Chapter 7.14 – You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

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Father: “I think I’ll just let my child freeze while I stare at THE GROUND.”

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Ryder had been caught, but the head detective was unable to make him crack. He tried every day for hours on end to get Ryder to tell him the truth – to finally admit to all his wrong doings – but he just… refused.

Of course there was tons of evidence pointing to Ryder, but they were still unclear about how everything went down. If Ryder wouldn’t talk, they would never fully understand how he was able to do all the things he did.

“Officer, go get that crap head for me. I don’t care how many times I have to play his little game; we’re going to make him break.” The head detective growled.

A small detail to note is that even though the head detective knew about what Phoenix and Qiana found, he still needed more proof before he even THOUGHT about interrogating the United States General. After all, he was a symbol for the country; he stood up for his rights as an American Citizen! How could they even think he would betray his own country like that?


The officer nodded his head in agreement.

“Yes sir.”

“Oh,” the detective added, “Make sure you give him a wakeup call while you’re at it; make it clear to him that we’re not messing around.”

The officer grinned, “Of course sir.”



Ryder’s Point of View

It has been three days in this crap hole; each day I’ve been here I just had to laugh at myself. I think back to the day I was on that beach and realize… I was going to end up here no matter what! If only I would have just… accepted my fate. But screw that, right? I’m here and there is no getting out. I have been accused and charged for things I don’t even think I’ve done! James – that TRAITOR – set me up from the get-go; he knew what he was doing since day one. I was just the stupid one to fall for all his lies and manipulative ways. I’ve lost so much more than I have gained…

A few years back if I had got sent to jail like I am now, the only thing I would care about is who I could kill to get out of here. But that’s not me anymore; the me now is in pain just thinking about where my two boys are… and where Kara is.

Just please… let them be okay.” I thought to myself.


As I was lying there, I heard the jail door swing open. Before I even had the chance to open my eyes; officer crap head yanked me out of bed and slammed me onto the floor. Why the HECK do so many people do that to me?! Do I just give off that vibe that it’s okay to brutally harm me?! W.T.F!

“Rise and shine cupcake, detective Marshall wants to see you.” He laughed.

I choked out, “Screw you.”


“Aw, is the princess hurt?” he reached out his hand, “Come on, get up.”

I put up my arm, “No thanks butch, I’ll help myself up. You just stand there like a big freaking gorilla and look important.”

He glared at me and then grabbed the back of my jump suit and drug me out of the cell!


He pulled me to my feet and then literally slapped the hand cuffs on my arms.

“Well that was uncalled for!” I winced.

He punched my back, “Shut up and walk!”

I really need to just stop talking before this huge man kills me…


The officer shoved me into the interrogation room, nearly knocking me onto the floor.

I smirked, “You need to learn how to control your pets Marshall; he almost tried to kill me.”

The officer was about to hit me again but the detective told him to stop.

“That’s enough Darren, just go wait outside… I’ll take care of him from here.”

I just couldn’t seem to help myself…

“You’ll take care of me? Jeez Marshall, I didn’t know you were that into me!”

“SIT DOWN!” He screamed, “And quit with the crap talk before I add another charge!”


I walked over to the little plastic chair and then slammed myself down in it. I know me randomly spitting out crap to these guys isn’t the best thing I could do, but I get really stupid when I’m nervous. I normally just say the first thing that pops into my head; I need to learn how to control that. It’s just… I know that I’m screwed no matter what I do. These idiot officers don’t believe me when I tell them the truth about James; they just think I’m pinning it on him because he was there. That I’m such a high rise criminal and being caught was SO shocking to me, that I don’t know how to handle it. Well I say bull CRAP because they don’t know what they’re talking about!

“Ryder, let’s just cut all this crap!” Marshall sighed, “Why don’t you just come clean and confess to everything that we KNOW you did! You can’t fool us with all your lies Ryder; we know that you’re a killer and a serious threat to our country. Why don’t you just spare us all the time and tell us the truth.”

I leaned forward and whispered, “I’m not confessing to jack.”


He slammed his fist down, “Why the freak not?!” he scattered all the evidence across the table, “You see all of this?! This right here is concrete proof to throw you in jail for the rest of your life. We’re willing to make you a deal if you just tell us how you did it and who you were working for! You’re smart, but we know there was someone else besides that Adam punk.”

I nearly wanted to punch his lights out. How DARE he talk about Adam like that?! He is barely hanging on for his life because of James ruining everything he ever had! Adam never did any wrong; he had a heart of gold! He was my brother and my best friend!!

I held back tears, “You shut UP about Adam! He didn’t do anything wrong!!” I screeched, “He was forced into this life just like I was. James used us and controlled us; he made us kill and steal and LIE! Like I told you 100 times, he used those freaking locks to make us do what he said. If we didn’t listen we were going to DIE! I have two sons and a girlfriend, I was NOT going to disobey and have any of them killed!”

“But you’re son is only a year old; you’ve been doing crap like this since you were 15 Ryder! You’re 24 right now; care to explain all that missing time?? What was your motive then, huh? You had no one to protect but yourself when you weren’t a father.”

“EXACTLY!” I boomed, “I had to protect myself!” I held out my hands, “The first time I screwed up he burned off my fingerprints. It gets better though, after that… he murdered my entire family!”

He nearly laughed. I don’t see what’s funny about that!


“You know, you’re a load of crap.” he chuckled again, “Everything you’ve told us, we’ve checked out just to please you. We went to that mansion you said you were held captive, it was completely empty. It doesn’t even have signs a person lived there for years. We looked into those locks; they have been deactivated for years on our records.”

“BULLCRAP!” I screamed, “My aunt and my uncle, you told me they found out that that science guy gave them to James years ago! They said the guy was scared for his life about keeping it a secret!”

“YEAH, “Marshall shouted, “That’s pretty much his job! We spoke to the general about these locks and he said years ago he had the man deactivate them because they were a danger if anyone got a hold of them. It was shown in the records of a system alert where they were updated and remade, but the general said he took care of Mr. Barry for doing such. Ryder those locks don’t even exist anymore!”

“Oh my god, you actually believe all of that?! He’s lying through his freaking TEETH! What about the kids you found with the locks on their arms years ago?!”

He shouted, “I’m in no position to discuss any of this with you! You’re not one to question anything the government does. We handled the error of making those locks in the first place, and now they’re gone. It was a mistake and you’re pathetic to try and use them as an excuse. I’ll admit, you’re clever for doing your history on these things but you’re a moron for thinking it would be a liable excuse. Besides, if James was controlling you… where are the locks now Ryder? How come James doesn’t have them?”

“ROBERT HAS THEM!” I screeched, “You guys are such morons! You don’t even care if you have the wrong guy; you just want to protect your precious general because it’s going to give this country a bad name for being so trusting. You’d rather put a “harden criminal” behind bars and look amazing then put a United States General behind bars and look like MORONS!”


“We’re not the incompetent ones here Ryder, that would be you. You have no proof whatsoever that James, a leader of our country, would actually do something like this to anyone. I honestly can’t believe you would be so naïve to think you could actually pin this on him. Like I said before, you’re clever and very manipulative… you’re even a bit convincing at times, but let’s just face reality… you lost. It’s game over Ryder, we have you and we’re going to get what we need from you. It’s been one heck of a run though; you had me going for years!”

I stood to my feet, “You’re full of it! You don’t even believe your own words! You know that those locks are real and you know that someone was using them to control me. What other reason would you have to keep questioning me for so long? You’re trying to see if I’ll break and tell you who my “leader” is, like I’m some loyal evil follower. Well you’re sadly mistaken you moron, I can see right through you! You’re confused and want to find those locks so badly… but then it comes into play once again about James. You don’t want it to be him, you REFUSE that it’s him, because like I said before… you’ll all look like idiots once he’s behind bars.” I scoffed as mongo walked towards me, “If you would just think back you’d get your answer. Why would I break some man out of jail for no apparent reason? That man is like twice my age and I had no idea who he was! I was doing it for someone else… someone named James Little. I’d look into him if I were you.”


Marshall got up from his seat and gestured for the officer to back off.

“I’ll be back Ryder.” he stated, “If you don’t want to tell me the truth, then I’ll get someone who can make you talk. I’ll give you some solid proof that you’re lying to me.”


As soon as he left the room, I threw some files onto the floor and slammed my head down on the table. The big officer inched near me and I just scoffed.

“Oh calm down! I’m not doing anything wrong.” I sighed loudly, my breath ricocheting from my arm and fogging up my glasses.

This freaking sucks. I feel like I’m just screaming at a wall when I talk to this man. He refuses to believe anything that I say! But the looks he gives me… I can tell he wants to believe me so badly. He won’t admit it but he knows I’m right. But he’d rather work his butt off trying to find a way to pin this all on me then to go investigate James. You know, I love our country… but this is just screwed up. I hate the system… I mean, this same system is going to put me in jail forever and have my kids put in a foster home. I can’t even bare to think how I could live each and every day without them. I love my boys and Kara so freaking much it hurts!


As I had my head against the cold metal table, I heard the door open from behind me. Oh wonderful, I guess it’s going to be the good cop, bad cop routine. I don’t care how much this guy yells in my face, I’m still going to tell him the same exact thing! They’re not going to have me confess to things I never DID!

The man sighed, “What did you get yourself into?” 

My stomach dropped to the floor when I heard this man’s voice.


I stood to my feet and spun around. I had to cover my mouth because I felt like I was about to throw up.

“NO!” I shouted, “It’s impossible! It can’t be true, there is no way… you’re alive.”


“Really? Was I supposed to be almost accidentally killed like your grandfather almost was?” He stated firmly.

Oh god, no! I don’t even know how this is real! James killed him and everyone else! I saw the picture of Sam, there is no way he faked that!

“D-dad? But how are you alive?!” I choked out.

“I was never dead to begin with… obviously.” he sighed, “And before you nearly choke and die, yes Sam is alright too and so is your brother. We were put in a witness protection program when we found Sam and Kylie all messed up on the side of the road. They don’t remember what happened or how they got away from where ever they did, but I was just so happy they were alive.”

They… escaped?!

“So since the police knew there was someone after our family, they moved us out of Bridgeport and into Starlight shores. We had to change our entire lives around and even our names. We weren’t allowed to talk to anyone except maybe Ana and Nix at times since they’re federal agents.”


“But then why are they letting you out of it now?!” I questioned, still in amazement.

“Because they believe that whoever was after us, was the person who had you. They think that it’s safe to finally come out because that man is on the run since you’ve been caught. Everyone thinks that you’re his key source and that if you fail… he’ll eventually fail.”

“Dad, it’s not like that at all! I swear I never went into this willingly. James forced me into this life when I was a kid. I was stupid and I just… I did something wrong and I was trying to get out of it. Please dad, you have to believe me. If Sam could just remember something… or Kylie! If they would stop repressing memories they could tell you that I was trapped; we were trapped by the same person!”


“Who, James?” he sighed, “Son I believe you with my whole heart, I really do… but I’ve still seen what you’ve done. I know you weren’t always on your own freewill with things, but at other times… you just- it seemed like you enjoyed it.”

I lowered my eyes, “I’ll… admit to that. I-I liked the rush it gave me…”

“Oh yeah?” My dad stated, glaring at me.

I gulped, “You’re gonna hurt me aren’t you?”


He pulled back his fist and punched me square across the face. My nose started to bleed on impact and my face blew up like a balloon.

“That’s what you get for being a moron!” He shouted, and the officer chuckled.

I groaned in pain and kept wiping the blood pouring out of my nose.

“Oh god, did you have to hit me so HARD?!”


After he punched me, he grabbed me close and wrapped his arms tightly around me. For a second I thought he was going to go all pro wrestler on me and do some freaking body slam or something! I haven’t seen my dad in nearly 10 years, I still remember him from my child point of view; he was always so big and strong! I was trained to kill… and yet I’m still scared of my father.

I stiffened as he held me but then gradually loosened up and hugged him back.

“I’ve missed you so freaking much! It’s been the hardest nine years of my life without you in it. I’ve known you were alive but not being able to find you… it hurt so badly. Boy don’t you EVER go run off without me knowing ever again.” A tear slid down his cheek, “I’m just so happy to have all my kids back.”

“No touching!” the officer shouted.

“BITE ME!” my dad screamed, “I haven’t seen my boy in nine years, what the heck did you expect?”

God… I missed my dad so much.


I pulled back, “So what happens now dad?”

“Well, as much as that officer wanted me to try and break you… I’m not. I believe you and well… I may even trust you. It’s not a lot of trust, but I still have some. You never were a good liar in the first place. So if you say this man was the one who hurt you and Sam, then I say he needs to be taken care of.” he glanced up at the camera and then over at the mirror, “I know they can hear us, but Ana and Nix on working on a way to bring James down.”

I gasped, “Are you SERIOUS?”

He smiled, “I sure am. Ana has been keeping in touch with me about how things are going. As soon as they got the information about those locks, they’ve been digging deep to try and get this guy. You just sit tight Ryder; everything is going to be okay. We’re going to get you out of here.”


“Thanks dad, you have no idea how much this means to me.” I sighed, “And dad? If things don’t work out and James is never caught, can you promise me you’ll take care of my sons? I just think I would be more at peace if I knew they were being raised by a great man. I can’t even bare to think of them being put in and out of foster homes.”

He smiled, “Ryder, do you honestly think I would let them take my grandkids away? As soon as I heard the news I demanded they give them to me. So right now I have rights to them, but I swear… one day you’re going to get them back.”

I hugged my dad tightly, “How was I ever so lucky to get such an amazing father like you?”



Phoenix’s Point of View

I am so up to here with all this crap! Dang it, if this was just any other person they would have gotten him by now. Who the heck knows if James hasn’t left the country yet?! I know for a fact he isn’t going to be leaving in the public eye; that would make him look suspicious. No, he’s playing the part for a while and then he’s going to skip town leaving Ryder to take majority of the blame. After all, they have to punish someone! And he’s in the spot light right at the moment…

“Come on Ana, think! We’ve been over every single piece of information one hundred times. We’ve checked out everything that Ryder told us about and still we keep coming to a dead end. This psychopath covered his tracks so well it’s unbelievable!”


Qiana stood off to the side, trying to look like she was thinking hard. Okay honestly, no one does that.

“My brain hurts.” She finally sighed, “Can we go get hot chocolate?”

“What the- Would you knock it off!? We’re trying to save our nephew from getting a life sentence in prison. We can’t do anything unless we catch James in the act. If we could just find him with those locks… oh lord he’d be in a heap of trouble.”

“But, everyone has searched him over and over; they just can’t find any solid proof to get him thrown in the slammer. Plus no one even knows where that Robert guy is Ryder broke out of jail. Ryder says they’re connected and I believe him 100%. I also believe that James had Ryder and all those other people under lock and key.” She rubbed her chin, “Do you think there is any way to locate those locks? I mean we’ve tried but do you think there is any other way?”

Finally she’s thinking and not messing around…


I started pacing back and forth, “Well we know for a fact that you can’t track those things unless they’re on, right? And even so, when James had them he must have had them under some block for outside sources. We know that Barry modified them for him, but do you think that maybe… there is a backup tracker?”

“Well Barry told me that there was a tiny secret within and he made a face like this.” She moved her eyebrows up and widened her eyes.“Do you think that means something?”


“You’re telling me he gave you a clue and you just brushed it off?!”

She threw up her hands, “What? I just thought he was hitting on me or something!”

Major freaking face palm! Here I am wracking my brain for hours and she knows something. I swear to god almighty, she has to be the most air-headed person I have EVER met.


I sighed, “But do you think James was dumb enough to not check for something like that? Do you really believe he’d let that slip by when he’s so careful about what he does?”

Qiana stated, “Well if he had no idea it was there, why would he even think to check?”

I stared off, “That actually… makes a heck of a lot of sense. We need to go see Barry. If James is still close by we might actually catch him before it’s too late.”

Qiana clapped her hands, “Yay, we’re gonna kill the bad guys!!”

I looked over my shoulder at her, “God you’re a weirdo.”



James and Robert were through waiting around. Angelo promised them that today he would fly his plane over and that they would be freed.

Robert sighed, “James, where is he?! You told me he’d be here by now.”

James was worried, but hid it in his voice.

“Don’t worry my brother, he will be here. We will have our beautiful lives like we always dreamed of… I promise you.”


Oh they are some dead bastards.

I held up a camera and snapped a few photos – without the flash of course. Turns out we were right about the secret chip that Barry planted inside the locks. He just breathed a sigh of relief when we finally figured it out. No way was he putting his life on the line by just sputtering it out there. He told us the chip was made to blend right into the lock itself; there was no way James was going to figure out it was there. But the only down flaw about the chip was that he had to be in a close range – which by our amazing luck… he was. He was back really far in the woods that were located on the edge of town. You’d have to travel really far just to get there. Judging by the boxes and bags, they were waiting for their ticket out of here.

Qiana giggled, “Oh they are so busted!”

I shushed her, “Keep quiet, you want to get us caught?!”

“No… but aren’t we going to run in there and be all ninja like anyways?” she questioned.


I sighed, “Qiana? You know how in the movies the good guys run out there and then they have a stare down with the bad guys and chat for a while?”

Qiana nodded, “Err, yup!”

I shook my head, “That’s a bunch of bull crap. We’re not going to “foil their plans” like in Scooby-doo. We’re gonna go out there and kill these morons. We’re not going to have a nice Sunday afternoon chit-chat with them okay?! You know how this works…”

Qiana looked at me puzzled, “But… it’s Friday.”

I slapped her arm, “You know what I meant! This is not about talking, this is a mission. So just keep quiet and get the job done. Are you ready? You remember the plan?”

She nodded once again.

“Alright, GO!”


Qiana took off in the other direction – just like I told her – and I charged forward. As I closed in on them I grabbed my gun of my holster. I have been waiting so long for this moment to finally come…


I dropped to my knee and aimed the gun at them. The sun glistened off the tip of the barrel and I smirked.

“HEY ROBERT!” I shouted and they both turned to face me.

I was going to make sure this was a one shot kill…


I gave them no chance to speak. As soon as Robert turned to face me, I fired off my gun and shot him dead. Before he closed his eyes, he looked up at James and said…

“You… promised.”


As expected James started running the second Robert hit the ground. I don’t care how strong or how brave they seem, they always run when they’re backed into a corner. I’ve dealt with men much worse than James and won; you just don’t MESS with our family! I mean seriously, he does realize that Ana and I have been ranked the number one agents in quite a few places? How does he expect to get away from us…

He screeched as he ran, “I should have killed you when I had the chance!”


James ran into the bushes and I just stood there waiting until I heard him groan in pain.

“Oh buddy; you never had a chance to kill us. We’re like freaking ninjas; you have no chance against a NINJA!” Qiana shouted stabbing James in his… manhood.

“You witch!” He screamed! 


Qiana let go of the knife, “Well that’s a mean thing to say.” she giggled, ripping it out of him.

He tumbled to the ground and we just let him bleed out for a while. James deserved to be tortured to death for what he did to our nephew. But since we are SO generous, I just let Qiana shoot him in the ear after a bit.

After we were… pretty certain they were dead, we called the swat and head detective with his force to come out here to clean up the mess. We searched through all of James’ belongings and a full blow investigation was FINALLY done on him. In the boxes we found, was enough evidence to clear Ryder’s name on a lot of his charges.


Two weeks later we found ourselves standing in front of the prison where Ryder was being kept. We had such a tough time getting his sentence lowered because… even though he was accused of a lot of things he didn’t do, there were still things that he did do.

The head detective shook both of our hands.

“I just want to apologize to you both and to your family. I wasn’t trying to keep Ryder here, but we had no choice. You just don’t realize how hard it is to bring someone in who has so much power with so little evidence against him. Ryder’s word meant nothing to the system because he was considered a mass murderer. I don’t know how you did it, but that boy is barely looking at any jail time now.”

I shook my head, “It wasn’t easy. We had to pull some major strings to get him the sentence he has now. I can’t even say the same thing for that one woman, Kara I believe. Any charges she had when she was under James’ command were dropped… but she was wanted before that. We’re going to have to try extra hard to fight for her freedom…”

The detective sighed, “You know, you really think you know someone… and then they turn on you within a blink of an eye. You really can’t trust people, can you?”


Qiana stated, “You just gotta know the right people. You can’t get caught up with someone just because you think they’re awesome for what they do. You have to know who they are and how they act. Trust me; I never liked James Little from the beginning! He was always an a**hole!”

I looked over at Qiana, “When do you curse!?”

“When I feel MAD!”

The detective cleared his throat, “Well, thank you both once again for helping us catch two ruthless men. But you do realize you’re going to be shipped out to find that Angelo man right?”

I shrugged, “I figured as much, but don’t worry sir… you can count on us. We’ll make sure our country is always protected.”

Qiana nodded, “Forever and always!”


After getting our thanks from the detective and giving him our news on Ryder, we both walked away with our shoulders held high. I felt so proud of myself for bringing our family name to justice. Ryder didn’t deserve to be kept a prisoner. I mean, yeah… he did some crappy things… but James was to blame for all of it. I just hope he learns a serious lesson when he’s through with all of this. You don’t try to hide from your problems, they will always find you.

“Hey Phoenix?” Qiana asked.

“Yeah Ana?”

“Why are we walking off into the sunset like some romantic couple? Could you like… not walk next to me? ”

I rolled my eyes, “You have to ruin every moment don’t you?! Why can’t you just keep things nice and be quiet for once huh? UGH, I need a long vacation!”

“WE COULD GO TO DISNEYLAND!” Qiana screeched.

“I meant away from you!” 


“Nix do you think Ryder is going to be okay in jail for a year and a half? I mean that’s such a long time to be away from his son.” Ana sighed.

“Well, he’ll have plenty of time to build up a relationship with him again. After he’s done spending time in jail, he’s under house arrest for five years. He has to live with Noah, so I’m sure everything is going to work out alright.”

“I just feel bad for that Kara girl. Her sentence is still 10 years.”

“Don’t worry; we’re going to get that taken care of. I don’t care how long I have to fight for it. That poor little boy needs his mom. It hurts me so badly to see children without their parents…” I sighed, “Qiana? We need to go see our kids.”



Ryder’s Point of View

OH thank god it’s finally over! I could not take another day in that prison! Those men were so freaking brutal. The only reason they stayed away from me was because they thought I was a lunatic killer. There was a rumor going around that I could make anything into a weapon… even a freaking napkin! I so let them believe it though, I was not about to wake up to some surprise butt sex! GOD NO.

And when they kick you out of prison, they literally kick you out. I had to stand in the cold for five hours waiting for my dad to show up. As soon as we get to Starlight Shores, the police are going to come out to my dad’s house and put some freaking lock on my leg. OH great, like I’m not used to being kept a prisoner with a lock… But you know, it doesn’t even matter… because this time I’m going to be with my family. I’m going to be with my sons again and I’m gonna see my sister and my little brother. I couldn’t be happier than I am right now.

Well… I’ll BE happy if my dad would hurry up!

“Co-come on da-dad it’s SO co-cold out here!”


“Aw what the crap, I’m so wet I’m leaking!” I sighed.

“Oh stop complaining boy, you’re finally not behind some smelly walls with a fat guy for a bunk-mate.”

I looked up at him, “It’s nice to see you too dad…”

He chuckled, “Don’t act like I didn’t come up here every weekend to visit you.”


I muttered, “Yeah, I know. I’ve just been freezing my butt off out here! They wouldn’t even let me wait inside; they just gave me a coat with some gloves and threw me out in the snow. I swear these clothes better not have come from some homeless man who wet himself.”

My dad shook his head, “I bought them for you genius…” after he said that he just stared at me and then shook his head.

“What’s with that look?”


He smiled, “I don’t know, it’s just… I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. I always expected it to just inch by and I wouldn’t notice the differences, like with Sammy. But with you, it’s just… it’s like seeing you for the first time.” he shook his head again, “It’s good to have you back Ryder.”

I gave him a quick hug, “It’s good to be back dad… but can we PLEASE get out of the cold?”

He shrugged, “Alright, alright. Let’s get out of here.” he patted me on the back, “You’re going to love Starlight Shores, it’s a really nice place. Don’t let its look fool you though, that place may look sunny… but it can get colder than Bridgeport!”

“Oh… yay.” I scoffed.


After keeping me out in the cold for an extra 20 minutes, we FINALLY got inside of the nice warm car. God I was so thankful for a heating system…

“Jeez dad, you STILL have this car? You’ve had this thing even before you and mom got together!”

He petted the steering wheel, “She’s my baby! And if you freaking ruin my leather seats with your damp rear, you’re gonna be scrubbing this car until it shines.”

“Well if SOMEONE didn’t leave me out in the cold for five hours, then maybe I wouldn’t be soaking wet!” I growled.

He slapped me in the back of the head, “Just enjoy the view boy, before I have to sucker punch you again.”


Of course my dad would be the one to make me feel like some ten year old boy again. It’s probably because Ryan is only eleven so he’s had plenty of practice with a rowdy boy.

I crossed my arms and stared out the window. I want to say I’m going to miss this place, but I’m really not. I’ve had so many bad memories here; I don’t even want to think about ever coming back. Well, expect for maybe to see Kara one day. I just hope to god Ana and Nix are able to get her out of her sentence. She’s down to 8 and a half years now… but that’s WAY too long! I need her and I miss her. I know we had a fight, but I take it all back. I would never fight with her ever again; I love her so much and it pains me to not be with her…

Adam, thank god, has no charges against him whatsoever. After he recovers he’s going to move back in with his family. They’ve been visiting him in the hospital ever since he got hurt. He’s been there for a while now, but soon enough they’ll let him go. I’m just happy that he’ll finally get the life he always deserved.

My dad tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to face him.

“You know, the boys really miss you. I hear Tag calling out for you all the time.”

I sighed, “And I miss them dad. Don’t you worry, I’m going to make everything right with them and with everyone I know. You’ll see dad, I’m going to change everything.”

He chuckled, “I’m glad to hear that son, I really am.”


Alright, so a LOT of you were right. None of Ryder’s family died. You see, Sam and Kylie DID get caught, but they were able to get away from that man – one of James’ men – and were found by the police. They were so abused that they had no idea what happened to them and couldn’t remember where they came from (as in where they just came from, they knew who they were). All they knew was that they were in danger and so was Ryder. So the police put them in a protection program and moved them to Starlight shores to live a new life. James found out that Noah had been put under lock and key and used that to his advantage. He didn’t know exactly where he was, but he didn’t even care. He only cared about the pain Noah was going through and how Ryder thinking his family died, how it affected him.

But YAY, Noah is alive and kicking and Ryder’s sentence was shortened. PLUS James and Robert are dead thanks to the awesome twins! Maybe Ryder will FINALLY have a normal life… But what is to come of Kara being in jail? There has to be a way to get her out…


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30 Responses to Chapter 7.14 – You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

  1. blamsart says:

    YES! Oh the joy I felt when I saw Noah! I’m so happy he didn’t die!! love the snow and the chapter!

  2. Morgan says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! yaaayyyyyy eat lots of cake. Be fat and healthy 🙂
    Okay sooo I’m oozing with happiness right now. Why you might ask? I’ll tell you why. Because I freaking new Noah wasn’t dead! You can’t just kill an amazing character like that off, it’s not right. I goes against everything writing stands for!( well not really but I got a point to make.( And that reunion! I think a sucker punch was probably the best way to greet Ryder. I mean he does have a vibe that says it’s okay to brutally harm him lol.
    This chapter was so perfect I might have to run down the road doing heel clicks, the only thing though. I just wish James would of had a little bit more of a punishment. I’m sure getting stabbed in the balls is pretty painful but Adam’s and Ryder’s pain have been stretched out for YEARS. An eye for an eye. But at least the son of a bitch is gone, no more harm can come :D.
    Adam!!! HE’s alive yayayay!!!! still oozing with happiness!!! I hope that when he fully recovers he’s still gonna be apart of Ryder and his boy’s life. Sure he has a lot of catching up to do with his family, but Ryder needs him, who knows what house arrest will do to him? 🙂
    Gah Kara!!! We’re gonna get through this, your gonna get out and gonna life a happy life with your boys and Ryder!!
    Oh yeah and what about Persephone? What happened to her, is she in jail too? Or did she go back to stripping ways?
    Great chapter, Happy Birthday, and well it’s getting close so I’m gonna say it any way Happy thanksgiving 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Thanks! LOL fat and healthy xD That made me giggle.

      Of course, I knew a lot of you guys said it 😉 I was just seeing if anyone really actually believed it or they were holding onto hope. Either way, you were right 😀 Of course I could never ACTUALLY kill Noah. He’s my little baby! I will forever love him. Yeah Ryder totally deserved that punch he got. He did do some messed up crap he needs to make up for.

      Well, he wasn’t going to be put in prison. Knowing him he’d find a way out. The quicker he died, the easier it would be on everyone. Plus Nix and Ana aren’t “tech” allowed to brutally torture someone haha. They did to what they thought was there limit.

      Of course Adam is alive as well 😉 I couldn’t kill Adam! He’s awesome. Who Adam? Well maybe later on, but right now he just wants to be with his family and recover. He needs that. Oh lord, who knows? But at least this time he’s under lock down he actually has his family.

      Let’s hope so! D: She just can’t be stuck in prison forever. Oh I didn’t mention Persephone because I was just going to clear that up next chapter.

      Thanks very much! Happy turkey day 😉

  3. Great chapter and its about time james died and thats the perfect way for him to go.
    Have a great birthday too!

  4. deathcullen says:

    *Does a happy dance* I would go outside, but I’m pretty sure the neighbor’s wouldn’t want me waking them up!! Finally he his dead!!! I told myself I was going to send my simself into your game (Which I can’t do anything like that) and make him die herself. Anyway, enough of my crazy rambling. I’m so glad that Ryder is out of jail. But poor Kara having to stay in there for ten years. But I know your going to come up with some awesome plan to get her out of their. I nearly started crying when I saw Noah. He was one of my favorite heirs. I was super gald that he wasn’t dead.
    Well anyway it’s 12:05 a.m. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a wonderful B-day Jax! *Throws even more confetti*

    • Jax says:

      Yup, James is no more! And neither is Robert. Two evil men have been taken care of by the lovely twins. We’ll have to see what happens with Kara… Yeah Noah will always be my favorite. I just adored doing his generation.

      Thanks!! I did have a very nice birthday 🙂

  5. Ruth says:

    Omg!!! Yes for happiness!!!!

  6. Becki says:


    That is all ;P

  7. Minty says:

    T^T Tears of pure happiness!

    I think I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Noah. To be honest I think I was just as shocked as Ryder was. I had never thought that he and his family were dead but after a while I just started to lose hope…
    Also, I’m glad to hear Adam is alive! I feel a little sorry though since he must feel as if he has nothing to live for now.

    I’m so glad James is dead! I would scream but my mom would come upstairs thinking I’m being murdered or something crazy like that. I was kinda glad that Qiana was the one who killed him (if that doesn’t sound creepy…) she made it seem so awesome!

    *le gasp* You have Seasons?! Another person I need to be jealous of XD
    I have to say Snow and Autumn are looking to be favourite seasons. I am yet to get the EP but they look kinda awesome from what I’ve seen on tumblr and facebook.

    OMG, Happy Birthday! That makes me feel kinda old since my 19th i in March…

    • Jax says:

      Yeah, I kept it hanging for so long so that would happen 😛 It would be more of a shock when he actually came back that way 😀 Aw, why not? Adam has his mom, dad, sister and another little sister. He’s finally going to be where he’s always wanted to be 🙂 ❤

      Oh that man had it way past due. He seriously didn't need to live any longer. Yeah, Qiana is just amazing 😀

      OF COURSE! ;D I when out and bought it the very next day it came out. I wanted that EP SO badly. I bought it before I went off to class and I kept thinking about playing it the entire four hours XP The snow and the autumn season are just amazing. I LOVE how the rain looks.

      Thank you! :3 Oh you're going to be 19 in March? Cool 😀

      • Minty says:

        I guess that’s true about Adam. I only hope he finds someone as special as Eve…

        Lucky, lucky, lucky XD
        As soon as I get Seasons I’m making a tester family that is just specifically for that game. One thing I’m looking forward to is alien babies! I’m going to go wild with that…

        Yup 24th March I’ll be 19 🙂

  8. Beth :) says:

    Yey! Nearly everything is happy, apart from the fact that Kara is in prison… Why does she get much longer than Ryder?

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you get loads of presents and cake 🙂 I loved the chapter!

    • Jax says:

      Almost everything. And oh, I said up in the chapter that Ryder got must of his charges dropped due to what James did, but Kara did things BEFORE she was even with James on her own freewill. So she had a much larger sentence.

      Thank you 😀

  9. meginthebox says:

    Well hey, happy birthday!! Aw giving us presents on your birthday… like a hobbit!

    I am just so stunned. THANK THE LORD NOAH IS ALIVE. T_T I missed him. And… Gosh I don’t even know where to begin. I’m still in disbelief Ryder put up with James for 9 years.

    Qiana and Nix… I just love them. Finally there is no more James or Robert.

    Yessss, Adam is okay! I AM SO HAPPY. But… man. Poor Kara. 8 years… I hope she gets out sooner or I’m going to miss her like crazy. Children need their mothers! What ever happened to Peresphone, by the way?

    I would leave a longer comment because this chapter was just so spectacular! But I have some packing to do, sooo… Amazing chapter and I can’t wait to see how Ryder faces his new world! 😀

    • Jax says:

      Thanks! ;3 Haahhah XD That made me laugh. I think I did a chapter the day after my birthday last year XD

      Yes, it’s such a good thing he’s still around. What would come of Ryder if he had no family? He’d be homeless and his son would be in foster care. They probably wouldn’t even let him have Patrick if it wasn’t for his dad. I know! He’s been there since he was 15 years old.

      I know, thank god. And yeah they’re just awesome ;D

      ❤ I know, and he can finally be with his family too. I know, she just can't be there forever. It will hurt Patrick so much. And of course Ryder; he freaking loves her to death. I'll explain Persephone in the next chapter.

      Thanks and we shall see 😉

  10. jaec52609 says:


    I leaped for joy when I seen Noah….I kind of figured he was alive after Marshall laughed when ryder mentioned james killed his family and said he was a load of crap
    yeah if i aws noah i wouldve punched ryder 2 lol
    well no wonder where ryder gets his mouth from lol…he has his fathers mouth and mothers attitude good combination lol

    I would tell them 2 run Patrick’s DNA and compare it to the general and tell them what happened to Kara….They would know then.

    What would the twins do without each other lol….I love the twins especially Nix ❤ LUSH

    PICTURES? shit I would have been recording that crap

    YAY James and Robert are dead FINALLY!!!

    LMAO like I said I love the twins, Ana always makin jokes lol

    I can't wait to see the boys and I hope kara gets out early and her and Ryder get back together

    • Jax says:

      Thank you very much!

      Good eye! I was hoping someone would catch that. Kudos.

      Haha, well we all knew it was coming. If I was Ryder’s parent I’d wanna sucker punch him too. Yeah, he def. is one heck of a mix! O_o

      Very smart idea. But knowing James he would have fought that tooth and nail. He probably wouldn’t have let them do that. Plus he probably would have made up some bull crap. He’s better off just being dead.

      They wouldn’t survive xD I love them both so much.

      Yeah they just needed to snap some pictures for proof. But it was obivous when they looked into James deeper.

      We shall see…

      • jaec52609 says:

        I’m glad they’re all safe 🙂
        But all the would’ve needed was a piece of his hair from his brush lol or some saliva from his cup or something, he never would’ve known it would’ve been easy. And plus poor Patrick is a spittin image of him…I can’t wait to see Ryder and Kara’s babies.


    Careful, Jax. My heart nearly exploded.

    YES Ryder made it out! He’s lucky to have the most kick-butt aunt and uncle the simmy world has ever seen. Especially since Qiana freaking CASTRATED JAMES! I’ve been DREAMING of this day! (Well not really. I’ve been dreaming of zombie apocalypses. Too much Walking Dead. But still, I count James’ death’s anticipation level right up there with Voldemort.)

    There’s still the matter of Angelo, but I’m sure Pheonix and Ana can take care of him.

    NOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHH! I KNEW HE WASN’T DEAD! (Still bawled like a baby, though)
    I felt all happy inside, even when he socked Ryder across the face. (Which, in my opinion, was well deserved)

    Now there’s the problem with getting Kara out. Little Patrick needs his mom. ❤
    I squealed SO BADLY every time Ryder said he had TWO kids. I just thought it was the sweetest thing how he was so ready to take in Patrick as his own. Seriously, Kara, how could you ever stay mad at him? I never could.

    Then there's Persephone. I'm curious about what's going through her mind at the moment.


  12. KittyKatDance13 says:

    Omg! I cried when Noah came to the police station! And thank god Robert and James are dead, I knew we could count on Ana and Nix. Im so happy that everyone is safe and sound now! Great chapter and Happy Birthday! 🙂 X

  13. kokobo63 says:

    Ok, first of all…happy birthday. I hope this birthday year is full of love, happiness & prosperity (too sappy? I hope not).

    Next…I WAS RIGHT! I KNEW IT! (blows raspberry) Noah never died! I am so glad it all worked out for Ryder. He was an a**hole there for awhile, so I’m really happy her straightened up & flew right.

    This was a super long generation, but completely enjoyable to read. I can’t wait to see what you do with Tag & Patrick.

    Though Adam is no longer the focus of the story, I hope you’ll throw in some updates on how he’s doing. Maybe Adam can come visit Ryder at some point, or vise versa, so they can catch up.

    Great job on this legacy so far. It’s so good, I kind of wish it never ends. Though, I would be satisfied if, even though you end this legacy, you continue writing Sims stories. So, no matter what, just continue writing.

    When I was your age, I dreamt of being a writer, but never followed through. Of course when I was your age, there wasn’t such a thing as blogs either, or ebooks. Windows wasn’t even created yet. No, I’m not a cave woman, but I am on the tail end of the baby-boomers.

    Thank you for entertaining me with your wonderful story.

  14. jenssims says:

    hehe, I can tell you got the Seasons EP. 😛 Pretty amazing isn’t it? And I love your pics in this chapter! 😀 I’m having some lag with my Seasons EP… ugh. I’m thinking it’s due to the vehicle over-spawn glitch. EA had fixed it before, but now it’s back. :/

    Also, happy (belated) birthday! *hugs* <333

  15. Happy (late) Birthday!
    I have been reading this legacy and it’s awesome!!!! I loved the James-Qiana-Phoenix showdown. I still can’t belive he’s the army general.
    ANd here comes the terrible spammy part: I just made a new legacy called the Ming Legacy. It’s my first one and I was hoping you’d check it out! It’d be an honor. I also added your legacy to our link page. Please look at it!

  16. Noah and the rest of the family are alive!! Hooray! *throws confetti everywhere* I know I kept saying that I felt like that were alive, but I honestly didn’t feel truly good about my assertion until I saw Noah’s face again!!! Eeeee!! *tackle hugs him*


    So much celebrating to be had in this chapter! ^_^

    • Jax says:

      I know right? I held out that secret of him being alive just enough to have people think he was really gone XD I’m so mean. But it just makes you wanna love on him even more! Love me some Noah!!

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