Chapter 7.17 – The Message

Author’s note: Let’s finally get to those kiddies right?! I know it’s been a long journey through this generation, but now I am pulling more away from Ryder… and more towards his children. Enjoy the chapter everyone! And Happy New Year!


Here is a close-up of Uriah. Her traits are: Loves the outdoors and brave.


And here is Val. His traits are Slob and Eccentric. I love how they have Noah’s eye color Smile

Two years later


Tag’s Point of View

Oh the Christmas babies, the two little miracles, the best presents ever. The list goes on and on what everyone calls my little brother and sister. To me they’re just the annoying babies that get into EVERYTHING! I mean seriously, what does a two year old need with MY game controller or Patrick’s wrestler action figures? They don’t even know how to hold them right!

Besides the fact that they’re destructive… they’re also very convincing. They seriously know how to get things out of the grown-ups; it even confuses me! And I’m pretty awesome.

You know what I like to believe? That Uriah, or Riah as like to call her, is the entire brains behind the two of them. Whatever she does, Val is just tagging along for the right.

Bah! There I go using my name in sentences… Good thing I didn’t say it out loud; everyone always gets on my nerves with that. It’s just a name, no need to be a wise butt!

Uriah grabbed Val’s hand, “Ice ceam! The ice ceam tuck is here!”

Val just stared at her and followed. He’s always so quiet.


Of course my dad being the big softy that he is, he couldn’t refuse his little twins. I mean he’d go out in the pouring rain and get them both a freezer bunny popsicle. I’d just stand by the window and laugh as he had to stretch across the yard to grab the frozen treats. You see, my dad still has one more year left before he’s allowed to leave our house; meaning he’s not even allowed to step on the side walk. Grandpa told me I didn’t need to know why; so I never asked. I’m gonna be eight years old soon, I’m not stupid. I know that if you’re locked inside the house… you must have done something bad – him and mommy both.


Did I mention they were destructive? Yeah, but it needs to be said a million times! Those two babies are just crazy! I remember once Uriah pushed Val up on top of the counter cause they wanted to get the ice cream carton my grandpa had just laid out. I don’t know what it is with those two and that cold treat!

Riah groaned, “Uppy! Go uppy Val. Get ice ceam!”

Val whimpered, “Ouch! Foot, ouch!”

I remember grandpa walked in on them doing that and he just laughed! If Patrick and I were trying to climb all over stuff, we’d get in SO much trouble.


I mean obviously Riah knew that grandpa was standing there. But when she is determined to do something, that little girl doesn’t let anything stop her. She is the most persistent little girl in the entire world.


That is, until my Grandpa states his opinion in a booming voice. I’ll admit, I think my grandpa comes second in the people I’m most afraid of. My mom… no one beats her! You just don’t want to mess with my momma!

“Uriah Rose! What in the WORLD are you doing little missy?? You too Val!”

Riah stopped, leaving Val hanging.

She gasped, “No, no!”

My grandpa chuckled, “No-no is right!”


Then there’s me. The kid stuck with the name Tag. Hey, I’m not complaining, because my name is pretty sick, but still… it can get pretty annoying when people use it in one hundred billion jokes. But that’s not the point I was trying to get too. No, I was trying to see if I could actually get out of going to school today. I have my… reasons.

My dad yelled, “What the he-… I mean, why aren’t you dressed yet?! Patrick is already on the school bus!”

I coughed, “Daddy… I don’t feel so good. I think I might have some sort of disease that calls for me to not go to school today.”

My dad sighed loudly, “Oh really? What’s wrong?”


I grabbed at my neck, “I’m not entirely sure, but I think it could be deadly. I probably shouldn’t risk the other kids getting it. You know, since I’m a nice person and all. You should probably go shield yourself and the twins. I’ll stay up here in my room and not play video games or anything…”

My dad nearly laughed at that one. “You know you can’t lie worth crap?”

I sighed. Well at least I tried…


My dad hopped over some dirty clothes and kicked some toys to the side… just to sit down. He then glanced to his side.

“You guys really need to clean up your room. Jeez.” he looked over at me, “Tag, sit.”

I’m in trouble…


I sat down quickly and quietly. Any sudden movements could possibly make him angrier.

“In my defense, this room was partly destroyed by Val and Riah.” I stated quickly.

My dad rolled his eyes. “This has nothing to do with your room looking like a garbage dump.” he sighed, “This has to do with you always wanting to miss school lately. Tag, what’s up?”

“The sky. The moon. Planes, birds, clouds-“

“Say one more sarcastic thing and you’re grounded.”

I leaned against my hand, “Kids in my class don’t like me. They keep calling me a freak and stuff. It’s been happening to Patrick too, but more so to me.”

My dad’s eyes widened, “What, why?!”


“Well it wasn’t like that at first.” I sighed, “Everyone thought I was really cool and I made them laugh. But then there was this one day where everything just went… sucky.”

“We were in the midst of doing this, I don’t know, gym type activity. I was with the guy coach and all the boys in my class and the girls were with the girl coach. We had to do all these different types of races and all that lame stuff.”


“Coach dude paired me up with some kid that I rarely ever spoke too. His dad is a cop, and don’t ask me how I know that yet. You see, me and him were talking… when all of a sudden he mentioned your name.”

“M-my name?”

“Yeah…” I continued, “He was saying stuff like: ‘Ever hear of that guy named Ryder? My daddy’s a cop and he said he lives in this town and he’s like a mass murderer – him and his girlfriend. My dad even said that his kids are all little murderers in the making and they’re all going to cause destruction one day. Scary, right?’”


“Of course I was curious as to what Ryder he was talking about. So I asked him to describe the guy. To my complete amazement he described you AND mommy to a tee! I shouldn’t have said anything, but I was so angry at this kid. I was so mad that he would say something so mean about my parents! So I said: ‘That’s my mom and dad you’re talking about! They’re not mean people at all. You need to tell your dad to shove IT!’”


“And that’s when all the crap started to happen. Once I told that kid that I was your son, he went all crazy lunatic on me! He backed away from me and kept telling me to get away from him and to not kill him! Why the hey would I even want to kill him?!”


“I remember him running across the entire park shouting: ‘EVERYONE RUN AWAY, TAG’S GONNA KILL US!’ He had everyone in our entire class afraid of me – still afraid of me. No one sits with me, no one talks to me and they’re always picking on Patrick; doing the same things to him.”


“Usually I’m pretty tough, but… I couldn’t help but cry. Some stupid kid made up a rumor about you guys and now everyone hates me. I don’t need them anyways, but… it stills hurts.”


My dad frowned, “Why the heck didn’t you tell any of us this Tag!?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know. I just thought it would be better if I didn’t say anything, or that maybe Patrick would.”

He shook his head, “Never, EVER keep something like this from us.”

“I’m sorry…” I lowered my head, “I wasn’t trying to keep it from you, I just didn’t know how to say it. But dad, I do have a question.”

He raised his eyebrow, “What’s that?”

I stared at him, “That kid was just lying, right? I mean, you and mommy never really… hurt anyone before, right?”


He didn’t say anything. Well, more like he didn’t know how to answer my question; he seemed kind of afraid too.

But then suddenly, he stood to his feet and hovered over me.

“Tag I can’t lie to you, your mom and I have done some bad things in the past. We were mixed up in the wrong things and it forced us to do things… we didn’t really want to do. Do you want to know HOW I wound up in that situation?”

I gulped, “Uhm, how?”

“By lying to my father. Tag I know you’re just a kid, but you’re not a stupid kid. You’re smart and you understand things much more clearly for your age – just like Patrick. I never wanted to tell you these things, but I feel it’s better you knew the truth then to walk around thinking the world is wrong and I’m perfect. Just, don’t lie Tag. Whatever you do in life, don’t get it by lying. You could possibly end up in a hole somewhere – and I’m being serious.”

I looked up at him, “So, you’re telling me that that kid isn’t lying?”

My dad lowered his eyes to the ground, “Like I said, I was trapped in a bad world doing bad things… I’m sorry you had to ever find out Tag. I don’t really expect you to think of me as the same-“


Before he got his last word out, I jumped out of my seat and grabbed him tight.

“Daddy, I’ll love you no matter what you did. I don’t care what anyone says, you’re still the nicest guy I ever knew.”

My dad smiled wide and gripped me tight.

“You’re awesome. I love you kid.” 

I let go of him, “Oh, tell me something I don’t know.” I grinned up at him, “So does this mean I can stay home?”

He let out a loud laugh, “Just for today, then we’ll figure out a new school to send you and Patrick.”

Well… that works for me.



A few months later, not long after turning the awesome eight, I just so happened to, uh, go into Ryan’s room. The adults were in the kitchen talking and Ryan was, well, who cares. All I knew was that I was alone with his awesome guitar. You see, Ryan never lets ANYONE touch his guitar – not even himself. I mean seriously, who owns a freaking guitar and doesn’t play it?! It’s like the best instrument ever!

I debated whether or not if I should actually touch it. I mean, just thinking of the possibility of getting caught had my stomach in knots.

“Well… maybe if I just… touch it for a second.” I looked over at the door and then back, “I’m sure he won’t even notice.”


I took my finger and strummed it along the strings of the guitar. The thing was still in tune? I guess Ryan does touch it after all.

I strummed it again, and again… and again. Over and over I listened to the sweet harmony of the instrument. How I wished I could just pick it up and play it – like all the rock gods.


As I was about to take the guitar off its stand, Ryan walked into the room.

“What the FU- Tag what are you doing in here you little brat?! I told you not to touch my stuff – especially my guitar! You and Patrick never freaking listen! You with my guitar, him always touching my drums! You two are even worse than the twins!”

“Ryan come on! I was just… looking for something. Why would I touch your guitar when I know it’s just supposed to collect dust and rot?”


He glared at me, “Freaking sarcastic little punk. Get out of my room Tag!”

I looked puzzled, “Which way was that again? My memory isn’t that great. You know, since considering to you I’m just a little bratty kid who doesn’t know anything.”

He pointed towards the door, “OUT!”

I quickly brushed past him, laughing to myself. Oh the joy I get out of bothering my angry uncle…



Something Patrick and me like to do is sneak out and go across the street to this little café type place. We don’t do it all the time, no. We only go when we know there are going to be people singing and playing instruments. My bro and me, we so get each other. We both know how awesome music is.

I chuckled, “How long do you think it’s going to take them to notice we’re gone this time?”

Patrick smirked, “I’ll give them an hour.”

Yeah, we get caught so much it’s like an everyday thing now. Grandpa won’t take us over here every time, so we just go ourselves. What’s the big deal?


Patrick and I watched performer after performer. All of them were amazing, but none were as great as Zen Marcus. He only performed here on rare occasions, so we always made sure to be here – right in the front row! His voice was just AWESOME and his songs… can you say amazing? I mean I have no real desire to sing any songs, cause I know I sound like a cat in a blender, but… to be able to play guitar one day for someone like him? That would be living the dream. Oh and of course my awesome little bro on the drums; can’t forget about Patrick.


Zen sung his song and pointed at me.

“Don’t ever let the fire die within you kid. Don’t ever let people tell you, you can’t. You can do whatever you want if you set your heart to it.”

Did he really just say that to me?! Zen Marcus… said that… to ME!


Patrick looked at me, “Did you just hear what-“

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Oh yeah, dude. Oh yeah.”

Freaking… AMAZING.


And cue angry grandpa…

“TAG AND PATRICK!” he screeched, “What the heck are you two doing?! How many times do we have to go over this? You’re eight and seven years old, you can’t be outside by yourself at some shady café! Get up, and COME ON!”

Patrick looked at me, “See? I told you it would be an hour.”

Dang, he was spot on…


Grandpa managed to drop his umbrella in the midst of yelling at us – don’t ask. But after recovering it, he gripped us both out of our seats and shoved us in front of him.

He muttered, “I had to come out in the middle of the night in the pouring rain – kids!”

Oh come on, we’re not THAT bad.


As I was walking back, I turned my head to look at Zen one more time. He was just so amazing; one of my freaking idols.


Even though his show was being interrupted by an old man, and there was freaking rain AND hail pouring down… he still kept singing his heart out. It didn’t matter to him the condition, it just mattered that he got to do what he loved – and he did it the best way that he could!


Once we got back inside the house, Ryan was waiting by the front door with this smug look on his face.

He chuckled, “Well this is what you two get for messing with my stuff.”

He ratted on us?! What a punk face! He’s SO not getting away with that one…



Ryder’s Point of View

As I helped Kara put the twins down for a nap, I couldn’t help this smile that crept over my face. I just can’t believe that in exactly two weeks I’m getting this stupid piece of crap off my leg! I will finally be officially freed! No more walking around the house like a mindless zombie or seriously wanting to beat my head against the wall because I can’t GO anywhere! All of that is coming to an end – well… for me at least.

“Alright Val, you close your little sleepy eyes! It’s time for your nap.”

Val whimpered, “Dadee no. Want play.”

I sighed, “Sorry kid, rules are rules. You take a nap, then you can play.”


As Kara put Riah into her bed, she let out a long and depressing sigh.

I glanced over at her. “Kara, what’s wrong?”

She pulled the crib bars up and locked them shut. She then stared forward, her eyes were like two round jewels; shiny and bright.

“Ryder, I just feel so freaking rotten. It’s like, no matter what school we put the boys in they keep getting tossed aside because of us. I mean, what if something happens to them? What if it gets so bad that-“ she choked back tears.

“Hey!” I stated, “Don’t talk that way; come here.”


I pulled her in close to me; her bodying pressing against mine. I could feel that she was trembling and her body jolted from the tears she tried so hard to hold back.

“I’m just scared for them Ryder. I don’t ever want them to live anything CLOSE to what we lived. I would rather die than let that happen.”

I squeezed her.

“I swear to god I will never let that happen.”

Just then, the front door swung open and slammed against the wall.

Kara and I both pulled away from each other. We exchanged puzzled glances and then I rushed towards the sound.


“Just stay in here Kara, I’ll be right back.”

Of course my guard shot WAY up in the sky when I heard that loud bang – seriously what the heck was that?


Turns out the noise came from my two boys.

My jaw dropped, “No…”

Patrick whimpered, tears pouring down his cheeks.

“Daddy, I don’t… like school.”


Tags eyes were red, cheeks stained with tears.

“Can we pl-please stay home now?”

I can’t believe this! This is all my fault. My kids are being punished for what I did. This pain is something far worse than I have EVER experienced – my kids suffering… because of me.


Thanks for reading guys! Poor Patrick and Tag Sad smile Ever since people found out who their parents are, they have been treated like trash everywhere they go. And now some idiot kids took it upon themselves to try and get a message across. When will the madness ever die?


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32 Responses to Chapter 7.17 – The Message

  1. MoodyFoxx says:

    awhh, such a cute chapter :3 well, the end very sad, poor Tag and Patrick being basically bullied for what their parents were forced to do ;_;
    on another note (lol is this how you say it? xD), I always knew that Ryder would make an amazing father 🙂
    😮 did you create Zen Marcus? I’d love to have him in my game, he’s yummy :3
    oh, almost forgot, the twins are soooo cute *-* they have Kara’s hair colour, right? I can’t really tell O.o

    • Jax says:

      Thanks 🙂 And well yeah… except that part. But other than that, they’re doing okay for themselves.

      Yes, that is how you say it ^-^ Oh of course! Ryder loves his family to bits, they mean the world to him. Zen? Yes I did make him XD Sure, I’ll just have to find him. I made him and then released him in town XD

      Yup! They both do. They have the same eye color and hair color and pretty much the same facial features. They’re ferternal but… very similar.

    And not only were they idiot kids, they were illiterate as well!

    On the bright side, Ryder will finally be free! Will Kara still be on house arrest because of all she did before James?

    Loved the chapter. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Jax says:

      Just idiot kids who don’t understand anything. The little brats >;( Haha! Well I wanted to make sure it looked like some random moronic kids did it. But your comment made me laugh XD

      Ryder had five, Kara had eight years. But Kara got her eight years after Ryder already did one. So she still has some time left.


  3. Rusty says:

    OH HELL NO, OH HELL NOOOOO!!!!!! How dare they even TOUCH THEM BOTH!!!!!
    On another note, the twins are soooo cute! I love how they have kara’s hair and noah’s eyes
    LOVE the chapter Jax :D!!! can’t wait for next!

    • Jax says:

      I KNOW! Disgusting.

      Oh gosh I know. I adore them. Val is so. freaking. HAWT as an adult X_X Words can not express… I love it too 😀

      Thanks!! ❤

  4. Beth :) says:

    No! Poor Tag and Patrick. The kids at school are horrible. I can’t believe the teachers let them do that 😡 I’m glad that Ryder (and hopefully Kara) will be getting out soon 🙂 Stupid kids. And I hate that Policeman who thinks he has the right to tell his kid horrible lies like that, knowing that the kid would spread them 😡 On a brighter note the twins are adorable 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • Jax says:

      Well it probably happened when school was out. The kids were from school, but did not do it AT the school. Sorry, should have mentioned that part. Well the policeman thought he was doing right by protecting his kid… but still… it got WAY out of hand. And it wasn’t actually a lie completely. Kara and Ryder WERE murderers… but still 😦 It’s not right.

      Happy New Year!!

      • Beth :) says:

        Okay, that makes a lot more sense. I still think it was horrible of the policeman to say his kids were murderers in the making. 😦

        Have a great 2013 🙂

      • Jax says:

        Yeah that was just unfair on Tag, Patrick, Riah and Val 😦 They are SO not murderers. They’re sweet hearts!

        You too!

  5. meginthebox says:

    D: D: D:
    I don’t even know what to say. Those other kids are just CRUEL. T_T Tag and Patrick don’t deserve any of that. And I’m sure Kara and Ryder are going to feel responsible for all of this… it’s so sad.

    But I am really excited to see what all of the kids end up wanting to do with their lives. I hope Uriah and Val don’t have to go through the things Tag and Patrick are going through when they get older.

    • Jax says:

      They ARE cruel. Treating poor Patrick and Tag like that. Oh gosh, Ryder and Kara… they probably won’t even want to forgive themselves.

      Haha. Well Tag’s is pretty obvious as to what he wants to do 😉 We shall see Val and Riah later. Val is… interesting xP

      And all will be explained later as to if they do or not.

  6. jaec52609 says:

    AWE….LUSH the twins are adorable ❤ You sure Noah didn't knock up Kara?

    They are Ana & Nix all over again 🙂 but we both now Nix is the brains lol

    LOL I love the picture of Riah pushin Val on the counter and Noah just standing there behind them….its too cute

    Riah is Kara's clone

    And I just realized who Tag kind of looks like….Liam, it must be the hair

    Something tells me Tag & Pat are gunna start a band 🙂

    Well hellooooo Zen lol
    And cue angry grandpa LMAO…oh how i have miss Noah & his angry moments

    My poor boys 😦 Put me in that game so I can whop every person who hurt them lol

    Great Chpt…But they are ALWAYS great

  7. At this rate Ryder is gonna get arrested for killing people again,but oh well I feel bad for those two.

    I also love the two twins,they’re awesome already

    Great chapter!

  8. Lisa or Gandolf or Goof or Krystal says:

    omg i feel so bad for the boys

  9. deathcullen says:

    *Emotional rage* WHO DARES LAY THEIR FINGER ON OUR BOYS! Now I feel very bad for them. To have to go through that. I know when I got bullied it was a nightmare. Put me in there place instead, I beg of you. Okay now that my dramatic-ness (is that even word, I don’t know) is gone, we can get to the brighter side of this comment. I’m glad that Ryder and Kara are now free. And the twins! Words can not describe how adorable and hilarious they are. They remind me of Ana and Nix in a way. Well, Great chapter Jax.

    • Jax says:

      Stupid children who like to believe things they shouldn’t. That’s who. >;( Well, Ryder is free. Kara still has about four years left before she is allowed to do anything. Ryder is probably going to run down the block like four times XD

      Ah, yes, my lovely little twins. I adore them. I honestly love all the kids. 🙂 And haha! Well Riah is fiesty and Val… he’s… you’ll see hehe

  10. ntombi says:

    Ag shame man poor tag and patrick, I really like those two. What does is say on tag’s forehead? This is like the best legacy I’ve read and I read a lot of those!!!

    • Jax says:

      It says “Frek” but it’s meant to be “Freak”. I spelled it wrong on purpose to symbolize that a child wrote it.

      Awww… thank you! 🙂

  11. Minty says:

    This was an adorable chapter until right at the end. I can’t believe some kid has the nerve to do that to Tag and Patrick. I just seriosuly want to hug them so bad…

    Haha I can’t wait to see what Ryder does when he’s finally free. Run around for a while, like you said, I think!

    Riah and Val are sooo cute! Seriously I don’t think there has ever been a Terrey baby that doesn’t look cute. I’m curious to see more of Val’s personality he seems like he’d have a unique personality.

  12. KittyKatDance13 says:

    Aww, Riah and Val are so cute. They both are so adventurous little terrors 🙂 But poor Patrick and Tag, I love them both and I hate seeing them in a state 😦 Ryder and Kara must feel terrible 😦 Noah is the funniest grandparent I seen! 🙂 Great chaptet Jax Love you xxx 🙂

  13. Amy says:

    I feel so bad for little Tag and Patrick 😦 It’s not his fault and he really shouldn’t be pushed around for who he was born to… At the same time people shouldn’t tell their children stuff like that 😛
    And can I just say that I love the name Tag?? It’s so cute and creative 🙂 It shows that you can name your child from anything !

    Love this family, so glad that I caught up 🙂 I put my new legacy up by the way, 🙂

    • Jax says:

      No they should not! But apparently not every parent thinks that…

      I love it too! It’s so freaking adorable. ❤

      Cool! Will check it out 🙂

  14. Carebear728 says:

    Such a great chapter but poor Patrick and Tag 😦

  15. LittleComets says:

    OH. MY. GOSH. – such a good chapter… GET 7.18 OUT SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    poor tag and patrick 😦
    also, what expansion packs do you have?

    • Jax says:

      Thank you 🙂 I will! I have the pictures set up. Just need to find the time to watch it.

      I have all the EPs and SPs except Katy Perry Sweet treat thing.

  16. curchitc says:

    Hey Jax (and anyone who’s interested) I just opened up a new blog for all my legacies and challenges for the Sims 3! If you could have a look it would be great 😉

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