Sit Tight…

Hey guys! It’s probably been like, what, a lot of days since the last chapter? Well I do have a reasonable excuse… SCHOOL! I’ve been doing double work so I can get done early because I’m really looking forward to summer! I want it here NOW.

Any whos, I have all the pictures needed for the last chapter of this generation. *sniff sniff* I’m going to miss Noah SO much. I know it’s not right to play favorites but come on…. he’s NOAH! So I’m just writing this post to let you guys know I should be writing it and having it out soon- Along with the heir vote! Woohoo!

Oh and lookie! I got my class ring! 😀


<<< Awesome scorpion is awesome.

(And that’s my name on the side)



Love you guys! ❤


About Jax

"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them." - Mitch Hedberg
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50 Responses to Sit Tight…

  1. Jedidiah says:

    Jax is going all blingbling on us LOL!

  2. Ermannith says:

    Scorpio here! More awesomeness tehee. Cool ring 0_O

  3. Emma. L says:

    Cool ring! 🙂
    I know what you mean, Noah`s Noah! I already know who I`m gonna vote for in the heir vote 😉
    I`ve been checking this everyday since the last chappie when i get up, when i get home from school and before i go to bed. I`m glad a new one`s on the one, and school interferes a lot for me too :/

    • Jax says:

      Thank you kindly 😉 I lush my ringy ^^

      Of course! I mean he’s just so loveable you can’t help but miss him. Well, I can’t. ❤ Sweet! 😀 Can't wait to see who wins. Awww that's so sweet of you 🙂 Yeah same here and yup a new one is a coming ^_^ I'll start writing it later tonight. 🙂

  4. Emma. L says:

    *on the way

  5. deathcullen says:

    ohhh pretty ring!!! I understand you got school. School intereferes with my life too. Like I rather be slepping all day!! But you concentrate on school first!! We can wait!! 😀

    • deathcullen says:

      Instead of slepping, sleeping. Gosh how did I mess that up. * mumbles to self*

    • Jax says:

      Why, thank you very much ^_^ Ah yes, school interferes with all of the hobbies and fun activities but we still have to do it because school is important. I can’t believe I’ve made it through all 13 years of it and didn’t fail once! Whoo, go me! 😀

      • Ermannith says:

        13?! We only have 12 here, well – not including college. Lucky us! Way to go ^_^

      • Jax says:

        Lol I meant 13 because I included Kindergarden XD But yeah it’s 12 lol

      • Ermannith says:

        Oh, then I guess the joke’s on us, cuz we have 3 more years of kindergarden/preschool added, only it’s optional here, I for one did not attend kindergarden.

      • Jax says:

        Yeah preschool is optional here as well. I didn’t go to preschool but my youngest brother did. I did go to kindergarden because I believe that might be mandatory in the US.

  6. Emy says:

    Ignorant English person here… what’s a class ring for?

    Hope you can finish all your school work soon!! I have ONE MORE ASSIGNMENT then university is finished forever. /sobsob (Until I start my PhD… XD)

    • Jax says:

      Oh it’s a ring that us American’s get when we graduate or right before we do. It’s a symbol that we finished school. It has the year we finished, your name, and the school name and colors. 🙂

      So do I! I can’t wait to be done! One more?!?! LUCKY! ;P

  7. Minty says:

    Why don’t we get rings over here?! It would be so much better than a pat on the back. Mr. Bayliss…

    Hope you finish all your schoolwork soon! Me I’ve still got lots of college work…I should really get round to finishing it soon. Your ill again!?! Well I suppose I have no choice but to wish you better. Hope it doesn’t knock you about too much!

    • Jax says:

      I don’t know, I just assumed everyone got them. Shows how much I know. Yeah, plus you get to keep it and look back on it when you’re older 🙂

      Yeah me too. Thank god I went ahead because I just can’t do anymore work right now. I feel too bleehhh… Yeah AGAIN! I get sick so much, it’s insane. It’s just this bouncy weather we’re having! One day it’s 80, the next day it’s 45! It can’t make up it’s mind so it’s getting me sick. Sigh.

      I hope not either!

      • Minty says:

        I’m surprised I haven’t caught anything yet. All it does is rain all day and we’re supposedly having a drought? I don’t even…
        Walking home from college without an umbrella…not always a brilliant idea.

      • Jax says:

        Yeah wow, I’m surprised too. I mean, I can brush by the wrong person and low and behold I catch something -.- My immune system isn’t the greatest…

      • deathcullen says:

        Don’t worry I’m sick most of the time too. But it goes away quickly.

  8. wolfmania98 says:

    Cool Ring ^-^. And Schoolwork is a pain, but hey, everyone goes through it 😛 And I know what you mean by Noah…hes so….NOAH! Hope to see a new chapter soon.
    (Btw, this is random, but I just wanted to say when you said ‘ I’m really looking forward to summer! I want it here NOW.’ I thought of the weather and its been raining for like…20 days straight here in england…..Right that was random :P)

    • Jax says:

      Thankies 🙂 Yup so true, everyone has to suffer through schoolwork. Sigh. Right?? He’s just Noah! You don’t need a reason to just love him to death!! I hope so too. I’m trying, I really am… I just feel so blleehh…

      20 days?! It’s raining or err… was raining here as well but it stopped. Wow I can’t imagine 20 days of rain.

  9. Sweet ring Jax! I wish I would’ve gotten one when I graduated, but alas, I was home schooled (which I do not regret). I can only imagine how anxious you are to get school over with, though your going to college soon after, right? What were you planning on studying again?

    I also wanted to say that I reread all of the comments that I posted in your last ISBI chapter, and though this may be a tad bit weird, I wanted to apologize for being completely obnoxious. I am no where near that obnoxious IRL (at least I don’t think so).

    Ps. Remember when I told you (I think it was you) about a mod for a vet job for the sims 3? Well I finally found the link! Here it is if you are interested:

    I shall anxiously await for your next chapter, take your time! I mean, it is worth the wait.


    • Jax says:

      Thank you Nate! Oh well isn’t that something because I am too. I’m home schooled over the computer. Like my parents don’t teach me, I have actual teachers that do that. I don’t regret it either! I LOVE home school and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s so much easier to do school when your in the comfort of your own home. Plus Philly schools are TERRIBLE!! Like extremely bad. My mom had to pull us out. When I say bad I mean both academically and the students were rotten and I was always getting made fun of and hurt by someone and anyone. It sucked. My school didn’t provide rings but you can just buy them anywhere you like that sells rings basically. Well, as far as I know anyways. They are a bit price-y too. I think mine was like 350 but my parents said I deserved the ring and it’s symbol I did a great job in passing school 🙂

      Yes I plan on going right back into school. I’m going to go to school to be a dental assistant but that’s not my main goal. My main goal is to be a dental hygienist, but one step at a time ^_^ I love science-y and medical stuff. Although I could never be a doctor x_x Me no likey stick people with needle. No thanks.

      Oh, you’re not obnoxious nor did you sound obnoxious! There is no need to apologize Nate 🙂 We were all just goofing around.

      OH yeah and it was me. Lol that’s pretty awesome, I’ll have to check that out.

      Thanks! I’m trying. I got about half the chapter written out by some miracle. Maybe the nap I took helped? Considering I feel pretty awful (stupid sickness) Mhm… *ponders*

      *yawns* Well, now I guess I better get to bed because seriously… 2 am is too late to be awake when your sick. I can def. feel it taking it’s toll on my body. Sigh.

      *heads to bed as she realizes she wrote a HUGE comment*


  10. Oh wow! I remember YEARS ago, homeschoolers were few and far between. I’ve only been in public school for second and third grade. Now, there are a whole bunch of homeschoolers, they usually become homeschooled around the time of highschool, cuz the school system in my area SUXX too. My homeschooling was old fashioned, my mom would buy the books over the internet or at Barnes & Noble, and then we would do the work, and she would help if we needed it. We did go through a legitimate diploma program though. I’ve heard some pretty bad stuff about the schools in my area, both from teasing, and academic suckyness. Your from Philly? I’m only like 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours away depending on where in Philly you live.

    My parents did want to buy a ring for me, but we haven’t always had money to burn. I’m okay with it though, They did say that they wanted to buy me a ring once I graduated from YTI, which is in about 1 year (fingers crossed)

    You want to work with peoples mouths? EW!!! Hehe just kidding. I don’t think I could ever do that. I’d probably be too grossed out by all the doo doo that I would see in peoples mouths. And aren’t dentists supposed to represent by having nice teeth? I would fail that one already. I accidentally read the stick people with a needle as stick people (like stick figures) with needles, I was like what??? Derr moment

    Well, I know I probably wasn’t as obnoxious as some people I’ve seen, but I just wanted to make sure I didn’t cross some invisible line.

    The vet job might be just a rabbit hole job, but it be a job nonetheless.

    Take your time woman! Your health is more important that our obsession with the Terreys. Wait… Your not feeling well, yet your up til 2 IN THE MORNING!!! Ya need your rest! No more writing or playing til you get better! Nondocter’s orders! 😉

    • Jax says:

      I went to school, or err I started home school when I was in 7th grade. I went to public school all the rest of the years. I agree though there was a time when home schooling wasn’t everything and there was barely any students that went to it. Nowadays a LOT of people are doing homeschooling because of how bad the schools are becoming! Well, in certain areas I guess. I mean, there might be places where school isn’t all that bad, not that I would know though -.- Oh you just did the normal where the parent taught yah. My mom wouldn’t have the patience to sit with us three and do stuff like that. She can barely keep up with my youngest brother. She has to get on him to do his school work or he just won’t do it. Yeah the school I go to actually has a graduation and everything. You know, the whole cap and gown and what-not. Yup I’m from Philly. Oh really. Wait I think you said you were from Lancaster before right? Yeah I used to go there all the time when I was a kid. Do you live near the Amish folk? hehehe

      Yeah my parents don’t have money to burn like that either but they did a 6-week plan thing where they payed it off. Well actually it wasn’t a plan, the ring was just going to take 6 weeks LOL But they paid it off through those weeks.

      LOL yup! I don’t think I’d really mind it. It’s not that big of a deal for me, it’s just a mouth. I’m going to be wearing a mask anyways so I’ll be alright. LOL I have no idea on that one. I mean, my teeth are alright but they’re nothing to brag about. Just normal teeth lol

      LOL and I read my own text as “I don’t like sick people with needles” That’s how tired I was last night haha

      Naaaah you’re good ^_^ No invisible lines were crossed.

      True true. I think they need to make more jobs than the ones they have. Seriously..

      LOL I am taking my time! I haven’t written anything since last night. So there. Yeah, yeah I knooooowwwww… That’s what I was saying! I wanted to shleep but I couldn’t because I wasn’t tired yet. LOL *blows raspberries*

      • I was in public school for second and third only, cuz my older sister (who would be like three grades higher than me) went to a Christian academy for first grade, but the work they gave was way too hard (my mom said it was work for sixth graders) so then she homeschooled us for a few years, then when I reached second grade, she let us go to public school, but when my sister reached started going to middle school, my mom didn’t like the way she started acting due to the influence at the school, so she started homeschooling us again.

        Well my mom helped. I usually could do the work on my own, but she was there if we needed her. What tended to happen though was I would ask her for help, and once she got there, I would try to explain it, and would end up figuring it out on my own.

        Three of you? Try four! And for some weird reason, us kids wouldn’t talk to each other at all, and then school would start and you couldn’t get us to shut up.

        I did the whole cap and gown thing. With a bunch of people that I didn’t know. It was a tad awkward though. The program I went through was called the Susquehanna Valley Homeschool Diploma Program. I said that??? Uhh… I don’t remember. Though it is true. I don’t usually like telling people where I am from. You don’t know what kind of creeps are in this world. NO! I’m not Amish. I’m a city boy! Though people have asked my if I am at my job. And I highly doubt that an Amish boy would work in the fast food industry. *pinches bridge of nose and shakes head*

        I probably would survive if I tried, and you do wear a mask, so it wouldn’t be so bad. Though every time I would go to a dentists office, it would have this very strange smell. Like constant open mouths. Its probably not true bout the excellent teeth thing, but it would be bad if there was a person who was a dentist, and they had a horrible mouth themselves. X-D

      • Jax says:

        Wow four of you? That’s a lot! Well with my schooling I don’t know the kids but I do however know a lot of the teachers from being in there so long so it won’t be *as* awkward. It will still be weird to be around all these students I don’t know. Like “Soooo you’re graduating…” “O_o Uh. Yeah.” I mean what other conversation could you seriously have?? O_O

        LOL I asked if you LIVED near Amish people XD LOL I would assume you’re not ’cause you’re on a computer ;P Them people ish simple. No electricity for them. Well, with me, I don’t really mind telling people I’m from Philly- Not like they can find me hehe. I would never tell anyone where I live though O_O That’s scary.

        Yeah that is true! Like you go to practice on a person trying to be a DA and then they open their mouth and all you can do is “O___O” LOL

    • Jedidiah says:

      If I might venture an opinion here…. you homeschool peeps! Strawberry lemonade rox!!!!
      *Jed signs out* PEACE!
      Randomness because pain meds are making me loopy snoopy! XD

      • Jax says:

        Indeed it does, you bag of nuts! XD You’re always the craziest when your on those things. Feel better though buddy.<3

      • O_O Uhh… What? What does Strawberry Lemonade have to do with anything?
        I don’t think that Jed should be allowed computer access when he’s on pain meds… But wait… pain meds for what? Is ya okay?

      • Jax says:

        LOL just go along with it. He’s loopy ^_^

      • Jedidiah says:

        Hehe…hehehe… nuts…^_^
        Oh no worries… I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine….O_O gosh there is a bee is my room! Strawberries, you were too lemony! Look what you did… -.-

        Nate, strawberry lemonade hasa lot to do with that bee in my room now!!!!

        Jax,??? …. that’s right… hehehehe

      • Jax says:

        LOL oh dear god… how many of those things did you take??? You sound like a nut! XD Go to shleep or something you crazy.

        What does strawberries and lemons have to do with a bee in your room??? LOL And what the? Strawberries too lemony?? XD ahah

        It is right 😀 I’m just trying to follow along but you’re cracking me up XD

      • Though I am officially creeped out, I can’t stop laughing! Remind me to never go onto a computer if I’m ever on pain meds. I’m desperately trying to think of how Homeschooling=Strawberry Lemonade=Bees, but I’m sorry Jed, its just not adding up.

      • Jax says:

        I know it’s funny right!?? I’m used to it because this isn’t the first time he’s done this to me. Try having a conversation with him for 20 minutes like that, then we’ll talk XD

        I can’t wait until he realizes he’s said all this. THAT’S even funnier! hahahaha

      • That ought to be interesting, Though 20 mins??? You must have literally been ROFLing.

      • Jax says:

        LOL YUP! Pretty close to it. I was dying of laughter XD

      • Jedidiah says:

        Oh what’s! the! deal…Nate????… never seen a strawberry bee in a school…at home…before…. there see???? it’s adding up already…

        I think I have no knees… Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxx meds took my knees…

        Oh… I think my dad’s here…. BAI ALL YOU beautiful specimen an’ speciwomen… Hahahaha speciwomen….. ahahahaha….

      • Jax says:

        *dies of laughter* Oh my gosh… XD Jed just go with your dad and please stay close by to him.

        And no Jed, your knees aren’t gone the meds are just making them feel better. It’s okay. *pats Jed on the back*

        *shakes head* You’re insane ;P But I mean that as lovingly as possible.

      • Hahahahaha!!! Jed! You almost made me spit out the broth of the soup that I was drinking! You win man! Yes, I have seen strawberry bees everywhere! It makes perfect sense O_O. Have fun with your dad! Hope you get unloopy soon. Hahaha! Good luck with your knees.

      • Jax says:

        Yeah that’s a lesson to learn. Don’t read comments or talk with Jed while drinking. I learned that the hard way…. *rubs nose in pain as she remembers*

        LOL yeah no point in arguing with the crazy Jed. He’ll think everything makes sense in his little world.

        Ahhh this gives me such a good idea for another little Jed-Jax adventure. *cackles*

      • OOOOO!!! I wanna be in it! Hehe… Now to make a simself. Hehe. Or not.

      • Jax says:

        LOL that would be hilarious XD You can have a cameo appearance in it. Once I actually plan all the details. It’ll be short like my little Easter thing-y. I mean it is Jed’s turn also… so I may have to wait for him to do one first before I go and strike back 😀 heheheh

        And when he notices all these comments… LOL

      • I seriously love those! They literally make me die!!! But are you serious??? That would make me happy dance for like 6 hours… Hmmm… I may need a little help (mentally I mean)

      • Jax says:

        Sure I’m serious, it’ll be fun ^_^ Aw really? I’m glad you like them! Me and Jed do them for-fun ^^ I really would like to see one from him before I went and did one though. So we shall see ^_^

  11. jenssims says:

    Jax, that ring is absolutely beautiful! Blue is my fave stone color, and that is the perfect shade. Is that topaz or something like that? Either way, it’s gorgeous!! Congrats!! I hope you get your new computer too, something you’ve been wishing for! ❤ You deserve it. ❤

    • Jax says:

      Thank you Robin! <33 I'm not really sure what type of stone it is, I just thought it was pretty… hehe. Yeah me too!! I can't wait until I get my Alieanware ^^ I will be a very happy camper 😀

      ❤ Thanks again! *hugs!*

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