Chapter 7.3 – The Taste of Revenge

Author’s note: It feels like I haven’t done this in forever O_O I apologize for the long wait but things in my life were just really hectic and rough. It was just too hard to write anything; I had no motivation. I’m feeling better now, not 100%, but better. I’ve been itching to write my new chapter, I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: Disturbing scenes (I did warn this generation would be disturbing >_<)


James called in his two most trusted men for they had news for their commander. James sat and stared – waited – as his two men stood in front of him. They were frightened to bring the news forth but what other choice did they have?

“Well?” James asked, growing impatient, “What is it?”


Blue stood there with his eyes lowered to the floor and Kriss gulped.

James growled, “Don’t just stand there; tell me what happened!”

Kriss sighed, “Commander… a boy by the name of Koby has come forward and confessed that he witnessed the death of the boy that Ryder killed. He said that he and 2 others were present and he’s willing to testify in court. They have already started an investigation!”


James’ anger rose up from his stomach and he let out a shout. James stood up abruptly and he slammed his fists down on his desk. The sudden outburst caused Blue and Kriss to back up a few feet.

“I feared this would come sooner than later.” James sighed.

“Don’t worry sir! We’ll make sure to take care of this boy; we’ll shut him up!” Blue finally spoke.

screenshot-4James lifted his head and then headed towards Kriss and Blue. He stood in front of them just eyeing them up and down. The constant staring made shivers run up and down Blue’s back.

“No.” James stated, “I don’t want you two to do anything. I feel that this will work out to our advantage.”

Kriss sighed, “Commander there is something else… Jack and Ross found the girls out in the middle of the woods about 4 hours from here. What are your orders sir?”


James laughed, “Get Ross on the phone… I have an idea.”



Ryder’s Point of View

I think back to the day James found me on the beach and just replay the words he said to me over and over again in my head. He was so right, it didn’t matter if I went to prison or if I went with him… the outcome would be the same. Life here in this mansion is no better than a life behind bars. Oh, except for that one tiny little difference… LIFE IN PRISON WOULD BE BETTER! I mean for god’s sake I’m still recovering from those burns they gave me last week! No matter what I do the scars just won’t go away. Instead of trying to help me though, James just gave me two long gloves to cover up “that mess” as he called it. Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if I just accepted my fate instead of tried to run away from it- Like that matters now though. I’m here and I’m not allowed to leave; EVER.

I sighed, leaning against the wall, “Why is James such an jerk?”

Adam just continued to look forward. Oh crap, I still have to get used to that.

I reached down and tapped his shoulder and he then turned his ear towards me.


“No, I was just asking… why do you think James is such an a-hole?”


Adam scoffed, “You got some balls asking that question knowing they can hear us.”

I rolled my eyes, “I know you’re right. I’m just… I’m just so tired of being in here.”

I have to play it smooth. I don’t need James to hear me talking that way. I need to get on his good side…

Adam sighed, “You and me both.” he looked over at me, “You really wanna know why he’s pissed?”

I nodded.

“Well, I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to tell you this, but… here goes. About 15 years ago one of James’ top operations got taken down by these two agents. They went in there and cleaned out the entire place and then shut down the Law Firm where they kept all their information and stuff. James has been an even bigger jerk since that happened and he’s been trying to seek revenge on anyone who took place in bringing it down.”


My eyes widened, “I thought you said you didn’t know anything!”

He chuckled slightly, “I know more than I should. The only reason I’m telling you this is because James and a bunch of his men were having some giant discussion downstairs earlier. I’m pretty sure they’re not paying attention to the cameras right now.”

“I guess not…” I stated, “But that’s beside the point! Are you sure that two agents just took him down with ease??”

I remember my dad saying something about my aunt and uncle working for the government once… I‘m not sure if it’s true or not. Heck, I’ve never even met them.

“Well obviously they didn’t take him down.” Adam sighed, “They took down his stupid operation. Also back then he wasn’t so big on security and secrecy like he is now. He’s super cautious ever since that happened.”

I shook my head, “Seriously how do you even know all of this?”


He stood to his feet and stared at me, “Don’t ask questions to things you don’t want to know the answer to.”


Before I even had a chance to respond, the door flung open and Blue stepped in.

“Are you two idiots having a heart-to-heart?” he growled, “Well knock it off and get your behinds down the steps. James needs to have a word with you two.”

Oh CRAP! Were they seriously listening to the stuff we were saying?? I thought Adam said they were having a discussion or something?! Great, now he’s probably going to gauge out my eye or shove my face in the fireplace! Why do I have to keep asking so many questions?? I really need to just shut up.


Adam just lowered his eyes to the floor; he didn’t even say a word to Blue. He always gets like that around him and I don’t quite understand why. He’ll talk to Kriss but he’s completely mute when Blue comes anywhere near him.

I looked at Adam and then back at Blue, “Uh, we’ll be right down.”

Blue rolled his eyes and then walked out of the room.

I turned to Adam, “Hey are you alright?”

He just shrugged his shoulders and then headed for the door. Well I’ll just take that as a no…


When we got down to the first floor, Blue told us to go get in the living room. We didn’t question his remarks; we just did as we were told. Once in the living room we both took a seat on separate couches.

I waved to get Adam’s attention and he turned his head.

“How badly do you think he’s going to hurt us for talking about his busted operation?” I sighed.

Adam rolled his eyes, “I don’t know and really I don’t care anymore.”

Well, I do care. I don’t want to be beaten senseless or have any other body parts shoved in some acid…

“Well… if he decides to hurt us… it was nice knowing yah.”

Adam just scoffed and turned away. What? I was just trying to lighten the mood a little…


Not even a minute after I got done talking, James walked out of his office and into the living room. Adam and I both kept our eyes locked on his every move. I had no idea WHAT he was going to do…

“I’m not going to beat around the bush with this, I’m just going to get straight to the point.” he stated, “Apparently a boy that was at the beach when Ryder murdered that other boy has confessed to witnessing the murder. They’re already starting an investigation and we need to make sure that this stupid boy is silenced so he can’t provide them with any further information.”

Oh god I have a bad feeling about this…


I continued to stare at him, “S-so what do you want from us?”

God I really don’t want to know the answer to that question…


“Well Ryder…” he smirked, “Since this was YOUR doing I see it only fair that you’re the one to take care of this little problem. Don’t you agree? Oh and since Adam is your partner he has to help you do it. Whatever crap you get in, he gets in.”

What does he mean take care of this?! He doesn’t actually expect me to kill someone does he?!


Adam lowered his eyes to the floor, “I don’t see why I have to do this too. I didn’t even kill that stupid kid.”

James glared at Adam, “Are you DEAF!? Did you not hear- OH wait… that’s right.” James laughed, “I almost forgot about your poor, poor ear. Do you want to disobey my orders and see what would happen to your other ear?!”

Adam looked up at him terrified and shook his head no rapidly. Okay I’ve had it up to hear with all this crap! He’s just torturing him now! Screw my freaking plan to get on his good side, he doesn’t even have one!


I jumped to my feet, “Leave him alone!” I shouted, “He shouldn’t have to deal with any of this crap! I was the one who killed Liam, not Adam. Besides, even if I did, it doesn’t mean I have to kill this other kid! What the heck is wrong with you!?”

“Back talking again? I was wondering why you were holding back for so long.” he chuckled but then grew serious, “I don’t care what you want to do Ryder; you listen to what I want you to do. This boy is getting in our way so he must be punished. Since it’s your own fault, you must be the one to do it. I think that seems pretty fair.”

“Screw YOU!” I spat, “You can make me torture my sister or shove my hand in acid… but I’m not going to freaking MURDER someone else! You’re INSANE!”


“But Ryder…” he smirked, “Don’t you remember who this boy was? He was there on the beach that night when Liam tried to KILL you. He watched and laughed in your face as Liam held a dagger to your neck. He was going to watch you die… and he liked it.”

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fist. I don’t want to hear any of this! I care if he’s telling the truth…

He pointed to his head, “Think back to that night on the beach Ryder.”

I closed my eyes and tried to ignore what he was saying.


“Think about how they hurt you Ryder! How they mocked you and watched you suffer. How could you possibly want someone like him to live? You already took out Liam; think how simple it would be to take out Koby or that other boy.”

I shook my head, “No, just stop it! No one deserves to die!”


“What about that girl? What was her name? Chelle?” he stated, “Don’t you remember how she lured you there in the first place? She played with your emotions and brought you to that beach so she could watch you die. How can you stand there and say that these 3 don’t deserve to be punished one-by-one?”


I opened my eyes back up and glared at him, “I can’t do it… I can’t kill again!”

“YES YOU CAN!” James growled, “You have the will-power and strength to eliminate all three of them! You took out Liam for the way he treated you, what makes them any different? They deserve to be punished! Why should I take that glory from you? You’re the one who should bask in that moment.”


“You’re right…” I breathed, “They don’t deserve to live. They were going to watch me die on that beach and they laughed in my face as Liam held that knife. He was going to kill me and they did nothing to stop him.”

James smirked, “So what are you going to do about it?”


“I’m going to kill them all.”



Adam’s Point of View

I have no words to express how I feel right now. I can’t believe Ryder is actually falling for his conniving ways. James is full of bull crap! I thought Ryder was different than all the rest of his people, I never thought for one second that he would actually let James get to him like that. Every single person who works for James has found themself in a bind – that’s how they wound up there in the first place – but it doesn’t mean every person has to believe his crap! I’ve been here a lot longer than Ryder and I would never EVER agree to this. Anything I’ve ever done for James has been by force… I just can’t believe Ryder would be so stupid.

After our little “meeting” with James, we both piled into Kriss’ car. From there we both sat quietly in the back seat until Kriss brought us to this boy Koby’s house. I could already feel the bile rising to my throat as I thought about what we had to do. It’s sickening!

Kriss sighed loudly, “Just makes this quick, I don’t want to be out here all day.”

Ryder smirked, “Don’t worry… this won’t take long.”

Holy crap… if that doesn’t sound messed up I don’t know what does!


We snuck around the outside of the house trying to find the easiest way in. I let Ryder do all the sneaking around; I just followed behind him praying we would get caught. Like I care anymore; sometimes I just wish I could die. I hate living this life in hell.

Ryder whispered, “All the doors are locked and the windows don’t open…”

I scoffed, “Like I give a crap.”

He punched my arm, “Stop being a idiot and focus.”

OH, right, I’m the idiot…


He looked down at the water, “The only way in… is to go under.”

“HECK no!” I shouted.

“SHUSH!” he whispered, “If you mess this up and we get caught… we’re going to get in so much trouble!”


Even though I had no desire to do ANYTHING Ryder said, I still went along with it because I had no choice. I know I say I don’t care about dying – and sometimes to an extent I don’t – but I honestly don’t want to die. I’m afraid to die. So I just quietly climbed into the water with Ryder and we both dove under. Within seconds we were inside the house dripping water all over the place.

“This sucks.” I muttered and Ryder rolled his eyes, “Where do we go from here?”

He looked back and forth and then signaled me to follow him. I bet he has no idea where he’s going. If we get caught… it’s every man for himself. I can’t trust Ryder anymore, not after what happened back at the mansion.


The first way we took only lead us to the garage door and the living room area. So we had to turn back around and try another direction. This would have been so much easier if this house wasn’t all on one floor. It was like trying to go through a maze in the dark.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” I questioned.

Ryder sighed, “Adam I don’t know. I’m just as clueless as you are.”


I stopped in my tracks, “I may be clueless right now, but at least I have my head on straight and don’t fall for James’ crap. I don’t understand you Ryder! I thought you were different from all those other idiots! How can you just let James get you like that!? Of course he’s going to say things you wanna hear but it doesn’t mean you fall for it!”


Ryder spun around to face me, “Well he wasn’t lying!” Ryder shouted in a whisper, “Those pricks all tried to murder me on that beach! You weren’t there Adam; you have NO idea what it feels like to be in the face of death!”

“OH YEAH?!” I shouted back in a hushed tone, “You don’t think I’ve EVER been in a situation where I thought I wasn’t going to live? Are you FREAKING kidding me!? You don’t know two things about me Ryder! You’re just always wrapped around yourself! ‘Oh what’s going to happen to ME? How can I get out of here?’ ME, ME, ME!” I scoffed, “You want to get out of here SO bad that you’re willing to do anything! Heck, at least that’s what I thought. From the looks of it now, it’s like you’re actually enjoying this! Do you actually want to kill people Ryder? Does that bring a smile to your face?!”


“Well I’m not frowning…” he spat back, “They deserve to die.”

“How can you say that?” I gasped, “I mean, if someone does something wrong they deserve to be punished… but not like this or from you. If these people did rotten things to you then they need to be behind bars, not in a 6 foot hole.”


Ryder scoffed, “Well that’s never going to happen. Even if I could come out and tell the police what really happened… what difference would it make? All three of their words against mine… I would be put behind bars faster than I could blink. I know I did something wrong and now I have to make up for my mistakes.”

“By enjoying this??” I sighed.

He smirked, “Well… I’m not saying it doesn’t feel good.” he spun away from me, “Now come on… we’re wasting time.”

He began to walk away but I just stood back for a few more seconds in shock. I can’t believe this! I can’t believe he’s actually going to walk into that kid’s room with a smile on his freaking face! Just because James is forcing us to do it doesn’t mean we have to like it. He wants them to die for what they did to him. I mean of course I’ve felt like that about people who have hurt me… but I would never actually kill someone on freewill. I swear ever since he killed that other kid he’s been messed up in the head… At first he was normal and he acted calm… but then he let James get to him and now it’s like all hell broke loose. I really hope he snaps out of it; I really do.


It didn’t take us much longer to find Koby’s room after that. We were looking for a room that would be suited for a teenage boy and since he was the only one living in this house… we were sure we had the right one.

Once inside his room Ryder snuck over to Koby’s bedside and then motioned me to follow. I stood next to him and we both watched Koby sleep until Ryder turned and whispered in my good ear.

“I’m going to take the pillow and put it over his face. I want you to hold down his legs and arms until it’s over. You got that?”

My stomach churned and my throat felt dry. I don’t want to do this! I don’t want to be involved in yet another murder… I HATE this!

“I said did you get that??” He questioned again.

I swallowed, “Y-yeah…”

“Alright on three…” Ryder whispered, “1… 2… 3…”


Before I had the chance to even take in what was happening, Ryder grabbed the pillow from underneath his head and shoved it down on top of his face as hard as he could. Koby squirmed and kicked and tried his best to get up but Ryder leaned all his body weight into that pillow. I tried my best to keep his legs and arms still but it was just so hard. Koby was really strong and he was putting up one heck of a fight.

Just as it was happening… I heard a knock at Koby’s door.

“CRAP!” I whispered, “Ryder hurry up, I think someone is at the door!”


Knock, Knock, Knock

“Koby?” A voice questioned, “Are you alright son? Koby?”

The door knob twisted but the man couldn’t get it because I locked it.

“Koby open this door right now! You better not have another girl in there!”



I was so focused on the man jiggling the door knob and banging on the door that I didn’t even realize that it was all over. Ryder had suffocated Koby and he was just lying there on his bed… completely motionless.

“It’s done.” Ryder smirked, “Let’s get out of here.”

My breathing heavy I said, “Al-alright, but what about the body?”

Ryder looked down at Koby and then back up to me, “Leave it here, there is no physical evidence to trace it back to us. We have no fingerprints for god’s sake. Now come on!”


Before I could get another word in, Ryder was already out the back door that was in Koby’s room. I for one didn’t want to stay there, so I quickly followed after Ryder before that kids father found a key to get in. As we were running though, I did take one last look back. I just can’t believe I had to kill another human being… and what makes it worse was that look on Ryder’s face after it was over. It was so full of pleasure and happiness… it made me want to throw up.



Kriss took off as soon as the two boys jumped in the car. Kriss knew that since Koby was dead the cops would be called upon at any moment. So he wasted no time in getting the heck out of there.

Once back at the mansion Kriss approached his commander with great pride, for he knew what he had done was good.

“The deed is done.” Kriss smirked, “The boys took out Koby; he is no longer a threat to us.”

“Excellent.” James stated, “Wonderful work Kriss. Oh and did you happen to speak to Ross for me?”

Kriss nodded, “Yes sir and he took care of it. He gave me what you asked for.”


James couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Everything was going exactly according to his plan.

“Wonderful.” he smirked, “Simply wonderful.”


Ryder’s Point of View

As soon as we got back to the Mansion James told Adam and me to go wait for him in the dining room. I just know he’s going to be proud of us, there is no way he can say anything bad. I made sure to do exactly as he said and I did it in record timing! I know Adam was all worried and skeptical about doing it but he just doesn’t understand what they put me through. He wasn’t there, he doesn’t understand. He’ll never understand how I feel. Just because I’m angry at them doesn’t mean I’m falling into James’ web. I’m still very much aware of how much I hate him and how much I hate being here. So what I liked taking them out? It shows how strong I really am! Now who’s laughing?!

“That was a close one, eh??” I chuckled, “That kids father was about to break down his door! We were like seconds away from getting caught. God, it was like a real life suspense movie.”


Adam rolled his eyes, “Yeah, except we were the Michael Myer’s and Jason’s.”

I laughed at him, “Are you still stuck on this? Just give it a rest Adam. What’s done is done, move on.”

He glared at me, “No, I won’t move on! You’re supposed to be the one person I could trust but you’re turning out to be a freaking monster just like them! I thought I finally had someone but I guess I was wrong!”


I narrowed my eyes, “Don’t call me a monster!! I’m nothing like them!”

He scoffed, “OH YEAH!? It’s funny because I could have sworn you walked away from that kid’s room with a freaking GRIN on your FACE! I’m no expert in psychology but I’m pretty sure that meant you liked it! Only a monster would enjoy killing someone!”

“You better watch what you say to me Adam!!” I screamed.

He got in my face, “OH I SHOULD!? What happens if don’t?! Are you going to freaking kill me TOO!?”


Before I had the chance to respond to him, James came in the room with a disgusted look on his face.

“I leave you two alone for 5 minutes and this is what happens? I know I said I don’t expect you two to get along but at least pretend that you do.” he sighed, “Adam leave my sight, I have to speak to Ryder in private.”

“Fine by me.” he scoffed and then stormed out.

I wanted to make another remark to Adam… but the whole ‘speaking in private’ thing got me a little nervous. What did he want from me this time?


As soon as Adam was out of view James turned to me, “You did an excellent job in taking out that boy. Answer me this question Ryder… didn’t it feel good to do it yourself? To know that you were the one who took that sweet revenge on him? Isn’t revenge one of the greatest feelings?”

I looked away awkwardly, “I guess so…”

I wanted to answer so much more than that. I wanted to tell him that it felt amazing to get rid of another person who hurt me. Just like with Liam, deep down, it felt good. My entire life I felt so weak and so useless, but when I took them out I felt so powerful. It was like I could actually stand up for myself for once. But I didn’t say that to him because I didn’t want to give him that satisfaction. I don’t care if I got my revenge on another person because of him. I still hate this man more than anything in the entire world.


He chuckled, “Well, you may only feel a little pride for it now… but in time you will grow to love it. You will love it so much you will seek after it like a drug. It’s just that sweet feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes a grin so wide spread across your face. And since I am a man who loves the taste of revenge… I have something I would like to show you.”

I looked at him puzzled, “Wh-what? What did I do?? I thought you already punished me, this isn’t fair!”

He grew serious, “That’s the thing about revenge Ryder. You keep at it until YOU feel satisfied. There is nothing fair about it.”

I groaned, “Then show me it now! Just get it over with…”


James pulled a picture out of his pocket and then shoved it at me. I took one glanced at the photo and I had to swallow the vomit that rose up into my throat. MY SISTER! AND KAYLIE! How did he find them!? I thought that they got away?? No, this can’t be happening! I want them safe!

“This is what you get for losing them in the first place.” he growled.

“Are they-?”

“Dead?” he smirked, “Of course they are. It’s all your fault too. If only you wouldn’t have let them escape…” he smiled wide, “They’re not the only ones either. We decided that since you don’t quite understand that you belong to me, we decided to just get rid of your father and your brother as well.”


“YOU SICK FREAKING PSYCHOPATH!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face, “How could you do this to my family?! Why did you have to go after my dad and my brother too?! WHY DID YOU KILL THEM!?”

“Because your father stuck his nose where it didn’t belong! It’s his fault that I almost lost everything! Now he’s dead and I own you for the rest of your pathetic life. I’d say it’s a win-win for me. I finally got my revenge on your father… and now that he’s gone, his son has to be under my command until he dies.”

I glared at him, “You’re a dead man! You hear me?!”


“Oh you’re threatening me now?” he scowled, “You really don’t learn do you?” he pointed to the kitchen, “Since you think it’s okay to disobey me and back-talk… go scrub the kitchen down. Oh but use your tooth brush. Maybe that will remind you every time you go to brush your teeth that you don’t talk crap to me.”

I wanted to say something else to him but he left out of the room before I even had the chance.


I clenched my fist to my side and let out a loud screech. I can’t believe he killed my family; that murderer! He took away the one thing that I cared for the most in this world. He didn’t even have to do that but he did it because of REVENGE! Who cares what my father did!? God that psycho! I want him DEAD!

“I don’t care what I have to do, or where I have to go, but mark my words… he’s going to pay for taking them away from me.”

Thanks for reading guys! Well… I’m sure a lot of you are having mixed emotions right now but that’s a good thing! Everything is not supposed to make sense right now but it will become much clearer as the story progresses. Now as far as Ryder… well let the ‘not liking the things he does’ begin… Also I threw clues in there as to why Ryder was acting the way he was acting… or err… is going to continue acting. Just read over Adam’s POV ;]


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    ZOMG first!!
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    Amazing chapter as usual, I cannot wait for the next!!!

    • Jax says:

      Yay for being first 🙂

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      He shouldn’t, but as Adam stated him killing Liam was what made him lose it. He was like a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. James just said the right words, things he wanted to hear, and that’s how he just lost it. Now he’s come in contact with this other torture and he’s just going completely mental because of it.

      Yes Nix and Ana really need to get their butts in gear and help! Or maybe they already are… who knows 😉

      Thank you!

  2. Jedidiah says:

    Ah Ryder… you lost it, man. I mean, way back when at the beach, you might have gotten away with It was an accident, but now with Koby it’s purely intentional. Should’ve had another heart to heart with Adam, seeing that he knows when Jamesy boy is manipulating others. For all we know, that pic of Sam and K is tampered with as well. Awww, Noah to the rescue ^_^
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    And always remember, you are not a vending machine of stories. Go at your own pace.

    • Jax says:

      Well he had all that boiled up anger and hatred in him, plus he’s been through so much in only a short amount of time. He was just waiting to explode. He could of maybe gotten away with it but they had 3 against one and Liam IS dead. He really did kill him… but who’s to say they would of believed it was self-defense. Ryder even admitted that he liked the feeling of power it brought him. Well he really didn’t have a say in the matter, he had to kill Koby willingly or not. But it’s that willingness that he had that made it worse. He really did want to do it because he was trying to get even.

      Adam tried his very best to make him see it differently but Ryder is so thick-headed. He just didn’t want to hear it. He gets that from his father AND mother. A very strong combo right there! It could be… but then again it could not be… You’ll just have to see 😉 Noah to the rescue? o.o James told Ryder that he killed Noah and Ryan. All the young kids? Well that’s easy enough. Because they’re desperate. All the ones he finds are in desperate need of an escape route. He just happened to come across Ryder at the right moment. He was watching him before and had different plans for him… until he killed Liam and everything changed for the better; for him anyways.

      Thank you Jed! 😀

      I know, I knoooooow. ^-^ ❤ I try to take my time.

      • Jedidiah says:

        Well he could have gotten away with accident resulting in death O_O or yeah self defense. But then again, he was so freaked out, all he saw was he killed someone. Noah to the rescue, well, what I meant was, at least Noah tried. I mean, what would Ry feel if his dad would have just moved on with life without a single thought towards his kids and their whereabouts? James told Ry that he wiped out the entire family, yes, but James says some many things, and such a guy is hardly to be trusted. By the way, are you aiming (lol, almost wrote maiming) to get Adam and Ry together, or is this just a bromance thing? Seeing that Adam is some sort of voice of reason to Ry’s let’s hack them to pieces and ask what the hay we are suppose to do later.

        Attagirl, don’t get yourself involved in those mindgames, you write when you write. 🙂

      • Jax says:

        Exactly. He wasn’t thinking about “how can I get away with this” he was seeing “OH GOD I MURDERED SOMEONE!” He was just freaking out!

        Oh, you mean at least he tried his very best to save his babies. He was trying everything until.. well… James took action. Although you guys say that they still may be alive, you have to remember that James is toying with Ryder’s emotions for a reason. He really could of killed them and gained complete satisfaction because he has Ryder. And torturing him has seriously become a game to him. He loves it. Esp since he feels like as long as he has Ryder he will always be getting back at Noah- Dead or alive. He’s just that twisted.

        Ryder and Adam? I was aiming more as a bromance there. Ryder isn’t gay like his sister. He likes them womens 😉 LOL maiming? Buwhahaha! Yup I’m def. maiming Ryder 😉 Adam is just a sweet boy. He was trying to look out for Ryder because he feels like he’s all he has. And it really is true. He literally has no one else. He needs Ryder as much as Ryder needs him now. They’re both orphans.

        I won’t, I won’t. 🙂 As long as I have my voice-of-reason Jed around ^^’

  3. jaec52609 says:

    is adam blue’s kid? they look alike

    no he rlly killed sam nd kaylie….now noah nd ryan…tht heartless bastard…KILL him ryder quick…if i was ryder i would go after the one thing he cherishes

    • jaec52609 says:

      i cant believe ryder felt good about killin koby…yeah i kno he was there smilin when liam was holdin a knife 2 his throat, but who’s 2 say liam wouldve killed ryder tht night…he couldve tortured him more….nd plus koby couldve told the cops the truth tht liam threatened him nd ryder defended himself….but come on thts liams friend im sure he probably tld the cops ryder stab him 4 no reason….i cant believe james killed everyone…ryan was just a baby who didnt do ne thing same with same nd kaylie…i hope he james’ men didnt succeed nd kill noah nd ryan 😦

      • Jax says:

        Well, in a way it’s to be expected. I mean, you have to see it from his point of view. All the things he’s been through in such a short time can harm anyone mentally. Plus it’s not like things JUST happened to him. His whole life he was tortured by Liam brutally but yet he just supressed the pain until… BOOM! He lost it. Now that James has done away with his family… he’s just going to get worse and worse. He has no hope to hold onto anymore. At least when his family was alive he could breathe easier. Now that he has no one… he’s completely turned for the worse.

    • Jax says:

      Adam will get a back story 😉 You’ll learn about him.

      Ryder doesn’t know what James cherishes. James is cold and mysterious. Heck, he doesn’t even love his own DAUGHTER like he should. I mean who locks up their daughter with something that could kill them??

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    I came back to reading your legacy a few days ago, it’s gotten quite dark but the amazing writing’s still there. But goodness it has gotten dark, I can’t believe Ryder could enjoy killing those people 😦 . But once again amazing chapter, and I hope to see more soon 🙂 .

    • Jax says:

      I know it’s gone a little down the dark path this generation but I really wanted to try something new. I’ll bring it around to a more “normal” setting again. Thanks! I’m glad you still liked it.

  6. Cinnamon Sugar says:

    So I just had to read this before work, and I just got back and am still amazed / astonished. First things first though Jed’s comment “And always remember, you are not a vending machine of stories. Go at your own pace.” made my laugh so hard, but it’s so true! Also, I’ve said this many times, but I’ll say it again, your chapters are ALWAYS worth waiting for.

    Now on to the chapter itself. You’re going to think me crazy, but I’m loving how dark this is getting. Well at least Ryder knows part of the reason he’s there, if only he could put two and two together, he might realize a little bit more. Also, Adam looks like Blue – related? I’m sure you won’t tell me, but I’m sure I’ll find out! 😀

    James, truly does know how to manipulate people. He pushed exactly the right buttons to make Ryder snap, and snap he did. Bottling all that anger and pain since he was a child certainly didn’t help him now that he’s strong enough to act on all that anger. I’m sure James will soon have more people for Ryder to “deal with”.

    As for the photo of Sam and Ky, I doubt it’s real. Same with killing Noah and Ryan. As James said, he wants his revenge to last, to cause pain, and he’ll keep going until he’s satisfied. If he just killed Noah and the girls the satisfaction would be over too quickly. No, I’m sure they’re all alive, he’s just using their deaths to fuel the fire inside Ryder, that’s growing out of control. Soon he’ll have done too many things and be just as lost as he was on that beach. Hopefully he won’t have destroyed his relationship with Adam and his friend will be there when the time comes.

    • Jax says:

      Yes his comment is very true 🙂 He’s always looking out for me. He’s right though, I shouldn’t have to feel pressured to just despense out stories anytime some one demands it. Making chapters – esp for this generation, holy moly! – is a LOT of work and hours put into getting the pictures. The one where Ryder is killing Toby ALONE took me at least 45 minutes! -.- Took me forever to get it JUST right.

      Aww thank you Csugar. That means a lot to me 🙂

      Oh I know. If only he could realize so much more. He doesn’t even realize that his Aunt and Uncle are the reason James was almost destroyed. He understands his father did something but he doesn’t realize what or why. His father never discussed that stuff with him because… well how could he?? That’s not something you tell your children. Nope, won’t say, but you will find out Adam’s back-story 🙂 Oh I don’t think you’re crazy, I thought it would be interesting to do a darker generation.

      Oh doesn’t he. He knows how to say the right things to make people believe him as well. He just has a way with words that makes people fall for his lies. Exactly! You understand exactly why he’s doing what he’s doing. And now that James killed his family… he has nothing to there to keep his sanity. He’s completely lost it. Oh of course… it just won’t be this simple.

      Your detective skills are amazing. I won’t say if what you said is true or not but you’re getting good at figuring me out 😉 I have to learn to make this harder! =P I’m sure they’ll have a hard time with their relationship… but hopefully they can make it work in the end. Ryder needs Adam and Adam needs Ryder. Even if Ryder is losing his marbles… so to speak.

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        I can imagine! The photos always look good though. I hate staging with a large amount of sims – especially those not in my household. Staging on its own can get annoying, but when you get that right shot, it almost makes all the pain, headache and frustration worth it 😛

        Well, with time I’m sure he’ll figure it all out. It will take a long time I’m guessing, but he’ll get there. Lol, what do you mean that’s not bedtime story material?! I could so see Quiana relating her crazy adventures to her toddlers while they try to sleep 😀 Well I’m glad, Adam’s the one character I haven’t figured out. Seriously. No idea on why he’s there to why James continues to punish him – unless it’s cause of Blue, but even then… there are still too many pieces missing. Well, yay for not thinking I’m crazy! That’s one person! LOL

        It’s more like he pushes the right buttons and is able to manipulate feelings. … Are you going to delve more into James’ background? Cause it’d be interesting to see what made him that way. Unless he was just born a sick freak.

        HAH, maybe I’ve uncovered my true career path… detective! LMAO! Well, sadly I think Adam is going to have a hard time convincing himself that he needs Ryder, but if Ryder manages to regain his sanity, I think Adam has a kind enough heart to take him back in baby steps.

        Lol “losing his marbles”, that so made me think of the movie ‘Hook’. Have you seen that movie? Do you know what I’m talking about?

      • Jax says:

        Well thank you! I try my best with my pictures. I really think besides the writing the pictures speak for themselves. It’s also good to get the right expressions and right movements. I hate when my sims look like they’re staring into space. Or not showing some kind of movement. Unless they’re just supposed to be doing that anyways, then it doesn’t matter lol. It really does! To stand back and look at my pictures and know they look good is always worth it ^-^

        Let’s hope. Or with time he could just go straight downhill. O_O Hopefully he finds himself again. We all know Ryder normally is not like this… he’s gentle and shy. Not over-powering and crazy O_O HAH! Qiana would have SO done that. She’s a nutball! But I LOVE her persona so much. Nix and her balance each other out. Oh really? Well that’s good then ^_^ Don’t worry, I’ll show Adam’s back story. Nope, I don’t think you’re crazy ;D

        Exactly. That describes him perfectly. I’m thinking of showing a little but basically he was just a crazy crazy man. There really isn’t much to him other than he gets his “high” off of torturing others. Pretty sick. Like Liam. He was just born to be a freak.

        Hahah probably! You really are good at it! Most likely. Or he may just get pulled along for the ride with Ryder. Like a time like “What’s the use?” It’s basically how his life has been anyways… When you know his back-story :/ You’ll see why. Oh Adam really does. He’s such a sweetheart.

        Oh my gosh YESH! I LOOOOVE that movie! It’s with Robin Williams. He was Peter pan but he let himself grow up and then he goes back and what-not. One of the lost-boys went with him to grow older and he always said “I’ve lost my marbles” hehe ^_^ But he meant his literal marbles! haha

      • Cinnamon Sugar says:

        Pictures certainly help push the story along and give a little more life to everything. Although I agree, I hate when the faces aren’t the right emotion, or emotionless all together – drives me nuts. Right spot, right action, wrong face! GRAH. Still, when I get that shot…. such a great feeling!

        Yeah, he just needs a push back in the right direction. Maybe some hope or something, just a little something to take the crazy edge off. I know she would’ve!! She’s awesome! By far one of the greatest persona’s I’ve ever read. Yup, Adam still has a lot of mystery surrounding him ^_^

        Just one of those people who would hurt an animal and thought it was amusing. Just born a terrible human being. Well, that works for me.

        I’m SO glad you know that movie and know what I’m talking about! That’s exactly what I thought! “Oh dear. I lost my marbles” LMAO! Poor Ryder, maybe his ‘marbles’ are off in Neverland too.

      • Jax says:

        Yes they really do. I mean you can have excellent writing but the pictures are what help. I think it goes vice versa too. It’s really a hand-in-hand kind of thing. Good pictures, good writing (not that I consider my writing ‘good’ O_o) make the story come to life 🙂 OH MY GOSH. I KNOW! It’s so annoying to get the right things at the right times. I thank god for animator. I couldn’t live without that mod!! Oh I agree! Love the feeling when I get a great shot.

        Yes exactly. He just needs something to look forward to. LOL thank you 🙂 I always have fun doing her persona.

        Yup basically! That pretty much sums up James!

        Oh I so know that movie! I love it. LOL yeah and they thought he was crazy 😉 HAH! Maybe they are.

  7. Hayley says:

    JAMES IS SUCH A DOUCHE! Bah. He didn’t really kill his whole family, did he? Poor Ryder… although he deserves to get kicked for liking killing Koby.
    I don’t even know what to think! Ahhhhh! More? 😛
    Great chapter, I can’t wait for the next one!

    • Jax says:

      You got that right. He cares for no one but himself. Ah, but Ryder is just losing it. James got to him and he just snapped. He was already losing it because of keeping something like Liam hidden his entire life. Then everything that happened from there.

      Hah, yeah I know, it’s crazy! ^_^ But I’m only 3 chapters in.

      Thank you!

  8. Minty says:

    Jed’s comment is so true! ^^

    So many different feelings right now! First of all Ryder. I can’t believe he’s gone all (gosh how do I put this…) psycho. I know he was only doing it because James manipulated him but still. I hope he hasn’t ruined his friendship with Adam. He’s pretty much the only guy that Ryder can pretty much trust right now…

    I seriously doubt that photo is real. As a lot of people have said James wants Ryder to suffer for a long time. If he killed of his family then his satisfaction would wear off too quickly.

    If James has killed Ryder’s family then I am gonna cry and rock myself to sleep in a corner…

    • Jax says:

      I agree, he’s right 🙂 I don’t need to stress myself out with this. Esp. when things are going on in my life.

      It’s true, he has pretty much lost it. But it’s really not entirely his fault. He’s been through a lot of things and it’s screwing with him mentally. I know, but he’s been a bomb just waiting to explode for some time now. Even Adam said it himself. He feels that him killing Liam was just the start of him losing it. That’s a LOT on a 16 year old’s shoulder. Well, he’s 16 now but he was 15 at the time. Just a kid with all that crazy stuff going on in his life. It really messed him up. I know… he really doesn’t need to mess that relationship up with Adam. They just need to make amends.

      Mhm. That is very true. But it makes you wonder… if they ARE alive… how did they survive? How could they survive?

      N’awww ❤ It okay. ;-;

  9. OMG. I’ve been reading your legacy, but I’ve only just got an account so I can finally reply 🙂

    I cant believe that Ryder would actually kill someone again, I mean he killed Liam but that was kinda different. I thought being stuck in that ‘place’ would make Ryder realise how sick James is and that its not a good idea to kill anyone else,but guess I was wrong. I really hope he ‘makes up’ with Adam, he’s the only friend Ryder has, and if he loses him, then he will be practically all alone.

    I have no idea why Ryder thought it was a good idea to kill Koby, dosn’t he realise it’s going to get him in way more trouble when he eventually gets out of there? And yes he will get out of there, cause I believe in him x)

    • Jax says:

      Well hello there! It’s nice to hear from you ^-^

      Oh he realizes how James is. He LOATHES the man… but he’s also pretty much lost it mentally. He needs some serious therapy but that’s something he can’t get right now or probably anytime soon. I know, those two really need to figure out their differences. Hopefully in time they will.

      He thought it was a good idea because he liked how it felt the first time. At first he was freaking out and going nuts… but when James got into his head, he now realizes how much power he has now. He likes feeling like no one can hurt him anymore. He’s also liking the feeling of revenge and that’s not good either.

      Aww 🙂 That’s great. Keep believing that he will get out of there one day.

      • How could he let the power get to himlike that 😮 for all we know thats just what james wants. I never thought he would literally go mental like that, I thought he would just / eventually become friends with Liam and all the bullying would stop, not carry on until he killed him

      • Jax says:

        Because of him just snapping. He’s not in his right mind set at all. That’s a good theory 😉 I know, but I’m full of surprises, eh? heheh. I do stuff you’ll least expect ^_^

      • bet you will, but thats the fun part :p

  10. Oh and btw I’m soooooo glad your back to posting, I’ve been refreshing the pages for weeks hoping you would post a new chapter 😀 I’m thinking about starting my own legacy, can you tell me if its hard to set out the layout, cause I’m no computer nerd ( unless its about sims )

    • Jax says:

      Yeah me too. Let’s just hope it’s not another month for the next chapter O_O I’ll try my very best to get another chapter together as soon as I can. It’s not really that hard to set the layout. You just put a picture to go on the backround and upload it. But first make sure it looks nice and not eye blinding. Oh and it’s great you’re starting your own legacy ^_^

      • Thanks 🙂 I’ve got the hang of it now so its all good. Lool about the taking another month to write a chapter 😀 Everybody has times when they feel like not playing sims for awhile, and it must take awhile to think of the storylines, so I’m sure eVryone will consider those things, I will anyways XD

      • Jax says:

        Okay, great! I’m glad you got the hang of things. Sorry I couldn’t have been much more of help. LOL yeah I know… crazy right? I hope that doesn’t happen. Well, I haven’t felt like playing because of things going on in my life. I was just really sad and had no motivation to do anything. I’m feeling better now though. Thank you god. I hope they do ^_^ It’s never easy. Esp. when life gets in the way.

      • Yeah its awful when life gets in the way and you have no motivation, but we, your loyal readers x) will all still be here waiting for another chapter whenever you want to write one 🙂

  11. Natt says:

    This chapter was so suspenseful. I’m just so shocked at Ryder for letting James get to him like that. Also, considering Ryder he is heir, I’m extremely worried at the thought of little baby Ryder’s running around right now. I really hope James didn’t really kill everyone and that Ryder pulls himself together. I feel so bad for Adam for having to deal with all of this too.

    • Jax says:

      Ah, yes, it’s something to be worried about! Any kids that are going to come from him aren’t going to have such a … uhm… ‘lovely’ life. Esp. if he gets worse. Hopefully not but one can never tell with James 😦 He’s full of rotten. I know! Poor Adam!

  12. Morgan says:

    I stopped breathing for like the whole inter time I read this. Ryder what are you doing!!!! You could have gotten away with Liam, you know since you where deffending your LIFE!!! But you just dug your grave even deeper. I kept hoping during the whole inter part where he was going through Koby’s house that this was an escape plan or something. Tell Toby or whatever his name is to call the cops and explain everything before their deadly wrist bands went of.

    Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please don’t let Ryders family be dead! Because I might have to roll up in a ball and cry for a few hours.

    Yeah this is the part where the bad ass aunt and uncle tag team come busting through the door and saving Ryder’s going mentally crazy ass.!

    Ryder, okay I know you where being caught up in the moment and I totally get that, I probably would have too with the “I’m going to kill them all”. But then I would’ve take my head out of the dark shade of fantasy I was living in a come back to reality. Because he is know of his rockers. And I think I’ll just cry my heart out if Ryder discovers he wants to be in the crimanal profession like his great-great- many greats grandpa Fyln( I think that what he was, it was like 7 generations ago LOL)

    Great Chapter, please don’t make us wait as long for the next 😀

    • Jax says:

      Could he have gotten away with killing Liam? He had three against one. And all of their stories would have been the same because they all saw it. Of course they wouldn’t stand up for Ryder as self-defense. They were laughing as Liam was about to kill him. Ryder is also pretty much losing it mentally because of everything that happened. I’m not saying what he’s doing is right but he really is going off his rocker. If he would of tried that he probably would of wound up dead or Koby would of called the cops ON him instead of FOR him. So he really had to kill him or he would of died. Liking the killing… now that was his doing and it was wrong.

      ;_; Well James said that he killed them. And he’s usually pretty keen on his word. Plus you saw Kaylie and Sam… they were all cut up.

      Buwahaha! That just seriously made me laugh hard! HAH! Yeah his aunt and uncle need to make an appearance…

      Ah… you’ll just have to see what happens to our crazy Ryder. Hopefully he’ll have his happy ending.

      Thank you, and I’ll try not too!

      • Morgan says:

        I refuse to come out of my denial. Noah can’t be dead not after like his whole inter life he lived. The guy was shot, he lost his wife, he helped take down a prosetcion whatever it’s called. I was about to say camp, but camp is suppose to be fun and woodsy and yeah. Point is I’m in denial, refuse to belive it. James can swear up and down but you know what I’m about to go all crimanl minds on his butt.

        James gets joy off of seeing people in pain, pyshcial and emotianal. If he really was p.o about his other agenciy or whatever being shut down, wouldn’t he want Noah, and the twins to suffer too. Really shouldn’t his target be them mostly. So it’ doesn’t make sense for him to just do away with them. He just kind of told Ryder the news like it was the most causal thing in the world. Wouldn’t, I don’t know, he want Ryder to suffer, see what kind of power he has, by watching him take the lifes of the people he loves. Might even give him false hope about saving them……

        How did I do? because I swear I should be in the fbi haha

  13. Emma. L says:

    *rant over*
    Wow this Generation is SUPER GRAPHIC! I had no clue this would happen when I voted for Ryder… Wahhh… 😦 but I don`t regret it..
    Noah`s not dead, right? Neither are Kammy? That was just a joke, a trick, right? *cue nervous laugh*
    Oh Jax you`re killing me…
    Take your time with the update, It’ll be worth the wait! ^.^ 🙂

    • Jax says:

      I know ;__; I knew you would be sad at how things are turning out for him. He’s just really losing it mentally!

      I know, sorry about that! I thought by the way I ended it people would maybe expect it to be somewhat dark. I’m glad you still like it though 🙂

      James said they were dead 😦 He’s usually kept on his word.

      Aw thank you very much! ❤

  14. wolfmania98 says:

    (ok… sorry for commenting so late)
    RYDER!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! *sigh* he’s gonna go mad with power isn’t her (Evil glare at you Jax 😛 I kid..or do I XD) He seems to have a deep want for revenge, and ever since he killed Liam, that hunger has gotten out…. But when it happens to his family, he gets mad…. So he will kill people who made his life sh*t without much of a care, but when it happens to his family he gets mad
    ….this will be interesting…. RYDER I DONT KNOW WHETER I LOVE OR HATE YOU NOW ;A;

    • Jax says:

      It’s not late. I only just released it 🙂

      What is he doing? Completely snapping, losing his marbles, going off his rocker. The list can on and on. He’s just been through so much and now he’s completely losing it. It’s James’ fault and his own fault for letting him get to him. Well that and he’s just been waiting to explode for a while now. He didn’t know it but his mind was a like a ticking bomb. People who’s hurt him he doesn’t care about and will kill… That could lead to SUCH a horrific scene. It could get so bad… that if just the slightest thing happens to him he will then have reason to kill the person who did it. The only people he cared for was his family. Now that he lost them… he just gave up. He’s going to devote his entire life to making sure he seeks out his revenge on the man who caused him pain.

      You can love him and hate the things he does? How about that? lol

      Aw thank you 🙂 I’m glad that you still like it even though it’s not sunshine and rainbows! Lol

      • wolfmania98 says:

        Oh, and I forgot to add, he seems to becoming more and more like Light Yagami from Deth Note (Sorry for bringing this manga up, but I just realised XD)

      • Jedidiah says:

        Ooohhh, wolfie… hadn’t thought about that… yeah… he does resemble in chara that Kira/Light dude. O___O

      • Jax says:

        What’s even funnier about this is that I had no idea what Death note was when I was thinking up this story line. It wasn’t until Wolfe pointed it out that I watched it. Heh.

  15. shadowming1998 says:

    NOOOOO!! Ryder, you kill guy? Why you kill guy?
    Tear tear…..Sam and Kylie….Noah and Ryan….R.I.P 😦
    Great chapter! Even though it’s sad, I can’t wait until the next one!

  16. Hola! I would’ve commented sooner, but when I would think about this chapter, my face would do this =-O! But I is here now to give my infinite words of wisdom. ROFL As if!

    Oh me. Oh my! Ryder is doing an excellent job! At ruining his own life! SRSLY DUDE? Sam would’ve been a better heir *hack, cough* 😉

    I kept hoping that Ryder acting like that was him just playing along, just to get on James’s good side, he was Noah’s ‘good’ kid! So I sort of started freaking out when he actually killed Koby. I liked Ryder at first. To me, he was a victim in this terrible situation, being forced to work for James. PSHA!!! Now I hope he has a really good shovel! Cuz he gon’ be digging himself a deep grave! (wait… did that make sense?)

    Is it wrong for me to think that its Ryder’s own fault that he is in this situation? He could have handled his problems maturely with Liam by TELLING SOMEONE!!! But NOOO!!! He chose to try to tough it out on his own. Though Brooke revealed herself to be a doofus face, I highly doubt that she would have encouraged Liam’s behavior. That would be called idiotic parenting. I hope Adam gets the message through his thick skull! Killing=No no! I like Adam. Hope both him and Ry (is it weird that when I say or type Ry, I think of the bread?) get out soon.

    Is it strange that both you and Jed have proven my thinking to be wrong? With Dark Echoes, I thought “all of the parents are good parents”, then Phoebe came along, and with this I thought “Hmm… Jax hasn’t made an evil heir yet, I don’t think she will.” And though Ryder probably doesn’t have the evil trait, he’s doin’ pretty bad for himself.

    Like everyone else, I don’t think that James killed Ryder’s family, partially because I don’t want them to be dead, but also because you showed James telling his men that he had an idea, as opposed to him just telling them to kill the girls when Sam and Kylie were found. Then again, he could have just had the idea to kill them slowly, and take pictures. But unfortunately, unlike CSugar, I don’t have massively awesome detective skills. Boo! 😦

    Oh! I just had a revelation! 😉 For it to be proven that he killed his entire family, there would have to be at least a picture of Noah (and maybe Ryan) because then that would prove (at least to the readers) that Noah is deceased. because they hadn’t previously even touched Noah, so they couldn’t just do the same thing to him that they did to Sam and Kylie.. I have a feeling though, that you are going to leave us in the dark on that topic for a while.

    Though out of all the characters, Adam is the only one I like, I still like this story, and will keep reading it until it is done! Don’t over-stress yourself with feeling like you owe us anything, and that you need to write a chapter. You could drop off the face of the earth for a long time, and the minute that I get an email that you put a chapter up, I would happy dance and go read it. So RL first for ya lil missy!

    • Jax says:

      It’s alright Nate. 🙂 It doesn’t matter when you comment ^_^

      Hah, but come on… you have to admit it’s pretty cool, right? Riiiiighhhhtt? It’s also fun to do something different and that’s what I decided to do with this generation. But you’re right, Ryder is digging his own grave. But you also have to remember that he was like bomb just waiting to explode. He supressed so much of that anger and frustration. Now he has a chance to “get even” and he likes it. He likes to feel powerful because his whole life he’s felt so weak and and small.

      He could of but he was in a panic state of mind. He wasn’t thinking about being mature, he was thinking about getting out of there without getting caught! Plus he was only 15 when it happened, when do young boys ever act maturely on anything? Heck, when do BOYS act mature on anything? No matter the age. =P I know, but like you said. He’s thickheaded, so he’s going to act on what he wants. His mother was a firecracker and his dad… well you saw how Noah was. He did whatever he wanted to. You combine them and you get Ryder. Although normally Ryder is a sweetheart… right now he’s just going a little wacko… Esp. since James killed his family. That’s enough to drive anyone mad. I like Adam too, I just think he’s so freaking cute. I can’t wait to make him a YA ;] hehe. Let’s hope so!

      Nah it’s not strange. We just both did something you least expected ^_^ I surprise myself sometimes, lol. No Ryder doesn’t have the evil trait, but he does have the daredevil trait. So that’s just as bad when you think about how he’s losing his marbles.

      Exactly. His idea could of just been to kill them. I mean, he has Ryder now… what does he really need to bother with Noah anymore? Killing him would only stir up Ryder more, which he seems to enjoy doing because he sees how it makes him. Def. valueable to James. Aww! Yes you do 🙂

      That is true, but who knows what he’s doing and why he’s doing it 😉 LOL you are correct there my friend! 😉

      For I second there I thought you said “I only like this story because of Adam” LOL My brain is off in la-la land xP Exactly though. You can like a story and not the characters 🙂 Ryder just needs to get it together though. I know, and you guys are so sweet for sticking by me even when I’m going through a lot. ^_^ ❤ You all are such great friends. Awww Nate! <3333 Thank you ^_^ Although I promise I won't drop off the face of the earth and if I do go on that long a break someone is bound to hear as to why ;p lol I know, I know ^_^ You and Jed always getting on me. Hehe.

      • Okay… Okay… I’ll admit it. Doing the same thing over and over again may get a little repetative. So doing something different is good. I don’t think that I could do it however. I mean, I probably could, but I don’t know if I want to go the darker part of my brain. I just hope that he redeems hisself in the end. Redemption stories are pretty awesome. Hey hey hey, he had every opportunity to get it off his chest, his pops even to draw it out of him, but he didn’t ‘budge’, so its his own fault that he’s essploading. I usually tend to suppress my feelings also, but I haven’t killed anyone yet (that you know of 😉 ) thats cuz my family sort of draws it out of me.

        Hey, I resent that comment! 😉 I’m told that I am very mature for my age. Just not on the internet. I hope that you are referring to male adolesents, as opposed to the entire male gender. I’ll pull a Ferencz on Phoebe! Hehe, joking! So… His mom was a ‘my username’? Hurr Hurr Hurr! I=such a dork! Well I think that my reaction to someone killing my family would either be 1. Strangling them on the spot, or 2. shutting down. Oh brother woman! You and your ‘hott’ male simmies.

        Sigh… Yeah, he probably did kill them. Its trully upsetting though. 😦 Though Noah wasn’t my top choice for gen 6, he was a pretty good guy, and only did what was right when he took down PIN, and now he had to pay for doing what was right… I’m still going to hold on to hope that they are all okay, and James is just messing with Ryder. Thank you very much for le compliment. I try… 😉

        No problem! I mean, you are sort of doing the same for me. I haven’t updated with a chapter on the Lees since January, and The Huggins in maybe a month or two. I just hope that I would have time soon to update. Maybe when I finally graduate from ‘college’, which is in May of next year. Its seems like so far away!

      • Jax says:

        Exactly. Sometimes I just like doing something different 😀 No worries though, even I can’t stay on the dark path forever. I’ll have to think up something else next time around. Oh let’s hope he does. But for now… we’re only getting started 😉 I know, but he was also a frightened little kid. He thought it was the right thing to just leave it alone. He was more scared of what Liam would do to him than anything else. Oh I don’t. When I feel sad or upset someone is BOUND to hear about it LOL

        LOL pfffft! All you guys are immature ;P I’m referring to everyone who is NOT a girl 😀 So yes, male gender! LOL yesh, Riley was a firecracker ^_^ She wanted it her way or the high way. My reaction??? O___O I don’t even want to think about something like that. I’d probably lose it. YESH! My hot male sims! <333 It's a must!

        It is upsetting, but James is just that twisted. He doesn't care about anybody but himself. Yeah, Noah was thick-headed and dumb at times but he was an overall sweetie. Just like his son… when he's not lost his marbles. All you can do is hope. You're welcome ;D

        Yeah, you do need to update mister! Chop, chop!! LOL yeah, please don't wait a year xP

      • Erm… I mean update more often. I’m not going to wait an entire year before I update… I hope…

    • Cinnamon Sugar says:

      Awww ‘massively awesome detective skills’ *blushes* Hardly, but thanks Nate!

  17. toyinroxx123 says:

    Poor, poor Ryder… I really hope James was messing with him, or else I might lose it.

  18. Kristy says:

    omg! finally all caught up 🙂 can’t wait for the next chapter. Ryder is a hottie! is his family really dead?

  19. AMAZING CHAPTER! I have been waitning so long and i cant wait till you update IDC ! 🙂 Your such a talented writer!
    And SRSLY Ryder? You are ruining your own life!
    Noah, Ryan, Sam, Kylie RIP! ❤

    • Jax says:

      Thank you!! I know, I apologize. Life and what-not. I actually started an IDC chapter yesterday ^_^ So that should be out some time this week. Awwww thank you! 🙂

      I know, but he’s off his rocker atm >_<

  20. Hello, I just started reading your legacy and its AMAZING. I love all the characters and you are a great writer…I’m hooked! I was just wondering how you got your sims to sit in a certain position? Like when their sat down holding their knees?Or a lying position? It’s really cool.

  21. Emma. L says:

    Hey Jax, I was wondering what site you make your banners on. 🙂

  22. ExHgM says:

    I’m sorry but you say freaking too much. Try using other words.
    And James comeback is “use your toothbrush”? Since when is oral care James concern? Like, when did brushing their teeth come into play?

    • Jax says:

      I say too much? Wow, really? Don’t even read my story then if I say too much. Good god, you’re rude.

      • ExHgM says:

        No, I like the story. I really like the story, Mackenzie’s generation was my favorite. Just a few things I noticed I don’t like a lot. Sorry if I came off as offensive, you’re a really talented writer with great ideas.

      • Jax says:

        Really? You didn’t mean to come off as offensive? You basically told me to shut up, that I had unoriginal story ideas and that my contest was not FAIR and you somehow knew the future and KNEW who I was going to choose. HOW did you know? There was a butt load of entries that I had to go through! Even I didn’t flipping know!! How in the world is that not offensive???

        If you don’t like something about my story, then all you had to do was point it out in a NOT rude way. I’m sorry, I don’t get ticked off easily but I can’t tolerate when people come off to me like that. There was NO need for you to do that to me, I don’t even know who you are for you to treat me with no respect like that. I never did anything to you.

      • ExHgM says:

        Sorry, guess I did come off as a bitch. You seem like a nice person, never meant to piss you off.

      • Jax says:

        You might have not meant to, but you really did get me upset from saying those hurtful things. I don’t like being mean to people and I would NEVER do that to someone. So I really expect it not to be done to me. Esp. when I don’t even know who the person is.

      • ExHgM says:

        I’m sorry. I never mean to come off as mean or insulting. Just the way the words I say and the way you interpret them can be two different things. I guess I can be harsh, but it’s nothing against you. As a writer myself, I know how mean people can be against your writing, and that you take pride in your writing and just want to make people laugh, smile, cry, angry, etc. When someone doesn’t like your work, it hurts a little. So, again, sorry I came off as bitchy, this is a great story and you could be a successful writer one day, if you go into that career.

  23. Rose says:

    I’m fuming! How dare you kill my Noah? And have you noticed that in ALL your chapters of this legacy or most, the woman gets pregnant before getting married? Yoki, Bazel, Kitty, (exception is Fraser, cause he’s gay) Micki, Brooke. I’m just catching up!

  24. Noah…..dead??? That is NOT a happy ending for him!

    I shall, however, resist tearing my furniture apart for the time being though because a part of me feels like James is just messing with Ryder psychologically to turn him into a true psychopath. Not that that is a wonderful alternative really, but, well, Ryder already seems to be headed that route anyway, and the thought of his entire family dead just makes me too sad :/

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