Chapter 7.9 – Different Battles


Ryder’s Point of View

You know how James said that I had to stay an extra two weeks? Well yeah, it turned out to be an entire month; he flat out lied to me because he had more crap for me to do for him. He found it hilarious to just watch me do whatever he wanted and I had absolutely no say in the matter. Heck, anyone who knows me knows I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut… so doing it for a month was literally PAINFUL! But I knew if I said anything to James he would so kick my butt and then not give me the house to stay in at all. Heck no was I going to let that happen! So I just sucked it up and did whatever he wanted. The worst part about him making me stay an extra two weeks is that he found out that Persephone was pregnant. Crap, the whole HOUSE knew that she was pregnant because she wouldn’t stop complaining about it. I swear I thought James was going to kill me for knocking Persephone up… but honestly he didn’t say much on the matter.

“Alright Ryder, you have finally earned your keep. I will allow you three to go live at my southern mansion. I’m not sure the condition of it considering I rarely use the place.” he sighed, “I just want you three to be dually noted that just because I am allowing you to move away does NOT mean you’re not being watched. Just let this be a fair warning to all of you.”

No duh Sherlock! God I wish I could just say that to him. It’s best I keep quiet though. A-hole will definitely banish me or something if I speak up.

“Yeah, I got it.” I scoffed.

Persephone growled, “You know, I don’t see why I can’t just get rid of this thing. I really don’t see the point in keeping it. I have no use for it.”

OH god… she better not start that up again! Ever since Persephone found out she’s pregnant, she’s been begging James to just let her get an abortion. At first she was telling me I was going to take care of it, and then when she realized how much weight she was gaining (5 freaking pounds. Whoop-de-freaking-do!) she just wanted it out of her. You know, I should have a say in this! That’s MY baby she wants to kill. I can’t believe how horrible her attitude is towards this kid. It never asked to be there; it’s BOTH our faults that he or she is growing.


James turned to Persephone and sighed, “If I’ve told you once, I’ll tell you again… the answer is NO! I will not allow you to just get rid of your mistakes because it’s too hard. Abigail, you and Ryder are the idiots who had sex! So now both of you have to deal with it! I could care less how either of you feel on the matter. So STOP bringing it up!”

I still can’t believe James found out Persephone’s real name. I seriously have NO clue how he managed that one. I swear I think he’s working for someone who knows how to hack or something. There is no way he can get all this information out of the sky. What’s funny is watching Persephone get all steamed because James uses her real name; honestly it’s the only reason he does it too!

Persephone growled, “That’s NOT my name; stop calling me that stupid name!”

“Then you stop asking idiotic questions!” James retorted, “Now all of you get out of my site before I change my mind about you leaving.”

Persephone stomped away and Adam just nodded his head. He didn’t really say anything on the matter of switching houses to James because a lot of the time he just doesn’t like getting involved with nonsense. On the other hand though, he’s pretty pissed about the upcoming baby. Not because he doesn’t like kids, just because… he’s scared for it. I haven’t said anything, but I’m kind of worried about this baby too. I don’t know how to raise a baby under normal circumstances; how in the WORLD do I raise one under the influence of James?? I’m such an idiot for not using protection. No wait, I’m an idiot for even sleeping with Persephone!


I know James told us to get out, but I just had to try one last time to convince him to let Kara come with us. I just can’t imagine what he’s going to do to her and it’s eating me up inside to just abandon her like this. I have no idea why she even wanted to stay with this a-hole in the first place! She knows what he’s capable of…

“Uh before I go, I was wondering if I could talk to you real quick. I know you’re probably busy with your butt-buddy and stuff… but it’ll only take a second.” Crap, I need to control my mouth! It’s like it just comes out without me even thinking about it first!

He scoffed, “What do you want?”

“Okay, I know you said you wouldn’t let me take Kara… but I really don’t see why not! She’s just going to get on your nerves and take up space. Why can’t you just let her come with me? You said it yourself; she’s trespassing on your property.”

He laughed, “I know what this is all about. You’re actually falling for this girl and you don’t want her hurt. Isn’t that right?”

My cheeks burned bright, “WHAT?! Heck no, it’s nothing like that! You don’t know what you’re talking about! I just thought I could help you out but forget it then!”


“You may be good at a lot of things Ryder, but lying isn’t one of them. You can’t fool me with this act! I can see right through you!” he glared at me, “I told you to stop asking me about that Kara girl and you continued to disobey me. You know what comes with disobedience don’t you Ryder? Punishment. You’re going to regret trying to save her life. It’s going to be all your fault if she winds up dead.”

My eyes grew wide, “If you even lay one finger on her-“

“You’ll what?” he chuckled, “What are you going to do if I harm that pathetic woman? Oh that’s right… you can’t do anything. Not if you want to make it out of here alive that is. Now just carry on with your useless partner and your knocked up whore. I’ll get you when I need you.”

And with that he walked away laughing to himself. That jerk; that cold-hearted psycho! He’s going to do something to Kara for no freaking reason at all! Just because I wanted her safe, now he’s going to make her life even worse. What is WRONG with him?!


Adam’s Point of View

I waited out in the front entrance for Ryder and Persephone just hauled ourselves out to the car. I swear I never saw her move so fast! She kept beeping the horn and all I could do was just grumble to myself. Honestly, I see no difference in us moving. Sure we get to see less of James but we still have to do whatever he says. It’s still living in prison… just one that has a freaking NEWBORN in it! I still can’t believe Ryder knocked up Persephone like that. Where was his brain!? You know what, never mind. I don’t even want to think about that. I just need to focus on getting over to that house and locking myself away in a dark room. That’s going to be the only plus side to this new house; I’ll get a room to myself and no one to bother me for longer periods of time.

As I was standing there waiting, Eve came up to me and told me not to go yet. Oh good lord, this is something else I’m not going to miss! I can’t STAND being around this girl! I don’t care if she apologized or kissed me. That doesn’t mean jack; she let me go through crap!

She sighed, “Adam, wait. Please just let me say something before you go.”

I rolled my eyes, “If you even try and kiss me again, I swear Eve…”

She shook her head, “No, I’m not going to do anything; I promise. Now can you just listen?”

I simply nodded my head.


“Adam, I know that you’re still angry with me about our past but why can’t you just forgive me? I’m so deeply sorry but you just can’t accept that. I’ve literally tried everything I possibly could to get you to accept me back, even as just your friend, but you still turn away from me and ignore me. Can you please just answer me as to why you still do this to me? I just have to have some kind of answer before you leave!”

I turned my head, “It’s because every time I look at you all I see is pain. Everything about you reminds me of all the years of torture I had to endure and you did nothing to help me. You just thought of your own selfish needs while I sat in that room, in the cold, and just rotted away.” I sighed, “Sure I hate your father and Blue for what they did to me too, but they were never my friends. They were never someone I trusted with my life… like you were. What you did to me hurt a hundred times worse than anything either of them did combine.”

She struggled to hold back tears, “So that’s how you feel about me? You just see me as some evil monster that doesn’t care and that is worse than my jerk of a father?”

I nodded again.


“You know what? I don’t even care what you think of me Adam. I’m going to do whatever I can to change your mind. I promise you that I WILL make it up to you. I know you don’t care, but… Adam I really love you. I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you if you can believe that.”

I opened my mouth to speak but she stopped me.

“No, don’t answer me now. I don’t want to hear what you have to say. I know what it is already but it’s just less painful if I don’t hear it. I don’t want your answer until I’ve proven myself to you.” she looked to the floor and then back up to me, “Just so you know… I will NEVER be like my father. If there is one person in this world I hate… it’s him. You just don’t realize how many times I wished he just left be abandoned on that street corner. I think I would have been better off dead.”

As much as I hate to say this, that actually made me feel a little for her. Even though I never experienced my parents completely… I did still get to have some-what of a loving relationship with someone. Eve has never even known what love is from a parent. But God… why did she have to do that stuff to me?! Why couldn’t she have made things easier and just helped me and not blamed me and caused me to go deaf?! Then maybe I could actually look at her without feeling disgusted.


I wanted to respond to Eve, but as soon as I thought of something to say… Ryder came stomping out of the living room. His nostrils were flaring and he had such a disgusted look all over his face. When Eve saw him like that she took it as her cue to leave.

“LET’S GO!” Ryder demanded, throwing open the front door, “The sooner we get out of this crap hole and away from that moron… the better!”

Dang, I never seen him so angry; I wonder what James said to him? I guess it’s best I don’t question Ryder on it though… knowing him he’ll just make up some stupid joke and then brush it off like it’s nothing. Ryder isn’t the type to share his feelings with anyone; he hides it all under his sarcasm and wise cracks. I swear to god it’s going to eat him alive with him doing that. Honestly, since his family died, the most he’s ever did was just rage about how much he really hated James because of it. He never actually talked it over with anyone. It doesn’t matter how strong he thinks he is, keeping all that bottled up could seriously make you go crazy. Well, I guess I just got my answer as to why he does what he does now; still doesn’t make it right.

“Alright Ryder.” I sighed, “You don’t have to get pissy with me.”

He didn’t even say anything to my remark. He just scoffed and stormed over to the car and hopped in next to Persephone.



Good LORD, it seems like it took forever just to get over to the new house. Even with Ryder driving like a deranged lunatic, it still took us about 4 hours. As soon as we drove up to the house the only thing I wanted to do was just go get some sleep; it had to have been at least 4:30 am.


Once inside the house, we all booked it to try and find a room to claim as our own. Ryder being the idiot that he is jumped in front of me and the room I was going to choose for myself. Well, turns out the room was… not what either of us expected.

I groaned, “Oh God, not this crap again…”

He sighed, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to flip a coin! Heads I lose, tails you win? That sounds fair.”

“Moron.” I spat.

“Oh come on Adam, just lighten up.” he smirked, “I understand that you want the frilly purple room. I’m willing to just hand it over to you and I’ll go get something else.”


You know what? I’m so tired of taking all his BS.

“You know, this room seems like the biggest one in the house. How about you take it to share with your kid?” I chuckled, “Papa needs to have space.”

Ryder groaned, “Dude, don’t remind me about that!” 

“Then shut up and maybe I will.”

He sighed, “Fine, whatever. I’m not really in the mood tonight to bust on you anyways.” he headed towards the door, “Just tell Persephone she can have this room.”

Seriously, what the heck did James say to him?? Ryder would have never given up that easy on an argument; he’s too thick-headed. I bet any amount of money that is has to do with Kara. He won’t even admit it to himself but I think he really has serious feelings for the girl- A blind man could see that. I just hope and pray that whatever Ryder said to James… doesn’t cost Kara her life.



Ryder’s Point of View

A few weeks had gone by and it was pure bliss. James didn’t stop by or even have one of his men stop by! For once in a REALLY long time, I felt like I was actually living a normal life. Sure I had to risk my life to get here and cost Kara hers… but I can’t help but feel so, I guess, content. For the past few nights I’ve even gotten a full nights rest and didn’t wake up or have some crap like insomnia. Even though I felt comfortable, it didn’t mean my stomach wasn’t turning with knots because of my expected kid or the fact that I have no idea what James is doing to Kara. I just hope to God that he doesn’t kill her… I just can’t lose someone else I care for. I mean, you know, she’s a good person and it would really be terrible to see her die.

I sighed and rolled over. Oh who am I kidding? I freaking like Kara and I didn’t want to admit it. I think she’s pretty and her sassy attitude turns me on. There I finally admitted it to myself. I still feel the same freaking way though! My stomach hurts and- You know what? I just need some sleep! I’ve done enough thinking for one night.



Birds chirped and the wind brushed softly against my cheeks. I stared up into the clear blue sky; not a cloud in sight. I turned my attention away from above and grabbed at my arms. No lock, no burns, no coverings. My skin was soft to the touch. Was I… dreaming?


I continued to touch my arms and to stare in disbelief. A woman’s small laugh echoed across the way. I glanced up and gasped. I knew this woman; she was so familiar to me. Wait, my mom? Was this woman my mom?

“Come here.” she stated, “Don’t be afraid.”

I stepped closer to her, a feeling of joy and peace spread throughout my body.

With only a few inches between us, she smiled at me.

Her radiating smile warmed my heart; I smiled back.


Suddenly the swelling of joy subsided and it was replaced by a painful sadness. My mom began to cry, her tears swept down her cheeks and they landed between my feet.

“What’s wrong mom? Why are you crying?” I questioned her, worry spread across my face.

“Ryder, what have you done to yourself?” she cried, “Why have you let yourself become such a horrible creature? You don’t care for the ones you harm and you almost murdered your own grandfather. It pains me to watch you suffer but it doesn’t mean you accept what fate has thrown at you Ryder. You’re stronger than that; why give in to something so truly evil?”

My eyes became wide and I felt I couldn’t breathe. She accused me of trying to murder my grandfather! I would never do such a thing! How could she say that to me?


I grabbed her arm and used my free hand to wipe away her tears.

“Mom, I would never harm the ones I love. I could never do that! I don’t have much of any family left, how could you ever think I would kill grandpa?”

She stood emotionless for a moment and then backed away from me.

“In your foolish ways you almost killed someone you love. Because you have become such a monster you very well could have cost him his life Ryder.”

“Mom, I had no idea! I wasn’t trying to kill him, I swear to you!”

She shook her head, “It’s not about not trying to kill him… it’s the point of killing people in general.”

“MOM, I have no choice! James will kill me if I don’t listen to him! I would die and then my new baby wouldn’t have a dad in their life! What do you want me to do? Just disobey him?!”


My mother raised her voice, “I don’t expect you to disobey him, but I expect you to have half a mind to be against all the cruel things that you’ve done. You have no choice in the matter of James, but you DO have a choice between accepting what’s right and what’s wrong. Enjoying killing all those people was terrible and disgraceful! You need to stop acting like this Ryder or woe onto you if you don’t.”

“Mom, a lot of those people hurt me…”

“So that gives you the right to enjoy killing them!?” she glared at me, “You better shape up your act Ryder. You have an innocent child to take care of and that baby doesn’t need to grow up with a father who thinks murdering is okay as long as there is reason. Your baby should come before you. I gave up my life for you and if I had to do it again I sure would! You need to keep what’s important in life ahead of idiocy and demeaning things. Can’t you see Ryder? James is USING you! He’s molding you into what you are right now! Open your eyes and maybe you’ll realize this is all a trap!”

I stared at her, my mouth completely dry, “I had no idea…”


My mother stepped forward and caressed my cheek.

“But my son, you do know. It’s been right there in front of you all along. If only you would listen to that voice of reason. If only you wouldn’t brush off your pain and just listen to that one small voice. Sometimes people are put in our life for a reason.”

She kissed my cheek and then started to walk away.

“I love you Ryder, you’ll always be my little boy.”

My mother faded away and I was left standing barefoot in an empty garden. I looked down at the soft grass and thought about her final words… A small voice of reason.

I shook my head, “I guess this means I better start paying better attention to what Adam has to say…”

“RYDER!” I heard shouting, “WAKE UP!”



I nearly flew out of my bed when I heard someone screaming my name. Holy CRAP that was the most vivid dream I have ever had in my entire life. I could hear everything perfectly and I could see my mom clearly.

“Ryder can you-“ Persephone stopped and looked me up and down, “Why the heck are you sweating and crying?”

I wiped away my tears, “I guess I did it in my dream…” I coughed.

She rolled her eyes, “Well, can you just clean yourself up and go make me something to eat? I’m starving and my feet are KILLING me!”

I rubbed my eyes and squinted over at the clock (not wearing my glasses didn’t help much…). It read 3:46 am! What the heck?! Why is she waking me up to- Oh right, pregnant… have to get used to that. Normally I’d just tell her to buzz off and make her own food, but I don’t know… my mom’s words really got to me. She’s right; I need to make sure my baby is protected at all cost- Even if that means making Persephone some freaking food at 3 in the morning.


I yawned, “So what do you want to eat? Some cereal or something?”

She scoffed, “Eating that when you’re not pregnant doesn’t even fill you. How the heck do you expect me to just eat that?? Make me some waffles or something.”

I laughed, “Persephone, the only thing I know how to make is cereal and boiled water- Pick one.”


She sighed loudly, “Ryder come on! I really don’t feel good and I need some help. Can you please just figure something out?”

WOW did she just almost ask that nicely of me? That’s certainly a first for her.

I placed my feet on floor, it was cold so it sent shivers up my back, “Alright, I’ll… try something. Just go lay down or whatever.”

She rolled her eyes again and then left the room. Well, at least she didn’t call me a bunch of names this time she asked for something. Who knows, maybe I’m warming up to her. Hah, yeah right…


I walked down into the kitchen, my eyes were heavy and I couldn’t stop yawning every five seconds. Jeez, Persephone really picks the perfect times to ask me for things.

I grabbed a bunch of stuff out of the fridge and pantry and started mixing things together. I remember my dad made waffles… once. Let’s see if I can remember how to do it. You know, I could easily just slip some sleeping pills in her food. I’m sure that could buy me a few hours of sleep. I won’t do that though… Like my mom said, I have to think about my baby. I just have to keep my mind on that kid. She gave up her life for me; I can sacrifice a few hours of sleep for mine. Besides, Persephone would probably kill me if I even TRIED to do that.



Okay, maybe 30 minutes WAS too long to leave them on for. I told her I don’t know what the freak I’m doing! I never had to cook before; I’ve been enslaved for 5 years… Oh well, I guess she’ll just have to deal with some microwave popcorn. Heck, I’ll probably burn that too. I give up. 


After nearly burning down the kitchen, I decided to just sit down and think. I don’t mean like that fake crap I do every now and again when I’m bored. I mean I literally was thinking clearly and looking over my life. Adam never really got to me as much as this dream did. There was just something about the way my mom was talking to me that is really bothering me. Like how she told me I was being molded to what James wanted of me. I never saw it that way! I thought I had one over on the guy… I’m just- I’m so confused. I don’t know what the crap I’m doing anymore. I’ve killed innocent people for kicks and laughed in their faces. God, my mom’s right… what am I? I’ve become this freaking crazed idiot who doesn’t take anyone seriously.

You know, it’s funny… I never thought in a million years my mommy would be the one to come to my rescue. I bet if she never died, I would never even be in this situation. She’s so freaking bold and gets right to the point… no wonder my dad fell in love with her. But, I guess I was put in this life for a reason. Maybe it’s because of my baby… or maybe it’s because of Adam. Whatever the reason, I’m going to try my best not to screw it up anymore.


I started off with doing anything and everything for Persephone. Whatever she requested of me I just did it because I wanted my kid to be okay, you know? I’m trying to get my head screwed back on again; I don’t want to ever have my mom tell me I’m a monster ever again. That’s like the worst thing a kid can hear from their parent. I especially don’t want to hear my child ever call me that. So, I know that I need to stop messing around with the killing and stuff.

“You know you smell horrible right?”

Persephone choked out, “GO TO HELL!”

“Hah, I’m already there buttercup.” I chuckled and she tried to punch me but another wave of nausea came over her.

I said I was going to stop messing around with killing, never said I was going to stop being an jerk. One step at a time, eh?


Months passed and it just seemed that James had abandoned us or whatever. Well, until one night where he had me and Adam go get some information from this man about this dock or beach or whatever. He also told us to murder him and rob him blind. For the first time in my 5 years here… I actually didn’t want to do it. As I killed the man I told him I was sorry and then just looked away as I did it. Adam was BEYOND shocked. He never saw me act that way when killing someone before. After we got into the car he actually smiled at me and patted me on the shoulder. To be honest, that was a better feeling than killing and enjoying it. Just to have him proud of me actually made me feel so happy inside.

I walked into the living room after getting back from that job and Persephone was on the floor!

“What in god’s name are you doing??” I questioned.

She sighed, “I was trying to get off the couch and a fell! It’s none of your business anyways!” she held up her foot, “Since you’re here, give me a foot massage.”

I rolled my eyes, “You know something Persephone, you got a lot of nerve to still be treating me like crap! I’ve been bending over backwards to make sure you’re okay and you just take complete advantage over me! I can’t freaking stand this crap anymore! You blame me for this baby and punish me like it’s all MY fault. Here’s some news for you princess… it takes TWO to tango!”


She held out her hand, “Help me up so I can scream at you!”

I shook my head, “Get off the freaking floor by yourself! I’m not going to help you get mad at me; what would I do that for??”

She grumbled as she fixed herself off the floor and then stomped over to me.

“I can’t believe you were just going to leave me like that! You do realize your kid could have gotten hurt right? Since you care about it so much.”

I laughed, “MY KID? Oh so it’s just my kid now, huh? That’s funny because I didn’t know I could do that by myself.”

“You freaking know what I mean Ryder! I don’t want this thing! I can’t raise a baby worth crap! I’ve only ever gotten pregnant once before this and that’s when I wasn’t as skilled as I am now. I perfected this job and you go and ruin it by letting a baby get inside of me!”

“Dear GOD what is wrong with you?! It’s not like I WANTED you to get pregnant!” I shouted back!


“How do I know that?!”

I slapped my forehead, “Really!? Oh yeah, I live under complete control by some lunatic who murders people. HEY, I know what would be a great idea! Let’s get Persephone pregnant and add a BABY to the mix! Seriously Persephone!? Do you honestly think I would do that living in this crap hole?!”

“I don’t know what you would do! But I do know something that IS your fault. It’s your fault I’m here in the first place! If you would have just left me alone then I could still be living a normal life. But no, you had to drag me over here and knock me. You ruined my life! I was happy before!”

“Oh, so now it’s all coming out. You’re a jerk because you’re mad at me. Well excuse me for doing my JOB! James made me get some random person because he’s just sick like that. He gets a high off of hurting others.” I shook my head, “And how the heck were you happy before? I found you at a strip club picking up random dudes that stumbled out. What the crap kind of life is that… Abigail.”


Oh that got her going…

“DON’T YOU EVER FREAKING CALL ME THAT NAME! My name is Persephone not ABIGAIL!” She screeched.

“No it’s not.” I laughed, “Your name is Abigail but for some crazy reason you get all crazy chick when anyone says it. What’s wrong Abigail, huh? Why do you get so pissed off at that name?”

“Because that name has nothing to do with the real ME! That’s the name my stupid father gave me because I was apparently supposed to be his perfect child and do everything he ordered of me!” she rolled her eyes, “Not that my mother was any different…”


“Oh my god!” I laughed, “Are you serious? You’re a hooker because you don’t want to be daddy’s princess? Oh good lord, you’re more messed up than I am! What? He didn’t buy you enough pink ponies on your birthday so you decided to run away and sleep with men?”

She slapped me across the face! I guess I hit a nerve…

“Don’t talk about me like you know who I am. I’m nothing like them!” she glared at me, “You know how life here is with James? How no matter what you can’t escape and have to obey him like some master? Well that was my life… except I found my way out and I LIKE IT. I don’t care what you or anyone else says.”


I wanted to say something to her but honestly I didn’t know what to say after that. I never really thought about someone else’s life being dictated and ruled over like how James does to me. I guess in a way she was trapped in her own personal hell… no wonder she decided to do what’s she’s doing now. I guess she sees it as being free and in control of her own life and whatever she wants instead of what someone tells her that she’s supposed to want. I’m not justifying her crappy attitude towards me, but I guess I can relate to how she feels…



Adam’s Point of View

I’ve never touched a drink in my life; not even once. But tonight I just feel so close to just chugging down each and every one of these drinks. You know, James has been a real pain in the rear my entire life and has made me do some seriously messed up crap… but tonight just takes the cake. That evil psychopath made ME, not Ryder, but ME kill a… seven year old boy. He told me that if I didn’t kill him, he was going to kill me. I don’t even know WHY he made me do that. He had nothing against that child or his family. I swear he just targets people to kill them at times because he finds it funny. I’ve never had the want to kill someone as long as I’ve been alive, but tonight I want to kill James so badly. I just wish I could take a gun, point it at his twisted freaked up head and shoot him.

I stared at the drinks; a single tear rolling down my cheek.

“He didn’t even deserve to die. He was just a little kid; his parents were so young.”

That family reminded me of my own family; a beautiful married couple with a quiet little boy.


I stood to my feet and snatched up one of the glasses of alcohol. I stared at the tempting liquid within the glass and held it a few inches from my face. Do I really want to bury my pain with this fake crap? Do I just want to get wasted because it will take away the memory of that boys tears? A huge part of me just wants to so badly…

I raised the glass closer to my lips; the smell was strong and disgusting. It would probably taste like crap. How does Ryder manage to drink this all the time?


Just as I was about to drink the poison, Persephone came in the room. It wasn’t even like I was doing something wrong or something she’s never seen before… but as soon as she came in the room I placed the glass down quickly. It’s my own personal preference not to drink and even getting caught about to do it – even when I’m allowed – made me feel like I was… in the wrong. 

“Uh, Persephone… I wasn’t- I was just- Can I help you with something?” I sputtered out.

“No, but there is some chick here to see you.” she sighed, “She says that it’s really important.”

OH god… it’s Eve. It has to be Eve.

I shook my head, “Alright, send her in.”

Persephone nodded her head and then walked away. Just what I need tonight; Eve bothering me…


A few moments after Persephone left, Eve walked in. I was already in a terrible mood, but this is just the icing on the cake. I’m so tired of her begging for my forgiveness. I’m seriously about to just say what she wants to hear so maybe she’ll leave me alone. Heck, like that would ever work…

She smiled at me, “Hi Adam, it’s been what? Eight months?”

I rolled my eyes, “Probably, why does it matter? What do you want Eve?”

She chuckled, “I’m in too good of a mood for you to bring me down with your snarky words. I have something for you that will get you to forgive me. I just know this time you’ll finally see I’m not like James.”

Oh this has got to be good.

“Alright, you’ve got my attention.” I stated, “What do you have to show me?”



Eve handed over two pictures to me. My grasp on the pictures weakened when I saw who was in them. My family… it was MY FAIMLY!

Eve smiled, “I’ve been looking for them for you. Oh and before you ask, don’t worry, they’re not in any danger. James doesn’t keep tabs on me and even if he randomly did… I used the same path I always take to go to the bar to get to their house. Lucky it was in the same direction, huh?”

I couldn’t even speak. My throat felt completely dry and tears just started to pour from my eyes without me even trying.

“It’s okay Adam.” she patted my shoulder, “Just let it all out, I know how much you’ve missed them. I know what they mean to you. Oh and you know what else I found out? That every night they still set a spot for you at the table and your mom goes and kisses a picture of you she has in the living room every night before she goes to bed. They really do love and miss you Adam… I’m so sorry my father, I mean James, took you away from them.” she lit up again, “Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. I think I saw your mom holding a baby one night. I’m pretty sure it was a girl but don’t quote me on that. If I ever get the chance, I’ll try and get a picture of her for you.”


She sighed, “Can you please forgive me now Adam? I can’t think of anything else after this to get you to at least accept me as a friend again. I love you so much and I’d do anything to make sure you’re happy. I know I made mistakes before, but I promise I won’t hurt you anymore.”

Tears continued to pour from my eyes.

“I forgive you and I’m so sorry I ever treated you so horribly. I was just so hurt after what you did to me, I was stupid for ever letting that grudge go on for so long and holding everything I went through on you. You’re right, you’re nothing like James. I should be asking for YOU to forgive me…”

“So what are you saying?” She sniffed.

Girls; they always need you to spell it out…


I leaned in close to her, “How about this?”

I pressed my lips against hers and just stood there kissing her for a few moments as tears glided down my cheeks. This wasn’t like those force kisses she did to me; no this was real and I actually meant it.

She pulled away from me, “No, don’t kiss me because you’re caught up in the moment. I don’t want something that’s not real.”

I smiled slightly, “I promise you, I’m anything but fake.” 

I was about go in for another kiss, when all of a sudden I heard a loud scream come from upstairs. I told Eve to wait there so I could go check it out.


I ran up the steps as fast as my feet would take me. As I neared the top of the steps the screams got louder and louder. Turns out the screams were coming from Persephone. Oh god, she’s in labor?!

“RYDER!!” She screamed, “OH MY GOD, IT HURTS SO BAD! You have to get me to the hospital!!”


Ryder’s Point of View

Oh god no! It’s happening already!? What the heck happened to all those nine months?! It seems like yesterday she was flipping me the bird and screaming at me because I got her pregnant. Oh god, I don’t know what to do!

“RYDER!” She screamed again, “Stop looking at me like that and get in the car!!”

I shook my head, “I can’t just waltz into a hospital! I’m freaking wanted all over the country; they’ll call the cops on me!”

“DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?!” She shouted, “I’m having a freaking BABY! Oh god… I can feel its head!”

My eyes went wide and I looked over to Adam, “Do something!”


Adam grew worried, “I-I don’t know what to do either!”

I glanced over at Persephone and her pants were drenched in blood!

“Adam!” I screeched, “Go get some blankets and water or something! I have to help Persephone.”

He nodded his head and then darted out of the room. Holy crap, I think I have to help deliver my own baby! Please god, don’t let me faint…


I rushed over to Persephone, who was clenching the sheets so hard her knuckles were turning white. I had no choice but to slip her out of her pants and toss them to the ground. Right now we couldn’t think about being uncomfortable or awkwardness… my baby was about to be born!

“HOLY SH- I mean, yup, can totally see a head! That’s defiantly a baby head!”

Keep it together Ryder, you can do this. God I feel really funny…

“GET IT OUT!!” She cried, tears falling down her bright red cheeks, “PLEASE, JUST GET IT OUT!! It hurts so badly!”

“Alright, uhm, I guess push? Yeah, just push it out as hard as you can. Don’t forget to breathe though!”

“NO FRICK!” she screamed, clenching her knees

I have no idea what I’m doing.


By the time Adam got back, I had a screaming, naked and wet kid in my arms. Adam rushed over to Persephone and gave her some blankets and some ice chips (should of thought of that) and tossed me some baby blanket he found.

Persephone groaned, “I’m never doing that… EVER AGAIN! I don’t know why the freak I didn’t just get my tubes tied!”

I know Persephone was ranting to herself, but the only thing I could pay attention to was my itty bitty dude. He was so small and he kept winking at me. Okay, more like just opening and closing his eyes real slow. It’s funny; he shut up after I wrapped him in a blanket. I guess my little man was just cold. Wow, MY little guy… this is too weird. I never thought in a million years I’d be a dad… and at 22 at that!

Adam slapped my back, “Congrats, man. He’s really adorable.” he looked over at Persephone, “Oh and congrats to you too.”

“Oh just leave me alone…” she whined.

Well at least he tried…


I held my little boy close to me, “Hey he’s got my mom’s eye color! Well, and mine too. You should be proud to carry that gene down kiddo; your grandma was a very special lady. You know she died just to save me? I guess not, but you will. I promise I’ll tell you everything you need to know about our family.”

Persephone sighed, “You know, he needs a name.”

I looked over at her, “What do you want to call him?”

She waved her hand, “By all means, name him whatever you want.”

I grinned, “How about Tag?”

Adam let out a laugh, “What? Ha ha, are you serious?”

I laughed, “Yeah, why not? I think he’s a cool little dude and deserves a kick  name. Oh, I mean a kick butt kind of name.”

Adam shook his head, “Well, he’s your son…”

Hah, dang straight.


Just as I was snuggling my little Tag, I heard a loud bang on the door and then a car screeching away. Adam offered to hold Tag and clean him up while I went to go see what the that noise was.


After handing off Tag, I rushed down the steps and then threw open the front door. Lying on the ground, in front of me, was a woman who looked completely beat to a pulp.

I gasped, “Oh GOD, are you alright?!”

She choked and spat a bit of blood on the floor, “Ryder… help… me.”

“KARA?!” I shouted, “What did they DO TO YOU!?!”


I dropped to the floor and picked her up into my arms. OH GOD! Those psychopaths, those freaking a-holes! James and his partner! I know they did this to her!

Ryder…” she choked.

“Shhh…” I cried, blinking back tears, “Don’t talk Kara. I’m going to get you some help, just stay with me!”

I feel so cold…”

Alright, so finally Ryder and company got to move out of James’ house. But Ryder was devastated and so ticked off with James for threatening Kara’s life. He couldn’t stop thinking about her and even finally admitted to himself that he really liked her- which was a big step for him mentally. Also another big step was our dear Riley coming to save the day. I thought if she could help Noah, then she could help her son as well. I hope you enjoyed that little cameo of her; I sure do miss her. Just know that Ryder didn’t doubt for a second that was really his mom coming to him in a dream. He didn’t think it was fake or him making it up. He really believed it was her so it kind of snapped him into shape. He’s slowly regaining that mentality he had before, but it’s going to take a while before he’s ever all there again- if he ever is completely.

Also, oh no! What did they do to Kara???


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26 Responses to Chapter 7.9 – Different Battles

  1. OMG TAG!!!!! 😀 That is a kick-butt name!
    Yay for Ryder finally coming to his senses! Its good to have the old Ryder back, even if it will take awhile for him to be completly the way he was before.
    OHMEGAWD KARA! What did James do to you? D: When I saw her I almost cried!
    *grumbles* stupid cliffhanger leaving me super impatient for the next chapter!

    • Also, I loved the appearence of Riley in this chapter! She is amazing with wipping Ryder into shape! Adam D: I feel so sorry for him! James is so cruel, making him murder that little boy!

      • Jax says:

        Riley was always that voice of reason and was never afraid to say what was on her mind. Such an amazing gal 🙂 I feel so sorry for him too. But gosh, seeing his family made him cry with such joy. He misses them so much and to see that they miss him too… It’s bitter-sweet. I know ;-; He would NEVER want to do that.

    • Jax says:

      I know, someone suggested it and I just fell in love with the name. I swear, once I have my mind set on a name it can’t be changed. Majority of all the names I had planned beforehand in this legacy. Although I’m stuck on U -.-‘ I’m going to have to ponder that hard letter.

      Yup, he’s starting to SLOWLY turn back to his normal self. It’s going to be a process though, but he’s already moved from one state to another pretty quickly. His mom and his little buddy, Tag, have started to warm his heart 🙂

      D: I know, it’s so sad! He’s such an evil man!

      Hahaha, sorry! You know me 😉

      • For u names I was thinking if its a boy, Ulrich. I watched a show a long time ago and one of the characters name’s was Ulrich, and I just fell in love with the name. For a girl it could be something like Unity or Unique. Sorry that is all I could come up with for now :/

      • Jax says:

        I actually did have Ulrich in mind 🙂 One of my friends suggested it ^^ But yeah, it does sound the nicest for a boy. And yup that could work ^^

  2. meginthebox says:

    Wow I think the most incredible part about Ryder is how much all of this changed him, when you think about how he acted as a kid. When he was a kid, I’d have said he would have grown up still all innocent and awkward but he did a complete 360. His family really means a lot to him then I guess, as their deaths changed him into a monster, but the appearance of his mother is changing him back. He really is a nice guy after all, just needs some help.

    Adam having to kill a seven year old got to me. I was kinda surprised he actually did it, but then I realized it was just surprising because we’ve never seen Adam kill anyone. And James is James, his threats are serious.

    Oh I love Tag’s name! Ryder picked a good one. I just want to see what he’s going to be like when he gets older! I hope Ryder and company get out of James’ hold soon. For Tag’s sake.

    Oh no, Kara! Wow so someone just dumped her half-dead on Ryder? Poor girl.

    I can’t wait to read more! It was amazing, like usual! (But a little extra because now there’s a new baby!)

    • Jax says:

      You’re are 100% correct! His family does mean a great deal to him and him losing them was the reason he changed in the first place. If you think about it, Ryder really killed Liam because of how angry he got at him for saying evil things about his mom. It’s what pushed him over the edge. Ryder stopped caring about everyone when James killed his family. So Riley coming to him and Tag being born REALLY helped his mental state of mind. Of course, I’ve been saying that all along 🙂 He’s a good person but he really does need some serious help.

      He had no choice. He had to kill him or he was going to die himself. 😦 He didn’t want to do it. Also I’ve never shown that Adam killed anyone but James has made him do it in the past. Ever since he got with crazy Ryder though, he just let him take care of it because Ryder actually liked it. But James made Adam kill him. He told Ryder to back-off.

      I love it too. I think it’s so different and something that Ryder would def. choose for his son. All I can say about Tag is this: YUM. 😉 I do too. They need to be free of that prison.

      Yup, you can thank James and Robert for that ;(

      Aw thanks! And a new baby always make it more amazing ^_^


    I seriously almost cried when Riley smacked him into shape. She’s freaking awesome. And this chapter Ryder was AMAZING. Him holding a little baby is adorable!

    I’ve been a little iffy about Eve, but what she did was so sweet! It was just what Adam needed after being forced to kill that poor little boy. And seriously, what the heck, James? Take some happy pills and chill with your ‘butt-buddy’. (Best line ever, btw xD)

    But I’m really happy that she’ll be with Ryder now. They won’t be able to hurt her for a while.

    • Jax says:

      I sowwy! D: But you know how I am xP

      I love Riley so much, it was SO nice to use her again. He was, wasn’t he? I’m so proud of him for making such a big turn-around (: I KNOW! Gosh I wanna snuggle them both to bits.

      A lot of people said that about her, but I was just waiting to use her to do this for Adam 🙂 Come on, they were meant to be together ^^ Besides, Adam needs someone he can share a little lovin’ with. He hasn’t had that in SUCH a long a time. Eve, well… she’s never had that. Aw, Ada felt so devestated because of that too. I felt so bad for him 😦 LOL thanks XD

      D: I know, she’s trying to hold on. Ryder is near a break-down with what they did to her. He cares for her more than even HE knows. He gets that from his father and his grandfather.

  4. Monet:) says:

    Omg such a great chapter it makes me want to read more lol.TAG yeahh love the name:)oh no kara!!

  5. nahshona says:

    First off wonderful chapter *applauds* I have to say this because I’ll always wonder to myself if I don’t, is this child really Ryder’s? I mean I know they slept together without protection and all and it was Ryder’s first time, but Persephone’s reputation isn’t very legit. Who knows who else she slept with in the house especially if it was going to get her a way out. For Ryder’s sake I hope the baby is his since he has grown so attached to little Tag.

    It was definitely nice to see Riley again and I’m glad that she was finally able to get through to Ryder. Most importantly, I’m glad he decided to listen. Hopefully something will happen to James and his “butt buddy” so everyone can be free, but that seems too much like right.

    What Eve did for Adam was really sweet and I’m glad that he had it in his heart to forgive her. He has always seemed like the sweet, calm, mature, and rational side of the duo so it’s good to see him get over his past and move on with Eve, who I take it is the love of his life. I also hope that one day he gets to see his family.

    Lastly, poor Kara. I hope that everything will be okay with her and she won’t die. I’m very interested in how you are going to bring her and Ryder together and how Persephone is going to play into all of that. I’m sure she won’t give him up without a fight. At least that what it seems like to me. I am enjoying this generation very much! I don’t see how you are going to top this story line, but I know you will come up with something great!

    • Jax says:

      Thank you Shona! I can say without a doubt that that baby is Ryder’s. Remember what Ryder said? Tag has yellow eyes just like him and his mom. Also if you look closely you can see that Tag’s skintone matches Ryder’s to the tee ^^ It’s a reasonable question though because Persephone does enjoy sleeping around. But also remember she only does it for cash or… when she wants something. Majority of James’ men aren’t going to do something for Persephone without James’ consult. They’d never let her leave for just sleeping with them or something like that. They’re too scared of James’. He’s capable of a lot. Oh gosh, Ryder is in LOVE with Tag. He’s his new best friend XD

      Oh I know. But it’s crazy that it took his mom for him to actually see that. Adam has been trying to reason with him since the beginning but he never cared. Even his mom told him to listen to him! Adam really is Ryder’s voice of reason. He NEEDS to go to him and talk to him. They can actually help each other out. Neither one of them need to keep stuff inside, it’s too painful. I’d like to say that’s going to happen sooon…. but knowing me 😉

      I know, it was about time! It took something like that really sweet thing she did for him to finally open his eyes and realize Eve never meant to hurt him and her morals are really screwed up at times. She’s trying her best. It’s lucky she isn’t a monster like James is. But she always saw through his evil ways. Haha, well you can’t have Adam without Eve ^_^ Me too, he deserves that much after all he’s been through.

      I know that would be such a terrible lost on Ryder. He’s really falling hard for her. Hah, you never know what’s going to happen 😉 Thanks Shona and well… I never really planned too. As I see it, writing shouldn’t be about out-doing yourself. If I do that, then I’ll lose that passion I have for writing it. So maybe Ryder’s generation will just have to be that “action” generation where as a new one might be something else.

  6. So I guess that you were satisfied with your Supernatural playtime enough that you went back to Rained. Yay! Anyways!

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at the name Tag. I can just picture how awkward that would get on the playground.

    Random kid: tag, you it!
    Tag: Wait, I am? You didn’t even touch me!
    Random kid: No Tag. I didn’t mean “Tag, your it!” I meant “tag, your it!”
    Tag: T_T

    Haha!!! *ahem*

    James is feces! Scratch that! He makes feces look lovely! *starts grumbling* Stupid James and his dumb face! Poor Kara! I hope she’s okay! But I don’t think that you are a part of the hope crushing business Jax. If so… *starts shaking head* Plus! Tag needs a Red-Rover… Wait! R is done already. Hehe. Kidding! There aren’t any U games for kids are there? 😉 U usually is a tricky letter. Especially for boys… For girls you can do Uma (shudders) or Ursula, Then again. I’ve never heard of Tag as a name. And you had Dagger (which was a pretty cool name), so you probably have like 6000 creative names up your sleeve.

    I knew that Eve wasn’t a complete bad apple! And I was hoping all along that Adam would see his family again. I just hope he has a chance to see them in person again. Aww… They are even still hoping that he is okay! This makes me hate James even more!!! Grr…

    Okay, I have to admit, that though I haven’t been liking Ryder that much, I was a lil proud of him this chapter. He’s starting to “wise up”. And wow! Riley comes through again! She is the most communicative dead person I’ve ever seen! 😉 I hope Ryder continues to grow up, not in an insulting way, and that Kara, Adam, Eve, Ryder, Tag, and yes even Persephone, get away from that evil man with the evil name! Die James! Die! Kill him with fire! (oh and Robert too)

    Ps. Loved the chapter btw! XD

    • Jax says:

      Actually I only got to play like a half hour of it! I’ve been so busy getting ready for this vacation that I’ve had zero time to play. Heck, it took me three nights to write this chapter out!! Crazy crazy.

      But it’s such a cute name! Right? Riigghhht? ;P

      Oh dear gosh, now you sound like Jed! He said the same exact thing. But that’s still hilarious; poor Tag XD

      James is a horrible and sick man. He does things just to do them. LOL me? Crush hopes? Would I ever do that? ;P Oh there plenty of u names… just most of them sound like “BLEHHH!!” I did like Unity for a girl. It’s better than Uma O___O I’m going to have to get super creative with this U letter or else I’m gonna have a kid with a yucky name.

      Nope, not at all. And haha Eve… bad apple… sorry XD Hopefully he’ll get that chance to see them again. He deserves it. I told you you would hate James the most. He’s just getting started too -.- He was waiting for Robert.

      I know, and I told you he wouldn’t be like this forever 🙂 He was only going crazy because of his family dying. Now he’s starting a little one of his own with him and Tag. And he’s falling for Kara and then his mom coming to him. It’s starting to help him heal mentally. LOL she def. is that 🙂 But I like to see her as an angel ^_^ I believe God uses people in dreams to talk to us. Ryder needed some talking to! Oh and I didn’t take it as the insulting way, I knew exactly what you meant. Hopefully having this new baby will help that growth along 🙂

      LOL kill it with fire XD

      Thank 😀

      • Same with me. I didn’t get to try out alot of it because of different stuff. Plus it takes 1/2 and hour (slight exageration) for my sims game to load up on my “lovely” laptop. Ya know, saying that it takes three nights to write a chapter really doesn’t tell me anything, because it takes me like 47 normally.

        Its an alright name, not one that I would name my son though. It sounds more like a nickname… For what? I have no idea.

        Hey, great minds think alike. He really did? Haha!!! That’s proof that its true.

        Hmm… Why do I have a feeling that comment contained a hint of sarcasm? 😉 If anything happens to Kara, I’ll… I’ll… Quite frankly, I won’t do anything. Except maybe go into a deep depression for a few years, and only eat twinkies, causing me to gain 100 pounds. I’m only 19 Jax, I don’t want to weigh close to 250 pounds! :’-( LOL!

        I was curious how ugly U names were, and just looking up boys, I couln’t help but shudder. Especially at the names Ubalo and Ufuk (O_O). Unity isn’t so bad. And if all else fails, you could just name the girl Uma, and the boy Ufuk.

        Oh Jax, you and your sense of humor! It did take me a while to get the joke… Bad apple… Hehe. Lettuce (hehe) hope so. *crosses fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes*. And yes. I do hate James more. Ya happy now? 😉

        I had a feeling that something would change him. I just wasn’t sure what. I knew that it was his family, but it never clicked completely (slow Nate is slow) until I read one of your responses saying that even with Liam, he only started acting crazy because Liam started saying really bad stuff about Riley. Oh I know God uses dreams as one of the many ways to talk to us, even sometimes the dreams that might not make sense, or dreams that we think don’t have to do with anything. That’s why I get upset that when I wake up, I either can’t remember my dream, or I get a 5 second stupid one where I open a sandwich wrapper, and the sandwich inside is completely black… Erm… Anywerzzle! I’m happy that Riley gave him a figurative punch to the face. He reminded me of Noah with the not wanting to talk about stuff, and showing his emotions through anger…


    • Jedidiah says:

      Hey Jaxo, as per usual WP is being a hiney. -_- But horray for new chapter. I am commenting under Nate’s comment because I pretty much am of his opinion. After I have gotten my Tag jokes out of the way, I would have ripped James apart for his nasty character. If I were Catholic, I would say three Hail whatever Saint’s names comes out at seeing Ryder finally growing (with mom’s help) a brain. Hopefully, he will be able to use the message that Ri tries to teach him. LOLZ at Nate’s comment about Ri being the most communicative dead person. True, true, for a dead lady, she is butting in her family’s life a whole lot. Hahaha… mainly in all the lives of the Terrey men.

      I bet James has something to do with Kara doing that whole “I see the light” thing.O__O Hopefully, Ry takes her inside, no wonder she feels cold. 😉 Just kidding.
      Oh names starting with U? Ulysees, Ulrich, …yeah not many to choose from.

      Very well done, Jax. It shows you put a lot of effort in this.

  7. Morgan says:

    Where to start? Where to start?
    Ryder, you know you’ve gone completely beyond the bounds when your mommy has to come and whip you back into shape. Man Riley, your everybody’s savior she really is a super mom. It was nice seeing her again i still get so upset when i reread the chapter she died. But at least he’s getting back to the sane person he was before. He’s still a mess but he’s cleaning up LOL.

    Tag is so adorable!!!! And his name is even cuter!!!! Now I can’t wait to see how he’s going to grow up. But I’m scared for him. Why do I get the feeling that James and Robert are going to do something to him? Maybe I’m just too worried for little Tag..hopefully…doubtful. Pretty dramatic entrance there, Tag haha. 😀

    Kara no!!! She has to live she just has to!!! Ryder will be heartbroken and be thrown even farther off the ledge. Ryder and Adam have to kill James now before he does something worse. I can feel it in my bones. The moments boiling up, it’s gonna come. James is going down!!!!! LOL I’ll spare you my dramatic speech about James and his “Butt-buddy” haha i died at that.

    Persephone *sighs* i still don’t know how i feel about you. You can’t tell me your not in love with that baby!! Maybe your stripper days are still pumping through your veins. old habits die hard i guess. But that baby is adorable!!

    And finally Adam and Eve. What did i tell you Adam ? It was inevitable, destined to happen. Besides Adam deserves love, after all he’s been through, all he’s going to go through, he needs something happy in his life. That was really sweet of Eve to stalk his family… haha…that didn’t come out as sweet as i thought…. 😀 . Okay how sweet it was for Eve to give Adam those pictures of his family.

    Oh and “Tails i lose, Heads you win” I use that bad boy all the time LOL 😀

    Great Chapter as always 🙂

  8. jaec52609 says:

    YAY for Tag….I heard tht on friends nd loved it lol

  9. Hayley says:

    I love the name Tag XD
    I like how you brought his mother into the mix, and got him to start seeing the light! I bet he’s going to be a great father.
    I still don’t feel bad for Persephone.
    Adam ❤ ALL the love ❤

  10. toyinroxx123 says:

    Woah, even though they are being held prisoner… that is one nice house! I applaud the builder *claps*

    Woot woot to Riley for slapping (oh if only) some sense into Ryder! *happy dance*
    N’awwww, Adam and Eve ❤
    Tag is the cutest! *fawns over him*

    Oh you bum James! Grrgrrgrrgrrgrrgrrgrrgrr.

  11. I love the part of the back flash and the pictures edits you did!
    I have to say I had more hope in Ryder when he was younger… Hopefully he can get his things back in order. I don’t know what to think of Persephone… I try so hard to like her, but the way she thinks is just irrational! I really, really want Kara to be safe!! She’s an amazing character and I want her to stay! Although James on the other hand, you’re creating so much chaos, I can’t even handle it.

  12. deathcullen says:

    Gah I’m always so late on commenting on things! I’m kind of glad Adam and Eve are to gehter now. And that was sweet of Eve to find his parent.AWW that scene with RIley and Ryder is so precious. I almost cried when I saw Riley. Tag is going to look very adorable when he grows into a toddler, I know it. I’ve tried really hard to not get mad at Persephone but she is just flat out annoying. WTH!!! I’M GOING TO KILL JAMES FOR WHATEVER HE DID TO KARA!!! *just realizes that she can’t actually kill him* Okay I can’t kill him but you cna make Ryder do it for me!!! and why do leave me a cliffhanger!! On another note, awsome chapter! I loved it!!

  13. Carebear728 says:

    Love love this chapter but post the next one!!!

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