And The Winner IS…

Well, this poll was pretty much over when it started. Seriously, he was the clear winner from the beginning. I think Uriah was ahead of him for like a minute and then he just toppled both of them. I can’t say I’m surprised. Actually, I was really unsure of who was going to win because I made it so hard (not purposely of course).

But you peoples have spoken! You voted and now we have our new heir for generation eight!! WOO!



Val is our clear winner for generation eight! Thanks so much everyone for voting. I’m pretty excited to get his story line started! This really is going to be a different generation… Hehe.

Love you guys!

SIDE NOTE: I need names starting with W, XΒ and Y! Go ahead and throw Z in there too for kicks πŸ˜‰

– Jax


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27 Responses to And The Winner IS…

  1. Emilie-Marie says:

    Wynne Xanthe Zara
    Wyatt Xavier Zain
    I’m a long time lurker
    So glad Val won! It was so hard to decide.

    • Jax says:

      Thanks for the names πŸ˜€ And well hi there! *waves* Nice to hear from you ^_^

      I’m pretty excited about him too. I’ve never had to do a personality like his before.

  2. Emilie-Marie says:

    Hooray! Val won.

    Wynne Xanthe Yara Zelda
    Wyatt Xavier Yoshi Zain

  3. benjosama says:

    Yaaaaay Val my baby ;D I wanted Uriah because we’ve not a female heir in a while but Val is just as good! Can’t wait to see what happens to him!

    • Jax says:

      Haha! Well, I’m glad you still like Val as heir. I know, but it was more in the odds of a boy because of the 1/3 chance over the 2/3 chance. But, still… Val will make an awesome heir. πŸ™‚

  4. Kira says:

    Val πŸ™‚
    I didn’t vote for him, but that doesn’t mean I’m dissapointed either!
    (Seriously, all of the storylines seemed amazing this time around so I’d be happy either way)
    William, Wade, Wakana, Wakaba, Walenty, Wanda, Wendy, Wasi, Wiede
    Xandra, Xhantia, Xena, Xene, Xenia, Xio, Xue, Xun
    Yadira, Yael (though this means ostrich, so maybe not…)Yafa, Yakira, Yami, Yardena, Yash, Yuni, Yume, Yuna
    Zaabrina, Zack, Zaina, Zane, Zan, Zarita, Zhi, Zlota

    • Jax says:

      Haha! Well, I’m glad you’re not disappointed ^_^

      And thanks so much! I’m glad that you thought that. Means a lot!

      And thanks for all the names πŸ˜€

  5. Lily says:

    Omg WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? I have some serious reading to do xD

  6. Minty says:

    Yay, Val won!
    When I had to vote it was a choice between him and Uriah. I voted for Uriah but I’m glad Val won!

    Wyatt, Wade, William, Walter, Winnie, Wanda, Wendy, Wayne, Warren, Whitney, Winifred (I had to throw that in cause that was my great grandma’s name), Wren
    Xavier, Xamder, Xena, Xenia, Xin
    Yoshi, Yasmin, Yuna, Yves, Yvette
    Zachary, Zara, Zia, Zion, Zoya

    • Jax says:

      I’m glad XD It seems a lot of people voted opposite of Val, but are still happy he won. Which is good on my part! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for all the names btw!

  7. deathcullen says:

    Yay!!! *does a little happy dance* That’s who I wanted to win!! Not that I don’t like the others, but I just like him a tad bit more. As for names, well, I’ll email you.

    He’s so pretty and precious and curious and BLUE. πŸ˜€

    Now that I’m done fangirling, I’ll try to put together some names.
    For the Ws: Wren, Warren, WILLOW (wink), Wiley, Wesley, Winter, Walker, West, Waverly (yes, yes, where the Disney Channel wizards are from, but whatever. I think it makes a cute girl name.)
    For the Xs: Xara, Xena, Xaria, XERXES (wink again), Xaver, Xion, Xander, Xana
    For the Ys: Yvette, Yair, Yoman (Yo, man!…K I’m done), Yetta, Yumi
    Aaand for the Zs: ZELDA, Zane, Zeke, Zara, Zalia, Zelle, Zina, Zoe, Zana, Zora, Zephyr
    I hope that helped. I made up a few and found the others. πŸ™‚

    • Also…holy freaking CRAP RYDER IS GOING TO BE A GRANDPA

    • Jax says:

      Haha!! Your comment had me and Nate both cracking up XD Then we continued on to say that you were awesome… XD I have to agree though, he is so full of awesome. Pretty, yummy and Blue!

      LOL I see what you did there with some of those names πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the names! I really like a lot of them.

  9. jaec52609 says:

    Wyatt, Walker, Wade (Wayde), Wake, William, Wolfgang, Warren, Wren, Weylyn
    Xavier, Xylon, Xenon, Xalvador,
    Yves, York, Yanis, Yavin, Yoel
    Zeke (Zek), Zane (Zayn), Zander, Zeth, Zack (Zac, Zak), Zandall, Zenon, Zephyr, Zachariah, Zorion

    Willow, Wren, Winter,
    Xyleena, Xena, Xandra
    Ysabelle, Yahira, Yuri,
    Zaidi (My favoritest name lol), Zacari, Zaylee (Zaelee, Zayley, Zaylie), Zena, Ziva, Zuri, Zaira, Zoe, Zarah (Zara), Zalika, Zari, Zahara (Zahra), Zamora

    Those were hard. It was hard finding cute names that start with those letters. All are very different, but hey fits Val very well since he’s different. πŸ™‚ You know you love my names lol

  10. KittyKatDance13 says:

    Yay Val! I think he is gonna be SUPER interesting haha! I cant wait to see whats ahead for him! Here are a few names, Im sorry if they arent good and Im sorry if there isnt alot, and I put the pronunciations in brackets for you: Boy ‘W’: Wynn (Wine), Will, Weni (Whenee).
    Boy ‘X’: X (Just the letter ‘X’ haha), Xzyn (Exzine), Xal (Exal).
    Boy ‘Y’: Yehran (Yeran), Yovi, Yayle (Yale).
    Boy ‘Z’: Zayn, Zak, Zami (Zamee)
    Girl ‘W’: Winnie, Wendy, Wayzi (Wayzee).
    Girl ‘X’: Xyrah (Exiraa), Xy (Ex’ay), Xlaye (Exlay).
    Girl ‘Y’: Yyla (Y’la), Yahz (Yaaz), Yozy.
    Girl ‘Z’: Zahara, Zeami (Zeamy), Zozo.
    It was difficult to come up with names starting with those letters, so I just s

    • Jax says:

      Thanks for all the names πŸ˜€ You guys are giving me some pretty great ones. Considering these letters are so hard, I’m impressed. πŸ™‚

  11. KittyKatDance13 says:

    So I just sort of mucked about and came up with silly words, which some worked well for names haha so thats why alot are really wacky. Hah and sorry this is meant to be atached to the other comment I did haha x

  12. ExHgM says:

    Cool, this story line will be interesting

  13. Senzafine says:

    Aw, i’m gonna miss Ryder…I think he and Mackenzie were my favorites so far.

    It will be interesting to see where Val’s story goes though. Child Psychology? Perhaps he will help kids more than I think he will.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Xandra, Xena, Yasmin, Yara, Wendy and Wanda for a girl, and Wayne, Walker, Yorick, Ysuf, Xander and Xavier for a boy

  15. Rusty says:

    I am pleased. πŸ™‚ Okay, I voted for Uriah, but I like Val too πŸ™‚ can’t wait for chapter Jax!!

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