Chapter 8.5 – Everlasting Thoughts

Author’s Note: Hello guys! I’m excited to bring to you this new chapter! 😀 I’ve been sitting on it for too long cause I’ve been too wrapped up in playing my random fun saves and posting nonsense on my tumblr. Which you should totally check out. Seriously. I really feel my special side comes out the most on that website for some reason. I need more sleep…

Anyways, here is a new chapter for you guys. I hope you it enjoy it.



Val’s Point of View

Isa? ISA? This can’t be possible. How could she be standing in front of me after all of these years? I watched Grandpa take her away; never to speak of her again. I told her I’d see her again, I promised I’d help her… but I never actually believed it to be true. Maybe Karma does exist… because I’m tasting a lot of it right about now.

“Vally.” She said through the tiniest grin, “I knew I’d see you again.”

Her face held the same expression – hope. Her eyes, cheeks, and lips were filled to the brim with hope. It’s like she never had a doubt, even in all this time, that I would come back to help her.

I ran my fingers through my hair, taking in a deep breath. This was a lot to take in for me; I don’t think I’ve ever felt such shock in my entire life. Well, expect maybe when Grandpa died… but I don’t want to talk about that.


I sighed, “Isa, er, I mean… Jolin. What, uhm, what are you doing… here?”

I inwardly slapped myself in the head. What kind of question is that to ask a patient? Especially one that I know! Crap. Why did she make me FEEL this way? I can manipulate any mind I so desire, and yet, this simple girl gets me all dumbfounded and at a lost. I don’t know who I am around her!

She played with her pinky finger, looking up at me from underneath her long, mangled hair.

“The doctor people say that I’m a special girl and that I need to be in a place where I can be taken care of.” She frowned ever so slightly, “But I know what that means. I may still be five, but I know that’s just my number. I can be a lot smarter than that; I know it means my brain isn’t like everyone else’s.”


She seemed so much more… advanced. If that was even the right word to use in this insistence. It’s like, after all of these years, she’s actually aged a bit mentally. You could see it in her eyes and hear it in the way that she spoke. She’s not the same little girl anymore; she’s… matured. And what did she mean that five was her number? As if she is marked by a symbol and not an age. Who would give her such a thought?

I cleared my throat some before speaking. “Jolin.”

“I like Isa. I don’t like Jolin. Please don’t call me that.” She insisted.

I chuckled, “Well, okay. Isa. Uhm, care to take a seat?” I gestured towards the chair in front of my desk.

She shrugged, “Sure, sure.” Before plopping herself down.


Ugh. Take a seat? After all this time and all I could mutter out was take a seat?! My brain feels like it’s on overdrive but my mouth can’t comprehend how to make words form correctly! Come on Val! You’re smarter than this – get a grip.

“It’s been a long time, hasn’t it Isa?” I finally sputtered out. Well, at least it’s somewhat of a progression.

Isa nodded, “Yeah, it’s been lots and lots of years. I’ve been moved all over the place, but I’m finally back with Doctor Dan; he’s always so nice to me.”

“Back with? As in, you were with him before?”

She gleamed, “Oh yes! For lots of times! He took care of me after my mom forgot where I was.” Her expression grew serious, “But that’s why I have you. I never forgot what you told me Vally; I know you’re going to help me find my mommy.”


Her words hit me like a punch to the gut. I felt so moronic for ever making her that stupid promise. How am I supposed to know where she belongs and how to find her mother? I was only a kid back then, trying to make a lost girl feel better. I didn’t know it would one day come back to bite me in the butt. I can honestly say I never thought I’d see Isa again, but, it didn’t mean that I ever stopped thinking about her. She’s different from most people; almost unreadable. She challenged my intellect and it drives my fascination through the roof.

“Isa…” I sighed sorrowfully, “I don’t-“

“Oh it’s going to be so great Vally!” She exclaimed, cutting me off, “I can’t wait until I get to hug my mommy again. I miss her so much.”

Wham. Another punch to the gut. Crap. There’s no way I can tell her differently; she has her heart so wrapped around it. Plus, what child wouldn’t want to find their parents? I know for one that I went on many journeys through my neighborhood to find where my parents lived. Again, my parents were around and they actually COULD be found… but still. I feel this very strange connection with Isa I can’t quite honestly shake.

“Yes, it’s going to be so amazing Isa. You’ll see.”

It stung to say that, but I had to keep her hope alive. After-all, who am I to say she’ll never see her mother again?



My shift at the hospital was a long one, but it was one that I honestly didn’t want to end. I was enjoying my time spent with Isa and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to get inside her head and figure everything there was to figure out about her. She was special, and not in a sense of being mentally challenged.

I walked through the front door of my tiny home to find Logan on the sofa reading a book. If there was one thing that girl could never stop doing, it was reading. She could have spent 12 hours at the animal hospital and still come home ready to kick back and read a 500 page book.

“Hey.” I questioned, “Reading again?”

“You betcha.” She stated mater-of-factly. She turned her head towards me, grinning ear to ear, “Hi baby.”


She walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“I’ve missed you.” She giggled, placing a kiss on my cheek, “I hate it when you have to work so late.”

I rolled my eyes, “Oh, well you’re one to talk. Miss, ‘I can work 12 hours straight, no biggie.’”

“Hey!” She laughed, shaking her head, “I was in surgery with a Pit bull! Poor little buddy was so close to losing his leg!”


I pecked her lips, “I know, Logan. I’m just yanking your tail.” sighing, I stepped away from her. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

She grabbed the arm of my coat, “Wait.” She bit her lip, concern filling her eyes. “Are – are you okay, Val? You just… you seem so distracted today. Did something happen at work?”

I frowned my lips, giving a shrug, “No, not really. It was just work as usual – the same crazies as always. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Alright?”

Her eyes fell to the floor and then glanced back up at me, “Al-alright…”

“Thanks.” I kissed her cheek.

I can’t let Isa get the best of me and my involvement with Logan. If I let her get too wrapped around my thoughts, Logan is going to catch on to what is happening. How am I to have my fun, if I can’t even focus on it?



I really failed at doing that though. I tried my best to focus on other things, but she was purely wrapped around my entire being. I couldn’t shake the thoughts that I had about her. Like, where did she REALLY come from? Who was her mother? Why did her mother leave Isa all alone if she loved her daughter so much? Why did she act the way that she did? Why was she so consumed by the number five?

My brain continued to race with these unanswered questions.

I splashed a handful of water in my face and rubbed it in vigorously.

“SNAP OUT OF IT!” I shouted into the bathroom walls, “Pull yourself together!” 



Days had passed since I last saw Isa. And yet, even when it was time for me to lay down and rest, my mind was consumed. I literally felt like it was beginning to eat me alive inside. I don’t understand this! I just want her out of my head! I have literally only seen her once in these past two weeks and I’m still boggled. I feel like I’m living my teen days over again; like a fresh wound has resurfaced. And this time? It’s not going anywhere.

Logan slept softly on the bed opposite to me. She tried staying up with me, knowing that there was something juggling around inside of my head… but she just couldn’t hold out any longer. So, she eventually fell asleep.  I didn’t want her awake with me though; I didn’t need help from anyone. What I NEEDED was answers.


I hoisted myself off the bed gently, as I did not want to waken Logan. She could be a very light sleeper at times.


I walked over to the window and leaned my body into it. It was raining pretty hard over Hidden Springs; which it tended to do a lot regardless of the season we were in. The place was just naturally moist; it’s why it was covered in so much plant life and trees.

From my window I could look across the lake and see the small lights coming from the hospital building. I wonder what Isa was doing right at this moment; the thoughts that were racing through her head.


“Isa… I know I made you that promise on a whim, but trust me. I am going to use all of my power to make sure that I find out who you are and where you came from. I don’t care how long it takes me.”



Isa’s Point of View

Some people say it’s okay to just sit there and day dream, but not for me. Every time I let my head go a little far off into the sky, I find myself remembering thoughts – bad thoughts.

I sighed, drifting my head to the side. This room has been my home for lots and lots of years. It wasn’t where I was first born or anything… but it’s been a long time since I was where I really come from.


But, if I’m being really sure of everything… I don’t even know where that place was either. The only thing I can remember about my real home is pictures in my head from my memories – when they’re good memories, I mean. My best memories are the ones of my mommy though; she always knows how to make me smile. Even if I can’t be with her in the real life, at least I can see her in the movies that play in my head. I miss my mommy…


I know there is a chance she won’t be around anymore. I remember a lot of stuff that used to happen. Even though I don’t like to think about it.


Like, how we used to have to run a lot. My mommy always said we had to be on the run from the bad men. That if they ever got too close, we would wind up being separated and put in the ground. Which I now know means you won’t be around anymore; that your heart doesn’t make a thumping noise.


I remember how close those bad men used to get to us. But, we never stopped running. We used the long and creepy trees to hide away and get lost in. Mommy taught me how to hide in tree stumps and under bushes. She even taught me how to use a straw to hide under water. She was the best mommy ever; always making sure the bad guys never got me.


But they still got her. I know they did. My mommy would never forget to come back to me; she just couldn’t do that. She was too good of a mommy.


“Please be alive, mommy. I miss you so much.”



Val’s Point of View

After my second session with Isa, I was literally about to flip my lid. I was forming an obsession that would not be quick to die if I didn’t get some answers. I read Isa’s file over and over and over… but nothing! Her name was Jolin Lurker, she was 29 years old, she had this and that mental problem. But it told me NOTHING about where she came from. Just that she was left in front of the hospital at 11 years old, the police found no record of her and the foster home she was in for 2 months took her back to the hospital because she used to throw these horrific fits. They said she was better suited to be in the care of professional doctors. I didn’t care about any of that stuff; I wanted to know about before that.

I opened up a new browser and quick searched in Google: “Jolin Lurker”.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing came up for her. It’s like her name didn’t exist in any database, anywhere. I tried Google, I tried people finder, I tried searching records. She was absolutely no where! It made no sense whatsoever.


I sat back in my chair, dumbfounded.

“How the heck are you no where and everywhere all at once, Isa?”

At that very moment, I heard a loud pounding at my front door. At first I ignored it figuring Logan would get it, but then I realized she was taking a shower and probably wouldn’t hear much of anything.


I climbed down the stairs, picking up the pace near the bottom as the knocking became more intense. Before I hit the bottom step, I glanced at the wall clock hanging next to me. What the? It’s 1:30 AM! Who the heck is banging on my door at this time at night?!


Dan… Daniel? Why the heck was he standing at my door?

“Doctor Brewer? Uhm, can I help you, sir?”

“V-val.” He belted, clearly out of breath, “You have to get to the hospital. NOW!”

“WHY?!” I stated, “What happened?!”

“It’s Jolin. She’s having another fit of night terrors, but this one is really bad. You have to help her! I tried calling you, texting you and beeping your pager but I got no response. I had no choice but to come to your house. I apologize for the time of night, but it’s very urgent.”

“Okay, let me just change into-“


“No, no! There’s no time. Just come as you are, it doesn’t matter. You just have to help her.”

I looked behind me, hoping to be able to tell Logan where I was going… but I didn’t have the chance. So I closed the door behind me and rushed off with Dr. Brewer. It made sense that I nor Logan didn’t hear any of my devices… I was too busy wrapped up in finding anything about Isa and Logan was taking a shower.


As soon as we got onto the floor where Isa was located, I could hear her screams echoing down the halls. It was a blood curdling, gut wrenching screech for help. It was like nothing I had ever heard of in my entire life.

Daniel and I rushed passed some nurses standing outside of her door and into her room.

“Why didn’t you just try sedating her?” I questioned, walking towards Isa.

“We can’t do that with Jolin. She takes different mixtures of medication that can’t be mixed with sedative.”

I looked up at the doctor, “Why did you call me here, anyways? Why couldn’t anyone else do this just as easily?”

“Because she keeps screaming your name!” He exclaimed.

And before I knew it, my questioned was answered once again. Isa belted out my name in a screech that would break glass. Her shouts bounced around the room and rang through my ear drum.


“Isa, ISA!” I shouted, trying to get a response. But the more I shouted her name, the more she shouted for the bad men to let go of her; to stop hurting her.

Daniel sighed into his hand, an obvious migraine pulsating over his brow. “This is pointless…”

“Isa, listen to me. No one is going to hurt you, okay? Remember, I’m here. It’s me, Val. You remember Val; I’m going to help you. I’m going to bring you all the happiness you want. Remember when I brushed your hair and let you watch my cat videos?”

She softened, letting go of the clench she had on the bed.

Daniel noticed her change and his mouth hung open. He had tried everything he could with his team for over and hour and nothing worked. Yet I talked to her for a mere minute and she started to calm down.

“I’m… I’m going to just let you handle this.”

I nodded at him as he left the room.


“I re-remember. I remember. I remember.” She repeated over and over, clasping her face tightly.

“Yes, you do. You remember.” I walked around to the front of the bed, “Hey, Isa, look at me. Show me your pretty face.”

She shook her head, her hands still intact.


“I’m scared if I look at you, you’re not going to be real. Like all the people in my nightmares. They say they’re nice and then they turn scary and try to take me away. They try and take me away from my mommy! WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?!” She screeched, tightening the grip on her face. I could see her knuckles begin to turn white and her forehead, red.

“Shhh. Hey, it’s alright. You’re not in that nightmare anymore, Isa. This is not a dream; I’m actually standing in front of you. I promise that I’m not going to turn into a bad man.” I consoled her, kneeling down to meet her face to face.

As soon as she started to see me move, she gasped loudly and closed her eyes tightly.

“Alright Isa. If you don’t want to look at me, that’s okay. But I’m going to come over to you.”


I walked over to the side of the bed and gently sat down beside her. I reached my hands out to grab her and she flinched.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to look at me, but I want to hold you. Okay? I want you to know you can always feel safe with me.”

She nodded her head, her eyes till clasped shut.

I reached for her once again and lifted her onto my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head against her shoulder. I rubbed my hands softly up and down her back and I repeated the words ‘Everything is going to be alright.’

And before I knew it, she had opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around my head.

“You’re a very good man, Vally.” She whispered into my hair, “You’re really, really good.”

I sighed, my eyes closed tight as I held onto her. I wanted to say something, anything, to try and make her feel even the slightest bit better… but instead, I just let her hold onto me.


Just like I did, so many years ago…


Well, that’s the chapter! I know it’s not super long, but I wanted to get something out before I go off on another adventure of adulthood and being busy, ha ha. Love to hear what you guys think of Val and Isa! I wonder where she comes from; what her story REALLY is?

And here’s a random picture I put together. You see how hard it is to be a Sim writer? Staging these Sims can be a pain in the butthole!

But first... let me take a selfie

“But first, let me take a selfie!”



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20 Responses to Chapter 8.5 – Everlasting Thoughts

  1. LuxRayne says:

    Ahh! I just caught up on this legacy two days ago and now I find a new chapter! I can’t wait to read it! 😀

    • LuxRayne says:

      Loved it!!! I have to say though, I kinda hate Val for stringing Logan along like that… So many years of her life, wasted. 😦 Logan aside, I’m finding Val and Isa really adorable! I also love how your stories have grown since Yoki, from Sims-basic stuff to plots so full of creativity I’d never think it possible to illustrate with Sims! Very impressed, keep up the amazing writing! 🙂

      • Jax says:

        Hey! *waves* Thanks for reading my blog :3 ❤

        Ah, yes. I don't like him because of that either. Every time I start discussing his story line to my fiance, and when things like this come up, we just look at each other and go "That's so freaking messed up!" XD It really is 😦 But we'll just have to hold out for some good in her life! Oh my word, I love Isa to death. She is the most cutest character I ever had to write for.

        Aw, why thank you! I know what you mean though. I look back at my old stuff and realize that Sims blogging has really taught me to be a better writer over these past 3 and a half years 🙂

  2. autumnrein says:

    I’m so intrigued as to what Isa’s real story is! There must be about 100 different things that it could be and I can’t pin point a single one. Even if it is a short chapter, it’s a really great one. I think Val has got to be my favourite character next to Cale. His story is so deep and catching from start to finish and I love that he went on and became a doctor. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with him and Isa and Logan. I really enjoy Logan, it sucks Val seems to only be messing with her. She’s so committed so it makes me feel bad lol. Awesome chapter Jax!

    • Jax says:

      Oh, boy is it something! If you are able to figure it out beforehand, I salute you. Because my goal as a writer is to keep you guys on your toes! 😉 Thanks! I actually preferred doing it shorter because it was less stress on me and I was able to write in the same night that I played. It only took me like 1 & 1/2 to write this out. It was like a breeze. As to if I did like 55-60 pictures, I would be here all night and I would have been mentally drained. Yet, I’m ready to start on a new one! I think I just found a new method to bring chapters out more frequently when I’m not busy 😉

      Aw, thank you! It was a process coming up with Vals, but it’s one I’m very excited to continue to bring to life for you guys. Hm, yeah. It sucks that he is doing that to her. She’s a REALLY sweet girl and she loves Val to death. I know! Ack! D:

      Thank you!! ❤

  3. misssnootface says:

    Im speechless, Im just loving Val and Isa together! (: What is her story?! ugh im dying! Oh R.I.P Noah ): Im super excited to see Isa’s story come out. Im also curious what Nathaniel’s future will be like, i really want him to get his girl ❤ Thanks Jax for another Chapter even if it was short. (:

    • Jax says:

      Haha, they’re adorable. I’ll even admit that one. But Val is being a total Dbag to Logan, regardless of who he is with or not. Because right now, that would be no one since the Logan relationship is fake.

      Me too! I want to bring it out! But, alas, I shall torture you guys some more so it all plays out together 😉

      You’ll see his future eventually 😀

      You’re welcome! And honestly? I feel like I can get chapters out better if I do like 30 pictures. I was able to take these pictures and then write it out in the same night and no feel mentally exhausted. I much prefer that way XD I’m even pumped to start on a new one today! 😀

  4. Minty says:

    I really liked this chapter, and I’m loving where Val’s storyline seems to be developing. As much as I’ve loved the previous generations, it’s been nice to see you step away from that story arc. Speaking of previous generations I’m quite saddened to hear of Noah’s passing. I was only reading Micki’s gen the other day back when he was a little toddler! :3

    I can’t wait till we learn more about Isa’s past! I have about 4 potential ideas in my head, so I’m curious as to whether or not they will play out!

    • Jax says:

      Aw, why thank you Chloe! 🙂 Haha, it’s a nice break for me. I feel those types of story lines take a LOT of planning and laying out and staging. This one gives me more of a break and I’m enjoying this break. Plus I really like this story line anyways 🙂 although, you know me and my past generations. I always have something going on hehe.

      It was so sad. Noah was my absolute favorite generation to write. He was my baby, hands down. It’s why I kept him around for his, Ryder’s, and even part of Val’s in the beginning XD I love that sim. Always will.

      Really. Do tell 😉 I’d like to hear them. You can message me on tumblr if you want too. I’m super curious now XD

  5. TinyPiglet says:

    I really liked this chapter, I love Val and Isa together. I am eager to learn more about Isa’s past and possibly her family if they’re still around. Be interesting to see what Logan makes of all this.

  6. It was a nice thing to see in my email when I woke up in the morning that I read this. I knew that you had finished taking all of the pictures, but I didn’t know you were gonna post it that night. Very nice surprise!

    I love how, while I know the basic gist of Val’s story, there are still details that I don’t know, and I love seeing how it’s all unfolding. I seriously can’t wait until it’s all revealed!

    This chapter sorta made me less mad at Val. While he is still a major jerkbutt, you can see that there is good in him. And I do love seeing Val and Jolin/Isa together… I just can’t help but think about innocent ol’ Logan… Poor girl…

    I wanna see how everything unfolds! Despite the fact that ik a lot of the details… So I would like to place an order for one chapter please… oh, and money is no object! XD

    Great chapter boo! It’s nice to see Val slowly grow up and develop as a character! Love you!

  7. Bronze Cat says:

    Hello! *waves* Long time lurker on your ISBI (since Yoda I think?) and I finally decided to take a look at your other stuff and ERMAGHERD WAS THIS GOOD! I felt a tiny twinge of sadness when I got to the end of the chapter since I’m now caught up and I have to wait for more!
    I love Val and Isa together and I have a feeling that Logan is not going to be happy when she finds out… And that tiny throwaway line about Grandpa dying… does that mean Noah has finally passed on? 😥
    Still, loved this chapter and can’t wait for the next one!

    • Jax says:

      Well hi there!! Thanks for commenting 😀 I never really know who’s reading, so thanks for popping out, ha ha. I’m so happy you enjoy my non sense of my isbi and the off the wallness of my stories. XD And yes… Noah passed on 😦 It wasn’t a happy time, but, there was no other options. Noah was old and it was his time to go. Bless his heart. I will miss that adorable sim. I can’t wait to bring you the next one! 😀 But first, before I write it, I need to do an isbi chapter XD

  8. Angel says:

    Noah. ;-; So sad.

    I really do love this, and I’m SO looking forward to seeing where you take this. 😀

    Missed this story so much, and it’s nice to get to read it again. XD Personally, I don’t like Logan very much. Idk why. xD Though she doesn’t deserve how Val treats her, I can kinda understand why he’s doing it. Even if it is bad. XD


    (And if WordPress eats this like it did my ISBI comment…… *-*)

  9. parabee27 says:

    I’ve been reading since you started this legacy, but I’ve always been lurking around. But I just have to comment now! I swear I am going insane with the whole ValxIsa thing going around in my head.

    • Jax says:

      Oh! Hi there! So nice to hear from you :3 I love getting comments from you guys. Haha! A lot of you are, which is okay! It keeps you on your toes 😉 Everything will make perfect sense eventually.

  10. jeremina5 says:

    I love Isa…but I get so confused at my thought process, because even though she and Val look so cute together, her mind is only like 11 years old. Unless of course Val can crack the case and release the child in Isa and magically transform her into an adult….sigh…it doesn’t make sense to me either. Keep up the awesome work bamboozeling my mind. 😉 Oh, and please quit wasting Logan’s time. She is a pretty girl and deserves a LIFE! 😉

    • Jax says:

      See, if all of you are confused, then I’m doing my job right 😉 Everything will make sense eventually, I promise you. And trust me, Val is very smart. He’ll figure it all out.

      Haha! You’ll see what happens with Logan! 😛

  11. I hope you write a New Chapter soon! 🙂 ~Natalie

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