PLEASE READ, VERY IMPORTANT: End Of This Blog (Overview and Talking about things)


Author’s Note: Hey guys. So, I have come to the very hard decision to end this legacy. I know, I haven’t gotten to 10 generations, but I literally have no drive to want to continue. Like, at all. I’ve felt this way for a very long time, I just… haven’t had the heart to make this post. BUT. I am not going to just end this and not give you the end of Val’s generation. So, this post is going to probably be very long, or short, depending on how I do this. But, I’m going to summarize the rest of the generation. I’m going to let everyone know what was supposed to happen and how it was going to play out. I feel like if I do this, then I can officially end this blog. I can actually put it in the grave and move forward with bigger and better ideas!

Which I DO HAVE! I actually have 3 chapters written for a brand new story (and they have pictures now, too!). It’s going to be filled with lots of twists, turns, excitement and…. drama! Yes, of course. Always drama. That’s my favorite type of writing style. So, please bare with me as I do this. And I hope all of you understand that this was for the best. I felt like I couldn’t even continue with my new ideas because this was looming over my head. I want to do my new story and I want to continue my isbi and I want to do a new crazy, silly blog, once I hit 200k on my isbi! So I do have plans, but I just… need to let this go. So, without further ado, the end to “And Then It Rained…”



If you go back to my last official chapter release, you will see that I left it on such a BAD cliff hanger. Like wow, I can’t even believe I left it there for almost 2 years. That is SO mean of me. I apologize. The cliffhanger was basically Logan getting so sick and tired of Val, that she storms out of the house that she was pretty much TRAPPED in and runs away. But, yeah, she was really far along in her pregnancy and it was like 30 degrees outside. Luckily she ran into Nathaniel when the bleeding started.

Now, here’s what was supposed to happen:

Nathaniel was going to rush Logan to the hospital and she was going to have her baby. They were going to have a little boy and name him Wolfe. Val was going to get to the hospital really late because he didn’t even know the baby was going to be born. (He’s the one who named the baby, because Logan was passed out due to all the blood loss. And the reason he finds out where Logan is, is because Nathaniel calls him and tells him). Once Logan does wake up from everything (don’t worry, she stays perfectly fine after the whole ordeal), she’s still so mad about how Val is and what he had done, that she just tells Nathaniel everything.

Nathaniel gets really mad at Val and pretty much just wants to punch the guy in the face. But, he keeps his cool as best as he can in the situation. A lot of bickering ensues and it ends with Logan pretty much moving herself into Nathaniel’s house. (Because she just can’t be around all the idiocy that is Val).

Logan and Val work out a custody agreement for Wolfe. Logan being at Nathaniel’s house, and their bond of how much Val sucks (I’m really paraphrasing here, there was going to be a lot of romance and such hehe) they wind up falling for each other. Meanwhile, Isa has her baby. She has a little girl named Xander. (Yes, yet another weird name because well… it’s Val and Isa. Come on…)

Time goes by in a weird way. Val still has his job as a doctor, he eventually takes in Tag’s daughter, Eevee, and patches up some lost time with his mom and dad. (Kara and Ryder, in case you forgot). Slowly down the road, though, Val starts pulling more and more memories from Isa. All the way up until the point where the entire story plays out.

Isa’s story:

Isa was kidnapped when she was just a little thing. Her mom had taken her to the park at roughly 4 years of age. Well, not just her, her little brother was there too. Anyways, while at the park her little brother had toddled off and Isa’s mother had quickly ran after him. The woman who stole Isa, also known as her “mother” did it because she felt like it wasn’t fair that, that family got to be happy and she wasn’t. (This lady was a freaking loon.) So, she wanted to cause problems.

She snatched up Isa, whose ACTUAL name is Julie. (But I won’t confuse you too much, we’ll just still call her Isa.) She raised Isa, always telling her that good was bad and bad was good. (I was going to make it look like all of Isa’s memories were of her seeing bad people and bad things, but it was actually just cops and investigators trying to save her. But to her little mind, and what she was told by her stupid captor, she didn’t know any better.) Eventually the woman who stole Isa was caught, but not because of Isa. She was caught for drugs and just being a terrible person. Isa was around 12 or so at this time (I just remember her being a kid, I’m sorry if I got this part wrong or said it differently before. I’m trying to go off of memory.) Since she had a lot of mental issues, the best option for her was not foster care, but to be put away and treated by a doctor. (Her name was fake, so there was no way anyone could claim her. No one knew who she was.)

The doctor she was placed under was known other than, yup, you guess it… Dr. Daniel Brewer. When Isa was first admitted into the hospital, it was merely a doctor-patient type of relationship. You know, something normal. But as time passed, he grew more and more attached to Isa. He loved her. He loved her so much that he became possessive over her; even to the point of hurting her when even SHE didn’t listen. He would touch her in bad places and mark her with his lips. He treated her this way all the way up until Val showed up. He never wanted her to leave; never wanted to share her with anyone else. She was his prize. He had claimed her. All of that changed, however, when Val took her under his wing. So I guess, in a sense, Val doing all the things he did… saved Isa’s life. (Or Jolin, as the crazy person who took her called her or as Dr. Daniel called her. Sorry if I’m confusing you!) And the reason Daniel never got caught was because Isa never knew any better. She was beat and touched and hurt all of her life by the crazy person who took her. (Kelly I think I named her.) Like I said before, she always thought bad things were normal and good things were just plain scary and wrong. (She wasn’t even born with having all of her issues, she just developed them due to trauma.)


Now, continuing on… years have passed since everything happened, and Val turned more away from how he was in the past and focused on being a father of two. Logan, Nathaniel and Val all became very civil with each other, for Wolfe’s sake. Because later on, they learn that Wolfe has a very severe case of Autism. It gets so bad that the only person who can actually handle Wolfe (in the nicest of terms, nothing bad here. Logan is a wonderful mother) is Val. So, although it was VERY hard for her to do, she decided that Val should have more time with Wolfe and that he should live with him on a permanent basis. Just so that he could help their son more. (He did go to school for this after all.)

Make a long story even shorter, eventually Val gets Isa pregnant again and then eventually once more. This time, it was more mutual on both ends. (Because even though Isa is how she is, she starts to become more adult like as years go on, but her childlike nature never leaves. Nor do her mental issues, unfortunately. But I’ll explain that more in a second.) They have another girl and a little boy. Their names were going to be Yasmin and Zach. So, altogether: Wolfe, Xander, Yasmin and Zach. 3 from Isa and one from Logan. (Also, just to note: Logan and Nathaniel wind up getting married and having a VERY happy life together. They wind up having two children together as well: two boys – Jacob and Andrew.)

As we near the end of the generation, Val and Isa are going to be wed. Val’s children, ages: Wolfe – 13, Xander – 12, Yasmin – 9 and Zach – 4. The ceremony is beautiful, the moment is perfect. Nothing could make things turn for the worse. Until… Isa has a breakdown… that she doesn’t come back from. Unfortunately this episode causes things to happen to her brain and Val, in the end, has no choice but to put her away. His own wife; the love of his life… in the same hospital he works at. Because this happens, Val becomes a very disconnected father to his children. He’s constantly working, constantly trying to make Isa realize that she’s not trapped in Daniel’s office (who gets fired by the way) or trapped back in Kelly’s house. She just can’t escape her own mind… and Val can’t do anything to change it.

So, yes, the generation wasn’t going to end on a happy note. I was doing it that way to build up for the next generation and how Val’s disconnection was going to affect the personalities of the children. I wasn’t even planning on having a vote, I was going to have a double heir generation with Wolfe and Xander.

I will say though… even though Val’s generation wasn’t going to END the best, it was going to be recovered in the next generation. So, it was sad… but it would have been mended.


There you have it guys, the entirety of Val’s generation. I’m really sorry that I had to do it this way and not through lots of chapters, with lots of break downs and dialogue. But! Now I can move forward. I can look past all of this and go start my new story!!! 😀 Which I am REALLY excited to do. I love you guys so much!

Thanks for always being there. If you have any questions, or if things just don’t line up like I had it in the chapters, feel free to point it out! I can change things around or explain the reason for the way I wrote it this way. Thanks!

– Jax

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6 Responses to PLEASE READ, VERY IMPORTANT: End Of This Blog (Overview and Talking about things)

  1. Violincat says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was wondering how the story was going to play out, as I’m sure did many of the others.
    Best of luck with whatever you have planned next 🙂

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  3. I have to say that while it would have been cool to see all of this play out, and I was very excited myself for Wolfe and Xander’s generation, I’m glad you finally decided to put this to rest. You hadn’t had any drive whatsoever to even play sims because you didn’t want to leave this unfinished. And then yesterday, you were all excitedly taking pictures for your new story.


    • Jax says:

      I really wanted to continue, I had the heart… but the drive was just… gone. It didn’t exist anymore. But I am excited! And I wish had more post written to get even more chapters! But I guess I have to start writing chapter 3! (4) 😀 Woohoo!

      <3333 I love you baby face!

  4. autumnrein says:

    Wow, that would have been quite the twist. I am glad that you have another story in the works. I’m super pumped about that. You can count on me following you there to read it!

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