Chapter 6.17 – Regret

Author’s Note: I hope this came out alright, I was seriously distracted by everything while writing this! O_O


Sam’s Point of View

God! I had only just come back to the house because I forgot something and my DAD just had to be there! I don’t understand, I thought he left for work!? This totally sucks, now he’s probably going to ground me for another 300 years- Not that I give a crap. My dad shelters me like a freaking baby! I can’t do anything without him screaming at me for it. I’ve tried hundreds of times to explain to him that I’m NOT doing ANYTHING! Why doesn’t he just trust me? Why is he SO protective over me?! I mean, I’m 15 not five! Why doesn’t he just ignore me today like he’s been doing since Brooke got pregnant. I mean, that kid is all he cares about nowadays anyways!

“SAMANTHA!” he screeched, “Why in the world are you home?! I thought you left for school!?”

“I did. I mean, I was going to school. I just, forgot something?”

Yeah, like he’s going to believe that…


“YOU’RE LYING TO ME!” he raged, “I can’t believe I come home because I needed some paperwork that I forgot and I find YOU here skipping school! Why can’t you ever listen to anything I tell you to do?! You better not be thinking about dropping out. So help me GOD I will force you to do home schooling and I will be down your back every wakening moment! Don’t even THINK about trying to drop out!”

You see what I mean? I skip school just for today and he is already assuming I’m trying to drop out. Seriously, WHY would I drop out of school? I don’t want to be supported by HIM the rest of my life! I need an education so I can MOVE and get something BETTER than living with the dictator!

“I’m not freaking dropping out of school DAD! I was just going out with my friends for today! We’re not doing anything; JUST GET OFF MY CASE!” I retorted!


“No I will not!” he shouted louder, “You’re my daughter and if you’re doing things that I don’t like, then I’m going to let you know! Sam, you stay out late, you drank, you pierced your face, you NEVER listen to anything I say, you won’t give Brooke the time of day, and NOW you’re skipping school! Do you honestly expect me to just ‘leave it alone’? You must have bumped your head! Now get in the car so I can drive you to school.”

“Why don’t you just leave me alone and go make-out with your stupid girlfriend? I mean, isn’t she the one who pushes you to punish me more?! She doesn’t like me as much as I don’t like her! Why do you even let her control you?!”

“Sam, I don’t need your back talk!! Now go get in the car!!”

“NO!” I growled, “I’m not going to school today; leave me alone!”


I didn’t even give him a chance to scream at me anymore; I just shoved by him, got in the elevator and then ran as quickly as I could out of the building.

I can’t stand all the stuff he yells at me for, but nothing hurts worse than getting yelled at because I don’t like Brooke. When I was younger, I just hated the thought of my dad being with anyone other than my mom. Well, okay, I still hate it… but my point is, now I just don’t hate the thought, I hate Brooke as well. She’s SO controlling over my father. She tries to get him to do things even when he doesn’t want to do it. He’s so blind by that baby she’s carrying that he will just accept it and think it’s ‘love’. Honestly, I think she has him brain washed. I just hate her so much; I wish she would just take her stupid son and get out of our lives.


By some stupid miracle my father didn’t chase after me. I guess he thought there was no point because there was no way he was going to force me to go. Plus, the bigger fight I would have put up, the more work he would have missed. If there is one thing my father can’t stand its missing work.

I made it to the park only moments after I took off. I told Kayla and Kylie to meet me here by 9:30, but it was now closing in on 10! I know I was a little late myself because of my dad, but still… those two are always late for everything! I blame Kayla, there is no way my Kylie would do that. She’s just not the prissy ‘I have to be perfect before I got outside’ type girl like her sister.

I sat on the swing glancing around, “Where are they?” I whispered under my breath.


After a few moments more they came running around the corner. Kayla’s pretty hair bouncing in the wind and Kylie smiling from ear to ear; they have such beautiful smiles. What? I’m allowed to say that! I mean, they’re identical for crying out loud! If it wasn’t for their different hair styles I would never be able to tell them apart! Although I cherish both of them… my heart belongs to Ky- I just don’t know what I would do without her by my side.

Kylie leaned on her sister, “What’s up beautiful? Sorry we kept you waiting. Miss Priss over here had to do her hair a thousand times over! I mean, she’s so lucky our mom doesn’t care what we do! Otherwise sneaking out would be REALLY hard to do with her being so SLOW!” She giggled and Kayla smacked her off.

Kayla rolled her eyes, “Oh shut up, Ky.”


“It’s alright you guys.” I smiled, “I’m just happy to see you.”

“I’m happy to see you too, sweets.” Ky smiled back.


I lowered my eyes and sighed before getting off the swing.

Kylie frowned, “What’s wrong Sammy? Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” Kay added in, “What happened?”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh it’s just my dad again. He caught me going back to get some money and then we had another fight. It’s just so hard being around him anymore. I love my father so much and I’d give anything to have things back to the way they were. That’s never going to happen though with Brooke being around. I seriously can’t stand that woman! I wish she’d just crawl back into whatever hole she came out of. My father ‘loves’ her though… Yeah right, my father loves my mom. He’s just trying to fill the void.”


“I know it’s hard sweetie, but you have to remember what your dad went through. He’s confused and hopefully, someday, he’ll realize what a terrible mistake he’s made in being with this woman. I know you said she’s pregnant, but having a kid together doesn’t mean you gotta stay together. Just give him some time, Sammy.”

Kay nodded, “I agree, he just needs to figure things out.”

I sighed, “But it’s been over 4 years. How long does it take someone to figure out they’re not in love?”


Kylie shrugged, “I’m not really sure on that, but I know that if your father REALLY loved this chick he would have popped the question by now. He’s probably just trying to hold out as long as he can because deep in his heart, no matter how hard he tries, he probably still loves your momma.”

I grabbed Ky and brought her into a kiss, “You always know what to say. I just can’t imagine not having you in my life, Ky. I’d be lost without you.”

Kayla turned her head as we brought our lips together again.


She then looked down awkwardly and said, “Ar-are we going to do what we came here for? I mean, you know if you’re done.

Did I detect a hint of sarcasm in that last word? God, I hate when Kayla gets like that around us. She treats our affection like it’s painful. I mean, if you’re not into the whole gay thing, then turn around while we smooch! I don’t give a crap who knows I love women! I’m not afraid to tell or show anyone! The only reason my dad doesn’t know is because the only time we communicate is when we’re screaming down each other’s throats. I really want to tell my father… but I don’t want it to be during a time when I’m screaming and turning red. I want to tell him when we’re both happy because this isn’t news to be angry about- Kylie is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

“Yeah, yeah!” I laughed, “Let’s do this!”


Moments later we all stripped our clothes off and were standing there in our bikinis. There was no real reason or a serious point to make by this; we just thought it would be fun! I get the ‘spontaneous gene’ from my father. He hates it, but I’m more like him than he wants to admit.

“You girls ready?” I smiled.

Ky smirked, “I was born ready hunny!”

Kayla added, “Same here! Let’s have some fun!”


“Well alright then!” I shouted and then walked over to the radio, “Do we want it set to full volume? Yes, I believe we do!”

I switched on the Radio and the thing blasted so loud my ear drums were ringing! Now this is my kind of party!


After switching on the radio we all got into the fountain and started rocking out to the music. We splashed each other and ran through the waterfall that was coming down. It was safe to say that this was the funniest thing I have ever done! I mean, we’re not supposed to be in the fountain in the first place, so that makes it all the better!

“Yeah, Kylie!” I laughed, “Shake that butt!”

Ky smirked, “Just for you baby!”

Kayla rolled her eyes, “Oh here we go again. Can you guys, like, not do that around me?”

Seriously? There she goes again! I love Kay, but really… leave me and Ky alone!


Our fun only lasted about a half hour before the lady who runs the park shut the fountain off. Her face had such a nasty scowl when she approached us; I thought it would stay stuck like that!

She glared at us, “What the HECK do you three think you’re doing?! This is a public park, you’re not allowed to go in the fountain let alone dress half nude and dance in it! Give me your phone numbers; I’m calling your parents!”

HECK NO! She is NOT telling my dad about this. We’re already in the middle of a fight!


So, instead of waiting around for that lady to force digits out of us, we jumped out of the fountain and started running as fast as we possibly could!

Kayla shouted, “What about our clothes and the radio!?”

“Leave it!” Ky shouted back, “We’ll get that stuff later; now come on!!”


True to our word, we came back to the park hours later to fetch our belongings. Which, thankfully, hadn’t been swiped! So basically instead of me trailing home half nude, we waited around out in public like that. It was pretty awesome though because of all the looks we were getting. Sorry guys but this lady is taken! Not like I’d date a guy anyways; they’re so disgusting!

Before going to grab our stuff, Kylie stopped me and pulled me into a loving embrace.

“What are you doing?” I smiled, “It’s getting dark; I REALLY have to get home so I can just get yelled at and all that stuff.”

“Well.” she started, “I just had to take one last look at you before you left. You know how much I hate being away from you? It really sucks, like, a lot.”

I sighed, “Yeah, I know Ky. Don’t worry, we’ll see each other again tomorrow.”


I kissed her cheek, “I promise.”



Noah’s Point of View

I was pissed ALL day today! I couldn’t focus on my job; all I could think about was Sam! I can’t believe that she would just take off like that. She KNEW I had to get back to work, yet there she was running down the block like the brat that she tells me she’s ‘not’! I just didn’t have time for her little games today!

I expected her to be home by the time I got back, but she wasn’t. No, she wasn’t even home HOURS after I got home! It was already 9:30 and still no sign of her. I was worried, I was pissed and I just wanted to punch a wall! She’s SO going to hear it from me!

“Dad?” Ryder sighed, “Do you know where the Band-Aid’s are?”

I narrowed my eyes, focusing them on his nose, “What happened to you?” I questioned.

He looked down, “I ran into a locker…”

Why don’t I believe that?


I glared at him, “Are you LYING to me Ryder?! You just have this look of guilt all over your face! What did I tell you about lying?!”

He kept his gaze still on the floor, “I-I’m no-not lying dad. I promise.” he sniffled.

“BULL!” I snapped, “I know for a fact that no locker did that to your face but yet you still stand here and lie to me. Who the heck did this to you?”

“No one.” he nearly whispered.

“RYDER!” I screeched, “Stop lying and tell me right now or you’re grounded!”

His eyes filled with tears, “Dad I swear I’m not lying! A kid opened it up and I turned around too fast and it smacked me in the face!!” he cried out, “Please don’t ground me, dad! Please!”


Oh god, what am I doing!? I’m screaming at Ryder because he asked for a freaking Band-Aid! I’m just so worked up over Samantha… I didn’t mean to yell at him, he didn’t do anything wrong.

I sighed, “Ry, I’m so sorry. I’m just been pretty angry at your sister all day today. I didn’t mean to yell at you, bud.” I pointed over to the kitchen, “The Band-Aid’s are in the second drawer down next to the fridge.”

He wiped his tears and nodded, “Thank you dad…”

I’m such an jerk…


Just as all of that happened, I noticed Brooke standing off to the side. Great, now she saw how much of an jerk I was too; just perfect.

Brooke sighed, “You do realize that she’ll be back, right? Just leave her be Noah, I’m tired of fighting with her and so are you.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Leave her alone!? I can’t let do that! She’s my daughter! She’s getting punished no matter what; she’s not getting away with it this time Brooke. I told you last time that we’re not ignoring her!”

She rolled her eyes, “You know what? Fine. Don’t listen to me. Continue to strain yourself over her and have a stroke or something! See if I freaking care!”



Just as me and Brooke were about to get in an argument, Samantha decided to grace us with her presence.

Brooke stopped when she saw her, “Sam, really?” she scoffed, “It’s 9:45! Where the heck have you been?”

Sam didn’t even turn to face her, “That’s none of your freaking business.”

I glared at her, “SAM!” I shouted, “Don’t talk to Brooke like that. Now go get on the couch, I need to have a LONG talk with you!”


Sam started for the couch and Brooke just stood there and shook her head.

Sam glared at her, “You know, if you have something to say, then SAY IT!”

Brooke sighed loudly, “You’re so disrespectful. It’s no wonder your father is always stressed out.”

She scoffed, “STRESSED? FROM ME? Oh that’s rich. I could have sworn he was stressed because he’s afraid to commit to a skank like you. I don’t give a crap if you’re carrying my brother or sister. I want you out of our lives; you do nothing but brainwash my dad! We were all happy until YOU showed up. Our main topic in our arguments is always YOU. I only leave this house to get away from YOU. It’s funny; it seems you’re the problem.”

Brooke shook her head, “I’m going to bed.”

“I bet you are.”


I don’t know why I let her say all of that to Brooke. That doesn’t matter right now though; my blood was boiling with RAGE over what she just said to Brooke! Dear lord, where did I go wrong with this child?!

“SAMANTHA NICOLE TERREY!” I boomed, “How DARE you talk to her that way! What the heck is your problem?! Brooke has only ever tried to help you and get along with you, but you never give her the f%$king time of day!!”

I normally don’t curse to my kids, but I was FURIOUS!


“WHAT?!” she screamed, “That woman does not want to get along with me! Do you even hear the things she says!? She tells you to ignore me! What the heck kind of person says that?! How would she like it if you told her to ignore Liam!? God, dad, you’re so blind! You’re trying to fill that void for mom because of that dream you had so long ago! Mom wants you to be HAPPY! How are you happy with her?! If you loved her, why haven’t you married her? It’s been almost five years! You see? That’s proof right there that you don’t love her, not enough to move in with her and commit your WHOLE life to her.”

What is she talking about!? Of course I love Brooke! I mean, we’re freaking having a kid together!

“And just because you’re having a baby, doesn’t mean you have to stay with that person DAD!” she scoffed, “Maybe if you just got rid of her, we’d all go back to being happy again.”

Whoa. It’s like she heard what I was thinking!

“That’s enough of that!” I growled, “I don’t want to hear another word out of your MOUTH! Go get in your room, we’re done here.”

“OF COURSE WE ARE!” she screamed louder, “You always cut off the argument when we talk about Brooke! You just don’t want to face the freaking truth!!”


I just couldn’t take any of this anymore; I felt like I was going to EXPLODE!

“Dang it SAM! Why do you always turn everything into something about Brooke?! This is about you skipping school and never listening to anything I say! Where the heck were you today anyways?!”

She threw two hands to her head, and then screamed, “I was out with my girlfriend and her sister! Are you happy now dad? Are you happy that you found out I’m gay like this!? I was trying to tell you so many times, but you can’t ever talk to me! You’re always screaming at me for something!”

“Well you give me no choice but to scream at you! You never listen to anything I say and you think the whole world revolves around you. I’m proud of you Samantha, but sometimes I just wish you weren’t like your real mom- NO WAIT!”


She dropped her demeanor and just stared at me. OH GOD! Why did I say that?! I want to take it back! CRAP!

“My-… My what?”

“No-nothing! Nothing at all, I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m not thinking straight!” I stuttered, my throat closing up.

Her eyes welled up with tears, “I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID! What do you mean my REAL mom?! You mean Riley isn’t my mom?! Everything you’ve told me is a LIE?! HOW COULD YOU!??!”

“Sam! I’m so sorry! I never wanted you to find out like this. God, I’m an idiot! Please Sam, I’m SO sorry!!”

She shook her head, “How could you lie to me like that?! My entire life you filled my head with FAKE stories about how much mom loved me! You lied to me my whole life!!” she headed towards the door, “I HATE YOU!” She screamed, before running out of it and down the hall.

I tried chasing after her but it was too late. She bolted down the steps and out of the building into the night. I didn’t even have a chance. I just can’t believe I said that! What the heck is WRONG with me?! Why do I have to be so freaking STUPID!?



Sam’s Point of View

I just kept running. My feet hurt, my side was doubled over in pain, but I still ran. The tears on my cheeks were swiped back behind my ears as the wind crashed against my face. It was so hard to see, so hard to think, so hard… to breathe. I can’t believe my own father would lie to me. He told me so many things that I believed about my mother, he filled my head with lies to cover up his tracks. I trusted him… I trusted him with my entire life and he made it one big LIE!

After hours of just wandering around the city, begging God that this wouldn’t be true, I found myself at my mom’s grave. I dropped to my knees as the reality and pain of the truth washed over me even harder.

“Mom…” I cried, a tear landing upon the flowers, “Mom, why did you have to leave us? I just wish you were still alive, if you were still here none of this would have ever happened. I don’t care that I don’t belong to you by DNA; I want you to be my mom. Even though my father lied to me, I will always believe that you were the most loving and amazing person to ever live. You died for Ryder… You loved him so much to die for him. Mom, I don’t want to belong to anyone else, I want to belong to you. What about the stories of you reading me bedtime stories and singing me to sleep? What about when you would hold me in your arms when I was scared? I want that to be true! Mom, please… Tell me what to do! I’m so scared and confused. Nothing makes sense anymore! I’m hurting so much, mom…”


More tears leaked down my face, my vision becoming unclear once again. I placed my hands to my temples as my head throbbed in pain. I just can’t deal with all of this. I just want things to go back to the way they used to be before Brooke took over our lives. I wish my dad would have never met her! I could be sitting at home with my brother and my dad right now and we could continue our lives with Riley being my mom and Brooke being in a ditch. I don’t want another mom, because I’m scared to find out who she is- Something is telling me that I won’t like it if I ever do.



Ryder’s Point of View

My dad knocked on my door, “Ryder?” he started, “I’m heading out to go meet with your principle now. Can you please change Ryan and feed him when he gets up from his nap?”

I groaned, “But dad, it’s Saturday! I have all this stupid weekend homework from my homeroom teacher because she sucks a%$.”

“Watch your mouth, boy!” he growled, “And stop complaining, you know that your principle said this was important, so just do what I say!”


I sighed loudly, “FINE! Have fun with the principle…”

My dad coughed, “Yeah, uhm, right. I’ll see you later, Ry.”


This is so lame. I don’t see why I have to watch him. I mean, I love my little bro, but this homework is a pain in the rear. I’ve been working on it all afternoon! The stupid teacher thinks it’s a big joke to give the class such huge amounts of work. Well, jokes on her because I’m going to get an A on this thing!

Just as I was about to finish the third page, Ryan let out a loud wail! Dear god, you got to be kidding me. I was just about to get this thing done! Things would be so much easier if Sam hadn’t run off to live with her girlfriend in their crappy little one room studio-thing. She hasn’t spoken a single word to dad ever since that night she found out my mom isn’t her real mom. I say that blows and she has every right to be angry, but seriously it’s been like almost a year. She tells me as long as Brooke is around, she won’t be. Well what she doesn’t know is that Dad and Brooke have been fighting even more lately about everything. They haven’t talked to each other in like 3 weeks. The last time they talked was when Brooke gave Ryan to my dad because it was his ‘turn’ with him. Poor kid, he’s bounced back and forth like a basketball. I guess all three of us Terrey kids have our problems; Sam and Brooke, Ryan and Brooke and me and Brooke’s son. Heck, Sam’s right… Brooke is an issue… Seriously, even I sometimes wish they would just break-up.

Another loud wail.

“Alright Ryan! I’m coming!”


I slid out from my desk and groaned as I made my way into my dad’s room. I flicked on the light and sure enough there was Ryan holding himself up on his crib. His eyes were beet red and he had tears streaming down his cheeks!

He mumbled a bunch of gibberish I didn’t understand when he saw me and his cries ceased. He’s only seven months but he knows when someone is coming to rescue him from his prison.


I unlatched the bar, “Alright, come on Ryan.” I sighed, wiping away his little tears, “No need to be sad, your big bro is here.”

He smiled wide and yanked at my glasses. He sniffled over and over and kept up with his baby gibber. If he keeps this up I might actually go soft. Yeah who am I kidding, I’m already as soft as they get. Also, apparently, I’m easily breakable as well. Liam has proved that to me a number of different times.


(Ryder’s new trait is Daredevil and his child trait was Family-Oriented; Sam’s last trait was Party Animal) 

I brought Ryan out into the kitchen and then placed him in his highchair. He giggled and banged on the tray, his little feet kicked and he squirmed anxiously waiting for his food.

“One bottle served to a Mr. Ryan Terrey!” I smiled wide, pretending I was some sort of waiter. What? I was bored.


The moment I placed the bottle down on the tray Ryan grabbed it in his hands, took one sip and then threw it on the ground. Are serious?? Okay I know that I’m only 14 but there is no special way to prepare that thing. It’s not like I haven’t done it a hundred times before; he’s just being stubborn.

“Dude, not cool.”

He peered over his tray at the bottle on the ground and started bawling his eyes out. Well what did he expect would happen if he threw it?! Well, okay… he’s only a baby. I’m sure he didn’t expect anything to happen.

I picked it back up, “Here, just drink it.”

Low and behold, he did it again.


I gave him back his bottle for the third time, and then turned around and sighed, “Fine let me just see if I can find you that baby food crap. Apparently my bottle making skills aren’t good enough for you.”

Crash! And there it goes again…

“BA!” he cried, “BA!!!”

Oh my god… where is that baby food?!




Noah’s Point of View

The only thing I knew about this meeting, was that it was about Ryder. I hadn’t really the slightest idea what about him she needed to explain to me, but I came anyways. Jamie told me it was best that we meet on a Saturday so we could discuss it without any interruptions. Plus I’m off on Saturday’s so that works out for me too.

I walked into her office awkwardly. I hadn’t really seen much of Jamie since that one fateful night. I mean, sure I see her time-to-time because of my kids… but I don’t really say much to her. I just feel really uncomfortable around her since all that happened. Sometimes, I don’t know what my drunk self was thinking. I guess I could take a wild guess though…

“Hello, Miss Wright.” Yeah let’s just keep it formal and be even more awkward, “So what did you have to tell me about Ryder? Is he doing okay in school? I mean, I’m assuming so since he brings home A’s all the time.”

She laughed, “Oh come on Noah, just call me Jamie. You don’t have to be shy, come over here. Also no, It’s not about his grades.”


I walked over to her and she stood up. Her eyes scanned me up and down and she just smirked. What? What’s so funny?

“Dang.” she giggled, “Do you even age? It’s been years but you still look just as hot as when I first met you.”

“Uh… okay then.” I cleared my throat, “So what is this about then? I swear no kids better be picking on my boy again. He’s so clumsy as it is with all the cuts and bruises he gets from smacking into things, I don’t need more injuries on his ‘record’.”

“Nah, no injuries.” she smiled, biting her bottom lip. Okay, I felt awkward when I walked in but that doesn’t compare to how I feel right now. What in the world is she doing??


“Look, Jamie, I’m not here to play games. You told me you needed to talk to me about my son, stop acting so strange and get to the point.” I snapped at her. I mean seriously, what is trying to do? Seduce me?! This is insane!

“But Noah… what would happen if I told you that nothing is wrong with Ryder and that I used this as an excuse to see you again?”

I raised both my eyebrows and my eyes widened, “I’d probably feel really strange and want to run out that office door.”

Oh dear lord, she is trying to do funny stuff- Like I really need this right now.

“Look, Jamie… You’re a nice girl, but we made a mistake… err… didn’t make a mistake? My point is, I’m with Brooke and that’s all there is to it. Plus she’s your best friend, what in the world are you trying to do? You know what? Don’t answer that because I’m leaving; have a nice day.”


When I tell you this happened faster than I could blink, I’m not even kidding. One second I was about to walk out that door and the next Jamie climbs over her desk and kicks me into the seat. She placed her leg between my legs and grazed it against my crotch.

“Now sit there and be a good boy.” she smirked, “I’m just trying to show you how much I’ve missed you since that night. God, if only I wasn’t too drunk to have sex with you. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since. You’re in my dreams; you’re all I think about! Now I finally have you here, why won’t you just take advantage of this opportunity?”

Oh my god, she’s MAD! What the heck is wrong with her?! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: DANG IT why do I attract the crazy girls?!

“Jamie, MOVE.” I snapped, “I’m not doing anything with you! You’re crazy!”


Not even a second after I said that she threw herself on top of me and grabbed hold of my face. I squirmed and fought to get free but she was SO freaking strong! She had her legs wrapped around the chair with me in a lock hold!!

“JAMIE for the love of-“

“NOAH WHAT THE FREAK?!” I heard Brooke’s voice come from behind me. Oh you have got to be freaking KIDDING ME! Perfect timing Brooke. Wait, why is she here?? This has nothing to do with her! This was a meeting for me and my son. Oh that’s right; it was a fake meeting… Jamie probably called her too just so she could catch her doing this to me. Dear god, did it look BAD!


“Oh, it’s so perfectly clear to me now!!” Brooke snarled, “Of course we would be fighting all the time lately, you’re obviously tired of me and were cheating! I just KNEW IT! I just can’t believe you went after my best friend!! How could you Noah!? And you too JAMIE?! You two make me sick!”

I struggled trying to break free of Jamie’s Grasp, “BROOKE! Oh dear god, you have to believe me when I tell you this seriously isn’t what you think. Your friend is a loon! She’s trying to get me to sleep with her!”

Brooke shook her head, “BULL! I’ve heard a lot of excuses, but that has to be the worst one I’ve ever heard!!”

And with that being said she stormed out of the room.


I struggled some more, twisting and turning all around. Finally after one giant shove I managed to get the crazy chick off of my lap!!

“Aw come on Noah…”


“Come on what?! I told you I didn’t want to sleep with you for God’s sake! That doesn’t mean jump on my lap and hold me hostage! I can’t believe you would do all of this just so Brooke would see us! You want us to break up that badly you’ll lose your friend and possibly get fired? Because I’m SO telling the head over you! This is sexual harassment!”

“Oh big deal, I’ll get fired. I have a lot more friends than just Brooke who would gladly take me in if I have no money. But come on Noah, she doesn’t even trust you. She’s never really trusted you… This is a perfect time to get with me now! I’m much prettier than her anyways.”

I spat, “You make me SICK!”


She laughed, “I’m not even sorry for what I did. Just know I’m not giving up on you sweet cheeks. I’ll be back around to ruin any other girlfriends you get; you can count on it.”

“Oh my GOD! What is wrong with you?!” I screeched, but didn’t let her reply. I had to chase after Brooke! She needed to understand what really happened!


I ran through those school halls like a mad-man trying to catch up to Brooke! Finally I spotted her heading out the front door. Thank god she didn’t get too far!

“BROOKE!” I shouted, completely out of breath, “St-stop!”

She glanced over her shoulder, “No.”

“Come on, just hear me out!”


She spun around and screamed, “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU OUT! There is nothing to explain Noah, I know what I saw and that’s all I need! Don’t try and give me a lame excuse about how she was forcing you to have sex! You were freaking riding her right in that office room!”

“Brooke, what you saw was not what you think! I swear to you I was not doing anything with Jamie. She called me in to have a meeting about Ryder and then she started getting really weird. I told her I was going to leave but she kicked me into that chair and jumped on my lap! It happened the moment you walked in; I was trying to get away from her but she wouldn’t let me!”


“You expect me to believe that bull!?” she raged, “You know? My ex was just like you. He tried to make excuses for cheating on me, saying that he didn’t mean it and it was just him being stupid. All men are the same; I don’t know why I ever even tried to trust you. I felt bad for the way I treated you that night because you acted so sweet and I loved how you talked about your wife. I bet you use that to get with girls. How many women have you been with since you been with me?!”

I took a step back in shock, “Brooke, I haven’t been with anyone!! I’m not trying to make excuses or lie to you. Please, you’re overreacting about this.”


I got closer to her, trying to wrap my arms around her, “Please sweetheart, let’s just stop all this fighting! I haven’t spoken to you in three weeks because of all the constant arguing. I’m telling you the truth, you have to believe me. Why would I ever want to hurt you?”

She clenched her fist, “Don’t you DARE touch me you rotten cheat! Plus, you don’t need a reason to hurt me. Men just do it because they do it- They don’t think about it. Plus, the only reason why we have been fighting is because of your stupid daughter! Darn it, I told you to just leave her ALONE! She causes nothing but problems between us!! If she freaking wants to run around the city, let her! She’s never going to freaking listen to either of us!”

I stepped back from her and said, “What did you just say?”


She rolled her eyes, “You heard me.”

OKAY, that’s it! I’ve had enough of this! She can excuse me of whatever she wants until she is blue in the face, but NOBODY talks about my kids like that! I don’t care who the heck you are!!

“Don’t you DARE talk about my daughter that way. I’m not just going to abandon her because she’s tough to deal with. She’s my baby and I love her! You honestly think I’d leave my daughter – my own flesh and blood – in the gutter and forget about her… for YOU!? Brooke you must be outside your mind if you think I’d ever do that to my children. I don’t care if we were together for 50 years, you don’t talk that way about my kids!”

“But she’s tearing us apart!!”

I let out a laugh, “SHE’S tearing us apart? Oh HECK no, you’re tearing us apart! It was fine and dandy at first, but as things got more serious the real you came out and I don’t think I like that side of you very much. She’s nasty and controlling and thinks she can get away with whatever she wants. Maybe that’s why your fiancé cheated on you, maybe he was so sick and tired of being with someone like YOU!”

“YOU JERK! Take that back!”

“Like heck I will! Samantha was so right about you; I was just too blind to see in until now. You’re controlling, manipulative, demanding and for god’s sake learn how to trust someone! I was your boyfriend, I was so very loyal to you and our son, but you still make false accusations when you literally saw NOTHING! I can’t believe you wouldn’t trust me, after all these years.”


Her eyes widened, “Wait, what do you mean ‘was’??”

“As in past tense, no more, good-bye. Brooke, we’re done. I’m sorry but I can’t be in a relationship with someone like you.”

Her nostrils flared, “Well you can go and die! I don’t need you either! I’m coming by later to get my son!”

“Like heck you are. Ryan is staying with me until we figure out another arrangement. I don’t ever want you in my house again.” I scoffed, “Good-bye Brooke.”

And with that being said I shoved right past her and I didn’t look back. My daughter was right. All this time, all the fights, all the nights where I worried to death about if she would come home or not. She drove her away- No wait, I drove her away. I just had to be such a jerk and not listen to one of the most important people in my life. My kids mean the world to mean and I was taking their relationships with me for granted. God, I swear I will never let anything like this happen again. I need to get my baby back and tell her how sorry I am for ever treating her so rottenly.



On my way home I tried calling Samantha at least 15 times but she wouldn’t pick up. She hasn’t talked to me in almost a year and I’ll admit it hurts like crazy. My own daughter has thrown me out of her life because of my stupid mistakes- Although, I don’t give up that easily. If there is one thing I do it’s fight hard for something or someone I love. I know Ryder talks with her, so I’ll have to leave it in his hands to come up with something to say to her to make her come over. I just want to hold her and tell her how much I love her.

I walked through the door of the apartment. My two boys were on the couch watching something on TV.

“Hey guys… “ I sighed.

“Hey dad.” Ryder replied quickly, still zoned into the TV.

The moment Ryan saw me he threw his arms in the air and started babbling. I guess he wanted me to pick him up.

“Shhhhh, Ryan be quiet. I’m trying to hear what they’re saying!”


Ignoring Ryder’s stupid outburst to his 7-month old brother, I walked over to where Ryan was barely able to keep himself up and I lifted him into my arms. I stood there for a good 2 minutes just holding him before Ryder asked me what was wrong.

“Dad you look beat, what happened to you?” He questioned, flicking off the TV.

“I brook up with Brooke.”

He gasped, “FOR REAL!? When did that happen? Are you going to tell Sam? You know she’ll be ecstatic to hear that- No offense.”

“None taken.” I chuckled, “And no I haven’t been able to get in contact with her. She never picks up her phone when I call, so I was thinking that maybe you could talk to her for me. Tell her what happened and then tell her I’m sorry and I want to see her.”

Ryder jumped up, “I’ll do that right now! God knows I need my big sis back, it’s been WAY too long!”

I nodded my head, “Don’t I know it, bud.” screenshot-54

After Ryder left the room I placed Ryan on the floor with Angel and then walked over and sat at the dining room table. I sat there for a second and then pulled a little black box out of my pocket.

“I can’t believe I was actually going to suck up my fear and propose to her…” I sighed, staring at the glistening diamond ring.

I’m just so glad that I finally opened my eyes enough to see what was right in front of me the entire time. God, I was such an idiot. But you know the funny thing about this entire thing, is that I came to the realization that I should have come to a long, long time ago. I love Riley and I will always and ONLY love Riley. I know she wanted me to move on and to be happy and at peace. She probably thought that me being with another woman would make me happy but in truth Sam was right, I was just trying to fill a void. I was lying to myself and to my daughter. Even through all of this heartache… I somehow feel at peace. I guess you can say I finally accepted Riley’s death because I’m not afraid or upset to live another day without her anymore. She was my everything when she was alive and she will be my everything even though she’s gone.

I know you wanted me to find happiness but the truth is Riley… I think I did. It’s okay to watch over us, but don’t worry for us anymore… I got this one Snoot; you just enjoy being a beautiful angel.

Thanks for reading!

Alright to all of you that disliked Brooke, good catch there! *gives you a gold star* I tried to hide it, but still, quite a few of you still caught on to my plan! Hehehe, *makes mental note to try even harder with hiding secrets* Mwuahaha! See if you can figure me out next time! ;D (You know I kid ^_^… Mayyyyybe.)Alright, so wow Sam and Noah’s relationship went very far south because of everything! Sam’s secret, as many of you guessed, was that she was gay. Like I said before it wasn’t this CRAZY top hidden secret, just something she hadn’t told her dad for the reasons explained. There wasn’t a lot of Ryder this time around because I wanted Sam to get some lime-light, but isn’t he a CUTIE!? Yum! Oh and Ryan too! I swear to you, these boys are random!!! There is SO many! (Yes his name is not in the alphabetical naming scheme. He’s not in the vote, so I figured I’d wait until generation 7! Which, by the way, a heir vote is creeping upon us! So ponder now my friends!)

Also, 7.5k words O___O I’m a lunatic for writing SO much! Whoops.


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57 Responses to Chapter 6.17 – Regret

  1. Taylah says:

    WOW awesome chapter! Ryder and Ryan are just cute! Sam found out! Jamie is a freak!

    • Jax says:

      Thank you and yes they are. You got that right! But seriously, Noah has had zero luck with women (besides Riley.. sort of) He attracts the weird ones! O_o

  2. Well that was interesting,i’d hate to be Noah still given all that crap he goes though,oh well,could be worse,well keep on thinking of these plots(these almost-evil plots)

  3. wolfmania98 says:

    Alright, sims in this legacy that I HATE: Jamie, Brooke, Liam, Dodger (gen 2), Alana’s dad (Gen 1… I can’t remmeber his name :/) Kyle (Gen 4), your version of Crimson.

    Hmmm… most of them are in Noah’s Gen. Poor Noah.

    ANYWAY, I’m so glad Noah broke up with Brooke. I mean… she was nice at first, but she thought she came, in front of Noah’s children, but Ryder and Sam (and Ryan) will always come first in Noah’s eyes.
    And Riley was the only girl good enough for him. He…let her go, but knew he would never love someone as much, so he shouldn’t kid himself.
    This is probably my favorite chapter

    • Jax says:

      Don’t forget about Jeremy! In generation 5. *shivers* Oh Robert Smith, Noah’s shooter, and Stacey! Plus Brooke, Jamie, Liam. WOW I’m so mean to Noah!! XD Dear lord, that’s a lot of mean people.

      Yeah, so you see, Liam is like his mother with the “Not upfront with who you really are” That’s where he gets it from 😉 She said things to Noah to manipulate him but he never realized it until she said his daughter was stupid. Then he LOST it.

      Yup she was the only one for him ever. He realizes that and he’s okay with that. He’s finally found his peace. 🙂

      Aw thanks.

  4. Jedidiah says:

    Well, Jamie seems to be like Sam’s mom… or Hailey! I feel bad for Noah not being able to settle down. But maybe he’s just doing fine being a dad. And gee he’s got three kids from three different women? O_O So Sammypoo is gay… too bad Cale isn’t around to give Noah some sound advice about having a kids that is gay. Noah, I knew that lie about Ri being Sam’s mom would someday bite you in the butt. Now look what you’ve done! How will you salvage that one now?

    I can’t wait till the big revelation about Sam and Ry… 😉 I know you have some twist going on. LOL I won’t say nugget.

    Too bad things didn’t work out with Brooke, but I can see why being with her would be tough. She’s very broken inside, scarred from her experience and has somehow delight in accusing men of all sort of stuff.

    Great update, very suspenseful, Jax, formerly known as Spongey… You like that nickname I gave ya? I’ve created a monster… 😉

    • Emme says:

      I she made Noah sound southern in the beginning say :watch ur mouth boy in a southern accent doesnt it but great chapter u no I no who I’m voting 4 as heir or heiress!

    • Jax says:

      Yeah she’s def. a freaky chick. Although what Jamie doesn’t know is that Noah is done with women. He tried but he just couldn’t really love anyone else. His heart will always belong to Riley. Exactly! He’s much better just being a daddy 🙂 He’s REALLY good at that. Well.. err.. he has his flaws, but he is a good dad. Sam loves her father, but she couldn’t take all the fighting and plus he spilled the beans about her real mom.

      Ah yeah, but Noah is proud of his daughter. He doesn’t care that she is gay and neither does Ryder. They love Sam no matter what. Well it’s all up to Sam and Noah’s choice words if she’ll forgive him or not.

      Heheheh yeah you know I always do 😉 Yeah because you know what one of those twist are ;P

      Yeah she’s just too complicated and manipulative. She’s like Liam… or Liam is like her, but worse.

      Thanks Jed!! LOL I Lush my nickname!! 😀 Everyone call me Jax more nowadays anyways, so I made the switch. I converted… LOL


  5. curchitc says:

    Oh my dear lord it seems like only yesterday that Jed was totally crushing on Makenzie and me thinking that he didn’t have a bleaming chance ( no offence Jed :p) these legacies go too quickly! I mean, ur already are close to a heir vote 😦

    Ha! Hahahahah! Knew it!!! I knew Brooke was gross! Hahaah! But no big thing with Liam? Im surpised Jax….
    Woah. Jamie is some crazy stalker of a bitch. Creep. And to think I kinda liked her…

    Noooo! 😦 Sammy!! Dont leave! I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!!! I knew it was either being gay or pregnant. Or both. Im weird, huh?

    …have i made my point yet?

    Noah! Hallujah to the sun! You have finally come to ur senses! Pat on the back for you!

    Okay, call me sappy, but thanks so much for this legacy. Ur an amazing writer, and you decide to share ur talent with us. Mwaaa!

    • Jax says:

      Yes it does seem they go by so fast, but I’ve been in Noah’s generation for almost 4 months O___O So, it’s closing time soon. Awww, but you see that’s why they were so perfect for each other. Micki never thought she was worthy of anyone, so to finally have someone care for her so much… she fell for him instantly and never looked back 😉 I loved that generation. ❤

      LOL kudos! 😀 Oh come on, you know me better than that! 😉 I was just giving Sam some spot-light. Next chapter will probably be the last one and I'll show both the taste of their new generations like I always do ^_^ LOL I know right?! She's a loon!

      D: That's why her daddy want's to get back. He feels terrible for what happened. Hopefully Ryder can get her to come over.

      I KNOW! Lush my Ryan ❤

      YUP! Finally! Took him a long time, but it's better than still hurting 🙂 It's good he figured it out now.

      Awww you're very welcome. I enjoy doing this legacy :]

  6. Aww! I really wish that it would have worked out with Brooke. Even though Noah now realizes that he doesn’t need a woman, and though its probably not going to happen, I want him to be happy with SOMEONE!

    I figured Sam was gay. Pregnancy would have been exceptionally alarming, and either Sam would have been over extatic, or freaking out, and in the last chapter when her and Ry were talking about it, she didn’t seem too fazed. But I hope Sam and Noah can patch up their relationship.

    I have a feeling that Kayla gets awkward around Sam and Kylie, not because she doesn’t like homosexuality, but because she likes Sam.

    Ryan looks like a pretty cute baby. But since he isn’t in the heir poll (was about to write pole. Hehe) I have to figure out which kid is my favorite between Sam and Ryder. Hmm… I don’t know who I like better! They would both be pretty good!


    • Jax says:

      I know, but Brooke was no-good, just like her son. Now you know where he gets it from. His father is actually a decent guy, Brooke is the problem. He realized that he doesn’t need to be with anyone to find happiness. He’s fine being by himself now. Even when his older kids move out, he still has Ryan to take care of. He had to start that all over again! But he’s 38, so he can handle it 😉

      Yeah, I tried to show she wasn’t phazed by it because she wasn’t. She didn’t care what anyone thought about her loving women. Yeah, they need to make up 😦

      Hmmm, that’s a good theory, we will see 😉

      He is a cute baby 😀 And he’s a cute adult too 😉 Well, hopefully next chapter will help you figure that out even more ^_^ I’ll show a taste of each of their stories. Gonna be epic!… Hopefully! lol

  7. toyinroxx123 says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! BROOKE’S GONE!!! Good riddance! She can go stick her head in a radioactive dump for all I care! Yaaaaaay!! *does magic leprechaun dance in excitement* Arrivederchi, b****.

    This was the best chapter ever. OhMaiPinaColadas… 😀

  8. Emma. L says:

    AWW NOAH ❤
    I`m glad Brooke (and Liam!!:D) are gone, they were causing too much trouble in the Terrey house! Sam needs to come back, I lurve her 🙂
    But my heart still belongs to Ryder ❤ btw Ryder is soo cute!
    Jami is a total freak!! That lunatic needs to be locked up somewhere 😉
    Ahh Noah! Why did he have to break it to Sam like that? 😦
    I NEED RILEY BACK ❤ She`s the only girl for Noah..
    Awesome chapter! One of the best yet, I think ^.^
    Oh, is Liam a teen yet? We didn`t see him this chappie!
    Please update again soon!!

    • Jax says:

      Although Brooke is gone, Liam still goes to school with Ryder. So, there is still that problem amoungst us…
      I agree, I love both of them but my heart belongs to Ryder as well. He’s just SO freaking cute!
      Jamie is, isn’t she?? O_O She’s always been a weirdo, who knows why Brooke was friends with her.
      Because he was REALLY angry at her and wasn’t thinking. You know Noah, he always let his mouth get in the way.
      I wish she could come back, but don’t worry… Noah is happy now. He’s accepted that Riley is gone and he’s okay with that 🙂 He found his peace of mind and heart.

      Thank you very much! Yup he’s a teen and will be seen again! Dun dun DUNNNNN!

  9. Minty says:

    Like mother like son. I had my suspicions and I guess they were right. I can’t believe Brooke turned out to be a total psycho! In a way I was hoping she wouldn’t be like her son and that she would sweet and treat Noah right but I guess that wasn’t going to happen. I’m glad Noah broke up with her. If I was a dude I wouldn’t stay with her if she bad mouthed my kids. I hope Noah keeps the baby!

    Jamie is a complete wacko. She seemed so polite and sophisticated in the previous chapters and now its like my whole perception of her has changed.

    I knew Sam was hiding a big secret. I knew she was in some sort of relationship but I never would’ve guessed she was gay.

    Ryder aged up into a cutie. You can see a lot of his mom in him…memories. I think I might end up voting for Ryder just to see where you plan on taking his story. 😉

    • Jax says:

      Exactly! You’re so right. He’s just like his mother. I found it so funny everyone thought it was the dad because of the front Brooke put on 😀 It was funny because I knew the truth ;P He is just like his mother. Well, okay, Liam is a bit worse O_O No way, Noah loves his kids to death and he would never let anything or anyone come between them. Esp. since he finally realized Brooke was up to no good.

      YUP! It’s crazy how people can act one way until their true colors come out. 😉 People can be very good at lying and convincing others differently about themself.

      Really? Well yup ^_^ She is gay.

      😀 I agree. Me too, I get a little sad looking at him, then I realize I’m looking at him and I get happy again 😉 If you understood any of that XD You’ll see 😉 I know it’s a hard vote right now, but wait! It’s about to get even harder!


  10. shadowming1998 says:

    Even though I liked Brooke, I’m kinda glad she’s gone. She was only causing problems! So Sam can come back now! Yay!
    Sams lesbian? That was my second guess……I’m a bit surprised!
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    • Jax says:

      Me too. Good riddance! Yeah she was only one big problem. She was tearing them apart!

      Mhm 😉 She likes women 😀 She even said as a little kid, “I hate boys and I will never be with one!” Noah took it as a little girl speaking but she was pretty darn serious XD

      YESH!! He’s VERY HOT! 😀 I love him to bits!!

      I KNOW! O_O She is a freak.

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  11. deathcullen says:

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    • Jax says:

      Yup you’re not the only one. I personally can’t wait for Csugar to read this chapter. LOL she had me so figured out with Brooke, it was so very impressive ^_^. Yeah, thank god. He just didn’t need to be with that woman. Sam and his relationship would have died.

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      Thanks and I’m glad I don’t have to vote XD Have fun next chapter!;)

  12. Lily says:

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  13. PULP_50 says:

    Great chapter. I would make a long comment but eh, what’s the point? Ive known for a while that I’m voting for ryder

  14. Cinnamon Sugar says:

    Okay, so Sam is gay, it was a possibility and it’s nice to meet Ky, although I’m wondering if Kay’s reaction is awkward because she likes Sam and can’t admit it because her sister is dating her. I mean, I suppose she could be uncomfortable with homosexuality, but having a gay twin, I somehow doubt it. You also managed to leave out whether or not Kay herself is gay.

    Lol, screaming and high emotions = blurting out secrets. Well at least for Noah, I think for Sam it was more of a way to prove to her father that she wouldn’t be able to tell him at any other time because they are always fighting. As for Noah’s little secret, way to hurt your daughter even more, not have the balls to chase after her and tell her you’re sorry and explain everything and STILL put Brooke first for an entire year after!!! /rant

    As for Sam, I feel so bad for her. I wish I could tell her that Riley IS her mother and would always be if she was still alive. Even from heaven, I’m certain she sees Sam as her own daughter. Aww my poor Sam *huggles*

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    • deathcullen says:

      Hey where can I get a sign! 😀

    • Jax says:

      Yeah, it was a secret that Sam wasn’t too phased by. I made it look that way because Sam isn’t scared or ashamed of herself. She likes the fact that she loves Women. She’s proud of herself. 🙂 That’s a good theory, but we will just have to see where it goes 😉

      Of course. Noah doesn’t know how to control his mouth. I mean he yelled at Ryder for no reason because he was angry, so blurting out secrets is something he would do lol. Yeah, Sam wasn’t just angry and said it, she said it because she knew that her father would never give her the time of day anymore. Yeah that’s really where he was an idiot. He realizes that now… and he feels terrible about it. Let’s hope that Sam can forgive her father for him putting her through so much crap 😦

      Yeah of course Riley sees it that way and even Sam WANTS it that way. She said she didn’t care, and she wanted Riley to always be her mom. She’s scared to find out who she is because she just has this feeling she won’t like it. Can’t blame her there!

      Liam and Brooke might not come around anymore, but that doesn’t mean Liam is gone forever 😉 That would just be too easy… hehehe.

      LOL nope! I’m full of surprises. ;D Yes, exactly. She can’t ruin anything because Noah isn’t ever going to be in a relationship. Some people may see it as him dying alone, but in his heart he’s not alone. He will always have Riley watching over him and he will only and ever love her. He tried another relationship and that ended in a headache. Even though he went through all of that, he is actually at peace now.

      Hehehe I knew you’d be happy! LOL you’re so good at figuring me out!! ;p You were so on point with Brooke! Yesh I can see you’re very happy! 😀

      – Jax

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        I’m glad she’s so confident and certain about her homosexuality. It’s nice to see someone who has such strength and confidence in themselves and their choices.

        I’m sure Sam will forgive Noah. I can see her making it a little difficult for a bit, but she loves him. That was one thing that never changed; despite the constant fights.

        I can’t blame her for being scared about finding out who her birth mother is either. I have a feeling that will be a strong part of Sam’s story if she’s chosen as heir. Oh (because I’m thinking about PIN / NIP), you’ve never brought back that stripped shirt guy! Will we see him again before Noah’s gen ends?

        Oh for sure. Ry still has to deal with him in school. I just wonder if Noah will ever find out, or if Ry will take care of Liam on his own.

        I don’t see him as dying alone. He and Riley loved a life time and just because she’s not there does not mean he’s miserable. In fact, family has always been so important to him, that I can see him happy because he’s still surrounded by his children.

        I AM HAPPY!! *dances some more* Lol, you make it sound so easy for me to figure you out. I had a lot of work to do! You’re good at keeping secrets and hiding things!

      • Jax says:

        Exactly, I felt the same way. With Fraser he was ashamed of himself and he thought everyone else would feel the same way. With Sam, she’s happy who she is and doesn’t give a rat’s a** about what people say! She’s a tough cookie, as you can already tell, and is not afraid to speak her mind AT ALL. Ryder is the complete opposite. He’s afraid to say what he really means and he keeps secrets because of that inner-fear.

        Of course she will, she loves her father so much. She’s just hurt. Esp. now with the whole finding out her real mom deal, but she’s a tough girl. Noah let her go because he knew he couldn’t keep her with him. He wanted her there but she was just too hurt to be around them and she hated Brooke.

        It may be 😉 We’ll see. Well, maybe he doesn’t hold an importance in Noah’s generation 😉

        All will be revealed next chapter. Get ready for the ultimate twist 😀 hehehe

        Yeah exactly. Noah loves his children and they’re all that really matter to him. He loved Riley and wanted to share a life together with her, but since it didn’t turn out that way he just has to press forward on his own. But now that he’s found his peace, he’s not going to be upset anymore 🙂

        LOL!! Well you make it look easy! 😉 Heheheh 😀 I try!

      • curchitc says:

        I agree with cinnamon. I reckon the kay feels something for sam, but sams dating her sister, so its painful for her

      • deathcullen says:

        Thanks for the sign!!! 😀

  15. sariechiny says:

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    Anyways, Ryder looks so hot as a teen! *fans self* Especially with his little ‘stache(: I see he’s becoming more like his dad. He’s such a good kid, and a very good older brother to Ryan(: I can’t wait to see more of his storyline!

    • Jax says:

      Yup! Noah is fine just being by himself 🙂 That’s the way it’s going to be from now on ^_^ He finally found that peace of mind that he’s wanted all along. Yeah, I feel sorry for the little guy too. It’s a shame that he’s going to have to be bounced back and forth until he’s old enough to choose who he wants to stay with. So about 13 I think the age is; poor kid. He is really cute! He looks like his mom, but he’s def. more of Noah than anything.

      Yup! Hehehe, well that’s good then 😀 It was really a surprise for you then ^_^. Yes, let’s hope so! That is true, Ry does need her.

      I agree!!! I love how he turned out 😉 So very smexy. Hehehe I love that little stache, it’s so adorable. More like his dad? Hmmm…. we will def. have to see about that one 😉

  16. Emy says:

    I hope that Ryder tells his dad about Liam now he doesn’t have to worry about breaking them up.

    Also, Noah… I can’t believe you blurted that out to your daughter. I knew that’d come bite you in the ass. XD Silly man. I hope she forgives you.

    And aaaargh arrgh, Brooke! That’s all I have to say on that matter, lol. XD

    • Jax says:

      Let’s hope… but Ryder will always fall back on that one excuse… “I’m afraid of him.” He really is, the poor kid ;_;

      Of course! Plus his mouth always getting in the way, he needs to learn to control that thing! Gets him in SO much trouble.

      Yeah I agree! Aruughhhh!

  17. Ermannith says:

    Whoa, finally caught up! Phew! In time for the heir vote 😛

  18. Sorry I don’t comment much! I was reading someone else’s legacy and found your’s, just started reading yesterday and so far this is my favorite generation! Thanks your the BEST Writer EVER! 🙂

  19. Oh wow, that all blew up rather quickly. Well, not that quickly actually, considering the tension that’s been between Noah and Brooke for a while now, but still! Ouch. Also, totally wasn’t expecting Jamie to turn out to be such a psycho!

    Well, looks like Noah is much better off without the two of them, that’s for sure! As long as he’s happy though, I’m happy ^_^

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