t upset with me and that I’m allowed to date again. She didn’t care what I was allowed to do. She just wanted everything kept the same way. At least Ryder doesn’t mind Brooke. Actually, to be honest, he’s quite fond of her. He says she’s the ‘sweet lady who smiles a lot’.

Brooke and I were sharing a kiss on the couch because we thought the kids were in their room playing. It was supposed to just be a quick peck, but things don’t always happen as planned. In the middle of said kissing, Sam just happened to come into the living room.

“Daddy…” she glared.

I stopped mid kiss and my eyes widened, “SAM! I thought you were in your room?!”


She rolled her eyes, “I was thirsty…” she scoffed, “But I can wait.

With that she turned on her heel and marched back to her room- Angel trailing along behind her.


I just sat there in the same position; shocked. Sam has never caught us in the act before. God, I hate that I have to hide my feelings for Brooke from my own daughter because she has an attitude. Why can’t she just let me be happy for once?

What am I saying? She’s 10. Of course she’s going to act like this…

Brooke sighed, “Do you think I should talk with her?”

I shook my head, “No, I’ll do it.”


I followed after my stubborn 10-year-old. Once at her door I knocked twice and then opened it. Sam was about to get on her spring-toy but stopped when she heard me come in.

She growled, “What do YOU want?”

“Samantha.” I stated, “Don’t talk to me like that, I’m your father!”

“Whatever…” she mumbled.


She spun around to face me, “I just don’t see why you have to do that!”

I questioned, “Do what?”

She rolled her eyes, “Kiss her and hug her and tell her she’s pretty! You guys think I don’t know, but I’ve seen you lots of times. Why do you have to date her daddy? Why can’t you just love mommy and forget about Brooke?”


I sighed, “Samantha, I do love your mother. I’m just so tired of being alone and having no one to love.”

She crossed her arms, “WHAT ABOUT ME!? Or Ryder?! You’re not alone! You have us!”

“Sam, that’s not what I meant. Loving you two and loving a girl is two different things.”

She narrowed her eyes, “NOT true! Love is love daddy, no matter if Brooke is here or not, you will ALWAYS have me and Ryder. You don’t have to be with her because you miss mommy!”

I rolled my eyes, “I’m not with Brooke out of guilt! I just want what I had with mommy again. I want to love again and be romantic and… well I can’t explain everything to you because you’re too little. Just put it like this, I just want another grown-up around- Not only for me, but for you guys as well. It will just make everything easier on us. Plus wouldn’t you like to have a big family and move into a nice house away from this dumb apartment? We could get a friend for Angel and you could have a swing-set!”


She sighed, “I’d rather just live here with you and Ryder and Angel and no one else.”

“Why not Brooke? You’ve known her for 5 months now and you still don’t like her? Come on kiddo, Ryder likes her and Angel does too! Oh and of course I like her. What if I… gave you a big hug and told you that no matter what I’d love you?”

She stepped back, “I don’t want a hug.”

I smirked and then ran towards her, grasping her up off the ground. 

“DADDY! Put me DOWN!”

“NOPE!” I laughed.


“Why not??” She pouted, “Come on, just let me go.”

“Not until you promise to try and at least give Brooke a chance. Can you please do that for me? I know that if you just TRIED to like her, you might actually find yourself really liking her.” I smiled and then kissed her cheek.

She cupped her hands on my face, “FINE! Now put me down!” she demanded!

“Oh and tell me you love me- Then I will.”

“DAD!” she squirmed, trying to break free.

I held on tighter, “Nope, gotta have my love first.”

“Alright, I love you. Now let me go!”

“Love you too princess. Now get to bed, it’s late.”


After making sure my kids were in bed, I went back out into the living room where Brooke was.

She sighed, “So how did it go this time?”

I rolled my eyes, “Eh, she’s still not too keen on the idea. She said she’d try to get along with you, but I don’t believe her for one second. She was just saying that because I had her captive.”

Brooke lowered her eyes, “She hates me…”


I held up my hands, “Whoa, don’t say that! She doesn’t hate you, Brooke. She just doesn’t like the idea of me being with anyone besides her mom. I could be with any girl and she’d probably treat them the same way.”

“Maybe you should be with some other girl…” she sniffled, “I can’t take it that she doesn’t like me Noah. I don’t want to hurt you, your daughter or your son by being with you. If she doesn’t like me, then maybe I should just… stop seeing you.”

My heart sank. LEAVE? No! I don’t want that to happen!

“Brooke, wait! Please just think this through. I don’t want to lose you, I love what we have. I don’t want to mess it up, again.

“I don’t want to lose you either, Noah. But as a mother, I know that our kids will always come first. If for one moment I thought there was something about a man that my son didn’t like… then I’d have to break it off with him. I know you want to be with me, but your kids come before me Noah.”


I sighed, “It’s stuff like what you just said that makes me care about you even more. How could I ever risk losing you? I love my daughter to bits, but she’s never going to like any girl except her mom. If I let her control me, I’ll never be able to love anyone.”


“I know Noah. It’s never easy when stuff like this happens.” she sighed, “Also; I’ve been thinking… you’ve never even met my son yet. With me, I never usually let guys I date meet my son until I feel they are good enough for him. It’s been 5 months and I feel that it’s time for you to meet him. I want to see how he responds to you and to your kids. Then we’ll make any other decisions about where our relationship stands.”

I smiled, “Hey, that’s a great idea! You could have him come over this Saturday. I can meet him and talk to him and then we can send the kids down to the pool to get to know each other. Sam and Ryder go down there all the time, they have a lifeguard on duty. It’s the daughter of the lady who watches them, they’ll be fine.”

She looked at me puzzled, “Why can’t we go with them?”


I grabbed her close, “Well because I was thinking we do something that only involves the two of us- If you know what I mean.”

She smirked, “Noah, really? We’re trying to see where our relationship is with our kids and you want to send them off so we can have sex?”

“Well yeah… I mean isn’t that seeing where our relationship stands too? I think it’s pretty important.” I teased.

She shook her head, smiling, “You’re something else.”



Ryder’s Point of View

Oh my gosh! I was so excited for today! When daddy told us we were going swimming on Saturday, I counted down the days until it was finally here!

Sam jumped up and down, “When is that kid getting here?! I want to go swimming already!!”

“YEAH!” I added in, “I wanna show Sam how big my cannonball is!”

“Mines bigger!” Sam stated.


My dad laughed, “Guys, chill! Brooke will be here any minute with her son! Then you three can head down there while Brooke and me, err, talk about boring grown-up stuff. You guys have to stay down there at least an hour.”

An hour!? I’d stay there all day if I could!


After only a few minutes more, we heard the knock at the door. Daddy opened the door and Brooke walked in with… LIAM?!

Brooke smiled, “Ryder, Sam, this is my son; Liam. He’s 7, just like you Ryder. I’m sure you two will be great friends.”

Liam smirked, “Yeah mommy, I bet we will be.”


I felt like I couldn’t breathe! Brooke’s son was Liam?! No, please, NO! Why did it have to be him? Liam hates me! He is always hurting me and being mean to me! He broke my glasses, he gets me in trouble, he made me get stiches and he always punches and kicks me! WHY HIM?!

I just stared. I couldn’t even manage to get a word out of my mouth. My throat felt really dry and-and… I just wish this wasn’t true! I want to tell my daddy so bad how mean Liam is, but if I do… I’m afraid of what he will do to me. He already hurts me badly now when I don’t do anything, what if I tattle and he-he… I can’t even imagine what he would DO!

My dad looked at me, “You okay, bud? You’re looking a little pale there.”

I stared at my dad, “I’m f-fine.”

Sam gave me this awkward look, “You sure you’re okay? You look like you seen a ghost.”

I shook my head, “It’s nothing. I’ll be fine. I was just thinking about something. Can we go swimming now, please?”


“Hold on a minute.” my Dad stated, “Let me first say hello to Liam.” he turned to Liam, “Hey, kiddo. My name’s Noah.”

Liam looked at him for a minute not saying a word. Oh! Maybe he doesn’t like my daddy! Then they can go home and never come back!


He gleamed, “Nice to meet you Noah! My mommy is always saying such nice things about you. I think she LOVES YOU!” he laughed and then poked his tongue out.

Brooke’s face turned really red and so did my daddy’s. I wasn’t really paying any mind to that though because LIAM was acting SO NICE! He’s faking it! He’s not nice like that, he’s EVIL!

My daddy coughed and then cleared his throat, “SO did you want to go get changed into your bathing suit, Liam? The bathroom is right down the hall.”

He nodded his head grinning, “Thank you!”

LIAR! He never ever says THANK YOU! Biggest faker in the whole world is what Liam is!


After Liam had left to go to the bathroom, I grabbed Sam by the arm and started running towards the front door. I just wanted to get away from him! I knew he was going to swim with us, but it didn’t mean I had to stick around and wait for him.

My dad shouted after us, “HEY! Wait for Liam!”

“No thanks!” I shouted back, “He’ll find the pool on his own.”

“RYDER! SAM!” My dad screeched.

But it was already too late. Sam and me had already taken off down the hall and were in the elevator going down.


Sam and I rushed down to the pool, once down there I just stood there staring out at the water.

Sam looped her hand in mine, “It’s okay, if you’re scared we’ll jump in together.” she teased.

She knew I wasn’t scared of the water! She’s such a meanie sometimes.

I took my hand out of hers, “I’m not scared, I just don’t want to go swimming all of a sudden.”


She spun me to face her, “WHAT?! WHY NOT?!” she screeched.

I shrugged, “I just don’t feel like it anymore.”

She narrowed her eyes, “But we always go swimming together! You love it! Why all of a sudden do you just NOT want to?”

“Maybe I just don’t feel like getting wet.” I lied.


“Who are you and what did you do with my brother?? Come on Ry! This is the best time to swim; we got the whole entire pool to ourselves! We don’t have to worry about bumping into old ladies and we don’t have to watch out for the stupid babies with the floaters on.”


Before I had the chance to respond, Liam came up behind me and grabbed my arm.

“Any last words?”

“Liam get off of-“




OF COURSE he would push me into the pool! I’m so stupid; I should have seen it coming. After I went underwater, I quickly raced to the top to catch my breath. Once at the surface, I saw my sister cracking up! Oh great, she likes that he’s MEAN!

“Ryder, you should have seen your face!” she giggled, “You’re lucky Liam did that because I was just about to!”

Liam smirked, “Just doing my job.”

The lifeguard blew her whistle, “Don’t push anyone in the pool.”

My sister and Liam nodded and then went back to laughing at me again.


I climbed out on the side of the pool not saying a word to either of them.

“Stay in the water!” Sam demanded, “I was just about to jump in!”

Liam added, “Yeah Ryder, don’t you want to swim?”

With him?! Why, so he can drown me? No thanks.


I started towards the house, hanging my head the entire time.

Sam grabbed my arm, “You’re not allowed to go back inside yet, daddy said so.”

I rolled my eyes and then drug my feet across the pavement and plopped down on one of the beach chairs.

“You’re just going to sit there and not swim? Wow you’re being so stupid Ryder! Fine, be like that then. I’ll just have fun with LIAM!” She screamed, and then jumped into the pool.


I fixed myself on the beach chair, and just sat there completely soaked. What did I care though? I was not getting in the pool with Liam and I wasn’t allowed back inside… so I did what I had to do.

Before jumping in the pool himself, Liam came over to me.

“Ryder…” he started, “If you say ANYTHING to anyone you can consider yourself dead- Don’t even try to mess with me.”

I held back my tears and without saying anything I nodded my head.

“Good.” he smirked, “I’m glad we have an understanding. Now I’m going to go have some fun with your sister. Who knows, maybe we’ll be brothers one day!” He cackled and then ran and jumped into the pool.

The lifeguard blew her whistle again, “NO RUNNING!”

Yeah, like Liam ever listens to anyone…


I just sat and stared as I watched them play lots of fun pool games. They splashed each other, laughed and were having a really good time without me. I felt betrayed in a way, but I know I shouldn’t. Sammy doesn’t even know what Liam does to me; no one knows. Liam only gets in trouble at school for picking on people, the teachers don’t know the things he makes me do and how bad he makes me feel. If only I wasn’t so scared of him…



I’m 11 years old now. Brooke and my dad have been together for 4 years. I liked to say that it’s been a great 4 years, but let’s face it… if Liam is there, things will never be great. But how could I EVER say anything to my dad now? Not only because Liam is a monster from hell but because he truly loves Brooke. He tells me all the time how blessed he was to find her and how even though she will never replace my mom, he still loves her dearly. I say that’s great for him, I’m glad my dad found someone he can love besides my mom. Samantha never thought the same way. If only she’d shut up about Brooke and let my dad breathe for once! She’s just so selfish. I mean, I put up with Liam so dad can have some happiness, why can’t she just accept Brooke? I love Sammy, but she gets on my nerves with that!

At least I have Angel. She’s my best friend – well besides Dad and Sammy of course – in the entire world. I take her on walks around the block every single night. I guess I love her so much because she is always there to listen to things I can never tell other people. I swear if Angel could speak human she’d have a lot to tell my dad.

“Well Angel, Liam threw my lunch in the trash today and he had some kid hit me with a baseball in the stomach. I really hate him so much Angel. I just wish that dad loved someone who didn’t have a demon as a son.”


Besides not leaving my dad alone about Brooke, Sam has done other stuff to get his veins to pop out of his neck. Like how she went and got her nose pierced and her eyebrow. My dad told her that she wasn’t allowed to do that because she’s only 14 but she went to the mall with her friends and did it anyways. Besides that Sam also likes to sneak out at nighttime and go mess around at the park or go for night swims with her friends. My dad is the over-protective type so he is automatically thinking she is just going out with boys when she should be at home. I know for a fact Sam is not with boys, she doesn’t even have a friend that is a boy! Well… at least I don’t think she does. I mean she’s had this crush on someone for a long time but I don’t know who he is.


Like I said, she’s always getting screamed at anymore. My dad has had it up to here with all the dumb stuff she does. I don’t know why she doesn’t just listen to him.

“SAMANTHA!” he screamed, “I’m so freaking tired of you doing things behind my back! I told you to be home by 7:30 because you were grounded. WHAT TIME IS IT SAM!?”

She rolled her eyes, “12:45.”

“EXACTLY! God, you don’t ever listen to a thing I say! How many times do I have to scream at you and ground you for things before you get it through your head?”

“What’s wrong with having fun dad!? Grandma told me that I remind her of you when I was your age! She told me you were the same way! So, you can’t judge me!”

He raged, “OH YEAH!? Since when!? I’m your father and I can do whatever the heck I want! You’re grounded for another week! No friends, no going out, no PHONE! NOTHING! Just school and then home! You got me, Samantha?!”


My dad glared at her, “I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!”

She rolled her eyes, “Yeah, whatever.” she muttered and then stormed off to her room.


As the days passed on, Liam still bothered the heck out of me. He was always finding reasons just to make my life even worse. I have bruises, cuts, scabs and scars all over because of him. Just last week at school he shoved me against the locker and told me I better do his homework or he was going to make up some stupid story to tell my dad. You see, in these 4 years, Liam and my dad have gotten really close. My dad loves Liam like his own kid. That’s the biggest mistake I ever regret- Letting my father fall in-love with the enemy. When I say enemy of course I don’t mean Brooke… but Liam. Now if I even try to say anything, it’s not like he’ll ever believe me. Liam is like a little angel in his eyes. He’s the best freaking actor I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He even fools his own MOM!

“Do it or you’re going to get a black-eye!”

I groaned, “ALRIGHT! I’ll do it, just leave me alone.”

Not that he did. He punched my shoulder right after that and then walked into the classroom laughing. Oh I forgot to mention, since my dad and Brooke are so close… they keep enrolling Liam and me in the same schools AND making sure we are classmates- Another PLUS for me…


About a week after that incident at school, Liam walked me home – NOT by my choice – and when we were right outside the apartment building he ran up behind me and shoved me so hard I fell to the ground.

“That’s just because I hate you.” he smirked, “You know, I don’t always need a reason to hurt you.”


LUCKY me when I fell to the ground there just had to be a broken bottle and I got a piece of glass in my arm. I didn’t want to look like a baby in front of Liam anymore – I was tired of giving him that satisfaction – but having your arm hit the ground so hard a shard of glass goes into it… well I couldn’t help but let a tear escape.

“Oh you’re such a wuss Ryder- Stop crying!”

I sniffled, “So what am I supposed to tell them happened this time?” I wanted to end that sentence with stupid, or moron, or EVIL MONSTER! But I held my tongue.

He rolled his eyes, “Like I know! Just make something up, stupid.”

GOSH! I wish I was strong enough to just punch him in the face! I HATE HIM!



Months had passed since then. Things were the same except for Sam. She had just been getting worse and worse. See me and Sam’s relationship was great. We’d seriously tell each other almost anything. So one night I found myself sitting in her room and we were just talking about random stuff until a new topic came up. Well, okay, not new per se… but something we never really talked about together.

“Ry…” she sighed, “I just can’t take it anymore. Dad is getting worse with the things he is accusing me of doing! I mean, I’m 15… yet he treats me like a little baby. Just last night I decided to go out with my friends and I got home around 9. I say that’s pretty fair, but NO dad started screaming and yelling and turning red! I told him I wasn’t doing anything, but he didn’t believe me. He just wants to keep me locked up forever because he’s afraid I’m going to GROW UP!”

I just sat and listened as she vented. I guess, sometimes, people just need to do that. I know I wish I could…

“I mean, what does he think I’m doing? Going out with boys and… doing stuff?” she looked at me awkward when she said that. Oh please, I’m 12 not 5… I know how babies are made and all that.


“Sammy, you know dad is just trying to protect you. You’re his only daughter and I’m his only son. I guess he just gets sad when he thinks about us getting bigger and stuff. Plus you really don’t make it easy for him to trust you. You got holes in your face and remember that time when you tried beer? You were puking in the toilet all day and dad was fuming.”

She glared at me, “Gee, thanks for reminding me that dad has trust issues with me Ryder.”

I gulped, “Hey, I was only just saying! But come on Sammy, I know you’re not doing anything with boys. You tell me all about your crazy adventures with your friends. I wish I had friends like you. Li- … I mean, people just don’t get along with the quiet smart boy I guess.”

She sighed, “Well those people are dumb. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend Ryder. Want me to beat them up for you?”


I laughed, “Oh, uh, no that’s alright.” I sighed, “I’m fine just sitting by myself I guess. I mean, what can I do? Beating people up aren’t going to make them like me and want to hang out with me. I’ve had no friends for as long as I can remember. I guess, after a while, you just get used to it.”

She placed a hand on my knee, “No one should have to get used to that, Ry.”

“I guess you’re right and no one should have to hide secrets either.” I looked her square in the eye when I said that. I know I shouldn’t be judging her for hiding a secret from dad, but she really needs to tell him what she’s been hiding. I only found out about it on accident, but I’m glad I did. She needed someone to talk to anyways.

She sighed, “I’m not hiding it! I just… I’m feeling it out is all. He’s mad at me right now; I want to wait when he’s not mad.”

I laughed, “Sammy, dad is ALWAYS mad at you for something. At this rate you’ll be married before he knows!”

She rolled her eyes and then smacked me with a pillow, “Oh shut up!”



Noah’s Point of View

What in god’s name did Brooke have to tell me?! She called me just as I was about to take a shower before bed. I’m exhausted from work, but she sounded urgent on the phone.

Once she got here, she busted through my bedroom door and ran over to me.

“BROOKE!” I screeched, “What in the world happened?! Are you alright?”

She lowered her head, “I guess I’m fine, I just don’t know if you are or will be I should say.”

Wait, what? Of course I’m fine… Alright, now I’m confused.


“Brooke, whatever you are trying to say… please… say it. You’re scaring me!”

She took a deep breath, “Uhm, I really don’t know how to say this.”


“Here, I’ll just show you.”

She grabbed my hand and put it on her on her stomach. I stared at her confused and then my eyes widened.


“I’m pregnant.”

Thanks for reading! Okay to sum everything up. No matter who Noah would have ever dated, Sam would have never accepted it. Even though Noah felt bad about it, he still wanted to have a relationship with Brooke. He really loves her and wants to be with her. So he just left his daughter to have her attitude. Ryder seems to think Samantha is selfish for causing their father so much troubles over a lady. Ryder is happy that his dad found someone to love, even if that comes with a cost for Ryder. Also Sam is hiding a Secret, but what could it be? Oh and anyone who guessed that Liam was Brooke’s son: Kudos Winking smile 

@Csugar: The doggy wasn’t deformed! WOO! All my hard work and she was alright Winking smile

Bonus Stuffz:


This is Joshua; Phea’s and Luke’s first born.


This is Phea and Luke’s twins: Juliet and Matthew.


Here is Qiana’s Son: Eric.


This is Phoenix’ son Daniel.


And here is Parker as a teen. Yum! ;]


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  1. I always enjoy these stories but Liam is even more annoying,curse you Liam!You little monster!

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    Poor Ryder. That really sucks…and the way things are looking, they will all be living together soon. Is Sam pregnant, too? I was actually surprised the principal didn’t end up pregnant and put an end to Noah and Brooke. 😉

    • Spongey says:

      I know, it really does suck 😦 Most likely! I mean, Noah loves her and now… well… they’re having a baby. You’ll see what Sam’s hiding next chapter 😉 LOL they never slept together hehe

  3. meltheninja says:

    Aww Brooke and Noah! 🙂 I’m so glad they were finally able to work things out and get together!
    Awww poor Ryder Liam is so horrible to him… He should definitely tell someone, especially his dad! He shouldn’t feel like he has to endure all that for his dad to be happy.
    jfbaioerhdfjkcvnmwaeouafweh I feel so bad for Ryder!! 😦
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    • Spongey says:

      ^_^ ❤ Noah finally has some happiness. Yeah poor Ryder 😦 Well he just has many reasons why he won't say anything. He makes up excuses on top of his reasons because he just doesn't want to tell. He's REALLY afraid of Liam.

      Thank you!!

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    Battle-Jax, Battle-Jax, Battle-Jax!!!! *waiting for her to crawl out of some mirror* ^_^ No it’s not some character, Spongeyroo, it just sounds like Bettlejuice 😀 If you don’t know who that is, google it XD
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        I only did do two. By the time this baby is a kid, I’ll already be on the next generation 😉 It’s not going to be in the heir vote. I just did it so Brooke and Noah can have something together. Well.. besides marriage of course.

        LOL no, none of that. 😉

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      OH!!! Okay, now I get it! Don’t KNOW Beetlejuice?!! PFFFTTTT!! I’ve watched that movie so many times I think I can quote it!! hahahah 😀

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      D: Yeah he really does. I keep forgetting to Mention their traits! ACK! I’ll say it here if anyone reads. Sam’s trait is Party Animal and Ryder’s last trait was Family-Oriented. So that says a lot about their personalities too.

      Ah yes, but she doesn’t know that she went through any of that as a baby. Noah is extremely over-protective because of that. Yeah she is the opposite of Ryder. She’s her father. hehe Ryder is more like his mom 🙂 Sweet and gentle.

      🙂 Yeah and they love each other too.

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        Mhm, that is true. Liam puts on a very good front for everyone. Only Ryder knows of how cruel he is. Maybe so, but Ryder doesn’t see it that way :/

        I know me too! I know, but seriously… that kid would have no chance anyways with it only being a baby when the heir vote happens. Ryder and Sam have more developed stories, so he or she wouldn’t get picked anyways.

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      It’s funny how siblings can be so different from one another, eh? Samantha takes after her father. She’s loud, crazy and doesn’t care what people think. Noah said it himself, he wishes he didn’t have to raise, well, himself! He thought Ryder was going to be the one more like him, but that flipped and it’s actually Sam!

      Ah, well that’s good then! I’m glad that you were surprised that he was her son ^_^ Well, Ryder doesn’t seem to think he ever can now. He doesn’t think his father would believe him. Plus he’s too afraid of Liam to actually say anything.

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      Awww, that’s so cute ^_^ She may be, but in another sense she had only known a life where her father loved Riley. In her mindset, that’s how it should always be. It’s not that she hates Brooke, she just wishes that her father wouldn’t love someone else besides who he loved first. It’s like a kid’s parents spliting up. You know they are supposed to love each other and then they go out and date and have kids with other people. It really bothers the kids because that’s not the way it’s supposed to be in their eyes.

      Ah yes, he really doesn’t, but not like Sam knows. No one does. So she can’t pressure him right back. Actually knowing Sam, she wouldn’t keep Ryder’s secret, well… a secret. She’d tell her father, scream at Liam and probably want to hurt the kid. Sam doesn’t like anyone messing with her Brother.

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    Yay for Angel’s not being all glitchy!!!!!! WHOOO!!! I smiled when I saw that 😀

    Okay, Sam. First off, she is gorgeous! Second, I’m trying to piece together this secret (and unsuccessfully at that). I saw someone mentioned above that she might be gay but I don’t think so, something about the way she said she’s not “doing stuff” ‘course the pause before could mean exactly that. But something about how Ry says she goes on adventures with her friends… I’m wondering if that’s it. She reminds me a bit of Qiana and I’m wondering if it was something she found out on one of her adventures. Perhaps she found out Riley’s not her mother. We’ll see.

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    • Spongey says:

      Dear lord woman! I believe you have wrote me an essay!! LOL you know I kid 😉 I love long comments. Alright, guess I should start at the beginning myself. *cracks knuckles*

      To put it plain and simple? Sam just doesn’t want Noah to be with anyone else. She feels and has the mindset that Noah should ONLY love her mother. She’s jealous of Brooke and hates that her father would ever even consider loving her- Which he does. Very much. No matter how Noah would have went around with ANY relationship at ANY time, Sam would always feel the same way about him dating. She’s not trying to “like” anyone he dates. If he dates her, that automatically makes that woman someone she doesn’t like, no matter how long they bond and get to know each other. It doesn’t matter to Sam, she just doesn’t like it.

      Well she was only being honest with Noah. In a relationship your children come before any guy/girl. If her son didn’t like Noah, and they had a hard time getting along, then she’d have to break it off with him. She was only saying to Noah that you need to put your kids first. Guys/girls come and go, but your kids will always be there. Noah is hard of hearing though, he only wants what he wants, we all know that about him. He cares what Sam thinks, but he’s still going to do what he wants no matter what. That’s just how Noah is. LOL Brooke isn’t really a bad person, maybe it’s because she’s not Riley? 😉

      To put it simple, Liam is just plain mean. There is nothing causing him to be this way. His father and mother both treat him equally and love him. He’s just a spoiled little rotten brat who gets away with things because he puts on a really good front. No she doesn’t, honestly she doesn’t bother with the kid. He doesn’t say anything to her, so she just pays him no mind. No one has a problem with Liam because like I said… he puts on a really good front. Only Ryder truly knows how evil he can be. Hehehe, you never know! 😉

      She is def. beautiful! I have to agree with you there. Well with Qiana she just did it for the thrill. She was seeking after something, even if she didn’t know what it was. Sam is more like Noah. She’s just being stupid and doing whacky things. It’s more of her rebelling against her father for loving Brooke and trying to suffocate her and keep her away from doing things. That’s why she does that stuff. The secret will be revealed next chapter ^_^

      LOL I was just about to say. They were together for 4 years and no slips 😉 Sometimes it just happens. Oh their relationship is already tearing further and further apart. Sam just wants what she wants and that’s the end of it. Noah of course is going to be happy for a new baby and so is Ryder. Ryder doesn’t really mind Brooke, he likes her. He doesn’t like Liam though…. Maybe so 😉 We’ll see. LOL no kid from Jamie. They didn’t sleep together.

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Okay, no essay this time, promise 😀

        Well I’m glad for Sam it’s not because of memories surfacing. Does she have the hopeless romantic trait by chance, cause that would make a shitload of sense. Sorry, I don’t remember their traits – bad reader! Lol. It’s too bad, but if that’s how she sees it, then she’s just going to be stubborn about it until something in her own life changes her mind. If that ever happens of course.

        Yes, kids should ALWAYS come first, but you can’t turn a blind eye to them or let them control your life (like Noah isn’t doing – which good for him). Still, something just doesn’t sit right. I know you wrote to a few other people that they’ll be happy together, so good for them, but… *shrug* I dunno. It’s not that she’s not Riley, she’s just not a character I feel particularly drawn to. Perhaps that’s why?

        Well then, the meanie should be punished. Stupid spoiled rotten kid picking on sweet little Ryder.

        Lol, well, somewhere in the plains, Mackenzie must be laughing right now knowing that Noah is going through what exactly what she went through with him Karma does come back to bite you in the ass. I’m anxious to see the secret, I love y our plot twists!

        Well, we’ll see how this baby thing plays out and okay, no baby drama from Jamie, I got it. Still, I can’t see this baby bringing just joy into the house. Not with the Sam vs Brooke/Noah and Ryder vs Liam.

      • Spongey says:

        She doesn’t have that trait, she has the Party Animal trait. I need to mention next chapter what the kids traits are, I keep forgetting ._. No, not a bad reader, me being absent-minded again! I swear that’s one of MY traits 😉 Mhm yeah, or maybe she’s never going to be happy until something comes between Brooke and her father. Although… what do I know ;P

        Yup. Agreed. Well, also, different people think different ways. Noah is set in stone on what he wants to do and so is Brooke. Yeah I did write that they ARE happy together 😉 Will be… or won’t be… as in the future, well, we will just have to see where that just happens to go 😉 Nothing is ever hugs and kisses for me is it? *evil cackle* Well everyone is allowed to have their favorites and of course, there not-so-favorite. I’ve had plenty in stories before. Lol I once had this person get mad at me for not liking a particular character in a story. She tried SO hard to convince me otherwise, but I still told her I didn’t like the character. I just wasn’t fond of him or him. (I forget the gender) Everyone else just seemed to like the character but for some reason I didn’t. You shouldn’t get mad at someone for disliking someone in your story -.- I mean, if someone told me they hate Noah… well… I guess I’d have to accept that. It’s pretty hard to change someones opinion, because usually that’s what they have set-in-stone about something or someone ^_^ I kind of like that you don’t like Brooke in a weird way. Hehehe. I love how people have different opinions about my characters, it makes things SO much more interesting for me. Instead of everyone going “I like them” or “I don’t like them.” I like to here what people really think and have to say 😀

        I SECOND THAT! The meanie should be punished! Humph!

        LOL I could just picture her and Jed both sharing a good laugh about that. Although, they have a brat on their hands that they have to take care of. Parker is 100 times worse than anything Noah would TRY to be. He’s just a brat! Hahahaha yes it does!!

        Yup no baby drama from Jamie 😉 Hehehe you really do pay very good attention to my story Csugar! 😀

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Yeah I knew she just got party animal, but wasn’t sure what her other two/three are, so that was a guess 😛 Lol, yup I think something coming between Brooke and Noah would be about the only thing to make her happy.

        No it isn’t, but then again, real life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine either. Lol, well getting mad at a person for not liking a character is a tad extreme. Oh well, to each their own I suppose; and thanks for not hating me for disliking Brooke 😀 We’ll see how I continue to feel about her as the story progresses, but I have a feeling I won’t change my opinion that much 😛

        I have to pay good attention to your story, it’s like being a detective. I need to look at every clue no matter how insignificant it may seem 😀

      • Spongey says:

        OH. My bad, sorry. But really I haven’t been saying their traits. So next chapter I promise I will! Most likely, the more she sticks around the more she can’t stand her. You’ll see what happens 😉

        No, no it’s not. Nothing is perfect. See?! I thought so too! You can’t get mad at people for not liking characters… that’s not right -.- LOL of course not! Dislike all you want ^_^ I don’t mind. And not changing your mind is fine too 😉 You don’t have too.

        Ah, correct you are! I really do throw in little hints here and there. They may seem small but they are usually important and reflect onto things to come. Although I also throw hints in there that may seem bigger than they really are too. Really throw you guys off 😀 hehehe

        OH and DEAR LORD, I do believe that I have gone mad. I went and got 54 pictures for the new chapter .___. It’s going to be LONG! And it’s not the last one yet. I’m thinking 18 MIGHT be the last one for Noah’s generation *sniffff* Noah was fun.

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Hmmm… can’t stand her the longer she’s around… hmmm *ponders that Sam might run away – if not permanently, perhaps for a weekend*

        Yes that you do, but that makes the detective work all the more fun and interesting.

        Lol, not mad, detailed! My next one is going to be long… well long for me, about a normal size compared to yours lol. *sniff* Aww I’m sad to see Noah’s gen end, but I really can’t wait to start Sams’. Yes I am biased and now you know my vote 😛

      • Spongey says:

        Maybe… maybe not 😉 You’ll see 😀

        True, true ^_^

        Well yeah, I am very detailed. I hate missing out on anything that I know is important. LOL yeah… Sometimes I kick myself for doing such long chapters. Like I keep looking at the pictures and groan the more I get. Like “I’m STILL not done???” I just always have so much I wanna do! Like my main focus in chapter 17 is going to be more of Sam than Ryder because last chapter was more Ryder than Sam. I like giving equal time to both.

        And LOL well that’s alright ^_^

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Well, if it’s any consolation I don’t mind your long chapters, gives more insight and depth to your characters. Equal time is good and important, not only for us to get to know more about what each character is going through, but also to connect to them more and understand their future choices.

        I really love your writing style Jax, in fact, I’ve kinda planned on writing mine out from different view points because of you. It gives so much more to the story when you know how most everyone in the family is feeling.

        It is alright, makes at least one heir poll easy 😛

      • Spongey says:

        Well that’s good then 😀 I’m glad you enjoy them. Exactly! I like to make sure that people know who they’re voting for.

        Aww thank you Csugar! Oh I would love to read your writing like that ^_^ Yeah it does.

        LOL true that! 😉 Easy polls; less suspense. Although, I do like killing you guys with the wait ;D heheheh

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    Aw, I'm so glad Noah and Brooke are happy together, I knew it was fate ever since you introduced her 🙂
    Ryder totally needs to tell someone he's being bullied by Liam! He's a little jerk! And I'm totally for the killing accident on Liam, lol 😀
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    • Spongey says:

      Why thank you very much 😉
      Kudos 😀 *gives you gold star* ^_^
      I know right? She has the biggest blue eyes ever. YESH. Very hot.
      Of course, I never do things for no reason 😉 There is always some reason for them being there in one way or another.
      He really does, but he’s too afraid to tell anyone :/ ❤ LOL you guys…

      Thank you!!

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    • Spongey says:

      😉 Nice. Good job for figuring it out ^_^ Ah, actually, no. His dad is actually a nice guy. Well, he cheated on Brooke but cheating doesn’t make you evil… just means you made a terrible mistake. You want Liam and Ryder to become friends? Hm. Well, we will just have to see what happens there.

      She does seem perfect for him, but only time will tell if she really is. She may, but then again… she may only continue to dislike having her around even more! Aw you’re going to love the new baby; so cute 😉

      I agree. She looks a lot like her father, but has some features from her real mom.

      I know right?! I think Josh has such a baby face. Daniel, Eric, and Matt grow up looking mighty hot too 😉 I KNOW! Isn’ that scary how much they look alike!? I never seen twin girl and boy look SO identical.

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