Chapter 7.1 – Locked In

Author’s note: New generation. Well, I’m officially nervous as to what you guys are going to think about it. I did mention to many of you that Ryder’s generation was going to be a different one. I can’t promise that at times it won’t be disturbing because it probably will be. This is of course my first time ever doing a generation like this, I hope you guys enjoy it even if you don’t agree with our dear generation 7 heir at times.

Oh and some parts are in italics those are written in third person. There is only a few, so no worries! In love


Ryder’s Point of View

Oh god. Oh god please no! How could I have killed someone?! I didn’t mean it, I swear to god it wasn’t on purpose! I wasn’t thinking straight and I had the knife in my hand and- Oh my god, I’m going to go to jail! I’m going to rot in a jail cell and be someone’s little peach fuzz. They’re going to do horrible things to me and… Oh my god, I just can’t think about it! What am I going to do? Liam’s friends and his girlfriend know and SAW that I killed him! They’re going to go straight to the police and I’m going to get in so much trouble. What is my father going to think of me? What about my sister?! They’re going to be so ashamed of me and are never going to speak to me again. They’re going to pretend I don’t exist and try to clear our family name because of how horrible I am. I’m not even going to get to see my little brother grow up now and I’m not going to get to see my dog anymore. I’m a complete outcast and it’s all my fault. I should have never even come to the beach with that whore! I wasn’t freaking thinking with my brain; stupid hormones! 


Behind the trees a man watched – waited – as Ryder hovered over the lifeless body. He grinned to himself as he knew what he witnessed would be most pleasing to his commander.


He grinned wickedly, placing his phone to his ear saying, “The boy struck out; he murdered the red-haired one.”


On the other end of the phone the commander felt a sense of pride swell inside of him. He was over-joyed by this news and spoke gently back to one of his men.

“Are you sure?”

The man from the other end grunted, “Most positive.”

The commander slyly smiled, “I’ll be there by morning. Don’t let him escape.”


I just kept standing there for which felt like forever just staring at Liam’s body. What the heck was staring going to do?! He wasn’t coming back no matter what I did. I mean for god’s sake it had only been a few hours and he was already turning as pale as a ghost. So in my moment of sheer rage and frustration I grabbed the knife I killed him with and charged towards the ocean waters.

“Stupid KNIFE! Stupid anger! This is all my FAULT!” I shouted.


I gripped the knife tightly in my right hand and then with all my force I threw it out into the black abyss.

“I’m such an IDIOT!” I screamed and then fell to my knees.


My knees fell into the icy waters; I could feel the cold piercing my knees. It only hurt for a little while until my legs went completely numb. I wish my whole body felt like my legs. I don’t want to feel all of this regret and pain striking through me every freaking second. I reached my hands down into the water and scooped up some of it and then splashed it across my face. I rubbed my face hard and then lowered my hands. I couldn’t even move as I stared at the washed up blood covering my palms. The more I tried to push the thought of killing someone out of my head, the more reminders I received.

I continued to stare, “I’m a monster…” I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks.


As the sun began to peak its ugly head across the sky, a sense of panic and fright washed over me. The sun’s coming up and that means people are going to be coming out and that means I’m a GONER! They’re going to see that I killed Liam and then they’re going to beat me up and drag me away!

I raced over to Liam’s body and dropped down beside him. I grabbed him in my arms and began to cry harder than I ever have in my entire life. I placed a hand to his cheek and jumped a little when I felt how cold it was.

“Why did you have to be so mean to me?! Why did you have to say all of those things to hurt me?! I was so afraid of you and SO angry at you! Liam you can’t die!! I need you to be alive, I don’t want to lose my family and go to jail! I’m only 15!”


The commander arrived just as he said he would. He stepped foot onto the beach and chuckled to himself as he watched Ryder hold the dead boy in his arms.

“Pathetic.” he sighed, “Just pathetic.”


I just continued to sit there in the sand holding onto Liam and crying my eyes out. What else was I going to do? I was obviously going to get in trouble no matter what I did. Sure I could have tried chucking his body in the ocean, but he weighs more than I do! How am I supposed to carry all this dead weight? Plus even if I was super strong, his body would wash up on shore eventually and then they’d do CSI crap on it and figure out it was me all along. I’m doomed no matter what I do!

Just as I was sitting there I heard a faint chuckle. My head shot up and I wiped away my tears quickly. A man stood before me with a smirk on his face and his arms crossed.

“Well, aren’t you in some deep stuff.” he laughed again.


I jumped to my feet and gasped. Oh god, someone’s here?! Already?! Okay, I knew it was coming but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. What do I say!? What do I DO!?

“It was an accident! I didn’t mean to hurt him, I promise! Please don’t call the police!” I blurted out all at once.


He stared down at the body and just grinned to himself. What the heck was he smiling for?!  I killed someone and the body is two feet from him. You don’t smile at stuff like that; you run away and then call the cops on the person who did it.

“Cops are overrated.” he finally spoke, “What you did was merely… taking care of a problem.”

Taking care of a- IS HE INSANE?!


The man came closer to me and I took a step back out of fear. I didn’t know what I was more afraid of; knowing the fact that I’m going to get in huge trouble or this man standing in front of me! I mean, just the looks he was giving me was sending shivers down my back.

“There is no need to be afraid, Ryder.” he stated, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

My eyes widened, “How do you know my name?!”


“That’s not important right now.” he replied, “What is important though is this situation you are in. A lot of people are not going to be as accepting as I am of it. But other people aren’t here to be your friend, Ryder. And what do friends do? They help each other. I can get rid of that body for you and no one will have to know that you did anything wrong.”

I glared at him, “I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

He smirked, “Very clever you are indeed. The only thing I ask in return is that you come with me to live at my mansion and to always do as I ask. I find that a pretty fair deal, don’t you think?”


Go with him to his mansion?! Always do as he asks?! I knew it, this guy IS insane! How the heck is he supposed to get rid of a body and WHY is going with him his bargain for doing it? He’s probably just some mental patient who’s trying to bring me to the back woods so he can kill me. Not that I really care right now, I’d rather be dead anyways. I’m a low-life murderer and I hate myself for killing Liam. Still, I wasn’t going to go with this man! I don’t care if I wish I was dead; he’s crazy!

“Are you nuts?! I’m not going anywhere with you! You could be a crazed maniac for all I know! How the heck do you expect to just get rid of a body and then have me live in your freaking house?! You realize how twisted that sounds?? I mean, for god’s sake you obviously know who I am but I don’t know who the heck you are! Get away from me you sicko!”

He didn’t even flinch at my outburst. He just stood there smiling like an idiot. Why the heck does he keep smiling?! There is nothing happy about any of this!


Then suddenly his smile dropped and his face turned bitter. I gulped at the expression change. Okay, I’d rather him keep smiling, I don’t want him to go all wacko on me right here and now!

He raised his hand towards the sky, “You see that?” he questioned, “The sun is rising faster and faster. Soon people will be arriving and you will be stuck here with a corpse. No one is going to pity you just because you are young. They are going to throw you into a prison cell and you WILL be tortured for the rest of your life. They show no mercy behind those bars, Ryder.”

“And what?” I shouted, “I’m supposed to believe that you’re my ‘friend’ and that you’re trying to help me? Bull crap! Dude, I don’t know who you are but I know no matter what choice I make they both are going to be the wrong one. I’d rather just sit here and wait out my punishment then go with you and get chopped into little pieces.”


He stepped towards me and tried to grab my arm. My immediate reaction was to clench my fist. I swear to god, I never reacted that way before when someone touched me. Liam was always hurting me and I never built up any courage to stand up to him. It’s like something inside of me snapped when I killed him and my body built up a defense mechanism.

“Get away from me.” I spat, “I don’t need your help and nor do I want it.”

He held up his arms sarcastically, “Whoa, come on now. No one is trying to hurt anyone here. I’m just trying to save you from a life of misery and regret.” 

I scoffed, “I’ll always regret what I did. No one is going to be able to take that pain away from me.”

He smirked, “You never know, I do have a way of making a lot of things go away. I mean, you’re going to go to prison no matter what if you stay on this beach. Why don’t you just take a chance and come with me instead? What do you really have to lose that’s not already gone? You have no home, you have no life and you have no family. You’re a nothing, so why do you care if you stay here or if you go with me? It’s not like it’s going to make a difference. Just one road leads to prison and the other… doesn’t.”


I lowered my arm and my eyes glazed over with tears. He was right; no matter what I did I was always going to have nothing. I’m an outcast because I decided to kill someone. If I stay here I will go to jail and if I go with him… well what do I have to lose? The worst he can do is kill me; I’d probably die in jail anyways.

He placed both his hands on my shoulders. I tensed up a bit at first and then quickly relaxed when our eyes met.

“Just come with me and I’ll make all the bad things go away. You’re 15 years old; you have a life ahead of you. Why would you want to waste it behind bars?”

I sighed softly, “Okay. I’ll go with you. Just please, make the body go away.”

He took his hands away and clasped them together, “Smart move, Ryder.” he grinned.


After getting extremely happy about the choice I had made, the man grabbed Liam’s body off the ground and threw it over his shoulder. He started walking quickly up the path and I slowly followed behind him. I was still so very unsure about the choice I just made. Actually, I was unsure of everything! Nothing in my life is ever going to be the same no matter what choice I made. I just figured at least this way I don’t have to rot in a cell. At least… I sure hope not.

The man growled, “Come now, Ryder! We don’t have all day. The sun is already in the sky and I’m sure people will be crowding this beach any moment now!”

I sighed, “O-okay… I’m coming.”


The man’s car was parked behind some trees a little north of the beach. We had to climb through bushes and walk in the woods until we actually came to it. To be honest I thought my theory about him wanting to chop me up in the woods was coming into play! I seriously almost had a heart attack when he opened his trunk and there was an axe and a pistol inside of it. Although he didn’t chop me up, he just threw Liam’s body in the trunk and told me to go get in the car.

I did as he asked. I climbed into the passenger side of the car and waited patiently until he got in next to me. Although I was scared for my life I still couldn’t stop staring at the inside of this man’s car! Holy CRAP it was so freaking nice! It was all digitalized and had a freaking coffeemaker and a mini flat screen that dropped from the celling! Okay, I guess this was a really bad time to admire my possibly future killer’s car… but still… at least I get to drive to my death in style.


When I tell you it took hours to get to this man’s house, I’m not even exaggerating. He lived WAY up in the mountains of Bridgeport. There was seriously no one around for miles on end. The last house I saw was this broken down shack probably 15 or 20 miles back. So to say that I was officially screwed being up here was an understatement.

Once we arrived he glared at me and told me to get out of the car. I quickly undid my seatbelt and rushed as fast as I could to get out. Once out I stood next to the passenger side door and watched as another man came over to greet the man I was riding with.

“Commander.” the man with no hair stated, “Do you require my assistance?”

Commander? Of what army?? Oh my god, he works for the army?! No… that doesn’t even make sense. God, I wish I knew who this man really was.

He pointed to the trunk, “Take care of it. I have other important matters to attend to right now.”

The man nodded and then ‘Commander’ looked at me, “I’ll be inside the house. You better be in there too.”

I just gulped and then nodded my head. Did he really expect me to stay out here anyways? I mean, I really don’t want to know what they’re going to do to Liam’s body.


I wasted no time. As soon as I saw him go in the house, I follow suit. I did however just stand in the doorway once I was actually inside the house. MY god, this house was HUGE! I mean, I could obviously tell that from the outside of it, but to actually go in and see it for myself… it just made it that much bigger. 

“Wow.” I mouthed, my eyes wandering all over the place.


As I was standing there ‘Commander’ came out of nowhere and darted for the steps.

“Come now.” he demanded, “Stop standing there.”


His tone of voice had me growing even more nervous about everything. God, what am I doing? Why am I even here? I mean, I know why I’m here but I just wish that I wasn’t. I wish this was just a bad dream that I was going to wake up from any minute now. I want to be home in my own room or sitting in the living room of my own house watching SpongeBob with my little brother. 

‘Commander’ turned around slightly, “I said COME!” he shouted, snapping me out of my train of thought. 

I shook my head and then quickly dashed towards him and followed him up to the second floor landing.


‘Commander’ made me follow him down a couple long hallways until we reached a room way in the back. He opened the door with force and inside was some kid lying on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds. He looks like he’s like 16 or something! Why in the world is he here? Now I’m even more confused.


‘Commander’ glared at the boy, “Get up.” he growled.

I just stared at ‘Commander’ and then at the boy. God, this guy is a psycho.


When the boy noticed that we were in the room he jumped to his feet. He then tilted his head to the side as if to listen.

“Sorry, sir.” he mumbled out, “I didn’t hear you come in.”

‘Commander’ scoffed, “Well next time you better pay attention.” he continued, “Now, I want you to show our friend here to a change of clothes. I can’t stand to see him in those rags for another minute. Besides, they’re covered in dirt and blood. We don’t need those getting out anywhere, now do we?”

The boy – who was still titling the right side of his head – shook his head, “No sir, we don’t. I’ll get right on it.”

I think there might be something wrong with his left ear by the way he keeps doing that.


Before leaving the room, ‘Commander’ turned to me and said, “I expect to see you downstairs in 14 minutes on the dot. I want you in my office after you change out of that filth. Don’t even think about keeping me waiting Ryder. Ask my friend Adam here what happens when you don’t listen.”

“Okay.” I replied.

He glared at me, “Don’t give that. You respond with ‘Yes sir’. Do I make myself clear, Ryder?”

I nodded my head, “Yes, sir.”

And with that being said he left the room. Holy crap, I feel like I’m in a boot camp or something! What is this place?!


As soon as he was out of the room Adam looked over at me and then shook his head.

“What?” I questioned him.

“You don’t belong here.” he scoffed, “Why don’t you just go back to whatever ‘screwed up family’ you came from. I know you may think your life is a nightmare, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Why the heck did you go with James? You know he owns you now right?”

His name is James? Finally some useful information!


I glared at him, “What do you mean he ‘owns me’?!”

Adam sighed, “Can you say that again, I didn’t have my good ear pointed towards you. All I saw was your mouth moving too fast.”

Oh my gosh, he is deaf! Well, partly anyways…

“I said, what do you mean by that?! That guy doesn’t own me… I came with him because he said he’d get rid of my problem.”

Adam scoffed, “Yeah welcome to the club. So what’s your problem? Daddy not give you allowance this month? Did you get your fancy car taken away? I can tell by those clothes you’re wearing that you aren’t some poor street kid.”

I looked to the floor and then back at him, “I might have killed someone…” I whispered.


His eyes widened, “Holy…” he replied, “I want to ask what happened, but I don’t think I really want to know.”

After saying that he threw himself back on his bed and then pointed towards the dresser.

“There are clothes in there of mine, just take whatever.” he sighed, “Have fun with boss man. You’re going to need it.”

“Uh, thanks…”


I went through his drawers really quickly because I knew I only had a few minutes to get dressed and then go downstairs. At first I just took his warning as some sort of way to scare me, but after figuring out that Adam has a bad ear… I’m wondering if James did that to him. I don’t really think I want to know how that happened or why. I’m just going to listen to him and get down there before my time runs out. 

I threw on some jeans and this coat jacket thing that I found. The shirt and jacket combo just didn’t sit right on me! It was so awkward and big! I kept moving it around and messing with the collar but no matter how hard I tried it still didn’t fit me right.

Adam groaned, “Would you stop playing with that thing? You look like some prissy girl trying to get ready for a date. He’s a freaking monster; you don’t need to impress him. Just go down there before you get into trouble.”

“But this thing is so freaking weird on me! Why is your wardrobe filled with all of these uncomfortable clothes?!”

He growled, “Because it’s what they freaking gave me, now get out of here and go to him!!”


Instead of arguing with Adam or trying to find something else to wear I just decided to go down to James’ office. Of course before I left out of the room I asked Adam where the heck his office was and he kindly told me the directions on how to get down there. I’ll admit it took me a few minutes to figure out where it was but hopefully those few minutes didn’t get me into trouble. 

Once in front of James’ door I had to stop because I heard loud talking coming from the other side. Being the curious and nosy person that I am I decided to listen in on their conversation- Which could also get me in a lot of trouble.


“Commander.” the voice said, “What do you want us to do with them?”

He scowled, “Do you honestly think I care? Just put them in the cellar, I’ll deal with them later.”

The voice grunted, “Yes, sir.” he continued on, “Does he know that we have them?”

James’ scoffed, “He better not know that, not yet anyways. I have the perfect way to make sure he finds out though. We’re going to make sure he’s kept on board. His father is going to pay for shutting down one of my biggest corporations and pay hard.”


Just as I was standing there trying to figure out what or who they were talking about, I felt a sneeze coming. Oh god, not now! I’m going to be so busted if I-…



James spoke, “I believe I have a visitor. Come in here Ryder.” he demanded.

Oh god, I’m going to get in so much trouble! He’s probably going to make me deaf or blind or cripple or something! I’m going to die!

“NOW RYDER!” his voice boomed.


I slowly opened the door and then slipped through the entrance quickly. I stood at the doors for a second until he waved me to come closer to him. I looked around for the other voice I heard in here but apparently he was already gone. This house was like one giant maze, there was at least 2 or 3 ways to get out of every room!

“You wanted to see me sir?” I managed to somehow get out of my mouth.


He looked at me up and down, “Much better. Well, almost. You still look like a slob but at least we can now get rid of that evidence you created on yourself.” he stated, completely ignoring what I had said. He then pointed at a chair in front of his desk, “Sit down.”

I nodded my head and then quickly sat down.


“So, did you like the room I showed you? That’s where you are going to be living from now on. It is your responsibility to keep that room in shape… whatever shape that may be. Previous owners have already turned it into a craphole, but I still expect you and Adam to keep it nice. Oh and speaking of Adam… get used to him because you’re paired for life.” he smirked.

My eyes widened, “What does THAT mean!?”

“As in he’s your partner. You and he are to always be together. His last one… well we won’t speak of him right now, now will we? I don’t expect you to get along but I do expect you to work well with him. Everyone who is under my command must have someone else with them at all times. I just can’t risk anyone going out alone, wouldn’t want someone to get caught, right Ryder?”

Partner? Going out alone?! What the freaking heck is he talking about?! What is this place?!


I don’t really know where my bravery came from but after he had said that all I felt was anger and frustration. Why is this guy treating me like a piece of property that he controls?! Why the heck is everyone acting that way towards him? I know I was an idiot for following him and now that I realize that I don’t want to be here anymore- Prison is just looking better and better.

“What in the world are you talking about!? You told me that if I came with you, you were going to make my problems go away not give me more of them. What the heck is this place anyways!? Why are people calling you Commander and acting like you’re some freaking god??”

He chuckled, “Don’t question things Ryder, I promise you won’t like the answer. I told you at the beach that if I got rid of your problem that you were to live with me and do anything I asked. Did I not say that?”

“Yeah, you did, but you didn’t say that I was going to be partnered with some random stranger to do god knows what for you! You also didn’t tell me that you lived ten thousand miles away from ANYTHING! You freaking tricked me into coming with you because you knew I was desperate. Well guess what, I think I’d rather just go to prison now. I don’t want to do anything for you. This was a mistake.”


He stood up abruptly and then charged around his desk and stood a mere two feet away from me.

“YOU listen here!” he raged, pointing a finger at me, “You don’t get to call the shots anymore. I gave you a chance to make a choice and you made it. You don’t have a life anymore, you’re mine now. You’re going to do as I ask and do it when I ask it! I don’t want to hear any back talk or smart remarks from you. You’re new here so I’m giving you this warning now… DO NOT tempt me Ryder Terrey. You will be sorry if you do not listen.”

I glared at him, “You don’t own me! I can choose to go to prison now if I want!”

His nostrils flared up and he ran over to me and gripped me up out of the seat.


I tried to put up a fight but his grip was really tight on my arm. My god, this guy was much stronger than he appeared. I’m guessing under that suit he had some guns. I don’t mean real guns but I’m sure he had those hidden somewhere on his body as well. Honestly if I know this I don’t know why I’m fighting with this man. I’m 15 and he’s like 40… the odds don’t even weigh a little bit in my favor.

He got close to my face, “You listen to me right now Ryder; YOU belong to ME. There is no escape to prison now because you’ve already seen too much. If you want to leave, you’re not leaving alive.”

He then took something out of his pocket, unlocked it and then slapped in on my wrist.


The device locked tight around my arm and would not budge no matter how hard I pulled.

He chuckled, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. If you so much as damage that lock it will shoot tiny little needles of poison into your arm and you will suffer and die. Just be warned Ryder that I now know where you are at all times as well. I have the ability to control you with that small little lock in matters you just can’t understand. So, stop messing with it!”

I took my hand from the device and just stared at it. My entire stomach churned as I thought about my life literally being on the line if anything happened to this thing. This man was serious! He really believes that I belong him. No wait, I DO! I actually belong to him now because of this freaking thing!

“So if I were to run away you’d command my wrist to just kill me? Is that it?”

He laughed, “I see you catch on quickly. Wonderful.” his expression grew serious, “Now come with me, I have something I think you’re going to love.”

“Oh goody, there’s more?”

OH CRAP. Why’d I say?!

He slapped me in the head, “Stop testing my patience Ryder!”


He pushed me in front of him and told me to walk. I had no idea where he was taking me and quite honestly I didn’t want to know. We were only walking for few minutes before we came to this room. Inside the room was a creepy freaking staircase and it was REALLY dark. I stood frozen in fear just staring at it. James came up behind me and gripped up the back of my jacket.

He got close to my ear and growled, “MOVE it; get down the stairs.” He shoved me a few feet ahead and I started down the stairs.


My heart was racing so fast; I swear James’ could hear the pounding of it against my chest. Since the moment I got to this stupid mansion I’ve been afraid but nothing scared me as much as this lock on my arm. I know I said I wanted to die, but I really don’t. I especially don’t want to die a slow and painful death by poison in my arm.

“It’s dark; I can’t see the rest of the stairs.”

“KEEP GOING!” he shouted, “Like I give a crap that it’s dark.”

I took in a deep breath and prayed to god that I would not tumble down the steps and break my lock. Yeah I could freaking care less about any bones or my skull. Just as long as my lock was okay, I would be okay.


I managed to get down the rest of the stairs alive and then I followed the creepy dark hallway into a room that was poorly lit. Once inside I just stood there and stared. I saw it with my eyes but I honestly could not believe it. I thought I was scared before, oh no, it was nothing compared to how I felt right now!

“No.” I blurted out.

James laughed, “Pretty sight, isn’t it?”


“You bas-“ he glared at me, and I held back my comment, “Why?” I questioned, “Why did you take them?! Samantha didn’t do anything wrong, she’s not a monster like me.” Or like you…

“Why does it matter?” he smirked, “Besides, it’s none of your business anyways. I don’t discuss my work with people of your stature.”

PEOPLE OF MY STATURE?! He freaking took my sister and her girlfriend! This is every bit of my business!


I walked up to the glass and placed a hand against it, “Samantha, Kylie!” I cried out, “Please don’t worry, you’re going to be okay!”

James’ laughed hard, “Do you honestly think they can see or hear you? Come on now Ryder, give me more credit than that. Plus don’t promise false hopes. There is no way for you to be sure they will live… or die.”


“If you’re not going to tell me why you have them, or if they are going to live or die, then why did you bring me down here to show me this? So I’ll stay here in your precious mansion? Well I got news for you buddy; this lock has already scared the crap out of me… so just let them go.”

He scoffed, “I didn’t need a bribe to keep you here. I have my own business with them. I showed you this because as your first job for me, you are to watch over them. You’re to make sure they are fed and do not escape.”

How the heck are they going to escape? Something doesn’t feel right about this…

“Why me?”

He just grinned and then walked out the door saying, “Good bye Ryder.”


As soon as he left I let all the built up emotions just come pouring out. I threw my head in my hands and just cried. My glasses smudged from the tears but I didn’t even give a crap. I can’t believe how much has happened in less than 24 hours. I killed someone, I’m owned by a viscous monster and now I find out I have to watch over my sister and her girlfriend. I know for a fact that he’s doing this on purpose. He’s hiding something and I don’t know what it is. Does it even matter if I did know?! I can’t do anything about it! If I try to help them, then I die without knowing if they were okay first…

“I don’t know what to do!” I cried out.


All these overwhelming feelings had been causing my stomach to turn for the past few hours. I guess my body had enough of it because the next thing I knew I was running to a corner and spewing my guts all over the rug. Yeah because that just made me feel SO much better; to have the taste of stomach acid in my mouth and to now be extremely hungry.


After throwing up, I felt weak to my knees and I just dropped to the floor. My whole body was trembling now and my vision was getting so blurry. I placed my hands to my head and tried to focus but it just wasn’t doing me any good.

“Oh god…” I slurred, “I feel like I’m going to pass out.”


And that’s exactly what I did. My eyes grew dark and my body just gave out. At least for a little while… I can escape my reality. I wish there was a way that I never had to go back to it.

Thanks for reading everyone! Sorry this took forever to get out. I’ve been really busy lately but school is about to let out for me! Woohoo! Anyways, I hope all of you guys liked the start of Ryder’s generation! So to sum up everything that happened; Ryder was desperate and made a stupid move in a desperate time. He figured that he was going to prison anyways, what did he have to lose? Although once he realized what he got himself into… he thought even prison sounded like a better option. But by the time he realized that, it was already too late. He’s stuck there and he also has a very tough job on his hands… What does he do about his sister?

Oh and the mansion was not built by me but it was decorated by me. That thing looked like it came out of a horror movie when I downloaded it O_O


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75 Responses to Chapter 7.1 – Locked In

  1. jaec52609 says:

    amazing chpter as always….i know its mean 2 say, but liam deserved it…..if ryder wouldnt have killed him, then liam wouldve killed ryder….i think liam was the way he was cuz of his crazy ass mother….
    i knew tht man was from PIN i didnt kno he was the commander….poor ryder, he is tht mans bitch 😦 i feel srry for him cuz i know tht guilt is goin 2 eat him alive….wat an ass tht james is, sam & kylie r gunna end up hatin ryder cuz he cant help her escape….well ryders partner in crime is a cutie 2…..i wonder wat adam did tht got him there….will adam nd ryder become friends nd end up defeatin james in the end? Noah is gunna have a cow when he finds out both his babies were taken

    • Jax says:

      Thank you Jaec! Well, Liam was asking for trouble the way he hurt Ryder so much. He did it out of spite and just to be cruel. If anyone, James would have LOVED to have that idiot on board with him. Although, Ryder killed him which opened up a nice wide door.

      Not from PIN, owned it. Like Robert Smith said “It was just for some fun.” When he ran that operation under his house and throughout his company. That was taken down thanks to the twins but Robert never spilled who the greater command was. Well, James would be that man.

      In a way I guess you could call him that. But in another way, he treats all his people like that because he can. Oh I know. Poor Ryder is already getting eaten alive by the guilt he feels. He’s so young and just can’t take it all in! Thank you, I thought he was cute too 😉 Wait until he’s older… heheh. Adam? Oh in due time we will discuss him. 😉

      Oh poor Noah! He’s probably freaking out!

      • jaec52609 says:

        ahhh if i was a sim in ur game lmao i dnt kno who i would want more ryder or adam….nah ryder has had my heart since he was born lol wow tht sounded VERY wrong lol but u kno wat i mean……i hope james doesnt make ryder kill sam nd kylie 4 revenge or make him watch….i hope he doesnt go kidnap little ryan either…..:O wat if he has already nd has him locked in a cell like sam was when she was a baby….i would cry 2 see tht litle boy behind bars…..who was the guy who watched ryder kill liam? wat did adam do end up in tht hell hole? was adam kidnapped nd held against his will? i see he has on one of those bracelets as well….sooo will ryder find his future wife on one of his “quests” james sends them on? or will ryder nd adam be the next Scray? i wonder who is gunna kill james….since both adam nd ryder have tht death bracelet on they cant do anything 😦 my boys r trapped, but 4 how long……:O will ryders future wife save them later on? so many things runnin through my mind i jus cant pin point wats in urs :/ ITS NOT FAIR :.(

        LMAO i JUST now noticed i was the 1st 2 comment…..silly me lol

      • Jax says:

        LOL lot of questions 😉 Don’t worry all of that will be answer throughout the generation, you just have to wait and see ^_^

      • jaec52609 says:

        im waitin 4 him 2 wake up on his couch or bed at his house like it was all a bad dream…but then again i would have still wanted liam dead 4 hurting my ryder…nd WAT did james do 2 my other baby? wat did he do 2 make adam go deaf? nd HOW in the hell can ryder woke with someone partcially deaf? wat if james sends them 2 break in somewhere? will adam be the lookout? i see tht goin down well, they would get caught bein so loud….they wont do good in prison? theyre 2 pretty….

  2. penny848 says:

    First comment?

    Anywayz! Great chapter!!! Awww noesss! Ryder made a bad move and he is stuck with a yucky problem! 😦 Hope things turn out better for him but still have drama!!!


    • Jax says:

      Thank you 🙂

      Yeah he did make a bad move and now he has to live out life that way. LOL of course. When do I not have le Drama? 😉

  3. Oh me… Oh my! That is just too much for one day. I understand why Ryder would’ve passed out at the end. I think my head would’ve exploded.

    I knew that PIN was behind this whole kerfuffle, since it wasn’t completely resolved in Noah’s generation. But this be crazy! Its not always the best move to take the easy way out, and even if the problem would’ve went away, the truth always ends up coming out. And now Ryder traded a life in prison for a life in slavery. Adam doesn’t seem too bad. At least I hope not. Ry needs a friend if he doesn’t want to go crazy, but I do wonder how his ear got messed up. PIN NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN! HURRY BEFORE I ESSPLODE! X-D

    • Jax says:

      You got that right, that is just too much for one person to handle. Esp. a young kid like him! Yeah his body couldn’t take anymore of it. He got sick and then just passed out.

      Well I gave a clue in the story when he said “His dad will pay hard for shutting down one of my biggest coporations. As in, he’s NOT PIN but he was the one who was running it in so many words. 😉 This guy? He’s much… much worse. Yeah with Ryder’s situation there honestly was no easy way out of this. He saw an open door and he just ran on through. Although once he realized what it was, it was too late to turn back. Adam? Nah he’s not so bad. He’s just mixed up in the same mess as Ryder.

      LOL maybe one day 😉

  4. jeremina5 says:

    But seriously, Ryder didnt really have a choice….i have a feeling he would be in the same predicament either way. He just went willingly. I think James would have knocked him out and took Ryder like he took Sam. Good luck. Hopefully his crazy aunt and uncle can find a way to 1.find them them.

    • Jax says:

      Yeah you’re probably right. James is just making it seem like he did. Of course, plus the whole thing with Sam and Kylie just doesn’t sit well with Ryder. He knows that James is doing something but he doesn’t understand what it is yet. He’s scared to find out. Let’s hope… but one may never know what is to happen.

  5. wolfmania98 says:

    AMAZING CHAPTER!!! I think those guys are either kidnappers and rapists or assassins (CUS I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE NINJA ASSASSINS…..). Oh Ryder….you made a bad choice. This is going to be one intersesting gen.
    And I just thought; I just finished watching this anime called Death note (if you havent seen it you should) where a smart,top of the class guy starts killing people (well…he does it on accident at first, and is JUST like Ryder), and when I was reading this chap, I just realised how similar the two characters (apart from the fact that after a while the guy in the anime goes mad O_o….)
    Can’t wait for the next one ^-^

    • Jedidiah says:

      Wolfie!!!! Death Note is the bomb! It is such a great anime!

    • Jax says:

      Thank you! LOL Ninja’s…. now that is just hilarious! bwuahah! Yeah he did make a bad choice and I can assure you it is going to be pretty interesting.

      Death note? I never heard of that one before. Sure, I’d love to check it out ^_^ Oh my gosh O____O That sounds just like Ryder… wow and I swear I never even saw this anime before. That’s crazy!

      • wolfmania98 says:

        Lol….I just love ninjas XD
        And Death note is AMAZING!! Hope you enjoy it

      • Jax says:

        I probably will. Was it made by the people who made Bleach? I went on the site and I saw the name Bleach. I LOVE BLEACH lol

      • wolfmania98 says:

        I have no idea what Bleach is O_o. I really don’t know if it was. Do you like it?

      • Jax says:

        You don’t???? O___O You need to watch it! Ish amazing anime. And I didn’t watch it yet. I’m going to watch it a little later.

      • wolfmania98 says:

        Right….Bleach….another anime to add to my list of ‘must watch later’ (I love how this chapter is so dramatic, and in the comments we’re talking about animes XD)

      • Jax says:

        LOL I didn’t even realize. Eh, oh well ^^ I like talking about Anime.

      • deathcullen says:

        Yes Death Note is AWESOME!!! It’s my favorite anime along with Bleach!

      • wolfmania98 says:

        Hey, I just watched Bleach and it looks really cool! Thanks for recommending it ^-^

      • Jax says:

        You’re welcome! The anime is 366 episodes long and has recently stopped making new ones in March 😦 All of the episodes are not in english dub yet… I only watched 75 episodes of it and I’m sad to know that it has it’s end. *sniff sniff*

      • wolfmania98 says:

        366 o_o thats alot XD I know how it feels, its like ‘whaaa theres an end to this amazingness?! D8!’ Do you like death note (if youve had time to watch it yet xD)

      • Jax says:

        LOL still haven’t watch it yet. I’m going to though ^_^ Today just felt more like a bleach kinda day 😉

  6. Jedidiah says:

    O____O I was really close with my guess, eh?
    And thanks to WP, I didn’t get an email… again. ><
    So Ry's impulse reaction is biting him in the butt, and apparently it bit off more than he can handle poor guy. Mhm… that Adam character is interesting. Oh he is partly deaf? That's a first I read in a legacy… I mean, I read about blind sims before (Splash of colors, of course) but this sounds promising. Ah, the ever alluring bait of "we will mess up your precious family if you don't play fetch with us" -.- Very intriguing, Jax. Very intriguing.
    🙂 *thumbs up*

    • Jax says:

      Yeah I posted on your other comment that you were the closest one to guess! Good job Jed 🙂 Really?? Wow that’s ridiculous. It probably didn’t give you emails for my ISBI either… stupid wordpress.

      Yeah exactly. He thought that in him going with James that that would be the better choice but alas… that was not the case. Yeah he is pretty interesting isn’t heh? Really? Yay I love being first for things. I’m sure there has been deaf before but I never read one. Or err… partly deaf anyways ^_^ I heard of Splash of colors but I never actually read it before, lol.

      Yeah exactly… or it may just be something a little more. I mean, when you think about it, why would he appoint Ryder do to this? He has to have a motive.

      Thanks Jed! Always means a lot coming from you 🙂

      • Jedidiah says:

        IDC has a new chapter too? Oh way to go, WP,… way to go… *eye rolls*
        Will read that now. 🙂

      • Jax says:

        I believe it has two that you missed 🙂

      • Jax says:

        OHMYGOSH. Your avvie! I LOVE IT! So awesome! bwuahahaha! It makes it even funnier when you know what his Bankai is! LOL

      • Jedidiah says:

        I know, right! I couldn’t stop laughing. I am still laughing. Just knowing how he usually is… all cool, and collected… and then when no one’s looking… BANKAI!!! Hahaha…

        so THAT’s how he does it… poor tree, huh? 😀

      • Jax says:

        I know I’m still laughing too! So he collects his Bankai leaves from shaking poor trees when no one is looking LOL Oh my gosh that is so funny!

        *shifty eyes* “BANKAI!!! GIVE ME BANKAI!”

        Those poor cherry blossom trees.

        His Bankai is amazing though. A bit cheat-ish in my own opinion. So not fair lol. Not as cheat-ish as the dude who is like Dr.Frankenstein with his making them not being able to move. The scum.

  7. Emma. L says:

    I understand why he did it, but whyyy? (if that makes any sense, lol)
    He’s so cute, and so’s Adam! Ohhh, Kammy are trapped! Why must there be evillll?? 😦
    Aww poor Noah, he’s got two of his kids missing 😦 He’s probably heart-broken…
    As always, great update!! Can’t wait for more! 🙂

    • Jax says:

      I knooooow! I knew you’d be upset at it but this generation is going to be full of disappoints. Not in bad way! Just… of the heir himself >< Poor guy.

      Thanks! I'm glad you think my sim men are cute 😀 heheheh. D: Because where there is good evil is present.

      😦 Oh my gosh I know. That poor man. I'm thinking about showing a bit of Noah just to show how he's doing. Just a third person segment kind of thing though.


  8. Minty says:

    What an amazing update! Ryders gen is already shaping up to be a great one! 🙂

    Ryder why would you follow a complete stranger?! Have you never heard of stranger danger before XD
    I pity Ryder so much. He killed Liam due to self-defence it was either kill or be killed. The guilt from what he has done is going to end up scaring him forever or at least for a long time…

    I really hope that James won’t make Ryder do anything to terrible but I have a bad feeling that he will. Adam is a little cutie pie! Its nice to see a character with something other than blindness. I’ve seen a few legacies with mute sims but never a partially deaf sim.

    I hope Noah is doing okay. He must feel so terrible knowing that two of his kids are missing…

    You’ve never read Splash? Do it now! Hehe if there is one legacy out there that is a must read then it is splash. Berry puts so much effort into the storyline and characters…you’ll love it. Promise!

    • Jax says:

      Why thank you very much Chloe! 🙂 I sure hope so. I have ideas left and right for this generation. I mean, people are probably going to not like them but then again, at the same time, it’s different and I hope interesting.

      Because he was desperate and not thinking straight. I mean, he just killed someone! He’s only 15 years old and he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. He knew it was wrong to follow but he did it anyways because he was confused. Ah, but Ryder doesn’t realize that. Yeah scarring him or driving him beyond mad.

      Yeah, you can already see that him being under his command is not going to be a picnic under the sun. Aw, thank you! You’re like the 4th person to say he’s a cutie ^_^ I have to agree though, I think he is pretty adorable. I’m glad I did a good job on him 🙂 Oh, well thank you. I’m always trying to do something different. I never saw a partly death person before either.

      Oh gosh, poor Noah! You can only imagine what he’s feeling ❤ His kids are his life.

      Nope, never got around to reading it lol. Alright, I'll check it out 😉

      • Minty says:

        *_* Someone actually used my proper name! Not many people do that 🙂

        You certainly did do a good job on Adam. I can’t wait to see how you develop his character more.

      • Jax says:

        Hehehe I figured I would since I recently found out what it was ^_^ I know I don’t mind being called Spongey, but I really do prefer Jackie or Jax.

        Thank you and me neither! I’ve grown quite found of my little Adam ^^

  9. deathcullen says:

    What the-! Oh no no no no no!! My Ryder should not be there. I knew it!!! My thoughts were correct. I knew that man was a guy from… PIN. Ryder please don’t feel bad for Liam. He did kind of just kind of deserved it. Oh Sam and Kylie I hope they get out maybe… I don’t know! Oooo who is this intresting Adam guy that is very cute?? I hope him and Ryder will be friends. 🙂 Poor Noah how will he react to both of his kids being gone. Nooo Ryder can’t pass out. What is going to happen. Why do you leave me cliff-hangers Jax??? Wait I loved the chapter by the way!!!

    • Jax says:

      Yeah he shouldn’t but he is and there is no turning back now. James made it pretty clear that he’s not allowed to leave… alive. Not a man from PIN, he owned the shifty buisness that was going on. PIN got closed down due to the twins. I should really clarify that in a chapter for you guys ^^’

      Let’s hope they get out ;-; LOL you think he’s cute too? Thanks you guys! Makes me feel good knowing that you like him ^^ I did spend some time making him. Yeah me too 🙂 Let’s hope they can get along.

      Oh, who knows 😦 Poor Noah is probably scared half to death. LOL because where is the fun in giving out all the details? 😉


  10. curchitc says:

    Whoops, forgot to comment :p

    I like the roommate guy…. I had no idea why.

    No offence but stupid ryder. Going off with a strange man who will “fix all your problems” is a big no no.

    Sammmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Noooo!!! Nuff said 😦

    As always another good chapter!! Plz update soon!!!

    • Jax says:

      Because he’s not so bad 😉

      No offense taken. I stated at the top of the chapter that there will be a lot of things you guys will probably not agree with that Ryder does. This generation is just going to be different. Ah, but he wasn’t think straight. He was desperate and confused.

      ;_; I know. Poor Sammy.

      Thanks and will try! 😉

  11. shadowming1998 says:

    Me no understand! Why Ryder? Why you go with strange man?
    I liked the start of this generation!! I hope Sam and Kylie and Ryder make it out alive!
    Can’t wait for next chapter!

    • Jax says:

      Because he was a desperate kid who wasn’t thinking straight. The poor boy.

      Thank you and we shall see what happens.


    • Jax says:

      Because he was a desperate kid who wasn’t thinking straight. The poor boy.

      Thank you and we shall see what happens.


  12. Cinnamon Sugar says:

    *cracks knuckles* Okay, so I read this yesterday and STILL haven’t commented (bad me I know), but it DID give me a chance to read all the comments (which yes I do because I get more info that way :P)

    So, Ryder is a very confused, scared and illogical boy that isn’t going to make a lot of smart decisions and is probably going to drive me up the wall. I can just see me reading and yelling at him through my computer like it’s somehow going to make a difference. I can see that in his panicked state at the beach, that the offer from James seemed like a better choice. At least there’s no evidence of the body, but at the same time there’s no evidence of the kids either. OMG what happened to the other kids?! I wonder if there’s a chance they’re alive and can at least say where they saw Ryder last. … hmmm… Sorry, back to essay one (the Beach)… He would have been tried as a minor and could have claimed self-defense. Although no one else has seen Liam beat Ryder, and Liam’s friends were the one’s watching, there’s a large chance he would have went to juvie anyway. Still, a more logical choice then going with someone who’s part of the deal is ‘do what I say without question’. I can understand why Ryder made the choice he did, hell I might of, but still, not smart.

    Okay, Essay two (the Mansion)… so, guy who works with Noah is close to James, so I wonder if that means he’ll be keeping an eye on Noah seeing as both his kids are now MIA. Poor Noah, he’s so going crazy right now. At least he has junior to try and take his mind off things for seconds at a time :P. As for Ryder, he’s going to have a hell of a time getting used to life there. He’s so sensitive, and their so strict. He’ll either fall into submission, or snap and fight back. Or a little of both – knowing you 😉 As for his room mate Adam, I was wondering if he was related to someone we’ve been introduced to before, but it sounds like you made him from scratch and well done! I know you won’t tell me, but I have a feeling James is the cause of Adam’s partial deafness.

    Essay three (the Dungeon/Assignment)… SAMMY!!!! Oh my poor Sam. At least Ky is with her… for now. I’m still trying to figure out why Ryder is guarding them. Perhaps just to watch them suffer. I wouldn’t put it past James to take punishment on Sam and Ky for Ryder’s disobedience or failure. Although, the reason to capture both is still elusive to me. Oh (not sure if you can tell me) but when James said ‘his father is going to pay for shutting down… etc) was he talking about Noah or Nix as ‘the father’.

    So many wonderful questions Jax! Like I said, I can see me not liking Ryder (for his choices, but loving him for his heart) but LOVING his generation. Your chapters are always worth waiting for.

    • Jax says:

      *cracks knuckles in return* 😉 Alright, let’s do this hehehe. You know I always love your long comments 😀

      In a nutshell? Yeah I think you pretty much aced it! He’s probably going to drive you mad, but I thought… “Not all generational heir’s have to be the loveable and awesome” Right? Riiiiggght? 😉 It’s more fun to spice it up! Hah, I can so see you yelling at him! Yes, exactly. In his 15 year old eyes that seemed like it was better than being sent away. Plus who says those kids wouldn’t have vote against Ryder? They didn’t like him, they liked Liam and were willing to help kill poor Ryder! He’d probably still go to jail… but… he made a worse choice without knowing. That man just made it sound so much better than a life behind bars.

      Close? Well no one is actually close to him. Think of more as he’s the top dog. He’s the one they take commands from. Most likely, yes. James has this whole giant scheme rolling around inside his head. Ryder knows he’s up to something but he doesn’t exactly know what is it. That’s why the whole “Don’t let them escape” job didn’t make sense to him. Yeah, he really is going to have such a headache with living in that place. Lol we shall see what happens 😉 Thank you! Yeah I made him, James, not striped shirt – Blue is his name – but I made the one without hair. Uhhhh… who else… oh and another character I haven’t quite introduced yet 😉 He may be… but we will just have to find out. Hehe

      I know! Poor Sammy and Ky! They have no idea where they are! 😦 Yeah… that seems to be the key question. Why IS he guarding them? 😉 Yeah, and I wouldn’t either. Very good theory there. In due time you will find out why he did it.

      Ah, sorry, I was trying to make it seem like he was talking about Ryder. No, not Nix he meant Noah. It was all Noah’s fault that Nix and Ana went there in the first place. He was the one snooping around from the get-go. James is mad at those ‘agents’ but he’s extrememly po’d at Noah. He doesn’t just kill and get it over with… no… he wants his revenge to be so much sweeter.

      I’m glad this chapter brings out a lot of question! It just leaves so many doors open to interesting things. Yeah probably not a lot of people will like him, but I figured you guys still like the storyline he follows.

      Awwwww thank you Csugar!! ❤

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Well I wouldn’t write a lot if I didn’t have a lot to say… and generally I only have a lot to say when I REALLY like the story.

        Well I think I’ll still love him… but he won’t qualify as awesome. And it’ll be that ‘love you like an annoying little brother’ kind of love 😛 Oh I think the kids would have, that’s why I’m guessing even if he had claimed self-defense the friends would have lied and said otherwise and Ryder would be screwed. Well I doubt James got as far as he did without sugar-coating his demented plans to sound pretty.

        Yeah, that’s what I meant by close. Close not like personally, but business wise. Hmmm may be related? Well my guess is he’s Sam’s half brother then.

        Well he wouldn’t be guarding them without reason, so I’ll just have to use my loverly detective skills to try and solve the mystery! My main guess is to keep Ryder complacent but we’ll see.’

        You DID make it sound like Noah, then when I was typing and *cough*over*cough*analyzing I thought you might have meant Nix and just sneakily put that in there. I’m glad my initial guess was right about him talking about Noah. Hmm… sweeter revenge? That’s got BAD written all over it!

        So many doors, but which one is the right one!! I’ll just have to sit and be patient and wait for the next chapter I suppose. I will certainly love the storyline. How could I not? I’ve loved everything about this legacy so far!

      • Jax says:

        Awww thanks Csugar.

        Okay, yeah and I know what you mean by that lol. I really don’t expect everyone to agree with what he does. Yup and exactly, there is no way.

        Ah okay, I guess I knew what you meant but I always have a thing where I point out the obvious O_o I do it all the time… Wait, huh? Who is Sam’s half-brother? O_o Ryan and Ryder? lol

        Your theory is basically hitting the nail on the head 😉

        LOL oh okay then, I was hoping I did. And yeah, he’s a sick man… he doesn’t let things go easily.

        Yeah exactly! 😉 Heheh, hopefully I get that done soon… sigh. Aw thanks ❤ That means a lot.

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        I was guessing Adam was Sam’s half brother, but seeing as you’re acting all confused… perhaps I’m WAY wrong! Oooo or he could be related to stripped shirt dude. . . hmm.

        Yay!! Plus 3 detective points?

        Nah, don’t rush yourself. Take your time. Your chapters are ALWAYS worth the wait ^_^

      • Jax says:

        Lol yup! Plus 3 😉 hehe

        And I’m not trying to. I’ve been feeling bleeeh for the past couple days. Not sick, just… weird. I can’t explain it. I do however have pictures ready for the next chapter 🙂

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Yay for 3 points! I’ve almost leveled up (I think)

        … Like just feeling off? Not really wanting to do anything, but nothing’s exactly bothering you? Cause if that’s it, I SO understand.

        Oh, and probably way early, but here are same names for your next gen children… you know… if you need any
        Boy: Tristan, Taylor, Travis, Tobias, Tybalt
        Girl: Tahlia, Tamina, Tia, Tia-Rose, Tiffany, Trinity

      • Jax says:

        Actually according to my doctor it’s some kind of flu. Apparently it makes you weak, shaky, dizzy and all other sorts of fun stuff -.-. So if I tilt my head it’s safe to say I feel like I wanna fall over -.-‘ siigggh

        Awww thank you for the names!! I can’t wait to go through all the ones people gave me a pick my favorite 🙂 It’s gonna be tough though o_o

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Awww thank you for the names!! I can’t wait to go through all the ones people gave me a pick my favorite 🙂 It’s gonna be tough though o_o

        O_o weird. I mean, the weak and shaky makes sense for the flu but dizzy too? Not good. Although, it would be amusing to go, hey Jax whatcha think and hold something up sidewise and watch as you try to stand still – yes I’m evil. Well… I have evil thoughts, I wouldn’t actually do that to you. *huggles* I hopes you feel better soon.

        You’re welcome! I picked ones that I liked and thought were unique…ish. Yeah, I saw some people gave you like a paragraph of names. Good luck!

        Oh and YAY for photos being ready for next chapter!! *ish excited* ^_^

      • Jax says:

        Yeah I don’t get it either. LOL gee thanks Csugar ;p Sounds like something any friend would do though- tease you when they know they can.

        *hugs* Thanks. I hope I feel better soon too. I can’t take all these dizzy spells O_O They’re driving me crazy… my head feels all weird and bleeehh.

        Yeah I really liked the list you gave me. Travis is SUCH a cute name 🙂 I do like all of them though. Hah, yeah, but that’s alright. The more the merrier.

        Yup. Just need to find a time of day to do it O_O Sigh…

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        You’re welcome ^_^ Nah, I couldn’t actually do that to you, it’s just one of those things I’d say out loud and my other friend would be like, ‘that’s a great idea!’ and then I’d have to stop them -_-.

        Yeah, dizziness is one thing that I don’t think anyone ever gets used to. Did your doctor say how long the flu might last?

        I know! Well, at least you should have a little fun choosing ^_^

        You’re still in school right? Should be soon though yes? Couple more weeks?

      • Jax says:

        Yeah I know what you mean, that’d be me too. I’d say I’d do something just to bust their chops but in reality I could never do that.

        No, never. It’s just too weird of a feeling. Even though I’ve been in bed mostly all day they still happen O_O I’ll be laying there and then get this weird feeling and be like “Whoooaaa O_O” Nope, she just said to let it run it’s course -.- That is would get worse before it got better. SO reassuring doc… thank youuuuu… -.-

        Yeah, I’ll make it fun instead of a hassle. I was so set on Sam last time. I was like “I don’t care, if it’s a girl it’s Sam… if it’s a boy it’s Sam.” I also was going back and forth with R names but I settled Ryder for a boy and Raine for a girl. Hehe, get it? Raine? Lol, I’m so uncreative.

        Actually all I have left is a final exam with 10 open ended questions and then I’m done. I already did four of the questions, but I’m too weak to do anymore. My brain can’t think that much right now. I graduate June 9th but I’m basically done.

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Well isn’t that just wonderful -_-. So nice to know things are going to get worse *rolls eyes* Well, rest up when you can, and hopefully the dizziness is the first thing to go away.

        Lol, well sometimes when you’re set on something, it’s a good idea to just go with it. Hee hee, Raine. Well I like it!! I would’ve thought it creative 😛

        Well that’s not bad at all, and CONGRATS on graduating!!

      • Jax says:

        Yeah that’s what I thought -.-‘ Just peachy. Yeah, that’s what I want to stop too. Mostly it’s just this weakness… it’s driving me crazy. I can’t be standing for too long until I have to lay down again.

        LOL I actually just liked the name Raine, I thought it would be pretty for a girl. 🙂

        Thank you Csugar! 🙂 I can’t wait ^^

  13. daisy. says:

    Lovely to see you doing a different style! REALLY good so far! x

  14. Caitlin says:

    Hmmm this didn’t show up in my WP reader, how weird!!!
    Fabulous amazing intense awesome wonderful creative intriguing chapter as alwayyys. I caught a glimpse of Death Note somewhere in the comments and had a major fangirl, you should definitely watch it, it’s AMAZING. changed my life, not even joking.
    You say this generation’s going to be a bit different, so I’m very interested in seeing how Ryder’s going to develop from this experience ^_~

    • Jax says:

      Wow that is weird O_o Then at the same time, I don’t use that anymore, I have the updates sent straight to my e-mail.

      Awww thanks Callie! 😀 Hah, I know, I know! I really need to watch it but haven’t done so yet! We shall see where Ryder heads next 😉

  15. Lily says:

    Wow Jax!!
    I was not expecting any of this from Ryders generation. This maybe even more interesting than Noahs generation! Haha, wonderful!
    Poor Ryder made a mistake, and he’ll never be able to redeem himself again if hes stuck in some physcos mansion! And oh god, he took Samantha and Kylie? This guy is nuts. Ryder must plot revenge… soon!
    Oh wait, i forgot about the bracelet that will kill him. Hehe 😛 Good idea!
    -Lily ❤

  16. Jenna says:

    I think its time to call Phoenix and Qiana. I’m in love with your legacy and yout HOT sims gosh!! 🙂

  17. Emy says:

    “I’m going to rot in a jail cell and be someone’s little peach fuzz.” Lmao. Oh my god. I choked on my tea.

    As for the rest… wow. o.o

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