Chapter 7.18 – The Final Decision

Author’s note: Since I’m trying to end this generation – try being the key word – I’m doing a couple time skips to get things pushed in the right direction. Thanks!

Also, this whole chapter will be written in Tag’s point of view. He has the focus right now, but I promise to get to the twins as well when they age a bit more.


Sadness, just… pure sadness. Weeks on end my parents were in a state of gloom and doom that just never seemed to cease. I know they blame themselves for what happened to Patrick and me, but really, it’s not their faults! I sort of opened my mouth on the way home to some kids who were messing with us. Yeah, well… they didn’t like that so much and they took it upon themselves to beat the snot out of us. There weren’t any teachers around, considering we decided to take our bikes home – not a smart idea I guess.

I wish getting beat up was the worst of it, or even the part where my parents were highly depressed because of it… but sadly it wasn’t. The worst part out of all of this, was that word got around about what happened to us, and it didn’t turn out so pretty. People were saying cruel, untrue things about our parents and our way of living.

My dad sighed staring out the window. The rain poured; faint tapping sounds smacked against the glass.

Could this get any more depressing?


To top it all off, my mother was always on edge. She was constantly coming into our room to check on us; to watch over and protect us. I mean, it’s great she wanted to make sure we were alright… but just her doing that gave me bad feelings in the pit of my stomach.

Why the sudden need to be around us so much?


Then came the secrecy. My parents and my grandpa were always trying to avoid us when talking about this certain topic. I never really got to hear much of it, but I knew it wasn’t anything good. I could hear the strained voices and if I had the chance to pass by them… I could see their disgruntled expressions. Something bad had happened but no one was telling us.

I’m just about nine years old! I’m no little kid.


I never completely understood how serious it was until just a few nights ago. My parents were in my grandpa’s bedroom talking when all of a sudden… I heard faint crying. Of course me being me, I had to make sure they were okay. Turns out they weren’t; no they were FAR from okay.


My dad rubbed the back of my mother’s head softly. He whispered in her ear, his eyes tightly closed. He fought so hard to hold back his tears as he gripped my mom tighter.

What the hay is going on?


Why do I feel so left in the dark?



For a while, no matter how much I begged, my parents and grandpa just wouldn’t let Patrick and me know what happened. They kept brushing it off with painful looks in their eyes.

Well… they didn’t let us know until today.

My dad sighed, “Ryan, please take the twins into their room please. I need to speak to my sons.”

Usually Ryan would put up some sort of fight or excuse to as to why he couldn’t. But not today; no, today he just simply agreed and walked away. If even Ryan is beat down… I know it has to be something horrible.


I glanced over at my parents. I cast them a reassuring smile, trying to show-off that everything was going to be okay. My kind gesture only made them look even worse. I just don’t understand…

I looked at my dad, “Ev-everything okay dad?”

Patrick added, “Yeah, are you guys okay?”


My mom hid her face. She cried hard into her hand, squeezing her body tight.

“I can’t do this Ryder!” She screeched, “I can’t look them in the face and tell them.”

My dad placed a hand on her shoulder, “It’s okay sweet heart, it’s okay.” he pointed towards the hall, “You just go upstairs and rest. I’ll-… I’ll do it.”

My stomach turned violently. What didn’t my mom want to tell us??


Mom left the room, tears sweeping back on her cheeks as she ran by. My father sighed loudly and then took in a deep breath.

I looked at him for a moment and then asked, “Dad? Please tell me what’s going on!”

He looked away. He couldn’t even focus his attention on he was so upset. I could tell he was trying to be strong, trying to hold back everything he had in him so he wouldn’t cry.

“We’re- We can’t-… We can’t be your parents anymore.” he looked down at his feet, “Your mother and I have to leave this house without all of you. We were ordered by the government to relinquish our rights of you to them or to someone trust worthy enough. They said if we didn’t stay away from you, we would… lose you for good.”

You know how people use the expression ‘speechless’? That expression fit to my situation so well. I was literally speechless. I couldn’t talk, show emotion… nothing.

Patrick immediately started to bawl his eyes out.

“Daddy, no. Please! Don’t let them do this. How come they’re being so irrational?! You didn’t even do anything wrong!”


My grandpa sighed heavily, “It’s true Patrick, but… we tried everything that we could. For months we fought this lie that your parents were unfit for you. The court just didn’t see it the way that we did. I honestly can’t stand to tell you this, but… they said either you were taken away by them or your parents found someone to take you four full-custody. I could never watch my grandbabies be shipped off to different foster homes. So, I agreed to adopt you guys. I know it’s not the same, but… I’m going to try my best.”

My dad nodded, “He’ll take good care of you. I promise.”

After hearing that, well… I sort of snapped.


I screamed, “So that’s it, huh?! They just tell you no and you leave us for good?! What the heck is wrong with them??? It’s not fair! You didn’t even hurt us! All you did was love us and take care of us. Those people are morons and they’re pathetic for doing this!” I clenched my fist, “Will we even get to see you ever again?!? Or at least call you?? This is all bull! BULL, BULL, BULL!!!”

Patrick screeched, “Wait, will we even get to see you?! What about Christmas and our birthday?!? What about you seeing us become awesome rock-gods? Daddy… you promised you’d always be there to cheer us on.”


My dad honestly couldn’t answer us. He was fighting so hard to stay strong… it was taking everything out of him.

After a bit though, he gathered part of his composure and was able to tell us if we could or not.

“We’re only allowed to see you if we’re being supervised by police. You can’t spend the night, you can’t be alone with us… and it can’t exceed more than six hours. We have to schedule dates to go out in public and house meetings are only twice a month.” he sniffled, “I’m so sorry. I tried so hard… I’ve failed both of you – all four of you.”

Patrick and I glanced at one another and then ran into our daddy’s arms.

“Never.” Patrick stated, “Never, ever will you fail us.”

I nodded in agreement. Because honestly, I couldn’t even get words out anymore. I’ve never been this heartbroken in my entire life.



Not long after that conversation with our parents, they were packing up all their belongings and leaving. They hugged and kissed us hundreds of times and promised they would continue to fight this as long as they lived. They made sure to let us know that they would never give up on us and that they loved us more than anything…


And just like that they were stripped out of our lives… 



After my parents were taken from me, I can’t say that I was the best behaved kid. Patrick acted a LOT better about everything than I did. I was just so filled with anger about everything. Plus grandpa was always so busy with his corporation that he just wasn’t around as much as I wanted. To top it off, he put us in private school. Yeah because obviously that’s going to make a difference to kids about us; they’re still going to hate us…

I screamed, “It’s not my fault grandpa! That stupid kid was bothering the crap out of me; just like ALL the rest of them. I only told him to screw off and he punched me in the gut!”

My grandpa scowled, “So that gives you the right to throw a ROCK at him?! You could have gotten kicked out of school! Do you realize how much money I spend to keep you two in there?! A LOT! Not to mention the babysitter I have for your brother and sister.”

“Who gives a crap?! I don’t even want to be in school anyways! I learn nothing and everyone hates us. Right Patrick?”

Patrick backed up, “I’m- I’m… not getting involved with this one.”

Of course not…


My grandpa glared at me.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses Tag. Just because someone does wrong to you, it doesn’t mean you do wrong to them! You’re never going to win that way! Life isn’t about getting even or trying to look stronger.”

I gripped my hair, “Then what am I supposed to do?! Just let them run my entire life?? I have to stick up for myself.”

Grandpa shook his head, “Not like that you don’t.” he pointed to the stairs, “Now go to your room.”


I marched up the stairs, stomping my feet with every step I took. Patrick followed closed behind, but of course at a safer distance.

I growled, “You always think you replace mom and dad… but you never will!”

My grandfather sighed; he always just sighed when I would say that to him. Of course I don’t really mean it; I never really mean it. I just still haven’t forgiven anyone for what happened. I don’t think I ever will… It’s just not fair to make a kid grow up without their own parents. It’s NOT!


Patrick scoffed, “Why do you always have to give him such a hard time? It’s not even his fault that any of this happened to us Tag.”

I flipped on some music and then hung my head low.

I know… I sighed softly, “I know…”

I feel guilty every time it comes out of my mouth….


Six years later…


Time passed on but things never did get any easier for me. We only saw our parents from time-to-time and people were still fricking morons. What made everything worse was that my little brother and sister were actually… happy – they were always happy. I guess you can say that I’m sort of jealous of them. I wish I could just not remember anything too much and be on my merry way. Sure they know who are parents are, but they’re more used to grandpa than anyone… so the arranged meetings don’t bother them as much.


Now being happy and being a good child are two different things. I know that I can act out, but Uriah is on an entirely different level to my own when it comes to that. Now I’m not saying she’s a brat or that she is defiant per se, but she does have a mind of her own. She feels that what she’s supposed to do and what she actually does are completely justified. So if my grandfather says ‘Uriah time for bed’ she takes that as ‘Uriah, go on the roof and watch the stars in your PJs… while it’s freaking RAINING.’


I love my little sister dearly, but sometimes I wish she’d come back down to reality. Everything is not an adventure and everything is not going to happen the way she wants it to. I get that she’s still a kid and she finds thrill in pretty much everything, but one day she’s going to have to learn different.

Also something else about my sister is that she can’t seem to keep her mind set on doing one thing. I for example love music to death and it’s my whole life. Uriah on the other hand could be in love with space aliens one minute and wanting to be a famous ocean explorer the next. I’ll give it to her that she’s ambitious, but jeez is she a little weirdo.


Oh but it get’s weirder in my family. Uriah is nothing compared to Val. The boy doesn’t speak very often but holy crow the expressions he gives. I don’t know why – I don’t think I EVER will know why – but Val has a serious fascination with… people. He loves to just stand there and stare at pretty much anyone. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing or what the situation may be, the kid is just drawn in by it.

Like quite some time ago my grandpa was arguing with my butt-headed uncle about how he was gone for two days; their fight must have lasted a week. My point is, that without fail, Val made sure to ALWAYS be around to watch what happened next!


His expressions were never of how worried he was of the fight, or how scared he was because there was loud yelling. Nope, he would just stand there in awe. I guess most would find that a bit disturbing… but hey if the kid likes to watch people, I won’t love him any less. As long as it doesn’t turn into something illegal, what could I possibly have against him?


But like I said, that fight was a while ago. My butt-headed uncle is 23 now and pretty much does whatever he wants. My grandpa got him a job at the corporation he runs – which in my opinion was a terrible idea – and now he thinks he’s this big hot-shot.


He met some whore along the lines somewhere – I think she was a secretary or something like that. And now apparently they’re in love and crap. I’m sorry but that chick just wants to be with him for the money he’s making. She could care less about Ryan. But like I said, he’s a butt-head. He’s so clueless I’m surprised he remembers how to tie his shoes properly.

I just thank god he moved out into some apartment with her instead of brining her to live here. Well, more like my grandpa made him move out with her. He was tired of all the… well… disturbances.


Besides, who needs girls anyways right? Music is my first true love. I’ve been alive for 15 years and nothing even comes a little close to how awesome music is. Did I mention that Ryan gave me his guitar? Probably not, but he so did! He was tired of being strapped down to his BS mom and all the crap she put him through. So now he doesn’t care about that guitar anymore. Awesome, right?!

I mean, grandpa was going to get me one eventually… but I still think Ryan’s was the best. I mean mine.


Patrick pounded away on the drums for a moment and then stopped. He glanced over at the clock and his eyes went wide.

“Holy crap dude! Grandpa is going to be home any minute. If he sees this room he’s going to freaking flip his lid.”


I walked over to my guitar stand chuckling.

“Oh come on Patrick, stop worrying. Grandpa hasn’t been home in like two days. You honestly expect him to just magically show up? You know he’s always going about doing his stupid corporation stuff.”

“Yeah, but… we kind of had our friends over when we shouldn’t have. This room looks like a tornado hit it dude.” He climbed off his set, “Come on, just help me out a little.”


I smirked and then picked up my guitar. I started to play a few cords just completely ignoring Patrick.

“Sorry dude, I can’t hear you through all this awesome music.”

He rolled his eyes, “Awesome music? Yeah, I’ll let you know when I hear it.”


I gasped, “Dude, not cool…”

He glared at me,“Then help me and maybe I’ll take it back! I’m sorry I just don’t feel like hearing grandpa scream at us for the 56th time this month! You’re always getting me yelled at.”

“Hey, no one forced you to call up your friends and invite them over to our party. You made that choice on your own.”

He growled, “And you agreed to help me clean up if we threw a party!!”


I chuckled, “Well, I guess we’re both guilty of something then eh?” I strummed my guitar and a sour note played. “Ah, crap. This thing needs a good tuning soon.”

Patrick mumbled, “You need a good tuning…”

I looked up. “I heard that.”

“GOOD!” he shouted slamming himself on the bed. “I refuse to clean this crap up without you. You’re so freaking lazy.”

“I’m a rock-star. We’re all lazy and make messes. It’s part of the job, bro.”


“Right. Of course. Just like it just HAS to be a part of the job description for you to drink booze when you’re only 15.” Patrick growled.

“Hey, my body, my choice. Besides, just chillax. Grandpa won’t ever find-“

The door slammed close and my grandpa stood there gawking at both of us.

“Boys…” he stated firmly, “What in GOD’S NAME is all of this?!”


Patrick sighed, “And here we go…”

“Grandpa!” I exclaimed, “It’s- We were just- You’re home early…”

He glared at both of us.

“I trusted you boys to keep the house clean and watch your brother and sister! But instead of listening to me, you trash your room!? Where in the world are the twins anyways, boys??”

“They’re uh… Well…”



Grandpa marched over to me and snatched the guitar out of my hands.

“You’re not getting this for a while.” he turned his head to look at Patrick, “And you’re not playing drums. I better not even THINK I hear the sound of them Patrick.”

Patrick gulped. “Yes sir.”

I groaned. “Aw come on! It’s not fair! We were just having a little fun. The twins are probably just playing in the basement…”

He scoffed. “For your sake they better not be. They’re ten years old and reckless. If they’re in my basement messing with ANYTHING… you both are grounded.”

“So we’re not grounded now?” WHY the heck did I just ask that?! Mega FACE PALM!

He chuckled. “Oh no, you’re both grounded. But I just meant it would be worse.”


Of course my hot-headed nature peeked it’s head when my grandpa said that. It just seems that I have no filter on the things that go through my head! I just think it and it comes out of my mouth… I have no self-control like Patrick does.

“Why the heck do you even care what we do anyways?! You’re never home! The twins could be freaking digging a tunnel to china and you wouldn’t even know. But you catch us with a dirty room and suddenly it’s the end of the world? BULL CRAP!”

Patrick backed up an inch. Yeah I know… I’m totally done for.

He whispered, “Dude… why’d you say that!?”


My grandpa stopped in his tracks, only slightly turning his head.

“Well… I’m sorry you feel that way Tag. I’m sorry that I’m such a horrible parent to you kids that you feel that I don’t care about any of you. I only work my butt off every freaking day to provide for all of you, but yet somehow… I don’t care.” he scoffed, “Don’t even think you’re getting this guitar back anytime soon Tag.”


“Grandpa. I-I didn’t mean it. I was-”

He held up his hand. “I’m not looking to hear your excuses. I just want you two to clean up this god forsaken room and then get downstairs and make dinner. I’ll go find your brother and sister.”


“NO Tag. Just listen to me for once in your life!”

I hung my head. “Yes sir…”

Lovely, my grandfather hates me. How much more awesome can this day get?


Thanks for reading guys! I apologize for getting this chapter out so late. It wasn’t my intentions… Anyhow, as you can see, things in the kids lives have not been easy. Ever since Tag and Patrick gotten pretty much beat to a pulp, the people in town started to talk. As word does travel fast, especially when you’re the child of TWO ex-murderers, it got to the ears of the government and they made their choice. Noah, Kara and Ryder fought it so very hard… but in the end they still lost. Since then it’s been extremely hard on Patrick and Tag… but more-so on Tag. He just can’t seem to get a grip on his unruly behavior. He doesn’t really mean to act out… but it’s just how he copes with his life. Plus that and his idols are rock stars. He tends to base his life on theirs.


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22 Responses to Chapter 7.18 – The Final Decision

  1. Angel says:

    Loved it, but hated how Kara and Ryder aren’t allowed to see the boys anymore. That’s bullcrap. Sure they’re ex-cons, but STILL. Stupid people. -3-

    I feel bad for Tag, but I can totally understand his personality with all of this.

    Loved this chapter. x3

    • Jax says:

      Ah, I know. But life… tis be not fair eh? 😦 Those poor boys didn’t deserve that. And Noah sure didn’t. He just about finished raising his last kid when he was toppled with four more. He loves his grandbabies though. He’d die for them. We always know that Noah + family = everything 🙂

      Yeah, it’s not entirely his fault that he’s like that… poor kid.

      Thanks Deanna :3 ❤

  2. jeremina5 says:

    Crazy. I don’t understand why Kara and Ryder had to leave. Poor kids….
    Chapters shmapters. This story is so good, you shouldn’t feel the need to rush. 😀
    I kinda get a feel for a good storyline with Tag as heir…the life of a famous rockstar would be intriguing, only if Patrick was his drummer, of course that wouldn’t cause drama, would it? Lol.
    As always, another great update. ♥

    • Jax says:

      Because the boys were being harmed because of them. Well, not “technically” because of them, but they saw it that if they stuck around their children would just continue to be abused. If they exed them out of the equation, they felt they could live without getting harmed. But according to the scars on the boys faces, it doesn’t seem that way. The twins have it slightly easier, but still… not as easy as it should have been.

      Awww… thanks. That makes me feel special :3 I try my best with these story lines! I actually have Tag’s storyline planned out pretty far in chapter depth. But to be fair, I’ve been trying to come up with story plans for the twins as well. I have ideas, just not as much as I have for Tag cause he was around longer. Ah yes, what could go wrong with Tag and Patrick being in a band together? 😉 Nothhhhiiinnnnnngggg of course 😛

      Thanks! ❤

  3. deathcullen says:

    *fails at holding back tears* I can’t belive the goverment would do such a thing! Taking paretns away from their children. Ryder and Kara didn’t do anything wrong!

    I like Tag. He is an awesome teen. Along with Patrick. The twins. I still can’t get enough of them. I’ve noticed that Noah has a few grey hairs already. He’s getting older already. Oh Tag you shouldn’t have said that to your grandpa. He’s worked his butt of for you and your siblings. Noah was right in taking your guitar away.

    Aamzing chapter, Jax!

    • Jax says:

      I know, it’s cruel and rotten! Uncalled for on many, many levels. But the government can do as they so please unfortunately….

      I like Tag too! I’m digging his personality he’s growing into. Not saying he won’t have his ups and downs… just saying he’s a good guy. Patrick as well. They work together nicely. I know! I love those twins. I don’t know what it is with me and making twins stand out like a sore thumb XD I have a knack for it I suppose 😛 Yup! He’s getting up in age there. I believe in-story he would be about 59-60 years old. So he’s a pretty hot looking grandpa, eh? 😉

      I know he shouldn’t have :/ But his mouth… he get’s that from his parents. They should be so lucky that Tag doesn’t have a mouth like a truck driver. But Noah has taught those boys some serious respect over the years. Even if Tag doesn’t always show it per se… I agree. He very well did need to take stuff away from them. Bad boys.


  4. kokobo63 says:

    Like father, like son. Tag sounds just like his father was at his age, whereas Patrick seems to be the voice of reason. Sound familiar? I hope that Tag can learn to make the best of his situation, before he gets into something too deep, like his dad did.

    • Jax says:

      Voice of reason? Ehhh… more like “I don’t want to get in trouble again.” Patrick and Tag BOTH trashed that room and were doing things they shouldn’t. Sure Patrick didn’t drink anything like Tag, but he’s just as guilty… but doesn’t express it out loud to his grandfather. Tag has more of a temper than Patrick but he’s far from “voice of reason”. Just like… “Get your crap together, I’m tired of getting yelled at.” Hehe.

      Tag is like his father in some ways, in then in other ways he isn’t… You’ll see.

  5. jaec52609 says:

    That’s bull that they’re making Ryder & Kara leave the kids…Poor Tag & Pat 😦 I’m glad Noah is adopting them….

    Noah is getting too old for all this -_-
    Ryans hormones are talking, not his heart smh
    The twins look so much like Noah…Are you sure they’re not Noah’s? lol

  6. Minty says:

    Aww it sucks that the government are making Ryder & Kara leave the kids. I know they were former murderers and all but I seriously doubt they’re going to physically hurt their own kids. You handled that scene very well might I add so props to you 🙂

    Val looks a lot like Ryder did as a child…facial wise anyway. He and Riah are so adorable! I love their individual personalities and can’t wait for you to develop them more.

    I have a soft spot for Tag. I feel sorry for him losing his parents but he doesn’t have any need to take it out on Noah like that. Afterall Noah is just trying to be a decent foster father…

    Great chapter!

    • Whew. I actually had to stop mid-chapter to sort out my feelings. Or you know, try to smush them back together because they’ve been OBLITERATED. I mean, words can’t express how much I adore Kara and Ryder and then…and then…BRB AGAIN.
      I guess I can understand from the government’s point of view but STILL. NO.

      As for the boys, HOLY COW PATRICK IS SO BEAUTIFUL and I’m LOVING Tag. The two make a crazy fun team. They actually managed to cheer me up.

      Poor Noah, though. It makes me angry when he gets a hard time. He deserves a nice quiet life with love, cookies, massage chairs, and a sunny disposition. Hugs.

      Beautiful chapter, although it had me going GOSH DANGIT for about an hour.

  7. Rusty says:

    OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!
    Ok I think you can tell im sad and mad(not at you, those government shuckheads)
    this was really sad :””””(

    But on the other hand… I just ADORE the twins!! THEY ARE ADORABLE!! And I really hope its duel heirs! I cant have the twins be split up!!! I vote for them, although it’s early and don’t have a lot of info about them. Oh whatever, please make it a duel heir! Ana and Nix ALL over again!!! 😀

  8. Wow,seems like the people that make the laws and whatnot are total assholes.
    But as always great chapter.

  9. Emy says:

    I’ve finally caught up! Yaaaay!!

    Firstly, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. D: They went through all that to have it ripped away from them again. Nooooooooooooooooooooo. D: I’m… kind of glad they didn’t get off completely consequence free, though. That wouldn’t have been realistic. But still. 😦

    Oh, Tag. :c Silly boy. Poor Noah, he’s only trying to do what’s best for his grandkids. :c I really like Tag! I kind of hope he becomes the heir… but I’m guessing that Uriah and Val will have some awesome stories too! 😀

    This generation has had so many twists and turns! Congrats for keeping up with them all! 🙂

    Also, I’ve been vanished off the face of the earth for like six months, but I’m trying to be around more now. If you ever want to talk about sims or anything, just message me on FB. 🙂 ❤

    • Jax says:

      I’m so happy you caught up! And on both blogs at that. Awesome job there Emy.

      Ah, that’s why I had to have such a twist there. But when you think about it, they went through hell and back before they actually got to live a some-what normal life for once. Ryder and Kara still had jail-time and then house arrest. Plus as a bonus they’ve been living without their babies for six years. It’s so very painful 😦

      Ah, that boy is just, well, a tough one to deal with. He means well at times, but… he’s filled with a lot of anger. He needs to change his outlook, but we all know THAT is going to take some time 😉

      Thank you! It was SO not easy… XD

      Of course! I would love that. :3 ❤ Thanks for the offer.

  10. Trini228 says:

    I just started reading this legacy recently but it is really good. I’m sad though about Kara and Ryder leaving though. 😦

  11. KittyKatDance13 says:

    I dont want Ryder and Kara to leave, it makes me cry. But i bet the next generation will be great! C: I feel s

  12. KittyKatDance13 says:

    … I feel so sorry for Tag and Patrick, it must all be so hard on them. Im glad the twins are getting on fine, I just hope they wont get annoyed at anyone f

  13. KittyKatDance13 says:

    … for this when they get older. Sorry this keeps coming seperate Jax. But this was an amazing generation I am so excited f

  14. KittyKatDance13 says:

    … for what comes next. thanks Jax love you xxx C:

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