Chapter 7.4 – Sinister Deeds

Author’s note: This chapter was based off of ONE tiny detail I wanted to add. It wasn’t supposed to be an ENTIRE chapter but I seriously let my imagination get the better of me. So what I REALLY wanted to do this chapter will have to be continued onto the next one. Le sigh  -.-‘

Also this chapter bounces from first to third at times. Sorry, there are just parts that I can’t do first. It makes no sense.


It did not take long for the death of Koby to become public. It was sweeping the news channels and alerting higher authorities. This wasn’t just someone killing someone else; there was a motive to this murder. Head detective Marshall Swamp saw the connection immediately when he was brought the case. As soon as this Koby boy spoke up about a Ryder Terrey killing the MIA Liam Grayson, he was killed himself. What worried the police and the head detective was the fact that Koby wasn’t the only one who witnessed the death of Liam Grayson. There was another boy named Sander, and a girl named Chelle.

Marshall sighed, “I don’t like this; I don’t like this one bit. I’ve seen mass murders and I know how they are, this boy, this Ryder Terrey, he’s not trying to kill for the sake of killing. He’s trying to cover his tracks… but not by his own choice.”

The female cop looked at the detective puzzled.

“How can you be certain of this sir?”

Marshall looked at her, “Because it’s not the first time I’ve seen this; it’s like déjà vu. I remember this happening time and time again. Someone was killed, someone who witnessed it confessed and soon after… they were killed.”

The man shook his head, “Sir that has happened many times in many different cases. Murderers always want to shut the people up who have seen what they have done.”


Marshall rubbed his temples, “That may be true… but I’m not talking about murderers shutting up people, I’m talking about a teenage boy killing because he’s done something wrong. I’ve seen this happen before in the past; many years ago. I remember we caught one of them and he couldn’t tell us much because a bracelet shot tiny bits of poison into his arm and killed him instantly. We had our labs tear that thing apart over and over… but we could never figure out where it came from. It’s crafted so carefully.”

The female cop spoke up, “So you believe that this boy is just like the ones you’ve seen before? You believe he’s killing because he has no choice?”

Marshall nodded his tired head, “I do. I believe that he’s working for a higher power.” he sighed loudly, “This is certainly nothing new to me. You know how many freaking years I’ve been on cases like this?! Too MANY!”


Marshall began walking away from the two cops.

“I need you two to go to Sander Mitchell’s house. I’m going to send another two to Chelle’s house. I’m uncertain of when this boy will strike again, but I need to make sure that they are protected at all cost. If this boy truly is working for that higher power, then he will stop at nothing until his target is dead; for him it’s either kill or be killed.”


Before the Detective could walk out of his office, the male cop stopped him.

“But what happens if Ryder shows up? Do we apprehend him?”

The Detective thought for a moment.

“Yes.” he sighed, “Although he won’t even make it into the police car. Once caught, he will die… but there is no way to stop it.”

“Alright sir…” the male cop stated, “So, if I may ask, what are you going to be doing while we are with this boy?”

Marshall looked over at him, “I’m going to dig deeper and see who and where this Ryder boy really came from. I want to know everything and anything about him. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find something to lead me to his whereabouts” Marshall pointed to the door, “Now go, we don’t have any more time to waste!”


The police officers did as the head Detective stated. They hopped into their police cruiser and made their way over to Sander’s homestead. Although they heard what the Detective said, both cops did not really believe much of what was actually coming out of his mouth. How can he just state that this boy is working for someone higher? He’s never seen him, nor has he been around him. The female and male cop both believed that this boy was just a nut on a killing spree. They could handle him; there was nothing to worry about in their eyes…


Although the police officers were extra cocky about this assignment, Sander was not. He was scared out of his wits. He didn’t even ask to be made known to the public about witnessing Liam’s death! Koby had to be the moron and go and tell the police what happened. Koby just wanted people to give him attention for ‘surviving’ something so dangerous. Why Koby dropped his name, was BEYOND him.

The female cop smiled, “There is nothing to worry about Sander. Officer Beck and I will make sure you are kept safe from any harm. Are your parents around?”

Sander shook his head, “My parents went out of town about 2 weeks ago. They’re stuck in China because their plane has been delayed until next week. They want to come home but they can’t.”

Knowing his parents were unable to get to him scared Sander even more.


Instead of standing around and waiting for anything to happen, Sander went into his room and pressed the lock in on his door. The cops stayed in the living room.


Of course knowing that Ryder was after him, he could not sleep. All Sander could do was push his desk over slightly and crouch down beside it. He knew the cops were there to protect him, but he was still frightened. Hiding just seemed like the best option.



Ryder’s Point of View

“BULL-CRAP!” Adam spat, “You are full of BULL-CRAP!!!”

“You just need to shut up ADAM! James gave specific orders that we were to take him out next! It doesn’t matter if James is not going to be around for a little while; we still have to listen to him. Blue and Kriss are in charge until he gets back. You KNOW they will kill us if we don’t listen.” I retorted!

“No, it’s not about us killing someone else! We’ve been over this before; it’s about you WANTING to do it so badly! For god’s sake Ryder, you’re no better than they are. You’re a cold blooded killer who doesn’t give a crap about anyone!”


“OH REALLY?!” I growled, “I’m just like them?! It’s funny, because I sort of remember James telling me last week that he KILLED my FAMILY! If I was just like them why would I care who he kills? If I was so FREAKING COLD, like you put it, then why do I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about how much I miss them? You have a lot of NERVE to say that to me Adam.”

“You’re trying to use the guilt trip to make me feel bad for you and just go along with what you’re saying. I’m sorry, but I will NEVER agree to killing someone and liking it. You may miss your family but that doesn’t mean you aren’t cold. It doesn’t matter what someone has done to you, you don’t kill them because of it.”

“THEY DESERVE IT!” I boomed, clenching my fist.


I narrowed my eyes, “What about James? Huh Adam? What about the man who stole my family from me… probably from you too. Who the frick knows, you won’t tell me anything.”

“Like heck I would!! I don’t discuss things with MURDERERS!”


Before I had the chance to respond, Eve burst through the door with her nostrils flaring. Oh joy, just who I wanted to see… the whore daughter.

“WOULD YOU TWO SHUT THE UP!?” She screamed, “I can hear you all the way outside!! Both of you need to get a grip and stop fighting all the time! James is going to kill both of you because of it!”

Adam spun to face her, “Then let him! Do you really think I care anymore Eve? If anyone would know it would be YOU! Why the heck are you in here anyways? Didn’t I tell you to NEVER speak to me again?”

Well this is new; I never knew that Adam had a spat with Eve…


“OH grow up Adam!” Eve spat, “Are you still stuck on that?! You’re pathetic!”

“I’M PATHETIC?!” He growled, “Oh that’s rich. I could have SWORE it was your fault for everything that happened, you skank! Just get away from me. Go play in daddy’s office or something; go bang another random moron, see if I freaking CARE!”

Eve’s eyes welled up with tears, “FINE THEN! I’ll just leave you alone if that’s how you want it!”

Adam screeched, “It’s how I ALWAYS WANTED IT! Now get away from me!”

Oh my god, that was brutal.


After he finished screaming at her, Eve took off out of the kitchen crying her eyes out. I know it’s weird but I actually kind of feel bad for her. I always just assumed she was a heartless jerk like her dad… but she seems different. I mean, why would she cry like that if she was heartless? Plus what happened between her and Adam that has Adam go off his rocker?!

I turned to Adam, “Jeez, man. That was harsh. What the heck did she do to you? You treat her worse than you treat me, and I’m the supposed murderer.”

“First off you ARE a murderer and second, It’s none of your business.” he scoffed, “Now, let’s just go get in the car; Kriss is waiting for us.”



I was done arguing with Adam, so I just agreed to what he had said and went to the car with him. Before Kriss drove us anywhere he told us that Sander’s house was pinned with two armed cops. He said that since there were cops, he was going to drop us off a few miles from the house and we were to walk through the woods so we would end up out back of the house and not out front. Our job was to get in as quickly as possible, kill Sander, and then escape back into the woods as quickly as possible. Well, as long as Adam helps me, then I’m sure we can get this over with, within a few minutes. I can’t wait to see the look on Sander’s face when he has to watch me kill him. It’s going to be pure bliss.

“Are you going the right way Adam?” I sighed, “You better not be taking us in the wrong direction on purpose; you know we’ll get in trouble.”

Adam shushed me.

“Don’t shush me!! Adam, come on, talk to me!”

“Shut up RYDER!” he shouted in a whisper, “Do you want to get caught?”

I just sighed. I guess he’s still mad at me. God, I wish he would just get over it! He’s so freaking hot-headed…


“I found it.” Adam stated, “The lights are off in his room. He’s probably sleeping.”

“Good!” I exclaimed, “We’ll make this easy and just suffocate him like the last one. Hey, that could be my trade mark.”

He shot me a dirty look.

“I WAS JUST KIDDING! God you take everything too seriously.”

He scoffed and shook his head.

“You know what? Fine, just be like that.”


The two officers sat in the living room unaware of the two intruders. They felt no need to worry, so worry they did not.


We crept up to the boy’s bedroom window. Adam stayed off to the side and I went and peered inside.

“For god’s sake Ryder!” he whispered, “He’s going to see you and then shout for those cops!”

“Relax.” I sighed, “He’s not even in here.”

“Are you sure?” Adam questioned, “There is the possibility he could be hiding… I mean, I’m pretty sure he knows there is someone trying to kill him. I think I’d be hiding too.”

Huh, I never thought about that.

“I have an idea” I whispered back.


Ryder’s plan, although risky, might actually work…

Ryder tapped on the glass and spoke a bit louder than before, “I don’t think he’s in here.”

Of course Sander heard him – not clearly but he heard him – and it scared him so badly he felt as if he couldn’t move. He knew he had to do something though. Sander couldn’t just sit there and let Ryder kill him; he had to make a move.


So, without much thought, he took in a deep breath and peered out from the side of the dresser. Sander stared at his window in bewilderment. There was no one there at all! Was he just imagining hearing him? Was his mind playing tricks on him because of how frightened he was?


Sander stayed in that position for a good minute. He watched his window, just waiting for Ryder to jump out from somewhere and break the glass in. But the only real movement Sander saw, was the trees swaying eerily in the wind.

“But I swear I heard a voice…” Sander mumbled under his heavy breaths, “I know I’m not going crazy.”


Sander decided that he was too frightened by this occurrence to just let it slide by as his mind playing tricks. So instead of staying there for another second, he jumped to his feet, unlocked the door and bolted out of his room.


Both the cops jumped to their feet when they saw Sander acting all panicky.

“What’s wrong??” The male cop shouted.

Out of breath Sander stated, “I heard a voice outside! I think Ryder is out there! Can you please go check for me? Please?!”


Sander didn’t have to tell them twice. As soon as Sander said that, both cops were heading for the front door. The female cop told Sander to stay put until they got back. She didn’t want him getting hurt if he really was there.


Although Sander was told to wait, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was afraid if he stayed in one spot that Ryder would get him for sure. So, instead of standing there, Sander went into the kitchen a grabbed and knife out of the drawer.


Holding that knife in his hand gave Sander a feeling of power. He now believed that if Ryder came anywhere near him, he would be able to take him down. So once Sander had the knife in hand, he went back into his bedroom. Once inside his room he peered around to make sure it was empty; to his relief it was.


Well, in Sander’s mind he thought his room was empty. What Sander doesn’t know is that Ryder played him like a piano. He wanted Sander to get the cops out of the house and he wanted his room empty for a moment so he could get in. Sander fell right into his trap. Sander grabbing a weapon for Ryder to use… that was a just a bonus.

“Sander…” Ryder growled; his arms crossed against his chest.

Adam only sighed. He had no desire to do this and just knowing that this boy was about to die made his stomach turn.


Ryder’s Point of View

The second I said Sander’s name, he spun around to face me and then fell backwards onto the floor… dropping the knife.

I bent down and picked it up and he flinched.

“What’s wrong Sander?” I smirked, “Are you afraid of a little knife?”

“Please Ryder!” he begged, “Please don’t kill me! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for what we did to you. I know it was stupid and I know I should have stopped Liam. It wasn’t your fault that you killed him; he was running at you and y-you just had to do it or he would have killed you! I’ll tell the cops anything you want, I SWEAR!”


I glared at him, “It’s too late Sander; people already know too much. If I were to let you live, then the police have a witness to what I did. I don’t need witnesses…” I turned my head, “Adam grab him.”

“NO WAIT!” Sander pleaded, “PLEASE!”

Adam shook his head at me, “No, I’m not touching him. YOU do it.”

Was he serious!? He was literally going to just stand there and not help me? What the heck, this is HIS assignment too! Fine, you know what? I don’t even care. I’ll do this myself.


I ran over to where Sander was laying and I gripped him up off the floor. Before he even had the chance to say another word I shoved the knife into his side and then yanked it out.

He stood there in shock; his face turned completely pale.

“That’s what you get for torturing me; rot in hell.”


By the time Sander collapsed to the floor, the police were back inside the house. Sander let out a gasping ‘Help me’ and within seconds they were banging and shoving at his bedroom door. Although by that time Adam and I swung open the window and started running off into the woods. We were NOT giving them any kind of chance to catch us!


Of course once they got the door open and found Sander dead, they alerted the authorities and almost immediately there were cop cars with their lights flashing and sirens blaring all over the place. They were looking for a get-away car but Kriss wasn’t that stupid. As soon as he dropped us off he left. He told us to hide as far back in the woods as possible and that he would come get us later. We’re wearing the bracelets, so they know where to find us.



The search for Ryder went on for 4 hours. After the long search one of the officers called Detective Marshall and alerted him that Ryder was nowhere to be found.

“Sir, we have no lead on him. It’s like he killed the boy and then just disappeared. I’m starting to think your theory is correct; he’s working for someone else.”

The Detective growled, “Darn it, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. I warned you to watch out for Ryder but you obviously didn’t do that because Sander is DEAD!”

“I’m so sorry sir… we tried.” The officer gulped.

“You tried NOTHING! You went in there with a cocky attitude and now someone died because of it.” he sighed, “Just call off the search for now. Good-bye.”

Marshall hung up the phone.


“Ryder, I don’t know who you’re working for, but I WILL find out. I don’t care what I have to do; I’m going to find this person even if it kills me. I want this man dead!”



“You idiot!” I screamed, “You could have gotten us caught or worse… killed! What the heck was that back there? How could you just stand there and not help me?”

“Because I’m SO tired of this crap, Ryder! I’m tired of hurting people and always being afraid for my life! I’ve been here for as long as I can remember; I hate it here! I hate this life and right about now… I’m starting to freaking hate YOU too!”

I held up the knife, “You hate me, huh? Is that it? You just want me to die like James and Blue and all the rest of them? Well come on then, come at me Adam! I’ll take you right now!”


Adam let out a laugh, “Oh my god, are you serious? You’re actually threatening me like that? Oh please Ryder, like I’m actually afraid of you.” he scoffed, “Why do you still have that knife anyways? You’re going to get whooped if Blue or Kriss see you with it. You were supposed to give that to them.”

I glared at him, “It’s my weapon, why do I have to give it to them?!”

Adam rolled his eyes, “Because you KILLED someone with it? It’s evidence that can lead cops to us. You’re such an idiot. You think since you’ve been here for a little while now that you know everything. Just give it up Ryder, you’re not tough and you’re nothing important. THEY OWN US; get that through your head!”


“Shut the freak up!” I spat, “Don’t talk like that about me! My god you’re such an idiot! I just lost my family and all you can think about is how much you hate being here and how much you hate me. It’s funny because I remember you saying that I was the selfish one; try looking in a mirror once in a while!”

“There you go twisting things again. Maybe you are supposed to be here. I always thought that you were different from them but I can safely say that I was wrong. You lie, you steal, you twist words and the real kicker… you murder because you enjoy it. You know what? I don’t even care if you’re my partner, you will never be my friend. You’re worthless.”


“I’m not worthless, that would be you. You’re a nobody. The way you talk it’s like you’ve been here your entire life. At least I got to experience living before I was tricked into coming here. What do you have to show? Nothing, absolutely nothing.”

“TAKE THAT BACK!” he growled.

“Did I hit a nerve?” I laughed, “It’s not fun to be made fun of is it?”

“God, you’re so EVIL! What happened to you?! It’s like James just got inside your head and you turned into this psychopath! Do you even live in this reality anymore or are you just stuck listening to the tiny voices in your head?!”

I gripped the knife, “See? There you go again… You better watch what you say Adam, you’re going to regret it.”


“GOD DANG IT! I can’t take this anymore!” he charged at me and swung, “SHUT THE FREAK UP and drop that freaking knife!!”


He punched me square across the jaw! He hit so hard it sent me back a few feet and the knife flew out of my hand! HOLY CRAP, what was that for!?!


Adam walked towards me, picked up the knife and then threw it at the wall.

He pointed at me, “That’s what you get for talking crap!!”

I didn’t say anything. I just sat there for a few minutes rubbing my already swelling cheek. That punch freaking hurt!

“Yeah, I bet you don’t have anything to say. You’re all talk. When you’re actually face to face with someone, and not sneaking up and killing them, you’re weak. You don’t even know how to defend yourself. You’re not going to make it in this world just being a crap talker. So you better learn to keep your mouth shut!”


After another second I brought myself up off the floor and sighed very loudly.

“I’m sorry…” I muttered, “You’re right, I’m just being a jerk. I hate being here too and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t even know who I am anymore. One moment I feel fine and the next I feel like I just want to rip my freaking hair from my skull.”

Adam sighed, “This place will do that to you Ryder. You need to be careful. It’s like a giant mind game that James plays. He WANTS you to go crazy. You need to learn to keep your cool. You need to stop all this BS with the killing and acting like a freaking lunatic. You can’t let all that so-called power get to you.”

Yes… but the power feels so good. Why does it feel good? Why do I have to enjoy staring down at the ones who hurt me and just smile as I take them out? In a way I know it’s wrong… but it feels so right. I would never tell Adam that though, I need him to trust me more than I need James to. He’s closest to me and if I need him one day, I don’t need him turning his back on me because I’ve been a complete moron. I need to make this right. He’s important in my plans to take out James.

“You’re right.” I lied, “I have been acting crazy with the killing. Maybe that punch is what I needed, eh? How about we start over? Maybe you can start with telling me how you REALLY got here. You know my story, but what’s yours?”

If I can get him to open up to me, then it means I’m starting to get through to him. I need to be able to build up this trust again somehow…


“I don’t know Ryder… I don’t know if I can trust you.”

I smiled at him, “You can trust me now. I promise. You helped me realize how stupid I’ve been, Adam. I’m not your enemy; I’m your partner and your friend.”

He closed his eyes and sighed, “Alright… I’ll tell you what happened.”


Thanks for reading guys! Once again, I apologize for the lateness of this chapter. Anyways, Ryder is losing it more and more. He’s growing deeper in his so-called power and he’s loving it. It’s not exactly the killing that makes Ryder feel so powerful, it’s just that he’s always felt weak his entire life against Liam… and to be able to destroy someone after they hurt him or before they get the chance to hurt him, gives Ryder that sense of power. Ryder used that punch that Adam gave him – which in my opinion he really DID deserve – to help win back his trust with him. He needs Adam to be able to be his friend, not his enemy… he could use him one day. Now that Ryder’s family is gone you can pretty much say he’s lost it. He has nothing to keep him sane now. His one and only true goal is to kill James. He wants him dead for what he did. He does NOT care what he has to do or who he has to hurt to achieve this goal. I know you guys are probably disliking him right about now… but just remember… he’s pretty much lost his marbles. Although, even though he has gone mental, it doesn’t mean he’s lost his brain smarts…

Bonus stuffz:



Here is Phea’s and Luke’s twins – Juliet and Matthew – as teens.


This is Daniel – Nix’s son – as a teen.



And my personal favorite, Eric; Qiana’s son. Such a cutie!


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  1. Angel says:

    First? =D

    Ryder totally deserved to be punched and I wish he’d come to his senses. D= But oh well, that wouldn’t make for a good story. I can’t wait to find out about Adam’s past. x3 I wanna know why he hates James’s daughter so much. xD

    Update soon! =D

    • Jax says:

      All of that will be revealed next chapter. You’ll see why he hates her so much and how he wound up being there as well. I agree, Ryder deserved that punch. He’s talking too much trash.

  2. Permission to say that Ryder is a doofuspickle? Well, he’s more than a doofuspickle… He’s a… well, the only thing that I can think of would need to use words that I don’t let myself say.

    I like Adam very much, even though he’s probably been there a really long time, he’s got a good head on his shoulders. Bad jax for making this a cliffhanger (Cliff Hanger, hanging from a cliff. And thats why he’s called Cliff Hanger! (really retarded song from a kids tv show that I used to watch when I was younger called ‘Between The Lions’.)) 😉 I vasna know his backround story.

    I’m also wondering when you are going to choose the casting call winner, since you said she came in after chapter 4, and when she will come into play. I looked at all of the other entries, and though it would be awesome if mine won, I think that every single one would be awesome in your story, so I am definitely not envious of you when it comes to making this decision. 😉

    Yeah… Those cops should be fired. They were pompous dumbies! I felt really bad for Sander (I have no idea why, but I was about to write Carter. I think I need sleep) bullying or not. Dumb Ryder! Grr!!! Erm… No offense. But I do hope he is “set free” soon! Pwease?

    • Jax says:

      Permission granted. He is what one would call a doofus. Ah, more than that though… He’s pretty much gone bonkers.

      I love Adam, he’s like the balance in the mix. Imagine if they were both the same eh? Drive me crazy and everyone else. You always need a balance. Oh come on, you know I can’t just tell yah guys everything. And LMBO! I know that song, I used to watch that show when I was a kid! As soon as you were saying it I was like “Between the lions!” Wow, that really brings back memories. It was like one of those kiddy shows, but it wasn’t an annoying one. Like you could actually sit there and watch it without feeling like you’re a moron. It was fun.

      I’m going to close it probably by Friday. If not, a few days after. I’m trying to give everyone a chance to enter in the contest. Yes, she does come in after chapter 4. You’ll see when I bring her in. I agree, I believe everyone did do a good job 🙂

      Oh goodness, they really. Were, they need to get off their high horse and learn to listen. Sander died because of it. Ah, don’t feel bad for him. He was going to let Ryder die and he knows it. He was just saying that for his own life’s sake. He probably would of turned on Ryder the moment he got near the cops. He didn’t care about him.

      Well, if he’s set free, then where is the story? 😉

      • Well… The words I would probably use to describe Ryder would be curse words… And I don’t curse XD

        I know ya can’t tell us everthang! Cliffhangers are good. It keeps the reader interested. Haha! That it was! I wonder if its still oon tv… Hmm… One of my favorite things was when (I think they started doing this in later episodes) one of the parents would say that they were going to get a book, they would leave and be back one second later with the book, and the kid would ask “What took so long?” and the parent would respond with something dumb like “I had a nap” Hehe… Anyways!!!

        When I read the word ‘friday’, the ‘lovely’ Rebecca Black song came into my head. Is it wrong that I memorized the whole song minus the rap part?

        Though he probably would have, Idk… I felt bad for him. *Shrugs* also, it showed Ryder not showing compassion. Compassion=good! In any standard movie where the main character is compassionate, the antagonist would have tricked him, but in the end is miraculously decapitated or something. Haha!!! Anywerzizzle!

        Where is the story? THE STORY??? Well, the story is very much happy, that’s what it is! Did that even make sense? Hehe. I know your going to have us practically pulling out our hair with these post for a while longer though. Its just your nature. XD

  3. Lilith Kawanami says:

    I know I probably shouldn’t, but I LOVE evil Ryder! For some reason, I have always loved the villain more than than the hero, and that is still true with Ryder 😀 He’s such an adorable little bad@ss :3
    Also, I want to hear Adam’s back story!!! I hate cliffhangers xp
    Loved the chapter, and I definately don’t envy you having to choose a winner for the casting call!
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  5. wolfmania98 says:

    I wouldn’t say Ryder is losing his mind….he’s loosing his judgement. He’s taking the ‘an eye for an eye’ thing really seriously… He needs to be told bluntly how hes getting it wrong… Soon he’ll be killing people who disagree, just because he likes the power.
    Still find it creepy how close to death note this is becoming XD

    • Jax says:

      Yeah you would say that now… You’ll see later on what I’m talking about. Ah, that’s a really good theory, but you’ll just have to see what happens 😉

      LOL like I said before I never watched that anime until you showed me it. So this storyline was planned before that xD I just have to go with what I had. Hehe

  6. misarya says:

    I was actually so scared for Sander…I was so nervous; I kept expecting Ryder to just jump out of nowhere. When the cops left to go outside + left Sander alone, I wanted to shout at the screen, “NOOOO”
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    Sorry, Ryder, love you and all, but you deserved that punch.
    Amazing chapter as always! 😀

    • Jax says:

      Hah, yeah. I tried to make it intense 😀 Like one of those scary movies. But it’s just like a scary movie, eh? The dumb cops leave the helpless victim alone in the house. Hehehe

      You’ll see what it is. All in due time.

      Aw, thank you. That really means a lot 🙂

      Oh I agree. He really did need that!

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  7. Simaholic63 says:

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    • Jax says:

      Well, I guess we’ll have to see in time, but honestly… this is James we’re talking about. They really are probably dead 😦 Ah, now that’s something you’ll have to wait for 😉

  8. toyinroxx123 says:

    WTH, Ryder?!?!
    I really don’t think he should be insulting the person he’s kinda trusting his life with.
    URGH I feel like slapping him now!


    • toyinroxx123 says:

      You know what he should do? Get immune to the poison by taking small doses somehow and then giving himself up, so that if the bracelet goes off, then he’ll only get the wounds from the spikes, not the poison.

    • Jax says:

      Well, Ryder is going crazy in that place. He’s going to do confusing and off the wall things at times because of it.
      Hah, well Adam punched him for yah 😉

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    * Sniff* Man this was really great!! I really hope Adam and Ryder stop arguing now. Okay now I get why he is loving this power of his. Good punch Adam, Ryder really deserved it. I feel like this is becoming like Death Note!! I wonder what happened between Adam and Eve?? And how Adam exactly got into that place??

    • Jax says:

      Why, thank you very much. Ah, they will. Not saying they won’t ever argue again, but in time it will settle. Now you understand why? Because he’s felt so weak before but now that he has this so-called power… he’s enjoying it. OH did he; Ryder needed that punch really badly! Yeah apparently I had the same idea as the writer of that anime, eh? Ah well. You’ll see next chapter! ^-^

  10. Jedidiah says:

    Alright Adam! Go you! Ry needs a voice of reason/consciousness.
    But really, how stupid are those cops. Both of them run outside!? At least on should have stayed with Sander! Idiots. They should hand in their badges immediately! No wonder James and Co are thriving. And a highly confused (and might I add, secretly scared to death) Ry get ‘away’ with stuff.

    • Jax says:

      Oh does he! He really needs that person there to help keep him in check, otherwise he would probably just go completely mad.
      They were pretty stupid. You can def. say that. Ah, I knew that. But I was def. trying to portray them as the dummy type hehe. One should of stayed and one should of gone out but alas, that’s not how it went down.

      Well, it’s not the only reason why they are thriving. When I say James is powerful… I mean it. You’ll see.

      Ryder… he’s like a ball of mixed emotions. Half the time he doesn’t know what the heck he’s feeling. What he does know is that he doesn’t care who he hurts or what he has to do, he wants to get rid of James. NO matter what.

  11. nahshona says:

    I was thinking along the same lines as simaholic63. I always thought in the back of my mind, that James could be lying about Ryder’s family being dead. He showed pictures of his sister but they could have just been knocked out. All Ryder has to go on about his family is James’ word and he’s not a very trustworthy person obviously. Then again I guess that’s how James can manipulate Ryder, using his family. I hate James,but he’s pretty clever and I like clever villains, they make interesting characters.

    As for Ryder’s behavior, it seemed like he was indeed drunk with power so to speak and he still is. I don’t blame him for wanting to kill James, but there is a certain way to go about everything. Ryder was clearly losing control and he’s still not in total control of his emotions. I’m sure he feels all kinds of emotions at once, but he has to learn to get a handle on them.

    I like Adam and it’s nice to have some balance in the story and all (and Ryder DID deserve to be punched) but it seems to me like he started to trust Ryder a little too quickly. I mean just because he’s somewhat calm and appears to be better doesn’t mean he can blab his life story out to Ryder just like that *snaps fingers* Oh well, I hope Ryder doesn’t use anything he hears against Adam. I think he will, but I’ll just have to see. I’m very excited myself to know what Adam’s back story is especially since it involves James’ daughter!

    • Jax says:

      He could be, there is always that possibility, but you never really know with James. It could just be part of his massive scheme. Which, he indeed does have. Everything he does is part of what he is doing. You’re correct. James IS very clever. He knows what to say to people to get inside their head. It’s what he does best.

      Oh he is, he really is. He loves the rush it gives him to be able to have that authority over others. He’s never had it his entire life, so having it now makes him feel wonderful. He really is losing control of himself. Mentally he’s going a bit bonkers but he’s not a dummy. He still has those brain smarts, he’s just using them for the wrong reasons. Yes, there is a different way to go about things… but Ryder is pretty stuck on what he is doing.

      I like Adam too, he’s such a little cutie. Oh of course, it always is. You can’t just have one thing and not the other. You need someone there to make things easier to handle. Well, you have to see it from Adam’s point of view. He’s not just blabbing his life story at the snap of his fingers, he’s seeing it as “Ryder is the only one around here who I can even have a little trust in. If I can just change him and the way he’s thinking, then maybe I can still save him.” Deep down he honestly likes Ryder (as a friend of course) and doesn’t want to see him get hurt like he’s been hurt so many times. He’s trying to do whatever he can to help him snap out of it. If Ryder wants to hear his story and wants to be his friend, who is Adam to say no to that? Besides, Ryder said it himself… he may need him later. He wants to gain that trust, so he is actuallly being honest with that. He’s just hiding the fact as to why he wants to be his friend. Oh yeah, Adam and Eve have a history (hehe see what I did there?). You’ll find out what it is next chapter.

  12. nahshona says:

    Well now that you put it that way, I kinda of get it. I never really saw Adam’s side. I guess I didn’t really understand how he felt. That’s a mistake for him to feel that he can change or save someone. They have to want to changeor to be saved.I don’t think Ryder is going to snap out of it, at least not until James is dead. Idk, I’m still not sure that I’d trust Ryder even a little bit after just one punch, but maybe that’s because I know Ryder has an ulterior motive in befriending Adam. I’m sure Adam’s a smart kid and he can handle his own. 😉

    Lol, and yes I do see what you did there 🙂 Very cute!

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    I really don’t know what’s happened to Ryder. He used to be all against James and his ways and now he’s turned into psycho Ryder. I can sort of see where Adam was coming from when he was saying that Ryder was acting just like James but what Ryder was saying also made sense. If he was completely heartless like James was he would not be crying himself to sleep at night thinking about how he could’ve stopped it from happening.

    Aww I kinda felt sorry for Sander. I can only imagine how frightened he must of felt when he knew that Ryder was probably coming after him. I guess he really regrets doing what he did to Ryder now!

    Agreeing wit nahshona on trusting Ryder. He probably does have an ulterior motive it probably just hasn’t developed enough yet.

    You know I had a feeling Eve was the one with purple hair. Speaking or Eve I wonder what went on between her and Adam…

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    I wonder what happened between Adam and Eve…..
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    I’m done my rant.
    I’m curious about Adam’s past, and also what’s up with Adam and Eve?
    I’m curious to see what role the bad-a girl will play in this story 😉
    take your time with the updates, you’re only human, haha

    • Jax says:

      If I knew one person would say something about Ryder it would be you. Ah, I know, but he’s just mentally all messed up. Hopefully he’ll get better in time; one can only hope. Ah, but if they are brought in… they will know because they know who is doing the killings because it lines up with Ryder. That’s going to be tough…

      You’ll see what happened to him and what happened with them.
      Oh you’ll see 🙂

      Aw, thank you for that. I need to hear that.

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    Seriously, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO RYDER?!?!?!??! D: He used to be so kind and caring, just like Riley…but what about now? Ughhhh I think that Ryder is still trying to gain James’ trust, but I think that being in this situation has definitely changed him. I LOVE how you’re going into the psychological part of Ryder, it really makes it even better than it already is(:
    I think the police are making it too easy for Ryder to kill…I mean seriously? BOTH of them running outside to check? I think any person with common sense would have one person stay with Sander…but then again those cops were kinda cocky, so I guess that explains their lack of common sense 😛
    Looking forward to reading more chapters, finally! 😀

    • Jax says:

      Welcome back!! 😀

      It’s quite alright. Besides, life is always more important. Yay for catching up ^^

      Well, he pretty much flipped his lid. I guess in a way you could say he is still doing that, but in another mindset now he’s not trying to escape. He’s trying to just kill James in any way possible. Well of course, I’d hate to leave you guys hanging on how Ryder is actually thinking. I’m only doing the third person for the parts with James or the cops or such. Or times when it makes no sense to do FPPOV. I still adore FPPOV and will never change that ^_^

      Oh they were just cocky and weren’t doing their jobs right. They really do deserve to be fired.

      Yay ^^’

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    • Jax says:

      Thank you very much.

      Yes, I agree, they really do need to be fired. But ah well, I guess everyone deserves a second chance. They’ll probably get in trouble still with the head detective or the cheif I should say.

      Ah yesh, Ryder has WAY too much power and it’s driving him to do wrong. Plus his motive against James and all.

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    Once again amazing chapter lovely ❤

    • Jax says:

      I agree, they really do. Ah, he knows what he is doing in a sense of things. He’s aware of himself but really he has a terrible mind-set after everything that has happened to him. He’s gone through way too much, way too fast. I’m not defending his actions but really… he’s gone bonkers.


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    Evil cliffhanger. >.< I wanna know Adam's story.

    I also love Eve. Something about her is just compelling to know her side of the story. I thought that when I first saw her.

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    Hi Newbie here! :^P
    I’ve just started reading Ryder’s story and it’s getting intense :^o. I was just hoping you could stop by my page and read my story if you got time of course. :^) The twins look adorable ❤

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  23. Cinnamon Sugar says:

    I read this the day it came out and have been so busy with rl stuff (car needed an oil change, work, my birthday was last weekend and we had a huge BBQ, trying to plan a trip), so sorry I couldn’t comment earlier. As it is, this comment will sadly be shorter than intended. Oh and out of curiosity, the tiny detail? Ryder being pursued by a cop who’s been looking into the case or a detail about Eve and Adam? Oh. My. God. That so kinda solidifies my theory!!! But more on that further down 😛

    So, this cop has been looking into other boys who had their death bracelet on and were forced to commit heinous crimes? Interesting turn of events. Perhaps this will give Ryder a way out of his predicament; although not completely and certainly not for a long time. His subordinates are idiots. I know they thought there was nothing to fear, but seriously… idiots. I hope their failure with Sanders haunts them for a long time. Although, this will make killing Chelle significantly more difficult. James has a lot of planning to do if he wants to rid himself of all of Ryder’s witnesses.

    I feel a little bad for Sanders, but that’s only because I imagine him to be that scared kid that did what Liam said because he didn’t want to end up like Ryder. Doesn’t excuse him for what he did, but that’s how I see him, and it makes me feel for the poor boy. Also, Ryder has seriously lost his marbles (LOL all I can think of is Hook when I read / type that), hopefully he’ll find them soon. How soon before we know if Ryder’s family is really dead? A chapter? Maybe two? I think I read somewhere you were working on Adam’s back story, so I’m guessing at least two chapters. I also read you weren’t feeling well 😦 Get better soon! Being sick is not fun at all 😦

    Okay, now for my little theory on Adam and Eve (and if you did that on purpose, well done milady. Well done). They were a couple at some point, and she cheated on him. Slept with some other man, although I’m not sure why and if she’s fully to blame. Her attitude of ‘get over it’ might just be a defense mechanism at this point. Still, if their back story is entwined, and slightly pulled from the biblical story, I’d be ever more interested in seeing how you’ve modernized it.

    Well that’s all for now. Get better you!

  24. Carebear728 says:

    Wow things are becoming more twisted!

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