Chapter 7.7 – Traitor

Author’s note: Sexual Content.

Also I REALLY hope this makes sense to everyone; there is just so many little details that it gets tricky sometimes for me to make it easy to follow! Just let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!


Adam’s Point of View

Pain, rage, guilt, depression… the list goes on and on. There will never be a happy moment in my life. I live in a world that revolves around bringing nothing but torture to others. I live in my own hell on earth and sometimes I just wish I would die. I wish that I would be taken out of this world and brought somewhere I can finally find peace. I look at these monsters surrounding me and I can’t understand how they find such joy in doing what they do. Honestly, I think the only thing that keeps me sane is knowing my parents are out there somewhere. It’s weird but somewhere deep within I can feel that they’re still looking for me. That no matter how much time has passed; they’re still hurting and searching. This small feeling is how I hold on; without it I’d probably turn into a Ryder. I know Ryder is a total jerk, but I can’t help but feel for him when it comes to his family. James just wiped them out and even had the nerve to show him their mangled bodies. In a sense I can understand why he snapped… doesn’t mean I enjoy it though. He’s such an idiot at times…

“God why do you put me through this?! Why do you allow me to stay here to be tortured?! If you love me, then please help me!!” I shouted out into the crisp morning air. Sometimes I just have to let out my frustrations; sometimes it just gets too hard to manage.


As I screamed out my woes to the higher authority, a chill ran down my spine. One will never know why you get shivers down your back when you know you’re being watched, but when it happens… it’s freaking creepy.

“Honestly Adam… screaming isn’t going to change your situation.” Eve stated from behind me.


As soon as she spoke, I spun around to face her. What’s even more confusing than my life is why Eve insists on speaking to me. I’ve told her countless times to just leave me alone! I can’t stand the fact of even being 50 feet near her, let alone having her talk to me. I just can’t forgive her for what she did to me; it ruined my life… even MORE!

“Eve…” I spat, “What do YOU want?”


She stepped towards me, “Why do you always have to treat me so cruelly Adam? All I ever want to do is just talk to you and you treat me like a disease.”

I scoffed, “You’re serious? You’re actually going to ask WHY I treat you this way? Eve, you’re a complete idiot if you think I’d give you the time of day after what you did to me. I mean, how could you?! You were supposed to be my best friend and you betrayed me. You just let your idiot father torture me like that; you let me take the blame!”

“What do you want me to do Adam!?” she questioned, raising her voice, “I was a little kid! I was only one year older than you are! I didn’t know what to say when I saw James come into that garden. I blamed you because it was the easiest thing for me to do at the time. I knew if I told him the truth he was going to hurt me! I never thought for a second he was going to throw you in that pond… I just thought he’d put you back in your room and not give you food or something. I thought that I could just help you out of whatever he did to you.”


“Really Eve, really?” I laughed angrily, “You know what’s funny about that? You did NOTHING to help me! You never once came back into that room to do anything for me! You left me there to rot!”

“I’m sorry…” she whispered.

“HUH? What did you say?? I couldn’t hear you due to the fact that I’m DEAF in my right ear! Where was your sorry when I was going deaf Eve? Huh? Where was your sorry when I got better? Where was your sorry even when I got let out of that room?! Why did you wait almost 20 years to tell me you’re SORRY?!”

“It wasn’t my fault Adam!” she sniffed, “James wouldn’t let me anywhere near you! After he did that to you that day, he nearly threatened my life. If I even went 20 feet near that door, I don’t know what he would have done to me. I did want to help you Adam and I’m sorry I never told you how much it hurt me to see you go through that. I’m sorry I never apologized to you and I’m sorry I acted like everything was okay. I just thought if I showed you how great it was for us to be together again, you’d just be okay…”


“Lord, I don’t know who’s more screwed up… you or Ryder.” I spat, “How could you think everything would be okay again? You can’t just let me go through crap and not expect me to be angry at you!! I’d be pretty stupid to forgive you for what you did. Plus what the heck is it with you and random men?! It’s like you don’t even care anymore, you just sleep around and get dudes killed! What kind of person does that make you Eve?!”

Her eyes welled up with tears, “I never meant to get those men hurt let alone killed! I was just hurting, okay?! I didn’t know what else to do to take the pain away!”

“Oh god, what could have possibly hurt you? You live the perfect life here. You don’t have to worry about anything except staying out of daddy’s way.” I stated, rolling my eyes.


She blinked tears from her eyes and then clenched her fist, “YOU hurt me, okay?! I was just trying to cover up the pain of what you said to me! Adam, I’ve cared about you ever since I can remember! There isn’t one day that goes by where I’m not wishing I could take back what I did to you.”

“Oh please Eve… give it a rest.” I scoffed.

She glared at me for a second and then reached in and grabbed me close and pushed her lips against mine. I didn’t even know what to think or how to react to that!! What the heck was it with her and just randomly kissing me?!


What made this kiss even worse was at that exact moment Ryder had to come out and see her kissing me! God, why!?

He cleared his throat, “Uh… I don’t want to interrupt anything, but uh, James wants all of us in the dining room for a meeting.”

I pushed Eve off of me, “This isn’t what it looks like!”

He looked away awkwardly, “Whatever you say dude… I’m not the one with a girl attached to my face.”

UGH! Out of all people…


“Shut up Ryder… “I groaned, shoving past Eve, “Let’s just go inside before James has a fit.”

Ryder laughed, “What bit you in the rear today?” he turned to Eve, “Eve do you know?”

He’s really asking me to punch him in the face again; I swear I’m this close to doing it too.

“Just come on; the both of you!!” I shouted, storming off.

I just have this feeling that Ryder is never going to let me live this one down. This is the reason why I don’t talk to Eve; she always gets me so frustrated. I don’t get why she cares about me – or so she says – so much. There is nothing special about me anyways…


Ryder’s Point of View

I don’t know why Adam was sucking face with Eve, but honestly… I don’t think I want to know. All I’m aware of is that Adam HATES that chick. There is no way he’d agree to just kiss her like that… I don’t think so anyways. But that’s not even important right now, what is important is why James wants all of us to sit around a table like we’re Knights of the Round Table. I was freaking sleeping and he just has Kriss yank me from the top bunk by my ankles; seriously what the heck? He couldn’t have politely had him wake me up? He wonders why I get under his skin on purpose…

“The reason I have called all of you here is for a very important matter. So Ryder?” he said, glaring at me, “No messing AROUND!”

I widened my eyes. I didn’t even do anything yet!

“RYDER answer me!”

“I heard you!” I snapped back, “Just continue your rambles…”


He clenched his fist but instead of feeding into me more… he just continued on.

“As some of you are aware, my best friend – a man who is like a brother to me – has been rotting in a prison cell because of those agents who took him out.” he stated, “I have sent countless men into that jail to help him escape but all have failed. It has been quite some time now, so I feel I’m ready to send in another team of men to help him out. Robert Smith is so very important to me, and it pains me to see him still behind those bars.”

HOLD UP! Did James just say he CARES about someone? Holy crap, who is this man and how in the world do I get to that status!?! I’ve never seen James genuinely care for someone before, this is crazy…


I piped in, “So who’s this team you’re going to send to do this?”

“Well, I was thinking that Kriss would go in and take a few of my… extra men with him.”

I laughed, “It was nice knowing you Kriss!”

Kriss let out a groan but said nothing.

James smirked, “Ryder you do realize that the man who brings out Robert gets rewarded? I may be a man who enjoys the taste of revenge but I will also award where it is deserved.” he looked at me, “If Kriss is successful… I will award him by giving him his own house to stay within and he will also have a group of men that he has complete control over.”

“You mean like I have over the two thick-headed women?”

They both shot me looks. What?

He rolled his eyes, “Nothing like that that was just… something I was testing. No this power is real that you would have.”

So he’s basically saying what I have is nothing. God, I really thought I was getting somewhere when he put me in charge of them. This blows…


You know what? If breaking this Robert guy out of jail is my key to having some power, then heck, I want to do this mission!

“I volunteer as tribute!” I laughed, “Adam and me can break your buddy out of jail no sweat! Why waste your time and effort on Kriss? The only thing he’s good at is being a pain in the butt… quite literally!” I shot him a look, “Next time you wake me up, trying using your VOICE!”

He let out a chuckle, “Serves you right…”

Yeah, I see nothing funny about hurting me…


Adam glared at me, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Why would you just volunteer us for that?! You just heard him say that all his men he sent there have never come back! What is wrong with you; you idiot!?”

“Oh relax, would yah?” I laughed, “This is going to be a piece of cake; obviously his other men were the idiots. Trust me Adam; we’ll get in and out in no time.”

“It’s not like breaking and entering RYDER! It’s heavily guarded and they are always alert!” he threw his face into his hands, “So this is how I’m going to die…”

Wow, he’s such an over-dramatizer….


James laughed, “No need to worry Adam, for this is a one captain job. If Ryder volunteers to do it, then Ryder is the one to go. Again, don’t worry… if he succeeds you will also go to live in the house with Ryder. Also since I just love making things interesting, I’m only allowing Ryder one person to take with him… and that one person has to be one of these women.” he laughed louder, “You know what? Let’s make it even better… which ever woman Ryder does NOT pick to go, will live with Ryder in his new house and will be under his command instead of mine. The woman that has to go, well, she’ll be kept here… and let’s just say I won’t make her life easy. After all, I did only want ONE person… the second is obviously an intruder on my property.”

WAIT WHAT?! He expects me to do this with just ONE person and not even Adam!? Oh you have got to be kidding me! What ever happened to ‘Whatever crap you get into, your partner does’?! You know what? I don’t even know why this surprises me. I should have expected James to do something like this; he’s never true to his word. Who knows, he’s probably lying about the power and the house too… It’s too late now though, I already told him I would do it. Adam’s right, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Crap!


As soon as James announced that the woman who does get picked to go, has to stay here forever… it was like a raging battle boiled up within both of them. Neither Persephone nor Kara wanted to be the one that had to risk their life to help some man escape, and then to top it off have to stay here and be tortured. Of course neither wanted to work for Ryder either… but in their minds… Ryder was nothing compared to James. In fact, Persephone and Kara saw him as a push over. Surely they could handle his idiotic ways. To the women, being in that house with Ryder was one step closer to their freedom…

Persephone glared at her enemy, “Don’t even think for one second you’re going to win. You just don’t know who you’re up against.”

Kara snapped back, “Bring it.”

James clasped his hands together, “So it’s settled. Ryder, you are to make your choice one week from today. You’re all dismissed.”

James exited the room with a smirk on his face and an evil laugh in his throat. His plan worked out so perfectly, even HE could not believe it. He always plays his cards so carefully, but Ryder makes it so easy that James doesn’t actually have to. Ryder may be smart in one sense, but he’s completely clueless in another…



About 3 days later I entered the bar and dance club set up and found Kara and Persephone in a heated argument. Of course I love to see a good brawl so I just stood there and watched as they yelled at one another.

“OH that’s so funny Kara, yeah; I’ve never ever been called a whore before! God, you really got me.” Persephone laughed sarcastically and then grew serious, “You need to watch yourself. You really think calling me names is going to help you win? God, you just don’t know who you’re messing with! I’m Persephone! I always get what I want!”

Kara rolled her eyes, “You sound like a spoiled brat. You think you’re so amazing because guys sleep with you and you get paid. Here’s a new flash, that makes you trash! Seriously, who the heck likes doing that for a living? Are you that stupid you couldn’t go back to school and get a real job?”


She smirked, “Yeah, because stealing is obviously a real job. Just face it; you’re just jealous of me because I’m happy with what I do. You just hate the fact that I’m better than you.”

Kara pointed at Persephone’s chest, “Hmm… I don’t see why I’d be jealous of a woman with fake boobs.”


Persephone glared at her, “Check again, these are BOTH real! You know what? I’ve had enough of your mouth; let’s settle this right here and now!”

“Oh snap! Cat fight!” I screeched on impulse. Uh-oh…


As soon as the words left my lips, both women turned around and glared at me. I had no idea what to do, so I just did the first thing that popped into my head…

“UH, I was just- I didn’t- HEY, anyone want to dance???”

What? I panicked…


They both scoffed at my attempt at trying to change the subject and began to walk away. Well, more like Kara started walking and then Persephone shoved her out of the way so she could get in front. Okay, James may think I’m a moron but I obviously saw what he did there. He only said that to these girls so they would turn against each other and fight. They never had a problem being around one another until James did that. He just loves everything being discombobulated; nothing can ever be at peace with him. I love action as much as the next guy, but this man just strives for chaos.

“Come on guys! Dance with me!”

Persephone rolled her eyes, “I’d have some choice words for you right now if YOU weren’t in the way of my being here or not.”

Kara didn’t say anything. She just continued to walk away. The more I’m around these girls, the more I can see what type of people they are. Persephone is easy… she’s a tramp. Kara on the other hand… she’s so different. There’s just something about her that, I don’t know, I guess… I like.


After the girls left out of the room, I just stood there and began to do something I haven’t in quite a long time… I began to think. Well, okay, I was actually just picturing Kara naked. Okay I lied, I was picturing them both naked… Sue me.



The next day James ordered me to do some house cleaning. Seriously, I have NO idea why he finds it so funny to make me clean up his stupid mansion. Every time he tells me to do it, he’ll have this stupid grin on his face like it pleases him to watch me do this. Sometimes I wish I could just read his thoughts, just to find out what he’s thinking and why things please him. Then I realize I’m talking about James’ mind and I’d freaking crap myself if I found out what twisted mental things go on inside there. It’s better that I just walk away and leave him grinning like a maniac.

“Dang, why does Kriss have such a nice room?! He doesn’t even have to share it with Blue either. Why do me and Adam have to sleep in the dungeon?” I grumbled while fixing up Kriss’ bed.


Just as I was about finished, someone cleared their throat from behind me. Oh crap, it’s probably Kriss! He probably heard what I said about his room… just perfect.

“Hey there… need some help?” said a woman’s voice.

Okay that’s definitely not Kriss….


I spun around only to find Persephone standing there half-naked! Holy crap… why the heck was she dressed like that? Even though I was completely shocked, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her body – Nor could I stop my cheeks and ears from burning…

She laughed, “You like what you see? It’s totally normal; all the guys do.”

Yeah… I can see that; holy crap. But wait, I know what she’s doing! She’s going to try and do some hooker magic on me so I don’t pick her to go.

“I, uh, err… hi.”

And I sound like a total idiot… wonderful.


Persephone was not the type of girl to waste time. She didn’t even care about my moronic rambles; she just slammed and locked the door then came right at me and threw herself on me. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my lips against hers. I’d like to say I wanted her to stop, but let’s face it… I so didn’t. I don’t even care if I know what she’s doing; this is something I’ve been waiting for, for a VERY long time.

She pulled back from the kiss, “So who are you choosing to go?”

I muttered, “Uh… I ‘unno.”


She ripped off my shirt and then shoved me onto the bed. After she did that, she wasted no time in climbing on top of me.

“Here, let me help you make that choice.” She smirked, loosening up my belt buckle.

At that moment my mind was on two things. This woman about to have sex with me and-


-the giant camera on the wall where people were watching on the other end. I SO wanted to do this, but I really didn’t want James’ men watching me lose my virginity…

“What’s wrong with you?” Persephone questioned after I couldn’t stop staring over her shoulder, “Stop getting distracted and focus on me.”

She is so full of herself! It’s probably why she became a prostitute, she loves people telling her how ‘amazing’ she is.

“I’m not trying too…” I breathed, “It’s just there is a giant camera on the wall and I really don’t-“

She placed a finger to my lips, “Who cares about that camera? Let the guy get a free show.” she smirked.

You know what? Screw it, she’s right. I don’t know when I’ll ever get this chance again! Come to papa!


Who knows? Maybe that camera isn’t being occupied anyways…


After the deed was done, Ryder was completely drained. He was so drained in fact, that he couldn’t even keep his eyes open and he fell asleep on top of Persephone. Persephone did not care though, for in her mind she knew that she had won. There was no way that Kara could ever top what she just performed. Persephone was a professional at this… what more could that tramp Kara offer?

Persephone laughed, “There is no way I’m staying here.”


After being knocked out for a little while, Persephone shoved me off of her and then proceeded to walk away. I got up and just watched her with this giant smirk on my face. That was the best feeling ever! I’m so freaking glad I didn’t say no to her; who cares if she has some inner motive? Now all I can think about is if Kara is going to try the same thing; I sure hope so!

“Just know there is more where that came from…” Persephone laughed as she walked out of the room.

She didn’t even care that she had been watched having sex or the fact that she’s half nude, strutting her stuff around the mansion. That girl honestly doesn’t give a crap about anything; such a feisty thing. 



Later that evening Kara came to me and told me to meet her out on the balcony. She was dressed in this really small dress; seeing her like that got me really excited. She’s probably going to try the same thing Persephone did; double treat for me!

I stepped outside, “You wanted to see me?”

Kara sighed, “Yeah… I wanted to talk to you.”

I smiled, “Oh, what about?”


She sighed even louder, “Well… I had this whole plan of what I was going to do to get you to pick Persephone, but the more I thought about it, the more idiotic I realized it was. I don’t even know why I would even think about trying to sleep with you! That’s not even the type of person I am. That’s for whore’s like that green-haired idiot.”

“So you were going to do what she did, huh? You know, you can still change your mind…”

What? I still had to try…


She spun around and laughed, “I’d rather choke and die then sleep with you. No, I’m just going to allow you to pick me. I don’t want to give you the satisfaction of thinking you’re more powerful than me or that you control where I go and what I do. I’m going to choose my own fate.”

I chuckled, “Aw come on Kara, where’s the fun in just giving up?”

Kara scoffed, “I’m not giving up. Are you deaf? I just told you this is MY choice. I’m doing this because there is no point in demeaning myself like Persephone did. Although in her eyes, for some freakish reason, she sees it as some type of ‘power’ over men.”

screenshot-36 “I don’t know… she may have a point. I mean, I didn’t hesitate to-“

She held up her hand, “Don’t even FINISH that sentence you pig! God, the more I think about just staying here… the better I seem to like it. There is no way on earth I’d want to be over-powered by the likes of YOU! I hope you and that whore get along swell in your house on a hill.”

“Kara you do realize that there is a chance neither of us will come back right? You’re willing to just risk your own life just to break some man out of jail?”


“Not that it’s any of your business, but I don’t really care anymore about my life. It wasn’t easy then and it’s not easy now – Sometimes I don’t even know how I’ve come this far without dying. I know you don’t care about me or people’s feelings, but can you just please respect my wishes?”

I stroked my chin, “Hmmm… I’ll respect them for a kiss?”


She turned on her heal and headed for the door, “You can kiss my butt.” she stated, “And if you don’t tell James you picked me, then I’ll do it myself.” 

I couldn’t help but just laugh at that! She probably doesn’t realize I was just busting her chops. Yeah, I’ll respect her wishes… even though I kind of don’t want too. It’s weird, I normally don’t care about the safety of other people –well except for Adam and my remaining relatives – but I’m honestly a little worried about her putting herself out there like that…. I kind of don’t want her to die.



Since Jed – Ryder’s grandfather – had an accidental run-in encounter with his grandson… he knew something had to be done about Ryder’s wild behavior. It pained Micki and Jed to have to go to the higher authorities about Ryder’s actions, but they had no choice. After telling the cops about their grandson, they were surprised to find out that Ryder was not into petty thefts, but full blown murders! They just couldn’t believe that their little peach-haired grandbaby was killing people and wanted all over the place because of it!

Since the grandparents found this out, they decided they had no choice but to suggest two very powerful figures to be put on the case. They informed the police that their twin son and daughter – Phoenix and Qiana – were too very highly trained agents who worked for the government. They told the cops that if they were to actually get in contact with them and assign them to this case, they would defiantly find Ryder and who he was working for.

“Soooo… you guys called us in the middle of a mission saying that it was highly important we come to Appaloosa immediately. So, what’s up? What’s going on over here?”

Nix sighed, “What my sister is trying to say is: what services do you request of us?”

Ana chuckled, “Nix you’re such a stiff board; you don’t always have to be so serious! Loosen up; we finally got a mission back home!”

Nix just rolled his eyes at his sister and then asked the detective if he could explain himself.


The detective began to explain that there was a highly lethal man, age 21, on the loose who was killing people all over Bridgeport and even a reported murder there in AP. He continued on to explain that this man was only one of many who worked for a specific source. The detective knew that if he could just find where this man was, he could bring down the entire operation at hand. The detective was worried about all the other crooks on the loose who worked for the source, but he was more concerned about Ryder Terrey because he was so lethal.

Nix’s eyes went wide, “Excuse me, can you repeat the name of the person we’re supposed to be going after?!”

The detective sighed, “The man’s name is Ryder Terrey and he is your nephew.”


Ana threw her hands up, “OH HOLD UP! You guys must have bumped your heads or are talking about another Ryder somewhere else. There is no way on god’s green planet that my adorable and awesome nephew is killing people! I mean, he’s been missing for 5 years! He’s not a killer, he’s been kidnapped!”

Nix nodded his head, “Exactly! I refuse to believe that our nephew is the one behind all these killings! Unless you have some serious proof, you are wasting our TIME!”


The detective nudged the police officer and demanded he hand over the photo he told him to hold. The officer quickly reached into his pocket and handed it over to the twin agents.

The detective questioned, “Isn’t this your nephew? We retrieved this photo from your brother many years ago when he first went missing.”

Nix shouted, “This doesn’t prove that he’s the one doing the murders!”

The detective grew impatient, “I can see why you two are coming at this so hard, it’s because it’s a conflict of interest. I understand that, but your own parents came to us and told us what had happened! Your nephew almost killed your father! They were the ones who told us to call you in and to put you on this case. You have to believe us Qiana and Phoenix; we wouldn’t have called you if we didn’t desperately need you…”

Ana nearly teared up, “I can’t believe our Ryder would do such a thing! He has to be under some influence, I refuse to believe he’s doing this on freewill!”

The detective sighed, “We believe that as well Qiana. That’s why we’re trying to bring in as much help as we can. I believe that this is more than a man who is murdering others; there is something much bigger going on with this.”

Right in the midst of their conversation, there was a knock at the door.

The detective smiled, “Ah that must be the General. Come in sir, the door is open.”


“Qiana, Phoenix, I’d like you to meet the General of the U.S Army; General James Little.” he continued, “Sir, this is the agents I mentioned to you about on the phone. They’re the Aunt and Uncle of Ryder Terrey – The man who has been on the killing spree in Bridgeport. I’m so glad you decided to help us out with this case, I would never involve such importance if I didn’t see it necessary.”

Yes of course, I do believe that this man is working towards something much bigger than killing people for fun. I fear there may be a threat on our country. Oh, and It’s a… pleasure to meet both of you.”


Well, I would say that’s it’s clear how James is able to access so much information now and why he’s so rich. He just happens to not only be in charge of his evil corporation but he is also a high rank in the government. It only makes you wonder as to WHY and WHAT he’s doing… Kind of stupid but at the same time genius to be hiding right in the public eye. Well in the public eye but yet still able to hide his whereabouts. Who would think that the top General of the Army would be the one behind the whole thing and THEN be put on the case for his own operation? How could he possibly lose? Oh and if you’re wondering how he stays out of trouble, it’s simple, he has SO many men working for him that he doesn’t really have to do much for there to be a chance to get himself caught. And you already know what happens if someone who works for him is caught; they die instantly.

On a side Note, both girls feel as if they have won in their own way. Persephone feels she won just because she’s not the one going and she’ll get to live in a fancy house with an idiot who is like putty in her hands. To her, she feels that she’ll be the one in control if she only has to live with Ryder. Kara feels she has won because she didn’t give Ryder the satisfaction of picking, but she did it herself. She chose on her own to risk her life. In her eyes, she just doesn’t care. Her life has been nothing but hell, so what’s the point in trying to save it? If she dies, she’ll at least die with her dignity.

Also, you get a cookie if you can tell me who the police officer is ;P 


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  1. Jax says:

    Hope this was easy enough to follow for everyone; and sorry if it got too touchy or whatnot. >.<

  2. scarlet and olive says:

    the first thing i thought when i saw james the general was OMG! LOL and can i just have a cookie anyways?

  3. I do believe you’ve made me love Kara even more. Buuuut, she could also be getting into Ryder’s head. But I don’t know. When I made her, I tried to make sure she still had a part of her that was genuine, so she’d be redeemable if the time came, but still tough. Now you’ve got me all confused and unsure about the motives of a character that I made! That’s talent! 🙂

    Persephone really does do what she wants. xD It ain’t no thing for her.

    Noooooo! Who put that wacko in a position of power? I’m scared for Pheonix and Qiana! They could be walking right into a trap! They’re part of Ryder’s family and James MUST know that!

    And NO. NO. NO. NO. Do NOT break that guy out, Ryder! He practically destroyed your mother! I’m legitimately stressed about this! D: MOAR EXCLAMATION POINTS, ROCHELLE!

    Well…I totally understand why Adam doesn’t want to forgive Eve. But she WAS a little kid. However, she got many men in a lot of trouble, and for now I think she needs to leave Adam alone. He might be on ‘higher’ terms with James, but he’s not indispensable.

    And OMG was that ADAM watching the camera?! The poor guy!

    I want to say the police officer is Adam’s dad? He looks really familiar. Adam’s dad had pink hair, right? Or am I thinking of Kitty’s dad? Or am I completely off?

    • The police officer also kinda looks like Yoda, except he’s not blue.

      Oh, and duh James knows they’re related to Ryder. It was said in the chapter, I realized this after I re-read it. Derp. 😛

    • Jax says:

      Well, wow, that’s awesome! I made you love a character you made even more! I wasn’t even trying to do that ^_^ To me Kara is a person who had an effed up past so she got into all that crap because she didn’t know what else to turn too. That’s how I see her in my eyes 🙂 I think she is genuine deep down but she will always be one tough cookie. Haha, well thank you very much!

      LOL I know right? She’s such a firecracker.

      Hehehehe *puts fingers together like Mr.burns* You will see James’ past in the future 😉 I can’t wait to show you guys that! It’s going to be a long one ^_^ Don’t be scared for them, they’re like ninjas! 😀 They’ll be alright, I promise 😉 Worry more about Ryder.

      Yeah but only if Ryder knew who that man was! If he knew what he did to his mother D:

      True, she was only a little child. Plus her morals are REALLY messed up from being raised by James (part of James’ back story as well how she got there) She did get them in trouble, which was the wrong way of going about it. But really, to actually KNOW that’s the wrong thing to get them hurt is a miracle for her. She grew up in chaos. In one sense you want to feel bad for her and the next you don’t because of the things shes done. It’s confusing eh?

      LOL!!! Rochelle you seriously made me choke on my juice!! XD No it wasn’t Adam! It was just one of Jame’s pervvy men! Bwuahahah…

      Adam’s dad has brown hair I believe. 🙂 Kitty’s father had pink hair, yes. I think… o.o It’s been a while…

      • OH! I read this on my iPod, so the picture was really small and I was like “IS THAT ADAM?!” xD Thank goodness it wasn’t.

        LOL, okay this drove me crazy, so I went and read Insanity Doesn’t Compare. Is it Stewie? Because he looks a lot like Yoda.

      • Jax says:

        LOL that would have been so terrible for poor Adam! I don’t think he could look in the eyes of Ryder ever again haha.

        YUP! 😀 Stewie! You’re correct my friend ^^ *cookies for you*

  4. *jaw drops to floor* Oh my GESH!!! Jax!!! You are… A… JEENYUS!!! I could never think of a storyline this awesome!!! *is jealous*.

    There is too much to say about this chapter. Yet at the same time! I’m speechless! But I did know one thing. I knew that was the way that Eve felt from the beginning. And I had a fanboy moment when I saw the twins. Until James walked in!!! Oh no!!! I hope everything works out!!!

    So the girls both did something that would make them feel in control. Though, if you think about it, Pers did what could be seen at the same time as subjecting to “slavery”… Both Kara and Persephone definitely came out differently then how I thought they would’ve. Which is good… And I really like the tenth picture from the bottom. It really shows how pretty Kara really is.

    Oh, and BTDubs, my guess on the cop is Stewie from Insanity Doesn’t Compare. Stew has orange hair, purple eyes, and… Yeah… Gosh I’m tired. My comment probably sounds really retarded…

    • Jax says:

      Wow, thanks for the compliment :3 *blushes madly* Really sweet of you to say; although I don’t consider myself a Jeenyus 😉 It’s just something that popped into my noggin one night when I was trying to snooze. I get all my ‘best’ ideas when I’m dead tired -.-‘ Le sigh… My brain… *shakes fist* Bah, don’t be jealous of meh. You’re storylines are awesome sauce Nate! ^_^

      I know, that’s why I put that little note at the top about it maybe being too hard to follow or such. It really was filled with lots of stuff. Huh? Slavery? Me confused. I was just trying to show what Persephone does best and what she’s a ‘professional’ at. I mean, if she wants something, she’s going to use her ‘skills’ to get it, right? 🙂 I hope I showed her tough and “don’t eff with me” side too! I really did try 🙂

      Hey! We’re on the same page with the picture ^_^ I’m glad you thought so too! I took a close up of both the girls to really capture their beauty. (: Ah, I did say they would of been different. I tried to keep them as close to possible as their original owners had them, but I knew I was going to have to tweak them to make it fit the story better of what I had.

      CORRECT! 😀 You’re the second to get it right (or err.. the 1st considering I read this comment second from the other one who got it right and they posted after yah ^^’) Nah it sounds fine!

  5. Morgan says:

    Cookie? I got this one lol. Is it Daniel?
    So Robert shows back up agian, does James actually want him out, or just an exuse to get ride of Ryder?
    When I saw james I had to do one of those stupid double looks. How in the world had the unverse allowed someone so twisted to be put in this postion! Way to screw up Universe!!!!!

    Well Persphone…someone’s a little kinky, that is pretty much classifed as porn mister behind the computer. I think I would seriously tear my hair out if I had to live with her, maybe I’m just saying that cuz I’m not a guy and looking foward to free professional lap dances but she seems like a very bad word haha. Ryder….think with your head man!

    I think don’t think Ryder is going to get the house anyway now that I think about my first queston. With James working this angle he’s probably planning on being the reason Ryder getting caught and then he’ll just kill him in his way of saying told you to quite clowing around with that braclet thingy.

    Gah, what else?? Hmmmm oh yeah Eve and Adam. Adam and Eve. It’s destiny dude, just go with it Lol. I haven’t even realized that until now. Maybe deep down Adam does like Eve or atleast like the name thing haha. You have a lot of premuserous woman in this generation, which is ironic because Ryder can’t even compherhend with a flirting one.

    It’s nice to see the twins agian. Time to kick some ass and knock some sense into Ryder who has cleary jumped off the deep end. But I say that all the time so just ignore that.

    Great Chapter as always 😀 and sorry for my long comment

    • Jax says:

      Well if it was Daniel, I’m sure his daddy would have realized he was there ^_^ Nah, it’s someone from my ISBI 😉

      Hmmm… that’s a VERY good question, but one will just have to wait and see to find out what his ultimate plans are. Haha! I was hoping it would surprise people, I wanted it to be one of those chapter endings that’s like “O_O Whaaaa?” That my goal. LOL or James is just smarter than he appears? ^^ Who knows.

      Persephone used to be a stripper, so I felt that she didn’t care if people saw her in the buff. Lol. Hahaha and I tried to make it look like he zoomed up onto it XD He’s supposed to call someone if he sees something ‘wrong’ going on but he just sat there and watched the show. LOL well she is a prostitute, and that part of her speaks louder than anything else to Ryder. Plus, Ryder kind of digs her firecracker ways. He doesn’t mind her that much… for now anyways ;P LOL he was NOT thinking with his head! bwuahaha XD

      Maybe, maybe not… it really depends on what James is really up to. All will be answered later on 🙂

      LOL yeah, I thought some people would get a kick out of that. It made me giggle when I did it. Maybe Adam will be forgiving, or maybe he will really just hang this over her head forever. You never know. Maybe she’ll do something to really change his mind 😉 LOL Ryder is just… Ryder. He’s a smart kid when he’s sane…

      Yeah, it made me feel all fuzzy inside to see my twins ^_^ I luffles them. Haha, but he really is off the deep end.

      Thank you very much! And no problem! I love long comments 🙂 Always welcomed here ^^

  6. deathcullen says:

    * jaw drop * Omg! JAMES! WORKING WITH THEM! just hold on while I think about what might happen……………………………………………………..! Okay I’m back. Wow Persephone is something alright. Woah Adam and Eve!! ANA AND NIX ARE BACK!!!!!! bout time, I’m ready to see them in action! They could probably set Ryder straight. Ooo I think the cop is Stewie. Is it?? Anyway Great chapter as always. You know your writing actually makes me feel like I’m in the story!!

    • Jax says:

      I know, unexpected right? 😉 Oh boy is she! She’s def. a tough one to handle; that’s for sure. YESH! You got it right 😀 The cop IS Stewie! Lots of cookies for you ^_^ Awww, that makes me feel great to hear that. Thanks for the compliment.

      • deathcullen says:

        Yes very unexpected but coming from you I guess i should’ve known something else would happen. Oh I know Stewie anywhere. Him and Meg were my favorites out of all Yoda’s children. * grabs cookies * Thanks I really was in the mood for cookies! Aww no you deserved that compliment, your such a great writer.

  7. jaec52609 says:

    well no wonder james is so organized with his operations…..i cant believe ryder lost his v-card 2 a whore 😦 i was hopin he nd kara got 2gether nd hed lose it 2 her, but beggers cant be choosers i jus hope he didnrt knock her up cuz id hate 2 thinnk ryders spawn was trapped in tht house 😦 cuz i kno hes gunna choose kara 2 stay behind since hes developing feelings for her…..

    hmmm orange hair nd purple eyes, he looks like a terrey so he HAS 2 be a terrey lol….umm stewie??

  8. toyinroxx123 says:

    N’awwww, Ryder. You just got to make the situation awkward. ❤

    Woot woot, Ryder's finally thinking! It's incredibly pervy, but still – this could lead to brighter futures with MORE THINKING!
    For some reason Persephone annoys me… like Justin Bieber type annoyance. Gah!

    Yay for Phoenix and Qiana! But I hope that they can figure out that James is the general ;_____;

  9. meginthebox says:

    Ryder makes me laugh, he’s all dirty in his mind and then when it comes down to it, he’s just an innocent-like, awkward guy [in the sex department].

    Eve makes me mad. I get that she’s in love with Adam, but… well there were infinite better ways she could’ve handled it. Oh well, the characters you don’t like always makes the story better! So I’m excited to see what happens with her.

    I like Peresphone a lot more after this chapter. She’s such a character. Even if her tactics aren’t very respectable, but hey, Kara was thinking it too! And I love Kara too of course. She’s so brave.

  10. Minty says:

    Ryder’s generation gets better and better with every chapter!

    N’aww Ryder does make me laugh. He’s like his generation’s comedy relief. I love how he’s all dirty one minute and then the next he’s all awkward and innocent.

    Eve really annoys me someyimes. I mean I understand how she’s in love with Adam but I think she could’ve handled the situation a lot better than she did. Oh well, I’m kinda interested to see how her character progresses/

    Stewie!! 😀

    • Jax says:

      Well thanks! 😀 I’m glad it does.

      I try to make him that way because of his good sense of humor trait. But really I see it fit him though (: Plus some people cover up their pain with humor believe it or not. I heard on this show that someone said “What does Armor and Humor have it common? They both reflect pain.” Like a way to cover it up. I mean in his state right now Ryder is just an ahole, but really, if someone was to ACTUALLY get through his skull… he might just break down. You never know!

      She could’ve of, but remember she doesn’t have people skills. Look who her “dad” is O__O You’ll see… 😉 I have a plan for them.

      😀 Yup! Stewie.

  11. nahshona says:

    I just have to say, when I saw that James was the General, I was very well surprised and then pleased at your cleverness. It was like watching a TV show and just when you have it all figured out there’s this really big twist at the end and your all like Damn, that was good stuff. 😉 Also I’d like to add that even though James is a complete ass and I am in NO way condoning his actions or his methods, I respect his mind. He’s a very smart man, he’d have to be in order to get where he is, now whether or not he’ll stay there is another topic within itself. He can definitely get added to one of those top villain countdown lists.

    Ryder, I just don’t have anything else to say about him at this point except he’s very entertaining and *sings* Ryder and Kara sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, lol. Somebody’s falling in luv. I can understand Kara’s decision I mean she has nothing else to live for. I guess she sees dying as freedom though probably not the type of freedom she was looking for. But maybe she feels she’d be better off dead than to have to be under the control of one of two worthless ass men. (I don’t feel Ryder is worthless, btw, but I think Kara probably does or worse). As for Persephone, I know that she’s used to things going her way because she thinks men turn to putty in her hands after sleeping with her, but hasn’t she ever heard of sex getting old? Especially to men. As soon as they get a whiff of a new scent, they are on the trail like blood hounds She will look up and Ryder will be on to the next conquest. I don’t think Ryder would last a lifetime or how ever long they’re suppose to live together in a house with a woman that he could have at any time. That would become redundant to any man. Little miss thing isn’t all that and sooner or later those looks and moves will wear off and she’ll become repulsive to men. Then she’ll really be in trouble.

    The update was amazing and I can’t wait to find out about James’s past! That was a really great twist. I’m still putting the pieces of my mind back together from being blown to bits. Oh, and I really, really, really hopes nothing happens to the twins, especially if the rest of Ryder’s family really is gone.

    • Jax says:

      Aw thanks Shona. It was just something I came up with randomly one night 🙂 Hahaha, well thanks for that too ^_^ Exactly! I’ve said it before that he was smart, now you know why 😉 Oh yeah, you got that right. No worries, you’ll see what happens ;p

      LOL well I’m glad he’s entertaining! ^^ Hahahaha, he’s probably get all red if someone sung that around him. Adam’s not the joking type so he would never but if someone did… hehehe Exactly, you’re exactly right. It’s not the exact freedom, but you know… it’s something. Or she may just have another idea in her noggin. You never know 😉

      Hah, that’s so funny. Well in Persephone’s head she doesn’t see it that way. Esp. since Ryder is so awkward when it comes to that. He doesn’t even to know how to go about going to a woman for that. For right now he doesn’t mind Persephone… but who knows how living with her would be like. If he actually completes the mission. LOL well for right now she thinks she’s all that a bag of chips 😉

      Thank you once again Shona and you’ll see about his past 🙂 I promise, they’re going to be fine. That’s all I will say ^^

  12. barleylemon says:

    Grr, *mutters angrily* James. Why would HE of all people be the general of the freakin army!
    Anyway, OHMYGAWSH Jax you are soo good at this, argh I was annoyed that I had finished this soo quickly. But *gasps* I was so excited that Phoenix and Qiana are on the case! They did such a good job on the Riley case and I REALLY hope they don’t die or something. Heh 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Because he’s very smart. He knows how to get where he wants. 😉

      Awww thank you. Hahaha, do you mean like finishing up reading my legacy? Or the chapter? Either way I hate it when I finish up too soon too ^^ Of course 😀 I had to bring in the twins; they’re awesome. LOL I promise they’ll be fine 😉

  13. Kara is awsome. That is all.

    Well not really… I love Kara because she doesn’t want to be a pawn in Jame’s evil game. I think everyone in that house is going to have their hands full 🙂 What is Adam doing with Eve? Even if her excuse is real it’s still dangerous and stupid to kiss her! Ryder is a complete messed-up idiot, but I’m still really worried for him. I hope he can be rescued by his family, without being killed by James, but it’s not going to be that simple, is it?

    Anyway, I’ve started my own blog so can you have a look at it and maybe add it to your blog roll? The link is:

  14. STEWIE! I never imagined him as a cop lol 😀
    I ❤ Kara & Persophone! They are such interesting characters!
    Ryder, Ryder, Ryder…… still fallin' for those ladys, eh? 😉
    OMG JAMES IS THE FREAKIN' GENERAL!!!!! Nobody suspects the general! :O
    Go NIx and Ana! They have always been my favorite set of twins! 🙂

  15. Jedidiah says:

    At least Stewie got some more time in the lime light other than his gig over at your ISBI. LOL
    So James is infiltrating the police force eh, sneaky sneaky. Although if Ry sees him like that, I bet he will rat him out. Ry is as full of himself as he thinks Persephone is. And then he gets all girlish, oooh I’m about to loose my virginity. O_O. As if he really believed that those cameras were shut off. He liked that freaky business.
    Yay to see em twins again. I bet they will argue with themselves again during the whole mission. XD

    • Jax says:

      Aw I know. I really do love Stewie and I figured he needed a little bit more time to shine. He is adorable after all 😉
      Mhm, he is. It is very sneaky of him! He could try, but who would he go too? And who would believe him O_O? Poor Ryder would be stuck in a jam. LOL well Ryder is a bit loony at the moment. I mean he got a little anxious with it, but then just didn’t care. Of course he knew they were on, the little weirdo… hehe.
      ^_^ I love bringing the twins back, they’re so coolio to work with. Hahaha, oh most def. they will be. They agree to disagree hehe.

  16. Becki says:

    Omigosh, it’s Stewie! Never would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed that out O.o

    Persephone all the way! She’s badass /and/ is named after Greek mythology. WINNER!

  17. This chapter was just completely mind blowing (and quite easy to follow), well done Jax.

    I feel bad for Eve and her situation with Adam. I think she genuinely cares for him but doesn’t know how to truly tell him or apologize, not that Adam is willing to listen. I mean, how many times does she need to say she’s sorry before he believes her? It’s possible the only thing that would help Eve win Adam’s heart is to locate his family and tell him; although I don’t think she has that ability.

    As for Jame’s new mission’ I’m glad that he didn’t make Adam tag along. Damn Ryder trying to get Adam injured! Even if it’s not on purpose! Also, I liked the conflict that you placed between the girls, and how they each took a different approach. For Pers, it’s all about her control over Ryder through sex, which is what she knows. For Kara, it’s being in control. It’ll be interesting to see what Ryder tells James and what James’ decision will be. In the end, we know it’s really what James wants.

    Also, holy shocking twist at the end there batman! James is a GENERAL! Well that certainly explains a lot about his money, power, and how he’s able to do anything he wants without getting caught. Glad to see the twins again!!!! They are SO my favourite from this entire legacy (although you know that already). I can’t wait to see them in action – mostly because you told someone else they’d be safe 😛 If not for that I’d be really worried.

    • Jax says:

      Thank you Csugar! I was so worried that I sounded like a rambling loon while writing this chapter. Too me it was like all over the place. I was like “Oh gosh, I hope people understand what I’m trying to say…” Hearing that everyone does though is quite the relief on me! So phew (:

      Exactly. She actually does care for him, but really she wasn’t raised with the right morals. She doesn’t quite grasp the concept of how an apology is supposed to go about and what makes things right. To her she thought that them just being together again was going to make everything wonderful between them. She was unaware of how Adam felt or why he acted the way he did. She just thought (at first) that Adam was just being mean to her. So she really did try to play the jealous card because she was hurt about what he said to her. Nope, Adam just doesn’t want to hear it. He really can hold a grudge against someone, he’s not one to let go so easily. Can you blame the poor guy though :(? Hmmm… VERY interesting Csguar 😉 My you really are the detective for my story ;P

      Nah, James has his sneaky plot but he’s also having a blast just messing with Ryder because he knows he can. He doesn’t want to make anything easy, even though he could, because he’s enjoying it so very much so. Yeah Ryder was less idiotic with the whole evil thing this chapter, he was more just on the “Focus on me” trail this time along. Although he did say he should have listened to Adam about not talking so much, that really is a step in the right direction, eh? Thank you (: I thought that two girls like that could just never get along no matter what way you looked at it. They both have their own way of doing things so it makes it impossible for them to ever agree on something. At first they didn’t really mind being around one another, not that they were “friends”, but when James did that… all hell broke loose. Yup it is what she knows and what she uses. Hah, you never really know what he’s going to do… He could say or do one thing and then change it all around just to eff with your mind.

      Hah, I knew a lot of people were going to be shocked! Now you understand the salute? When Ryder did that and he told him he was closer than he thought? Hehehe. I always through itty bitty little clues in there but I make them so small it’s amazing to see anyone figure them out 😉 It’s really just for my entertainment Hehehe 😛 But really, can’t have things too easy to figure out ^_^’ No fun in that. Yup, now it all makes sense to how he’s everywhere and has the cash and the mansion and the secrecy. 😀 I’m glad you love them. I’ll admit, I love them too. They’re just so gosh darn awesome 😀 Oh you’ll see them ^_^’ Little tidbits here and there. 🙂

  18. Phea and Luke’s Son? And OMG I knew he had some source of Information other than his men, CALLED IT. I am almost 100% sure that is Phea and Luke’s son because he has Phea’s Purple/Pink Eyes AND Luke’s Red/Orange Hair. ~Natalie

  19. Wait a second either him or Stewie, I am willing to bet it’s Stewie. ~Natalie

  20. I should have seen that come. You got better at hiding your secrets Jax, you really have though I should have seen it come, with the commander stuff and Ryder talking about him having an army/ being in control of an army (that’s what I recall, but I could be wrong.)

    But Damn son

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