Chapter 7.10 – The Plot Thickens

Author’s note: Be warned! There is a touchy scene towards the middle. If you want to skip over it, then go right ahead.

Also, when reading this chapter I want everyone to realize that this is JUST a story. It has nothing to do with how I see anything; it’s completely MADE up. Please don’t get offended at me for anything that Robert or James do because let’s face it… they’re EVIL!

-Thanks, Jax


Qiana and Phoenix have worked many hours trying to figure out the whereabouts of Ryder. They retraced their steps by going back to Robert’s old mansion; they did research on Ryder’s victims and questioned every possible person they could think of. No matter how hard they tried though, they always came to a dead end. It was like someone was out there making sure every single track was covered.

“This is a pretty sweet office they moved us to, eh? The view is so pretty!” Qiana giggled, “I even got my own desk! I feel so important.”


Phoenix sat at a table nearby; thinking. He completely ignored what Qiana said and just kept focus on his thoughts.

Nix rolled the knife Ryder used to kill Liam back and forth, “We know who he killed; we know how he killed them. We even know where and when and WHAT he killed them with! What I can’t understand is why we can’t freaking find him!” Nix sighed loudly, “It’s like no matter how close we get there is always something to throw us off our course. I’m telling you Qiana, something just doesn’t make sense about any of this.”


Nix sat back, “I mean if you think about it, his killings aren’t random. Every single person he’s killed has connected in some way or another. We’ve never found Liam’s body, but when that boy came out and said he witnessed Ryder kill him… he took them all out one by one.” Nix rubbed his chin, “After that he just started going after people who seemed, I don’t know, pin-pointed. It’s like he was commanded in a sense to do away with these certain people.”

“Ahuh, yup. You’re totally right.” Qiana muttered.

“If you also noticed, ever since Robert was broken out of prison… he hasn’t killed much at all. I think there was one reported murder about some man downtown.” Phoenix chuckled, “You know what’s the kicker about that kill? The autopsy report showed that the knife wounds were hesitated; almost like he didn’t want to hurt him. While all the other killings were deep and forced; it’s like they were two different people.”


“Right, right.” Qiana mumbled, “There were definitely two people.”

Nix grew puzzled and glanced over at his sister, “What the- Qiana??? What are you doing?”

Qiana said nothing.

“Oh Qiana?” Phoenix questioned, “You know what else the report showed? That unicorns exist and tomorrow they’re going to crap rainbows out of their rear ends!”

“Right, I totally agree. You should look into that.”


Phoenix grew angry.

“You haven’t listened to a freaking word I’ve said!!” He boomed, “I can’t believe that you’re just sitting down playing-“ 

“NEED FOR SPEED BABY!” Qiana laughed.

“I don’t freaking care what it is! You and I are supposed to be looking for our nephew. What would Noah think of you right now if you saw you playing video games while his son is only god knows where???”


Qiana stood to her feet and sighed.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” she patted her brother’s shoulder, “But you don’t have to be a butt about all this. Anyone ever tell you you’re too high strung? You need to relax! But anyways, about those unicorns…”

Nix shook his head, “Oh shut up.”

Qiana giggled, “You know I’m just teasing yah little bro! I really do listen to you, but sometimes ME NEED BREAK!” she sighed, “Listen, I actually did dig up some dirt for you. I found it out about an hour ago but you were busy meditating or something, so I left you alone.”

Nix almost started twitching, “You’re telling me I’ve been busting my brain for the past hour to tell me you HAVE something?! What is wrong with YOU?”

Qiana shrugged, “Uh, I ‘unno. But do you want the info or would you rather just have a meltdown in the corner next to that plant?”


Nix growled, “Just tell me!”

Qiana laughed, “Alright, alright. You know how that detective guy was talking to commander creep about those deadly bracelet things?”

Nix nodded, “Yeah, what about them?”

“Well, I did some research on them by borrowing detective Marshall’s password and turns out those things are Government issue and are STILL in beta testing.”

Nix glared at her, “You hacked into the cops computer?! WHY would you do that when you could have asked??”

Qiana scoffed, “Cause it was more fun! Duh?” she continued on, “Anyways, if those bracelet things are still under testing in government hands, doesn’t that mean you have to have some serious power to get those things?”

“How the heck did anyone miss this and by some strange chance YOU find it by being dumb?”

Qiana laughed, “Cause I’m awesome!”

Nix shook his head, “Just bring up those files on that lock; we need to show the detective and the General- Someone could be a snake in his force.”

Qiana put her hand up, “No, we should just keep this to ourselves, Nix. I have a feeling that if any of this information leaks out, something bad is going to happen. You just have to trust me on this one.”



Robert gripped his gun.

“Let’s just make this easy Angelo. You give us the money and power; we give you the weapons. You can run back to your little group of ignorant little scumbags and blow up the entire country just like you wanted. Heck if we care what you do to this place; it’s screwed us over enough times. So, is the deal still on?” 


Angelo laughed smugly, “Why are you two always so serious? Try cracking a smile once in your life.” Angelo stated in a thick Cuban accent.

James scowled, “Cut the crap Angelo, is the deal still on?”

Angelo smirked, “Oh I don’t know, it’s been what, 19 years I’ve been waiting for this? Where have you two been? I don’t even know why I agreed to meet you two here! I should have you two killed for making me wait so long. Do you know what it’s like to hide for this long?”


James growled, “I already told you years ago that I wasn’t leaving Robert! I tried 100s of times to get him out of that prison. It’s not my fault my men were idiots!”

“Well who is the one to hire, these uh, men?” Angelo chuckled.

Robert glared at him, “Stop beating around the Angelo. You came to us years ago because you wanted government weapons. Well James has everything planned out so that all of us get out unscathed. If you’d rather just wait another 20 years and find someone else, then be our guest.”

Angelo shook his head, “What a bluff he puts on. If you don’t have me, then you have no power over anywhere! James isn’t so tough with his uniform and badges; you can have so much more in my country. You can rid of the place you hate and go live life like you always wanted. I know how much you love the beautiful women, eh Robert?”


Robert couldn’t say anything because he knew Angelo was right. In fact, James and Robert were just putting on a front for this man. They thought if they seemed tough that he would just give in. James’ plan to hand over military weapons was supposed to happen around the time Robert got locked up; that is why James has so much hatred towards Noah and his family. They were the ones to put his best friend behind those prison walls!

“Alright.” James sighed, “You’re right. It’s our fault and we’re sorry.”

Angelo scoffed, “Pathetic of you James. I never thought you would give in under pressure so easily. But very well then, I accept your apology. Just tell me this time you have a full proof plan on how to get them to us.”


Robert stated, “He does, he has the perfect plan to get all of us out.” Robert continued, “Just know though Angelo, that if you screw us over… you’re a dead man.”

Angelo laughed, “Are you serious? I waited 19 years for this moment and you think I’d just screw you over and run off? What do you take me for Robert?”

Robert growled, “Well I just know how you are Angelo; just know we have a lot more men then we had before. You WILL be found and you WILL be killed a slow and painful death – You and your men.”


Angelo glared at them both, “I’d like to see you try.”



Ryder’s Point of View

You ever have those rough night sleeps? Where no matter what you try you just can’t get to sleep? Well, that’s how my last week has been. It’s not because of Tag either, because my dude is pretty awesome with his sleeping. No, I can’t sleep because of Kara. You see, there is no way for us to bring her to the hospital because Kara and I are wanted all over. If I even show my face to the public I’m screwed. So basically Adam and me have been taking turns watching over Kara and just praying she’ll wake up.

“Darn it James, I hate you so freaking much for doing this to her. She didn’t do ANYTHING wrong to you and you freaking almost kill her. If she dies, YOU die you murderer…” I spat, as if he could really hear me. Heck, who knows anymore! He probably can!


I flicked on the table lamp and then took hold of Kara’s soft little hand. She still had a pulse and her body temperature was normal. I just wish she’d wake up out of her sleep so she could eat and drink something! She’s going to die from that if she doesn’t wake up soon. What else that is scaring me is the fact that she randomly coughs up blood. What does that even mean?! Is she going to die or something?! God, I can’t think like that! I just can’t imagine her dying on me…

I squeezed her hand, “You’re going to make it Kara. You just hang in there.”


I was just about to go sit down when all of a sudden Kara started choking and blood came out of her mouth. Dang it, not again!

I brushed away the blood, “Kara, please wake up! You can’t keep doing this; you’re scaring the crap out of me!”

God, I feel so helpless.


Adam heard Kara choking and came darting into the room.

“Any changes? Is she waking up?” he sputtered out.


I sighed, “No, no changes. She’s still not responding to anything.” I closed my eyes, “Adam, if she doesn’t respond by tomorrow I have no choice but to take her to the hospital. She’s going to die if she doesn’t wake up!”

I could feel Adam’s eyes piercing the back of my head.

“You can’t do that to yourself Ryder! You’ll get arrested faster than you can blink. You and I both know that means you’ll get killed instantly. Do you really want to kill yourself and leave your son here with Persephone? She hasn’t even touched that kid since he’s been born!”

Shoot, I hate it when he’s right. If I was still thinking like old Ryder I’d tell him to screw himself. But my mom told me I need to listen to my voice of reason. So I have to bite my tongue and just agree.

“Fine, whatever then.” I sighed.

“Look, I know this is hard on you Ryder… but you really don’t have a choice but to wait. Tag needs his father in his life; you can’t do that to him. I know what it feels like to have no parents there to love you. Do you honestly want that for Tag?”

I shook my head.

“Alright then.” he sighed, “Well, you just stay here with Kara a little while longer and I’ll go check on Tag.”

I nodded, not saying another word to him.


Just as Adam left out of the room, Kara began to wake up. Honestly, I was so shocked I couldn’t even say anything!

Kara sat up and looked around.

“What- Where am I?” She choked out.


I gasped, “Kara! Oh thank god you’re awake! You seriously had me going there for a while.”

She stood to her feet and gasped for air, “Oh GOD… my chest hurts so badly!”

I stared at her puzzled, “It does? Why? What’s wrong?”

She gasped, “It’s my ribs. It has to be when-“

She stopped mid-sentence.


“It has to be what? What happened to you Kara?” I questioned.

She shook her head, “Nothing; just forget it.”

I scoffed, “Heck no! You were left half dead on my door step and were knocked out for an entire week! I haven’t slept in days AND I’m taking care of a newborn. I think I have the right to know what happened to you!”

“I said FORGET IT! I don’t want to talk about it.” She screeched, heading out my bedroom door.


I chased after her.

“Kara for the love of GOD! You’re going to get yourself hurt!”

“Leave me alone Ryder, I don’t want to talk to you!” She stated, nearly falling down the steps.

I jumped down some steps and nearly fell over myself just to catch her before she took a nose dive.

“Crap!” I exclaimed, “Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack?!”


After catching her, I carried her over to a chair near the window.

“Can you please just leave me alone? PLEASE? I’ve been through enough crap; I don’t need this right now.”

I scoffed, “You know what? Fine, just be like that then! If you want to get yourself killed, then it’s okay by me Kara. I’m sorry I CARED!”

God, I can’t believe her! All I wanted to know is what happened. I’ve been slaving over her for the last week and she can’t even give me a thanks or a little information on what happened. You know what? I’m probably just so freaking exhausted. I can’t even think straight anymore! If it’s not Kara, it’s Tag and vice versa! I feel like I’m going crazy… I need a LONG freaking NAP!


Kara’s Point of View

About 2 weeks after that incident with Ryder, I finally found some strength to fix myself up. I’m still in a lot of pain with my chest, but the blood comes less often now.

With Ryder, he pretty much just avoids the topic of ‘what happened to me?’ all together now. I know I came off really harsh to him, but I just don’t want to freaking explain myself. I’ve been through hell this past year with James and Robert. They were always making me do crap for them. It wasn’t the worst part though. No, the worst part was what they did to me right before they dumped me here. If Ryder could see it through my eyes, he wouldn’t be questioning me like he was.

I rubbed my face, “Look at this crap; they cut me so deep the wounds are STILL healing.”


In midst of looking at my cuts, my stomach turned over in pain. I know I don’t look so bad on the outside, but I’m pretty sure my insides are so freaking screwed up. I don’t even know if there is a place they didn’t punch or kick me.

I held back tears.

No, forget that CRAP! I’m not crying! I’m not letting them win. I’ll never cry for what they did to me. NEVER.


Just because I won’t cry for what they did, doesn’t mean I can hold back the memories.

Taking a shower; a forced shower… They said I needed to be clean; that I needed to be perfect for them. I knew what was coming, but I held on as strongly as I possibly could.


They drug me to that abandoned hospital. I was naked and cold… but they didn’t care. It gave them pleasure to see me so vulnerable.

Robert held that gun to my face; it was cold and it smelled of rusted metal.

“My dear, how could someone so beautiful get caught up in things so ugly?”

I nearly spat in his face.


I remember Robert laughing in my face.

“Oh, nothing to say? Well, I guess we should just carry on then.” he looked to James, “Since I had the pleasure of having so many beautiful women, I’ll let you have her first, James.”

He laughed; shoving me to the ground. He groped my breast and breathed into my ear such disgusting things.

I held back the tears. I fought so hard to not let them have that satisfaction.


It didn’t matter though. They forcefully got their… satisfaction. I put up one heck of a fight, but in the end… I just wasn’t strong enough to fend off both of them.

To me it was like reliving my past. I could just see myself as a young girl scared for my life because dirty men wanted to hurt me. Why am I always such a target? Why am I the one who is always harmed in some way? No matter what I try it always ends up with someone having some freaking control over me! The only reason I stayed back with James is because I was done. I was so fed up with living anymore; I just gave up. It’s like they could sense that though because he only hurt me enough to leave me hanging on by a thread.

On top of everything that happened, I learned something that I really wish I hadn’t. It’s probably the reason I freaked out so much when I saw Ryder. I just… I just really don’t know how to tell him- IF I should even tell him…



Two whole months had gone by and I still hadn’t brought it up to Ryder. Every time I saw him I just didn’t know how to say it. It’s not your normal dinner conversation for Christ sake! It was so frustrating to hold onto a secret though… So I planned on doing it today. I was going to march right into Tag’s room and tell him when he was feeding him. That’s probably the worst time I could tell him too… but I just NEED to get this off my chest!

I peered into the room and saw Ryder lift Tag from his crib. You know, when I look at him from this angle… you wouldn’t think he’s a mass murderer and cold blooded. I mean, James has a kid… but he never shows her any type of love.

“Hey little guy, want to sit down and talk with daddy? He’s been holding lots of thoughts in his head and just needs someone to listen. You can do that, right buddy?”

Okay seriously, how is he even a killer? 


Ryder sat in the rocking chair and began to slowly rock Tag back and forth; the little guy could barely keep his eyes open.

Ryder sighed, “Tag, I know you don’t understand words yet… but I just want you to know how sorry I am for getting you involved with this life. I was selfish and was only thinking about myself when I- Well, err… did some things. You know, it’s all my fault that your grandpa and your aunt and uncle got killed. If I wasn’t such an idiot when I was a kid, then I would have told your grandpa about Liam and none of this would have ever happened.”

I saw a tear slip down his cheek.

“You know, I never even got to say good-bye to my dad. I just left that night and never returned. I don’t know what he had to go through before he died and it pains me just to think about it. Also, Sammy… the last she remembers of me is this moron who was doing something wrong.” he stared down at Tag, “You listen to me Tag, NEVER make stupid mistakes like I made. Always keep your family safe and don’t you EVER be afraid to tell me anything. You understand?”

Tag yawned and bawled his little fist.

“Right.” he sniffled, wiping away a tear, “Keep forgetting you’re like 2 and half months old…”


I closed the door quietly behind me and pressed myself against it. I-I never saw this side of Ryder before. I had no idea he even had part of a heart. He was always such a jerk; I thought he was just trying to help me because he wanted something. God, now I feel even worse about what I have to tell him. He doesn’t deserve to know this, but then at the same time he does. He has to know what happened…

“I’ll just tell him later…” I breathed.


I waited for Ryder to be done with Tag and then I told him to meet me downstairs so we could talk. If I didn’t get this out now, I was seriously going to burst. Plus besides the thing I learned… something new just came up on top of that.

Ryder smiled, “Wow, so you’re going to talk to me? Did I do something wrong? Are you going to punish me boss lady?”

How does he manage to always crack jokes even when he’s hurting? I don’t understand his logic.

“Would you just come here? This is serious.”


His face grew worried, “Kara what’s wrong?”

I sighed, “Ryder I found out something that I really wish I hadn’t. It’s been eating me up inside knowing this and not telling you. But it’s not something that you can just say! I just can’t put this lightly at all.”

“Kara… what are you hiding?” he questioned.

“I-I… found out something about your mother.”


He glared at me, “What are you talking about?! How could you possibly know anything about my mom?”

I looked down at my feet, “Because Robert told me…”

“What the freak did he tell you!?” He screeched, “Tell me Kara!”

“He told me that- He said that he-“ I swallowed, “Raped her.”

God, I feel sick to my stomach just saying this to him. But I can’t hide it anymore! I just can’t!


“Ryder, Robert told me that when he- Well, when I was there with them. That’s not all I learned.” I sighed, “Ryder, I heard Robert and James talking one night about your father and your twin aunt and uncle. He said it was their fault that Robert was in jail. Ryder, James took you because he was getting back at your dad.”


Ryder didn’t say anything. He just walked away from me and slammed his fist against the glass table… causing it to crack in three places.

“Ryder?” I nearly whispered, “Ryder, are you okay?”

“It’s all my fault.”

I placed a hand on his shoulder, “No Ryder, it can’t possibly be your fault. That was so many years ago.”

“Not that!” he hissed, “I was the moron who let him out of jail for a freaking HOUSE! It’s my fault that that man is on the loose! I did this to myself; I let my mom’s rapist out of jail. My dad… my aunt… my uncle… they put him where he belonged. I’m the one who let James manipulate me and got them killed. I’m the one who did all of this!” he nearly laughed, “Everything makes peachy perfect sense now too! I understand everything! That manipulating psychopath did all of this just to get back at my family. My mother was right, he is- No, WAS molding me into something I’m not.”

His mom? How could his mom possibly tell him that?

“Ryder, you were confused. You didn’t know what he was doing. He was playing with your head. Trust me, I know how that works.”


“No, it doesn’t matter. I should have seen what he was doing! I should have never let him get to me as far as he did.” he scowled, “I’m going to kill them both. I don’t care if I die trying! They’re NOT getting away with this!”

“For god’s sake, you’re talking like a mad man! Do you need me to punch you in the jaw? So help me god I swear I will do it Ryder!” I scoffed, “Why are you talking about killing them anyways?! What about your kid? I heard the way you were talking to him a little while ago; you’re just upset and need to chill out!”

“Don’t tell me to chill out!” he shouted, “It’s all your fault that I know in the first place! You ever hear that saying ignorance is bliss? Well they say it for a good freaking reason! Why did you have to tell me in the first place KARA?! Why would I want to know what that man did to my mom and relive the thoughts of my dad and siblings dying?! I already knew it was my fault and now it’s become even more of a reality!”


Is he serious right now?! I told him because he deserves to know what he did to her! Why is he blaming me for this; I didn’t do anything wrong! Heck, I thought I was doing something right!

“Well you learn something like that about someone you know and see if you don’t tell them! For god’s sake, don’t blame me for this! I didn’t hurt your mom or your family!”

A tear leaked from his eye, “Well, I just wish I didn’t know okay? I never even got the chance to know my mom and to learn I let the man out who hurt her… it just kills me inside.”

“Well, all I can tell you is that I know how she feels.” I sighed.

Ryder stared at me, “What do you mean?”

I rolled my eyes, “Do I have to freaking spell it out for you?! James and Robert… they did that to me too. They hurt me and-“

“And what? What else happened Kara!?”

“Ryder… I’m pregnant and I honestly have no idea which one it belongs too.”


Thanks for reading guys! So Qiana and Nix are onto something with those locks! Robert and James’ master plan is finally leaking out. As you can see Robert and James both are going against the government for a certain reason. They just want some power and money in another country and then they’re gone. Sure James has tons of money as it is, but really it’s not about that… it’s the principle of the matter. You’ll see. With Ryder, he finally learned the truth about everything. All the puzzle pieces were put into play and he’s NOT happy about it. But the good part about all of this is that he’s finally got his head screwed on right. He’s not just throwing reason out the window anymore. Sure he has his outburst but would he honestly chase down and kill those two right now? No, because that would be suicide. Oh and Kara… well it’s clear that she’s having some serious issues opening up at all. She’s just keeping it all bottled in for some reason. But I guess with a past like hers, it’s easy to have trust issues. Even if the person really is a good guy. Plus who wouldn’t be traumatized and sketchy after what James and Robert did to her?

Oh and if you’re wondering how they found that knife, when Ryder obviously tossed it in the ocean, it’s because it washed up on shore and by some chance his fingerprints were incased in it along with some DNA.


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  1. penny848 says:

    OMG!!!!!! That was amazing! Poor Kara :((((((

  2. Jedidiah says:

    Hooray for them twins and their bickering and fighting and in general being awesome ^^ well in other news Robert and James are too sickos that need to be locked up and forgotten about. I mean, holding a grudge against Noah for that long???!!! Geee! Hope Kara will heal with time. Whoever her baby daddy is, hope she will be able to love that kid despite of how she/he came about. O_o

    Very crafty chapter, Jax. Very crafty. 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Yup ^^ I felt it needed to show what they’ve been up too. Qiana found a serious lead right there. It’s only a matter of time before he’s found now. You don’t mess with the twins! They DON’T give up at all.

      Yup they are SICK and they don’t care. Yup, for that long they’ve been holding a grudge. There is another person where a grudge is being held too, but that will come to the light later on 😉 Boy, I hope so. I mean, it’s proof that a child can have a twisted father and still grow up normal. Luke was an amazing person even after Phea hurt him so badly.

      Thanks Jed! Been wracking my brain over here to make it sound right ^_^

  3. meginthebox says:

    It was nice seeing Qiana and Phoenix figuring stuff out! Wish Ryder could know what they’re doing, so he could see that they can take care of Robert and James. Poor Ryder! I can definitely see why he doesn’t want to know that. The guilt would be overwhelming even though there was nothing he could do. And poor KARA! Wow. So she’s pregnant, huh? She must be horrified. And that baby – will he/she not know who their father is? It’d be hard to tell them. I’m going to predict the baby is James’. Kara’s still strong after all that, and that is why I love her.

    Sad but wonderful chapter! I can’t wait to see how things are resolved… if that ever happens. Things just keep getting deeper and deeper!

    • Jax says:

      I wish that he could see it from there angle too. If he could, things probably would have turned out differently. But he doesn’t think anyone is trying to save him; he’s trying to figure it out all by himself.

      Exactly, it’s a terrible guilt. But he has to realize that he didn’t know and he just wasn’t thinking right AT all. He’s putting too much on himself.

      She is but at the same time she stays so strong because lets face it… she was forced to do that as a young kid. She’s been through hell but always comes out on top. She’s a brave one. Although even though she is strong … well even the strong have their weak moments. Like her trying to give up. I mean, anyone in her position of how she’s been living would get sick and tired after a while.

      Thanks Meg 🙂 Trust me, there will be closure 😉 The deeper they get, the closer it is!

  4. deathcullen says:

    That was……. just the most amazing post you have ever written. Oh gosh, I’m tearing up. Poor Kara!! Having to go through that and ending up pregnant and not knowing who the father is. at least Ana and Nix are working on this. And Ryder having to learn all of that information. I can’t wait for the next one Jax!

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    Thank goodness for Ana and Phoenix! They seem to be figuring it out! They’ve stopped Robert once, they can stop James.

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    But HNNNNNG Ryder and Tag made me gush like a little girl. SO CUTE.

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