Chapter 8.2 – Roommates

Author’s note: Well, it’s been a little while since last chapter, but not too long right? I hope not! And I hope you guys enjoy this chapter, as well. I’d like to thank my lovely boyfriend, Nate, for helping me come up with ideas for this chapter! Means a lot, sweetie Smile 

Oh and this chapter does a quick POV switch from Isa to Val.


Isa’s Point Of View

I jumped back, hiding my face away from the scary man standing in front of me. His face was all confused and he eyes were really, really big. I didn’t know what to do at all!

I covered my face, “Please don’t hurt me! I promise to be good!” I screamed out, lots of tears falling from my eyes.

The man turned away – stomping out of the bathroom. Phew!


Val’s Point Of View

Holy crap. I am beyond dead. I am going to be buried alive!! I knew that Grandpa was going to find out eventually that I brought Isa home, but I thought that I’d be the one to show him I had her! I never thought he’d just find out about her by finding her in the bathroom.

“VAL!” he screamed, “VAL! Who the HECK is that woman in the bathroom?!”



I’ve always been able to pull one over on Grandpa – never have I felt afraid to be in his presence. But right now? Yeah, I’m freaking out. I don’t know what to do! I’m usually so calm and collected. Why do I feel like this?!

“VAL. You better answer me – now! I don’t want any of your little games either. I want you to give me a straight answer! NO BULL CRAP!” he boomed, a scowl plastered across his face.

I gulped – hard. I have to tell him the truth. I don’t have much of a choice.


“Uhm…” I mustered. My throat was closing up; I could feel the sweat just beading on my forehead.

Grandpa pointed to the spot in front of him. “Get over here.”

I scurried from the living room into the foyer. I held my head low, picking at the sleeve on my jacket.

“Well?” he questioned.

I gulped again. I have to talk; I have to tell him. It’s his house… not mine.

“She’s a woman I found in the park. The night you told me to go out and get milk, that’s the night I found her. She’s mentally unstable; she believes that she is a five-year-old girl and that she lost her mother.” I looked up at Grandpa, “I swear that is the truth.”


He grabbed his head and let out a loud yell.

“Are you kidding me, Val?! Do you honestly expect me to believe that?! First your sister has gone missing, and now you’re sleeping around with random women? AND you have the nerve to lie to me about it?” His nostril’s flared, “What is it with you kids??! All four of you! It’s like I can’t win no matter how hard I flipping try!!”

I knew he wasn’t going to believe me – even I find it hard to believe.

“Grandpa, please! I promise you it’s the truth. I can prove it to you if you just let me-“


He threw up his hand, stopping me from finishing my sentence.

“I don’t want to hear any explanations from you. Which, honestly, is a change of advents! You never talk to me normally; you always give me a hard time. I try so hard to be the best that I can for you and your siblings, but you all treat me like a pile of garbage!” he grabbed the bridge of his nose, “I just can’t take this anymore! I’m too old for all of this horse crap!”

“Grandpa…” I sighed, my stomach turning over. “Please don’t say that. I’m sorry. I know it’s been rough with Tag and now Uriah. I’m not trying to stress you out – I swear.”

I really do swear – I’m not. I’ve stopped being an anus to Grandpa because I know it’s been rough since Tag had his accident. I want to do better – I want to act better for him.


And at that moment… Isa came out of the bathroom. Partially nude might I add.

“Please don’t hurt Vally. Please. I promise to be good if you don’t hurt him.” Isa squeaked out.

Grandpa looked at her and then looked at me.

“You’re not lying, are you?”

I shook my head.

“Val.” he sighed, “You can’t just keep a woman who is… unstable. It’s just not ethically right. We have to take her somewhere where she can get actual help.”

I should have expected that much from Grandpa. I knew he’d never let her stay around, or in his words, let me keep her.


He pointed over to her. “Val, get her something to wear.” he sighed, “And when you’re done, I’m taking her away. I’m not allowing you to come because I honestly don’t trust you. I know you’ll try to find a way to get her back if I do…”

He’s right. I would. Isa is far too interesting to just abandon.

I nod my head acceptingly, “Come now, Isa. Let’s go get you something to wear.”


I lead Isa into my room and shuffled through my clothes to see if I could find something for her to wear. Uriah’s clothes were way too small for Isa, so I wasn’t going to continue to make her wear that. I found an old jersey I never wore and a pair of pants that did not fit me whatsoever. I also gave her a pair of boots and did her hair up in a ‘ponytail’ per her request.

After she was all settled into something warm, she climbed on my bed and cuddled her legs.

“You’re going to let him take me away, aren’t you? He’s going to put me with the bad people.”

I sighed, bile rising from my stomach. I felt completely awful. I didn’t want to have Grandpa put her away in a mental institute, but I really had no say in the matter.


“Isa…” I nearly whispered, “I’m- I’m sorry…”

She whimpered, grasping her legs even harder.

“I don’t wanna go, Vally! I DON’T WANNA GO!” she cried.

I walked over to her, resting my hand gently on her head.

“You don’t have to be afraid Isa.” I consoled her, “You’re going to be just fine. Grandpa is going to take you to a nice place, with nice people. You won’t have to be there forever, I promise. I’m going to get you out of there and we’re going to find your mom together, okay?”

She looked up at me with her tear-filled, puppy eyes.

“You promise, Vally?”

I nodded. “I pinky promise.”


I was standing next to Isa when I heard a knock on the door.

“Is she ready?”

I didn’t reply to Grandpa. Instead I just headed for my door and walked out to meet him. We stood there facing each other for a moment before Grandpa broke the silence.

“Well, is she?”

I nodded my head. “Yes, she is. But Grandpa?”

He raised a brow.

“Please don’t take her to an awful place. She’s very scared and scarred mentally. Please, just, make sure it’s a place where she can feel welcomed.” I pleaded.


Grandpa let out a sigh.

“I’ll try my best Val. I can’t promise that she’ll love and enjoy the place she goes, but I’ll try to make sure it’s a nice place for her.” he rubbed the back of his neck, “Just next time… don’t bring home random women you find in the park. I already have enough problems as it is. I don’t need anymore of this, understood?”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Good.” he pointed towards the door, “Go get her.”


I did as Grandpa said. I went back into my room and escorted Isa out of it. She was super hesitate to go, but I coaxed her some more that it was all going to be alright. I didn’t believe it would be, but I needed her too. At least for a car ride’s length she’ll have some peace.

After that?

I’m not so sure what’s going to happen…


Devastation sunk in.

“I’m so sorry Isa. I really am…”


Two years later…


I double checked my room for any missing items that I may have forgotten. This was it. I was finally leaving off to college to pursue my life long goal – to get into the minds of others. It’s the perfect plan. I can ask people any amount of questions I so desire, and they have to answer because I will be their doctor. I will be in charge.


“Okay, got that. Yup, got that too.” I glanced around my room, eyeing everything carefully. Oh come on Val, you’re over thinking this. You and I both know you went through your room with a fine tooth comb. I have everything I need.

Well, everything expect knowing the whereabouts of Isa. Yes, I know it’s been well over two years since the last time I saw that woman. But I can’t help but think about her constantly. Everything about her was beyond belief and struck my utmost fascination. I dream of a day where I’ll be able to speak with her again; to hear her crazy nonsense and bask in it.

There was a faint knock on the door.



Grandpa turned the knob on my door, entering into my room slowly.

“Hey.” he muttered, “So this is it, huh?”

I gleamed at him, nodding slightly.



He opened up his arms to me.

“Oh come here, you.” he smirked, “Give your Grandpa a big hug before you take off.”

I smiled wider, taking in his embrace. I felt so bad for my Grandpa. He puts on such a brave face but I know deep down he’s just masking his pain.


These past two years have been nothing but hard on him. First Tag with his accident and having a child so young and then Uriah running off and never coming back. Sure, they found the little girl that she ran off with, but they never were able to find her. The girl, Terra, just told the police that she had lost sight of Uriah a long time ago.

It wasn’t until about three weeks ago that we got an unaddressed letter from Uriah letting us know she was okay. My Grandpa was just getting used to the fact that she was completely gone and then she goes and does that to him. It really crushed his soul; the man is so broken. Normally situations like this would drive me to a brink of excitement… but not when it comes to the only man that I really knew as my father.


I released from his grasp and smiled at him. He needed to know that at least one of the children he raised turned out to be okay. Of course I am not a perfect human being, but at least my Grandpa can be proud that I always stuck by and did right by him – for the most part.

He placed a hand on my shoulder, “I’m so proud of you, son.”

I nodded in reply, “Thanks, Grandpa.”

“You go out there and become the best dang therapist this world has ever seen. You hear me?”

I nodded once more, “That is my plan, Grandpa. I promise to do well.”


And just like that, my world would be shifted.



I arrived on campus several hours after my flight. It was a massive university, crawling with young – and old – students. My uncontrollable craving to pick each and every one of their minds was at peak. So many new faces, so many new personalities.

My options were endless.


One of the headmasters on campus gave me enough information to get me to my dorm room – which was shared by another. I walked into the cozy-sized atmosphere to find him sprawled on his bed in deep thought. The moment he felt my presence he let out a huge sigh of disappointment. Ah, he doesn’t like company. This should be fun.


The man sighed once more.

“Look, I’m not here to be friends. I’m not here to be your study-buddy and I’m not here to make you cocoa in the morning. I’m here to learn and learn only. I have no intentions to do anything more than that.” he scoffed, “Well, as far as you know.”

I mentally laughed. OH he doesn’t dislike company – he loathes it!


I thought for a moment, so I could figure out what to say exactly. First impressions are key when it comes to situations like this. So I needed to make sure I picked the perfect approach.

I thought again.


Oh I know exactly what to do.


“Well, well, well!” I laughed, “Aren’t you a sour puss? That’s no way to introduce yourself to your new roomie.” I waved over obnoxiously, smiling like a fool.

If there is one thing to make him react, it’s going to be this.

He stood up from his bed, crossing his arms at me. Perfect response, keep going mystery man…

“HEY!” he screeched, “I don’t want all of that chipper crap around here! I thought I told you I’m not here to be your friend. Don’t test me, idiot.”

I laughed louder, “Boy, you sure do put up a fight! I can tell we’re going to be awesome friends.” I gleamed at him, “I know what you need!”


“A big, friendly bear hug!” I pulled him in close to me and squeezed.

He nearly flipped out. OH, this is perfection.


He pulled away, struggling. He took a step back from me and just gawked in shock.

“Are-are you… gay?” he muttered, “I’m sorry but I don’t go down that road. I’m not-“

Gay? Should I? No, that’s a low even for me.

“No! I’m totally into women, dude. I just thought you could use a friendly welcome ‘tis all.”

He scoffed, “What part of my introduction gave you ANY impression of THAT?!”


I cackled slightly inside. Expressions, reactions, disturbed. He’s my perfect roommate.

“Oh… call it a hunch.”



Since I arrived on the campus during the weekend, the college had scheduled me to attend orientation before classes started on Monday. I believe my roommate was scheduled to attend as well, but he’s really anti-social.

Not that I didn’t try to bug the ever living daylights out of him to attend… I feel my personality for my roommate – whose name I learned was Nathaniel – should be creepy, best friend. He seems to react a great deal to that one.

The greeter went on and on about the great joys of attending Mount Pleasant University. I was aware of what he was saying, but I was more focused on the people surrounding me.


Especially the woman who kept sneaking glances at me. I presume she thought I hadn’t noticed because I was too wrapped up in the man’s speech. But oh no, of course not. I was entirely glued to the fact that she was staring at me.

And just to watch her jump, I turned my head slightly.


We both caught glances of each other and when we did… I forced a grin. It all happened super fast but I am aware that when she shot her head back in position towards the speaker, she had a smile on her face.

Seems like she has attraction towards me. Interesting.


I started to jot down notes on this woman. What made her react, what made her smile. How she found me to be appealing to the eye. Of course the way I was doing it made me look like I was super in-tune with the speaker. But honestly? I lost more and more focus the more I paid attention to this woman.

I snuck a peak out of the corner of my eye. She had her eyes rested solely upon me.

“AHEM.” the speaker coughed, and we both shot glances to the man. “As I was saying…” he continued on.

After that had happened the woman didn’t dare look back over at me. I guess that just means she’s not one for getting into much trouble.

Aw, she could have been fun…



Monday rolled around fast; something I was eagerly waiting for. It wasn’t just the sole reason of wanting to learn. No, it was also the fact that I had found out that Nathaniel was going to be taking the EXACT same classes as ME. But the beauty of it all… he had no idea.

“HEY best friend!” I exclaimed, loudly enough for the class to hear.

I heard Nathaniel groan,“Oh dear God. Please. NO.”


“Wow you have the same class as me? Seriously? This is awesome!” I chuckled, marching straight towards him.

“Someone kill me now.” he mumbled.

God, I love this.


I pulled out the chair next to him and planted myself down. He growled, jamming his pencil onto that paper pretty freaking hard.

“Aw, why so glum Nat?” I smiled, pulling out my book, “This is going to be cool. We’re roommates and classmates. We can exchange notes and stuff. Right?”

“Wrong.” he hissed, “Dead WRONG.”

“AHEM!” the teacher growled, “I’m not going to have a problem with you two already, am I?”

I shook my head, “No ma’am. We’re good. Just discussing.”

Nathaniel scoffed at that.

“Hey, don’t be so sour Nat.”

“Don’t call me that you big loaf.” he snapped at me.


For majority of the lesson Nathaniel continued to ignore me as best as he could. The teacher lectured on, discussing pretty useless information for right now. It was only day one, so there was no actual teachings yet – just learning of the curriculum.

“Okay, now I am going to assign you partners for the year. You need to be able to have that person-to-person contact. And since you are not supposed to be comfortable with them, I’m choosing for you.”

Oh. Oh this should be good…

Nathaniel dug his nails into his jeans, begging over and over that we wouldn’t be paired together.


Nathaniel raised his hand, “Can I be excused?”

The teacher chuckled, “Just wait a moment, I’m about to assign partners.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” he gulped.

“Okay, Nathaniel Markus and Val Terrey – you two are partners from here on out. You’ll have to discuss class work together, do projects together and have sessions with one another. Get comfortable.”

Nathaniel slammed his head down against the desk.

“Sweet! This is going to be awesome, right buddy?”

Bang. Bang. Bang. More slamming.


“Mrs. Morgan, there has to be a mistake here. Can’t you assign me to anyone else? Please?”

She turned away from her board, smiling, “Since you’re asking to be switched, that makes me want to keep you together even more. You don’t need to be comfortable in this field. You have to learn to be able to get along with everyone, Nathan.”

“It’s Nathaniel.”

She smirked, turning back to the class, “As I was saying-“

This is going to be such an interesting year.



Although I was paying a lot of attention to Nathaniel, I also made sure I focused on what the teacher was saying. I love to get in the minds of others, but I also want to excel in this schooling. I want to be the best that I can be and I want to make my Grandpa proud of me. He deserves that; he deserves to watch me blossom.

I stepped out of the school building around 5:30. I was tired, I’ll admit. I just wanted to head back to my dorm and take a nap. But something caught my eye – something exceptionally insane.

“What the…”


A random man ran out of nowhere and right in front of me.

“WOAH!!!! YEAH!!!” he screamed, “Party on Saturday!! We’re going to mess this place UP!”

“I don’t-“

“Don’t dampen the mood, BRAH! Just say you’re going!” he blurted out, nearly screaming it into my face.


“We’re gonna cry for our rights!” he drunkenly slurred, “This school won’t take us down! PARTY ALL NIGHT!”

I placed a hand on my chin, stroking it gently. This seemed interesting enough. I’d love to see what happens to the minds of a bunch of drunk buffoons.

“Alright then, I’ll attend your little get together.”

“AWESOME!” he shouted, stripping of his pants, “CRY FREEDOM!”















“ISSAC!” a teacher screeched, “How many times are we going to have to do this?! GET OVER HERE!”


Oh yeah, I’m totally going…


Thanks for reading guys!!

Here is some bonus pictures:


Tag as a Young Adult.


Patrick as a Young Adult.


Tag’s daughter – Eevee.


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18 Responses to Chapter 8.2 – Roommates

  1. jeremina5 says:

    Yay! A new chapter!
    Thanks again for voting. You’re the only vote so far, but it’s only Tuesday, right? Lol.
    I love how interesting Val is. I had a weekend preview of HBO last weekend and caught part of a movie called “The Shape of Things”. It was interesting. The main character(Rachel Weiss) screwed with peoples minds, too. Anyway, kind of reminded me of Val. I hope we see a stable Isa in the future. I’m not sure of Val actually cared for her or only about her though.
    Have fun with college! Look forward to next chapter for sure. Also, make sure and check the mailbox before he heads home, otherwise there will be annoying, undeletable mail in his inventory FOREVER!!!

    • Jax says:

      Hey, no problem! I didn’t mind helping you out 🙂

      For Val? Well, we just have to see what he’s up too as time plays on…

      Ack D: Really? Do. not. want.

  2. Bahaha!!! I know I knew what was going to happen… But I love how you brought it to life! The way Val acted with Nat was hysterical!!! Poor man…

    I think the way you changed it on how Val met ‘Not going to reveal her name yet’ was definitely a better idea than the one that I came up with…

    I do hope that Noah found a good place for Isa… It would suck if he found a crappy place…

    I thought this chapter was really good babe! Keep it up! And feel better! Or else! :-*


    • Ps. Naked guy was funny!

    • Jax says:

      Haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetie 😀 I tried to make it the best that I possibly could. He’s just trying to do whatever he can to mess with Nat and make him tick hehe.

      Well, I wouldn’t say it was better. Just that it was easier for me XD Your idea was really good too 🙂

      Well, we both know where she ends up… ;o

      Thanks, baby… I’m trying to hold up over here ;-; But sickness is poop.

      ❤ Love you.

  3. meginthebox says:

    Aww no, I’m going to miss Isa! But I feel like she’ll be back again because she was such a great character? I hope so. I hope she went to an okay place…

    I always feel so bad for Noah (btw how is he not old yet?? lol) but I’m glad to hear that Uriah sent a letter because I was worried. I love how you mentioned her though and the information you gave about her because now I’m really intrigued by what her story is, even if we don’t find out. How’s the family life going for dear Tag?

    I miss Ryder and Kara~!! A lot. T-T

    Val sure is going out of his way to make college life even MORE interesting! I kept laughing at Nathaniel. What a perfect way to get on someone’s nerves. I feel like that girl is going to end up being important? She seems important.

    With my rereading adventures, I just got to Bazel’s chapters! Bazel is definitely high up there on my favorites. Anyways, really great job with this chapter! I’m intrigued about what happened to Isa over the course of two years and also, Val at college just makes me smile.

    • Jax says:

      Well, we’ll just have to see if she comes back or not. Have to be patient with that one 😉

      I always feel bad for Noah too! D: He’s my favorite character and he goes through so much poop. Oh and he is old, but I just didn’t have him become ‘old’. I made him look older to fit the role. I’m tired of how the EA old people look. Ahhh, sorry. I like to drop subtle hints about them so you guys aren’t completely clueless… but not going into details. Wish I could, but Val is in the spotlight!

      Tag? Well, he has his ups and downs. That’s for sure. And me too, I need to bring them into a chapter or two. I miss their faces.

      Hah! Yes, he has such a way with people, doesn’t he? The rascal. And sweet! I’m glad you’re enjoying the reread :3 Makes me happy.

  4. Natty says:

    UHM. Val. *cough* you sure turned out hot. Eep! I wonder when/if we’ll see Isa again… O.o I think I like the difference of Isa-Val and I-like-to-get-in-everybody’s-head-Val. I think he has the wrong idea of what his profession will be like, but oh well. Also, I never thought that Val would be the type of guy to get tattoos. Dunno why.
    And uh Nathaniel is perfect. HIS POUTY FACE THOUGH XD I think Val would have an easier time of actually knowing Nathan’s story if he got to know him instead of annoyed him though-? Or is Val solely interested in knowing what makes people tick?

    • Jax says:

      HE DID. Oh my goodness. He’s so yummy to look at! ;D And ah, you catch on with that, eh? He does have a different aspect with Isa and, well, from everyone else. Really. Expect Grandpa, he’s changed for him on purpose. Oh he really does. He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.

      Well, you could say he did it to observe others. He most likely went into different tattoo places with different approaches. You always have to think of things from Val’s perspective. He’s very peculiar.

      I agree! I love Nathaniel’s character so much! Oh and basically Val is solely interesting in the emotions of people. Doing things to make them go out of whack, to throw them off. He’ll eventually get to a point where he wants to know more. But for now he’s comfortable with just messing with him.

  5. KittyKatDance13 says:

    Yay! Omigosh! This generation i think will be my favourite! I loove how Val bugs the life out of Nathaniel! I love how he trys to get into the minds of others. Reminds me of me actually pfft. I think we are going to meet alot of interesting people in this generation, definately. 😥 😥 😥 Isa!!! Dont leave us!!! I know she is coming back but omigosh please make that soon. Bit creepy of me hah but yeah she was so interesting! Oh well when she does come back I bet your gonna make it amaazing Jax! Eeeep! Cant wait! Awesome Chapter, and congratulations for making this legacy so long, im realy glad you didnt stop like others. This is half of my life the other half is psychology and art haha. Thank You Jax (: xo

  6. Simmer101 says:

    Do you post you sims anyway so we can download them my god I really want to download some of them!! PLEASEEEEEE!!😊

  7. TinyPiglet says:

    Hi, I have just caught up with your story and have to say I really like it. Val turned out quite the hottie!! I hope we see Isa again, I would love to know her story. I am guessing since Val is going to be a therapist they might meet as doctor & patient?

  8. straycat says:

    Hello, umm.. Jax, right? 🙂

    Well, I just started reading your legacy since, like, two weeks ago? Finally catching up and I’m just letting you know that I LOVE IT SO FAR! GEEZ Can’t wait for moreeeeee!!! 😀
    Anyway, if you don’t mind, please visit my legacy and tell me what you think of it if you have time and please, I’m NOT forcing you to it. If you’re busy then that’s alright for me. You should post a new chapter first though 🙂

    Well, here’s the link :

    Many thankss 😀

    • Jax says:

      Hey there! So glad you’re enjoying my legacy. Yes, I have been busy… but I have no problem checking out your legacy 🙂 And ah yes, I know I need to write a new chapter. I was actually gonna start soon. It’s been a while. But yeah, happy you like it!! 😀

  9. Oh my god! Val’s interactions with his new roommate are a hoot! I laughed out loud multiple times while reading this.

    Val’s point of view is so freaking cool, albeit a little bit unnerving, lol. I certainly would feel awkward if I knew someone was staring at me and taking notes. It’s a good thing they don’t know because that definitely sends a bit of a serial killer vibe there, XD. I’m fairly certain he’d be capable of it too if people weren’t so much more useful to Val alive rather than dead–they’re more interesting that way, after all, haha.

    Also, love how he wants to make his grandfather proud. That man has gone to SUCH lengths to ensure that Val and his siblings grew up well and he’s gotten soooooo much crap for it. Poor Noah!! …..on that note…..NOAHHHHHHHHHHH *TACKLE HUG AGAIN*

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