Chapter 8.1 – Patience

Author’s note: Well guys, I know it’s been a while and I apologize. A lot has been happening in my life recently that just didn’t help with my want to play sims or to get a chapter together. However, I have been feeling better with the whole thing and decided to get Val’s first chapter out! It’s been WAY too long… Sorry guys! Hope you enjoy the first installment.

– Jax


Val’s Point of View

This girl – this very different girl. There was just something about her that I couldn’t shake; something that just made it so hard to pry my eyes away. I had never met a person like her before in my entire life. I have only known her for a brief moment of time but already I want to learn everything there is to learn about this mysterious woman.

I hoisted her from the ground, her hands clutching onto my tank. We stood there for a moment just taking each other in. Me, fascinated by everything she does and her… trying to figure out if she should continue to trust me any further.

She released her grip on my very soaked under shirt and then proceeded to take a step back.

“I just want my mommy. Please.”

I wish I knew how to even begin to tell her I had no idea where or who she was…


“We’ll just have to find her for you. I’m sure we’ll get her to you soon.” I mumbled, regretting my words as they left my lips. I don’t know why it bugged me so much to lie to this woman. I lie all the time about different things… it never seemed to phase me before.

“Do you pinky swear?”

I smirked at that one.

“Sure.” I held out my hand, “Come with me.”

She shook her head, still being as stubborn as she was before.

“No, you bring her here!”

Oh Lord… she’s reluctant.


Alright, if I’m going to get anywhere with this woman I’m going to have to think like a child. She’s obviously not going to go anywhere with me unless I bribe her to do such. So… I whipped out my cellphone. What little kid doesn’t like watching a funny video?

“Hey, uh-“ I still hadn’t even learned her name, “Kiddo, take a look at this. It’s a video. You like videos, right?”

She giggled and then reached out for it, “Let me have it!”

I pulled it back, “Ah-ah, you can’t hold onto it unless you come with me. No fussing, alright?”

She nodded her head.

Wow, I should have just tried this in the first place…


I pushed the phone down into my pocket and began to walk towards the car. Kiddo drug her feet behind me, ( I really need a name for this chick…) asking every couple of minutes if she could have the phone now.

“Not yet, okay? Just wait until we get home.”

She shrugged her shoulders and groaned, “But that’s going to take forever!”

I shook my head. This is going to be a long night…


Eventually I got Ms. Stubborn into the passenger seat of my grandfather’s car. I helped her strap on her seat belt and then I put on mine. I gripped the wheel, my knuckles bleaching a suffocated white. After a minute I released it, taking a deep breath in and out as I did so. My grandfather was not going to like the fact that I was supposed to go out for milk and I came back with a strange woman I found in a fountain.

OH CRAP… I forgot the milk! Oh well…


I took the drive back to my house at a slow, under the speed limit type cruising. I was extremely nervous and I was trying to think fast on how I was going to do this without getting caught. I didn’t come up with an idea until AFTER we were already standing in my front yard.

“Hey, want to play a game kiddo?”

“A GAME?!” She squealed, bouncing up and down. “YEAH!”

I shushed her, “Not so loud. It’s a quiet game. Do you know how to play hide and seek?”


She stared at me confused, “What’s a hide a seek?”


I leaned in close to her, “No, Hide AND seek. It’s a really, really fun game.” I smiled, “All you have to do is go hide when I close my eyes. And then, after a little bit, I’ll see if I can find you. Okay?”


“That sounds silly.” She giggled, “Okay! Let’s play! No peeking at me either, okay?!”

I crossed my heart, “I swear on my grave, I will not cheat.”


Before I even had the chance to turn around, she was already taking off across the yard. So to make it so she didn’t think I was watching her – which I was – I quickly spun around and started to count in a hushed tone.

“10… 11… 12…”

Giggles and high pitched laughter spread throughout the yard.


After I knew she was hiding, I stopped counting and sighed.

“Please God, let her stay quiet while I try to work this out.”


I braced myself before turning the knob on the door. What the heck was I going to do? Grandpa was going to see her no matter what I tried. He’s way too smart for me to be able to hide things from him. Well, for the most part. He still can’t seem to figure me out – but he gave up on that a long time ago.

I turned the knob on the front door and took a step inside. Once inside, I was nearly tackled to death by my grandpa. What in God’s name?!

“VAL!” He screeched.


I stared at him, completely thrown off.

“What the-“

“Val, I don’t have time to ask why you’re coming home so late… or why the heck your shirt is missing. I have to head out right now, your sister is in some SERIOUS trouble.” he groaned, rubbing his temples.


“What did she do this time?”

Grandpa rolled his eyes, breathing heavily. “Like I said, I don’t have time right now. But when I get back you better bet your butt we’re going to have a serious discussion Val.” He stated, whispering “Whatever type of discussion that will even be…” Under his breath.

And with that being said, Grandpa ran out the door. The only thing left of him was some skid marks left from his car in the driveway.

God, I can only imagine what Riah did. But I don’t really have time or quite the interest to be worrying about my twin. I have my own business to attend to.


When I was certain my grandfather was not coming back, I went out into the yard to go get – God, what the heck is her name?? But anyways, I went out in the yard to find her laying against a tree… fast asleep.

“Hey, kiddo, wake up. I found you.”


I half expected her to just look up at my groggily and miserable… but I was WAY off. As soon as she noticed that I had found her, she jumped to her feet and started to giddily clap her hands.

“That was fun!” She screeched, “Let’s play again! My turn now! I’ll find you!”

I sighed, “How about we just go inside now, okay? We’ll get you some new clothes and get you in bed. You look really sleepy.”

Grandpa leaving just gave me an easy entrance to bring kiddo into the house. I’ll just have to figure out how to deal with him when he gets back – that ought to be interesting.


I took kiddo by the hand and brought her through the front door and then into my sister’s room. Hey, if Uriah was going to be off getting in trouble somewhere… why waste her bedroom? Or, you know, her clothes.

“Why did you bring me in here? I don’t like this room!”

I sighed loudly, “Well, this is where you’re going to be sleeping. I don’t have any other room that is girly enough for you.”

She crossed her arms, “I’m not girly! That’s gross! Girly stuff is for babies!”

I smacked my forehead. Why can’t I seem to win with this chick??


I opened up Riah’s drawer, shifting through her clothes. “Well, you’re just going to have to manage it. Because you either get this room or you get nothing. It’s your choice, kiddo.”

“Why do you keep calling me kiddo? That’s not my name.”

I stopped what I was doing, “Then what is your name?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. But it’s not that! That name is poopy!”

I once read somewhere that a woman named Isa is strong willed, devoted and doesn’t give in to anything. That no matter what you throw at her, she’s always going to dish it back at you. I now believe that I should call her that. And I don’t give a crap if she cares or not.

“Fine, I’m calling you Isa then.” I tossed her some clothes, “Put these on.”


Without even thinking, she stripped of her clothes – revealing her naked body to me. My eyes widened; my cheeks turning a bright red.

“You were supposed to wait until I averted my eyes! Yeesh!” I exclaimed.

She giggled, “You saw my booty!”

I scoffed, “I saw a little more than that.” I eyed her up and down, “These clothes are just going to have to do. You’re much taller than my sister… it’s hard to find anything in her wardrobe that would fit you.”

“Why does my panties go in my butt? It feels itchy.”

I chuckled, “Sorry, my sister has a, uh, weird taste in under garments, Isa.”


About an hour later, I helped Isa get cleaned up and into some Pjs that somewhat fit her. I helped her into bed and then proceeded to tuck her in per her request. I could tell she was really nervous and the big room frightened her. So, I uh, even tried making up a little story for her. She gave me no problems whatsoever, and didn’t even retaliate at the name I had chosen for her – shockingly. Nope, she didn’t give me one issue… until I turned out the lights.

She shot up, “NO!” She screeched, “I don’t like the dark! Turn the lights on!!”


I ran back over to her bed side and quickly flicked on the lamp.

“Sorry Isa. I’ll make sure to keep them on at all times.” I leaned over her, tucking her back in, “Now get some sleep.”

She turned away from me, snuggling into the blankets. I swear within moments she was out.


I sighed, looking down at the bedside table. What have I gotten myself into?



Having Isa around was in no way, shape or form… easy. She was very demanding; always wanting my attention. It seemed that she NEVER gave me a free moment to myself. Even when I figured that I would be alone for a good 20 minutes, she was right there… somehow, someway.

“WHAT’S THAT?!” Isa shouted, nearly scaring me half to death.


Isa pointed, still shouting, “EW! It looks so gross and icky! Why do you have a tail hanging from your body!? And it’s even in the wrong spot! That’s uh’stusting.”


I quickly jumped out of the shower, covering up my private parts.

“ISA!” I screeched, “Get out of here! I told you to go watch Spongebob!”

She crossed her arms, “It was over and I got bored waiting for you to change it. I don’t like those other shows.” She groaned, “I’m hungry Val! I want something to eat! Can I have Mac and cheese? PLEASE??”

“Yes, yes! Fine! Can you please hand me my towel please and then close your eyes?”


“Why? You don’t like me seeing your funny tail?” she giggled, “Can you wag it?”

“Oh my God. OUT!”

After screaming at her, she took off  – with my towel. I wanted to wring her neck!

“Catch me if you can!” She giggled, running further away.


It only got worse from there. It seemed the girl never wanted to leave me alone at night either. She was always telling me how afraid she was of the scary men trying to hurt her. I honestly have no idea what men she is referring too. Although I liked trying to pick her brain for more information, it was still highly annoying to be woken up in the wee hours of the night. I like my sleep…

“Vally…” Isa whispered, “I think the men are back. I saw them in my room, Vally. I’m scared.”

The thing is, she would whisper so low at times to me that I wouldn’t even be able to hear her.


So most of the time in her effort to wake me up, she would scare the ever living crap out of me.

“VALLY DID YOU HEAR THAT?! I think they’re coming!”


And since most of the time she would scare me-


-my screams would wind up scaring her right back. It was a never ending, vicious cycle. Sigh.

“AH!!!” Isa screamed, “Don’t hurt me!”

“Isa, wait! Come back here!” I sighed, “Oh my dear lord. Every night without fail this happens…”


And if it wasn’t her never giving me peace of mind, or allowing me to sleep… it was her begging me to take her to the potty. For some reason she had this thing where she couldn’t go alone. She always felt that she needed someone there to help her. It got pretty irritating, pretty fast.

“Vally I have to go potty!!” She groaned, holding her bladder. “I think I’m going to pee myself!”

I flipped through the pages of the book I was reading.

“Isa, we have been through this. If you always rely on me to take you to the bathroom, you’ll never learn to do it yourself.” I sighed, “Understood?”


“But I REALLY have to go REALLY BAD!” She screeched, “I need you Vally! I don’t want to explode!”

I breathed in and out, trying to keep my posture. I didn’t want to give into her every single time. She would never learn to recover from this if she did not go alone. I just feel it’s my job to help fix her; to mend her back to the person she once was. I barely know Isa… but I can’t help but feel so strongly about her. There is just something I feel every time I am around her. She’s so helpless; so far gone. It’s unbelievably fascinating just to be in her presence. But, although fascinating, she can be a serious pain in the BUTT!



I clicked off my tablet for a moment, resting it by my side. I sat there staring straight ahead, not allowing myself to move.

“I’m not going to give into you every single time Isa. You need to do this yourself. You’re a big girl.”

She stomped her foot, “FINE! But if I fall inside the potty, I’m blaming YOU!”

And with that, she marched off to the bathroom. Oh if only she knew she was a full grown woman…


Isa’s Point of View

Vally is such a big, mean, meanie pants! He knows I’m scared to go to the potty all by myself. I don’t like being alone. I get scared and my body feels all funny when I’m by myself.

But, I guess I just don’t have a choice but to do this all lonesome. Vally isn’t going to come with me, so I have to just pretend that there is no one there and go through this really, really fast!

I took off all of my clothes and tossed them onto the floor. It makes going potty a lot easier if there is no clothes to get in my way. Plus I don’t want to make another accident on them again…


But, before I even sat on the Potty… some strange man I never saw before came into the baffroom. He just kept staring at me all strange! SEE! I knew it! I knew there would be scary men coming to get me if I went alone!




Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed this first installment to Val’s generation. I’m going to try and start getting chapters out much quicker than *checks last chapter* almost THREE months. Sigh. Sorry about that, once again!


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23 Responses to Chapter 8.1 – Patience

  1. Rusty says:

    I’m sorry you’re feeling bad. Whatever is going on I hope you feel better (Not for the story! NO. I’m not that cruel :D) Anyways, the chapter was great. Seemed to make me laugh every sentence.
    Isa is a interesting character. Can’t wait to see her story play through. Oh, and is there something I smell? Is that Val falling in LOVE? Hmm? (oh, and also, Is that me as the first comment hmmmm? XD)

    • Jax says:

      Thanks a lot. I’m recovering from it. It wasn’t that I was sick or anything. It was just stuff that I was going through with myself and such. Some rough times for me lately… But things are going okay right now.

      Aw thanks! I’m really glad you enjoyed the chapter, that makes me happy 🙂
      Oh yes, I have to agree with you. Isa really is an interesting character. I love how different she is and how I can explore with her personality. I can’t wait to play her through more either! You guys are in for a treat ^-^ Love? Hm. I’m not sure. But he is highly fascinated with her.

      And yes, yes it is 😀 You are the first comment! Whee!

  2. Natty says:

    Someone getting on VAL’S nerves? Yes, I like her already. She seems pretty messed up… ooh, I’m worried for whatever her backstory is. Poor girl. Val seems a lot more normal now… I now understand is personality better! But honestly he’s better at communicating with Isa than his own father.
    VAL WHY DID YOU GIVE HER YOUR SISTER’S PANTIES THAT IS NOT SANITARY AT ALL HYGIENE MISTER BUY HER SOME NEW ONES GEEZE. That reminds me… EEK! Uriah? WHAT HAPPENED? Oh wait, that’s her running away right? (((Sorry it’s been so long eep)))
    *giggles* oh yes, Val, let’s see your tail wag (I’m sorry but you did post a nice picture of him in the shower after all) Oh Isa, you’re exactly what Val needs.
    Also, Val IS a YA, right? He looks so short…
    YAY CHAPTER HAPPINESS MOAR MOAR MOAR *goggles chapters* can’t wait for the next one (well I’m going to have to but you get what I mean) ❤

    • Jax says:

      Haha! That made me laugh. Yep, someone is actually getting on Val’s nerves instead of the other way around. I believe it’s because she’s such a stubborn girl and Val is having a hard time controlling her. He’s usually able to sway people to do what he wants with ease through his actions. But not with her.

      Yeah… I would be a bit concerned. That’s all I’m going to say. Normal? No, I wouldn’t go that far with Val. More normal with Isa, yes. More normal to others? Yeah, not so much…OH but I agree with you there! He can communicate to Isa with ease but his grandpa… not really. But then again, he does that on purpose.Cause he likes to mess with people.

      Running away? Yes, Uriah ran away. It HAS been a long time… Sorry about that again!

      Haha!! I agree, it WAS a nice picture of him 😉 And no, Val is a teen still. He’s 16. Isa is about 19-20ish. But in her mind, she’s five.

      Hehe! I’m glad you want more and that you enjoyed it 🙂 ❤

  3. KittyKatDance13 says:

    Yay! Great chapter! Im soo excited now, I think Isa is now my favourite because she is super interesting! Val looks so great in that picture in the shower haha (: Isa’s back story is gonna be great, in super excited for that! But she looks really irritating, I feel kinda sorry for Val there haha. You make things so much more interesting in this legacy thats why your my favourite! Eeep haha (: Thank You Jax and dont worry I like to think that life is like a river, you just watch it flow by gently with no worries (: xoxo

    • Jax says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter! That makes me happy 😀 Haha, I have to say… I really am enjoying her character. She’s different from anyone I’ve ever done before; I can really explore with her personality. Doesn’t he? 😉 I’m not trying to be creepy, but yum! I does love me some Val.

      I’m excited to show you guys more of her.. when the time comes. You know me, I like to detail everything. And never rush 😛 Well, she’s only irritating because she’s a stubborn “little kid”. Val isn’t used to that type of personality around him. He’s used to being around people he can easily manipulate.

      Aw!! Why thank you! I’m glad you like my story that much :3

      And that’s a really nice saying. Kind of gave me a sense of ease. 🙂

  4. Angel says:

    When I gave you her, I had no idea what you were planning, but this is great. =D Isa’s just adorable. >w<

    In my opinion, this is a great opening chapter. =3 I'm really kinda wondering what's gonna happen next chapter, 'cause Noah saw Isa. xD And I have a feeling that he's gonna think that Val's doing something naughty. lolz

    Always remember, hakuna matata. 😀

    • Jax says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like what I did with her :3 I have to agree. I just love her and her personality.

      Aw, thanks Deanna! I was iffy if it was good or not. But I’m glad all of you guys are liking it. Haha! Yeah, that’s surely going to end well, eh?

      Thanks 🙂

  5. meginthebox says:

    Wow wow wow. I’m soo curious about Isa. I just really want to know what’s going on with her. And I feel like it would be a really weird situation for Val if he was attracted to her because she’s grown up on the outside and she’s pretty dang stunning but she’s like a child… ya know? I don’t know. Maybe Val can figure her out since he’s pretty good at that.

    Uriaaaaaah. I hope she’s okay. I really want to hear her story too!

    Awesome chapter! I think this generation is going to be hecka cool. :3

    • Jax says:

      In due time, you will find out. 😉 We’ll just have to let Val’s story play out 😀 Well, that is true. Although some people have mentioned that maybe his curiosity is because he’s attracted… All I can tell you is that right in this point in time, he’s more focused on her as a person and why she acts the way she does.

      I’d like to share a little of what’s going on with Uriah… But this is Val’s generation, after all ;P

      Thanks!! 😀

  6. Okay… So I finally got around to commenting… And I really think you did an awesome job babe! You pulled off the 5 year old adult well! XD

    It is pretty funny that someone is getting on Val’s nerves… Usually he’s the one who annoys people due to his creepy silence. Good to see him get a “taste of his own medicine”… Sorta…

    I shall not say anything on those comments (yours specifically) about the nudey pic of Val, but I do reserve the right to say whatever the heck I want if something similar ever happens, but with the gender switched… AND NO ONE CAN COMPLAIN!!! MWAHAHA!!! Great… now I just made myself sound like a perv…

    Normally I would say something along the lines of “I can’t wait to see what happens next”, but since I already sorta know, I’m just going to say that I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

    • Jax says:

      Yay! Well, I mean, I don’t blame you for commenting late. You were kind of with me this weekend XD So, yeah. That’s a perfect excuse. But really? You think so? I’m glad that I did okay. I was trying to make it come across as being believeable.

      I know right? He’s just so used to people being swayed his way, that when someone comes along who is super stubborn… he got irritated XD

      Hahaha!! You can reserve all the rights you want in saying stuff about my female sims. And there is no way you sound like a perv. Besides, we both know whose worse XD

      Well, yeah, you do… But that works! 😀 I can’t wait for you to see what happens. Love you sweetie! ❤

  7. jeremina5 says:

    I’m glad you made it back. I hope all is well. I am thinking about starting a new story. If you have a chance, will you check it out please?

  8. Is she another victim? Like Riley was? I can’t think of any other reason she might have for calling Noah a scary man.

    I love the fact that she’s irritating Val. I feel like he needs it because let’s be honest, he’s more than irritated a lot of people with his little quirks, but that’s also one of the things I love about him!

    Oh dear, I really wonder how Noah’s going to take this. Poor guy, he’s already dealing with the mess Uriah’s gotten into, Tag got a girl pregnant, and now Val’s brought home a strange and mentally unstable woman. EVERY GENERATION NOAH GETS A NEW FORM OF STRESS D:

    Anyway, loved the chapter! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  9. LOL oh yeah a Tail! Surely it’s just a Tail! 😀

  10. Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to catch up on this latest generation of yours! it’s so freaking intriguing, especially as someone who has a background in psychology and is about to start a graduate school program in said field to become a therapist, haha.

    Eeee! I’d said more, but I’m dying to see what comes next, so off I go!

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