Casting Call Contest!!

Yes, this is a casting call and yes there is a prize!! The winner will receive something worth 100 points from the store or 75 and 25 (you get to pick it) and their sim will of course take a role in Ryder’s generation! Also please note the prize number is subject to change. I may make it higher than 100Winking smile

This is how this here thing-y works:

1. I need a female sim

2. I need her to be a total bad-a. I don’t mean like a scary chick, lord no, I mean someone who is very pretty but has a bad side to her. This is Ryder’s generation, we can’t have some rainbow and cupcakes kinda girl Winking smile  Also I prefer hair colors that aren’t the usual. You see how I do it with mine, do something like that ^_^

3. I would LOVE it if there is no CC attached to this chick. When I say love it, I mean PLEASE SPARE ME WITH NO CC! Please and thank you ;D If you think the CC is really needed on this certain sim, then please link me to said CC.

4. I already know what type of chick I want her to be, but give her a little bit of a description. Help me form her personality and story even better! Who is this girl? Where did she come from? What’s she after? Use your imagination! ;D

5. Please post the link to your female sim. You can upload her on the exchange or mediafire(or where ever else). Also posting pictures of this sim in action would be LOVED but not needed ^_^ If you do upload on mediafire (or somewhere that is not the exchange), I will of course need to know what she looks like so post a picture along with the link, hehe.

*Also please note this sim is not needed for chapter 4, so you have some time to work on this.

Good luck guys! I really am excited to see what you come up with!

Feel free to ask me any more questions about this ^_^


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  1. Oh my gosh, I have been looking for an excuse to get my super writing fingers on. Thank you so much I’m going to go make a sim right now. I don’t CARE if I’m not caught up! ❤

    • Oh, and…you don’t mind CC hair, right? I can’t deal with EA hair.

      • This girl, is she going to be a bad guy or a possible ally with Ryder? And did you plan for her to have some kind of connection with James? I would guess so, but I can’t be too sure.

      • Jax says:

        This girl is going to be new. Fresh into the story. Not really a connection to James ^_^

      • Jax says:

        Nope, go right ahead. I just meant clothes and makeup and stuff. Hair is fine. Should of stated that lol

    • Jax says:

      Lol, have fun! 😀 Can’t wait to see your simmy!

      • Okay, I worked long and hard and I’m finally happy with the result! Meet Kara Swerner!

        Kara Swerner grew up in a rough home. Her mother divorced her real father when she was around the age of four, but her step-father Bernard was an abusive drunk, and her mother was still hopelessly in love with him. She grew up learning to deal with the bruises and hurtful comments she received daily, until the night she turned eighteen, when suddenly, with a clumsily hidden birth certificate, Kara found out that Bernard was indeed her biological father. It was coincidentally the same night that Bernard decided he wanted to rape her. She barely escaped him after he pinned her down on the bed. This sent her into a rage, and when she got home from work that night after finding out her mom was working afterhours, she tucked Bernard into bed, and then started a gas leak in the house, making it look like an accident. She then left the house and watched as it burst into flames.
        She stopped by her mother’s office and handed her the life insurance money–$400,000–and confessed to what she did, sure that her mother of all people would understand. She didn’t. Her mother called the police and Kara was forced to run. She’s been running ever since, nearly getting caught every once in a while, hooking up with gangbangers, stealing from homes, and avoiding the law all at the same time.
        Her biggest emotional problem is that she gets these ‘urges’ to steal. Even if it’s not something that she wants, her hands will impulsively reach out to grab it. She didn’t like doing it, nor did she like killing people, but she can hardly go to counseling when she’s on the most wanted list.
        She never gives out her last name. When people ask, she’ll normally come up with a kicka$$ story as to why she can’t tell them her last name. Her favorite one–saved especially for those who like to pry–is a voodoo man placed a taboo on her last name, and if she says it, the person nearest her will get struck by lightning the next time they sneeze.
        She knows how to use a gun, pick locks, disguise herself with the most mundane objects, has impeccable aim, and won’t hesitate before killing a man.
        But her most formidable skill is that she can get into your head and influence your thoughts without you even realizing it. Countless men have fallen at her feet, foolishly thinking they’re in love with her. Then she robs them blind and hightails it outta there.
        Her traits:
        Good Sense of Humor

        I’m sorry if this was too long, but I sorta just let loose with this character. Hope you like her, and here she is on the Exchange (I made ABSOLUTELY SURE she had no bad CC on her):

        Oh, and here she is ‘in action’. It’s kinda choppy; I’m bad at photo editing, but I hope I can get the point across:

        And her hair is HERE after hours of searching I am TRIUMPHANT and can go to bed satisfied.

      • Jax says:

        Amazing work Rochelle!! VERY intriguing story. I want to know what happens next! LOL! guess that would be up to me if you’re chosen hehe ^_^ Thanks for the submission and thanks for searching hours for that hair!! Very much appreciated. ^_^ ❤

      • Oh, and I just realized that since my entry had a bunch of links in it, it might’ve been put in spam. Just making sure 🙂

      • Jax says:

        Oh I see it, I just need to approve it ^_^

  2. Charlotte says:

    I so wanna enter this!

  3. deathcullen says:

    I’m totally entering!!

      • deathcullen says:

        Okay got a question! umm what about CC skin, can we use that or no?

      • deathcullen says:

        Nevermind I got my answer.

      • deathcullen says:

        Okay here is the link.
        Here is her description

        As a girl, Calida was close to her parents. Then, at age 12, her father, Evan, found out that her mom, Lindi, was cheating on him. The end results of that was, her parents got a divorce. Before her father left for Riverview, he promised to Calida he would come back for her. He never did because later that day he died in a car accident. For the next 2 years, her life went downhill. Lindi married the other guy, Bruce. The problem was that Bruce was an alcoholic. He got so drunk that he would abuse Calida almost every night. That didn’t help Calida at school. She would get into fights with anyone who would ask or make fun of her bruises. Calida always won and ended up into the principal’s office. When she was 17 her mother died in a fire at her work. That meant Bruce had full custody of her. He abused her even more than before. The fights at school got worse. Finally Calida had enough of the abuse. One night almost a year since her mother died, when father started attacking her, she knocked him out cold. Calida grabbed her wallet and ran. She ended up in Bridgeport. While she still had money, she changed her hair color. Now a month later as a YA, she is living a regular life as best as she could, but still getting into fights and bad situations.

        Sorry if the description is long! I just like to add a lot of detail. ( scratches head nervously ) But I did have to start all over when all of it got erased before.

      • Jax says:

        Wow that girl went through the wringer, poor kid. Thanks for the back-story! No worries about it being long, I like long 😀 Thanks for entering ^_^

      • deathcullen says:

        Yea she did! I thought it up 2 hours ago and just added a bit more to it. I felt kind of bad that she had to go through that.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Can I use stuff from Pets? Like clothes and stuff.

  5. wolfmania98 says:

    I’m definately gonna do this. I just want to ask, is it a teen or YA. I’m guessing YA….but want to be sure

    • Jax says:

      Ah. YA! Sorry, I knew I was missing some things ^^’ heh

      • wolfmania98 says:

        One more question. I know you said as little as possible CC, but if I use transferable CC, after I check it, and make sure its not bad CC…could I use that?

      • Jax says:

        Sure 🙂 I really dislike CC but I’ll give it a shot ^_^

      • wolfmania98 says:

        I’ve created my Character for this! Its a a sims3pack, but on mediafire.
        Here are some pictures of her-
        (CAS picture) –
        (close up on face)
        Ok, so heres a backstory I made up when I was making her. (her name is Lyric Piper)
        Lyrics father left her mother when Lyric was 7. Her mother was overcome by depression and commited suicide 5 years later. Lyric lived with her abusive uncle until she was 15, before she left, and lived on the streets. She’d learned to survive, and doesn’t mind getting in a few fights to help that. However, she does seem to take things that aren’t exactly hers. Though, deep in her heart, she does love music, and it makes her smile.
        Traits- (these are from the top of my head…so I’m not sure if they are right)
        (and I’m not sure about this… but I think it’s) Social Butterfly
        I used a Newsea free hair (
        I also used some custom make-up, but it should transfer over. As should her scar, but if it doesn’t, it’s Tifa’s scar V6.
        I’m not sure about the skin, but I think its lemonleaf. However, I don’t think that matters too much. so long as shes pale. If you do have a lemonleaf skin, could you use that on her? Thanks ^-^
        Also, feel free to change anything about her.

      • Jax says:

        Ah, so a girl who took to the streets because of family troubles. Poor kid 😦 I like her back story though! And she’s SO adorable ^_^ Thanks for entering and yes I have the Tifa scar. So it should pop-up 🙂

      • wolfmania98 says:

        oops I forgot, her peircings will also transfer

  6. I love casting calls!!! So totally gonna flippin enter this! I thought u couldnt use mediafire. ohh. and if we do have cc. do u want us to include links to where we got them?

    • Okay… I had extra time… So I made one…
      Her name is Katia Primrose.



      I might fail a lil at making bad “a”s.
      Her traits are

      If you want to change anything about her, feel free. (If you choose her of course)
      I will try to come up with some action pics later.

      The only CC she has is her hair. I use Lotus’s retextures because I can’t stand the unnatural dark roots and stuff.

      • Jax says:

        Ty, ty 🙂

      • Jax says:

        Forgot her description 😀 That’s part of this casting-call. Give me some insight on this chicky 😉

      • Hmm… lets see. I feel kind of lame writing someone’s bio when they are not in a story that I’m writing, or I’ve never played as them.

        Uhh… Katia Primrose’s parents were cops who got killed in the line of duty when she was 7. Since then she has been through different foster homes, each “family” using the reimbursement checks for their own selfish needs. So she learned to take care of herself by just taking what she needed… Lame… I know. Its the only thing that came to my mind at the moment.

        That’s all you need, right?

      • Jax says:

        Nate what chu talkin’ bout?? I like that!! Great job, exactly what I needed. It wasn’t lame at all. 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Yes sir ^_^ And I can’t use it as in upload stuff on it because it hates me. I can however download stuff from it.

      • ive been looking at everyones character bios. and i cant help but think my character’s is very vague. would i be able to rewrite her bio. not really change anything, but be more “descriptive” if not then das ok!

      • Jax says:

        Sure go right ahead 🙂

      • Alright. Here goes…

        Katia Primrose was the daughter of two Twinbrook detectives. Her parents worked together as criminal investigators, and were very much like Yin and Yang. But when Katia was 7, her father became obsessed with putting a certain criminal in jail. When the criminal went on trial, he came out scott free even though there was enough evidence against him. Being the hot tempered man that Katia’s father was, he took matters into his own hands, while still obeying the law. The Criminal was killed.

        However Katia’s parents had not accounted for the criminal’s wife, and one evening, she broke into the Primrose house, and brutally murdered Katia’s parents. Katia saw the whole thing.

        But Katia wasn’t an only child, she had a younger sister named Emma. Emma, who was once a happy, bubbly 4 year old, shut down…

        When The Primrose sisters were taken to the foster home, Emma was “adopted” by a horrible looking family due to the fact that she was very young. So the sisters were separated. Katia was given to a foster family a few months later, but the family only used the money given to them for their own selfish desires, instead of taking care of Katia. So she ran away. But was caught soon after and returned to her previous home.

        Every family that Katia was given to never used the money to take care of her, so she learned to take care of herself, by taking what she needed. At first only as self preservation, but it eventually turned into a drug for her, that she would need to steal, and if she didn’t, she would literally go crazy, and the only thing that could calm her down was remembering the words her mother told her to help calm down.

        And though it has been years since Katia had seen her sister, deep down, she holds on to hope that one day, they would be reunited again.

        THAT’S IT!!! I think that’s descriptive enough. I changed the occupation of her parents cuz I felt it fit the back story more. But now I feel bad for ruining the lives of two nonexistent girls. 😦

      • Jax says:

        Thanks 😀 LOL, well don’t feel bad, I put my sims through much more than seperating them. Look at what I’ve done to Ryder! LOL

  7. diddykongfan says:

    I’ve been a silent reader for a while now, and I was thinking about entering, but first I was wondering if it was cheating to use a charcater I already had for my legacy? Because I’m doing a DITFT, and I think my Generation 7 heiress fits the bill, personality-wise, I’d just have to tweak her look a little bit.

    • Jax says:

      Nope, not cheating. Use whatever sim you want to enter with!! Just don’t forget the description 🙂

      • diddykongfan says:

        Okay, here she is:
        Everyday Outfit:
        Formal Wear:
        Her backstory:
        Rachel Stewart was part of the perfect family. Her parents were madly in love, she was the middle child of five, everyone was happy. Then one day, a jealous ex of her father’s killed her mother. Her father was completely devastated, and Rachel, who looked almost exactly like her mother, got the worst of it, because he couldn’t even bear to look at her. Starving for attention, Rachel started acting out, small things at first. When she was about sixteen, she fell in love for the first time with the son of a local crime lord. She joined his father’s organization to try and gain both her own father’s attention and his father’s approval. During this time, she got involved in a failed bank heist. She was found not guilty, but her dad sent her away to boarding school as punishment. Eventually, when she finished college, she was reunited with her first love only for him to reveal he was leaving Bridgeport (to join the FBI, although that part she was unaware of). After his departure, she fell back in with his father’s crowd, and quickly became one of the best thieves in the business and was named successor to the criminal empire (I realize that in your story James is basically the major criminal in Bridgeport, but it’s a large city, there can be more than one).
        Other: I don’t remember all five of her traits, but I know for sure Eccentric, Evil, and Cat Person. Her hair is from the store, but I don’t remember what set it’s from to direct you to it. All her clothes are either base game or from an EP, mainly Pets. If you choose her you can tweak anything you want, I just thought she fit the bill.

      • Jax says:

        Wonderful back story! And you’re right, there can and IS more than one 😉 He’s big but he’s not doing it alone. There can never be one crook. Hehe ^_^

        She’s very pretty btw, great job! Thanks for entering!

  8. roniyin says:

    Can you use cc skin and do you have Katy Perry’s sweet dreams stuff pack?

  9. meginthebox says:

    Yay! Something to do!

  10. ChazyBazzy says:

    I have a sim for you.
    Caitlyn Phoenix
    Hair: Store
    Everyday- Outfit: Showtime, Shoes: Late night, Accessory: Showtime
    Formal- Outfit: The Store, Shoes: The Store, Accessory: Showtime
    Sleepwear- Outfit: Mastersuite stuff
    Athletic-Top: Mastersuite stuff, Bottom: Pets, shoes: Base game
    Swimwear-Top and Bottom from Store
    I tried my hardest to stay away from CC but I couldn’t help myself on the Store stuff. Feel free to change her into anything you want though.

    • Jax says:

      I need a little description as to who she is ^_^

      • ChazyBazzy says:

        Sorry, I completely forgot about that.
        Caitlyn had a tough childhood. Her mom had severe mental health issues and her dad bailed when Caitlyn was only 8 years old leaving Caitlyn to take care of her mom. During her childhood Caitlyn did everything to make sure no one found out about her mother’s condition lest she be taken away but not long after Caitlyn’s 15th birthday her mother commited suicide. Caitlyn went on the run and has been taking care of herself ever since. Often she is found going under the name Blaze Skye. Caitlyn doesn’t go looking for fights but if one comes to her she knows how to defend herself. She also feels guilty about her mom’s untimely death and for years she’s been wallowing in a pit of despair thinking that her mom’s death was all her fault; if she’d only done more to make sure she was okay.

        Sorry it’s kind of dark but I’m in one of those moods tonight ^__^

      • Jax says:

        Oh I like it!! Wonderful 😀 Dark is good. Dark is what this generation is all about ^_^

  11. I’d try to make one but my lack of cc hair is…well………it sucks,well good luck to whoever enters

  12. puppyluvver says:

    Long time lurker here :p I’m thinking about entering this ^-^ No CC is definitely gonna be difficult for me though xD Haha

    • Jax says:

      Have fun! When I say no cc I mean no cc clothes. Store stuff, Ep, SP, CC hair is okay.

      • puppyluvver says:

        Still difficult for me, heh ^-^” I’m really bad with CC :p
        Anyway, here is Jordan Young:
        A few pictures:

        Ignore my lousy graphics xD
        Jordan’s father was a genius, an inventor. Her mother was creative and a writer. As for Jordan? Sure, she has her dad’s brains and her mother’s looks, but her personality is all her own. As a young child, she had always been a sweetheart, well behaved and soft spoken. Then she started school and something in her seemed to change. Her rebellious side began to come out and, the more she caused trouble, the more she grew to like it. She was the girl that got in fights, a regular in the principal’s office and no stranger to a broken nose or a black eye.
        Not much changed for her in adulthood, she was still a rebel, still loved to get in fights and get in trouble. Her techniques just had to change a little.
        Sorry if it seems a little scatterbrained, I’m running on very little sleep right now xD

  13. nahshona says:

    Hey Jax is there a deadline for this contest? I know you said you won’t need her for the next chapter, but I’m curious as to how much time I have. I really want to brainstorm about her background and such. I’m going to attempt to enter, but I’ve never put a sim up for download before and since the exchange has problems a lot of times, I was going to try mediafire. I was hoping you can kind of tell me how to go about putting something up for download up there. Thanks so much! I hope you like my sim 🙂

  14. I second everything Shona said! How long do I have to make said woman? Also, and I don’t know if you can answer this but will Ry meet her at Jame’s place as a fellow prisoner (just thinking for story purposes, if yes, how she came to be there – what went wrong in her past to make her live with James)?

    • Nvm, I read above not really a connection to James. So…. ignore all that ^_^ Just, how long do I have to get her to you?

      • Jax says:

        Uh, well probably well over a week considering I don’t need her next chapter and I still have pictures to get for chapter 4 and then write it. So a little while 🙂

      • Jax says:

        Not a connection to James like that, but importance in Ryder’s life.

      • Okay, don’t hate me Jax, please. It’s not really my fault, she just kinda… came into her own and wanted to share a LOT of her back story. (3 word pages in fact… )

        I was going to do what Jed did, but where most of it happens when she’s a teen, and you’ll be using her as a YA, I figured I’d spare myself extra staging of photos during that time.

        Also, you’re more than welcome to change her hairstyle (which I’m sure you know), but if you like the one she has, let me know and I’ll find it for you. I know for sure it’s a newsea one – I just don’t remember the name. Other than her hair (and skin) she is CC free!

        Without further ado, may I present, Cassidy Millar.
        Sims 3 Download Link:

      • Jax says:

        Don’t hate you at all! In fact, I’m impressed! I really loved reading through her back-story. If you’re chosen, then I don’t have to do any type of work to show it in the chapter XD Hehe. But wow is this HARD! There is so many that I like, I’m like “Okay, def. that one…” Few moments later* “Nooo… I think THIS one is it!” *scratches head* “Uhhmmmmm!!! UHHH!” Seriously, I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out if I have a favorite yet. But sadly, no. It’s too hard right now. I think I’ll start trying to find that winner when everyone has submitted a sim. That way it’s fair for everyone. For right now I just read over them and look at all your pretty sims 😀 You guys are all doing so awesomely ^_^’ ❤

      • Well, her life just kinda came into itself and I was enjoying writing her history. However, the bio didn’t quite show enough of her character (in my opinion) so I though for her action shots I’d explain a little more so you could understand a little better. Lol, that’s true!
        Hee hee, well I have read them and they are all quite interesting, but yes, I think you should wait until everyone has submitted and then sit down and maybe make a pro con list of the ones you like. Good luck Jax! I honestly don’t envy you for having to make this decision 😛

      • Jax says:

        LOL gee thanks Csugar 😛 But yeah, it really is a tough choice. I’ve been going over the ones I have lots and lots of times and I’m actually starting to get a good idea of who I want. I’m not certain for sure yet, but I’m taking the ones I do like and thinking of like “Okay, now how does this go into play… and does it fit right for Ryder and his generation.” I’m just feeling them out. So yeah, still flip-flopping around. Just getting the feel of the summaries I’m receiving. I’m not even 50% sure of who I really want yet XD Just that I like too many! LOL

  15. jaec52609 says:

    OMG really…I made a gorgeous sim on my game…illl put her on my page after i upload her…i havent uploaded her yet…ill let u kno when shes up since my computer is a pain nd doesnt like 2 upload more than 1 at a time

    • jaec52609 says:

      Her name is Tamara McAdams……She is the outcome of her mother’s rape. She of sourse has no clue who her father is, and her mother is and abusive drunk. Tamara was raised by her grandmother, who called her T, When Tamara turned 7, her grandmother passed away. Her mother took her back and would beat her. She would call Tamara a mistake, useless, a slut, and many other horrible names. When Tamara turned 13, her mother’s boyfriend would rape her. If home wasn’t bad enough, school was. She was constantly picked on and beaten up by other kids. An older boy raped her in the school bathroom. Tamara had no friends, the only thing she had was a teddy bear her grandmother had given her so long ago. When Tamara turned 16, she had enough. She packed up all her clothes and her teddy bear and ran away in the middle of the night. She wanted to find her father. But her search was interrupted when a man snatched her up and forced her into prostitution. All the abuse got to her and she lost it and killed her pimp (kidnapper or whatever you call him)….(kinda the same in her description, but i had 2 sum it up in the decript cuz there was not enough room in it)

      You can change her clothes and traits nd do watever u want wit her

      • Jax says:

        WOW that poor kid! I felt my eyes go a little moist when I read about the teddy bear and her grandma. Aww, I feel bad for her 😦 Thanks for the back-story and thanks for the simmmy!!

        Oh and thanks for entering of course ^_^

  16. Lily says:

    Ahh jax!!! I gotta get caught up!! Can’t wait(;

  17. Angel says:

    Uploading Sim = pain in the butt, so I’ll just send her to you. =D

    That’s the picture. Her name is Carter Kory. =3 (You don’t have to use that necklace -I can get the link to it if you need it and want the necklace- but she does need a necklace)

    Anyway, her story:

    When Carter was a little girl (around the age of seven) her mom got pregnant by another man because she’d been sleeping around for years. She left leaving Carter and Carter’s father (David) to fend for themselves.
    As Carter got older her dad got more and more distant from her, working late and leaving early. They barely saw each other. So, when he was on a business trip she packed up some of her stuff, put on the necklace her father gave her when she was little, wrote a note, and left. That was when she was sixteen.

    That’s her story. ^-^ When I send you the Sim I saved her without the necklace. =3

  18. toyinroxx123 says:

    *looks at notice and immeadiately loads Sims 3*

    By the way, does the no cc rule count for skins?

    • toyinroxx123 says:

      Uploading Sim now… here is her backstory for now.

      Annalise Mason grew up with an abusive step-father, but ran away at the age of 10 after seeing her step-father kill her mother, the only person in her life who she was close to. After running away, she was pursued by her step-father’s minions, and hid for a while in the woods. Once she felt that she felt safe, she migrated to the city, where she started a life of petty crime when her resources ran out, but stopped when she had a few run-ins with the police. Now, she only steals occasionally.
      Often haunted by images of her step-father killing her mother, she sometimes breaks down into short-lived fits. The one thing in her life that she would want the most is to kill her step-father, and she will do anything to do it. Once she has done that, she feels that she would have proved herself to her mother.

      Yeaaaaaaah… she’s a bit weird. :3

    • toyinroxx123 says:

      Awww flip, her picture didn’t upload…

    • Jax says:

      Yes 🙂 Considering I already have my own that I use ^_^

  19. Jedidiah says:

    Okay, I shall enter this. 🙂 As for the colorful hair… I had to think about which color you hadn’t have yet. O_O Oh well.

    Abigail “Persephone” McNally.
    A little back story can be found here:

    Her hair can be found here: (if you don’t already have it)

    • Jax says:

      Yes sir, I do have that one ^_^ Thanks for making it easy on me heheh 😀 And thanks for entering as well! I commented on your blog too about your little bad-a. She totally is that. Loved her back round story.

  20. blamsart says:

    Is CC eye contacts okay??

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  22. blamsart says:

    Kay, here’s my entry! (I hope its okay if I submit more than one?)

    Cara never knew her parents. She was dropped on the doorstep of a loving couple when she was just two. They had been the best parents anyone could imagine and had never hidden from her the fact that she’d been left on a doorstep. It was the tragic event of an “accidental” fire that ruined her life. Twelve years old, she’d been at school when her parents died in the house, her mother carrying a child. It had ruined her, the police tried to put her in a foster home, but she wouldn’t have any of it and ran away. From then on she lived on the street, with her only goal being to find her real biological parents. But that purpose faded as she grew up. She became a different person to survive; learning that being a good girl wasn’t going to get her anywhere. She jumped from gang to gang, never staying too long, never getting too attached. She’d wanted to be a rock star once… but that dream was long forgotten. Insecure and with a badass attitude I present to you, Caramel Hartish, (Caramel, because her natural hair color is brown :D)

    Download from here

    Pictures here

    Btw her traits are;
    Can’t stand Art
    Computer Whiz

    Hope you like it!!

    • Jax says:

      I do like it, very much so! 😀 I think it’s cool she has a natural hair color that could be brought back if needed ^_^ Very neat. I also like her back-story. Great job and thanks for entering! 😀

      • blamsart says:

        Can I submit another one?

      • Jax says:

        Sure, why not? ^_^

      • blamsart says:

        Here’s my second entry then!

        Jessica Niall was raised in a rich family and was spoiled dirty. She got into the best schools and cheated her way to the best grades. The day her parents “mysteriously” passed away, she used the newfound money to its full potential. Eventually Jessie went bankrupt. She gambled A LOT, and lost everything. She was a gold digger, so she went after rich families, seducing men and breaking up families. Then after her new found husbands gave everything they had to her in their wills, they “mysteriously” died, and Jessie would for a few months be rich again. But the cycle would start all over again and she would be back to searching for a new husband. She is a master of disguise and an amazing manipulator. She’ll do anything, to get what she wants. So here’s Jessica Niall, with the following traits;
        Good kisser

        Download here
        Pictures here

      • Jax says:

        Ooooo gold digger, bad, bad, bad girl 😉 Very nice though! And she’s really pretty 😀

      • blamsart says:

        😀 I’m actually at the Ryder generation yet (im still with gen. 5, Mackenzie) but I felt like trying it out. I can’t wait to see who you’ve chosen though!

      • Jax says:

        Oh that’s fine, it doesn’t matter if you’re not caught up. Anyone can enter ^_^ Ah Micki, one of my favorite generations that I did. Good times. I can’t wait to figure out who I’ve chosen XD I’m just as lost as you guys are at the moment.

      • blamsart says:

        when is the deadline though?

      • Jax says:

        Uhhhhhhh…. I ‘unno. LOL. It’s like a week. I don’t have a set date because I don’t even know when exactly I’m getting chapter 4 out. i may just get off my butt and do it today ;P I’ve been having a lazy streak.

      • blamsart says:

        ha lol, i sorta don’t understand you guys, I suppose i write my legacy differently, i have like the next three chapters all ready, but I don’t want to just dump it all in one day…i guess it just means i spend to much time on the computer…heh.

      • Jax says:

        Nah, everyone just does it differently. I used to be like that. I’d have everything all ready to go for the next chapter, but then I just drifted off differently. It’s hard to just go ahead because one chapter takes up SOOOO much time. It’s insane.

      • blamsart says:

        ha yeah, I noticed your chapters were longer than mine, but then I realized it was mine who were rather short…but I supposed it doesnt matter if theyre long or short I just have to go about it my own way. I just recently got sims 3 pets, Im so excited to add some to my legacy now! 😀 Do you know if any new careers come with sims 3 pets?

  23. Minty says:

    Definately entering this!

  24. Minty says:

    And here is my simmy, River Sawyer!
    She has clothes from generations on her everday but the rest is base game.



    Biography time!

    River was born into one of the most prominent and wealthy families in Hidden Springs. She had a smiple childhood and all that she could ever ask for was given to her at a moment’s notice. Her perfect lifestyle was soon ruined following her eleventh birthday. Her father, Joseph, had been having some money troubles and was struggling to pay the bills. Joseph did not want to worry his wife and so made a deal with one of the gangs in Hidden Springs to help clear him of his debt. Unfortunately, he could never repay his deal to the gang. Angry the gang came looking for Joseph but were confronted by his wife instead. They couldn’t have any witnesses and so killed Joseph’s wife before she could fight back. They destroyed his home and took all of the money that he kept in the family vault. When Joseph returned home he was shocked by what he saw. He was angry with himself for doing this to his family and killed himself to save him from the guilt. River was soon placed into foster care but she could never settle. She went from family to family and her sweet personality swiftly started going south. When she was 15 she ran away from her current foster care and began living a life on the streets. It was on these streets that she met one of the men who killed her father. This prompted River to seek revenge for what the gang did to her family. She changed her last name to Sawyed and began her quest of revenge. She is not araid to kill to get what she rightly deserves.

    • Jax says:

      Intriguing! Very nice back story, although sad for her parents 😦 It’s never good to get mixed up in stuff like that. Ryder knows the feeling… He could get along with this chicky. Thanks for entering into my little contest ^_^ ❤ Much appreciated.

      • Minty says:

        Well I wanted her to have similar feelings to Ryder without making her sound like his female clone. I love entering casting calls! It’s fun making simmys for people when you don’t really have anything to do in your game. Oh I forgot to put her traits! I wrote them down so I wouldn’t forget what they were and I end up forgeting to put them in…
        Anyways these are her traits:


      • Jax says:

        Well that was a good idea ^_^ It would make them be able to relate to one another, that’s for sure. Really? It seems as if I’m the only one who doesn’t like to enter them because I feel I’m terrible at it XD I do love hosting them though! This is really fun 😀 It’s my first one too. Hehe.

      • Minty says:

        Might make a second entry but I don’t know yet…
        Would you be OK with a second entry?

      • Jax says:

        Ah, well I said yes to one person… but I wasn’t really thinking about it when I said it. I’d prefer if you guys just made one entry because it’s really not fair to have two.

      • Minty says:

        Ahh that’s fine. I changed my mind anywho. I’m quite satisfied with River so it doesn’t matter too much.

      • Minty says:

        I get that feeling sometimes as well! As much as I love entering them I always feel as if my sim looks crappy compared to others. I’ve entered countless casting calls but never officialy won one. Well I sorta did but that was only because I was the only person who enetered ^^

      • Jax says:

        Only person? Ah, that’s a shame. I would of supported the person and done one if I’d known. I feel as if I’m terrible at them, but I’d still try. Your sim is very pretty though ^_^ So no worries about that.

      • Minty says:

        It was ages ago when that casting call took place. Think it was like May last year or something…

  25. Tawny says:

    😀 i love you so much for this! Be right back while i make the most awesome backstory for my chick 🙂

  26. meginthebox says:

    Okay, here we go. *deep breath.*
    Well for starters her name is Avenny Paromi.

    (Trumpets blare) Andddd her backstory:
    When she was nine years old, her mother had announced that Avenny’s aunt Lacey and her cousin Ripley would be moving in with them temporarily, until they could stabilize their financial situation. Ripley was 15, the same age as Henry, Avenny’s brother. Lacey was almost never home, her mother was constantly going to neighboring cities for meetings, and her father worked too hard to want to come home to three children. So most of their days were spent together.

    At first, Ripley and Henry and Avenny all got along just fine, talking politely to each other. But Avenny, being the youngest, was soon cast out from them and went back to playing by herself as usual, watching as the two boys began to get more comfortable with each other. A few months passed and Henry had started changing. He started talking to Ripley less frequently, looking angry all the time, and leaving the house in the middle of the night. The adults didn’t notice but Avenny and Ripley did. Avenny would get scared and often times crawl into Ripley’s bed when she heard the stairs creaking as Henry snuck out.

    Her cousin Ripley began to be her only comfort.

    One day Avenny found herself all alone in the house, which hardly ever happened. So she lay down and began to color. All of a sudden, Henry burst through the front door looking crazy. He spotted her and started saying, “It was an accident!” over and over again. An hour later, the adults were all home, the police were outside their house, and Ripley was on a gurney with a sheet drawn over his lifeless body.

    Avenny was horrified and avoided her brother at all costs. Her mother told her it was an accident too. Her father didn’t say anything. Aunt Lacey moved out.

    But a month later she saw Ripley again, going into his room and lying down where his bed used to be. So she talked to him. Her father came into the room and saw her talking to the wall.

    Avenny spent six months in therapy, two years in solitary confinement, and when she was almost twelve, they released her, and her father sent her to live with her uncle Vincent in China. She barely trusted anyone except for him after Ripley, and he taught her martial arts to distract her. Unfortunately, she needed a LOT of distracting, so it wasn’t long before she became unnaturally skilled in martial arts.

    • meginthebox says:

      Oops I forgot to add that she moved back to Bridgeport where her family had lived and came back to an empty house, and no idea where they went.

    • Jax says:

      WOW now that’s a pretty awesome back-story! I haven’t heard anyone write anything like this yet ^_^ Very nice work, I enjoyed reading it. Esp. the part how she was talking to herself in the room but thought it was Ripley. Also the martial arts training and learning it. So cool.

      • meginthebox says:

        Um did you want to know the traits too? I’ll go check and see what they were if you want them. I know for sure two were disciplined and athletic. Actually I think the others were grumpy, loner, and dislikes children, but that’s a whole lot of bad…

      • Jax says:

        It’s fine if you don’t list the traits right ^_^ Doesn’t bother me.

  27. elizabeth says:
    Here’s Reese!! Sorry I accidentally uploaded her as a household. :/ Hope you like her though!! 🙂

  28. NeytiriD says:

    I’m a silent reader, and just for the fun of it, I decided to take part in this:

    KC Holcomb grew up with an abusive father. When KC was born, she had a hard time breathing on her own, and the doctors thought she wouldnt make it. Her father took his pain out on her mother, blaming her for KC’s problem. They later found out KC survived, but her father still abused her mother. He would slap, kick, and do unmentionable things to her until she would almost bleed to death. They barely had enough money so KC’s father had to borrow money from a gang. He was never able to pay it back, and when KC was 14, the gang barged into the house and killed both of KC’s parents. The gang took KC in, and trained her as one of there own. Ever since then, she’s been commiting crimes, and following in her father’s abusive path. She secretly wants to escape this kind of lifestyle, but being the daredevil she is, it gives her a rush. Can KC ever get a way out?

    To download her:
    (I accidently uploaded her as a household, I hope thats ok?)

    Her traits are:
    Can’t Stand Art

    I couldnt really find good pants, so her Everyday Bottoms can be found here:–sacred-pants/id/1125572/

    I hope you enjoy her! 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Aw wow, her poor mother 😦 She shouldn’t of been blamed for their daughters problem. Plus even after they knew she was okay, he still did it anyways. I just say he was a cruel man and probably liked doing that to her mom :/ Poor kid.

      Lovely back-story and nope, don’t mind that she’s in a household.

  29. Tawny says:

    Name: Rikki Saenz
    Traits: Ambitious, Daredevil, Genius, Klepto, Perceptive
    LTW: International Super Spy

    Back Story:
    As a young child Rikki grew up in a middle class family. One night when she was 10 years old her father never came home. He had been on a top secret mission and nobody knew his whereabouts. Rikki became very depressed and in her teenage years she became very rebellious and angry. Rikki’s mother discovered she had cancer and the family was starting to slip into debt. Rikki snapped out of her depression and anger and became the role model for her 2 younger brothers. She did many odd jobs and soon took after her father as a spy once she moved out(May i mention that she was a totally BA spy :D). On one particular mission her partner and herself got into an argument and it just so happened that she was framed for his murder on that same night in front of all her colleagues. With no way out of this cleverly planned set-up Rikki was forced to run and hide from her former colleagues and the mysterious people that wanted her framed.

    Jax, i really really tried not to use CC but i couldnt help it 😦 i have ONE expansion pack and ONE stuff pack. so im working with close to nothing here. please forgive me 😀 Plus theres only TWO items ANNNND they are totally BA and worth it!!



    Totally Amazing BA Hair:

    Amazingly Awesome BA boots:

    • Jax says:

      A spy on the run eh? Well, well… now that’s pretty cool ^_^ Thanks for entering Tawny!! 😀 And I agree, those shoes are really bad-a!!

  30. I’d love to enter, but I dont actually know how to upload a sim to the exchange :s do you know how to?

  31. so gonna do this!!!! 🙂 ive never done a casting call, and i cant wait to do one for this legacy!! 🙂 im gonna get started now!

  32. Emma. L says:

    i would enter but sadly… i don’t play sims any more. none of my files work and when i make a new saved file, i play it, and when i go to load it the bar is stuck at the end, so there’s really no point. i can play on a file once or twice, plus it’s really slow, so i just gave up. but, i’m still loving your legacy! ^.^
    have fun trying to pick one, haha 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Awwww that’s such a shame. Do you know why that it does that? 😦 Is it the computer itself?

      I’m glad you’re still loving my legacy ^^ Oh gosh O_O I know… it’s SO tough.

      • Emma. L says:

        i don’t really know, I’m thinking of re-installing the game, but i’ll have to re-download ALL my CC, and I have tons… 😦
        Yet, I will still read your amazing legacy until it is completed.
        I’ll feel guilty if I don’t finish, haha

      • Jax says:

        No need to feel guilty! Only read if you want too 🙂

  33. Lilith Kawanami says:

    Ananya Dallhoun:

    Good Kisser
    Mean Spirited

    Ananya has never had a real home. Her parents abandoned her on the doorstep of an orphanage, with nothing but her name, a key, and a skull bracelet, that once had words inside, that are now long worn away.
    In the orphanage, she was picked on, because she was one of the few that had absolutely no memory of her parents, but also because of her strange appearance.
    Instead of becoming weak from it though, she built up a tough outer shell so that nobody could get in. She made up her mind right then, to never let anybody hurt her. She got stronger, and better, and then, the next time the kids made fun of her, she beat them up. After that, everyone was too scared to even go near her.
    When she was twelve, she finally managed to get away from the dreaded place, after the Director attempted to rape her. She stuck a knife in his chest, and ran.
    She ran until her feet bled, and she could barely move, and then ran some more.
    She came upon a city she’d never heard of, filled with strangers. She lived on the streets for a few weeks, with almost nothing to call her own, before she remembered the key.
    After a year of searching as to what it belonged, she found the storage unit.
    Inside was a jet black bike, the most beautiful she had ever seen.
    The bike became part of her life, it kept her going. It belonged to her family, whoever they were.
    She decided to stop being so weak and helpless, begging for cash on the side of the street, and instead, robbed a store. She loved the feeling it gave her, the adrenaline pumping through her veins. So she did it again, and again, and again. She got better and better at it, to where she started hitting jewelry stores and banks instead. The higher the risk, the greater the rush.
    But after hitting so many places in the city, she became well known. Cops everywhere were on the lookout for her.
    So she moved on to a new town.
    She is considered dangerous, as she is not afraid to kill in order to get what she wants, and she is far more skilled than many in her profession…She has had many requests by crime bosses to join them, but prefers to work on her own, and kills many of the people they send to persuade her, after she’s had her fun with them of course, a girl does get lonely after all.
    In the back of her mind, hidden far away, she does wonder what happened to her parents. What the words that had been on the bracelet would have told her. But in her new life, she doesn’t think about those kinds of things.

    • Lilith Kawanami says:

      It’s kind of long, and might have been put in spam, from the multiple links, but here is my entry 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Thanks for entering!! Aw, she was abandoned, that really is a shame. I wonder how she found the storage unit and why there was a bike in there. Hmmm… she leaves a good mystery to her ^^ Very nice back-story. Oh and long is always fine, I don’t mind long.

  34. rushkid14 says:

    Oh oh! I’ll give it a shot, sounds fun!

  35. rushkid14 says:

    Alright here’s my entry

    Autumn Vinson

    Pictures: (I forgot to get an updated picture, but she has black gloves on)
    Close up:
    And in-game: and finally an edited one. (Sorry if anyone gets offended to the language in this picture.)

    Autumn was in a family full of three older brothers so she had already no intrest in girly things, but she always got picked on in school for acting like a guy, she hated the jokes and teasing from other that she grew up with no sense of humor. She always tried to skip school to get away from everyone basically by going to hide in the park and enjoying the outdoors, her parents were furious with her actions and always demanded her to go regardless and ignore them, but she let it slip from one ear to the other and did it again the next day, making her pretty rebellious. One advantage to becoming rebellious was when she turned sixteen she was given a motorcycle from one of her older brothers, problem was it was broken and barely runned, she fixed it up with her brothers help and eventually began to fix things around the house to make them better, although she’s gone to an extreme by trying to upgrade a fireplace while there was a fire still lit. School wasnt getting better, it got to the point where she dropped out and left her family and townplace at seventeen, she just wanted to stop being bullied and prove that girls could act different and not be judged by it, mainly she wants revenge to everyone who’s bullied her in the past. She’s wanted join the military after dropping out of school.

    No Sense of Humor
    Loves the Outdorrs

    Become an Astronaut

    CC: None

    Store: Sadly, yes. Only her hair ( and Everyday shirt ( Everything else should be Base Game.


  36. OK here she is! (i have been working like ten hours on her lol!)
    Name: Heavenly Sage
    Everday Hair can be found here:
    And i think you have her formal wear hair because you used it on my sim self for your IDC blog.
    Traits: Rebellious, Athletic, Hopeless Romantic, Kleptomatic, and Brave
    Story; Dont be fooled by her name, Heavenly is anything is anything but heaven! Growing up, Heavenly was the perfect child, with the perfect, loving parents. Her brother, Trojan, was her best friend. That is, until one day when Trojan was killed when he was hit by a car while walking home from school. To deal with the grief, her parents started drinking and doing drugs and her dad became abusive. Everyday when she would come home from school, she was met with whisky bottles and drug needles everywhere. One night, when her mom was out at a bar and it was just heand her “dad” (if you could really call him that.) He pinned her down on the ground and attempted to rape her. She acted fast, and struck him over the head with a bear bottle, killing him. It was just at that moment her mother came through the door and saw her killing her father. She then ran. She ran faster then she ever had before. She ran to the bus station and hopped a bus to Bridgeport. When she got there, she found out her mother had turned her in and she was wanted for murder. That was when she started to steal. She didnt want to, but she was living on the streets, and she did what she needed to do to survive.
    I know what your thinking- ITS TERRIBLE! I couldnt think of anything else :/
    Her hair color isnt very creative and her back story is terrible but you can find her here:
    Here she is in action-!
    And here is her CAS shot-!
    Hope you like her! This comment might be put in spam because of all the links! 😉

  37. chosomok0 says:

    I love casting calls, but this is the first one I enter in… My English is not so good, but I hope that it make some sense 🙂 BTW, She has no CC so don’t worry and you’re welcome to change anything if you want. The only CC I would say is the skin and eyes, that can be found on this page:

    Athena lived a fairly ordinary life; she had a father and mother, had a good education and friends. Still her life were very boring, since she also lived rich and by rich, very rich. Her parents could by anything she wanted and still have lots of money. One day as Athena was going home, she was hit by a car and so badly injured that she fell into a coma. When she woke up, years had passed by and everything had changed around her; all money that her family used to have were gone, debts up their shoulders and they had been removed from the society. They had become outcasts. Still the worst was yet to come for Athena; on her eighteenth birthday, her mother and father committed suicide and left Athena with nothing. After that day Athena ran away from her hometown, to avoid getting a guardian, and started her journey to find happiness once again.

    These days, Athena works mostly on the streets and men often pays her for certain services. since she have lived a rich life she knows how to find the rich men and how to seduce them, even if their married. Sometimes you can find Athena at parties, being “the date” for older men, but sometimes younger to. She’s not afraid to approach stranger, not even flirting with them to earn some money and sometimes she distracts her target, so she can steal from them. Still you want to be careful around her; ask to many questions or say something she doesn’t like, she have no trouble killing people and can easy get rid of the evidence. You never know truly who Athena is, since she long ago locked away both her past and her heart, so she never would feel pain again.

    Great Kisser
    Hot – Headed

    Here you can find a few pictures of Athena:

    And here of course is the final product, ready to be downloaded:

    • Jax says:

      OH wow, I wonder why her family go put into debt. I couldn’t imagine waking up with one mind set and then all of a sudden being thrown into a totally new world. No wonder she started acting crazy. Who could blame her?

      Thanks for entering by the way! 🙂 And yes, it made sense.

  38. Angel says:

    Can I submit another one? =3

  39. Laura Winston-Amiot

    Laura was born into a wealthy family with a French mother and english father.  She was athletic and a genius. When she turned 5 she became a shmoozer. When she was 8 her parents were killed in a car crash. She went to live with her mums sisters family in France. They did not like or want her as they had 2 kids already and did not approve of her parents marrige. They only gave her old clothes and toys then spent all her parents money on her cousins Marie and Francais. Marie and Francais bullied her at school and she was really unhappy. She became extremely disiplined, often seeming distant un-kind and cold.  When she was 13 she found out that her Aunt and Uncle had spent all of her parents money and Laura didn’t have a penny left. She ran away. When she was caught her aunt said they didn’t want her and sent her to a foster home near Manchester. She got fostered twice but ran away both times. The third time the social services didn’t even look. They said she had left the country. She lived on the streets doing odd jobs. When she was 15 she was cornered in a dark alleyway and raped. After that Laura stopped caring. She would meet strange men in night clubs then stay with them for a while, then steal some cash and run. When she was 16 she got onto drugs. At 17 she was caught stealing and sent to young offenders rehab but ran away after she got off the drugs. Soon afterwards she ran into a local gang who took her in. She met the men in night clubs and went home with them. Then unlocked the doors of the house and let the gang in to raid it. After a while she started dating the gang leader Max. Max started of really sweet but turned nasty, coming in drunk and calling Laura a slut and a whore. She had offered to stop her ‘routine’ but he had said no. One day he came in so drunk that Laura was actually scared. She tried to stay out of the way but Max found her and hit her. This became common. Laura started to wish for more nights with men she met. As she left a nightclub one night on the arm of a rich man she saw a familiar figure talking to a street prostitute. It was Max. He hailed a taxi and he and the girl got in. When she got home the next day Max was out. She went through his stuff and found porn magazines and lots of evidence that he had be cheating on her. When he got home Laura confrontided him and yelled ‘You b*****d! I don’t want  to hear anything! It’s over!’. Max grabbed her and hit her. He then raped her and whispered in her ear ‘You’re mine! You’ll always be mine’. She said ‘Never!’ and he slammed her head against the coffee table. As everything went black she heard Max laughing. When she woke up Max was gone. She packed a bag and left. That night she went plinto a club and saw Max searching through the cloud. Laura grabbed a boy and started to kiss him passionatly. When she looked up Max was staring at them coldly. She ran out of the club but Max was following her. Laura ran into a dead end and turned around. Max pushed her down and then raped her again. Once he was done he pulled a gun out of his pocket. ‘We are gonna play a game. It’s called Russian Roulette. Ever heard of it?’ He pulled the trigger twice but Laura got lucky. On the third time she plucked up enough courage to grab the gun and turn it on him. She pulled the trigger and there was a bang! Max was dead. And she had killed him. (I left it at a hanging end so you can do whatever you want with it from now on.)  

    I will add the link to her on the exchange soon as I haven’t umm… Quite made her yet.(but sims 3 is loading) Sorry the back story is so long and dark. She might seem quite soft but she is supposed to be rally smart, hard with the ability to wrap people around her little finger.
    – Beth

  40. Sorry I posted it twice. I didn’t think it worked the first time.

  41. Here is the link to her:
    Her hair is CC but as she is on the exchange it should come with her. Its the same hair Heather had generations ago. (Sorry I cant remember the link.)

  42. curchitc says:

    Okay, I have two to enter, one I have been working on (the not very bad-a one) and one I made especially for the Casting Call (shake your village bells for bad-a alert). The first one is named Alla:
    She has a heap of CC which I can’t link you to because I have absolutely no idea where I got it (you blank out on those rainy days where you do nothing but download) and Store Content as well.
    Her story:
    (I want you to know how she thinks and talks, so I put it in her P.O.V)
    All my life has been running. For the past few years I haven’t sat down in one spot for more than one minute, slept in one place for more than five hours and I always take my meals on the go. What am I meant to do? Either the police would find me, or him (last word was meant to be in italics, but they don’t have that tool in comments 😦 annoying, hey?). And he was so much more worse than the police. So much.

    Nights like these really get to me. When I am alone in a forest near a expensive looking group of houses, looking into some kid’s window, seeing how their parents would tuck them in, how they would linger with a kiss on their forehead until they giggled and complained. Where I would look down at my missing fingerprints and sighed at the stupid mistakes I had made in the past (hint!).

    The one thing I do keep up with is appearance. Just recently I dyed my hair ginger, which is so far from the purple-y black color I had so many years ago. I changed my style of clothing often. Right now I’m a beach girl with a long summer dress and sandals, looking stupid in the middle of the forest. At least the beach wasn’t that far away.

    You’re probably asking where this all started. It’s a bit complicated. But, nevertheless, here I go.
    When I was 12 years old, I found out that my older sister, Feya, was stealing things from the local supermarket. I didn’t think much of it until one day the police came knocking on our door. My parents had no idea what was going on, but I knew. Feya swept me away, out the back window, into the darkness of the night.

    From then on in, things got worse. We lived in a run down crack house, with no money. Feya kept stealing for years and years, and no one ever caught her. And I hated it.

    Men would visit at night, at the crack house, and take my sister into the bedroom. Once, I saw one of them slip money into her pocket.

    I was disgusted with everything. One day, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I packed my bags and went. I ran to a taxi, and asked for the airport. I made sure that I caught the taxi on the Main Road so he wouldn’t think much of it. I think I fell asleep, because when I woke up, I was so not on my way to the airport. The words POLICE STATION burned my eyes.
    “Why are we here? I asked for the airport,” I asked quizzically.
    “I know,” the taxi driver replied softly.
    We stopped in the car park, and I could see the officers flooding out of the doors, moving everywhere. It must of been the end a of shift. The taxi driver wordlessly put up all the windows, which had to be tinted, since none of the officers gave us a second glance. I started to panic.
    “You’ve been hiding, haven’t you?” The taxi driver gave me a sheet with a picture of me saying HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL? Wanted for police questioning. Reward $5000.
    “Oh,” I said, all the air rushing out of me.
    “Now, I can either throw you out of here, in front of all the officers, and trust me, they’ll recognize you, or you could come with me,” he said, his voice extremely sly.
    “To go where?” my voice was meant to be demanding, but it came out in a high squeaky sound. He turned around, and I saw him (italics) for the first time.
    “Come to my mansion,” he said, “I’ll save you.”
    I looked at him skeptically.
    “How do I know I can trust you? And what if you jut wanted me as one of your… ugh.”
    “You know, I’m married. And now I’m offended. So now, you might have to die.”
    He pointed a gun at my forehead. Somehow, I wasn’t afraid. I closed my eyes.
    “Or, just come with me.”
    And away we drove.
    I’m not ever going to tell what happened in the following years. It was the worst mistake I had ever made. But I will tell you how I got out. Before he let me into the house, he put a bracelet on my wrist, and said that if I tried to get it off, it would eject poison into my skin. I thought there was no hope, until I remembered-
    “Alla! I got something for you!” my sister screeched down the hallway. I sighed, put down my book, and slunk to her room. She was holding a bottle.She waved it in front of my nose.
    “Look what I gooooot!” she said tauntingly.
    “What, another present from one of your man friends?”
    Feya grimaced at me.
    “Well, it’s a remedy. The first one in the world! It will deflect any poison that is inside of you. Cool, hey?”
    I gently took the bottle from her.
    “Are you sure it works?”
    “Yeah, I tested it on my self.”
    I shivered at the mental image.
    “How long does it last?”
    “At least 10 years, or more! Now take it! You might need it in the future!”
    I took a deep breath, then chugged it.

    I knew I could escape. I took the remedy about 2 and a 1/2 years ago, so I was all set. I planned the night I escaped out perfectly- in my bed, I knocked the bracelet against the wall until I felt the poison eject into my skin. It stung a bit, but I didn’t die, which was a good sign. I got out of bed and pretended to yawn and stretch my arms covering the two cameras in my room with the blanket in my hands. I acted quickly now. I got in my everyday black clothes they gave me, and sprinted through the hallway, throwing knifes into the cameras as I went. At the door stood two huge guards. I flipped two knifes into their backs, and unlocked the front door with a hairpin. And through I went, into the night.

    And I hadn’t stopped running since.
    I know, heaps long! Just letting you know that you could totally replace the whole remedy thing with whatever you like. I also thought it would be easier if she had an experience at the mansion, so you could weave her into her story. Also, her getaway plan was a bit sketchy, so just change it if you would like. Dunka!!!

    Okay, now we have the beautiful Tilla! She is much more bad-a than Alla. But, here we go!
    (This is also in her P.O.V)
    I had tied my long, fuchsia back into a ponytail. I got the gun I kept under the mattress of my bed. That cheating man-whore was sooo gonna die.

    It was my husband, Ricky. Rich and alluring, I married him only 3 months after I met him. After that, he would always disappear at night. One time, he left his phone on the the dressing table of their bedroom. She saw an incoming text:
    Ready for the best night you’ve ever had? I’m waiting…
    There was a file attached of a naked woman, posing.
    After that, I followed him, just to make sure. He went to some slut’s house, and I saw. And it hurt.
    So he deserves to die. ‘Til death do us part, hey?

    I got on black clothes, and hid in the shadows of our room. I had sent him a text saying that I was working late. He obviously took the oppotunity, as I heard giggling down stairs. They made their way up the stairs, obviously drunk. I slunk lower into the shadows. The door banged opened, closely missing my right knee. He was snogging her, and she pushed him down on the bed, taking off her clothes, until she had nothing on but a lacy bra and underwear. I stood up and shot her, the little skank. She fell off Ricky and he stared at me in horror.
    “Tilla…” he whispered. I smiled, and shot him square in the head.
    I obviously had gloves on, so I put the gun in the slut’s hand, making it point at her head. I made it look like she had shot Ricky, then shot herself. Like he had tried to take advantage of her, so she shot him, then she was distraught, and shot herself. I burnt the gloves in the roaring fire. Then I stole into the night.

    Obviously, I took some money. Not too much, like it was noticeable, but enough to live on. And I live like this. Find someone rich, sweet talk them. Someone who’s money had been left for them from a rich, dead family. I then married them. I knew eventually I would find the one, but for now, there was always something wrong with them. So I killed them.
    Every marriage I would use a different name. And they would never catch me. Not ever.

    So who’s next?
    I think you get her insane drift quite nicely. She would actually be a great match for Ryder, since they both like killing as a come-back and all.
    Anyway, here is her link:
    Oh, and CC:
    Her hair is by anubis
    Her top is by ace creators
    I have no idea where I got the headband, but I swear it isn’t off the exchange
    Apart from that, I think there is 2 store items and that’s it. All the rest comes with the original game.
    Thanks again

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