Chapter 7.16 – Christmas Package

Author’s note: Alright so this Christmas special was supposed to be much better than this, I swear. But as I posted on my home page, my Starlight shores is officially broken. I can’t get into my Rained save and I can’t make a new Starlight shores. Well, after a long night of complaining someone’s ear off (Hi Nate and Deanna ;P) I finally just decided to move them to a new town and start from there. It took me about five hours to get everything the way I want it, so the Christmas special is just… a chapter with Christmas in it. I swear there is a wonderful gift at the end though ^^

Thanks for understanding guys!



Ryder’s Point of View

I’m still in amazement at how much time has passed. One moment I’m reuniting with my sexy, hot girlfriend in Starlight shores… and the next we’re packing up to move to Hidden Springs. Apparently dad is now the head honcho at this big corporation building here. I had no idea my dad even ranked that high now – I remember when he was some desk dude. My father told me he was unsure if this was a permanent position or not and that we would just go with the flow of things.

Honestly my biggest fear is that my dad is going to get moved around a lot and the court is just going to say ‘Forget it’ and keep me stuck some place without him. I mean, I didn’t even think they’d let me and Kara move with dad to Hidden Springs – total miracle. 

Another total miracle is that I’ve managed to keep my two awesome sons happy and healthy. Tag is four going on five and Patrick just turned four. Where the heck did all the time go?!

“Daddy, look at me!” Patrick squealed, “I’m riding a bumblebee!”

Tag scoffed, “That’s nothing compared to my amazing dinosaur-dragon!!”

Or it’s a seahorse; kids are so funny…



I squirmed as I watched them bounce up and down on those things. Good lord, please don’t let one of them fall off and break their necks…

I laughed nervously, “Can’t we just… you know… do something else?”

Tag shook his head, “NEVER! My dragon must sing to my people so they won’t be asleep anymore! Daddy I told you the witch cursed them all – get with the program.”

I rolled my eyes. I WONDER where he gets that feisty attitude…


Eventually I got them to get off those demon traps and go inside the house; I had to promise them I’d let them skip their nap to watch cartoons… I mean, as long as Kara doesn’t know, who’s it going to hurt?

Besides, as the boys were in their room watching SpongeBob, I was in my room… doing something else.

I kissed Kara, “God you’re so sexy. All you have to do is kiss me and I’m all ready to go.”

Kara slapped me, “Don’t talk so loud! We have kids to be mindful of.”


I pulled back, “Oh they’re not going to know any different. I could just tell them mommy and daddy were pretending to ride ponies.”

She glared at me, “You do that and I’ll kill you.”

I threw my head back and laughed, “What would you do if we had a baby of our own?”

She smirked, “Yeah, that’s never going to happen because I’m getting you neutered.”

I leaned in and kissed her and then whispered, “Over my dead body…”



About two months later I was standing in the kitchen making some spaghetti for myself. Everyone else already had take-out my dad brought home. I love it how people don’t leave me anything to eat – especially Kara! She ate majority of all the tacos; since when did she have such a big appetite?

I stirred my food, “I’m going to eat all this spaghetti to myself… see how they like.”


I was so preoccupied with my food and its ravishing smell that I didn’t even notice that Kara had snuck up behind me.

I sniffed my pasta, “God, I’m going to have you so bad… You’ve been very naughty meat spaghetti.”

Kara sniffled and sighed, but still… I heard nothing.


I pour my food onto my plate. As I spun around Kara had reached her arm out to tap my shoulder and well… my nose smacked right into it. I immediately dropped my food and threw my hands to my face.

“OH GOD!” I screeched, “That hurt so freaking bad!”

Kara gasped, “Oh, I’m so sorry Ryder!” she shook her head, “I just- I was… trying to tell you something.”


My eyes were all teary from my nose being smacked so hard – I guess it has to do with nerves in the face. Also my nose started to bleed! Are you freaking kidding? All I wanted was my food…

I blurted out, “What happened?”

She sighed, “Ryder, you’re a freaking moron.”

I stared at her crazily, “EH?! What did I do?? You’re the one who just caused me bodily harm you mad woman!”

She glared at me, “Oh yeah? Well I’m pretty sure it’s not going to measure up to the pain that I’ll experience pushing your large freaking kid out of my body!”

My eyes widened, “You’re-“

“I’m freaking pregnant!”



About a week after we found our Kara was expecting, my dad had one of his doctor friends come over to check on our growing baby. It’s a good thing too, because the court was seriously not even going to allow her to have annual check-ups! What the heck kind of BS is that?! What if there was something wrong with my kid??

Kara groaned and closed her eyes, “Let’s just… get this over with.”

The doctor nodded, “Just a second, let me finish setting up.”

Kara groaned once more.


I smirked, “Kara, you do realize this isn’t going to hurt you right?”

She glared up at me, “I’m not worried about the stupid ultrasound! I know that it’s not going to hurt Captain-Obviously-Stupid. I’m just scared that this kid is going to have the size of YOUR head on its tiny body.”

I scoffed, chuckling, “Well that wasn’t very nice. I think I have a nice head.”


While Kara and I were in the midst of fighting, the doctor was already performing the ultrasound.

She cleared her throat, “Well, it doesn’t have a huge head… but it might as well be the same thing.”

Kara shot the doctor a look, “What the HECK does that mean?!”

The doctor looked down at her, “Well, on my screen I see two wiggly little beings and I hear two heart beats racing. So, congratulations… you two are having twins.”


 Kara sat up so fast she knocked the wand right out of the doctor’s hand.

She shook her head, “NO, there has to be some kind of mistake. I can’t be having twins!”

I nervously laughed, “Kara, sweetie, it’s going to be okay. Twins is a great thing! We’ll have two awesome little guys instead of one.”

Kara growled, “I never wanted another one in the first place! I told you to get your balls cut off but you didn’t even listen to me.” She jumped up and nearly knocked the doctor over.

“Excuse me!” the doctor growled, “I don’t understand the big deal here!”


I just stood there awkwardly as tension grew between Kara and the doctor.

“The big deal here is that I already have two sons that I have to look after! I can’t be pregnant with two MORE and keep up with them. Plus I’m under freaking house arrest; I don’t need two more kids thinking I’m a complete failure.” She scoffed, “Besides, it’s none of your FREAKING business anyways you skank! Just take your little wand and get the freak out.”

The doctor shouted, “WITH FREAKING PLEASURE! I was just doing- “ she pointed at me, “His dad a favor anyways! Screw you!”

After the doctor stormed out she looked over at me. Oh sweet lord above, don’t let her kill me…

“You!” she shouted, “You can go sleep on the floor! Get out!”


And that’s exactly what I did. I was not about to argue with a woman who was carrying twins… and who was a skilled killer.


Christmas Eve


Dad looked out the window for the hundredth time. I swear he was WAY too excited for this little Pollyanna Christmas thing. He invited my sister and her family, and I invited Adam. It was going to be so nice to see him again…

My dad stared out the window, “Ryder, could you please go ask Ryan where the thumbtacks are? I still need to hang up a few more things.”

I nodded my head, “Sure thing dad.”


I walked into my brother’s room. As soon as he felt my presence he jumped off his computer and looked away awkwardly. Oh the joys of being a hormonal thirteen-year-old…

I smirked, “Having fun?”

His cheeks blushed, “I was just… looking at cat videos.”

I laughed, “I’m sure. Anyways, dad wants to know where the thumbtacks are. I’m guessing you had them last…”

He looked at me, “I don’t have them… I’ve been in my room all night.” he glared at me, “Don’t even make a remark to that.”

I let out another laugh, “Would I do something like that?” I sighed, “But fine, if you don’t know… then can you at least help me get the gifts ready for tonight?”


“You know I don’t do Christmas…” he sighed, looking down at his guitar.

“Well, I know you don’t like it that much… but I thought maybe if you tried doing something Christmas-y, you’d feel better.”

He rolled his eyes, “I’m not doing some crappy Pollyanna. This whole holiday is a joke.”

It’s amazing how one person will affect your entire outlook on things. Apparently a few years back his mom came around during Christmas time and promised him all these things. She bought him a guitar, was coming over more to spend time with him and even had a family Christmas dinner with them. When the 25th actually did come though… she skipped town. She didn’t say good-bye to Ryan and she didn’t even give him a reason why. The poor kid has been upset ever since…


“DUDE!” I shouted, “Don’t talk like that! Do you want dad to have a heart attack? You know how much he loves Christmas.”

He scoffed, “Yeah, he loves it so much he doesn’t realize how much I don’t. He’s really distracted this year for some reason and I want to keep it that way. I don’t want to do anything, okay? Just get out of my room.”

I rolled my eyes, “Teenagers.”

He growled, “Murderers.”

Why am I not surprised he said that?

I threw up my hands, “You know what? Screw it. At least I tried. You have fun playing with your snake; while I go watch my boys open gifts.”

And with that I stormed out. I seriously don’t need my kid brother getting me frustrated with his freaking attitude.


I walked back out into the living room where my dad was waiting for me.

“Well, where are the tacks?” he questioned.

“I don’t have a freaking clue dad. You’re freaking idiot kid is just getting on my nerves with his mouth.” I steamed, clenching my fist.

He shook his head, “Lord, what did that boy say now?”


Before I had the chance to reply, Tag and Patrick came running out of nowhere! Tag was chasing Patrick with a pretend gun and Patrick was yelling ‘Sweet FREEDOM’!

Tag made shooting noises, “Pew, pew! Get back here dark haired man! You cannot escape from the awesome Tag.”

I turned to them and laughed, “Yeah Patrick, you can’t get away from Tag! He’s a super cop!”


Tag stopped dead in his tracks, “Daddy I’m not a cop! I’m a rock-star! I’m trying to get all my money back from the robber. He took it out of my electric guitar.”

I chuckled, “Oh, well my bad!”


As I was standing there watching my kids play, my dad told me to just forget about the tacks and that he was going to finish cooking. I just nodded my head at him and continued to watch my boys.

I whispered under my breath, “I can’t wait to have two more of you…”

Patrick shouted, “Leave me alone Tag! I told you that this was MY money! You’re the one who stole it from me.”

Tag stomped his feet, “NO IT’S MINE!”

I shouted, “Aright, that’s enough. You two need to go get some clothes on. And I mean pants AND a shirt… Tag.”

Tag rolled his little eyes, “Shirts are overrated daddy.”



Kara waddled out of the kitchen in her Christmas-y outfit. Out of everyone she was the only one who decided to actually get dressed up. It’s funny because dad always said when he was younger he was FORCED to look nice for Christmas.

Kara sighed, “Tag if you don’t get dressed I’m telling Santa.”

When Kara said that, Tag’s facial expression resembled that of a deer in headlights. I guess he gets the point now…

“No mommy! I’m sorry! I’ll go right now!” He yelled out all at once and then dashed up the steps.


Kara sighed, “Hopefully that will get him to put a freaking shirt on.”

I chuckled, “He’s just trying to express his manliness.”

She rolled her eyes, “No, he’s trying to get under my skin by being a little stinker.” she groaned rubbing her big, swollen belly, “I just want these two out of me already…”

I knelt down, face-to-face with my twin babies and kissed her tummy.

“It’s going to be soon enough Kara.” I smiled, “Besides, you match the holiday! You look like a present.”

She smacked my shoulder, “You call me that again and see what happens.”

Oh come on, I was just trying to cheer her up. Such a grumpy preggo!


As I was standing there with Kara, the doorbell rang. I rushed to the front door and found Adam standing there with a huge grin on his face.

“Hey bro.” he smiled, “It’s been a while.”

I know crying isn’t very… manly, but I seriously was about to break down. I hadn’t seen Adam since he had gotten shot! It’s wonderful to see him walking, talking and smiling.

“DUDE!” I screeched, “I’m so freaking happy you’re here! How’s life been treating you?”


I walked out of the house and wrapped my arms around Adam. I just couldn’t fight the urge! As I hugged him, it started to freaking pour down rain.

He laughed, “Holy crap, you weren’t kidding when you said Hidden Springs was random when it came to weather. It’s freaking snowing in Bridgeport!”

I let go of him, “Yeah, I freaking hate this weather – it’s cold one minute and warm the next.” I smiled, “But hey, I heard you adopted a little girl! What’s her name again?”

“Eva.” he chuckled, “She’s my pride and joy. My parents just love her, and she’s gets along with my youngest sister really well – considering they’re both six.”

“You have to bring her here one time!” I laughed, “You know… since I can’t leave this house yet.”

Lightning struck across the sky…

“Uh, yeah, let’s get inside the house before we get hit by lightning or something.”

Adam chuckled, nodded his head.


I walked into the house with Adam, my sister and her family just arriving as I did. Once inside I found Patrick whimpering to himself in the living room.

“Hey bud, what’s wrong?” I questioned.

He sniffled, “I don’t think Santa will bring me any presents this year daddy.”

“Patrick, why’re you saying that? Of course he will.”

He wiped his little tears, “Cause- cause… I forgot to get dressed earlier and-and… mommy was mad and I think I hurt the babies. Mommy keeps being sad a lot and keeps being in pain.”


Okay I think my heart just broke into a million pieces…

“Aw, buddy!” I yelped, throwing my arms around him, “It’s in no way your fault that mommy is hurting. If you want to blame someone, blame daddy. Santa knows that you’re a good boy and that you’re always helping mommy and daddy – don’t beat yourself up kiddo.”

He sniffled, wiping his nose on my shoulder. Just peachy…

“Okay daddy, I believe you.” he let go of me, “Just make sure that you let Santa know to not bring YOU presents.”

I laughed, “Will do.”


Kristy shouted, “What did you get Uncle Ryder?! It’s not the Playstation 3 right?! I know that it’s in there somewhere.”

Sam sighed, “Kristy, stop it. This is about having fun, not who gets the big present.”

Hah, yeah, good one Sam. Like we didn’t do that as kids…


I peeked into my present playfully – just to get them going.

“OH MY GOD!” I shouted, “I can’t believe it!”

All the kids’ eyes went wide.

Ren shouted, “You got it didn’t you?!”

I giggled, “I got… a new perfume called “Enchanted”.  I’m going to be smelling fabulous!”

Ky laughed shaking her head, “You’re ridiculous.”

I chuckled, “No whoever put this in the gift pile is ridiculous. Does anyone know what gender neutral means? Anyone at all?”

Guess not.


After I went, I let Patrick go next. I still just felt so bad that he thought he was hurting Kara – the poor kid.

Patrick squeaked, “I got the Playstation daddy!!”

The girls face went blank and Tag groaned.

“That’s not fair! Daddy, that’s not fair!”

I shook my head. What is it with kids? I mean, for crying out loud… they live in the same house.


Kristy scoffed, “Mommy, but I wanted a Playstation.”

Sam sighed rubbing the back of her neck, “I blame dad. Why’d he have to put that in there and then TELL them it’s in there?”

I shrugged, “Cause dad likes to be a wise a**?”

Sam and Ky glared at me.

Tag shouted, “Daddy said a bad word! Ooooo!”

Crap, I need to stop doing that.


Kara was setting the table and dad was taking the turkey from the counter to set it out.

“Come on guys!” Dad shouted, “Dinner time!”


Everyone started to pile into the kitchen, when all of a sudden… Kara screamed.

“OH GOD IT HURTS SO BAD!” She shouted, “Ryder! I need to go to the hospital – NOW!”


Of course since Kara was in distress they couldn’t just tell her to ‘screw it’ and have a home birth. She was literally in agony and needed medical attention ASAP. So, they allowed her the time she needed to be in the hospital and have our babies. It’s sad that they wouldn’t allow me to go to actually see them be born. Dad however took a picture with his phone while they were at the hospital to show me what they looked like.

Kara had a little girl first whom we named Uriah Terrey – she is 6 lbs 2oz. About a minute later she had a little boy, Val, and he weighed 5 lbs 7oz. Both of my little angels were born bright and early Christmas morning. Now THIS is the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

I mean, I’m sad that I didn’t get to see them come into this world… but I guess the important thing is, is that I’ll always be there for them. It’s all the years that come after this moment… that really count.

Welcome to the world, my beautiful little twins.


Thanks for reading guys! Yay for happiness! I know this generation is just… long. But bare with me guys, I’m slowly starting to point the focus on Ryder’s kids now. I just needed for them to, you know, be all born first… Oh and Uriah is said just like it’s namesake “You-Rye-uh”


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  1. barleylemon says:

    Yay! Twins! They’re so cute!

    Naughty Ryder needs to stop using bad words in front of his kids. Tsk! Tsk!

    Anyway, great chapter! Christmas, mmmm turkey..

  2. Beth :) says:

    Aww the twins are adorable :,) so are the kids.

  3. Minty says:

    Such a beautiful chapter!

    I’m so glad Ryder’s future is starting to look a little brighter. He has four beautiful kids and a loving girlfriend. I’m not really sure there is more he could ask for…

    It was nice to see a lot of the family together. I miss Sam and sass! XD

    Great chapter!

  4. jaec52609 says:

    LOL Tag got the attitude from both sides XD The boys are so cute

    I couldnt help but LMAO when Kara said she was gunna neuter ryder

    LOL Ryder is such a nerd talkin dirty 2 his food lmao

    I love how they pick with each other lol

    YAY TWINS!! 🙂

    when i read
    “I got… a new perfume called “Enchanted”. I’m going to be smelling fabulous!”
    I about died laughing.

    YAY the twins are here 🙂 Uriah is going to be spoiled since she’s the only girl…atleast she’ll be well protected by her 3 brothers (:

    Amazing chpt like always 🙂

    • Jax says:

      Oh my gosh, I know right?! His sarcastic father and his blunt mother! That child is not going to ever hold anything in. I agree, Patrick and Tag are just… I lubble them.

      LOL! She was so serious too. She didn’t want anymore kids, but heh… Ryder made a whoopsie XD

      Haha! He has always been such a nerd 😉 I agree, so do I.


      Of course she’ll probably be spoiled, but you’re so right. NO GUY is going to go near her with two big brothers, and her twin brother. PLUS her dad! O_O Who is gonna mess with her when she has Ryder has her father? And even Kara! Holy heck she’s gonna be single forever XD

      Thank you!

      • jaec52609 says:

        Well and Noah lol….well boys wont be a problem cuz theyll be too terrified to look at her when they learn she’s Ryder & Kara’s daughter lol….poor girl, she’s gunna hate her parents

  5. KittyKatDance13 says:

    YASSSSSS! I was wandering when the Christmas special was coming out… haha! I love Christmas specials, there all so happy! Just what Ryder needed! Tags attidude is adorable! I love how Ryder and Kara can be so fiesty, Its hilarious! Yay Twins, there always so cute! Finally babies from both! They both are so beautiful! I agree the little princess probably will get spoilt! I think her brothers will definatley bug her at times but they will always stick up for each other! 😀 Loved this chapter, you are so creative Jax! Merry Christmas to the Terry’s and a Happy New Year! Thanks Jax, Your Amazing! 😀

  6. KittyKatDance13 says:

    forgot to mention little Patrick! he is growing up so fast! He is adorable. It was so fute when he said Santa’s not gonna bring him anything! 😦 LOVE this chapter! Thanks Jax X

  7. deathcullen says:

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    YES! I knew it. Kara was preggers 🙂 I’m so happy their TWINS! Boy and Girl.. Perfect..well maybe not for Kara. I mean TWINS! ( ok too much caps ) but yeah Great chapter Jax, cant wait to see what they look like! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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    Lol, Tag is such a little turd. He so takes after Ryder. (And I’m sure he has that Persephone attitude somewhere in there.) Nevertheless, all the kids are cute. It’s great to see all the family again!

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  11. jaec52609 says:

    I’m going to miss Ryder when his generation is over…..thinking about it ending is making me wanna cry 😦

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