Chapter 7.21 – Spilt Choices (Val and Uriah’s Part)

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Noah’s Point of View

Stressful really isn’t the word to describe how I feel most of the time with these kids. But, although stressful, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I love being their grandpa and their father in the absence of my son. I will say I’m getting too old for this job, but eh, it is what it is…

I stepped into the twins room; glanced around once.

“Where is that boy? I told him to go clean up his toys in the living room…” I sighed.

As I was about to turn around and leave the room, I noticed a binder open on Val’s bed. Of course being the nosey person that I am, I decided to take a little peak. What? I’m his parent, I’m allowed to be curious…


I walked over to his bed and flipped a few pages inside the binder. What I read… completely blew my mind.

“What in God’s name??” I questioned, skimming some more, “A mom hit a kid with a stick?? He went into some old woman’s house?! What is THIS??”


I closed the binder and then straightened myself out. I stared blankly across the way –  trying to take everything in. I mean, of course I always knew Val was a little different than the other three… but I never thought for one moment it was this serious. He’s… he’s messing with people’s heads.

I shook my head and took in a deep breath. “I need to go have a talk with him – NOW.”


I frantically searched around the house for my youngest grandson. It only took me a minute to find him in the living room scribbling something down on a small sheet of paper.

I went behind him and snatched it from his hand. I did a quick glance over it and shook my head.

“What IS this Val?! And what is the binder in your room??”

He only glanced up at me; he refused to say anything.

“ANSWER ME.” I stated loudly, “Why do you have pages and pages of- “ I held up the piece of paper “Things like this??”


He shrugged his shoulders; his eyes never leaving mine.

I rubbed my temples and sighed deeply. “You know perfectly well, Val. You’re not a stupid kid – that’s for sure!”

“It’s interesting.” He finally answered, “I like to see what happens to people.”

My eyes went wide; a small chill ran down my spine. Hearing Val speak in full sentences actually surprised me a little. I never heard the boy talk that much at once! But that was the least of my concerns right now – my grandson was doing things that weren’t… natural. Honestly it wouldn’t raise any type of concern to me… if I didn’t know who his parents were. I’m not saying he’s going to do anything like that, but I want to stop this now before it gets out of control. I can’t go through what I went through with Ryder again… I just can’t.



Val’s Point of View

It’s interesting how one small notebook of information can set someone off the deep end. What’s even more interesting is the fact that people believe everything they read. My Grandpa did ask about it and question it, but most people would just assume that since it’s written down on paper or on the web… it’s just automatically true. However, in my current situation, not everything that was read by my Grandpa was true – some yes, but not all. I was curious as to what his reaction would be if I just somehow… accidentally left it laying about.

To say I expected my Grandpa to call me crazy, in so many words, is not at all true. I thought maybe he would freak out a bit or go off the deep end in punishment, but never did I expect for him to bring me to the nuthouse – as Uriah called it.


I slowed down as we approached the door. What boggles my mind the most though is that someone would create such a place for people. I mean, why is there a special place to put people when they’re different? If anything, the more different people are… the better. A world filled with everyone who acts the same and talks the same? Why do humans strive for such an achievement?

Grandpa grabbed my hand, “Come on Val… we need to hurry up.”

I sighed softly under my breath but agreed to follow.


We sat in the waiting room in silence. Grandpa tapped his foot impatiently as he stared off into the distance. I, on the other hand, observed the other children. There was a boy and a girl sitting on the floor playing with their toys; they mumbled to themselves and made noises for each of their toys.

Grandpa reached over and laid a hand on my knee.

“Are you alright Val? Is there anything you want to tell me?” He questioned sincerely.

I looked down at his hand and then back up at him. I shook my head no and then turned away.


Grandpa shook his head slightly, “Alright Val..”

My grandpa never looked at me or spoke to me this way at all before he found that binder… It just goes to show that anything, no matter how small, can change the human mind.

I looked forward and thought for a moment.

I want to try something.


Just as the thought crossed my mind, the woman I wanted to see came out of her little office. I knew what she was; she was here to try and make sense of my so-called crazy behavior. I have to say, I never knew someone could actually hold a job position doing such. Sure, I knew people studied the human mind… but I never knew you were actually allowed to get paid to get inside of it.

“Val Terrey?” She smiled, “Could you come back with me please sweetie?”


I shifted off of the chair and took a step towards her.

“Alright, I’m ready for my appointment. Let’s just get this over with!” I huffed.

Both the woman and my Grandpa stared at me in awe – more so my Grandpa though.

He swallowed, “I-I never heard him talk like that before; the boy barely says a word!”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, okay… sure Grandpa.”

I swear at that moment I think his eyes almost popped out of his head.

“Let’s just go lady. I have video games at home that are waiting for me!” I demanded.


The woman, who introduced herself as Pam, lead me to my seat. She kept eyeing me up and down – cautious as to whether or not she should believe my little charade.

“Val, your Grandpa tells me that you’re usually the quiet type.” she continued, “So why the sudden change of heart?”

I sighed, “I don’t know what Grandpa is talking about; I thought he just brought me here because I’ve been acting up and stuff.” I crossed my arms, “I don’t know why he thinks bringing me to a loony bin is a good punishment. I mean seriously, all I did was write down some fake notes about people.”

She sat up straight; rubbed the side of her cheek.

“Fake notes?”


“Yeah, fake! You know? Like make believe, imaginary, not real?” I chuckled, “Like what most of the kids out in that waiting room believe is their reality.”

“Tell me Val…” she questioned, “Why would you make up these fake situations?”

I shrugged; laughed a little, “Because I was bored and wanted to see a vein pop on Grandpa’s face!” I sighed, “Can I go home now? Being here is stupid!”


After I had spoken my last sentence, Pam and I sat there in silence. I had the woman completely baffled and unsure of what to believe. Here she has a very concerned Grandfather telling her his Grandson is off his rocker… and then next she has a normal kid in front of her. Ah yes, the reaction on her face is completely priceless.

“Well…” she stammered, “I’m just going to go have a talk with your Grandpa and then you can go home. Alright?”

I huffed, “Finally!”

Pam climbed out of her seat. I saw out of the corner of my eye as she walked by that she gave me such a puzzled glance. She also kept sighing and rubbing her temples – obvious signs of complete confusion. See? Like I said, a simple thing can change the entire perspective of someone. The human brain is so fascinating.



Pam diagnosed me as normal to say the least. She didn’t want any follow-up visits or any new information about me. To her, she just saw a normal child who played a serious prank on his Grandpa. She told him to maybe keep an eye on me more and to help me understand that writing bad things about people is, well, bad. Honestly, Grandpa can’t even look at me the same – yet again. His outlook has changed on me for a third time. I’m curious as to how many times I can get him to change it without him realizing it.

“Val, did you clean your room like I asked you too?!” Grandpa screeched.

I didn’t say a word. I just simply sat there and continued my homework.

He came into the room, “Did you hear me??”

I nodded slightly.

After I had nodded Grandpa walked out of the room in a huff. I heard him mumble under his breath that he just couldn’t understand me or my way of thinking. That one day I’m this quiet, needy child… and the next I’m screeching and demanding to play video games. He doesn’t know what to think – and that’s the way I want to keep it. My identity is my personal secret.


And since I am still a kid and I like to have a little fun here and there… I planted some more notes around the house for others to find. If I can confuse them, you bet your butt I’m going too.


Four years later…


Years passed. There was never a dull moment in that time that passed either. After everything happened with Tag, Grandpa kind of went in a state of rage and depression. It was interesting to observe to say the least, but I still felt a pain in my heart to watch him suffer so much. I can’t say it was easy to watch Tag either…

But that was a while ago. My main focus now is geared completely around finding a way to be a therapist. Ever since that incident I had as a kid visiting that woman Pam… I’ve been completely drawn to it. Everything about that line of work screams my name.

I clicked through different websites.

“There has to be something here for me…”


I mean, of course there are plenty of schools out there offering schooling for future therapists… but nothing has caught my interest. I want to make sure I’m getting the best of the best. Studying people is my life; my dream. I don’t want to just pick any school to attend too.

“Val!” Grandpa shouted, “Did you go to the store and pick up the milk yet??”

I sighed under my breath. Grandpa has become so dependent on me ever since Tag and Patrick left. You see, after a while I pretty much stopped harassing my Grandfather. I just kind of did as he asked and allowed him to use me as his crutch. 

“No…” I answered back.

The no harassing thing kind of stopped my absolute silence as well. I won’t say that I’m the most talkative person (it’s not in my nature) but I force myself to allow some communication to my family. As a kid I didn’t care who I messed with, but as I got older I learned that some things are more important than messing with one’s mind.


I pushed back my seat and groaned. Sometimes I just don’t feel like doing anything. I hate to be interrupted when I’m completely focused. It throws me off and makes me irritated.

“Well, can you please go and get it?? I must have asked you at least four times!” He boomed – his voice echoing through the halls.

“Alright!” I screamed back, “I got it!”

“That’s all I ask, kid.”


I grabbed the keys to Grandpa’s car off of the wall and slammed the front door shut. I was in no mood to go out and get a gallon of milk because Grandpa wanted cereal.

I took a breath and gripped the steering wheel.

“I have no need to be angry.” I sighed, putting the keys into the ignition.

And with that being said, I sped off into the dark in search of the oh so needed milk.


As I sped down the road, the most obscure sight came into my line of vision. I didn’t even give it much thought when I saw the woman. I just sort of stopped the car in a quick halt; allowing the vehicle to screech.


I didn’t even pull the keys out of the ignition before darting out of the car. Heck, I didn’t even manage to close the door. My mind was completely focused on figuring out why this woman was in a fountain… in the middle of the night.


I ran forward, nearly tripping over my feet.

Before I had the chance to open my mouth to speak, the woman spoke first.

She sniffled, “I want my mommy.”

I was taken back. Did… did she just ask for her mother?

“I’m sorry?” I questioned.

“I want my mommy! Where is she?! She promised she would come back for me.” She cried out, throwing her face into her hands.


I stood there for a moment taking in everything I just heard. So this woman, who looks to be at least 20, is asking where her mother is. It’s like she has no recollection of who she is whatsoever.

“Get away from me, I’m not allowed to talk to strangers.” She sniffed, wiping away some of her tears.

“How old are you?” I questioned her. I was beyond fascinated at this point; this was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in my life! It was completely mind-blowing!

“I… I think I’m five. I don’t know. Just leave me alone!” She screeched.


I stared at her, trying to keep eye contact,“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m not going to hurt you Miss.”

“EW! Don’t call me Miss, I’m not an old person. That’s yucky.”

I sighed softly, “Right, my apologies. I mean, uh, little girl. You don’t have to be scared.”

“Yes I do. My mommy always taught me that you should be afraid of strangers. You’re a stranger so go AWAY!” She screamed, stomping her foot. A splash of water hit her in the face and she started to cry.

“I just want to go home!”


I stepped forward, holding out my hand, “Here, let me help you out of there. You’re going to catch a cold standing in that freezing cold water.”


“Come on!” I stated, still holding my hand out, “I promise to… to bring you to your mom.”

“You’re lying!” She boomed, stomping once more. This time however she couldn’t keep her balance and she fell head first into the water.


My first reaction was to rid of my coat and shirt and climb quickly into the fountain. I hoisted her up from the water; draping her arm tightly around my shoulder.

“It’s going to be okay, I got you.” I grunted, trying my best to hold her body weight against my own.

She cried, yanking her arm from my grip.

“No, no, no!” She ran through the water towards the edge of the fountain.

My God, this woman doesn’t give up! Whoever taught her about stranger danger… really grilled it into her head.


She stepped onto the platform of the fountain and tried to jump out. However the edges were very slippery and, once again, she fell flat on her face.


I jumped out of the water and grasped her into my arms. She wailed uncontrollably into my shoulder – finally admitting defeat.

“Just please take me home. I wanna go home. I’m scared… I’m so scared!”

I tightened my grip around her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try whatever I can to help you out. I won’t let you be alone. I promise.”




Uriah’s Point of View

Can you say disgusting?? I mean, would you just look at this awful, itchy dress Grandpa put me in?! It’s like no matter how many times I try to tell him I hate dresses and frilly girly things… he still insists on putting me in them! Just because I’m a girl, doesn’t mean I want to act like one! I’m SO not a priss…

Grandpa placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Aw, would you look at you! You’re so freaking cute.”

I looked up at him and scoffed, “Can’t I be cute in something comfortable??”


Grandpa sighed, “Uriah, I have to go to an important meeting and I need you to look your best. I would have just sent you with your brothers, but they kind of had a no girl rule thing going on today. So you’re stuck with me whether you like it or not.”

I groaned, “But this sucks major balls!”

Grandpa gasped, “Uriah Marie – watch your mouth young lady!”

“Why?! You never say anything to Tag or Patrick when they say stuff like that!”

He rolled his eyes, “They’re boys… they’re going to say crap like that. You’re not a boy, you’re a little princess.”


I threw my hands to my sides and groaned once more. I don’t want to be a freaking fruffy princess! I hate girly things! I hate being clean; I hate being proper! I hate that Grandpa tries to make me into Aunt Sammy!

I stomped away.

“Uriah… you better watch your attitude.”

I scoffed, “Yeah, whatever.”



Not too much longer after Grandpa practically forced that dress on me, we got in his car and drove off to meet some man. The dude’s choice of place was this low-lit bar just outside of the city.

He looks like a total douche…

“Jeez, it’s about time you showed your face Noah. I’ve been sitting here waiting for you forever.” he took a puff of his cigarette and blew some smoke, “Who’s the pipsqueak?”

Pipsqueak?! Okay yeah, MAJOR douche!


Grandpa pushed me forward a little bit.

“This is my Granddaughter Uriah. I’m sorry Harvey, I don’t want her to be any distraction or anything. I just had no choice but to let her tag along – her brothers are out doing their own thing.”

Well, Grandpa… it’s nice to know I’m just some distraction.

D-bag stood up and flashed me a smile, “Nah, the kid’s alright Noah.” he looked up at Grandpa, “ But we really do need to discuss those offers, alright?”

Grandpa started for the table, “Yes, of course! Let’s not waste anymore time.”

Oh, did I mention that Grandpa kind of slipped more out of the law firm and went more into business? He likes to sell and trade products or whatever. I’m not really sure on the details; I don’t pay attention to boring stuff like that.


Grandpa sat down at the table with stupid face while I just kind of lingered about. I was bored out of my mind just listening to those two talk about boring crap that I don’t care about! So I just sort of started spinning in circles and then at one point I was making a bunch of random noises. I couldn’t help myself…

Grandpa shot a look at me and mouthed “Stop it.”  I of course didn’t listen and just continued to do what I felt doing. I’m not trying to be bad, I’m just trying to not be BORED!

“Uriah!” Grandpa demanded, “Go somewhere else. Now.”


I groaned. Why is it that I always get yelled at? I can’t do anything without Grandpa always saying something to me. I wouldn’t get as mad as I do if he’d yell at my brothers for the SAME things! I hate how he always uses the excuse that they’re boys. My dad is a boy, does it make it right that he did bad things when he was younger?! Douche face is a boy, does it give him the right to have a poopy attitude?! NO. You don’t get privileges because you’re a DUDE!

“Fine. I can tell when I’m not wanted.” I mumbled under my breath.


After leaving Grandpa’s presence, I went wandering around the icky looking bar type place. Well, okay, it wasn’t actually a bar… but they did serve liquor – I learned that word from Tag. After wandering for a bit, I found myself in the woman’s bathroom.

“This sucks! I can’t even enjoy my freedom to explore because this stupid dress is driving me insane and these shoes are WAY too tight!”


I don’t really know what came over me, but I suddenly gave into the urge to just… rip my clothes off.

I lowered my hands to my sides and tugged up the stupid thing.

“SCREW THIS DRESS!” I shouted and then kicked off my idiotic shoes.


Yeah, I totally lost my marbles after that adrenaline rush; I didn’t care who saw me. In fact, I was so fed up I went and grabbed the microphone from the karaoke bar and started singing. I wasn’t even singing the words to the song playing, I was just making up whatever I wanted.

“I’m not a princess… I hate that word! Had to wear an itchy dress cause Grandpa’s a TURD!”


It drew attention from the restaurant owner to say the least…

“EXCUSE ME!? What the heck do you think you’re doing young lady?? That is for paying customers only! And even so, you’re way too young to be using that. Plus where the heck are your CLOTHES??” she pointed across the room, “Get off of that platform now and go to your parents!”

“Get off the platform? Well if your insist…” I smirked.


What? She said get off the platform… so I did. I’m just going to use this table instead! I nearly tripped trying to get up there, but I played it off smoothly.

“Oh you little wise- GET OFF!”

“Sorry, can’t hear you over all the music! You’ll have to speak louder!”


“Boy’s suck, they’re not even cool! Girl’s are awesome, we’re so cool!”

Okay, I sounded horrible… but I honestly didn’t give a crap. I was just venting in my own weird and extremely obnoxious way. But when have I ever done anything normal? Never, that’s when.

“If you don’t get down right now, I’m calling the cops!” The lady screeched over the loud music.

Seriously if this lady was so bright, why didn’t she just shut it off on me? It really goes to show how dumb people are.

“Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but you can turn it off… you stupid lady.”


“URIAH!” Grandpa screamed, “What in GOD’S name are you DOING!?”

The moment I heard Grandpa scream that loud… I dropped the mic. The woman who was screaming at me previously shut off the machine and grabbed the mic off the table. She gave me a really dirty look as she walked by me too. Yeah, go ahead and be mean to an eleven year old who hasn’t even grown into her boobs yet. Just, go right ahead and have an attitude towards a little kid.

I laughed nervously, “Eh… Hi Grandpa?”

“Don’t you ‘Hi Grandpa’ me! Where the heck are your clothes?! And why are you singing on a table? Good lord…” he grabbed the bridge of his nose, “I can’t BELIEVE you would do this…”


Harvey scoffed, “You should keep a leash on that thing.”

Grandpa didn’t even say anything to his comment. He just marched over to me and grabbed me off the table.

“You’re in SO much trouble.” he growled into my ear.

Well, I figured as much…


Grandpa held onto me for dear life. He didn’t even bother to ask where I put my clothes or even try to go get them. I think he was so embarrassed by what I did that he just wanted to take me and run.

Harvey scoffed, “I’m sorry Noah, but I think I might have to reconsider our deal. You obviously have much bigger problems to deal with.”

Grandpa sighed, hanging his head down low.

“I understand…”

And with that being said, Grandpa carried me outside into the nippy fall weather. After getting outside, he then proceeded to open the passenger door to his car and then stick me in it. To say I feel horrible is an understatement; I never meant to get Grandpa in that much trouble…


Four years later…


Years have passed since I’ve pulled any charades like I did in that bar place. I’m not saying I’m some perfect kid, but I learned to just go with more of what my Grandpa said. I never really felt better for costing him such a huge loss on his company – it really put a downfall on everyone. Another reason is that I just didn’t want to cause him anymore stress. He’s getting up in age and he’s already been through enough crap with the four of us – especially Tag.

So, instead of being such a huge pain in the arse for my Granddaddy… I took up a babysitting job for this little girl named Terra. Her parents are total snob buckets – all they care about is social status and money. Poor Terra doesn’t have any bros or sisters either… so she pretty much just hangs out in her room. Well, she has the maid lady… but who wants to freaking play with a maid? That’s dumb.

“Alright, so remember to just… have her not touch anything in my office this time. I don’t want all of my papers out of order again! You don’t realize how frustrating that is when I’m trying to keep track of everything.” Salem, her father, demanded.

Justine, her mother, scoffed from near the doorway.

“Would you please hurry, darling? I’m tired of standing here in these heels. You know I only have a certain amount of standing time.”

Someone should honestly hit her in the head with a broom stick. She’s so sickening to listen too! Good GOD!


I chuckled nervously, “Pfft, fine. I’ll make sure Terra stays out of there this time. I mean, the kid was only trying to have a little fun though.”

In all honesty, it wasn’t even Terra who bombed the place. I was in there looking for some beef jerky the maid put in there. What? I was hungry. Besides, this stuck up bubble butt needs to not be so, well, stuck up. Sometimes I just want to tell him and Cruella to pull those tree branches out of their buttholes. But they pay me, so I’m nice. 

He rolled his eyes, “Young ladies do NOT need to be having reckless enjoyment! If she wants her fun, she can play in her room for one hour. After that she needs to read and study her schooling. We do not need to have a dimwitted daughter!”

Every time he talks, I stick an imaginary finger gun to my brain and pull the trigger. Seriously… he needs help – they both do.

“Right, I got it – no enjoyment. I’ll make sure to enforce that.”

No I’m not…


“Salem! I have been standing here for a full two minutes; we need to get to the art gallery before the Henderson’s do!” Justine growled, “You know my ankles are going to swell at this rate!”

Oh her and her cow ankles can shut it…

Salem sighed, “Right, yes of course. I’m coming now my dear.” Salem looked at me one last time, “Remember what we’re paying you for.”

I sarcastically saluted him, “Aye aye Captain.”

Since he had no time to make even the slightest comment on my sarcasm, he just kind of grunted and walked off with the wicked witch. God, I love getting paid to play with a kid AND bust their chops… It gives me joy.


After Terra’s awful parents left, I went in search of the little munchkin. It’s crazy how those two idiots could produce such a fun-loving, carefree little girl. She reminds me of me so much in so many ways.

I walked into Terra’s room and smiled, “Hey kiddo, what’s up?”

Terra was in the midst of grabbing her toy unicorn until she heard me. She stopped, turned my way and grinned.

“Riah! I missed you!” She squeaked, “It’s been, like, forever!”

I chuckled, “I was here two days ago.”

She sighed, “That’s really long in prison time…”


I plopped down on her bed, “Well, I’m here now. So we can do whatever you want. You know the deal… I’ll let you have fun, but you have to promise not to ever tell.”

Terra rolled her eyes, “No really? I thought I would just run into their arms and tell them everything about my day. Come on, they’re my parents. They don’t care what I do – unless it’s benefiting them. Like learning the piano; why would I want to do that?! I’m six! I want to play with toys!” She screeched, grabbing for a random toy on the floor, “Now this is entertainment.”

I chuckled softly, “Kid, your parents are total wackos. I’m sorry if I’m being too honest.”

Terra giggled, “I already know how they are, you don’t have to tell me.”


After stating that, she gave me a sly look.

I stared at her puzzled, “Okay, weird. Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Because I just got an idea…” she smirked.

Of course the thought of some new scheme perked my interest to it’s peak. I can’t help it, I love doing stuff I’m not supposed too. I can thank my parents for that one. I mean, I would never go as far to get myself landed in jail, I don’t think, but… my interest in wrong stuff, is definitely inherited through them. I swear it.


I sprung up and leaned over the side of her bed.

“I’m listening…”

Terra looked down at her toy and then up at me.

“What would you say if I asked you if you wanted to run away with me?”

I raised a brow, “I’d say… Eh, what??”

“You know what I’m saying Riah.” she stated,“I want to run away from here. I’m so tired of being cooped up in a house all day with a crazy maid who always thinks someone is breaking in. I swear she says that like five times a day.”

I had to laugh at that one because of how true it is. Only God knows why that woman is so afraid of her own shadow…


I stood to my feet and glared at her, “You’re serious about this?”

She stood as well, “DEAD serious. Just take me away from here Uriah. You and I both know that we hate our sucky lives. Your Grandpa is always too controlling over you and my parents suck monkey butt!”

“Yeah…” I agreed, “Our lives DO suck! Let’s do this Terra – me and you. You’re the only friend I got anyways, so might as well be you I run away with.”


“REALLY?!” Terra gleamed, “You really mean it?! We’ll actually get away from all this stupid controlling stuff and get to do what we want???”

“Heck yeah!” I screeched, “We’re going to run the world, kiddo!”

“AWESOME!” She giggled, “So, how do we make our escape? Do we just use the front door?”


I glanced over my shoulder, smirking, “Nah, that’s too easy. We have to make this a little bit more fun. I have the perfect idea…”

Terra laughed, “Ooo I like that sound of this.”


My perfect idea was to sneak past the maid. Sure, we could have easily taken one of the many other exits in this huge house… but I preferred things to be a bit more risky.

Terra glanced in and then looked over at me.

She whispered, “She’s fixing the couch up, do you want me to do it now?”

I smiled and nodded my head, “Oh yeah.”


After giving Terra the right away, she took this little glass ash tray we found in her dad’s office (Oh how I love messing with him) and she threw it at the wall. The maid screamed, nearly jumping out of her skin.

“WHO’S THERE?!” She screeched, “I have a gun! I swear to God I’ll shoot you, Rick! I told you not to follow me anymore! I told you we’re through; it’s been ten years!”

I stifled laughter. It was extremely hard and my stomach was killing me from holding it back so much… This was lady was completely insane.

“I’m coming out there right now Rick! We’re going to settle this like adults!”

More like mentally disturbed people. I honestly think I caught her yelling at the plant one day.


After lunatic ran out and into the dining room like she was going into battle, Terra and I darted into the living room.

“Quick!” I shouted in a hushed tone, “We have to get outside before the crazy bat comes back to fluff the pillows and scream at imaginary ex boyfriends!”

Terra couldn’t contain all the laughter she had within her; this was just too much for her little six-year-old self.


After running through those sliding glass doors, we just kept on running. We didn’t even bother to glance back at that house once. We were free now. We could go anywhere we wanted and do anything we wanted! Never again would we let adults run our lives for us.

Terra panted, “Where… are we… going?”

I laughed briefly, “Heck if I knew. Let’s just let out feet be our guides!”


WHOO! End of the generation FINALLY! Gosh I am so happy right now. It only took me an entire YEAR to finish this generation  -_- But nonetheless, I am excited for this heir vote! I can not WAIT to see who you guys pick as the winner this time around – it should be interesting since I have three great storylines planned for all of these kiddos.

Anyways, I would just like to mention that as you can see… Val is the quiet, secretive type. Uriah is the free-spirited, do what I want type. And also she likes to do the complete opposite of what people tell her. And Tag is the bottled up angry type, who is in a pretty tight situation right now.

Okay, now you can vote! ;D


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16 Responses to Chapter 7.21 – Spilt Choices (Val and Uriah’s Part)

  1. Rusty says:

    Yay, first comment… Anyways, AMAZING chapter!! Everything was just.. ugh I don’t even know how to describe it!! This heir vote will be hard.. but I have my I on someone 🙂 cant wait for the next generation!

  2. I think I know who I’m voting for…

    First of all, if Val wasn’t set on being a therapist, he could TOTALLY be a successful actor. He’s very talented at deception. It reminds me of his mother. (And he’s totally beautiful, but who ISN’T in this legacy :P) Of course, who could blame Noah for being worried? Val’s been exhibiting some borderline sociopathic behavior. I don’t think he’s a sociopath, though. He seems very caring. And beautiful.
    I’m very, very curious about this girl. Maybe she has some sort of split-personality thing going on there. Poor thing looks like she’s been beaten up.

    Noah has had to deal with more missing family members than a person ever should need to.
    Okay, that felt good. I don’t blame Terra for wanting to leave, though. Her idiot parents are…well…idiots. I hope her mom breaks an ankle. THEN see her complaining about swelling.
    I’m also curious about that maid. My theory is that she was abused to the point of insanity. Just something I felt like mentioning.
    Anyway, I LOVE Uriah’s look. She’s so cute. And dang, all the kids got Kara’s hair color! I’m hoping at least one of the grand kids will get Ryder’s hair color. It’s much too pretty to die out.

    Loved this chapter. I was totally planning to go to bed before midnight tonight, but alas. I went and checked my inbox. Off to vote!

    • Jax says:

      Haha! Oh my gosh, he so could. He’s simply mind blowing at how he can twist his personality around. He’s not a crazy lunatic or anything (Okay, he’s slightly crazy) but he’s not bad. He’s a good kid with a lot of smarts. He just has a thing for people and how they react. And seeing this woman who thinks she’s a small child… It’s making his interest level go through the roof.

      Of course! I always like my sims kids to have something relating to their parents. It just makes it more realistic that way 🙂 Val with his deception, Uriah with her stubborn, sarcastic attitude and Tag with his anger and his smart butt comments. It a way you can see each of their parents in them. And thank you! You played a huge part in Val’s beauty 😉

      Only Val’s story can tell what is up with that woman hehe. And of course! Poor Noah has been through so much. He’s a caring parent, who had to do the parent role twice in life! I think he needs a long vacation.

      I don’t think she sees it as kiddnapping because tech. she’s still a minor herself. She just sees it as her and her friend. They’re nine years apart. Oh my gosh, more family running off. Poor Noah won’t be able to handle the stress! I’ll give him some huggles and a cookie ❤

      Oh her parents are completely terrible. They don't care at all about Terra. They just want her to be some sort of prize to show off. It's a miracle the girl is still so collected. And that maid is just a nut job. They probably hired her because she would work for cheap.

      Thank you!! I actually really love Uriah's look too. I thought she looked adorable in her boyish type way. I even had her wear glasses with no perscription because she can XD

      I love Ryder's (Riley's) hair color too. I'm hoping so much that it pops up in generation nine. Wow… generation nine kids O_O Just saying that feels odd…

      But thanks!!! <3:D

  3. ememzie says:

    It’s a tough pick, but I really REALLY like Val. I’m also very anxious about the “five-year-old woman.”

    Thee kids have gotten into many, many shenanigans, but holy cow, does Uriah have a hidden insane trait?! I mean, geez! Her life has been pretty crazy, though. Her narrative is really funny. She definitely got Ryder’s daredevil attitude. Man, I miss Ryder. And Kara.

    Honestly, it doesn’t feel like this generation has been going on for a year. I’ve been having a blast reading. And at least you’re on the seventh generation. January flipping 8th was my blog’s one-year anniversary, and I’m STILL on generation 1.
    Anyway, I’m going to go vote. Wonderful chapter.

    • Jax says:

      Yes, it really is something different isn’t it? Finding a woman who believes she’s this small little child waiting for her mother. Val doesn’t even know how to contain his excitement over this one. Anyone else would find this scene crazy, but he’s loving every minute of it.

      Haha! No she’s not insane, she’s just… Uriah. She loves to do whatever she wants and she craves for the unknown. It’s in her blood. I’m glad you think she’s funny ^^ I tried to make her personality a mix of her parents.

      Really?? It feels like it to me, that’s for sure. Awww… that means a lot. I’m SO glad you’ve enjoyed reading about Ryder 🙂 Haha! Well that’s okay 🙂 Just have more time to read your awesome story and all it’s generations to come 😀 Thank you so much Emily! ❤

  4. deathcullen says:

    Loved this chapter! I thought I would just start with that. I really love Val and the idea of him being a therapist (and also because of his looks). I’m very interested with the “five year old woman” too and how she is a part of Val’s story. Now, Uriah, I like her too! I like her bold (not even sure if this makes any sense) personality. I mean, she reminds me of Ryder. I like how the idea of her and Terra (I really don’t like her parents) running away even though she could possibly get thrown into jail. I don’t know. But I want to know how they end up, where they go, and what trouble might they meet.

    I didn’t even realize a year has passed. I thought it’s been few months since you’ve started Ryder’s generation. Oh well, I’m never good with keeping up with time. It just seems to fly on by. By the way, my legacy just finished it’s first genereation and I’m pretty proud of myself. I didn’t think I would be able to do it.

    Anyway, now I have to make a huge choice. Tag, Val, or Uriah? Gosh, this is going to be hard, but that’s what I always say. Why must you make your sims amazing?! Awesome chapter!!

    • Jax says:

      Thank you! I found it pretty cool for him to be that too. He needs to be able to read other people, without getting in trouble. So I figured a therapist was the perfect place to stick our little crazy. Oh, well… we’ll just have to see who wins to see who gets to be followed 😉 Shame it can’t be them all! Oh and bold personality does make perfect sense. She really is a bold little one… Just like her mother.

      It’s intriguing to find out, eh? 😉 And well… she probably won’t get put in jail considering she’s just a kid herself… But she could get into some serious trouble.

      Haha! That’s okay, I’ll keep up with the time for everyone else ;P Oh and congrats!! That’s awesome!! 😀

      Aw… well I don’t know XD I just try to make each of their story lines equal. So it’s a fair fight. Thanks again!

  5. Minty says:

    Stupid reader! *throws out the window*

    I completely missed your previous chapter and I’m really sorry about that. Anyways, this was an amazing chapter! I loved how you portrayed both of twins’ personality.

    I really like Val because he has a personality that I haven’t really seen before in your legacy. I’m curious to see how the “five year-old woman” thing works out. I’m putting my vote on some sort of split personality disorder bought on by shock.
    I love Riah’s personality, though. Her narrative is really humourous and her personality reminds me a bit of how Noah’s was back when he was younger. I’d like to know how running away with Terra is going to impact her later on.

    Better go and vote now!

    • Jax says:

      That’s why I have every update sent to my inbox. I can’t reply on that crappy reader to do me an justice XD

      It’s okay though! You don’t have to worry 🙂 And aw, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the chapters and like how I portrayed the twins 😀 It means a lot, Chloe.

      Haha, Nate said the EXACT same thing to me about Val. He said he never saw it before in my legacy so he really liked it. It was extremely hard to find a new personality that even I haven’t seen before.

      Haha, she does have the personality that seems to run thick in this family. But then at the same time, she’s her own person. Which makes her pretty awesome to say the least 🙂

      Have fun voting 😀

  6. Alright, babe. Now I have time to give a proper comment… So here goes.

    Oh Val, how devious you are… Pulling that “prank” on Noah… Just to see his thought process change… I do believe that the way things are going, Noah is going to end up dying or going so crazy that he needs to be put in an asylum… Seriously… All of his kids and grandkids are off their rocker… I’m trying to think if maybe one kids that didn’t give him a lot of stress… But I’m coming up blank… Anyway… I do have to mention though, that I think its nice that both Val and Uriah sort of simmered down in their ways after their childhood experience, just so they don’t cause their gramps too much stress… I wonder though, how Noah is going to react if and when Val brings this girl home… And while I know what the basic storyline is… I can’t wait to see it unfold… Granted, he has to win… I thought that here 5 year old responses from nameless girl were funny. XD

    Now onto Riah, I still can’t believe that she started singing on a table at a bar in her underpants… She’s crazy… And may I say that D-bag dude is D-bag… Stupid lame sauce man… Poor Noah (for the thousandth time) well, maybe not so much… since he doesn’t have to work with a butt face… But still… it stinks that he lost a client thing..,

    I think that Uriah looks awesome as a teenager. She looks like such a hipster… and she’s so pretty. You seriously had me dying during her conversation with Salem and Justi(ce)ne…. Cow ankles…. Bahahaha!!! It might be even funnier for me because they aren’t neccesarily like that in my game (granted, Justine is a boy named Justice XD) but still, Uriah is so sarcastic. Terra is such a cutie, (biased much?) and if you think about it, Uriah is listening to an idea coming from a 7(?) year old, which isn’t necessarily the smartest thing… I wonder what is going to happen if she doesn’t win..?

    Nice chapter babe. Had me rolling… XD

  7. Natty says:

    “Screw this dress!” Oh. My. Gosh. At first I was very meh about Uriah, but now I’m going to have a difficult time deciding between her and Tag. I love Val’s story-line, but I don’t really like his character. By that, I mean he makes me feel.. uncomfortable? Yeah, uncomfortable. I’m so stuck though. I feel like Uriah’s story would be more fun (and I think this story needs a break from all the intense seriousness. Maybe. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. But I’m too emotional) but Tag… also Patrick will be part of his storyline?? I dunno. I think I’m gonna go with Uriah. It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve had a female heir. I’ll be happy no matter who wins! Yay!
    Will you keep us updated on the the other two’s (or three I guess if that includes Patrick?) lives/ Cuz I really wanna know what happens to everyone 🙂

    Also Salem’s genes *drools* He looks familiar…

  8. jaec52609 says:

    My God Val is a hunk lol….He looks like Noah.
    Now you made it tricky to choose for me 😦

    • Jax says:

      Aww, I’m sowwy. I wasn’t trying to make it tricky. I just wanted it fair between all three of them. I have to agree with you though, Val is def. “mmm” worthy 😉

  9. “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but you can turn it off… you stupid lady.” LOL literally SO funny 😀 ! Good Idea putting in a Partial Parody Line from Call Me Maybe! Great Chapter I wanted Tag to win but obviously Val won! Either Way I guess! 🙂 ~Natalie

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