Chapter 6.18 – If I Could Turn Back Time…

Author’s note: Alright everyone, this is the last chapter for Noah’s generation. Yes I know, it’s painful to let go of Noah… (well for me anyways *sniff*) but it’s time to move onto a new heir and hope he or she is just as great! As always this chapter is spilt into two segments; one for Sam and one for Ryder. If it’s a little choppy or the time just doesn’t sit right… I apologize in advance. The last chapter is always like this because of the information I’m trying to get across. Well, without further ado… I present the last Noah chapter. Enjoy!


Noah’s Point of View

I’d say about 3 weeks passed by before Sam finally agreed to let me come over. She told me, err, I mean she told Ryder that I had to make it quick because she had to go to work. Can you believe this? My little girl is forced to work a job because of what I put her through. She told Ryder she was upset over the whole Brooke thing but that was nothing compared to the anger she felt over how I lied to her. I don’t blame her for being angry with me though, it’s my own fault and I deserve to be ignored. I’m just so thankful that she finally agreed to let me speak with her. I miss my daughter so much and it pains me that she’s been away from me for so long. And before you go getting any ideas, I’ve tried a million times before over the last year she’s been gone and it was per her choice that I stayed away. I didn’t want to force myself on her so I respected her wishes…

I turned to Ryder, “Alright, Ryan is in my room playing with his toys- Remember he has to be in bed in an hour.”

Ryder sighed, “And you remember that I have to go out tonight!”

I rolled my eyes, “Well you better make sure before you go out that your brother is in bed. Oh and remember to thank the babysitter for me for coming on such short notice. Normally you know I’d just make you do it but I’m so happy you’re actually getting out tonight! Where you going? Huh, huh?”


He sighed, “I told you already dad; I’m going out with a friend.”

I smirked, “Oh right. Sure. A friend.”

His face turned red, “Don’t you have somewhere to be? You know, anywhere but not here embarrassing the crap out of me?”

I let out a laugh, “Yeah yeah. You know if I wasn’t busy I’d love to stick around for this but I really need to see your sister.”

“I know. Now go!”

Jeez! Who’s the parent here? I thought it was my job to yell at them. Although he is right, I need to get over there before it gets too late.


Before leaving I double checked on Ryan, said another remark to Ryder about his friend and then headed for my car. As I drove I just played it over in my head as to what I was going to say to her. I know it’s kind of lame to rehearse a conversation to say to your own daughter but I haven’t seen her in so long and I just don’t want to screw this up. Ryder said she still sounded pissed at me so I was going to be extra careful with what I did and what I said around her.


Oh my dear god, this place is scary! My little girl lives in THIS neighborhood?! For god’s sake I can hear people screaming down the block at one another and at LEAST six cop cars passed by since I’ve gotten out of my car. I’m not only frightened for Sam but I’m freaking scared for myself!

I inched closer to her door; every few seconds I would peer over my shoulder to make sure no one was trying to murder me. When I approached the apartment building door I quickly opened it up and ran as fast as my legs would take me inside the building. Seriously they should have a buzz system or some kind of lock for this building! Any random pervert could walk in off the street and try to hurt my daughter. God, if I knew she was living here… I would have never given her, her own space!


Ryder told me that she lived on the 5th floor and was in apartment 506. Well, I guess the higher off the ground the better right? Screw it; I’m just making up excuses. I don’t care what floor she was on… I don’t like her living in this crap hole.

I reached her apartment door and knocked on it loudly. A few seconds later Sam came to the door and muttered an angry hello. Oh my GOD! What the heck happened to my daughter?! What is she wearing, what kind of apartment is she living in and WHAT happened to her EYE?!

Deep breaths Noah… don’t explode on her.

“Hi sweetheart.” I said through gritted teeth, “Can I come in?”

She shrugged her shoulders and then started walking into the apartment. Uh, I guess that meant yes?


Without asking, I just followed after her. I know I had only seen her for less than a minute but I was seriously biting my own tongue so I wouldn’t speak what was on my mind. I mean for God’s sake she’s just a child! She looks like many words I would never say to my own daughter…

She sighed, “So this is pretty much it. It’s just a room with a bed and some food.”

My god, she sounded miserable.


We walked a little further into the apartment and I heard a loud bang outside the building. I wasn’t sure if it was a backfire on a car or a gun but it scared the CRAP out of me. So, without even thinking, I just said what was on my mind because I was frightened. I don’t even care if she gets mad. She’s my daughter and I’m so worried about her!

“Sam, what in GOD’S name are you doing in a place like this?!” I blurted out, “Sweetheart this place is dangerous and not suited for a kid like you or like Kylie! I thought you were staying with her mom? And how the heck did you get that black-eye!?”

She rolled her eyes, “Well that shows how much you know. Her mom kicked us out the first week we were there. Not that it mattered for Kayla though. She found herself some college boy to live with and she just abandoned us in this freaking place. She was supposed to be my friend but no, she’s too much of a priss to live in a crap-hole like this. Oh and just ignore the eye… it’s nothing you should be concerned with.”

Yeah okay, my daughter has a shiner and I shouldn’t be concerned…

“Sam, listen to me. You and Kylie don’t have to live here; you can live back at home with me- Both of you. I know you’re mad at me Sammy but I’m really sorry I lied to you. I wasn’t trying to hurt you; I was just trying to protect you from the truth.”


She clenched her fist, “I didn’t WANT to be protected! I would have just rather known from the start! That way I could have gotten over the fact that was mother was a slut and abandoned me a lot sooner. You didn’t have to fill my head with so many lies! I could have accepted the fact that Riley wasn’t my mother- I COULD OF!” Tears started to pour from her eyes.

“Sam…” I sighed softly, “I really am so very sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry about Brooke and I’m sorry about lying to you. Please hunny, let me make it up to you in any way I can.”


She shook her head no, “I don’t need your pity. I don’t want to live with you because you’ve done nothing but prove to me how much you can hurt me.”

I placed my hands on her shoulders, “That’s why I’m here Sam. I’m here so I can prove to you that you can trust me again. Just come home with me.”

A tear rolled down her cheek, “I just can’t do that. Dad I love you, I really do, but I still need more time to myself. I need to figure out what I’m doing on my own.”


I lowered my head, “But I don’t want you to figure things out on your own, that’s why you have me. I don’t want to just let you go again; I want you to be in my arms and under my roof.”

She looked at me for a second and without warning she threw herself into my arms. She cried hard and held onto me tighter than she has ever done before. Her body trembled under my grasp and she sniffled as she mumbled words I couldn’t quite understand. I rested my head against hers and just kissed her repeatedly.

“You don’t have to live this life; just come home.”


She pulled away, “Dad I love you.” she sniffled, “But please just let me do this. I’m trying so hard to forgive you. I know a year is a long time but I still haven’t gotten over this pain I have. If anyone would understand being in pain, it would be you. So please, just stop asking me to come home… I just can’t right now.”

I fought back the tears that were trying to form. God, I can’t believe how much I hurt her. I wasn’t trying to! I really wasn’t! It doesn’t matter what excuse I make up for myself though, I hurt my baby bad and there is nothing I can do to force her to forgive me. It’s scary how I look at her and I can see myself. She’s like me in more ways than I can believe. She acts like me and she grieves like me. She holds onto pain even though she tries so hard to just let go. I can honestly say I do know how she feels; I guess me and her just have really soft hearts.


I sighed, “I understand you’re still mad at me but you can at least consider getting out of this dump? Please? I’d feel so much better if you lived somewhere that didn’t consist of unlocked buildings and people screaming bloody murder down the block.”

“Dad, Kylie and me work part-time at a bar. How do you expect us to pay for anything other than this?” she glanced at the clock above the counter, “CRAP! I’m late for work!”

BAR?! I didn’t know she worked at a bar! Oh HECK no!


She started to rush past me but I grabbed hold of her arm. Okay, I’m up for giving her, her own space and I get that she’s mad at me… but she does NOT work at a bar! She’s only 18 for god’s sake!!

“Oh I don’t think so SAMANTHA!” I growled, “I know you’re pissed but I’m still your father and I’m not letting you work there. I don’t care what you say; you’re coming home RIGHT NOW!”

She glared at me, trying to break free of my grasp, “You see why I don’t WANT to be anywhere near you!? You freaking are always getting mad at me. God, to think I was starting to feel bad about being mad and here you are being the same old same old!”

“Samantha, for crying out loud! You don’t have to work at a freaking bar! Of course I’m going to yell at you, you’re smart enough to know you’re not supposed to be working there! I want you home! I’ve had enough of this; you can pout in your room!”


She pulled her arm out and screamed, “NO DAD! I’m not going anywhere with you! Even if you force me home it’s not like I’m going to stay! I told you I needed more time and right about now I think I need a little bit more. Now if you’ll excuse me…” she scoffed turning on her heel, “I have to get to work.”

I just stood there and watched as she walked away. I called out her name a few times and I even tried chasing after her but she would just tell me to get away from her. A huge part of me just wanted to force her home and to ignore what she had said while the other part of me was telling me that if I did that she’d never forgive me. How does a father let his own daughter just walk away like that? I’m tired of just watching her walk out of my life over and over but what else am I supposed to do? She’s thick-headed and always pissed… reminds me of someone.



Sam’s Point of View

I was at work but my mind was somewhere else. I couldn’t even focus because I was too upset over the whole situation with my dad. GOD he just has to make everything worse! I told him to just give me some more time to think and to heal but NO there he goes trying to force me into what he thinks is best just like he always does. I know he loves me and deep down I really do want to forgive him… but I just can’t right now. I’m still angry at him for lying to me and for acting like that stupid jerk Brooke was more important than me and Ryder. It’s not like I haven’t thought about going home, because let’s face it… I really don’t like living in that creepy apartment. I’m afraid for myself but I’m more afraid for Kylie. I can’t imagine what I would do if anything was to happen to her. I just can’t though; I can’t live with someone who is always mad at me for everything and anything! He just-

“SAM, get the freaking nachos over to table 3!!” My boss screamed, “You’ve been spacing out all night!”

I shook my head and blinked a few times, “Right! The nachos!” I blurted out and then grabbed the plate.


She groaned, “You need to pay more attention to what I say to you! You understand?”

I rolled my eyes and stated, “Yeah. Sorry.”

“Oh and when you’re done for tonight, since you were screwing around, you and your girlfriend are cleaning the bathrooms.”

I said through gritted teeth, “AlrightNo problem.”

This is just turning out to be such a lovely night.


Our shifts were over and everyone had already gone home. Since we had to clean the bathrooms our boss told us we had to lock up when we were done. I felt kind of bad that I got Kylie drug into my mess but she really didn’t seem to mind. She was just happy that the time we used to scrub toilets we also used to talk.

“So how did it go with you and your dad? Did he apologize to you?”

I sighed finishing off with the sink, “Yeah he apologized… a lot. I just don’t think I’m ready to accept them yet. He really hurt me Kylie and I don’t know when this pain is ever going to go away. Plus he didn’t make it any easier on me today to forgive him when he grabbed my arm and was trying to force me to go home.”

She shook her head, “He’s just worried about you. Dads, I guess, only know how to show their emotions through anger because they don’t like to cry in front of their kids. Well, that’s my theory anyways, what would I know about having a dad?” She sighed and then lowered her eyes to the floor and mumbled, “Or a mom for that matter.”


I shut off the sink and stared at her through the mirror, “Aw Kylie, I’m sorry.”

She rolled her eyes, “Oh would you stop apologizing every time I bring up my loser parents? They don’t like me or my sister? Well then screw them. I don’t need anyone but you anyways.”

I smiled at her, “Yeah and you’re all I need as well.”

She smirked, “So did your dad ask about your black-eye?”

I nodded, “Of course he did. I just told him to not worry about it. I mean, I only got it from someone opening up the door and hitting me in the face anyways. He probably thinks I got beat up by our neighbors or something. You know he offered for you to come live at his house too? I guess that was thoughtful of him, but you wouldn’t like it there anyways; he’s too demanding.”

She smiled slightly, “You know you have beautiful eyes?”

Way to change the subject…


“Ky, if you want to tell me something… you don’t always have to change the subject like that.”

She smiled and then wrapped her arms around me, “Who said anything about changing a subject? I was just staring at your eyes and I thought they were so beautiful; everything about you is beautiful.”

I leaned back to look at her and then caressed her cheek, “I love you Kylie. You’re like my light in a dark place, you know that?”

“Wanna see how I can make my light shine brighter?” she smirked.


She spun me around to face her and then pressed her lips lovingly against mine. Her kisses were always so passionate and full of love. Every time she held me I would just melt under her grasp. How I ever found someone as amazing as her I will never know.

I pulled back, “God, you’re hot.” I stated out of breath.

She let out a loud laugh and I followed suit.

She laughed again, “Alright enough of this steamy stuff, we need to get this bathroom finished!”

I groaned but agreed. She was right, we really did have to. I seriously didn’t want to be stuck in this dump all night long, that’s for sure.


After finishing up the bathroom and locking up the bar, we started on the walk towards the bus station. It ran all night long so we didn’t have to worry about missing it, although we did have to worry about missing the earlier one. We had 20 minutes until it came, so we could take our time walking.

I looked at Kylie, “So have you heard anything from Kayla lately?”

She growled, “No and I really don’t care about her right now. She ditched us for some dude, so that’s just peachy for her! If she thinks he’s more important than us, then I say screw her.”

I frowned, “I’m mad at her too Kylie, but I would hate to see your relationship get screwed up over something stupid.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Oh you mean like yours and your fathers relationship?”

Ouch. Touché.


Before I even had the chance to reply to Kylie a man came from behind the ally and just stood there in front of us. The way he stared made shivers run up and down my spine. We’ve been confronted with weirdo’s before but this guy defiantly took the first place trophy for being the creepiest.

Kylie looked him up and down, “Can I help you?”

I just gulped. Kylie was always braver than I was when it came to stuff like this.

“Samantha?” was his one word reply.

OKAY, how did he know my name?!

Kylie’s eyes went wide, “Who are you and how do you know her name?!”


He whipped out his gun, “I’m just a friend.”

My whole body trembled as I stared down the site of that gun. Were we going to die?! Was this man actually going to kill us?! Oh god, why didn’t I go with my daddy? WHY didn’t I listen to him?!

Kylie gulped unable to say a word to the man.

“Now, you two are going to come with me. You try anything funny and you’re going to be sorry.”


Then out of nowhere we heard another voice come from behind us. The sudden change in voice caused both of us to spin around and face him.

“Oh stop teasing them, Blue.” the man chuckled, “We don’t want them all tense.”

I stared at the man, “Wh-what do you want from us?”

He grew serious, “I guess you’ll just have to find out, now won’t you?”


Daddy, please help me…


Earlier that same day…


Ryder’s Point of View

WHAM! I slammed my head against the locker and let out a loud sigh. God, I hate school so much. No wait, scratch that, I hate LIAM so much. He just makes my life a living nightmare. I mean, he’s been pretty easy on me today with him only throwing my backpack out the window of the bus. Usually by now he would have my face smashed against a wall and my head shoved in a toilet. He’s not a normal bully either; he’s just down right cruel. He’s going to be one of those idiots that wind up in prison for 75 years- Can’t wait until that day comes!

I sighed again, “How am I going to explain to my teachers that I lost ALL of my books? This blows.”


As I was standing there wallowing in self-pity I felt a presence come up behind me. I just ignored the person because I figured it was Liam and his goons coming over to punch me in the face or something. I usually just accept his stupid stuff he does to me anymore because what’s the point? He’s always going to have the upper hand over me.

Speaking of a hand on me… the person that was behind me didn’t grab my head and smash it against the locker. No this presence went a little further down south to my- HELLO!

I spun half way around and was met face-to-face with a girl. It wasn’t just any girl either, it was Chelle Lennon. She was one of the prettiest girls in this school. What the heck was she doing touching on me?!

My face grew warm, “Uh… hello.”

She giggled, “Hey there cutie.”

Cutie? Was she talking to me? No Ryder, she was groping and talking to some other moron that just looked like you… Sometimes, the questions that flow through my brain… I will never quite understand WHY they do.


She let go of me and I spun away from her. God, I don’t know what to say to hot a girl! Especially one that is giving me the time of day. So I did the stupid thing and just stared at my locker… Yup, smart move.

She got closer to me, licking her lips, “You know you sure are hot. I’ve seen you around here from time-to-time and thought it would be pretty awesome if I got to know you a little better.”

Cheeks please don’t turn red; PLEASE don’t turn red.

She laughed, “Am I embarrassing you?”



I could feel my face burning, but I turned to face her anyways.

“N-no!” I squeaked, “I mean, I uh… err…”

She giggled, “Aw it’s alright. I like guys who get all flushed around girls, it’s adorable- Just like you.”

Wonderful, she thinks I’m cute… like a puppy. Way to win the heart of the ladies Ryder…

“Sorry I’m so forward, it’s really the only way I know how to get the attention of guys that I like. How about I start over? Hi, I’m Chelle.”

I smiled awkwardly, “I’m Ryder.”

Oh my gosh, a girl actually likes me! Seriously this can’t be happening; I must be in a dream or something!


“So?” she continued, “You wanna ask me out or should I just wait until you can speak straight?”

She wants me to ask her out!? Oh dear god, I’ve never done that before!

“Su-sure, okay. Uhm, wanna… I mean, do you want to…” I sighed, flustered. WHY is this so freaking hard?!

She giggled, “Come on, you can say it. I promise you’ll like the answer.”

I swallowed back my fear, “Do you want to go out with me Chelle?” Oh god, I SAID IT!

She smiled brightly, “Of course! I was thinking maybe we can take a nightly stroll on the beach. I hear it’s peaceful over there at nighttime. We can just talk and get to know one another a little better. Does that sound okay, or do you have something else in mind?”

I shook my head, “N-no that sounds perfect! Uh, is 7:30 okay?”

She nodded, “Yup! See you then.”

And with that she spun on her heel and walked off to class. A breeze of her perfume went up my nose and I nearly collapsed on the floor. Holy CRAP, what the heck just happened?! A hot girl asked me out? In a way? You know what, screw it! I’m not questioning the best thing to ever happen to me! This is just too freaking awesome!



With my dad going over to speak with Sam, I had the perfect opportunity to go through his drawers to find something I could wear. I mean, my dad has always been some sort of ‘prize’ in other women’s eyes. I just figured that maybe they thought he was stylish or something.

I pulled open the drawer and started shuffling through the many pieces of clothing. Dang it dad, you have so many clothes you’d think I was going through a girl’s closet!


I had only been going through his clothes for about five minutes when my little brother dropped what he was doing and started to pout. He reached his little arms out to me and just stood there staring at me with thee saddest face I had ever seen.

“What’s wrong Ryan?”

He made some babbling noises and kept looking over at the bed.

“You want to go on dad’s bed or something? Well alright then.” I sighed and then walked over and picked him up.


I placed him down on my dad’s bed, “So is this all you wanted?”

He looked up at me and then tugged back the blanket and started sucking his thumb. He yawned in between sucks and rubbed his little hands against his eyes.

“Oh!” I smiled, “Now I get it; you’re tired.”


I grabbed my sleepy little bro off the bed and then walked over to the chair in the corner and sat down. I laid him down in my arms and gently rocked him to help him fall asleep. For the longest time he just laid their staring up at me with his sleepy little eyes.

“Come on, dude.” I sighed, “I know you’re tired, so just start snoring those Z’s so I can get ready.”


Eventually he did fall asleep- Thank god. I kind of forgot to change him out of his day clothes before I got him to go to sleep, so I just slipped off his sneakers and laid him down. I don’t think my dad will care anyways; just as long as Ryan is in bed. After laying Ryan down I grabbed the outfit that I was eyeing in my dad’s drawer and put it on. The shirt was a little big on me but I’d like to say I pulled it off rather well.

“This night is going to be so awesome.”


After the babysitter got to the apartment I thanked her and then took off out the door. I was already running a little late, so I tried my best to hurry everything along. I took a bus over to the beach and then walked the long pathway leading down to the water. During the entire walk down the path my stomach was doing summersaults and my face was plastered with this giant grin. I still can’t believe a girl wanted to go out with me! I mean, when I think about it, it does seem a little off… but I just can’t question stuff like this. I’ll never be able to find an awesome girlfriend like Sam has if I question every little detail in my life. Sometimes, you just have to go out on a limb- But only sometimes.

screenshot-37 I stood there for a moment just taking in everything; I really hope I didn’t have her standing there alone too long. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about this but I had to man up and be brave! Yeah, me brave… when will that ever happen?

“Here goes nothing.” I whispered under my breath.


I took a deep breath and then went down to where she was standing. I gently tapped her on the shoulder and she spun around to face me.

She smiled, “Well there you are. I was beginning to wonder if you’d ever show up.”

I laughed weakly, “Sorry about that. I was babysitting my little brother and I had to wait for the other babysitter to get there so I could go out. Thanks for waiting for me though.”

She nodded, “It was no problem.”

“So.” I started, “Nice night, huh?”

Yup, real smooth Ryder… let’s just talk about the weather.


“Sure.” she stated, glancing over my shoulder and smirking. Okay that was a bit weird. “He’s all yours.” She laughed.

Wait, what does that-

“Hello… Ryder.” A voice chuckled from behind me. OH no. OH GOD NO!


I spun around and was met face-to-face with Liam. I shook my head and clenched my fist to one side. I knew it; I knew this was too good to be true. Was I smart and thought this through? NOPE, because I’m an idiot. Chelle freaking set me up! She used her charm to lure me here so Liam and his stupid friends can beat the crap out of me- JUST PEACHY!

“So I see you met my new girlfriend.” Liam smirked, “She’s a pretty good actor; don’t you think so Ryder?”

I scoffed, “Yeah, pretty freaking good…” I glared at Liam, “Why did you have her drag me out here? What do you want from me this time?”


“Do I always have to want something from you Ryder?” UH… YEAH?? “Can’t I just bring you out here as a little tribute to your mother? It really is my gift to you.”

My eyes widened, “What are you talking about??”

He smirked, “What, this beach doesn’t ring a bell to you? It’s funny because I could have sworn this is where your mom tried to KILL herself. You remember your mother, right Ryder? OH… my bad. She died giving birth to you! Such a waste, right?”

Tears stung at the back of my eyes. I can’t believe he’d actually stand here and talk about my mom that way! She went through hell and back when she was younger! It’s moments like this where I wish I had the ability to just punch him in the FACE!


“Oh you don’t have anything to say to that? Are you trying to bury the stories of your mother being a whore and a suicidal druggie? Yeah, I don’t blame you for wanting to hide that from the rest of the world. It’s crazy that I know all about it though right? Your dad sure did tell my mom EVERYTHING!” He laughed and his buddies followed suit.

That’s IT!

I shoved him back, “Don’t talk about my MOM like that you sick psycho!”


One of Liam’s friends laughed, “OHHHH… Liam he called you a psycho!”

Liam took a step back and glared at me, “How many times have I told you not to stand up for yourself? You’re pathetic Ryder. I guess this means we have to teach you a lesson.”

Somewhere deep inside me a rage started to bubble up…

“Like I FREAKING GIVE A CRAP! Do whatever you want to me! I’m not pathetic, YOU ARE! You’re the one who has to hurt other people just to feel good about yourself because your mom is a whiny slut and your father is a cheating, worthless moron!”

Everyone grew still; all eyes were pointed onto Liam and me.

“You son of a…” he spat, “You’re going to pay for saying that to me.”

One of Liam’s friends walked towards me and Liam held up his hand, “No. I’m doing this myself.”


Liam reached into his back pocket and pulled out a knife; the tip of it sparkled under the moonlit sky. I stood there frozen with my eyes locked onto the knife. I knew Liam was crazy and he’s done stuff to me my entire life… but was he actually going to KILL ME?!

“You’re going to wish you never said that about my family Ryder.”

I gulped, “Li-liam I’m sorry! Please, I didn’t mean it!”

He stepped towards me and shoved me to the ground. My back hit hard against the wet sand- I winced in pain.


Liam climbed on top of me and held the dagger above my face. I stared up from the ground and watched as his friends laughed their heads off at my misery. Liam would put the knife close to my face and I would flinch. Then he’d pull it away and move it towards other parts of my body. He kept toying with me causing his friends to laugh even louder.

“How does it feel to be scared for your life?” he grinned.


I didn’t answer him. I just laid there and stared into his eyes. He shoved at my shoulder hard and asked the question again.

“Answer me! How does it feel to be scared for your life?”

I gulped, “Peachy.”

He let out a laugh and looked back at his friends, “He’s got jokes.”

I don’t know how I did it or where the burst of energy came from but in that spilt second he looked back at his friends, I kneed him in the groin. His friends gasped as Liam fell back in pain. They were about to come after me when Liam told them not to touch me.

“You’re DEAD!” he groaned in pain, “You’re going to rot in hell with your MOTHER!”


But the thing is, when I kneed Liam… he dropped his knife. It took him a second to realize that it was on the ground and when he did he pulled himself off the ground and started coming towards me. Without even thinking I grabbed the knife and squeezed it tight.

“Drop it Ryder!” he screamed, “Let go of the knife!”


Liam came closer and closer to me. I didn’t budge though; I just stood my ground and waited for him. Once he was standing right in front of me, all I saw was red. I just kept thinking about all the times he hurt me and all the times he made fun of my mother. Everything just boiled to the surface and I completely snapped…

Chelle screamed, “OH MY GOD!!”


I stabbed him. I took the knife that Liam was going to kill me with and I did it to him first. I didn’t even think about it, I just let all the rage and hatred I had for him surface and it completely took over me.

Liam groaned in pain. When I realized what had happened, I jerked the knife out of him- Blood splattering across my face. Liam’s friends and girlfriend took off down the road and Liam fell to the ground.


The knife dropped from my grasp and landed in the sand. I stared down at Liam’s lifeless body and shivers went down my spine. I killed him? I KILLED HIM!?


OH GOD! What have I done?!

Thanks for reading!

Alright, before you go all crazy on Ryder for going with that girl in the first place… just remember that he’s a boy and he liked the attention. He didn’t need a real reason for a hot girl to want to go out with him. Now what he did… okay you’re allowed to go a little crazy for that… Also if you’re wondering why Liam did that to Ryder (bringing him to the beach) there was no real reason, he’s just pure evil.  With Sam, you’d like to think she should of went with her dad but you have to remember she is still hurting pretty badly, plus she had no idea those men would come after her. Now, whose storyline do you want me to follow? Winking smile VOTE HERE!


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51 Responses to Chapter 6.18 – If I Could Turn Back Time…

  1. shadowming1998 says:

    Sammmm! What’s going on?!?! D:
    Ryder killed Liam? Yay Ryder! But he’s gonna be in so much trouble!
    Both these story lines are so interesting! Can’t wait for next chapter!

    • Jax says:

      Who knows! But those men sure did know who she was 😉

      LOL not yay, he did something VERY bad… There were a lot of ways he could have got about doing that but it came to the worse one…

      Thank you!

  2. elizabeth says:

    I just skimmed through it and I;m gonna read it for real now! Eeee it looks awesome! 🙂

  3. Ermannith says:

    Oh shit. I have no idea who to vote for. No really :l

  4. wolfmania98 says:

    God….They both have amazing storylines…. I always preffered Ryder so slightly more… but GAH! i can’t believe Ryder killed Liam. I mean its good he stood up for himself, but was Liam really gonna kill him? Cus I think he wasn’t. Ryder as a murderer….is the weirdest thing ever… AND SAM! I don’t like the looks of whats happening. Poor sam ; – ; I want to know where she got that blackeye from…..
    And Its sad to see Noah go D8

    • Jax says:

      Thank you wolf! Actually… yeah he probably was going to kill him. Otherwise why did he bring that knife? He was just looking for the perfect chance. Plus they’re by an ocean… easy place to dump a body. Liam HATED Ryder for no reason at all. He was just pure evil. Is it weird? Or maybe it’s just something I was hiding all along … *ponders* 😉

      Oh I said where she got it from in the story. She was in the bathroom talking to Kylie and she said it was from getting smacked in the face by a door- Which was true. It was nothing, just the hussle and bussle of working in a bar.

      LOL ’cause it’s fun! 😀 hehehe

      I KNOW! ❤

  5. jaec52609 says:

    uh oh ryder gots a date 🙂 lucky girl
    :O Sam….i understand tht she’s mad at noah, but shoot id go back home 2 if i lived in tht scarey ass neighborhood nd if my gf could move in wit me…..i hope nothin bad happens 2 sam……OMG tht bitch how dare she set up ryder…..i knew tht was gunna happen, are u sure liam isnt related 2 brent? it was self defense so ryder shouldnt get in trouble….i jus kno tht liams goons nd whore gf is gunna say ryder intended 2 kill liam……i sure hope nothin bad happens 2 either of them….time 2 call phea nd nix 2 save sam again…i hope my skye marries ryder 😉 cute babies 4 sure

    • Jax says:

      Yeah but Sam is pretty thick-headed so she wasn’t going to listen. Her dad and her bump heads all the time and this situation was no different. She’s still pretty upset at him so she just didn’t feel like going back yet… or at all. She just doesn’t want to be with him. She loves him but right from a distance. Or, well, no so much anymore considering the situation she’s in.

      I’m positive he’s not related to Brent in any form or manner. Well I guess you could consider it self defense but does Ryder know that? Yeah that’s another thing with those 3…. But I shall say no more 😉

      LOL yeah Nix and Qiana to the rescue…

  6. Emma. L says:

    Omg Ryder all the way!!! ❤ ❤
    I just love him sooo much:)
    Ahh finally, Liam's dead!! SCORE!
    Poor Sammy… I do feel bad for her but my heart belongs to Ry.. ❤
    I was litterally squeeing so loud when I saw the new chappie! Eek!!
    If you people don't vote for Ryder I will find you and stab you with a straw ^_^
    Just kidding!
    I LOVE YOU RYDER!!<3<3
    Oh, quick question: Where did you get Ryder's hair from and also your eye defaults?
    Ryder.. *swoon*
    This is the first time in your legacy I've had a decision for heir poll right away!
    You're awesome, Jax!
    Never stop writing<3
    Take time if you need it for the update, I understand ^.^

    • Jax says:

      Wow you sound just like me when I first saw Ryder!! And the first time I saw Noah… LOL I was doing the same thing! Squeaking and squealing at how adorable they were! I knew Noah would make some awesome babies. If Ryder wins… well thank you god 😉 Although I am totally up for doing Sam’s story as well. I’d love Ryder but I’ll be just as satisfied. 🙂 Well okay… I may be a little disappointed because I want to stare at the cute for an entire generation.

      Yup he’s dead but Ryder doesn’t see it as a ‘Score’ he sees it as a “Oh dear god what did I just DO!?”

      As far as Sam goes. That’s just a messed up situation and a half. The man apparently knows her but she has no idea who he is. Let’s hope that she’ll be okay!

      HAH stab with a straw… good one XD

      Hmmm Ryder’s hair would be from here:

      The eyes is a different story though o.o I tried to find them but they won’t pop up on mod the sims anymore. I’ll have to e-mail my file to you (if you want, that is) because I don’t know where I could get them at.

      Haha you’re cracking me up with all the *swoons* ;D I love it.

      Yaaaaaaay! 😀 Glad you could decide fast! Awww thank you *blush* And I’ll try not too! I do LOVE doing this story-blog.

      Aw thanks. It’s just I don’t feel so great today or yesterday… or the day before *sigh* Stupid always getting sick ;_; It’s a good thing I got pictures before I started feeling terrible.

  7. toyinroxx123 says:

    Ding dong, the witch is dead.., HALLELUJAH PRAISE THE LORD!

  8. deathcullen says:

    Oh gosh!!!! I can’t think! Sam, Ryder. I’m glad that Ryder stood up for himself and but he maybe could have did something different than kill. Oh no. Not that guy again. He better not even think about hurting Sam* Gets ready to fight* Grrrr why must you make this hard I can’t choose!!!! Liam is still as adorable as ever.

    • deathcullen says:

      NO NOT Liam I meant Ryan still looks adorable* scolds self for getting it wrong*

    • Jax says:

      There could of been but Ryder def. was not thinking straight when all of that happened! Plus HE was about to get killed … what’s a person to do? Esp. a young kid?? OH so you noticed him? Well that’s good then! Kudos! 😉

      LOL because it’s fun 😀 LIAM or do you mean Ryder? hehe

  9. Lily says:

    Aww crap!! Voting is gonna be so hard!!! Great chapter and yay for ryder. He finally stood up for himself even a little bit too much! I changed my mind, ryder has my vote ❤

  10. Morgan says:

    AHHHHHH what just happened!!!!!! Funny though because my first thought about Liam when he was saying all that stuff about Riley I was like “That’s it, your Dead!!!” It’s okay Ryder I support you and your reasoning one hundred and 95 percent. But I’m sure a punch in the nose and hurlying the knife in the water would have been just as good. But hey , either way is fine. 🙂
    Ah Sam, pssh I would’ve had my bags packed and at the door when Noah came. I wouldn’t want to stay in that scary ass neighbor hood and work at a bar! Seriosuly, well atleast she’s not a stipper. Noah might have a heart attack. God dang it. Here goes another eposide of reuniting with your crazy pyscho parent. See sam, see why Noah filled your head with happy thoughts instead of my fbi twin sister and brother found you locked in a cage behind a bookshelf, where your crazy bitch of a mother was strangled and taken to an asylm. Doesn’t Riely holding you and reading a bed time story sound sooooooooooo much better !!!! And now you might die or or or or oh no!!!! Please do not become on of those girls they had locked up in a closet. I might have a heart attack. God Sam better start pratcing her I’m sorry, I forgive you, I’ll never leave the house speech. Gah I don’t know who to choice . 😦 descions decisons

    • Jax says:

      That’s exactly the anger and hatred I was trying to get across. Ryder was so boiled over with rage at that point he just didn’t think clearly anymore and when Liam came at him… he didn’t hesitate to use that knife. He could of done a lot of things but he didn’t. Now he has to accept his actions and live his life like that. But who knows what’s going to happen 😉

      Well Sam is thick-headed like her father. She wants it her way or it’s the highway. She wants to forgive her dad but she just feels hurt by what he did. She took it too heart and still hasn’t forgave him. Although right now I’m pretty sure she’s just wishing she went with her dad. Maybe grabbed Kylie from that bar and had her dad take them home. That didn’t happen though because Sam made her choice. ;_; We have to see what happens… or what not happens 😉 It all depends who wins.

  11. Wow Sponge, there’s so much in this chapter! How do you NOT expect me to write essay length comments? Huh?

    So, you know my vote is for Sam, cause I’m dying to see the destruction of PIN and what the company is truly all about. Guy with the gun looks like striped shirt guy from the club (and someone Noah used to work with – if my back chapter sleuthing is correct), although this other guy is someone new entirely I think. At least I don’t remember him.
    Any lingering anger Sam might have about her dad not telling her the truth is certainly about to be squashed once she finds out what a b*tch of a mother she actually has. I only hope that she’s rescued before she goes through too much, although knowing you, unlikely 😀
    Please tell me Nix and Quiana will make appearances. Okay I know you can’t but… I’m hoping!! Me loves Nix. *sigh*
    Oh and can I say I KNEW stripped shirt guy was with PIN! Plus detective point for me?

    As for Ryder, he should have went with his gut feeling.and stayed away from that girl, especially one so FORWARD! Holy hell batman! I’m glad that nothing physical happened to Ryder and that he managed to escape with his life. Although, the life he has now will be difficult. Either always running from a ghost, or sent to juvie for murder. Although, I’m sure Nix and Ana can pull some strings yes?

    • Oh, and that’s all if Liam is actually dead. Ry might just be freaking out a little too fast.

    • Jax says:

      LOL that’s fine! Write as much as your heart desires, me no mind! 😀

      Oh of course 🙂 I knew that. Yeah it would be really nice to see it come to an end, wouldn’t it? But all in due time 😉 All in due time. Yup you are correct! It is the striped shirt guy and ah yes, VERY good eye 😉 Although somehow Noah just didn’t notice him that one night in the club. Maybe he wasn’t paying attention because he was focused on his soon-to-be ex lol. Yup that is true. Although she does know her mother wasn’t any good because otherwise she would be in her life. She really doesn’t want to know who she is, she’s just mad at her father for lying and the whole Brooke situation. Well… she’s quick to forgive right now though lol

      Yeah, def. can’t say. Sowwy. All I can say is that we shall see! hehehe YUP! Detective point for you 😀

      He probably should of but he wasn’t really thinking right. He’s a teenage boy. All he was thinking is “Oooo pretty girl like me!” LOL Yeah she was really forward O_O But what better way to get a guys attention, so she thought. Well she did get his attention though. Ah yes… t’was good he’s unharmed but bad that he’s now going to have one heck of a life ahead of him… Maybe… maybe not 😉

      • It would, but yes in time. I want to watch the destruction happen slowly and all those associated can rot in jail for their treachery! God I hope Sam wins. I’ll cry if she doesn’t and I don’t get to see all this. *sniff*
        VERY good sleuthing. Took time too, I had go through all the chapters, and it amused me because he wasn’t even the one I was looking for, I just happened to see the shirt and go… hey wait, lol. Yes, Noah had his mind elsewhere, plus if I remember he wasn’t very social at work anyway.

        Yay detective point!!! 1 more and I think my detective skill increases to level 2 😛

        Indeed, and so I don’t fault him for any of what happened. His past experiences, hormones and emotions were all in control instead of logic. Which happens more often than anyone would like to admit. Hmmm… why do I have a sudden feeling that he might go out on the run???

      • Jax says:

        I second that! The whole operation just needs to burn to the ground. But what’s the source of this entire thing and WHO is running it?? The questions, the questions! 😉

        Awww *huggles you* Let’s hope so… but one will never know until a few days from now! 😉

        Yeah I agree! That took a lot of detective work to figure that out, good job Csugar! Yeah, you’re also right… Noah was a social person at work. He doesn’t even like his job, he just does it because he can’t do anything else.

        LOL that made me laugh XD Yesh, one more point and you increase in level ;P

        Yup, you’re exactly right. That’s also true too. I mean, Ryder is a neurotic kid but sometimes he’s willing to step out and try new things or push past his fears if you will. I guess that fits with his traits, huh? Neurotic+daredevil lol I also showed his loving nature towards family because he has that family trait as well. I love Ryder’s personality lol Sam is just wild but when it comes to serious stuff she can get really nervous and upset. Party animal + Over-emotional! LOL I love how traits help me make choices with their personalities hehe

        Hmmm… maybe.. but maybe not… 😉

      • Jax says:

        I second that! The whole operation just needs to burn to the ground. But what’s the source of this entire thing and WHO is running it?? The questions, the questions! 😉

        Awww *huggles you* Let’s hope so… but one will never know until a few days from now! 😉

        Yeah I agree! That took a lot of detective work to figure that out, good job Csugar! Yeah, you’re also right… Noah was a social person at work. He doesn’t even like his job, he just does it because he can’t do anything else.

        LOL that made me laugh XD Yesh, one more point and you increase in level ;P

        Yup, you’re exactly right. That’s also true too. I mean, Ryder is a neurotic kid but sometimes he’s willing to step out and try new things or push past his fears if you will. I guess that fits with his traits, huh? Neurotic+daredevil lol I also showed his loving nature towards family because he has that family trait as well. I love Ryder’s personality lol Sam is just wild but when it comes to being serious she gets really nervous and upset. Party animal + Over-emotional! LOL I love how traits help me make choices with their personalities hehe

        Hmmm… maybe.. but maybe not… 😉

      • Exactly! Questions that might never be answered if Sam doesn’t win! So VOTE SAM! Thank you for the huggles. It’ll help get me through the next few days while I wait for results.
        It DID! I seriously went through (skimming through photos of course) like 7 chapters just to find that out! You don’t make my work easy, which is a good thing 😀
        Do you randomize your traits? I always thought you picked ones that fit your story? Lol, yes but a neurotic daredevil might be afraid of what his family will think and bringing shame or trouble to them so he’ll run away – which in a sense is an adventure too.
        It was funny seeing her all scared when she’s generally so up in your face. I wonder how she would have reacted if Ky wasn’t there.
        I’m going to turn that into your new catch phrase, “Maybe… maybe not…” ;P

      • Jax says:

        That *might* not be answered, but you never really know what I’m doing. I might surprise you! Oh you’re welcome 😀 hehe

        LOL well nice work their Watson! I hate making it easy because then there is no fun in the story. If everyone knew the outcome they wouldn’t come back for more 😀

        Yeah I randomize traits. There have been times where I picked but I’m usually too lazy so I just randomize them. Sometimes they are even locked in because of school work and not doing toddler skills LOL

        That is true. But I’ll say this: Someone who is as neurotic and vulnerable as Ryder is right now… can be easily swayed. Take that and ponder 😉

        LOL yaaaay! I get a catch phrase! XD hahaha

      • You always surprise me! Like with Kay being with some dude – I honestly thought it was because she was jealous of her sister being with Sam.

        Well I would, cause your writing is awesome. The fact that there are still tons of things I can’t figure out just makes it that much better.

        So your plot lines… do they change pending on triats, or do you have it figured out when their toddlers (or unborn) and just add in their traits to the story? Lol @ having them locked in sometimes.

        Easily swayed? But by who I wonder???!!!! And the pondering continues…

        Yay you get a catch phrase! 😛

      • Jax says:

        Heheh, I’m full of surprises 😀 I always do things for a reason though ^_^

        Awww… that’s so sweet of you to say! 🙂

        Usually when the kids are born I’m clueless as to what I want to do with them. Usually as time progresses (sometimes according to traits) I’ll figure out what I really want to do. It takes me a bit and sometimes I change what I really want to do and then sometimes (like with Ryder) I’ll go back to my original plan.

        LOL more pondering! 😀 Have fun trying to figure it out 😉

        haha yup! I’m special now because I got a catch phrase.

  12. Minty says:

    Wow there is just so much in this chapter I just don’t know where to start!
    Poor Sam she’s had to grow up quickly. I know she’s totally ticked off with Noah but I wish she’d stayed with him. I wonder what those guys want with her and Kylie. I’m guessing he was part of the group that had Riley way back a few chapter ago? Only guessing since he knew her name ^_^
    Oh wait does that mean Stacey might be trying to get her daughter back?!
    I gave a little cheer for Ryder when I read that he was going on a date.
    At least Liam has gone…but what’s going to happen to Ryder now?!

    My heart will always belong to Ryder so I think I’m going to have to vote for him!

    • Jax says:

      Yeah I did jam-pack it full of a lot of different stuff. I was just trying to end this generation and start anew. I’m going to miss Noah though. He’ll probably always be my favorite. ❤

      Yeah but she's her father's daughter- Girl's thickheaded. You may be onto something 😉

      Aw, but it wasn't a real date. I must of said to myself "Dang I feel so bad for what I'm doing to Ryder" at least 6 times while I wrote that chapter.

      Yeah… and I guess you'll have to find out. Well if he wins anyways 😉

      ❤ My heart belongs to him as well.

  13. YO!!! I read this the day it came out, but I wanted to wait til I was on my laptop instead of my phone to comment and vote. Wowie Zowie! What an update! Sam should have definitely went with her dad, though she couldn’t possibly know the future. And now her and Kylie may get hurt! I have this huge feeling that Kylie won’t be Sam’s significant other forever. I mean, look at the other heirs, Yoki had Alana with that one guy so that she could get a head start on her dream, then was with a woman for a while, before finally settling down with Flynn, Bazel had twins with Dodge(?) before finally settling down with Cody. Cale was sort of in a relationship with that Bobbie girl, before realizing that he was in love with Kitty, we all know how Fraser’s first relationship ended, Micki was infatuated with her therapist, before falling in love with Jed, and Noah was just a very strange case.

    Plus, if Sam is heir, she would need to be able to have kids! and I don’t think a girl can get a girl pregnant IRL. I just REALLY hope that her and Kylie aren’t hurt.

    Ryder, Ryder, Ryder… I knew that you would eventually explode from all of that bottling in. I just didn’t think that you would go that far. Though it could technically be counted as self defense. I knew from the minute that I saw that girl that it was a trick. Ryder should’ve told SOMEONE! Even Sam. A peson can’t handle that much bullying on their own. What Liam was doing was inhumanely harsh! So though its not right for me to feel this way, I was happy that he was ‘taken care of’. I would’ve preferred that something was actually done, and then Liam and Ryder would be friends, but it seems like its too lae for that now. 😦

    Though my comments would probably never top the essays that CSugar puts, I think this comment is long enough. I’m excited to see who wins, cuz I love em both.


    Ps. I’m actually almost done with a simself. I might have been a little too overexcited. But at least I would finish it before I said I would on your ISBI (generation six).

    • Jax says:

      That’s fine Nate! I’ve done that before myself. I hate commenting off of an Ipod or Iphone, it’s too annoying. Well if she would have known what the future held she wouldn’t of told her father off like that. Now I bet she is wishing she never did that. Maybe… but maybe not. Maybe this time around I’m just keeping her with the same person. You never really know 😉 LOL very good memory!! You also forgot about Micki and Jeremy and how she ‘thought’ she loved him.

      LOL noooo a girl can’t get a girl pregnant but I’d find a way to make something happen that was realistic. No worries.

      Yup he did explode. He’s held in so much frustration… it’s insane. It could be, but does Ryder know that? Yeah, too bad Ryder didn’t notice that. I mean, he’s never been approached by a girl so he didn’t know what it was supposed to be like. Well he was too afraid to tell anyone so he just kept it all in until he finally snapped. Yeah it would of been nice, but… Ryder did what he did and that’s that.

      Ha ha, that’s okay though. I really do like long comments ^^

      Awww that’s awesome! 😀 I’m glad you made or err are almost done making one! I’m thinking about making a preview of the new generation. Like a video preview if you will. I’m NOT promising that I will, I just hope I can figure out how to use that video mod thing-y so I can do it.

      • Hmm… You might just leave Kylie with Sam, granted that she wins, or you might be saying that, and think that I would believe you, and then you trick me, and they separate, or you could defy what I just said and make me think that you are tricking me, and then end up leaving them together, so that I am surprised. OR… eh… Never mind. 😉

        I have very good memory, its funny how I tell people stuff that DID happen, and then they tell me that they dont remember.

        I know that you could make Kylie and Sam have a baby together, but what I meant is that you would somehow make it in an interesting way, like when Fraser had Kaylee and Lia, it was that whole experimentation thing. *shrugs*

        I love long comments also, don’t get enough of them on my blog. I honestly want to know everything that my reader is thinking. Maybe I could get one if a certain person named Jackie would check it out. 😉

        I’m done with him. I’m uploading him to the exchange now (though I hate the exchange cuz of all of the bad CC that ya get) and will probably upload him to mediafire, though I heard that mediafire doesn’t work for you. I could email him if you want. But he looks like a forty year old monkey. Here is a pic if you want to see.

        A video would be extremely psychedelic. No pressure though.

      • Jax says:

        One may never know what I have up my sleeve dear Nate 😉 One may never know.

        Oh I know, but you’re probably right I’d figure out some crazy way… or just get lazy and do a Scott/Fraser kind of thing.

        LOL I know, I know! I’ll check it out I promise. I was busy making that video today ^^

        Ahahaha 40-year old monkey…. that made me laugh. I don’t think he looks bad. 🙂

      • Erm… So do you want me to email him to ya? If not tsokay.

      • Jax says:

        OH right! Yeah email him to me.

      • Oh, and girl version of him is lovely *shakes head vigorously*

      • Jax says:

        LOL I bet 😉

  14. Emme says:

    So when does the heir poll close?

  15. Emy says:

    Yaaay, finally getting a chance to catch up. I’m so glad that I don’t have to wait to find out what happens with those cliff hangers. o.o

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