Chapter 8.4 – Paging Dr. Terrey

Author’s Note: A new installment! πŸ™‚ Enjoy.


Val’s Point of View

Graduation had come and gone. I, dare I say it, am astonished that I actually survived the entire program. I’ll admit, I wanted to go through with this completely because of the outcome (A job watching loonies? Come on!) but my God was it long. It took a total of SEVEN years to complete! Can you believe anything could be that long?! Well, it was. My graduation wasn’t the only thing that lasted seven years. I, well… I never actually ended that relationship with Logan. For the longest time it was to get a reaction out of Nathaniel, but after a while, I was just curious as to how far I could take it.

I believe the girl is in love with me now. Honestly? I have absolutely no feelings towards her. I feel like love is such a petty thing. Why strap yourself down to one emotion when there is such a vast amount to explore?

Logan and I sat side by side in the moving truck. Constantly she would peer over at me, grinning from ear to ear. She was excited to leave college and start anew. I was just happy to leave in general. I was so bored of being around the same people; watching the same expressions and emotions. I need a new level of excitement and a broader horizon of reaction and expression.

Logan tugged on my arm, “Can you believe it?! We’re finally done!”

I smiled slightly at her, “I know, it’s something… isn’t it?”


The moving truck pulled up in front of our new house. It’s, uhm, well… it’s livable. Okay, it was all her parents were able to afford for us. Sure, they have money… but they’re not made of money. The house is not the issue though… it’s the living arrangement’s that’s the issue. Sure, it was easy to get away with this relationship when you live in different buildings, attending college, but what happens when you live in the same house? Sleep in the same bed? Hm. Well, it might be interesting.


I watched as Logan stepped out of the moving truck. She took a few steps in the direction of the house before she turned and smiled big at me.

“Come on Val!” She squealed, “Look at this place!”

I shrugged my shoulders and reached for a suit case laying next to me on the chair. I hopped out, taking an extra tight grasp on the luggage. I walked up the path just a bit before Logan linked her small fingers tightly around my hand.

“I love this place so much Val-” She giggled, giving me a sly look.


“But not as much as I love you!” She leaped onto my back, causing my grip on the luggage to subside. She wrapped her arms around my neck, placing a kiss on my cheek.

Logan is such a fascinating creature. How can one be so attached to a person? Why is love such an overpowering entity to so many? I mean, sure I love my family. I wish them no harm at all. But to belong to one and one only? To have such a hold on them? Impossible for me to accept.

I looked up at her, smiling slightly. “I love you, too.”


Logan and I walked into the house, glancing around at the interior. As we stood there, the movers moved in the small amount of furniture that we did own. Most of the place was pre furnished; I believe that Logan’s parents bought the house off of some old woman who moved into a retirement home. Well, you can definitely see it wasn’t decorated by youth… I know I’m not a spry chicken anymore, being 25, but come on! This is saddening…

Logan turned towards me, “Val? Uhm, can I ask you something?”

I pulled her close, pushing back a strand of loose hair that was resting against her cheek.

“What’s up?”

“Val… have you ever considered you and I-… uhm, getting married? I mean, you don’t have to give me an answer right now. I’ve just been thinking about it for a while now, and was wondering if you felt the same way.”

Marriage? Hm. I figured this topic would arise eventually. Yes, I do love to get to stir the pot, so to speak, and create new scenarios… but do I want to take that into legal matters? Do I REALLY want to strap myself to this person legitimately?

I kissed her cheek, “Don’t worry, I’ve thought about it too. It’s just, well, money issues. ” I sighed, “I mean, I want to give you the best… but I can’t really do that on an interns salary. So how about we just wait, okay?”

She looked a little disappointed, but not entirely upset.

“Yeah, no, you’re right. It was silly of me to bring up right now.” She tugged on my arm, “Anyways, come on. Let’s not waste anytime breaking in this new house.”

Oh heck yeah.



We moved into our house on Saturday, and I started my new paid internship on Monday. Cutting it close, weren’t we? Doesn’t matter though. I’ve finally made it and I am SO ready to see what kind of amazing things people do in this place.

I took everything in; staring at my new surroundings. This is going to be amazing.


I walked over to the receptionist sitting at the counter.

“Excuse me, miss? Can you tell me where I can find Dr. Brewer? I was supposed to meet him here in this part of the hospital wing. I’m the new intern. Name’s Val.”

She glanced up at me, sighing, “Right. You and that other guy. Well, I’ll page the doctor to let him know, but I suggest waiting for your intern partner. Supposedly you two are going to be working together until you’re hired or something. Who knows?”

Well I would like to assume you would, since you do work here strange one. But partner, huh? I had no recollection that I was going to be doing this with a partner. I wonder who I’m going to-



“Are you serious? I leave school to start fresh and I have to be paired with you?! AGAIN!? Living with you for seven years wasn’t torture enough?!” Nat steamed.

The receptionist glared at him, “Are we going to have an issue here? I will gladly call security and have your butt hauled out of here already.”

Nathaniel took a deep breath, “No. No need. Everything is just fine.”  He stated through gritted teeth.

Oh cruel fate. How you banter the weak and give glory to the successors. If there is one person I was not tired of toying with, it was Nathaniel Markus. His reactions, and the ways that I could rearrange his emotions were completely endless.


Nathaniel glared at me. “At least… it better be.”

I laughed, “Well, why would there be any problems? We’re buddies, right? Go llamas!”

“Listen. I know your little game,Val. But you know what? I’m NOT going to let it affect my career like I did my college life. We’re going to work together, but it does NOT mean we’re friends. We have NEVER been friends.”

“Aw, come on Natty!”

He held up his hand, “JUST DON’T!”


The doctor cleared his throat. “Is something wrong? Because I’d hate to see my two new interns not getting along. How else will I train you to be kind to patients, if you can’t even be kind to one another?” He laughed.

“No need to worry, sir.” I stated, “Everything is perfectly fine here.”

He smirked, “That’s what I thought.” He clasped his hands together, “Now, follow me. We have a lot of work to get done — so no time to waste.”


A doctor that gets right into things? I gladly accept! I have always been one to waste no time. Well, unless wasting time was part of my experiment, of course.

“You boys may be working the night shift, but it does not mean under any circumstances that you can slack off. Just because the sun ain’t shining, doesn’t mean that we don’t have our work cut out for us. If you ask me, the crazier ones are awake at this hour. So all I have to say to you is good luck.”

“Sir?” Nathaniel questioned, “Shouldn’t we get a tour first or go over procedures and protocol?”

The doctor nearly laughed, “No, son, not in my hospital. I don’t have time for all of that. If you have any important questions you can direct them to me later or you can find one of my head doctors. In this vicinity, if you want to make it, you just have to jump in and get dirty.


After a short walk around the corner and down a small hallway, we found ourselves in front of a very boring, plain looking door.

“Behind this door is your first patient. Her name is Kristie and she’s a bit on the heavy side. Be warned though: she’s very touchy, loud, and has a very active mind. All I need you two to do is go in there and administer her insulin. She requires it at a certain time every day, and now would be that time.”


“You’re not going in with us?” Nathaniel asked, almost as if he had forgotten everything the doctor had just said.

“Nope. You two are on your own. Once you have this patient content, just go talk to a nurse about any help she needs with any others. I have my work cut out for me already.” Dr. Brewer unlocked the door, “Enjoy.”


All I can say is, that doctor was not joking about his description of this woman. As soon as we stepped foot inside the room, she went all psycho on us. It was the most amusing thing I had seen in so long! And I didn’t even have to initiate any of it!

“Mmm. Now ain’t you two some fine looking elephants. Especially that one right there, with that cute nose that sways across the floor.” She gestured towards Nathaniel, “Hey big boy, mind if momma tugs on your trunk?” She laughed hysterically, “That means your penis!”

Nathaniel looked away uncomfortably, “Get what she needs from the fridge so we can just get this over with.”


I busted out laughing. I just couldn’t help myself. This was just too much! I mean, my God! How can a person be so delusional that they picture human beings as elephants? And to top it off, have a sex drive so high that it blasts through the roof and straight on to the moon! It’s phenomenal!

“What’s wrong, Nat? You don’t want to answer to your animal like instincts?”

He cast me such a fowl look, it could have killed a baby.

“Just get the insulin!”

“Alright dumbo, but don’t fly away while I’m gone.” I chuckled. I can tell he wants to hurt me so badly.

I have found my passion and my rightful home. This hospital… Is everything I have ever dreamed it would be.


β€œHold her down, Val!”

β€œI can’t! She’s trying to grab my- OH hello!”




Weeks had gone by and Nathaniel and I had seen a numerous amount of patients. I’ll admit, majority of the time it ended with me laughing and Nathaniel growing very angry with me. It was honestly like a double win; I got to see reactions from Nat and at the same time I got to enjoy the antics of these lovely people.

“Alright Brian, just relax and take your walk, okay?” I stated, “Dr. Michaels said that you need to stop stuffing yourself away in that room of yours.”

Nathaniel eyed me up and down. He knew I was going to do something to make this situation worse, he was just waiting for it.

What? He doesn’t trust me?

“Just don’t think about shirts or them touching your body. You’re safe outside. Oh and the sun doesn’t shine for at least another three hours.”

Nathaniel shot me a glaring snarl. Oh right, he shouldn’t trust me. Heh…


Now to just step back and watch the magic unravel.

Brian took a deep breath before he closed his eyes shut. He felt his body up and down, making very strange faces as he did so.

“You know…” He choked out, “Shirts are the reason the Cold War struck us. And you know what else?”


“The sun is it’s blasted partner! It burns your skin and sucks the life force out of your mind! Quick, save yourself!” Brian screeched, running towards the fountain.

“You just HAD to say something, didn’t you?!” Nathaniel growled as he went after the screaming man.


Brian jumped head first into the fountain, flailing crazily as he screamed about the tortures of the oh-so-evil sun. He splashed the water so furiously that Nathaniel became a victim of the water. His scrubs were completely drenched, but he had not other choice but to keep standing there trying to coax Brian out. If he tried to go in and grab him, he might just get pulled under. They taught us about patients and water; the two were a very bad mix. That’s why Nathaniel and I were paired together in the first place; they did it for safety reasons.

“Come on out Brian, okay? We just need to talk to you for a little bit. We can get you some ice cream and watch one of your movies. Remember Ghost Busters? You like that movie. Come on.” He sighed, gesturing to Brian to get out of the fountain.


“Just tell him that the sun is his friend, Nats! I’m sure that will work.” I laughed so hard I had gripped my side. These people are just too easy to manipulate! I don’t even have to do anything.

“Shut up, Val! You’re making things worse!” He pointed towards the building, “Go call security. It’s the least you can do since you’re the reason this happened in the first place.”

I saluted him, “Aye aye captain.”



After everything was fixed with Brian, Nathaniel and I were appointed to our next patient. Or, well, we just decide to go to her. We’ve had a routine setup for quite some time now — we know how to do our rounds.

“That was something, eh? I think today he was even worse than last week!” I laughed.

“Yeah?! And I wonder why that is?” Nathaniel shook his head before stopping completely. “I can’t believe you did that to a mentally challenged patient. You can’t just mess with their minds like that; they’re very fragile. You’re an ignorant a-hole and don’t deserve to work in this field.”


I stopped dead in my tracks. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what it means. You don’t care about these people, you only care about yourself. You just like to stand back and laugh at them as they soil themselves and jump into fountains. What the heck is wrong with you?? How can you be so cruel? Why the frick did you even get involved with this line of work if all you were going to do was play around?”


I turned and faced him, “Wow, so it seems you just have me all figured out, huh? You know exactly how my mind bobs and weaves. You know which way I’m going to turn and the next move I’m going to make. Please, Nathaniel, you don’t know me at all. You underestimate my intelligence. And quite frankly it’s disturbing.”

I’ll admit, normally I am calm and collected… But he hit a nerve I just could not back away from. So yes, I let my guard down just for a mere moment.


“I’m disturbing?! Why don’t you just look at yourself in the mirror! You change personalities like the wind. One minute you’re deranged and see things you shouldn’t, the next you’re acting like my best friend in the world and sometimes you just act plain stupid!” He scoffed, “You’re a pathological liar and if anyone deserves to be in this hospital it’s YOU!”

“Oh yeah?” I pointed right at him, “And you’re just upset that Logan hates your guts but she’s banging me! Doesn’t feel so good, now does it Dr. Markus?”

I did say a mere moment. I regained my composure right after. I honestly don’t care what he thinks of me. But I am curious to know what he thinks of Logan. What is his reason to hate me if I was nothing more than a mere annoying roommate. There has to be something he is holding onto to make him so utterly bitter.



He decked me straight across the face. His knuckles pierced the side of my eye, leaving behind a mark that I was sure would be noticeable for eons to come. See, I knew that some reaction was coming… But I wasn’t exactly expecting this. The poor soul is in love with the girl, and quite deeply at that.


Just then, our patient whom we were supposed to be visiting came running out of the room.

“Fighting!!” She screamed, “They’re fighting! Someone, anyone, come now before someone dies! Oh my God, we’re all going to die! This is the end!”

It just so happens that she has a very strong fear of violence because of how her parents treated her when she was a little girl. Irony at its finest…

“What the heck is going on out here?!” The security guard yelled as he tried to calm down our patient. He looked over at us and let out a loud groan, “You two again?! Come on!”

Yeah, so turns out this really isn’t the first time we got into debates and arguments leading into patient discomfort, as they put it. I can tell things are not going to end very well for us…



“Sir, I can explain. We were just-“


Dr. Brewer held up his hand, “No, I’m tired of your explanations. You two have been working here for five months and the only thing you know how to do right is make my patients go crazier than they already are. I don’t know if I can deal with another antic like this.” He shook his head, “I mean, really? Punching each other now? That’s childish!”

“I understand you’re concern doctor, and I can assure you that-“

He interrupted once ore.

“Just sit down Val; accept your punishment as it’s coming to you. Do not try and over power your boss.”

“Yes sir.” I stated, placing myself next to Nathaniel.


“Listen.” He started, “You two have such great potential in you. You’re both top of your class and your doctoral skills are threw the roof. But if you’re going to continue this behavior, I’m going to have no choice but to let you go and let fate deal with you.”

He rubbed the back of his neck.

“I’m willing to give you one last shot at this, but another scene like this and you’re both on the streets. There will be no explanations or second chances. I’ve already pulled as many strings as I possibly could to keep you two for this long. I want you apart of my staff for the long haul. So shape up or hit the road. Do I make myself clear?”


Nathaniel and I looked up at the doctor in unison. We both nodded our heads in agreement with no words spoken

“Good.” He looked at his watch, “Now considering you’re going into my lunch time, I’m going to let you two figure the rest of this out on your own. Good luck and pray the good lord keeps you from unemployment.”

And that was the last words he had muttered before walking off to the second floor elevator.


Nathaniel sighed, “I’m done with this Val, and I’m done with you. If you’re going to continue being some anus to work with, then you go right ahead. I can’t feed into you anymore; I can’t risk my future here. This hospital is top of the line and the only reason I got in is because I busted my butt for the last seven years.” He put up his hand, “You do what you want, I’m not going to stop you. But just be warned… I’m not saying this to make amends with you. I’m just forming a solid truce to not deal with your bull anymore.”


“Well, I’m sorry you have to feel that way. And I do apologize for lashing out at you. I wasn’t trying to be so hurtful, I just don’t seem to have a good way of portraying my anger.” I held out my hand, “I accept your truce.”

He took my hand in a firm grip, staring directly into my eyes, “I’m still going to be watching you Val. I know you’re game; I know how you work. You may be telling me one thing right now, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to let my guard down. If you want a battle, well, you just met your match.”

With that being said, Nathaniel got up from his chair and headed towards the break room.

“I’m going to get lunch, I’ll see you later Val.”

Nathaniel left the room and I was still sitting there — quite shocked to be honest. I had this grin spread across my face that I just could not seem to shake. It’s just, I have not met a person who had me quite figured out like that. He was very good and, to be frank, very much on point. Sure, I’d still like to toy with him, because I do love a challenge, but I think from now on I’ll cut him a little slack. He definitely deserves it.


Two Years Later.


It seemed as if time just flew by. After about a year of being an intern, Dr. Brewer offered Nathaniel an I full time positions with our own offices and everything. We would be getting our own patients to see and basically over seeing a lot of people! It was an amazing feeling to say the least. Of course, me being myself… I still liked to enjoy my time at my place of work. Sure, I liked being with the patients… But seeing the same ones over and over got so boring at times. So I started requesting that I make rounds with some of the other doctors patients as well. I wasn’t allowed to do that per se, but Dr. Brewer found some loopholes for me. He knew my mind was very active and I was excellent at what I did. So he did his best to do whatever he could to keep me on my toes. He’s a man after my own heart — he absolutely adores a challenge.

“Dr. Terrey?” A knock came on my door, “Doctor? I have a new patient here for you to see.”

“Yes, okay. Come in.” I sputtered out. What? I said I enjoy my time here…


“Doctor, I have a patient you requested. She’s a very old one of mine, so I thought I’d pass her onto you a couple times a month — see how she takes to you. She’s very different from most cases; I assume you read her files.” Dr. brewer sighed, “Val, are you even paying attention?”

I looked up from my computer, “Hm? Yes, yeah. I am. Something about files and people. I got it.”

He shook his head, “YOUR patient is here to see you. Are you ready for her?”

“I said yes didn’t I?”

He motioned towards the door and a young girl with purple hair walked inside. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw who it was.


“I’m really just going to go out on a whim here and assume you didn’t read her file yet. But anyways, this is Jolin Lurker. But for some strange reason she insists that everyone call her-“


“Isa.” I gasped.

“Yes. Wow. You actually did read it.” He chuckled a little as he walked out of the room. “Well, good luck.”

Isa peered up at me from under her hair, “H-hi… Val.”


Yay! I got a chapter finished! I am absolutely stoked with myself that I actually found the time. Thank you all for your patience! I hope you enjoyed the chapter. πŸ™‚


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12 Responses to Chapter 8.4 – Paging Dr. Terrey

  1. Yay! You finished it! Makes me happy! Now onward with my comment!

    Val is such a jerkface! It actually makes me sad that he’s playing Logan like that… She seems like such a sweet girl. He best shape up!

    I feel bad for Nat though. Val was messing with him so much, I’m pretty sure I would have lost it long before then. I have to admit, I might have inwardly cheered him on when he decked Val… >.> Seven years… Bless his heart. XD

    Though I guess he got lucky, since Val decided to cut him some slack…

    Those patients sure were… special. I knew about the elephant thing, but the others… I wasn’t quite expecting. So it was hilarious! XD

    And Yay! Isa/Jolin is back! Can’t wait to see what happens! I mean, I kind of already know, but I wanna see how it all “plays out”, in a sense.

    Great chapter babe. Love you!!!

    • Jax says:

      Val is a confused individual XD He likes things and sees things, that everyone doesn’t really see. It doesn’t justify his actions, nor are they good, but he really is different. Plus, you have to look at who his parents are. He didn’t come from such an elegant back round.

      OH I know you would have! Haha πŸ˜› You’re a… gentle soul πŸ˜‰ Yeah, well, he deserved that punch to the face. He was egging him on too far for too long. Different or not, that was cruel. Hah! Yeah, he really is lucky with that one. Val liked his determination and how he had him figured out. It was a nice change.

      Hehe! Thanks πŸ˜€ I couldn’t have done it without you. You’re the one who suggested that lady was all… well… lady bonerish XD

      Haha, yes, yes you do know the story. We shall see what happens! I’ll just have to have you help me take more pictures πŸ˜€ Mwuahaha!

      I love you too πŸ˜€

  2. benjosama says:

    Yay a new chapter! *scurries off to read*

    Wow, that was well worth the wait xD I was literally just reading that chapter just thinking: Isa, where are you, I know you’re going to turn up, Isaaa’

    I’m glad she’s back, our little purple haired cutie. πŸ˜€

    Val is so mean and manipulative but it just makes him luff him 100x more. I kind of feel sorry for Logan though. And Nat, but mainly Logan. XD I can’t wait to see what happens next πŸ˜€

    • Jax says:

      Really? Yay! I’m glad it was worth it πŸ™‚ Of course! I can’t introduce a character like Isa and just have her fall off the planet. She’s too adorable and really far out there XD My specialty!

      I know right?? I mean, he’s such a jerk at times… but I can’t help but love him for how different he is! I feel bad for both of them as well, but I agree, Logan… that poor girl.

  3. meginthebox says:

    Val… what a guy…
    I mean he’s definitely interesting. I just can’t believe how heartless he is! I don’t think he’s human lol. How can you be in a relationship for all those years, just for the heck of it? Poor poor Logan.. she deserves sooo much better, I just want her to say enough is enough and leave him already. But she really does love him huh? That sucks.

    I was laughing when Nat and Val got teamed up again. Nat just has some awful luck doesn’t he? But I’m glad he doesn’t put up with Val’s weird manipulations. Even if it doesn’t really work out.

    Isa! I was wondering when she would show up, I kind of gave up hope! But it’s been years later, so I wonder how she is… obviously she’s been getting treatment? I can’t wait to see if she’s improved and I feel as if she’ll be the only one to confuse Val..

    Great chapter I can’t wait to see where this goes!

    • Jax says:

      He’s human. Sort of XD I mean, he didn’t really have the greatest upbringing and his genes are strong with the crazy side. His dead was a cold hearted killer and his mom was a blunt woman who took no crap and killed a few her time as well. Yeah, well, to her… it IS a real relationship. Val plays it off so perfectly that she doesn’t even know. He’s been doing it the entire time. Things might start to come out a little more though since they’ll be living together. They’re not just college sweethearts now, they’re actually trying to start a life together — which Val doesn’t want.

      Poor Nat really does. I wish him luck. Yup! He’s trying his best to just fight against Val’s manipulation. Val IS going to be easier on him now. Because he likes that Nat has him figured out. It’s hard NOT to figure someone out in seven years of living with him. That’s why Logan is in for a world of hurt…

      Never give up hope! I don’t introduce characters like her for nada πŸ˜‰ She has… but we shall see how she is doing. Oh so true. The only one on planet earth to have him question his own actions. It’s amusing… hehe.


  4. alexxisims says:

    ERMAHGERD! A chapter! Yes! I liked it, really liked it! Didn’t expect to see Nathaniel there! Thank you!! I heart you

  5. misssnootface says:

    Yay! Isa is back! Val and Isa are super interesting, I love them. Poor Nathaniel, I hope he eventually gets his girl. I cant wait to see what else we are going to learn about Isa. Val, Val… he cracks me up! I like the way he thinks although he does mess with people’s heads badly. Logan’s going to be an emotional wreck when she finds out Val never had feelings for her. I either want Val and Isa to fall in love or be like amazing friends just because they are both not normal and they neeeed to stick together! xD Is Val gonna visit Grandpa Noah soon? I miss him haha. Thank you for another great chapter Jax, hope your life is going well. and what do you think about the Sims 4? (:

    • Jax says:

      Of course. I couldn’t just NOT have her make another appearance! She’s too awesome. Ohhh there is quite a bit πŸ˜‰ But I’m not going to tell.

      Yeah. He does a twisted way of finding enjoyment… But it’s what makes him so interesting. Haha! Well, we shall see what happens there. Grandpa Noah probably is either extremely old or gone by now 😦 I love my Noah though ❀

      You are very welcome! And my life is going very well πŸ™‚ I'm happy with how things are going. (Wedding planning, adjusting and the works) I think I want to just flip a table and rage by all the things they are not including in the game. Like TODDLERS. The cutest little pixels alive, and they are disowning them from the base game. It makes me so sad! I can take them not adding pools, getting rid of the create a pattern and color wheel… I can even take them having cool looking things in the game that look like they are something but are just there for show… but TODDLERS? SAD FACE TO THE MAX. I am so upset about that…

  6. Val is such a butt that it’s fascinating.

    I just really want Nate to get his girl and be happy and not have to be stressed! ESPECIALLY because Val doesn’t even love her.

    Hello, Isa! I figured we hadn’t seen the last of her. Can’t wait to see where you go with this!

    • Jax says:

      Haha, isn’t he?

      I know right? It only seems the like the right thing there… but… Val is a butt nugget and Logan is completely clueless.

      Hehe! You shall see πŸ˜€

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