Chapter 7.6 – The Test

Author’s Note: Touchy scenes… No pun intended… Also I hope you enjoy the little cameo ^_^’


Ryder’s Point of View

Oh god my head… I’m never drinking again!! It feels like a freaking jack-hammer is going off inside of my skull. God this sucks so freaking bad! Who was the smart one that thought drinking was so fun?! Where is the FUN in hanging onto a toilet seat for seven freaking hours?! I feel like I’ve thrown up my stomach; I swear to god…

Adam sighed, “Ryder get up; you’ve been here all night long.”

I groaned, “Shut up Adam… I don’t feel so good.”

“Well that’s what happens when you drink 6 glasses of some random crap. I told you not to drink but you didn’t listen to me. James wants us in his office and your hanging onto the crapper!”


I lifted my head – barely – and then flipped him the bird.

“Why are you like this Ryder?! You’ve turned into nothing but a total JERK! If you weren’t my responsibility, I’d leave you here to get in trouble.” he growled, “Besides, this is no one’s fault but your own. I hope you’re prepared to get yelled at for your motorcycle, because you know James is going to chew you out for that. You know how much that thing cost?! Dang it Ryder…”


I lifted myself up off the ground, nearly stumbling into the tub, and then let out a long sigh. Everything on my body was aching and my eyes felt so freaking heavy. I couldn’t get any sleep last night, or err… this morning, because of… well… being glued to the toilet.

“You can stop nagging me now, Grandma; I got off the floor.” I groaned, rubbing my sore neck.

Adam didn’t reply to that remark. He just rolled his eyes and headed out of the bathroom. God, sometimes I swear he just yells at me because he enjoys it. If he ever has any kids, I’d feel so bad for them. He would pester them so bad; they’d probably wanna jump out of a window or something.


“My patience has grown so very THIN with you Ryder. I constantly tell you over and over again to be careful but you are so reckless. It’s a miracle that you are even still alive right now.” James scowled, “I don’t even know why I allowed you any freedom; especially after the last mission you preformed for me – Those men almost caught you…”

Like I give a crap. I’ll do what I want. Has he honestly not learned anything? I’m not doing this stuff because he’s forcing me or because I like him. I’m doing this because it’s the only way that I’m ever going to get this stupid thing off my arm and because it’s going to show everyone in this forsaken place how amazing I am at what I do. You’ll see… I’ll over-throw this moron one day.

I slammed myself down in a chair, “Oh my bad… I’ll make sure to give them a hug and a kiss next time. I can see why you’d be mad with me killing them.”

He shot me a look, “I TOLD YOU TO GET IN AND GET OUT! I said nothing about shooting them down you little crap!”

“I finished the job, why are you so freaking pissed?!”

He took a deep breath, “I’m done discussing this with you. I haven’t brought you in here about your last mission or about that freaking bike – which I haven’t forgotten about. I brought you in here about another assignment; your on-going assignment.”


I leaned forward, “You’re talking about that skank that got me here in the first place right? What, you finally found her? Jeez, took you long enough.”

James clenched his fist, “I haven’t located her exactly…” he said through clenched teeth, “But someone had owed me greatly and he has finally got a lead on her. You make sure he tells you every detail and that he doesn’t leave out anything. If he even tries, then you better make him talk.”

I shook my head, “Fine, piece of cake. Can I go now?”

He rubbed his temple, “Is there a problem Ryder? Is there some reason that you forget that I am YOUR commander? You do not tell me what to do, I tell YOU what to do. You need to learn some respect!” he sighed, “Another detail about your assignment – which you didn’t let me FINISH – is that you are to travel to Appaloosa plains. You will stay in a suite in one of the high grade hotels and you will not leave Appaloosa plains until you have found and terminated Chelle!”


I got out of my seat, “Yeah alright, whatever. I’ll kill the skank and be back before you know it.” I looked over at Adam, “Hey, why don’t you take this one Adam? You haven’t killed anyone lately.”

Adam glared at me, “Ryder, don’t even push my buttons.”


James shook his head, “Adam may be your partner but let me put this lightly; finish off your own CRAP! You two leave tonight, so pack your stuff!” he pointed to the door, “Now both of you get out of my office!”

“Alright, we’re going!” I shouted, “You don’t have to get your freaking panties in a bunch.”

He glared at me, “You better watch yourself Ryder… You clearly forget who you’re messing with.” he held up his hand, “Wait, before you go I must tell you this… I want you to bring me back someone that has nothing to gain in life; someone worthless. I need someone who will be off the grid. You think you can do that for me? Or will you just screw that up as well?”

“You want me to find a crack head or something, I got it. Don’t worry, I’ll find you someone else to ruin. I’ll welcome them to your club of crap.”



Hah! Boy I haven’t had that much fun in a while. James was so freaking pissed; God I love it when I get under his skin. He doesn’t do as much to me anymore like he did when I was a scared little kid because I know how to fight for myself now. Well that and he knows I’ll get the job done. He may complain but he knows I’m a freaking ninja of the NIGHT! I’ll destroy anybody!

Adam pushed me off to the side, “What the FREAK was that all about!? Do you want to get killed, you idiot! How many times do I have to tell you to watch what you say around James? He’s going to punish both of us now because of what you just did in there.”

I scoffed, “So what let him try something! He knows I’m too good to lose! He’s not going to do anything to me. I know he’s a sick jerk, but he knows when he has something he doesn’t want to lose. I’ll do any crap for him without hassle and he knows it. Adam stop trying to protect me so much, I know what I’m doing. I won’t let him hurt you if that’s what you’re afraid of. I mess with you but you’re my friend… I’ll protect you.”

He rolled his eyes, “You can protect both of us by keeping your mouth shut! Just stop with all the trash talk alright??”

I patted his shoulder, “If it will get you to stop crying, then I’ll tone it down.”

He smacked my hand away, “Just come on; we have to go pack…”



That night Adam and I packed up the little bit of things we had and then Kriss drove us to the airport. Since it’s only a 4 hour drive to AP, we were there by plane in a few minutes. It was the shortest plane ride I had ever experienced in my life. But hey, if you have money, a pilot will fly you anywhere.

“Holy crap Adam!” I exclaimed, “This place is huge! You could seriously live in this room!”

Adam couldn’t help but smile himself. He was so happy to be out of Bridgeport and in the fresh country air. He’d never left Bridgeport his entire life, so he didn’t know what it felt like. When I was about 8 my dad drove us out here to see my grandparents – I don’t even remember what they look like. I swear if I could find a way to just sneak off and do what I wanted, I would go see them. It’s too risky though, for two reasons. One because I’m being tracked and James can see where I am and two… I don’t want anyone to know where they are. If I can keep them safe, then I will.

“Alright I have to agree… it is pretty sweet.” he laughed, “I feel like a little kid being in this place! It’s so big and exciting!”

I let out a laugh, “You got that right! Hey, let’s go check out the bedroom!”


I led the way to the bedroom with Adam following behind me. In all honesty I was actually pretty excited to see what it looked like. Well I was until I actually saw it. It then went from excitement to hysterical laughter!

“OH HECK NO!!” Adam screeched, “NO WAY, NO HOW!”  

I laughed hard, “Oh god, you weren’t kidding when you said James was going to get me back. It’s a shame he had to do it and fail. I find this freaking hilarious!” I found a button on the side of the wall, “I wonder what this does?”

When I clicked it the bed started to vibrate, and the song “Let’s get in on” started to play!

Adam shouted, “This is disgusting in so many ways! Turn that crap off RYDER!”

I laughed louder, “What’s wrong Adam? You don’t want a horizontal refreshment? I thought you cared about me…”

“Shut up! I’m going to sleep on the couch!” He stated loudly and then ran out of the room.

I got the bed! Ha ha!



We were in AP for about 3 days when we received a message from James that we were to meet this man named Oswald Marcus at this certain address. Apparently he messed up big time about 13 years ago. He’s an ex-detective that had a bad habit of stealing evidence from crime scenes and James caught him. How he caught him I will never know because I still have no idea what James does for a living besides being a total a-hole. Nonetheless James caught Oswald that time but he somehow got away. Now that James found him, he’s black-mailing him.

“Dude you’re taking this too seriously.” I chuckled, “You didn’t have to meet us in the middle of nowhere to tell us this information. You could have just dropped by and said hey. It’s not like anyone even knows were here.”

Oswald looked over his shoulder and then back at me, “I just want to do this is a secluded area okay? I don’t know who could be watching. I can’t risk the information about what I did getting out.”


“Uhm earth to Oswald, no matter where Adam and I go… we will always be watched. Even if they’re not right near us, they always know where we are. We could have gone in a cave somewhere and they could still find us.”

His eyes went wide, “R-really? They’re everywhere?!”

“Calm down.” Adam groaned, “You’re not going to die or get caught. Apparently James sees no use of you besides the information he made you retrieve.”

“Yeah, so spill your guts and try not to crap yourself. You know there are wolves out here right?”

Adam punched me, “Please just tell us what you know.”


“Well…” he gulped, “All I know is that Chelle works at a strip club. I was trying to offer my services to her parents two years ago because I like to do side jobs. Her parents weren’t that much of a help but I did find some clues that led me to come here. I never told her parents that though, I mean how could I? I was trying to help a man murder their daughter. But anyways, I found her about a week ago at some club. She goes by the name “Bunny” now and she has pink highlights in her hair.” he looked down, “I promise you that’s everything.”

“Thank you Oswald.” Adam stated, “That’s all we needed.”

What? That’s it?? We just get some cheap information from this guy and we don’t even get to mess with him? Oh screw this; I’m doing what I want.

“How do we know you’re not lying? HUH?” I questioned, “You could just be trying to tell us what we want to hear and then you’re going to take off again like a wuss.”

Adam shot me a look, “What are you doing?”


Oswald screeched, “NO! I’m not lying, I swear I’m not! She works at this strip club called “Oh-la-la” down on Travis Road!”

I whipped out my knife and tackled him down, “But you see, I don’t really care if you’re telling the truth. James might have let you off easy, but I’m not. You want to know why? Because I don’t trust you. I think it’d be best if I just… got rid of any witnesses.”

Adam grabbed at me but I pulled away, “DUDE! Stop it! He didn’t do anything!”

“PLEASE! I SWEAR TO YOU! I won’t do anything!” Oswald begged.

I smirked at Adam and then turned back around and sliced Oswald’s neck. He was dead instantly. Adam stood there with his eyes wide; he couldn’t believe I killed someone just like that. I don’t care what Adam thinks, Oswald could have easily just went to go get the police. There was no way he was going to let us kill Chelle, he had a look of shame in his eyes.


“I’m not even going to say anything to this Ryder. I’m just not.” he muttered and then walked off to go get in the car. Oh screw him and his attitude. He knows it had to be done; there were no other options.


After taking care of Oswald’s body, I got into the car we borrowed and headed over to the strip club that Oswald mentioned. Heck, I knew Oswald was telling the truth. I’ve seen that look and I’ve FELT what he felt when trying to convince someone the truth… but I just couldn’t risk him ratting us out.

Adam glared at me, “Would you put that stupid knife away Ryder?! And get away from the window, this isn’t a peep show.”

I smirked, “Really? Because I see half-naked girls and they sure as heck are getting peeped at.”

Adam rolled his eyes, “You know what I meant…”


“Okay I just realized something…”

Adam looked at me puzzled, “And what might that be?”

“Well…” I started, “I can’t be the one to go in there. If I do, Chelle is going to notice me right off the bat and then we’re busted. You have to be the one to go in there and lure her somewhere dark. Do whatever you have to do to get her alone, then drag her out back of the club and I’ll finish her off.”


Adam gulped, “M-me?! You want me to go into a strip club with dancing ladies? Dude, I’ve never even kissed a girl – not counting Eve – let alone seen one naked! Come on, you have to be the one to do this! I don’t know what I’m doing!”

I chuckled, “And I DO!? I’ve been in James’ mansion since I was 15! I don’t know how to talk to a girl either! Plus she knows who I am. Heck, she’s been running from me for four years! She never seen you before, she’ll just think you’re another horny customer.”


“Sorry, another customer who has needs that need to be taken care of.” I laughed.

“Would you stop talking like that!? Alright, I’ll go in there. Jeez.”


Adam’s Point of View

What the heck am I doing?! I don’t even know what to say to the girl to get her to take me anywhere. I may be 23 but sometimes I feel like I have the knowledge of a 10-year-old when it comes to girls. I’ve never had the chance to really get close to one. Eve will never count because she’s a heartless witch who deserves to rot in a hole. She’s the reason I have to cock my head to listen to people and the reason someone can sneak up on me on my right side and I wouldn’t even know it. Okay, I’m just distracting myself now… Deep breaths Adam; you can do this.

I walked over to the stage and just stared. Wow, this was the girl that Ryder fell for? Well I can see why, she’s freaking gorgeous!

“Hey big boy…” Chelle stated seductively, “Is there something I can do for you; anything at all?”

My palms began to sweat, “Uhm, I err… Are you Bunny?”

She smiled, “I am, are you looking for a good time?”

I just nodded my head without thinking.


She let go of her pole and then walked over to where I was standing. She wrapped her arms around me and I kind of backed up a little out of shock. I didn’t expect her to be all touchy and grabby. Heck, I didn’t know what to expect. Dang it Ryder, why did you have to make me do this!?

She giggled, “Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite… hard.” she pulled me closer, “How about I take you into the back and show you something worth your while?”

I swallowed, “Uh… s-sure.”


After I agreed, she grabbed me by the arm and led me into one of the rooms in the back. I guess this is where the girls took guys who wanted to get, uhm, pleased. I may have never even been close enough to a girl before but I seriously feel uncomfortable doing this. I don’t think women should degrade their self by dancing on poles and stripping naked and doing things to men for money. There is no love in it and really it’s just weird. 

Once in the room she pushed me into this lip shaped chair and then jumped in my lap. She didn’t even give me a chance to say anything, she just started making out with me. I forced myself to keep going because I knew Ryder would be pissed if I just pushed her off and ran out. I was NOT enjoying myself at all; men who do this are pigs.

She pulled back, “Ready for more?”

She climbed off my lap and got down on her knees. She reached for my zipper and that’s when my instincts kicked in. I think I let it go far enough!


As she reached for my zipper, I grabbed her arm and then pulled her up off the floor. I then spun her around and placed my hand over her mouth. She tried to struggle and scream but I kept a tight grip on her entire body.

“Listen and listen good…” I started, “I’m going to take you outside with me because Ryder is waiting for you. We’ve been looking for you Chelle; your time is up.”

Through my hand I could hear a loud gasp and her entire body started to shake. I just hung my head low… I always feel so terrible when I have to aid in a murder.


I brought Chelle outside and handed her off to Ryder. My part was done; I was not helping with anything else. I didn’t even want to go in there and do any of that but Ryder was right… she would have noticed him.

As soon as I gave Chelle over to Ryder, he shoved her on the ground and she cut up her knee. Dang it Ryder, why do you always have to be so cruel?

Ryder scowled, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this day Chelle. Do you understand what my life has been like because of you? You betrayed me and brought me to that beach that night to see Liam. It’s your fault that I have to live my life like this!”

Chelle shielded her face, “Ryder PLEASE! I’m sorry for what I did to you! I’ve suffered everyday knowing that I hurt you!”

“BULL!” Ryder shouted, “You ran away when you found out that Koby and Sander died! You tried to save your own skin because you knew I was coming for you. It really is a shame to waste such a pretty face… but your time to die is now. My commander doesn’t like witnesses.”


Ryder’s Point of View

“SOMEBODY HELP ME! OH GOD PLEASE! ANYBODY!” Chelle screamed, tears pouring down her face. She climbed to her feet and tried to run. It was then that I whipped out my gun and pointed it at her.

She froze like a deer in headlights and then slowly raised her arms up, “Pl-please Ryder. I have a daughter!”

I scoffed, “Like I give a crap.” and then shot her square in the head. The sound of my gun firing echoed through the ally. I was actually kind of nervous that it would make someone come out. Crap, I should have put the silencer on it!

Adam yelled, “DUDE! Why the heck didn’t you just use the knife!? Somebody was bound to hear that; we have to go NOW!”


And, just like Adam predicted, someone did hear the firing go off. A woman with green hair came out of the back door and when she saw me she too froze just like Chelle did.

“Oh GOD!” she screamed, “You killed Bunny.”

Crap. Now I have to kill this girl too! Now that’s two bodies I have to get rid of.

“Yeah, and I have to get rid of you as well. I don’t do witnesses. Sorry sweetie, but you have to die.”

“WAIT!” she shouted, “Please, I’ll do anything for you! I mean it, ANYTHING!”


“What are you? Another stripper?” I questioned.

She gulped, “I’m… self-employed. I just come here sometimes to make a quick buck. Honestly, I’m not about to spill anything about you killing that girl. She was a whore anyways.”

I lowered my gun a little and laughed, “That’s rich coming from a prostitute.” I looked her up and down, “Hey, you seem pretty worthless. You probably don’t go by your name, have a rap sheet and are off the grid. Am I right?”

She glared at me, “Shut up! I do this because I want to, not because anyone forced me into this. I’d say I’m worth a lot; especially where it counts!”


I lowered my gun all the way, “Seriously? I don’t care. You’re lucky my boss told me I needed to find some trash, otherwise I would have just shot you dead like rabbit over there.”

She shouted, “Who the HECK are you calling trash!? Also, I’m NOT going anywhere with you, you can forget it you little a-hole! Just take your little baby face and that stupid freaking gun and get the heck out of here.”

Adam laughed at that one. Oh yeah, very funny, everyone’s laughing.

“God you don’t know how bad I just want to pull this trigger. But I need someone, so COME ON! The cops are probably on their way as we speak. We need to MOVE!”


I was about to grab Chelle’s body when all of a sudden I heard a cop siren. Adam looked at me and then shouted for me to just leave her. I told him I couldn’t because I shot her and the bullet was in her head. If I left that bullet there, it could trace back to James! So, I had to do the creepiest thing ever… I had to reach in the hole and pull out the bullet and then grab the casing off the ground. God, I just need to stick to my knife; it never fails me.

After getting the bullet out, I took the gun and pointed it at green haired girl. I told her if she didn’t come with us, I was going to blow her brains out. She of course listened and followed us into the woods. We had to travel to our car because if I’ve learned anything from Kriss, it’s never use a car to escape the crime scene.


I parked our car about a mile from the club next to this old scrap yard. I felt that it was pretty well hidden and the cops had no idea where we were. Sure I was driving a stolen car, but I put a fake plate on to buy me some time with it. Only an idiot would ride around in town with a stolen car with the original plates.

As we were cutting through the old yard, I seriously almost ran into some old man who was just strolling by. Seriously who just takes a walk through an old scrap yard at this time at night?! Meh, it’s probably these country people… they have no idea how dangerous it is to walk around this late at nighttime where I come from.

I came to a stop, “Watch where you’re going you old geezer!” I shouted.

The man gave me a dirty look, “Well excuse me… I didn’t realize this path was made only for you. I could have sworn it was wide enough to share.”


“Hey Adam…” I laughed, “This old man thinks he can just talk trash to me.”

Adam scoffed, “Leave him ALONE Ryder! He didn’t do anything to you.”

I laughed, “Look at him, he’s shaking in his depends! What’s wrong old timer, afraid of a gun?”

The man shielded his face, “Put that thing away! I’m going to call the police if you don’t get out of here right now you little punk!”

I laughed louder. God, this guy was a riot! Does he honestly think the cops can catch me? No one will ever be able to stop me, let alone some crappy cops!


Adam scowled, “For the love of GOD stop pestering that poor man! We need to get to the car now before the cops actually DO find us!”

I spun towards Adam, “SHUT UP ADAM! Now the geezer knows the morons are after us! I guess I just have to kill him…”

Adam boomed, “You touch that man and I’ll freaking KILL you. Let’s just GO!”

Before we could do anything else, Green haired girl started begging the man to call the police. I nearly pointed the gun to her head but instead I just told Adam to grab hold of green hair’s arm and then we took off. Adam better hope to god that, that man doesn’t get us in any trouble. He knows we’re being chased…



Jedidiah could not believe the night he had experienced! He was only just taking a short cut through the old scrap yard to get to his house, he had no idea he would run into a bunch of crooks with guns. To say he wasn’t afraid would be a lie, but he couldn’t show any fear. He had to stay strong or otherwise he could have been killed. What would his poor wife do without him by her side? She depended on him.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Micki exclaimed after her husband had explained the situation.

“I’m telling you…” he stated, “These two punks and this girl came out of nowhere! The one peach head had a gun and he was threatening to kill me with it.”

“We need to call the police right now JED! What if they killed someone?! Didn’t you say the police were after them? We could give them a lead as to where they are!”


“How did you even get away from them Jed?! What if you would have died?! How could I even live without you; it would be impossible!” Micki sniffed, rubbing her husband’s hand.

Jed sighed, “It’s alright sweetie, they’re not taking me out that easily.” he continued, “Well, the one kid named Adam… he told the other boy, Ryder, to just leave me alone. He was screaming at him and telling him to just go. That boy seriously saved my life…”

Micki stared at her husband puzzled, “What did this Ryder boy look like?”


“Well he was tall, had yellow eyes, peach colored hair and he- Oh my goodness… You don’t think that was Noah’s boy do you?!”

Micki’s eye went wide, “Jed, you’re telling me you might have found Ryder and you didn’t even realize it!? My word, you really are an old man, aren’t yah??”

Jed rolled his eyes, “You’re no spring chicken yourself! But that’s beside the point Mick; our grandson is getting chanced by the cops… What did that boy DO?”

Micki sighed, “I don’t know but we need to contact the police right now! Gosh, I wish we could tell Noah we found Ryder; it would have made him the happiest man alive.”

Jed lowered his head, “Yeah, I wish we could too… I really miss our boy.”



We arrived home about 5 hours after that run in with the old guy. You know, call me crazy, but he did look kind of familiar to me. I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Meh, that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I found Chelle, killed her and brought back some skank for James. He asked for someone who didn’t have a life… well I found her. Although she claims she does this on her own, we all know that’s just a lie she tells herself. I mean come one, who WANTS to be prostitute?

“Alright James, we did what you wanted.” I looked to green hair, “Oh and I brought you back a little piece of something. I think she’s a hooker or something, this good enough for you?”

“Excuse ME!” she scoffed, “But I do have a name you know. You can stop calling me the trash and a hooker, my name is Persephone!”

I laughed, “Okay, whatever then. Here’s Persephone for you…”

James coughed, “Well, I can tell you I am surprised you actually found someone. So surprised in fact, I didn’t believe you would… so I found one myself.”

Really? He doubted me that much? He should know by now that I get a job done…


“I do believe this is my mistake…” James looked away awkwardly, but then returned his gaze with a grin, “But I think this just makes things more interesting.”

Holy crap, he found cat-woman!

“You see, I caught this girl trying to break into one of my fine establishments. I questioned her a couple times and found out she’s just a worthless little something I was looking for. Since I think just killing one would be a waste of a bullet, I’m going to put you and Adam in charge of BOTH of them until I give you further instructions.”


“Oh you got to be kidding me!” I laughed, “I have to be in charge of the girl who nearly ruined any future children I would have had.”

Kara looked at me, “WHAT?! Oh heck no! I’m not taking orders from the drunken idiot! Just kill me now, I’d rather freaking DIE!”

Persephone nodded, “I second that! Just kill me!”

I laughed louder! OH this is just too much for me! I have to be in charge over the two most thick-headed girls in the freaking world. Adam is going to love this.


“SILENCE!” James shouted, “THE BOTH OF YOU! You’re going to listen to Ryder and Adam or you will be TORTURED! Killing you would be too simple.”

“Yeah ladies, you heard the man. You have to listen to me and do anything I say.” I chuckled.

James pointed a finger at me, “Listen here Ryder, this is not any type of game. This is a test and if you fail… woe onto you. You better clean up your act and stop being so freaking foolish! I’ll be watching you Ryder; you better bet that I will be watching you.”


I held back my laughter, “Yes sir, commander sir.” I saluted him, “I will not fail you.”

James rolled his eyes and then smirked, “If you only knew how close you were with doing that…”

What the heck does that mean??  I guess that’s not so important, what is important is why James is making me and Adam in charge of these women. What does he have to gain by doing this? What is the freaking test? Whatever is it… I will pass it. You’ll see I’m going to be the BEST.

Thanks for reading guys! So, did you like how I put Micki and Jed in this chapter? They’re a cute old couple if you ask me. Also I didn’t just throw them in for no reason, this little encounter actually has a lot to do with later on Winking smile But anyways, Ryder is pretty much doing whatever he freaking feels like because he knows he can get away with it. He’s learned to not be so afraid of James because he has a big head. He believes he’s the BEST of the BEST and he will over throw James. He also believes he’s an important aspect to him and he’s too “valuable” to lose. Adam tries to talk him out of all his nonsense but Ryder really never gets it through his head. If it weren’t for Adam… Ryder could of very well killed his own grandfather without knowing. Adam is the balance that Ryder needs. He may not realize it – nor may Adam – but Adam keeps Ryder’s insanity levels low. Without Adam, Ryder would probably lose it completely…


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      Ryder probably wouldn't make that great of a Dad unless he ran away and hid from James. XD Adam on the other hand would probably make a pretty great Dad. xD

      That's all.


      • Jax says:

        Yup you are the first comment ^_^

        Aw, thanks Deanna 🙂 It means a lot coming from you. It’s a shame when bad things happen. Jed and Micki wish they could really tell their son what they discovered. But bad choices in life got Noah to where he is now. If only he would of listened he wouldn’t of wound up where he is… And of course, he’s easy to spot 😀 Well, he’s not dumb, he just didn’t realize it. I mean, he hasn’t seen Ryder since he was a little kid. I think anyone would take a bit to realize, if they even realize at all!

        James is a total idiot and Ryder is just as bad. He’s gone loopy. It’s so true, Adam really is the only sane one. It’s because he still has that strand of hope left to find his real family one day and to meet his ‘baby’ sister. Honestly it’s what keeps him sane.

        You know, it may seem that way but he might actually be a pretty good father. He really cares for people closest to him. It’s his weakness. Adam would be an amazing dad. He would love that kid to death.

  2. That was………..well saying it was nice would be creepy,but i hope ryder gets his head back on or he’s pretty much dead.

  3. You know…this is kind of like Amnesia: The Dark Descent. (Yes, I played that game, and yes, I was terrified the whole way through and I’m never playing it again.) A mad man captures people and tortures them in his freaky dungeons…he even has a messed up daughter. (But Eve is nowhere near as bad as Justine as far as I can tell.)

    Ryder has seriously become a little murder machine. He almost killed JED! His grandpa! It almost made me cry! But he’s also really funny. It makes me laugh every time he calls Kara ‘catwoman.’

    Adam is so far my favorite person in this whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I still freaking love Ryder, but Adam is so sweet AND he’s smart.

    I’m hoping Kara or Persephone can SOMEHOW whip Ryder into shape since he doesn’t want to listen to Adam.

    I am seriously addicted to this story. MOOAARR

    Lol, just kidding. But seriously.

    • Jax says:

      I’ve heard of that game, and I knew that it was scary, but I had no clue of the story line. I don’t think I’ll ever play that game, it seems too much for me O_O Eve… I wouldn’t say that she’s crazy but she does have her morals mixed up. She doesn’t think like a normal person because of who raised her.

      Yup he really has. He said he’d do anything just to get to where he wants to be. He’s a total nut job. I KNOW! His own grandpa almost died at his hand without him knowing. That is such a shame. Yeah I tried to just make him this “I don’t care” type person. Because honestly that’s what he is. He really just does not care anymore. He’ll do, say and pretty much go where he wants. LOL yeah… to him she just seems like that.

      Of course, Adam is the balance in the story. It’s like, you love Ryder, but you just can’t stand what he’s doing! He’s like the annoying brother type. Like “GET A GRIP KID!” hehehe

      Let’s hope they can, and that Ryder doesn’t get in any of their heads. Although… Kara does have a real knack for that. She’s not one to mess with but at the same time neither is Persephone!

      Awww thank you Rochelle 🙂 Means a lot ^_^ ❤

      Haha, I will, I will ^_^

      • I…AM…CAUGHT UP! OMG! I feel like standing on my roof and going RAAAAAAHHH! Took me long enough, though. But I had tons of time to myself today. My schedule is starting to die down, for now, at least. My school starts in like 20 days, and I go camping AGAIN two weeks before, and then after that I go to North Carolina to see my newest baby cousin. You know what? Never mind. My schedule is still nuts, considering I’m driving all the way across the country. Again. But I’m rambling. Just wanted to say that I loved it all and I can’t wait for the next update!

      • Jax says:

        WOOHOO!! 😀 I’m happy that you caught up!! I know the feeling. I once had to catch up on someone’s story and they were about 85 chapters in! LOL. But it is fun to read through without waiting for an update.

        Jeez, your scheldule sounds loco! Mine consists of going to a school Orientation in a week for just a day and I’m going to Florida in September for a week. That’s about it for as far as I know XD I don’t start school until October 8th.

    • Hayley says:

      I was lurking comments and saw you talk about Amnesia. That game freaked me out so badly ._. I ended up having to just watch my friend play.

      • I WON that game. I was super proud of it afterwards, but I didn’t sleep for a week. (It gave me nightmares, and I normally don’t get nightmares from scary things) That game is so horrible. Easily the scariest game out there in my opinion. I still continued to play because I have this crazy determination to finish what I start.

        Okay, I’m going to end my long ramble now.

  4. blamsart says:

    phewww that was close, I’m so happy Jed didn’t die. And there is confirmation that indeed NOah died. *sigh*. Ryder seems to be going more and more over the edge, and I keep getting this feeling that Kara and Adam may be “related” in some way, either way amazing chapter!

    • Jax says:

      I know, Ryder could have easily killed him if it wasn’t for Adam stopping him. True it seems like a pretty solid confirmation… Ryder is pratically over the edge and beyond. He’s killing people for no reason now, he doesn’t care. I mean, in his head, why should he? He has nothing to live for anyways…

      Related? Nah, they’re not relate. Kara comes from a totally different back round.

      Thank you!

      • blamsart says:

        Well then hopefully Ryder comes back from this, I wouldn’t want him killing someone close to him willingly.

        Oh well, never mind then.

  5. So it looks as though Ryder has finally gotten under James’ skin, which is actually quite amusing – although I was extremely nervous for Adam through the entire ordeal. As for Ryder being too “invaluable” to dispose of, I wouldn’t count on that just yet. Yes he’s skilled, but James can always find more wayward boys to torture and torment and mold into a killer.

    Hahah the bed in AP was a great comic relief! As for Oswald, I’m not sure if he really did need to be killed, and I think Ryder was just thinking up a logical excuse to kill him, which means he’s losing his marbles with each passing day.

    Lol, poor Adam having to be in that strip club, that’s so not a place he would ever venture into on his own, but he was right, it needed to be done. I’d say I feel bad for Chelle, but I hate the girl for what she did, so I’m glad she’s dead. Also, I like how Persephone was added to the mix, and I hope that her strong will gives Ryder some of the inner-strength he’s been lacking. Well, I hope both Persephone and Kara can give that to him.

    OMG JED! I was SO worried Ryder was going to kill him, and I’m so glad he didn’t. Also, yay for seeing Miki and Jed again, and BOO for you leaving Noah’s fate still foggy. I read a lot of people above say he’s dead, but you didn’t confirm anything. Just you wish they could tell him… so where is he? Off the grid perhaps? I still don’t think he’s dead.

    As for the salute, I some how think that’s a very important part of James having control over Ryder. Perhaps that’s what he meant?

    Compelling as always Jax!

    • Jax says:

      Ah, more than you can believe! Ryder just knows the right things to say to James to get him so VERY angry. It is amusing, for myself that is. I seriously make myself laugh with the things I come up with at times XD I’m so easily amused. Oh I know, you never know what James or Ryder will do. It makes you feel nervous for poor Adam in that mess. Ah, but Ryder has a BIG head. He thinks he’s SO important and he can’t be replaced because he’s that good. He does have some very nice skills he picked up, but he has a long way to go before he even can even be considered anything.

      LOL I was laughing when I thought it up! What gave me the idea was that there was a flower bed in there at first and I just did it one better XD I made it a heart bed and put lights. Hhehehe… Of course, and Ryder is always going to do that. He’s going to make up crap in his head and won’t trust no one. That man probably just wanted to get James off his chest forever and just live a normal life again. But Ryder made it up in his head that he was out to get them.

      Oh I know, he really did not want to be in there! He has a lot more respect for women than that. Yup, he really did have to do it because he had no other choice. Their job was to kill Chelle… he’s Ryder’s partner, so he had to do it. Yeah she was terrible and nothing but a liar. She probably was lying about having a daughter to make Ryder feel guilty. He’s cold-hearted though towards people who have hurt him badly. Thank you 🙂 And oh boy, I hope so… But you have to remember, these two girls are only looking out for number one. They don’t care about Ryder or Adam 😉

      I know, because you honestly can’t tell with him. He could have easily killed his own grandfather without even knowing it. That would have been so horrid. I know ^_^ I was so happy to see them again, it felt so nice. LOL I did leave it wide open didn’t I? 😉 I’m just being casual about this whole thing, my lips are completely sealed. I’m not hinting towards nuffin.

      The Salute was Ryder being an a-hole, but really he was closer to James’ life than he thinks with that sarcastic gesture.


      • Lol, well it’s important to have some humour in a generation that’s darker than normal. Besides, we laughed and that’s all that counts 😛 Exactly, but he’ll learn his place, I have no doubt of that.
        Oh you did SO well with that bed *applause* I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. Yeah well Ryder is going through a lot and needs to justify a lot to himself to fend off the guilt of what he’s doing – even if he doesn’t feel the guilt right now. At least that’s what I’m going to go with.
        Oh I know the girls only care for themselves, but perhaps seeing their inner strength to live their own lives, will help Ryder remember what kind of life he wants to have, and perhaps he won’t completely fall into a psychotic life of killing.
        Thank you for not letting Ryder make that horrid mistake 🙂 That you did and look at you saying nuttin, even in your comments! Tricky this time aren’t you? Hee hee.

        EXACTLY! Oh if only Ryder could see what James saw, then maybe he’d back off.

        Also, I read all the comments and Ryder is NOT an idiot . . . you know what I mean. He’s doing things the only way he sees it possible to get done, he’s just kinda power-hungry and not going about things the right way. He’s taking the hard path, but really, who in his family didn’t? As for Pers’ character, I think you were okay. I kinda took it as scared because she was thrown and not expecting that, but once she gathered her composure was back to her old self. No matter how often you might face a situation, you can always be thrown by something unexpected, even if you’ve faced it before.

      • Jax says:

        Of course, I needed something to make me laugh. Even if it made only us laugh, then it was completely worth it 😀 Hahahah, thanks for that! I really did find it funny. You know what’s even funnier? That bed really DOES vibrate in the game! LOL. It was the bed that came with HELS. It cracks me up so much.
        Right, he is going through a lot! He’s not seeing things as he once did. He’s just pretty much mentally unstable. Even when I write out his thoughts I’m sure to show that he’s not thinking clearly but at the same time there is that guilt and pain he feels for his family.

        Mhm, they really do. Maybe, maybe one of them will help him see things more clearly 😉 Adam tries so hard with Ryder but he is SO thick-headed. It will really take a miracle for someone to get that boy on the right track. Honestly, if Adam wasn’t there… Jed probably would have been killed by his own grandson… Some may say that Adam being there doesn’t help but it’s things like that, that really do show how he can impact Ryder’s choices.

        No problemo. Besides, I love Jedself and I know that Micki would be a mess without him. It would be too sad considering they can’t even be around their boy anymore. And ahah, nope! 😉 Mum’s the word.

        If Ryder fully understood James, I doubt he’d be acting the way he is. If only he knew…

      • Does it really?! HELS is one of the packs I don’t have but was going to go get. It’s the only one I’m missing that I actually care to buy, and knowing the bed does that! I can’t wait to see it in action! LOL.

        I think a lot of people forget that Ry believes he’s lost it all and even at this point, losing his own life doesn’t mean that much. It’s probably only because he knows James will hurt Adam that he even tones it back, so yes, once again Adam really is a vital part of Ryder’s life.

        Oh man, if Jed went before Micki, I really couldn’t see her lasting much longer. If it was the other way around, I think Jed would be okay cause he’s just that little bit stronger. Lol, guess that means I’ll just wait and see if I’m right about them all being alive 😉

        Well he’s sure to eventually find out. Although I don’t think he’s going to like the reality when he does.

        Lol, of course I understand. You know what, it’s a girl thing 😉 😛

  6. Thindra says:

    aww Micki and Jed are adorable ❤ I miss them.
    And it's nice to know Noah is still alive.

    Short comment is short

    • Jax says:

      I said Noah was still alive? o.o

      • Thindra says:

        “I wish we could tell Noah we found Ryder;”
        Sounds like he’s in witness protection program or something. James said he killed him, but Micki and Jed mentioned Noah like he was alive, they just couldn’t contact him. 😛

        Probably just me reading between the lines. ^^;

  7. deathcullen says:

    I’m breathless and completly shocked by everything that happened. And since I have tears in my eyes, that means this post was REALLY good. Also it was nice to see Jed and Micki again. I’ve missed them. Like Rochelle said this does remind me of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

  8. Jedidiah says:

    Okay I know you said, you’re gonna change things with the charas from your casting call. But I thought you wanted both girls to be total bad a**. And here Persephone is pleading to do Anything just so she isn’t shot like Chelle??! I mean, being in that kind of “business” I’d think she would encounter a few crazies like trigger happy Ry, and know how to handle that situation better than to be a wimp, please don’t shoot me. O____o I was surprised to read that development. I thought both Kara and Persephone would be personalities Ry would bite on granite. So far he’s losing it, true. As a chara he starts to be too overpowering, and next to him , Adam drowns.

    But yay!!! for getting the elderly badge! My goodness, both Mick and Jedself are still alive! Glad to see, mick is still the matriarch of the family. I’m curious to see what happens. Seriously, Ry! Grampa simself teaches you how to live a life with glasses and you forget meeeee????

    • Jax says:

      True, but it was more of a reaction than anything. I mean you could be the most bad-a person ever and you look down the site of a gun and see if you don’t panic. Kara got to show her bad-a self a little better because she didn’t have to fend for her life. She just had to put up with Ryder being all weird and drunk. Plus, she uses her body to get out of things anyways. She’s a prostitute for a living, but by choice. I was just trying to show that. I’m sorry if it wasn’t what you were expecting… It’s just that Kara and Persephone are two different types of girls. Persephone doesn’t play and she does whatever the heck she wants with her body and Kara only fends for herself and has a bad habit of stealing. But both girls have the common ground of only looking out for number one. I mean, I did show that she wasn’t taking all that trash Ryder was saying. After it set in, she was yelling at him to get the heck away from her and standing her ground. To me she seemed pretty stern and knew what she was doing.

      Yup they are still alive and they are a cute old couple. Well he was only a little kid when that happened. Plus his mind is not where it should be.

      • Jedidiah says:

        Especially, WHEN someone chooses to be a prostitute I’m pretty sure they are aware that something like this might happen, and that they would look down a barrel of a gun. And are better prepared than to act on first impulse. I mean, especially when it comes to the business of lust -and you know how people go nuts in that area- those people would know how to hold their emotions.
        We’re talking first impression, first scene, and she comes off as a wimp. And later on she like oh just kill me now, I don’t care. It doesn’t add up.

        Adam doesn’t appear to have any influence on Ry anymore, so the balance is lopsided. I bet James know thinks I’ve created a beast I can hardly control, even if Ry thinks he’s all that with a bag of potatoes.

  9. I am really getting annoyed of Ryder and his stupidity. I would put a long rant of how annoyed I am at him, but it really wouldn’t get me anywhere… But I think he’s an idiot for thinking that James couldn’t live without him. YELLO!!! James survived for years without your help! He could survive years more without it!!! Now I am debating who I dislike more, James or Ryder… Hmm… I am sort of hoping that Ryder gets what’s coming to him, but that may not be the best. I don’t know how Adam can do it. I think I would’ve shot Ryder myself… Well that was only a small fraction of my annoyance, but I think I’m going to stop with the rant. *rant over*

    Though they were all @&$@%#$s, I really didn’t wish death on any of the kids that did what they did to Ryder, especially by his hand, and especially with the way he is acting now.

    It really pissed me off Ryder killing that guy just for the fun of it. Sure, Oswald may not have been telling the whole truth (which he actually was…) but I’m pretty sure that slashing his throat isn’t going to get any more info from him…

    I sort of do think that RLJed may have a bit of a point. Self-employed prostitutes probably would have a bit of experience with occurences like that. Though… It is your story, so what you say goes…

    But yay for seeing Micki and Jed!!! As seniors!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Have I ever mentioned that they were my favorite couple in this legacy so far? Though I didn’t expect them to be the cameo characters… Oh me, oh my. Ryder almost killed his gramps? Yup… He’s an idiot…

    But I feel that Noah comment wasn’t neccesarily that clear… It seems more like an effort on your part to persuade us that Noah is dead, and then all of a sudden BAM!!! He is alive! (I’m probably wrong though… as usual).

    Yeah, I really dislike Ryder, can you tell?

    • Jax says:

      Oh come on guys, I know Ryder is a dummy… but I figured it would be interesting to have a heir that gets on your nerves for once. Someone who does the opposite of what you want him to do. Yes Ryder’s an idiot but you have to remember that he’s not in his own mind set. He doesn’t care about anybody but basically himself. Well and he actually does care about Adam even though he doesn’t listen to him. Trust me, James. You dislike James more. James is just evil, Ryder has to just knock the stupid out of him. Well Adam has a lot of patience with Ryder, considering he doesn’t have a choice. He has to protect him or he goes down too. Plus he sees the good that Ryder has. He remembers what he was like in the beginning and he really just wants that back again.

      Yeah, that was just him being cruel doing that. He’s just trigger happy.

      Oh boy… now you too. I guess I will be ridiculed forever because of one line -.-‘ I’m sorry I didn’t make her pop out like a ninja and go all crazy chick on Ryder. I thought a normal human reaction would suffice… and then she picked herself back up. *deep breaths*

      Yeah they were my favorite couple as well. I thought they were so adorable together. Yup he almost did, but if he knew that was his grandfather he would have never even done that. Who knows, maybe if he realized it was him and actually got to see someone he loves… he could have snapped back. Ryder takes family very personally and to heart. It has a way of changing and influencing him.

      It may have not have been, or it may have been right on point. You never know.

      Mhm… but I still love him 🙂

      • Of course woman! The world has all types of people. Some people we are not going to like, but you have to realize that if you create an unlikable character, your not gonna get people saying how much of an awesome character he is… Well, you may get one or two from the exceptional weirdos. 😉 I still like your writing, so my rant wasn’t against you, just against a non-existent character that you created. I think what bothers me the most is that while he is off his rocker, he isn’t taking stuff seriously, but then again, I forgot that his last trait was good sense of humor, which you are manifesting in him as that type of person. Fine… I will agree with you… For now that I dislike James more… But Ry is still pretty high up there. Hopefully the “good” that Adam sees in Ry will come back soon… But we have relatively 10 more chapters til the next gen, so you have plenty of time to make him look more like an idiot before he wises up (if he ever does).

        Hmm… I don’t know if that works… Ryder can’t necessarily be trigger happy with a knife… Knives have no triggers. 😉

        Honestly, I wouldn’t have realized it had “big boy” up there not said anything. I’m trying to be the mediator here. I’m saying that it is true that she would probably be used to having guns pointed at her in her profession. I am also saying that the way you did it was fine, maybe she was caught off guard, or got scared of Ryder’s menacing baby face. 😉

        They do look really good together. Oh yeah, Ryder is also family oriented, isn’t he? And he did mention that if he could, he would find them. I will excuse him for now for the sole fact that he was probably caught up in the moment.

        I’m still going to hold onto hope.

        Yeah, you onloy love him cuz you think he’s yummy. 😉

      • Jax says:

        I meant trigger happy when he has his gun lol.

        Yeah, I get it. I get it. Yah make one bad move and it’s chaos.. lol

        Yup, he really cares about his family. You’re right, he did mention about his grandparents as well. He loves them, but he knows he can’t ever be around them. It hurts him.

        I love him because I love him! And that makes sense in my head…

      • Jedidiah says:

        Hey Nate, I’m glad you saw what I saw. I agree with you; right now, it is very hard to see that James is the more looney and non likable chara because Ry is so overbearing in his craziness.

        Jax, I know you’re reading this, this is not a personal attack, so take your hands off your earlopes!!!

        And Nate? Did you just call me ‘big boy’? O_o

      • Jax says:

        And I knew he wouldn’t be likable, I said it from the start. I just don’t like hearing my baby get called an idiot 13 times… I still love him even though he is a lunatic! He is overbearing… this whole generation is O_O I never knew how hard it would be to portray the bad side of things. I can’t wait until towards the end, going to be so much easier to handle.

        Okay, okay, okay… I get it. You already know why I over-reacted… ._.

      • Jax: Dw (wow that reminds me of the tv show Arthur…), I knew what you meant, I was just joshin’.

        Do I sense a bit of hostility? tsk tsk tsk… Ya try to help people, and what do you get? But think about it, what kind of friends would we be if we didn’t make the extra effort to help you notice the small (or big) issues with your writing? Thats why you guys are officially allowed to critisize whatever ya’ll want with my writing (if I post something soon).

        Hey, as long as it makes sense to you, that’s fine by me. But are you sure that his looks aren’t influencing you? even a little bit? LOL

        Jed: It is hard to dercern (yeah, I probably misspelled that) who is the more unlikeable. I think its because we aren’t seeing so much of James’ “evil” personality anymore, due to the fact that he’s not featured as much in these chapters. And when he is, the only bad stuff he is doing is giving Adam and Ry one vibrating queen-sized bed instead of two beds, and giving the boys responsibility over two slightly hostile females… Which isn’t even that bad, so it is hard to hate him more if Ry is being more “bad” than him in the chapters. I was deff hating James when he “killed” Ry’s family, and when he did that whole “acid burn fingertips” thing.

        Are you really getting bothered by our comments Jax? If so, I officially apologize. Here is a revised comment. *clears throat*

        “Ryder is really smart, and he is one tough cookie, and cookies are yummy. Especially chocolate chip cookies. Oh… And those raspberry cheesecake cookies that you can get from subway! Those are sooooo good!!! And… Oh… Woops. I seem to have strayed to cookies instead of Ryder.” 😉

        @Jed: Is that weird? Is it one of those things that you don’t really mean anything by it, but to everyone else, it means something disgusting? Oops…

  10. toyinroxx123 says:

    Even though he got that hangover, Ryder’s probably gonna do something stupid and get drunk again ;D He needs to watch what he says with James, because it’s gonna end badly if he doesn’t…

    Ryder…Why did you make Adam do that? *shakes head*
    Yay for Micki and Jed! But Ryder must have gotten caught up in a LOT of stuff for him to forget his own grandparent.
    Hmm, James seems more lenient – maybe Ryder can escape easier!

    It’s weird that through all this, Ryder hasn’t broken his glasses, thought I guess you can’t do that in Sims.

  11. uggg Ryder is just falling more and more into Jame’s evil ways….. but its nice to see Kara agian! And Persophie (Thats probley not how you spell it lol” looks great! And of course as i always say…. GREAT CHAPTER(:

  12. I’ve been reading over some of the comments, and I had no idea that this whole “Ryders an idiot” thing would get so… Idk bout calling it out of hand, but it seems that way. So I want to sincerely apologize. I might have flown off the handle because I had been angry that Ryder killed an “innocent” person (when both of them aren’t even real. Hehe)… I know he probably feels hopeless, and may feel like the only way to make everything right is to reach the top, and the only way that can happen is if he does “some” of the stuff that he has been doing. I had no intention of insulting your writing or characters Jax. I’m sorry. 😦

    • Unless I’m reading all of the comments wrong… If so, then just disregard the above comment. 🙂

      • Jax says:

        No you’re fine Nate. You don’t have to apologize for speaking your mind and giving your opinion. I was the one who was wrong and over the top. Jed’s right… I just over did things for no reason and I deserve to get chewed for it so I could realize that. *sigh* I’m really sorry if I said anything to hurt you or made you feel you were in the wrong. If you want to call him an idiot the it’s okay by me. I guess I’m not used to criticism is all… I feel really terrible for how I acted :/ Like you know, those upset stomach type terrible :/ So again feel free to speak your mind and I apologize.

      • Well I still want to apologize anyways for flying off the handle. And you are forgiven. I don’t necessarily take criticism well either. Its something we gotta learn…

        Anyways… On to bigger and brighter things. I just got an email that after Supernatural, The Sims 3 Seasons is the next expansion pack to come out!!! Now I never had the sims 2 seasons, but I know a whole bunch of simmers had been begging for it for a while! And I know i9ts legitimate, and not just some fluke claim because I got the email from the sims 3 peeps! I would “squee!!!” but it isn’t manly. 😀

      • Jax says:

        Yup what’s done is done and time to move on 🙂

        I KNOW! HOLY CRAP it’s about time they released that one!! I owned it for sims 2 and I loved it so very much. It’s by far the best EP ever for the sims 2. I loved everything about it. Plus it looks like ALIEANS! Did you see how he looked over his head!!?? That means little green babies with black eyes! WHOOP! And no more mod! Dudes can finally get pregnant in-game. Haha! I’m so excited about the swimming in the ocean. I think that is like the most epic thing ever. And Rain, oh gosh the rain. The umbrellas too! They’re so adorable. I hope we can customize them (I’m sure we can) Plus the trick-or-treating. How cute is that??? As you can probably tell I’m extremely excited about this!

  13. meginthebox says:

    I was reading this, and then I realized I must be losing it because this random thought popped into my head, “Hey, James ain’t so bad!” … -____- Then I reasoned I only like him NOW cause he’s someone who’s yelling at Ryder and Ryder really needs that. Well, it’s not helping, but he still needs it. And I get the feeling that once he starts to get closer to Kara he’s going to get better. Maybe she’ll yell at him and that’ll work.

    I feel for Adam. It’s frustrating dealing with a person who doesn’t know when to stop. Adam’s really awesome though, his tolerance is amazing. I might just beat Ryder over the head with the butt of a gun, but luckily Adam’s better than that and we can all still have some hope for Ryder!

    Yay Mackenzie and Jed! I miss them. At least killing his grandfather isn’t going on his conscience. I have a feeling that running into Jed is going to prove to be a miracle.

    Well I’m pretty amazed. Every chapter Ryder just gets in deeper and deeper, I’m so excited to see how he’s going to get out of this. Poor Ryder though, once he does he’s going to regret this forever. How does one deal with something like that?

  14. Hayley says:

    Oooh hello past people! It’s nice to see that Ryder might not always be with douche bag idiot James! I feel bad for Ryder, it isn’t his fault… well, it is but it isn’t. I still love Ryder ❤
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